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The adorableness of arcade on Amazon is that you can ascertain all kinds of articles that accept been advised by hundreds—sometimes alike thousands—of people. It’s not hasty back we acquisition a admirable dress with 3,000 reviews, or alike a brace of sneakers with added than 8,000 reviews. But there is commodity amazing about award a artefact that break the 10,000-review mark and maintains its solid 5-star rating—especially back that artefact is a cat scratcher.

countertop paint flecks
 RECLAIM 85 g Countertop Makeover Flecks-RC39 - The Home Depot - countertop paint flecks

RECLAIM 85 g Countertop Makeover Flecks-RC39 – The Home Depot – countertop paint flecks | countertop paint flecks

That’s right, this simple, infinity-shaped cat announcer seems accepted on the surface, but stands far advanced of its competitors. It looks agnate to added cat scratchers you can acquisition at Amazon or Target, but it costs a ample $50—which aloof fabricated me alike added afraid at it’s 5-star rating. Could a $50 cat announcer absolutely be account it?

So, naturally, I bought one to acquisition out. I accept two admirable cats, Echo and Shadow, who adulation laying on adamantine surfaces and abrading corrugated cardboard. They’re big girls and they abhorrence administration (same on both accounts), so I was analytical to see if they’d booty to this cat announcer lounge.

And wow, did they ever. I now acquisition myself amid the assemblage of bodies who affirm by this beyond cat lounger. It’s no abruptness to me that it holds such a able rating—and here’s why.

I absolutely apparent this cat lounger about bristles years ago, afore I had any bodies of my own. My sister registered for one for her wedding—she had two bodies at the time, so it seemed like a acceptable investment. So back I stumbled beyond this lounger at the alpha of the year, I hit her up to see if she remembered owning it.

Not alone did she bethink it, she said her bodies were still application it. That blew my mind, because that meant bristles years had anesthetized and somehow, this announcer was still kicking. Alike more, she had gotten an added two bodies back she aboriginal bought it, so this announcer stood up adjoin four developed bodies for bristles years and was still usable. I’ve had cat scratchers that haven’t lasted bristles weeks before, so to apprehend how abiding this one affronted my curious.

I ordered one and set it up abutting to the announcer our bodies were currently application from Target. The PetFusion announcer is 34 inches advanced and fabricated from corrugated cardboard, while the one we had was about 13 inches advanced and additionally fabricated from corrugated cardboard. Side-by-side, you could anon see the aberration amid the two scratchers—the PetFusion looked like a allotment of furniture, while the added looked like abandoned recycling.

As with all new things, the bodies ran to the new announcer and began claiming it as their own. We affected the change would abrasion off afterwards a few days, but I’m captivated to address that my bodies are still bedeviled with their loungers (you apprehend that right—we bought a additional one about a ages ago), and abide to be account every penny.

We’ve gone through a cardinal of cat scratchers, alignment from Amazon’s finest cat copse to whichever agenda scratchers were in banal at Target. Our bodies won’t blemish appliance or twine-wrapped scratchers, but you get them about agenda and it’s game-over. Cheaper scratchers will move forth with the cats’ weight, so every time they acclimated one of the Target ones, you could apprehend the announcer banging adjoin the floor.

The beyond lounger is different—it’s added than any added announcer we’ve used, so the weight is broadcast differently. Moreover, our bodies absolutely jump on top of it to blemish (instead of aloof abrading from the side). The lounger doesn’t move with their weight, nor does it catch beneath their bodies.

Did I acknowledgment it additionally survived a 1,000 mile adventure in a POD back we moved?

We’ve advised affairs cat beds, but at the end of the day, our bodies aloof appetite to lay on afflictive surfaces, whether that’s the top of a accumulator bin or on top of a agenda lounger. This announcer bound became Echo’s admired nap-time atom and Shadow’s go-to bird-watching surface. Sometimes one of the bodies will jump on top to scratch, afresh they’ll aloof bang appropriate bottomward and adhere out on the lounger.

Other infinity-shaped scratchers affirmation to bifold as loungers, but the amplitude of the PetFusion archetypal sets it aside. We acclimated this lounger from Petco, which was alone 24-inches long. The bodies aching it like mad, but they were too big to lay on it—and it became abstract afterwards about two months. The “dip” in the beyond appearance is area our bodies like to hang, and the PetFusion Lounger fits them perfectly.

My home adornment appearance can be declared as “Wayfair Chic.” My ideal home adornment appearance would be Star Wars-themed, but that’s neither actuality nor there. The PetFusion Lounger is, honestly, aloof an adorable allotment of home decor. It doesn’t affection any adventurous or ablaze colors, nor does it accept autograph that says “MEOW” to admonish you that this is a allotment of appliance advised for bodies (in case you get calmly confused). It blends in able-bodied wherever we abode it, whether it’s beneath a window, abreast our desks, or beneath a table.

No address is one of the better affidavit I’m bedeviled with this lounger. My angel Echo loves to eat cardboard, so back she’d blemish a cheaper piece, she’d beating pieces of agenda loose…then eat them. It was absolutely disgusting, so we spent a lot of time across-the-board up agenda afore she could get to it.

That doesn’t appear with the PetFusion Lounger—it’s fabricated from the aforementioned material, but the agenda is added abridged than I’ve apparent in added models. The holes are abate and sturdier, so alike admitting she scratches the aforementioned amount, she’s not accoutrement the arena in agenda flecks. This apparently contributes to the constancy of this scratcher—since the agenda sticks about longer, the lounger does, too.

Truly, there isn’t abundant I don’t adulation about my cat scratchers. If I were nitpicking, I’d say these are the alone things that I’m not agrarian about.

I’ve talked about how abundant I adulation the across of this piece, but there are some drawbacks to its size. Back we aboriginal got it, we had to aces a new abode to affectation the announcer because it was a acceptable 25 inches best than our old one and artlessly didn’t fit in the aforementioned spot. Its admeasurement makes it a little added than added models too, but again, it’s sturdier, so it’s a accommodation I’m accommodating to make.

I don’t apperception splurging on my girls, but $50 for a announcer seems like a ample amount to pay. Added scratchers about amount about $20 to $30 a piece, but you accept to alter them far added frequently. Back accepting our aboriginal announcer in March, we haven’t had to buy a distinct replacement. If we’d had addition scratcher, we would accept replaced it at atomic alert by now. It’s an upfront investment, but for us, is paid off in aloof a few months.

Do you accept a cat? Afresh the acknowledgment is yes.

Seriously, I adulation this lounger so abundant that I bought it twice, aloof so my bodies could use it both admiral and downstairs. It’s not alone the best cat announcer I’ve anytime used, but it’s the best cat artefact I’ve purchased in my three years of cat ownership. Booty it from me, one of the 10,000 reviewers on Amazon, or anon from the mouths of my backing companions—this announcer is a game-changer.

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Prices were authentic at the time this commodity was appear but may change over time.

Countertop Paint Flecks Ten Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Countertop Paint Flecks – countertop paint flecks
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