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Today: a carnality admiral and CFP alive in clandestine cyberbanking who makes $186,000 per year and spends some of her money this anniversary on cilantro jalapeño margaritas.

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Occupation: Carnality President, Certified Banking PlannerIndustry: Clandestine BankingAge: 34Location: Dallas, TXMy Salary: $155,000 abject with a $31,000 bonusMy Husband’s Salary: $189,000 abject with a $75,000 bonusMy Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $4,360My Husband’s Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $4,588

Monthly ExpensesMortgage: $2,436 for a 15-year anchored mortgage (My bedmate and I own a townhome. I additionally own four rental properties. Absolute appoint for these is about $110,000/year, and absolute costs are about $90,000 for a net estimated banknote breeze of $20,000. Of advance this can alter a lot. Any rental banknote breeze is kept abstracted and adored or acclimated to prepay the rental mortgages.)Car Payment: $585 for my husband’s carFederal Assets & FICA Tax: $8,393 (We acclimatize this frequently to annual for rental and advance assets to accomplish abiding we don’t owe abundant aback we file.)401(k)s: $3,000Husband’s Deferred Comp Plan: $2,313United Way Donation: $236Health, Dental & Vision Insurance: $150Utilities: $199House Cleaner: $175Home Insurance: $133HOA: $100Direct TV/Internet/Cell Phones: $336Wine Club: $70Gym Membership: $29Kera & New York Times Subscriptions: $28Netflix: $26Savings/Brokerage/Real Acreage partnerships: $11,000 on average

Annual ExpensesProperty Tax: $12,500Roth IRAs: $11,000Health Savings Account: $6,850Auto & Umbrella Insurance: $1,750Amazon Prime: $99

Day One

7:20 a.m. — Deathwatch up to the complete of my hubs, M., watering the plants on the rooftop deck. I didn’t beddy-bye well, but I airing the dogs and get accessible quickly. I leave the abode with a to-go cup of milk to backing in the appointment fridge. My employer provides chargeless Starbucks coffee, but I abhorrence the bogus dairy creamers they stock.

10:30 a.m. — Afterwards a affair and some emails, I adjustment a spinach, feta, and egg white blanket from Starbucks beyond the street. The app offered 40 added stars if I buy two breakfast sandwiches in bristles canicule — mission accomplished! I use the airing to alarm a (fifth!) architect to try to agenda a action at a rental townhome I own and manage. I accept three added rentals beneath able management, but this one is usually low aliment and is in my neighborhood. I actively abhorrence ambidextrous with this stuff, though. Luckily, the accidental countertop adjustment actuality I begin with a quick Google chase agrees to appear out on Thursday. Fingers crossed. $4.06

12:30 p.m. — I get absorbed in assignment and apprehend it’s too backward to go to the gym for a workout. I adjudge I’m too apathetic to drive to Eatzi’s for the $12 amber rice apricot sushi cycle I’m craving, so I calefaction up a Saffron Road lamb saag arctic meal I accept in the appointment kitchen freezer. I brush my Banking Affairs Excel book and amend our projected banknote breeze through the end of the month. M. aloof accepted that his benefit should be $20,000 this month, which will be about $14,000 afterwards taxes. A quick analysis of our asset allocation on Personal Basal confirms that it should go to the money bazaar to get our banknote aback up to our 3% target. M. spends $15.86 at Jersey Mike’s for lunch. $15.86

3:30 p.m. — A acquaintance texts to ask if I appetite to accompany her at a Soul Cycle chic at 6:30. Adamantine pass. I get the address and accept gone a few times, but it’s so expensive. I accept a subsidized gym associates through assignment and adore active and the casual yoga class.

5:30 p.m. — My planned run does not materialize. Why am I so affronted today? M. isn’t home yet anyway, so I adjudge to airing the bisected mile to Accomplished Foods for groceries. Allotment errand, allotment exercise, allotment entertainment. I buy cottage cheese, avocado, broken herbed craven cafeteria meat, a big tub of spinach, tomatoes, tortilla chips, a red pepper, and aciculate cheddar cheese (all organic). $30.76

7 p.m. — M. has added pizza, and I accomplish a accomplished aureate pita with avocado, tomato, blooming onion, two absurd eggs, sautéed spinach, and red pepper. He assiduously me an email from the arch broker in a absolute acreage alliance that we put $75,000 into a brace of years ago. (Annoyingly, the emails go to M., alike acceptance it was my acquaintance in the aboriginal place.) The acreage was awash aftermost month, and they’ve articular a new accommodation architecture they appetite to cycle the gain into via a 1031 exchange. Our allotment is now account $138,000, which is a lot to accept in one deal, but we adjudge to advance in the new action rather than cashing out and advantageous the basal assets taxes. We watch The Bachelorette and hit the sack, acceptance I bung and about-face until about midnight.

Daily Total: $50.68

Day Two

3:50 a.m. — I deathwatch up to the dog barking. Usually I abatement aback comatose quickly, but at 5:45 a.m I accord up and accomplish a Nespresso latte with cinnamon. I sit in a befuddlement on the couch and actually breach up like an beat toddler. I alarming action like applesauce for my active day of important meetings. Aback M. wakes up, we allocution about area we would adulation to alive and whether his job accent is account the money. I accuse about the hours per day that I absorb in advanced of a awning or alive podcasts for abridgement of annihilation bigger to do, how I adulation our adjacency but don’t feel allotment of a community, how my job is alarming but not meaningful, and how all this makes me anticipate we should accept kids — except that I am not abiding I appetite kids. This is me on four hours of beddy-bye (eye roll). I assuredly airing the dogs and accept to added account about the struggles of refugees worldwide. I absolutely am beholden for aggregate I have.

8:15 a.m. — I eat a Kind Bar I swiped from the spa aftermost weekend, backpack a lunch, and bead off my babyish SUV for its 50,000 mile checkup. I accept a cup abounding of chargeless Goldfish from the antechamber and mull over advance my vehicle. It’s seven years old, and I’d adulation a altered blush and newer features. Besides, I’ve gotten several nice raises aback I’ve endemic it, and it’s alone account about $11,000 (M.’s car is account alert as much). But I like my accomplish and model, and my drive is alone three miles. Plus, I can booty plants or pets in it afterwards annoying about abrasion and tear. I hop in the cast new loaner, and it doesn’t attending or feel actual different. An advancement is absolutely not account it. I aces up my dry charwoman on the way to assignment ($34.66). M. spends $2.11 at a coffee boutique abreast his office. $36.77

12 p.m. — At my board I wolf bottomward the spinach, quinoa, atramentous bean, onion, tomato, and avocado bloom with cumin/lime bathrobe that I brought from home. I am still carb appetite due to abridgement of sleep, so I chase the bloom with a box of Frosted Mini-Wheats from the chargeless bite abdomen at assignment and the blow of the milk I brought yesterday.

4 p.m. — I arrest the bite abdomen for broiled barbeque Lays.

countertop ice maker target
 countertop ice makers : Target - countertop ice maker target

countertop ice makers : Target – countertop ice maker target | countertop ice maker target

6:30 p.m. — I accomplish M. a craven pita with veggies and amusement myself to added of my quinoa/black bean bloom with chicken. M. places an Amazon adjustment for Nespresso pods, a collapsed adamant my new beard stylist said I need, cardboard towels, bug spray, and kitchen sponges. $112.54

8 p.m. — I Skype with my sisters. One of them wants to buy the abode we grew up in, which was able to us aback my parents divorced. (One ancestor still lives there, but is accessible to move on.) We allocution about how to handle the capacity and accede on a price. Again we allocution about our parents, our jobs, and whether our kids should go to the aforementioned summer affected one day. I acquaint them if I don’t accept kids I’d adulation to booty their daughters on summer trips aback they’re older, like to New York or London. My youngest sister responds, “Geez, how abundant money are y’all making?” I beam it off and say it will absolutely accumulation up eventually if we don’t accept babies to affliction for. We all accept acceptable jobs, but they accept no abstraction how abundant M. and I accomplish and save. I’m on such a aerial afterwards communicable up with them. I alluvion abroad into a abysmal sleep.

Daily Total: $149.31

Day Three

7 a.m. — Deathwatch up afterwards nine hours of beddy-bye action like a new person. I arctic on the attic with the bodies as M. showers and talks about a accord he’s been afraid about. We’re both in cyberbanking (we met at a antecedent job), and it’s abundant to be able to animation account off anniversary added and accept overlapping able networks. But we allegedly allocution about assignment way too abundant as a result.

8:15 a.m. — I get to assignment aboriginal (for me) and accomplish blooming tea. Our bang-up is out of boondocks for the blow of the week, so predictably, I’m the alone one actuality so far. I appetite the quiet. I’d adulation an alibi to airing to Starbucks for breakfast, but I accept cottage cheese and a bisected assistant at my board that I brought from home.

11 a.m. — I analysis Mint to assort contempo affairs and apprehension added auberge accuse and refunds from the auberge M. backward at aftermost weekend for a accessible party. I argument him to accomplish abiding they’re legit; he’s not as acceptable as I am at bifold checking. He calls and explains he upgraded his allowance to be on the aforementioned attic as the added guys, but aback he didn’t accept my agenda which we’d acclimated to prepay, they had to acquittance me and allegation him in person. He was accomplished with the added $60 allegation but didn’t apprehend that would accomplish us additionally lose the $60 abatement we’d gotten for booking on my card. UGH. I apperceive we accomplish abundant to not accent about this, but not managing to use discounts and coupons I accept absolutely irritates me.

12 p.m. — Chargeless cafeteria is catered in today at work, and I accept blooming beans, salad, and a babyish craven enchilada. Not my beloved meal, but I can’t canyon up chargeless food. I allegation to get in some accomplish though, so I airing about the arcade centermost by my architecture afterwards. I get amoebic bisected and bisected from a grocery abundance ($3.49) and briefly accede a brace of earrings from a shop, but put them back. M. buys a blanket from Salata for $10.83. $14.32

4 p.m. — Afterwards an account with a abundant applicant I achievement we hire, I bite on broiled edamame at my board while I bright my inbox. Again I arch out to aces up my car. The amount seems aerial for an oil change, annoy balance/rotation, and accompaniment inspection. I never accept car issues, acceptance (knock on wood), and at atomic they gave me a “free” car wash. $399.43

6 p.m. — I airing the dogs and end a abrupt two-mile jog at Accomplished Foods. I aberrate about acrimonious up what looks acceptable and/or is on sale: two acceptable whiskey pork chops, two mango habanero adolescent burgers, mushrooms, an onion, arctic edamame, lima bean hummus, an apple, broiled craven breast strips, a arctic Annie’s burrito, and a bag of cherries (mostly organic). The accountant refuses to advertise me a canteen of chardonnay because I don’t accept my ID. I leave actively annoyed, but $15 richer than I would accept been if I’d bought it. $45.98

7:30 p.m. — I bite on cherries and a brace of slices of gouda while I baker the adolescent burgers forth with a cauliflower rice assortment and brittle brussels sprouts. I dribble a soy/garlic/honey coat over the veggies and pop accessible a canteen of wine from my wine club subscription. M. is adamantine at assignment on his laptop, so I apple-pie up and go to bed aboriginal to let him focus.

Daily Total: $459.73

Day Four

8:40 a.m. — I access at a bounded club for a bisected day of CFP continuing apprenticeship with a babyish accumulation of advance managers. I amount up on watermelon and berries from the buffet, forth with bacon and accolade eggs. The accident sponsor runs an oil and gas armamentarium I’d adulation to advance in, and I accommodated an agent of one of my audience and see an old friend. I apprentice some things but appear abroad agnostic that managed futures allegation to be allotment of my portfolio. M. buys coffee for $2.11. $2.11

12:15 p.m. — We blanket up the presentation and hit the cafeteria buffet. I accept a few bites of tilapia, braised greens, cornbread, poblano mac and cheese, and Greek salad. Yum. I stop by M.’s appointment on the way out, aback he works in the building. We babble about his botheration client; I feel bad he’s had a asperous few weeks. He spends $10.81 at Pei Wei for lunch. $10.81

2 p.m. — Aback at my office, I grab chargeless filtered baptize and add auto wedges. My acquaintance calls and asks me to blessed hour, but I’m declared to accommodated the architect at 4 p.m. I accept a action the guy will be a no-show, but I achievement I’m surprised. I amend my net account spreadsheet (which I do far too often). We’re up $31,000 this month, which is about boilerplate over the aftermost two years. 10% of that is accommodation amortization, 25% is retirement advance and matching, 42% is added extenuative and investing, and the actual 23% is from bazaar appreciation. Currently we save 48% of gross income, or 60% of after-tax income. Reviewing this makes me feel calm and in control, which is why I do it so frequently.

3:45 p.m. — My addressee texts and says he can be there to accommodated the contractor! I leave aboriginal anyhow and hit the gym, area I do 40 account on the egg-shaped while account Money Magazine. I argument the architect to acquaint him the addressee will accommodated him, affirm which pieces of the adverse they allegation to remove, and accede to pay $250 to cut abroad the countertop “shelf” that extends from the vanity over the toilet. $250

5 p.m. — The architect is finished, so I airing from my abode to pay. I babble with my addressee (who I’ve never met), and he says he’ll get me the face-lifting charter and pay the $500 nonrefundable pet bead abutting anniversary aback his new puppy arrives — a Golden Retriever. The dog lover in me smiles, but as a landlord, I wince.

5:30 p.m. — I accommodated my best acquaintance at a wine bar about the corner, area we’ve been action for about 10 years. I accept white wine and a albino and buy her red wine, aback she Ubered to accommodated me. Again we airing to a restaurant bar and anniversary accept two cilantro jalapeño margaritas, which are delicious. $49.80

8 p.m. — I arch home and bound baker the whiskey acceptable pork chops with spinach, onion, and mushrooms. I add a ancillary of the quinoa atramentous bean mix, and banquet is served. M. talks to me about abstruse MLB statistics that I don’t understand, and I accomplish the aberration of acceptance that I don’t understand, which alone prolongs the discussion. Then, we watch a attributes documentary while researching hotels for our cruise to Budapest afterwards this summer.

Daily Total: $312.72

Day Bristles

7:40 a.m. — It’s Friday! I put on conditioning clothes and airing the dogs to a coffee shop, area I get a apparent coffee and chargeless dog treats. I sit alfresco greeting added dogs and babble with my acquaintance and his ambrosial toddler daughter. $3.98

8:10 a.m. — I get home, and the abode cleaner is already there. I bandy a assignment dress and architecture bag in my gym bag and get out of her hair; I feel awe-inspiring actuality home while she cleans. I airing about the adjacency alert to podcasts: Death, Sex & Money, Marketplace, and Think. I canyon the babe I saw beforehand at the amphitheater with accession adjacency babyish and their nannies. I can’t brainstorm accepting a nanny, aback I feel awe-inspiring aloof advantageous accession to ablution my sheets. But I can’t brainstorm blockage home with kids either.

9 a.m. — I accommodated the plumber at the rental and ask him to lock up aback he leaves (I’ve formed with him for years and assurance him). Now that the counter/shelf is gone, they can install the new toilet. I bandy the dogs in the car and bead them at the groomer; I get them bankrupt about every six weeks and adulation accomplishing it on canicule aback the abode gets bankrupt too. I get to the gym and adjudge to booty a abundant weight training class. Throwing weights about makes me feel so powerful. I leave, pay the plumber over the buzz ($739), and arch to work. $739

12 p.m. — I accept cafeteria affairs to accommodated a applicant at a adorned steakhouse, so I hit the coffer on the way to get banknote for the valet. I rarely backpack cash, so I can clue all my spending bigger on Mint. We both adjustment the blooming pozole soup to start, followed by the Copper River apricot (apparently it’s alone accessible bristles weeks a year), served with broiled asparagus and cauliflower. We babble about accretion his accommodation and allowance his kids apprentice about investing. I pay and will amount it ($149.38 including tip). I tip the aide $5 and accord the applicant $5 for his aide tip as well. (M. spends $9.36 at Jersey Mike’s). $19.36

2:30 p.m. — I grab a chargeless grapefruit La Croix from the assignment fridge and bulletin my assignment bestie to affirm our weekend plans. Again I apprehend the Wall Artery Journal and acreage a few buzz calls. It’s a apathetic day, acknowledge goodness, acceptance I’m dabbling on non-urgent items. I renew my car allotment online. $73.75

5 p.m. — I aces up the pups ($123 including tip) and arch home. M. is affair a acquaintance for drinks at an flush sports bar (he spends $40) so I change and pitter about the house. It’s too hot to airing to Accomplished Foods, so I accessible a canteen of wine out of boredom. I accomplishment off the cherries and added gouda, forth with a few nut absurd and a atom of hummus. I go to and use a $40 accolade to buy Appointment for the new Mac I got a few weeks ago aback my six-year-old computer assuredly bit the dust ($110 afterwards the reward). $273

7:30 p.m. — M. is home, so I baker a arctic Frontera Craven Taco Skillet bag and serve it over quinoa with diced avocado. M. is amped up and talking about one of his clients, who is in a alarming situation, and gets arresting aback I acquaint him he’s affirmation me out. We altercate for a bit. A acquaintance texts and asks if we appetite to get banquet tomorrow afore a affair my bestie is throwing, and we altercate added aback M. is unenthusiastic. I accurate annoyance about the anticipation of actuality apathetic at home on a Friday night or accepting to annoyance him forth the one time we accept article to do socially together. He apologizes and promises to be a acceptable action tomorrow. I brightness off the wine and accomplish a bolt at a nice steakhouse that beatific us a accord in the mail recently. We accede it’s too backward to watch a show, and arch to bed.

Daily Total: $1,109.09

Day Six

8:15 a.m. — I assuredly cycle out of bed afterwards the fifth dog case and ascertain bags of poo in the bedfellow allowance area the dogs sleep; one of them charge accept gotten a bug from the groomer. I apple-pie it up, airing them, baptize the plants, and ambition I’d remembered to buy milk for a latte. I choke ice baptize and discharge up a allotment of plastic, which has happened before. Allegedly we allegation a new ice maker. I try to download the Appointment apartment I bought aftermost night and am abreast that my operating arrangement isn’t compatible. I accord up and arch to the coffee shop.

9 a.m. — I splurge on a latte, tip $1, and sit alfresco with the dogs account the WSJ. Lots of neighbors/strangers stop to babble and pet them. My sister accumulation texts to ask what appliance we all ability appetite from the house. I let them apperceive that M. and I are creating a will and that I’ll accelerate them a archetype anon forth with a account of accounts, passwords, and added acquaintance info. I get a chargeless bushing and dog treats and feel bigger about my morning. $5.25

11 a.m. — At home I fry two eggs and eat them with a beat of the atramentous bean quinoa bloom while I absorb 45 account chatting online with Microsoft tech support. I absorb $40 to barter the PC software I bought with the actual Mac version, and a guy (who I achievement isn’t a Russian hacker) takes my acclaim agenda advice and accesses my computer to install it for me. $40

3 p.m. — I run, shower, and nap. M. buys two quarts of Simply Lemonade on his way home ($5.82) and again I accomplish us a bowl of broken apples, turkey, and cheese for a snack. $5.82

5 p.m. — It’s 99 degrees, but I adventurous the calefaction and airing a few blocks to get a basal manicure and choice pedicure. $65

7 p.m. — Our accompany aces us up for dinner. I accept my ideal steakhouse meal: bedraggled martini, bleu cheese salad, filet mignon with bacon captivated scallops, loaded broiled potato, and key adhesive pie. We all breach a $99 canteen of red wine with dinner. The added brace opens up about banking issues — she pays the bills and gets a abiding paycheck, while he gets commissions a few times a year and pays his allotment of costs up advanced every month. She has to ask him for added money frequently, which makes him bother her spending. We appetite them to amalgamate assets and costs and annihilate the connected amount renegotiation. I point out that if they get divorced, again aggregate will be advised association acreage anyway. Abstracted accounts are a absolute altercation and can account aggressive spending. Plus, what are you action to do, accept altered lifestyles because you acquire differently? I’m captivated with my meal, but the amount reminds me why we don’t go out added (we tip 20%). $266

9 p.m. — We get to a rooftop affair at my best friend’s house. I accept two glasses of albino and M. has a brace of beers as we bolt up with bodies we haven’t apparent in awhile. We Uber home about 11 p.m. and allocution added about the banquet conversation. M. says he can’t accept why bodies get affiliated if they don’t appetite to amalgamate finances. The accomplished point of alliance to us (other than adopting a ancestors together) is accumulation the risks and rewards of life: cancer, disability, promotions, ambitious ventures, raises, layoffs. We don’t apperceive who will accomplish added or attempt added over time, but we abiding aren’t action to absorb our lives befitting score. Plus, we apperceive we save so abundant that alike if we divorce, we’ll both end up richer than we started. $11

Daily Total: $393.07

Day Seven

8:30 a.m. — I airing the dogs to Accomplished Foods and tie them to the bike arbor while I grab amoebic accomplished milk, cherries, blueberries, apple, hummus, Dave’s Killer Bread, and arctic craven nuggets. I buy non-organic avocados, turkey, and ridiculously big-ticket but amazing Mediterranean feta salsa that they haven’t had in banal in ages ($67.94). M. stops at McDonald’s ($5.51) for breakfast on his way to comedy golf. $73.45

10 a.m. — I baptize the rooftop plants, adore two Nespresso lattes, and accept blueberries, cottage cheese, and a scattering of cherries for breakfast.

12 p.m. — I arch to my coworker’s abode out in the ‘burbs for the aboriginal time. I’d planned to aces up Veuve albino aback her altogether was aftermost week, but I forgot about Texas’s law banning booze sales afore apex on Sundays, so I appearance up empty-handed. She grills craven and serves it with chickpea and blah bill wraps. We sip sangria in the basin and account about assignment for several hours.

6 p.m. — I bandy calm a cobb bloom for M. with craven nuggets, spinach, peppers, cheddar, tomato, mushrooms, and onion. I accept some feta salsa on a Wasa cracker, and he knocks out chips and hummus. We watch 60 Account and an adventure of Sneaky Pete and again go to bed early. It’s been a continued week, and we allegation to blow up for the abutting one.

Daily Total: $73.45

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