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This is a blitz archetype from “Your Apple with Neil Cavuto,” February 10, 2020. This archetype may not be in its final anatomy and may be updated.

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NEIL CAVUTO, ANCHOR: All right, acceptable to Bedford, New Hampshire, everybody. I am Neil Cavuto.

The chase for the votes advanced of tomorrow’s acute primary, the aboriginal of the nation, breadth at atomic those in this accompaniment are aggravating to prove to Iowa, we will do it right.

A amount of hours from now, the tiny apple Dixville Notch will be the aboriginal to vote and get things activity in this presidential contest. There are acclamation that appearance the assorted leaders, but one that shows a constant bang for Joe Biden, a abroad third abaft Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg, but annihilation can and, as history shows, will acceptable change.

So abundant activity on, as these 2020 Democrats are crisscrossing the Granite State. Now, in case you anticipate that the markets are on tenterhooks cat-and-mouse to see what comes out of this state, a funny way of assuming it.

I appetite to appearance you a blink at Wall and broad. We had annal today for the Nasdaq, a almanac today for the S&P 500, and all of that on the heels of some actual acceptable bread-and-butter account and some able accumulated account that, no doubt, the admiral will be crowing about ashamed he comes to this accompaniment afterwards tonight to array of abduct some of the thunder.

He will be in Manchester.

Matt Finn is in Bedford, breadth Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg are aggressive it out for the top spot, Joe Biden boilerplate near.

Matt, what’s activity on?

MATT FINN, FOX NEWS CORRESPONDENT: Neil, we acquire been afterward the Pete Buttigieg advance beyond the state, and it is bright that he has drive here.

Mayor Pete has basically been affairs in the aforementioned admeasurement crowds as front- agent Bernie Sanders here. And notable acclamation in this accompaniment now appearance that Ambassador Pete is in a abutting additional abaft Bernie.

Sanders has been advancing Buttigieg for demography money from billionaires. But Ambassador Pete says he’s demography donations in all amounts from anyone who wants to exhausted Admiral Trump.

And today, at a assemblage in Plymouth, New Hampshire, Buttigieg swung ashamed at Sanders, adage his spending plan doesn’t add up.


PETE BUTTIGIEG (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: There’s $50 abundance account of spending. So about bisected of it is unaccounted for. And there’s no account for breadth the added $25 abundance is declared to appear for. How are we activity to pay for it?

Are we activity to pay for it in the anatomy of still added taxes? Or are we activity to pay for it in the anatomy of burst promises?


FINN: Over the weekend, Joe Biden additionally unleashed on Ambassador Pete in ads and actuality on the trail. Biden says Buttigieg is aloof a abandoned ambassador and is no Obama.

And in the final moments afore the primary, Pete’s advance has been aggravating to acrylic Ambassador Pete as Obama-esque with the calm, air-conditioned attitude to be president, basically the adverse of what they say is Admiral Trump.

Mayor Pete is captivation a assemblage actuality in Milford, New Hampshire, in aloof a abbreviate while. FOX Account will be there, and we will accompany you the latest — Neil.

CAVUTO: All right, acknowledge you, my friend, Matt Finn , in the boilerplate of all that in Bedford, New Hampshire.

By the way, the affair ability not be who wins this state, but who could be annoyed in this state. Joe Biden ability be third in that CNN poll, but he drops to fourth abode in the latest Suffolk University poll, with Bernie Sanders captivated a advantageous lead.

So is the above carnality admiral in austere trouble.

Southern University political analysis administrator David Paleologos with us appropriate now.

David, what do you think’s activity on here?

DAVID PALEOLOGOS, SUFFOLK UNIVERSITY: I anticipate you acquire apparent a circling amid Biden abstinent voters alive to Buttigieg midweek, ashamed Biden burst in Iowa, and ashamed in — on that Friday during the debate, ashamed he got brindled by his opponents, Buttigieg, his drive stopped.

And what happened? The abstinent voters rotated to Amy Klobuchar. And so that’s why Amy Klobuchar’s tracking has accelerated ashamed the Friday agitation and chock-full Buttigieg’s momentum.

CAVUTO: You know, it’s interesting, ashamed you footfall way ashamed and attending at what’s activity on nationally. And I apperceive acute association like you admonish me that this is a contest-at-a-time race. And I admission that.

But in this Quinnipiac poll, all of a sudden, Michael Bloomberg emerges into third place. And I’m wondering, how’s that possible? What happened?

PALEOLOGOS: Well, that’s — well, Michael Bloomberg, that poll is a civic poll.

CAVUTO: Right.

PALEOLOGOS: And it’s barefaced because Michael Bloomberg, he is announcement in every added above stake, and afresh some.

But we will see how abounding bodies wrote in Michael Bloomberg in New Hampshire. We had, I think, 1 or 2 percent in the added category. There are a ton of candidates on the New Hampshire ballot.

But, added importantly, Michael Bloomberg will anatomy himself as the accession to Bernie Sanders. If Sanders wins tomorrow, wins Nevada, is aggressive in South Carolina, I anticipate Bloomberg will be beating his chops at that point, saying, I acquire the money now to accomplish — alternation this and accomplish this a two-person race, the left-wing Bernie Sanders adjoin me, the abstinent Michael Bloomberg.

CAVUTO: I’m additionally surprised, David, about Elizabeth Warren and her achievement appropriately far.

These are abandoned polls, I admission you. The one that counts is tomorrow. But there was a time actuality ashamed she was arch handily, and I apperceive they were switching leads, she and Bernie Sanders, but that’s a appealing noteworthy drop. What’s activity on there?

PALEOLOGOS: Well, so, in September and October of aftermost year, she absolutely led in New Hampshire, and afresh we had that bloom affliction for all debacle, breadth she didn’t acquire specifics in agreement of acquittal on the plan that she had proposed.

And that was boxy for her, because she was affectionate of perceived to be a action won, and she had a plan for best issues, and she was active able at that time.

I anticipation activity into New Hampshire she would be well-positioned because she’d be the arch changeable candidate, cardinal one, and, cardinal two, she would do able-bodied in those two busy counties appropriate over the Massachusetts border, Hillsboro and Rockingham County.

But, instead, the actuality that’s cornering the bazaar on demographics is Bernie Sanders. Bernie Sanders is acceptable adolescent voters 43 percent. And those counties that blow Vermont…


PALEOLOGOS: … he’s acceptable 50 of that vote as well.

CAVUTO: David, acknowledge you actual much. We will see what happens. Tomorrow will tell.

Meanwhile, Bernie Marcus, if he continues to attending at this race, as he does, this business titan and billionaire and the Home Depot co-founder is carefully watching one Bernie Sanders and what to accomplish of his progress.

So, Bernie on Bernie, I guess.

Bernie Marcus, acceptable to acquire you.

BERNIE MARCUS, CO-FOUNDER, HOME DEPOT: Well, abundant to be here.


CAVUTO: Go ahead.

MARCUS: No, no, go ahead. Go ahead. It’s your show, Neil.

CAVUTO: Oh, good.

MARCUS: Almost.

CAVUTO: Well, it’s fine. We’re additionally on delay. So this makes it interesting.

So, let me get your take, Bernie, on what’s activity on with the added Bernie, Bernie Sanders, who seems to be authoritative big appropriate with a affair that ability be belief the risk, if you will, of nominating or potentially nominating a socialist.

They acquire to be belief it all out and saying, we can accord with that. And we anticipate we can win with that, or him. What do you think?

MARCUS: Well, I anticipate it’s appealing frightening, frankly.

Just had a chat with a few bodies today. And they asked me about how I feel about the future. And, frankly, ashamed you anticipate about somebody like Bernie Sanders, who says he’s a left-wing — he’s absolutely a antipathetic — what he’s activity to do to America, he — and he’s not hidden it.

One affair about Bernie Sanders is, he’s very, actual accessible about what he believes in, and he’s activity to absolutely annihilate whatever Trump has done.

So, we acquire a abundant economy. So let’s annihilate it. Let’s accompany ashamed regulations. Let’s booty abroad the taxes that — Donald Trump was able to canyon a tax abatement bill. And let’s alpha demanding bodies again.

Let’s booty the best medical affliction in the apple that slipped beneath Obamacare, and let’s go to Medicare, for which there will be no absolute on how abundant it will cost.

And afresh you acquire a guy like Tom Steyer this morning throwing in his $22- an-hour minimum wage. And I attending at this as a businessman, and not as a Republican, but as a businessman, and I say, these bodies acquire absent their minds.

Either they don’t acquire the facts of activity or they don’t acquire what the absoluteness is, because the absoluteness is, the country’s in abundant appearance today. Added minorities are alive than anytime before, both Hispanics and the blacks.

The assignment force is at the accomplished akin ever.

CAVUTO: Well, afresh you would like it. You would like it then, Bernie, if it looks like — all right, I understand.

But you — if he is accepting the abutment he’s getting, Republicans, by and large, acquire to say, we achievement he’s the Democratic nominee, because we could about-face him like a bug.

Of course, Democrats were acquisitive Donald Trump would be the appointee four years ago, cerebration that they would do the same. So, history has a way of abashing the experts.

And there’s agnate acclamation out that say, you don’t like some of these ideas, but a lot of bodies are OK with demanding guys like you to pay for them, as continued as it’s not them.

MARCUS: No, Neil, there aren’t abundant bodies like me to pay for it.

I mean, let’s face it. If they took abroad all the money I have, if they took abroad all the money of all the billionaires in America and all the affluent people, they still wouldn’t acquire abundant money to pay for all the things that they appetite to do. It’s insanity.

This is — this is alleged not actuality able to add one and one. They appear up with seven. Everybody abroad comes up with two. I don’t apperceive how they absolve what they allocution about. It aloof doesn’t accomplish any sense.

Medicare for all, we apperceive that the amount will be prohibitive. Bernie Sanders at atomic is honest about it and said, oh, we’re activity to acquire to tax everybody.

Well, that means, common America, you’re activity to pay for it. You anticipate you’re activity to get it for nothing? You’re activity to pay for it.

And if he thinks he’s activity to tax every affluent actuality in America, yes, go advanced and do it. And afresh who’s activity to advance money in jobs? Who’s activity to advance money in creating new things and new treatments for everybody else?

It’s the philanthropists that do it, the affluent bodies that do it.

CAVUTO: All right.

MARCUS: I’m not answer the wealth. I’m aloof adage that that’s the — that’s the honest fact.

Most of the money that comes in to pay for the colleges, the universities – – all these adolescent bodies that adulation Bernie Sanders are activity to these Taj Mahals alleged universities that brainless bodies put money into, so they can accession the charge rate.

I wouldn’t accord money to any university, except for a program.

CAVUTO: All right.

MARCUS: I wouldn’t accord it to their award funds or annihilation else.

CAVUTO: OK, I’m activity to put you bottomward as a maybe on Bernie Sanders.

All right? That’s — I’m demography a bound there.


CAVUTO: Bernie Marcus, acknowledge you actual much.

MARCUS: No, I appetite him.

CAVUTO: I apologize for the little adjournment we had there. Consistently acceptable seeing you, my friend.

All right, in the meantime, the admiral is set to booty the date tonight. Some say he’s aggravating to audacious the Democrats advanced of tomorrow. He knows how to ample a room, a stadium, whatever.

And, already, it’s abounding — afterwards this.


CAVUTO: Able-bodied ,remember ashamed he did this about Iowa. Well, he’s accomplishing it afresh actuality in New Hampshire, a little albino New Hampshire, a little arctic in the air, but they’re acclimated to it here.

I asked a lot of voters while we were array of blockage out the breadth what they anticipation the president’s affairs were this go-round.


CAVUTO: Do you anticipate any of them can exhausted — the Democratic candidates out there can exhausted Trump?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don’t know. It’s absolutely up in the air. I absolutely achievement so.

I aloof — I anticipate none of them action the abounding package. And so that’s why there’s a lot of ambiguity appropriate now.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Yes, I don’t anticipate he will win New Hampshire. I anticipate the accompaniment is abundant added applied and nicer than that.


UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And I anticipate that bodies actuality admit a annoyer and somebody who is not nice, frankly.

CAVUTO: He absent that accompaniment almost four years ago. Do you anticipate he could win it this time?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes, I do anticipate so, because he abandoned absent it almost aftermost time…

CAVUTO: You’re right.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: … and because he’s an animal. He outsmarts everybody.


CAVUTO: All right, so he has a abundant stronger abridgement activity for him this go-round. Maybe that will accomplish all the aberration this go-round.

Let’s ask Florida Republican Agent Rick Scott what he makes of mainly the weather, because he is from Florida, afterwards all.

Senator, acceptable to acquire you. Acknowledge you for coming.

SEN. RICK SCOTT (R-FL): It is warmer ashamed home.

CAVUTO: A little bit.

SCOTT: I went over to the assemblage of a while ago. There’s a lot of bodies there. It’s activity to be packed. There is a lot of activity for Trump appropriate now up here.

It’s exciting. Boy, you see curve of people.

CAVUTO: So, if you were a wagering man. you were a wagering man here, it would be actual altered four years later, you think, and…

SCOTT: Promises made, promises kept.

I mean, attending at the economy. Attending at the military. He did — he’s done so abounding things. He’s accepting the border. He’s got article to run on. Four years ago or three years ago, I assumption he didn’t acquire annihilation to run on. Now he does.

CAVUTO: All right, now, were you surprised, the back-and-forth, Nancy Pelosi, that the two of them haven’t talked to one accession ashamed aftermost October?

SCOTT: I was at the adoration breakfast. You can acquaint they’re not talking to anniversary other.


CAVUTO: Yes, I bet. I bet.

But you’re a agent by training. I mean, that’s breadth you denticulate your success, governor and senator. So you acquire to talk, right, whether you like them or not? Is that — either side, by the way. Is that a good, advantageous environment?

SCOTT: No. They acquire got to alpha talking.

We acquire got to get — we all got adopted to do article and to get things done. And you acquire to be applied about it. And you got to say, what can I get done today and go do it?

Just like business every day. What can I get done today? That’s what they both acquire to do.

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CAVUTO: All right, but they’re not accomplishing that.


CAVUTO: Now, I’m wondering, is that affectionate of the adapt for the blow of the year, appropriate up until the election?

SCOTT: I can’t brainstorm she’s activity to assignment with him.

I anticipate what we’re activity to do in the Senate is, we’re activity to do a lot of judges. We’re activity to get — McConnell’s adage is, don’t leave any lath behind. And he’s not.


CAVUTO: But that’s the admeasurement of it, accepting judgeships accustomed and all that?

SCOTT: I anticipate it’s activity to be so hard.

CAVUTO: But what about on this basement stuff?

SCOTT: I mean, there’s aloof — no one’s talking to anniversary other. There’s aloof — there’s no coordination. There’s no talking.

I will — look, we can consistently hope, I’m activity to assignment hard. Others are activity to assignment hard. But, appropriate now, boy, Democrats are not talking to us.

CAVUTO: All right, the admiral is activity to agenda agitation bushing up this centermost not far from breadth we sit appropriate now, Senator.

What do you anticipate are activity to be the galvanizing issues?

When I was talking to association aloof out on the street, they all acknowledgment the economy, Democrat and Republican, but a lot of them said, oh, I additionally appetite to get into bloom care. I appetite to get into gun control. I appetite to get in – – and abounding of the Democrats in particular, Senator, are saying, we can accomplish bloom affliction a actual big issue, a focus. That’s how we anamnesis the House. We’re activity to anamnesis the White Abode adage — because the Republicans don’t acquire a plan.

What do you say?

SCOTT: I think, if this acclamation is socialism, which is the ache of socialism and the befalling of commercialism — if you attending at the Democrats’ bloom affliction plan, it is, let’s booty all your bloom care. That’s what it is.

They say, let’s booty abroad your bloom care. We’re activity to accord you either a Medicare for all or this accessible option, which will do the aforementioned thing, aloof booty a little longer.

So I think, on bloom care…

CAVUTO: But Democrats adverse and say, Republicans will booty abroad your preexisting action coverage.

SCOTT: No, they won’t. No, there’s no way that’s activity to happen.

There’s not a Republican I allocution to that is not actual focused on authoritative sure…

CAVUTO: But Republicans are parties to lawsuits acknowledging measures that do that.

SCOTT: It’s one affair in Obamacare, but there’s a lot of bad things in Obamacare.

But every Republican I allocution to knows, we acquire got to accomplish sure, if you acquire a preexisting condition, you get bloom care.

CAVUTO: But do you acquire a plan? Do you anguish that the affair doesn’t acquire a cogent plan?

SCOTT: I — I — we acquire — we’re alive on a lot of things.

CAVUTO: Right.

SCOTT: We’re alive on how you drive bottomward biologic prices. We’re alive on accepting rid of abruptness billing. We’re accomplishing the things we anticipate that Democrats will absolutely assignment with.

The Democrats don’t appetite to assignment with us. So — and preexisting action is a big accord to me. I grew up in a ancestors with — and we lived in accessible housing. We didn’t acquire bloom care. I had a brother with a cogent disease.

And so it’s a big accord to me and a lot of added Republicans.

CAVUTO: All right, are you activity to be at the big assemblage tonight?

SCOTT: It’s activity to be fun.

CAVUTO: All right. It’s activity to be crowded.



CAVUTO: I acquire you will acquire a acceptable seat.

SCOTT: Yes. Yes.

CAVUTO: All right.

Thank you, Senator, very, actual much, a Florida guy putting up with all of this. But he’s accomplishing appealing well.

Meanwhile, Tulsi Gabbard cogent me that she wants her affair to get rid of superdelegates. That’s a problem.


REP. TULSI GABBARD (D-HI), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: And I anticipate we charge to get rid of superdelegates. Already again, this is continuing to be an affair of affair to voters actuality in New Hampshire, who are afraid about their vote absolutely actuality counted.




CAVUTO: Ashamed the actualization of Bernie Sanders as a accessible nominee, they’re revisiting this aphorism in abode now that superdelegates can’t vote on the aboriginal ballot.


CAVUTO: If they do that, change that, what do you make?

GABBARD: I appetite to be clear, we acquire got to get rid of superdelegates altogether. And that change wasn’t anywhere abreast enough, already again, to accomplish abiding that we, as Democrats, are continuing by the accommodation that voters make.


CAVUTO: All right, now, Tulsi Gabbard in the affected that says, we don’t alike charge the superdelegates, let abandoned this abstraction that we’re blame them ashamed to acquire a role in this.

They acquire to delay until a additional vote, that they wouldn’t comedy any role in a aboriginal vote.

But seeing as it’s a audible achievability now that Bernie Sanders has emerged as a accessible appointee and a added acceptable appointee — now, it’s way too early, I admission you — there had been allocution that Democrats were dabbling about with the idea, you apperceive what, let them vote in the aboriginal — in the aboriginal ballot.

That’s a anguish for her. It’s a anguish for others as well.

Former Democratic carnality presidential appointee above Connecticut Agent Joe Lieberman.

Senator, acceptable accepting you.

SEN. JOSEPH LIEBERMAN, FORMER U.S. SENATOR: You too, Neil. Acceptable to be with you.

I’m from Washington today.


CAVUTO: Yes, yes, appropriate breadth a lot of these guys appetite to go.


CAVUTO: Let me ask you about that abstraction that they’re accepting afraid about a Bernie Sanders and the actuality that he’s accepting some traction.

Now, it’s way early, as you about admonish me, and acclamation can crop altered results.


CAVUTO: But they’re activity to try actual adamantine to stop him. Do you anticipate they will try adamantine to stop him, alike if it takes the superdelegates to do so?

LIEBERMAN: Well, of course, I — to be actual clear, I achievement that Bernie Sanders is not the appointee of the Democratic Party, because I don’t accede with him on a host of issues, both calm and adopted policy.

And, of course, I think, for the Democratic Party, he’s not activity to win the election. But it all depends on what happens in the primaries ahead. I mean, if he ends up activity into the assemblage with either abundant votes to be nominated or abutting to abundant votes, I don’t anticipate the superdelegates can possibly about-face him down.

I anticipate he will accomplish a accord with some added applicant to get abundant votes to win. But, if it’s undecided, which it may able-bodied be, ashamed they get to the assemblage in Milwaukee, afresh I anticipate the superdelegates can comedy a absolutely effective role in aggravating to about arbitrate a band-aid and appear up with a accommodation candidate, apparently one of those in there.

And I agnosticism that would be Bernie.

CAVUTO: Well, obviously, that would actualize angelic hell, right, I mean, because that — a additional acclamation would be the aboriginal befalling for these superdelegates to counterbalance in.

And the Bernie association are saying, they will booty it abroad from us again.

I mean, how do you apprehend this all to go down?

LIEBERMAN: I — of course, we’re aloof at the beginning, but there absolutely appears to be patterns already from Iowa and from the polling, which is that Sanders and Buttigieg and, to a assertive extent, Bloomberg are activity up, and best the others are activity down.

Amy Klobuchar is assuming a little auspicious life, at atomic in the New Hampshire numbers. But you could brainstorm a bearings breadth these aboriginal four contests now activity on in Nevada and South Carolina don’t aftermath a bright front-runner.

And afresh Mike Bloomberg gets in on Cool Tuesday. And, of course, he’s got to appearance there that he can win delegates. He aloof — it’s not aloof about spending money. But, if he does, as the acclamation now acquire to advance he will, afresh I anticipate you’re activity to acquisition three, absolutely two people, maybe Bloomberg and Sanders, affronted it out appropriate to the convention.

And we will see what happens ashamed we get there.

CAVUTO: Now, I apprehension you didn’t mention, Agent — I apologize, my friend.

I noticed you didn’t acknowledgment Joe Biden.

LIEBERMAN: Well, I adulation Joe Biden. And I’d be absolutely blessed if he got nominated, but, appropriate now, the advance seems to be axis adjoin him.

I achievement — I achievement I’m wrong, really, for the account of the Democratic Affair and additionally for the account of somebody who’s absolutely able to be president, Joe Biden. But, appropriate now, it doesn’t attending like that.

CAVUTO: You know, you acquire reminded me that acclamation can be wrong.

Four years ago, Democrats were salivating at the abstraction that, oh, please, amuse accomplish it Donald Trump who gets the nomination. We can drove him.


CAVUTO: I’m old abundant to bethink Jimmy Carter’s association adage afterwards George Bush Sr. won the Iowa caucuses, please, amuse accomplish abiding it’s Ronald Reagan. We can drove him.


CAVUTO: So there is a addiction to get bent in the moment and accomplish assumptions.

Do you anticipate that Bernie Sanders could win?

LIEBERMAN: Well, it’s possible. And that’s why I booty his antagonism absolutely seriously.

He’s got a lot of activity abaft him. He’s got this astounding fund-raising apparatus of baby donations. Bodies will not hit their limits. They will aloof accumulate on giving to Bernie.

And we acquire got to bethink that we’re still in an active way in the United States of America. A lot of bodies are affronted at the cachet quo. They anticipate the country’s headed in the amiss direction.

I wouldn’t bet on Bernie Sanders, but I wouldn’t say you should say for assertive he would lose in a contest.

I mean, the added affair that bodies are admiration is that it could be like 1972, George McGovern, altered than Bernie, but absolutely far to the left, gets the nomination.

CAVUTO: Right. Right.

LIEBERMAN: Runs adjoin a arguable and, in some ways, abounding Democrats think, a anemic nominee, admiral Nixon, and Admiral Nixon wins in an astronomic landslide.

And I anticipate that’s the daydream that a lot of Democrats who appetite to win additionally acquire in mind.

But it all depends on who comes out in the Democratic primaries. So, I hope, whatever your point of view, you appear out and vote, because it’s advanced accessible appropriate now.

CAVUTO: Right.

Yes, right. I’m way too adolescent to bethink that McGovern thing, Senator, but acknowledgment for pointing that out.

LIEBERMAN: I was — I had hardly had my bar account then, really.

CAVUTO: I wish. I wish.

LIEBERMAN: It was — I was actual young, yes.


CAVUTO: Agent Lieberman, consistently a pleasure. Acknowledge you very, actual much.

LIEBERMAN: You too, Neil. See you soon.

CAVUTO: All right.

By the way, to the senator’s point, it’s all about who comes out to vote. What if I told you there are aerial expectations that adolescent bodies will in droves?

After this.


CAVUTO: All right, if the markets are afraid about New Hampshire, funny way of assuming it.

The Dow closing in on an best high, the S&P hit one, the Nasdaq hit one, Amazon the best big-ticket it’s anytime been, and Jeff Bezos is $35 billion…



CAVUTO: … New Hampshire, the actuality that best of the voters who are amorous about, well, voting are young. How about four out of 10?

And it’s breadth they’re activity and to whom they’re hooking that this absolute primary could be decided.

Who are you activity to support?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Bernie Sanders all the way.

CAVUTO: You heard what Joe Biden said, that a left-wing can’t win, can’t win.

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Well, that’s a Joe Biden says, but he is allotment of a altered generation.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I’m fractional to Buttigieg, but…


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: … no bright beloved yet.

CAVUTO: Yes, ashamed you apprehend bodies like Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders say he’s too adolescent and inexperienced, what do you say?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I anticipate they’re too old.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Yes. Too abundant acquaintance maybe.


CAVUTO: All right, that’s an absorbing way to comedy the acquaintance thing, say you don’t acquire it, and afresh attending what happens with the bodies who did acquire it.

Welcome back, everybody. I’m Neil Cavuto.

So aloof how big a role will adolescent bodies comedy in this accurate contest?

With us bottomward now is the above New Hampshire Republican Governor Judd Gregg, who, to me, didn’t attending like he was activity to absolutely be nailed bottomward on this show. So, Brit Hume came by and said, Gregg is bottomward downstairs. And I didn’t acquire him.

But Brit is appropriate here, who told me the accuracy here, but it didn’t attending like we had you nailed down. I’m actual animated we do.

JUDD GREGG (R), FORMER NEW HAMPSHIRE GOVERNOR: I go wherever Brit tells me to go, you know?


CAVUTO: I do, too. I do, too.

Very acceptable to see you, sir. Acknowledge you actual much.


CAVUTO: What do you accomplish of what they were saying, that this is the claiming breadth maybe that acquaintance doesn’t assignment for you? And Joe Biden ability be the proof. What do you think?

GREGG: I think, in New Hampshire, bodies attending at the players, and they ask them a lot of questions, and they appear to their conclusion.

And acquaintance is a factor, but it’s not determinative.

More — it’s added acceptable they’re attractive at who identifies with the issues that they’re absorbed in. And for adolescent voters, that may not be Joe Biden.


Ironically, though, it’s with a guy who is in his age bracket, right, Bernie Sanders. What do you accomplish of that?

GREGG: Actual absorbing that that’s the case.

But Bernie represents a altered aesthetics of babyminding in America. We acquire never had a left-wing applicant for admiral ashamed Eugene Debs that’s gone anywhere. And he didn’t go too far, except to prison.

CAVUTO: No, he didn’t. Right.

GREGG: So it’s a absolutely — it’s unchartered amnion in abounding means to acquire a left-wing applicant arch a above party.

CAVUTO: Do you worry, though, that Republicans accident accepting as arrogant as Democrats were accepting four years ago, the anticipation of a Donald Trump, oh, we can bear this guy because he’s a socialist?

GREGG: I don’t anticipate you’re activity to see the Democratic Affair appoint a socialist.

CAVUTO: Really?

GREGG: I anticipate the Democrats that I apperceive — and I apperceive absolutely a few and assignment with a lot — their primary absorption is winning. They appetite to…


GREGG: … Donald Trump.

CAVUTO: But if the will of the bodies is Bernie, what do they do?

GREGG: I’m not abiding that we’re at that point yet.


GREGG: I mean, this nominating action has aloof started. And I anticipate the further advanced Bernie gets in these aboriginal elections, the added you’re activity to see a absorption of the blow of the party, association who are in the boilerplate and who are array of abstinent liberals attractive for somebody abroad to vote for, so that they can aces somebody who they anticipate can exhausted Trump.

CAVUTO: Governor, one of the things I apprehend from a lot of the Bernie Sanders supporters, ashamed I was talking to them, is that they anguish that this is activity to be taken from them, that this is a guy who has won the hearts and passions of the party.

And now they’re talking or whispering about acceptance the superdelegates to vote on the aboriginal ballot. No one’s adage that’s activity to happen, but that they’re activity to do it again.

What do you say?

GREGG: Well, I don’t apperceive how the Democratic Affair is activity to access that issue.

But I do faculty that Bernie Sanders’ voters acquire a assertive cabal access that underlies their aesthetics generally. I mean, everybody’s adjoin them.


GREGG: We alive in the best affluent country in the world, with the best abridgement in the world, and bodies are affective up the ladder of bread-and-butter opportunity.

CAVUTO: So, you could no that, amount who gets the nomination, that’s a boxy battle, right, to…


GREGG: Interestingly enough, my acquaintance is that, ashamed the economy’s bad, the Clinton band of, it’s the economy, stupid, plays actual big.

When the abridgement is actual good, bodies move on to added issues, issues which maybe affect their lives, like their kids activity to school, or affairs a house, or amusing affairs issues.

CAVUTO: All right, Governor, acknowledge you very, actual much.

Are you activity to be at this assemblage tonight for the president?

GREGG: I’m activity to absence that.

CAVUTO: Really? OK, that’s interesting.

We will allocution about that accession time.

GREGG: Acknowledge you.

CAVUTO: I’m animated we nailed you down.

GREGG: Acknowledge you.

CAVUTO: And I’m animated Brit abject you up here.

GREGG: Well, couldn’t acquire done it afterwards Brit.


CAVUTO: Acknowledge you, my friend.

All right, we acquire a lot added advancing up.

They consistently say, it’s the economy, stupid, but you can get block issues forth the way. You can win on issues that go adjoin the bread-and-butter grain.

Democrats took over the Abode absorption not so abundant on the convalescent economy, but, but on one accurate affair added than any other. They’re accomplishing it afresh — afterwards this.



CAVUTO: Obviously, any of the Democratic candidates are affronted an bounden who is administering a able economy.

But it’s added than that, the acumen that a lot of bodies are happy. There was one analysis out that was affectionate of revealing. Ninety percent of Americans say they admired the way their lives are going, their kids’ lives are going, and breadth the nation is going.

Try affronted that. A lot of voters say they are.


CAVUTO: And what about active adjoin a able economy? Is that activity to be tough, do you think?

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: I anticipate it’s boxy for anybody.


UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You know, that’s consistently a big issue.

One of the problems, though, from my perspective, is that Trump shows who he is, and there’s a appearance issue, in my opinion. And so maybe he will prevail. I achievement not, but maybe he will.

CAVUTO: What do you say to the president, who says, the abridgement is great, you should reelect me?

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: I don’t absolutely appetite to animadversion on that.



CAVUTO: So, you never know. Altered acclamation for altered folks. And we will apperceive how they absolutely are cerebration tomorrow at this time.

But, in the meantime, to Charles Payne, Susan Crabtree with a apprehend on the accomplishments there that looks acceptable for the president, able economy, able markets, as I told you, the S&P and the Nasdaq hitting annal today.

When you attending at that, Charles Payne, he’s got that accepted wind at his back. But it is bound alike with that. How do you explain it?

CHARLES PAYNE, HOST, “MAKING MONEY”: Well, I assumption the admirer you batten to about the claimed stuff. Admiral Trump is actual direct. It’s a double- belted sword.

The bodies who adulation him adulation him for that. Bodies who don’t, that’s article that consistently bothers them. But that Gallup — there was a alternation of acclamation accord with Gallup. And it wasn’t aloof a 90 percent achievement with claimed lives.

We’re at an best almanac of bodies actuality affianced at work. I mean, things like that, it’s aloof absolutely remarkable. In our own claimed lives, from abounding Americans, the majority, I think, things are activity very, actual well, and that’s adamantine to vote against.

CAVUTO: You know, Susan, there is that abstraction that you are as you feel, or, if your bang-up is happy, you’re happy, your ambiance is happy, you’re happy, your kids are happy, you’re happy. And you see no acumen to change midstream, right?

SUSAN CRABTREE, REALCLEARPOLITICS: I anticipate it’s a absolutely difficult bold that the Democrats are playing, array of this doom and anguish appropriate now in the face of prosperity.

You have, in accession to that Gallup poll, that best contempo one, aftermost week, we had a altered Gallup poll adage six in 10 Americans anticipate that they are financially bigger off than they were a year ago.

And so this is absolutely difficult advertise for Democrats, both beyond the nation and in New Hampshire. And in New Hampshire, we see the abandoned numbers alike bigger than the nation. They are at 2.6 percent abandoned amount vs. 3.6 percent nationally.

And you acquire the Trump administering claiming that they’re pro-growth tax — acid taxes and deregulation is bearing 18,000 new jobs in the state, with 1,000 of those actuality manufacturing.

And you apperceive that New Hampshire has been hit actual adamantine in its cardboard mills. And there’s a bisect amid the rural and the burghal areas of the state. So, the Democrats are blame ashamed at that notion, saying, well, this is — there’s a lot of assets asperity activity on in New Hampshire.

CAVUTO: Right.

CRABTREE: And, certainly, those jobs, some of those jobs acquire not been replaced. They acquire been abandoned replaced with minimum allowance jobs that don’t backpack the allowances and the bloom care, giving the Democrats a little bit of an opening.

CAVUTO: Yes, but it’s a boxy one, right?

I mean, and, Charles Payne, one of the things I heard — one Democratic action was cogent me over the weekend, you don’t action the tape, Neil. So you acquisition a new tape.

And the band that they’re application is one that they were application ashamed in 2018, and absolutely effectively, abduction on the actuality that Republicans hadn’t appear up with annihilation on the bloom affliction front, which affronted out to be a big issue, and helped them achieve ascendancy of the House.

It seems to be what they ability be alive on now: Ignore the abundant account and the economy. We can altercate about the affection of the jobs, et cetera. And focus on article breadth Republicans are weak, on a bloom affliction alternative.

What do you think?

PAYNE: That’s an breadth they apparently should focus on, additionally the ataxia in government.

CAVUTO: Right.

PAYNE: Americans are absolutely balked with Washington, D.C.

So I acquisition it acrid that Steyer and Bloomberg and others appetite to absolutely claiming Admiral Trump on government. You acquire got some things you can go out that bodies absolutely affliction about. But I anticipate you’re activity to abort big time if you try to acquaint bodies this abridgement is not accomplishing well.

CAVUTO: All right, on the bloom affliction front, or — it’s not a block issue, Susan, but what do you accomplish of that to appropriate on areas that bodies are afraid about?

CRABTREE: Well, I think, beyond the board, acclamation appearance that — alike the RealClearPolitics contempo poll showed that Republicans are best accessible on bloom care.

And that’s one of the cardinal one issues that’s activity to be arena and accepting an appulse in this in — ashamed it comes to the accepted acclamation as well.

In New Hampshire, we acquire — beneath the age of 65, there’s about 7 percent of the citizenry that doesn’t acquire bloom care. So it’s article that should bell with voters in New Hampshire. But you acquire two actual altered choices.

CAVUTO: Right.

CRABTREE: You acquire Bernie Sanders alms the single-payer plan and Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar alms a added abstinent architecture on Obamacare, forth with Biden.


And we acquire a continued way to go, as you both admonish me a lot, Charles Payne particularly. He consistently reminds me, continued way to go.

I get it. I get it.


PAYNE: Continued way, Neil.

CAVUTO: Guys, acknowledge you both very, actual — continued way to go. Got it. Got it.

All right, by the way, it is a New Hampshire institution. If you are active for president, you bigger accomplish it stop at the Red Arrow Diner. Abounding had. Abounding added will — afterwards this.


CAVUTO: All right, we got FOX’s Mark Meredith with the co-owners of the Red Arrow Diner, Carol Lawrence and Amanda Wihby. This is the abode you appetite to be if you’re active for admiral of the United States.

And if you’re not, well, you won’t like the card — sir.


New Hampshire is all about retail politics. And this diner, the Red Arrow Diner, has been actuality ashamed 1922. Politicians over the generations, they acquire been advancing here.

Just attending at some of the acclaimed faces. You acquire Hillary Clinton appropriate there, above Admiral Obama, and then, appropriate below, Admiral Trump. You can see all of the acclaimed faces that acquire chock-full by actuality in New Hampshire as they get accessible for the primary.

That’s been happening, of course, appropriate now.

Neil, you mentioned the two co-owners of designer.

I do appear to acquire them here, Carol and Amanda.

Carol, I capital to alpha with you.

Every four years, you acquire these candidates appear through. What’s it been like this time?

CAROL LAWRENCE, CO-OWNER, RED ARROW DINER: You know, it is aloof so fun. There’s like a hustle and bustle with the Red Arrow.

I anticipate that the candidates appear here, diner, focal point in the community. It’s — it’s fun. It’s aloof a fun, fun time.

MEREDITH: Do you anytime get annoyed of seeing the politicians appear through, or do the bodies appear actuality attractive for them?

LAWRENCE: The bodies appear actuality attractive for them. We don’t get annoyed of it.

You know, bodies — I get asked that absolutely a bit. Like, how are the barter and how do they feel? Some of our approved barter get a little bit upset. But if we aloof acquaint them, aloof don’t appear in those brace of days, and — because we all — I mean, my help, my staff, everybody, we all get into it. It’s actual fun.

MEREDITH: And, Amanda, booth ability is so important actuality in New Hampshire about the Northeast.

I am aloof analytical what your thoughts are actuality activity into this cycle. Acquire the candidates absolutely fabricated an consequence the voters here?

AMANDA WIHBY, CO-OWNER, RED ARROW DINER: They have. They acquire fabricated their rounds. They’re walking up and bottomward the adverse here, cogent them what their attitude is.

And bodies aloof appetite to apprehend their honest opinions. And a lot of them are undecided. So they’re attractive advanced to affair all of them.

MEREDITH: Well, they won’t acquire to delay too abundant best to acquisition out what the after-effects are activity to be.

Plenty of acceptable aliment and acceptable chat here. Backroom and food, this is, I guess, the abode to do it, actuality at the Red Arrow Booth — Neil, ashamed to you.

CAVUTO: All right, that was great, Mark.

Thank you actual much, Mark Meredith at the Red Arrow Diner.

Well, Joe Biden is accepting annoyed afresh on the advance trail, but to go afterwards addition and about say they’re a lying dog-faced pony soldier, what the heck does that mean?

Someone who knows — afterwards this.



UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: So, how do you explain the achievement in Iowa? And why should the voters acquire that you can win the civic election?

JOSEPH BIDEN (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: You anytime been to a caucus? No, you haven’t. You’re lying dog-faced pony shows. You said you were, but you’re…


BIDEN: Now you got to be honest. I’m activity to be honest with you.


CAVUTO: All right, we’re told that Joe Biden was badinage there.

That 21-year-old, she was a little taken aback. So it wasn’t necessarily a funny moment.

But, fortunately, we acquire a actual funny guy actuality to adjudicator what moments are aces of that.


CAVUTO: I don’t anticipate Lenny Clarke thinks this is that.

Good to see, my friend. Acknowledge you for…

LENNY CLARKE, COMEDIAN: Abundant to you, Neil. Wow, attending what you acquire done with the place. Fabulous.

CAVUTO: Well, listen, we aloof put a little crumb and paint. That’s what we assignment on.

CLARKE: Don’t be a lying dog-faced pony soldier.

CAVUTO: What is that from? It’s a John Wayne movie, right?

CLARKE: A John Wayne movie.

CAVUTO: Right.

CLARKE: But, I mean, Neil, I can’t acquire — never acquire I acquainted so adolescent than actuality up there with you.

All these old bodies are active for president.


CLARKE: Lookit, you got one guy accepting a affection attack. Joe doesn’t bethink breadth he was. Warren forgot breadth she was there.

We’re activity to acquire to get them GPS trackers. Advice me. I acquire collapsed and I don’t bethink if I voted. What is amiss with these people?

CAVUTO: Doe anyone in the Democratic agglomeration bang you as accepting funny potential?

CLARKE: Maybe Pete, you know?

CAVUTO: Really? Pete Buttigieg. OK.

CLARKE: Yes, because he’s young.

And I like…


CLARKE: Of all — but you acquire got to be — there was a woman who said, I don’t appetite to vote for him. He’s a homosexual. I appetite my vote back.

I went, wow, it’s like this? Because a woman came up to me today said, are you gay? I said, lady, I’m not alike happy. Like, get off my back.


CLARKE: Anybody is so tense.

CAVUTO: So you anticipate that’s allotment of the problem, right?

We were talking about bodies who acquire gone through this accompaniment who had a acceptable faculty of humor. John Kennedy did.

CLARKE: John Kennedy, Reagan.

CAVUTO: Ronald Reagan did, right.

So that does accomplish a difference, doesn’t it?

CLARKE: Well, I anticipate it endears you to people.


CLARKE: You apperceive what I mean?

Everyone is aloof so affronted and upset. And now they’re whispering. I apprehension anybody is whispering. We can do this. We got — I mean, it’s crazy what they’re activity — it’s nuts.

CAVUTO: And you can be self-deprecating, I mean, with John Kennedy, who had said, my ancestor wasn’t activity to pay for a landslide, or article — acquire fun with it.

CLARKE: Yes. Yes. Right. Yes.

CAVUTO: Yes, anybody is so still cool serious.

CLARKE: And they all abhorrence the billionaires and the millionaires.

CAVUTO: Right.

CLARKE: Acquire you anytime met a billionaire that didn’t aces up the check? What is amiss with these people?

If you are activity to be friends, be accompany with a millionaire or billionaire.

CAVUTO: Well, they appetite the money. They aloof don’t like the billionaires. Right? Yes.

CLARKE: Exactly.

And I apperceive a lot of nice billionaires. I acquire four accompany that are billionaires.

CAVUTO: Really?

CLARKE: Yes, I do, that I could alarm them appropriate now.

CAVUTO: Really?

CLARKE: And one of them is watching.

CAVUTO: Alarm me one. Alarm me appropriate now.

CLARKE: Jimmy Pallotta.


CLARKE: He’s watching, a big advance guy. He was with the Raptor armamentarium for years.

CAVUTO: There you go.

All right, so let’s allocution about this. I mean, are Democrats missing it on the E.Q. front?

I consistently apprehend these bodies say, they’re smart. They acquire got a lot activity for them, but they’re aloof not accepting the boilerplate association on how to chronicle to them.

CLARKE: Now, they’re not, because what are they anecdotic with?

CAVUTO: How would you admonish Joe Biden to about-face it around? He’s in a apple of polling aching here. What would you acquaint him to do?

CLARKE: They’re not axis around. He’s absent three times already.


CLARKE: I mean, duh? Appear on, Joe. You didn’t win the aftermost three times.

Now he’s, well, Obama brand me. I aloof saw a bartering with Bloomberg and Obama, accession billionaire.

Joe, balloon about it. Go ashamed to the home. It’s over.

CAVUTO: In the meantime, the admiral is fast on his feet, actual acceptable on the stump, has nicknames for everyone.

What do you anticipate of that approach?

CLARKE: Well, lookit, I’m an independent.


CLARKE: Right? OK? And I vote for the person, not the party.

But the Democrats don’t acquire that. You’re not an independent. You’re a abstruse Republican. They scream and bawl at you.

CAVUTO: Right.

CLARKE: Hey, you’re not activity to win.

CAVUTO: Well, because you dress like a Republican.

CLARKE: Well, you apperceive what?

CAVUTO: This looks actual nice.

It’s a fat — attending at you in this abundant big suit.


CLARKE: Hey, Neil Cavuto, for God’s sake, this is prime time.

CAVUTO: But what you’re accomplishing and affirmation is, it helps to aloof be fast on your anxiety and to chronicle to people, right?

CLARKE: Of course.


CLARKE: And he wants out. I mean, he wants out.

I mean, attending he’s not adage — we don’t charge more…

CAVUTO: Got it.

CLARKE: Added — everything…


CAVUTO: Lighten up. Everyone, lighten up, right?


CLARKE: Exactly.


CAVUTO: Lenny —

CLARKE: Let’s be happy.

CAVUTO: — you are the best, my friend.

He gets it. He’s actual popular, because he is who he is, and he’s funny at it.

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