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Plastic Countertop Brackets The 2 Common Stereotypes When It Comes To Plastic Countertop Brackets

Synopsis: This kitchen was in asperous shape. Among the issues was a blueprint that bogus it adamantine for one being to cook, abundant beneath two. It was arduous to acquisition an able way to align the amplitude that would acquiesce for abundant allowance amid walls, cabinets, and the island. By application a few tricks and absorption a few accepted dimensions, the kitchen has been regrouped into zones that now acquiesce assorted bodies in the amplitude at one time, and accommodate allowance for storage, prep, cooking, and serving.

plastic countertop brackets
 Low Profile Adjustable Bracket 12 in. Steel Countertop ..

Low Profile Adjustable Bracket 12 in. Steel Countertop .. | plastic countertop brackets

This 1976 home was one of the ancient projects advised and congenital by The Shelter Institute, a Maine aggregation best accepted for architecture and teaching how to body timber-frame structures. Today’s Passive Abode consultants would acknowledge the house’s acclimatization on the lot and all-embracing design, admitting they would accept lamented the ample panes of ablaze bottle that overheated the autogenous on all but the coldest of brilliant days.

The home’s architecture has captivated up able-bodied on the whole, but the kitchen was in asperous shape. It had a wood-shingled roof meant to arm-twist a tiki hut; dark-stained, rough-sawn cabinetry; a faux-brick backsplash; a blueprint that bogus it adamantine for one being to cook, abundant beneath assorted people; and a architecture that cut the baker off from any visitors. The attic was exhausted breadth vinyl, and there was not abundant storage. Although the allowance has lofty, about 10-ft. ceilings and a acceptable length, it is bound in width. The recirculating ambit awning was loud and ineffective, and the island and a acerbic refrigerator created a asphyxiate point amid the kitchen and a accession pantry/­laundry room. It was time for an update.

There were abounding goals for the new design: (1) Accomplish the kitchen anatomic for two ardent cooks; (2) Acquiesce for adorning with guests while cooking; (3) Accumulate ataxia off the counter; (4) Incorporate accumulator that includes allowance for wine bottles; (5) Use abiding finishes; (6) Harvest lots of light; and (7) Generally contentment the senses—all on a bashful budget.

I usually aim for at atomic 40 in. amid abject cabinets and islands, admitting 44 in. is bigger aback possible, and I like at atomic 48 in. to 60 in. for thoroughfares amid the island and adjoining walls. Islands are about at atomic 36 in. abysmal in adjustment to accommodate seating, and I like to body a 2×4 stud bank for account admission aback the island includes a range. The allowance was a bottom too attenuated for those ambit and capacity to fit, but we bogus the island assignment application a few tricks.

The aboriginal claiming was award an able layout. Bumping out with an accession would be too costly. I briefly advised a “U” appearance with a peninsula, but it would accept blocked admission to the abdomen and dining area, and the assignment breadth would accept been insufficient. Admitting at the alpha it seemed an “L” appearance with an island would not accommodate abundant space, I acclimated a few tricks to accomplish it assignment (see attic plans, above).

plastic countertop brackets
 Federal Brace Streamline 10 in. x 10 in. Steel Low Profile ..

Federal Brace Streamline 10 in. x 10 in. Steel Low Profile .. | plastic countertop brackets

I tend to abstain island ranges, in allotment because the discharge options are limited. I accept done down-draft vents, but in my acquaintance they are not decidedly able and they draw calefaction abroad from the rear burners. Added able down-draft vents booty up added space, which in this case we did not have. The alone reasonable advantage was a “chimney hood,” which has a automated fan, a grease filter, and a abduction console for discharge air over the cooktop. Awning admeasurement has a big appulse on efficacy, so I spec’d a assemblage 6 in. added than the range, as I do onmost projects. To assignment well, island hoods should be no added than 30 in. to 36 in. aloft the affable surface. To advance an accessible feel, I installed this awning as aerial as possible—72 in. aloft the floor. That puts the awning corners in head-banging breadth for taller people—I accept a few scars to prove it. Here I spec’d an Italian-made awning with arced corners to admonition with that issue.

With ranges and cooktops, it’s consistently a acceptable abstraction to aperture to the exterior, abnormally aback the ammunition antecedent is gas or propane, as it is in this house. This airish a problem. Because the beam framing is exposed, there is no framing atrium for ambuscade ductwork. To abbreviate the beheld intrusion, I called a circling duct—often acclimated as an apparent architectural aspect in bartering spaces—and ran it to the aback of the house. Initially, I absurd active the chase awning to the beam and accomplishing some custom metalwork to affix the circling duct. I’ve adapted hoods in assorted ways, and I’m adequate with basal metalworking, but the Italian awning had alone basal instructions  included. Eventually, it became ablaze my plan wasn’t activity to work. Instead, I put a alteration box amid two beams and affiliated the ductwork there. It’s structurally soundand visually blends into the background.

When laying out the above kitchen elements, I consistently accede the acceptable assignment triangle—the accord amid sink, cooktop, and fridge. But with avant-garde affable styles and assorted cooks, assignment triangles aren’t the alone consideration. I adopt to accumulation the workspace into zones.

1. The aliment accumulator breadth is centered abreast the fridge. It includes wine accumulator abaft the fridge, which works because it doesn’t charge to be accessed frequently. Everyday items can go in the high and lower cabinets abutting to the fridge, and abiding accumulator for infrequently acclimated items is in the abdomen and new cafe cabinets.

2. The capital basal breadth in best kitchens is amid the bore and the cooktop. In this kitchen, because the ambit is on the island, the basal breadth is both to the larboard of the bore and to the larboard of the range, breadth we included a pullout bifold debris can for accessible access.

3. The affable breadth centers on the range, with affable tools, oils, and spices in the abject cabinets on either side.

4. The confined breadth is generally centered on the island, if the kitchen has one, but this island is not ample abundant or positioned able-bodied for it. To accumulate the confined breadth abroad from the basal and affable zones, the band-aid was to add a cafe at the breakfast area. It matches the kitchen capacity and includes a baby bore for authoritative coffee or added bar tasks, and for accessory basal in a pinch. To abstain burden cartage breeze and to abate the beheld mass, both ends of the abject cabinets were stepped in for a breakfront effect.

The island emphasis console accepted tricky. We looked at a array of colors and acclimatized on a fun dejected that looks acceptable with the ablaze gray cabinets and red besom flooring. Instead of application alone boards for the panel, we acclimated 1⁄2-in. moisture-­resistant MDF with grooves cut in to attending like nickel gap. (Next time, I’ll use 3⁄4-in.—the 1⁄4-in. amplitude accumulation seemed account it at the time, but bogus band difficult.) Aback it came time to install the Carrara marble countertop, we ran into an issue—the band forth the behind of the ambit would be acclimation on the top bend of the MDF. So, I bogus an aluminum bend into a abutment with brackets at both ends and recessed it into the chiffonier so it doesn’t baffle with the slide-in range.

Lighting was addition challenge. The absolute beam joists were rough-sawn 2x10s installed in pairs with a 4-in. gap amid them. That was aloof abundant amplitude for low-profile, high-output LED recessed lights to be installed in a new ache admit amid anniversary pair. The fixtures, Lithonia Lighting’s 3-in. Wafer downlights, accommodate 550 lumens each—enough to ample the amplitude with ambient ablaze alike with the almost aphotic beam and floor. Task lighting includes the range-hood lights and high-output LED band lights set into receiver advance with frosted-plastic diffusers beneath the high cabinets. I’d never acclimated that blazon of lighting over a sink, and I was afraid that it ability not accommodate abundant light, but my audience are actual blessed with it.

We replaced the ample windows with low-e dual-pane units. I approved to advertise the homeowners on the added abundance of amateur glazing, but the upcharge was not account it to them. We removed the angled rough-sawn, black-stained trim in favor of bland white trim, and we approved to acquisition a animated chicken for the walls, but the southeast acknowledgment bogus any chicken attending too bright. We concluded up with fair walls that accommodate a aloof anatomy for the angle of the basin outside. We replaced the exoteric solid copse doors with yellow-painted, absolutely anesthetized doors, which let in a lot of accustomed light.

The final accommodation was the backsplash. We acclimatized on a hardly smoky, ablaze bottle asphalt with a white-painted aback to reflect the ablaze advancing in the windows and accommodate arrangement after concealment the space. We installed the tiles with a appropriate stain-resistant adhesive that had to be pushed adamantine into the spaces because the edges of the asphalt are arresting (so if not absolutely filled, it leaves a atramentous line). The action added time and materials, but the accomplished backsplash looks great.

Throughout the project, every accommodation had to acknowledgment two questions in the affirmative: “Is it clean, crisp, and bright?” and “Is it appropriate for the house?” By all accounts, yes.

Contributing editor Michael Maines is a residential artist and architecture science adviser in Palermo, Maine. Photos by Chris Battaglia, except breadth noted. Before” photo: address of the author. Floor-plan drawing: Patrick Welsh.

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Plastic Countertop Brackets The 2 Common Stereotypes When It Comes To Plastic Countertop Brackets – plastic countertop brackets
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