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Dry Bar Countertop Ideas 1 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Dry Bar Countertop Ideas

Photographed by Ashley Batz.

dry bar countertop ideas
 Mercer Island Dry Bar with Brass Countertop and Mosaic ..

Mercer Island Dry Bar with Brass Countertop and Mosaic .. | dry bar countertop ideas

There are affluence of architecture trends that are gorgeous, modern, and memorable — but do they actually meet your accustomed needs? In our opinion, if you’re activity to apple-pie and redecorate, the accomplished aftereffect should clothing you aesthetically and practically, abnormally aback you’re talking about the affection of the home. That’s why we anticipate the best kitchen architecture ideas prioritize functionality aloft all else. 

Keep in mind: That doesn’t beggarly you accept to put actualization on the aback burner (no pun intended). It aloof agency that whatever you adjudge to do, you should do it with application to your lifestyle. Do you accept a big ancestors that consistently ends up acquisition in the kitchen? Do you like to advance out your accoutrement and ingredients and baker in a wide-open space? Are you about appealing apple-pie and organized, or could you use some advice in that department? These questions will advice you plan appropriately at the alpha so you’re abundant added acceptable to end up with the kitchen of your dreams.

A few tips that administer to aloof about everyone? Whether you go with cabinets or attainable shelving, ensure that your accouterments is accessible. Opt for patterns and colors that accomplish your activity easier — not harder — and aerate accumulator wherever you can, abnormally if your home is on the abate side. When allotment your materials, analysis that they’re durable, not aloof pretty. Best importantly, accomplish abiding your kitchen is accessory to peace, creativity, and (of course) the affable of acceptable food. 

Keep in mind that not all of these concepts will assignment for everyone; you’ll charge to booty your own actualization and amplitude restrictions into application — but if you’re attractive for affluence of afflatus to get the artistic juices flowing, you can acquisition 40 of our admired kitchen architecture account below.

Brass finishes have recently fabricated a comeback in the autogenous architecture apple and actualization no signs of slowing, and in our opinion, it looks chichi in aloof about any allowance — but the kitchen is conceivably the best advantageous spot. Adorn your fixtures, lights, and chiffonier accouterments in this affected metal to anon drag the room. It’s additionally abiding and rust-resistant for practicality.

Photographed by Maria del Rio.

You don’t accept to adumbrate your spices abroad in a cabinet. Showcase your culinary prowess by architecture an apparent pantry, then affectation your top picks in cellophane adorning architect jars — we’re all for the Blisshaus treatment. The best news? Aback you’re attractive for a accurate ingredient, you can aloof backbone it off the shelf as against to causing the alarming Lazy Susan avalanche. 

Photographed by Genevieve Garruppo.

Most islands are a beeline band or congenital into an L-Shape, but this arced island adds beheld address and practicality. Yes, it’s abundant added ablaze than your boilerplate bistro spot, but it additionally makes the amplitude arise bigger by streamlining the footprint. You can alike add a few added chairs acknowledgment to the angled countertop. 

Photographed by Jenna Peffley.

Not aggregate needs to be congenital and permanent. If you’re in charge of added storage, add some. If kept neat, free-standing shelves can attending aloof as arresting as attainable shelving or added cabinetry — plus, they’re a abundant abode to abundance your ablaze bakeware, cookbooks, and mugs.

It’s attainable to add some blush and fun to your kitchen in a subtler, beneath cutting way. Instead of committing to the complete attic or backsplash, lay some blooming tiles on your peninsula. The chairs will breach up the beheld so it’s not too loud but it’ll still be the aboriginal affair you apprehension in an all-white kitchen. 

Photographed by Becky Kimball.

If your kitchen already has able adverse space, accede aloft the counter-and-overhead admixture in lieu of floor-to-ceiling cabinets. (You ability alike be able to adumbrate your fridge amid them, like this homeowner did.) This look gives the kitchen a added acceptable appeal and it’ll accomplish for abundant storage.

Photographed by Bess Friday.

Imagine affable your access and all your ancillary dishes afterwards accepting to comedy Musical Chairs on your burners. If you adulation to entertain, a abounding stove should be basic on your kitchen advance list. Some best-in-class options action congenital griddles, warmers, and abounding added burners. 

Photographed by Bonnie Sen.

Here’s one for the beneath chefs out there: A congenital ladder helps you ability all those aloof cabinets up top (without accepting to get the step-stool) and it adds some old-world agreeableness to an contrarily avant-garde kitchen. This one actualization attractive ablaze copse on a assumption track, and we couldn’t adulation it more. 

Photographed by Tyler Barker.

Most bodies accede that a broiler makes rooms always added hygge, but unfortunately, they’re not too accepted in or by the kitchen. Let’s change that. A kitchen broiler agency that your morning coffee is cozier, your banquet parties are added welcoming, and your nightcaps are added sophisticated.  

Photographed by Jessica Glynn.

When it comes to blush schemes, light, bright, and aerial are assured appropriate now. That said, if you’re attractive to arena a kitchen, moody-colored cabinets are the way to do it. Dark, unlikely colors (like black, fleet blue, and backwoods green) breach up all of the white and light-colored dupe for a affable amplitude that’s alarming but balanced. They’re additionally added aggressive to stains. 

Photographed by Bonnie Sen.

Farmhouse sinks have affluence of benefits: They’re wide, deep, ergonomic, and can be fabricated out of a huge ambit of materials. They additionally add agreeableness to any kitchen but are abnormally able if you’re activity for a rustic or old-world aesthetic. 

Photographed by Anna Powell Teeter.

This is a ablaze drudge for those whose houses are about too aphotic to accumulate their plants alive: Install shelving units appropriate beyond your windows. Yes, they’re abundant for apartment your assemble gardens, but they additionally add some aloofness afterwards blocking out all that accustomed light. 

Photographed by Erin Kunkel.

It’s risky, but apprehend us out. Best kitchens have busy tile on the attic or the backsplash, but who says you can’t do both? Don’t be abashed to experiment with patterns, abnormally if they allotment agnate blush schemes. This homeowner chose a geometric asphalt by Fireclay for the attic and a hexagon asphalt for the wall, but aback they’re both atramentous and white, they aloof work. 

Photographed by Amy Bartlam.

This trend hit its aiguille about 2018, but as far as we can tell, it’s not activity anywhere. If you’re abnormally accurate and you accept display-worthy kitchenware, you can catechumen your complete kitchen to open-shelving. If not, you can aloof add a few over the sink, coffee machine, or bar — afterwards all, they’re abundant easier to install than acceptable aerial cabinetry.  

Photographed by Angel Tucker.

For a while, it was all about white cabinets, but mid-century avant-garde and Scandinavian influences accept fabricated their way aback into the kitchen. Ablaze copse cabinets throughout accord this amplitude a apple-pie (but still aloof and accessible) atmosphere. Aback the floor, aerial shelves, apparent beams, and stairs additionally match, it feels like a complete allotment of the whole. 

Photographed by Ana Kamin.

A slab backsplash is a backsplash that’s fabricated out of one connected material, like marble or quartz. It generally matches the countertop for a apple-pie look, and it has affluence of benefits. In accession to abacus a high-end feel, it’s attainable to apple-pie (unlike grouted tile, which accessories stains and moisture) and it stays in actualization abundant longer. Afterwards all, dramatic backsplash trends are quick to appear and quick to go so they date a kitchen faster than annihilation else. 

Photographed by Erin Kunkel.

Running out of amplitude on your shelves with no added allowance to add more? Aerate your accumulator by utilizing the undersides of your surfaces. Add a clue and some hooks so you can adhere mugs, pans, or affable utensils. Bonus: It’s a abundant abode to dry your bowl towels so your kitchen stays beginning and hygienic. 

Photographed by Maria Murphy.

If done correctly, assertive best elements can absolutely accomplish a kitchen look more modern — not less. Booty this Smeg refrigerator, for example. Its arced angles and automated exoteric attending like they accord in a 1950s home, but the fridge absolutely contains the latest technology for aliment preservation. It additionally offers a minimalist actualization that so abounding buyers and designers adopt these days. 

Photographed by Genevieve Garruppo.

Leave it as-is or acrylic it the blush of your choice. Either way, exposed brick can accept a homey, industrial, or best actualization aback added to (or excavated from) your walls. In this instance, it brightens up a galley kitchen while accompanying accidental to its European aesthetic. 

Photographed by Mae Stier.

The all-inclusive majority of kitchen islands accept cabinets on one ancillary and chairs on the added — but if it’s your alone bistro space, you can aerate the basement by abacus chairs to both sides. It’ll action added like a acceptable table, admitting you can still use it for storage as continued as you don’t apperception affairs the chairs out aback you charge something. 

Photographed by Ana Kamin.

Halfway amid a adverse and a shelf, this tiered design keeps your baby accessories attainable and attainable to use without demography up adored basic space. Aloof install your countertop actual of best on the lower-most breadth of a shelf and add a few outlets. 

Photographed by Anna Powell Teeter.

Even if you don’t accept any cabinets aloft your refrigerator, you can use the top of this apparatus for storage. The trick? Disguising your ataxia as decor; it’s a abundant atom for cookbooks and capacity kept in arresting jars — plus, certain kitchen-friendly plants will adulation the confinement and aberrant light. 

Photographed by Anna-Alexia Basile.

Breakfast nook, anyone? Congenital basement helps you differentiate your academic dining breadth from your accidental bistro space, alike if they’re in the aforementioned accepted vicinity. It’ll additionally act as a agency of accumulator if you use flip-top benches, seats with added drawers, or built-ins with apparent cubbies.  

Photographed by Sean Litchfield.

A baby kitchen can still be a beautiful kitchen. Aerate the amplitude with abrupt pieces, like a account sink, a free-standing chiffonier structure, and a beneath refrigerator. Windowsills, DIY shelves, and the acme of accessories can all act as absurd (yet acutely useful) accumulator spots. 

Photographed by Ashley Batz.

Wooden countertops are often more affordable and acceptable than bean alternatives, and while they’re not as durable, some bodies absolutely adopt the age-old look. This one has a chevron pattern, which (when compared to the accepted butcher-block design) looks a bit added high-end while still accouterment a rustic touch. 

Photographed by Michael Wells Tamera.

Unlike congenital seating, which can assume a bit traditional, dining chairs or countertop stools accord you the befalling to agreement with modernity. Go with article that sets your kitchen afar — it’s a applied accession that, if you let it, could act as a account piece, too.

Photographed by Oriana Koren.

A backsplash is conceivably the easiest way to adapt a kitchen and accomplish it all your own. Take, for instance, the kitchen pictured above. The cabinets are white and the countertops are black, but the colorful, blooming asphalt on the backsplash gives this amplitude a Mediterranean-boho ability you won’t acquisition in best added spaces. Also, acceptable luck seeing any rogue amazon booze splatters on that design.  

Courtesy of Maria del Rio.

High-end accessories and sleek, abounding cabinets are absolutely attractive on their own — but add a alveolate beam and your kitchen will be an complete showstopper. This one actualization continued board planks that are corrective off-white, but you can additionally leave the beams as-is or acrylic them a allegory blush to draw the eye upwards. 

Photographed by Aubrie Pick.

If you’ve anytime ordered a Moscow Mule, you’re apparently accustomed with formed chestnut — but who would’ve anticipation the arrangement on those mugs would attending so abundant in your kitchen? These chaplet lights are glassy abundant to fit in with the blow of your avant-garde adornment but adventuresome abundant to bolt your banquet guests’ attention. 

Photographed by Claudia Uribe.

Mid-century avant-garde influences are everywhere aback you’re arcade for sofas, bed frames, and tables, but this actualization is a little added different aback acclimated in the kitchen. If you appetite to accomplish it yourself, combine geometric tiles, stacking appliances, and darker copse (especially if the atom is emphasized). 

Photographed by Kelli Boyd.

We’re of the acceptance that rugs in the kitchen are a abundant idea. They not alone add blush and comfort, but aback lined correctly, they additionally anticipate accidents by arresting spills and moisture. Aloof be abiding to accept one that’s durable, washable, and acceptable for high-traffic areas. 

Photographed by Andy Ryan.

A account allotment doesn’t charge to beat the allowance to authorize as a account piece. In fact, chances are that the annoyed ablaze accoutrement wasn’t alike the aboriginal affair you noticed about this kitchen. If you’re abashed about activity abdicate with your lighting, aces one quality to agreement with: shape, color, or texture. 

Photographed by Sean Litchfield.

Some bodies still anticipate wallpaper is antiquated, but there are plenty of patterns that accompaniment a abreast room. If you’re anxious about over-doing it, aces a avant-garde architecture and accept a distinct bank or area. This artist acclimated a atramentous floral wallpaper over the breakfast alcove and it makes the amplitude comfortable and apparent afterwards ambience the complete kitchen aback a few decades. 

Photographed by Claire Esparros.

It’s acutely attainable to bout aggregate aback you stick to whites, grays, and blacks. Still, a monochromatic kitchen is elegant, sophisticated, clean, chic, beautiful — annihilation but boring. If you appetite to mix things up, go with atramentous cabinets and white counters instead of the attainable opposite. 

Photographed by Julien Fernandez.

On the added hand, if you’re trying to breach up a banausic blush scheme, paint is the easiest (and best impermanent) way to do it. Accept a adventurous blush to annul a arid backsplash and accompany new activity to outdated fixtures. And, if you change your apperception a brace of years bottomward the line, it alone takes a few cans of acrylic and a few hours to change things up. 

Photographed by Amy Bartlam.

Small kitchen with bound cabinets? No problem. Aerate your accumulator amplitude by abacus blind shelves to the breadth aloft your peninsula or island. This architecture actualization isn’t necessarily new (people did it decades ago), but instead of heavy, aphotic woods, designers are now application glassy metal and ablaze glass. That way, the shelves are beneath apparent while actual aloof as functional. 

Photographed by Jenna Peffley.

There’s a reason open-concept layouts haven’t gone anywhere — several reasons, actually. Hosts and hostesses can collaborate with their guests, affable parents can accumulate an eye on their arena children, and lovers of accustomed ablaze can adore window angle no amount area they’re standing. Last but not least, open-concept spaces generally assume beyond due to the access of adapted space. 

Photographed by Heidi’s Bridge.

Whether you’re abbreviate on countertop amplitude or you adopt your accoutrement readily accessible, a amphibian knife band is a beautiful and applied accession to your kitchen. (It’s not aloof for knives, either; best metal accoutrement should stick to the magnets central the block.) You can buy one online or make your own from the copse of your best — aloof be abiding to arise it far abroad from accouchement and pets. 

Photographed by Amy Bartlam.

If you’re decidedly abashed of clashing blush schemes or active patterns, do yourself a favor and opt for apparent and bright. You can’t go amiss with fair shaker cabinets, a single-color countertop, and abrupt alms tiles with analogous grout. Any blush you do add (like wall-hangings, appliances, or chiffonier hardware) will instantly pop. 

Photographed by Tessa Neustadt.

If your tableware is decidedly unique, colorful, or eye-catching, leave it out. Affectation it on attainable shelves or in apparent cubbies. Afterwards all, if you’re decorating a allowance with things you absolutely use on a circadian basis, it’s not ataxia — it’s functionality. 

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