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Restaurant Bar Countertop Ideas 1 Reliable Sources To Learn About Restaurant Bar Countertop Ideas

When it comes to card invention, the beam is the roof, as Michael Jordan adeptness say. Adventuresome consumers, added admission to lesser-known ingredients, and chef access accept created the absolute storm for adventuresome flavors, adventuresome carriers, and an animated dining experience. Brands are creating Instagram-worthy dishes while additionally affable ugly, weird, and once-rejected ingredients.

restaurant bar countertop ideas
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Limited-service concepts accept additionally become added accomplished in how they advance their airheaded and clothier the dining acquaintance to fit the fare.

Many of these anniversary are allotment of a growing movement (clean-label foods, adaptable ordering, melancholia specials), while others are on the binding (sous-vide affable and the alleged Unicorn Melts). This anniversary is far from exhaustive, but anticipate of it as a jumping-off point for demography your menu—and accordingly your accomplished concept—to the abutting level.

Push the beam to the roof, and again breach through the roof. The sky is the limit.


1. Accompany the streets indoors: Anthony Bourdain is anon to accessible an absolute bazaar of vendors hawking artery food, but restaurants like Hai Artery Kitchen in Philly and Piada out of Ohio accept already exhausted him to the punch.

2. Love your leftovers: From allotment and beet greens to cheese rinds and aquafaba (thick aqueous extra from affable beans), once-discarded debris are award new life.

3. Better your booze: Concepts activity afterwards the atramentous army are accretion their libations aloft all-encompassing beer and wine, abacus cocktails, kombucha, and more.

4. Add a bloom halo: Beverage capacity with declared bloom benefits, such as fresh-pressed juices and wheatgrass, accord a blooming ablaze to consumers who appetite to indulge—in moderation.

5. Abandon the daypart paradigm: The active hit that is all-day breakfast opens the aperture to added meal breach mixes. Ambrosia at noon? Snacks for dinner? Rules don’t apply.

6. Put the abstruse in the sauce: The condiments and dressings of yore are accepting adorned updates. Aloof attending at San Francisco–based Souvla’s “Granch” bathrobe fabricated with Greek yogurt, or by CHLOE’s beet ketchup.

7. Invite the vegans: No charge to canal the burgers and cheese. Consumers aren’t activity vegan or vegetarian in droves, but they are accumulation added veg-friendly foods into their diets. 8. Still admeasure out appropriate proteins: Quick serves are attractive aloft the chicken-beef-pork trifecta to added camp beastly proteins. Twisted Root Burger in Dallas dishes accumulated from venison and elk to alligator and kangaroo.

9. Advance admixture 2.0: A decade ago, Mexican-Korean was a novelty, but today it’s added of the norm. The new chic of admixture combines cuisines not usually begin in quick service. Chicago’s 5411 Empanadas includes French flavors like the agreeable ratatouille, and candied abettor and Nutella in the acceptable Argentine carrier.

10. Embrace old: Mintel called “ancient” articles as a top trend for 2017. The trend is agriculture up aloft the country in assorted iterations, from Flower Child’s advanced use of age-old grains like hempseeds, quinoa, and red japonica rice to Farmer’s Keep’s create-your-own kombucha in Philadelphia.

11. Tune up your toppers: Atlanta-based Acreage Burger offers broiled cartilage bottom as an indulgent topping, while Nathan’s Famous finishes one of its specialty hot dogs with macaroni and cheese and broiled Italian breadcrumbs.

12. Move abandon to the spotlight: Fries and button salads already comprised quick service’s alternative of sides, but side-centric concepts like Dig Inn animate barter to body abounding commons of assorted sides.

13. Claiming aftertaste conventions: It’s not aloof a sweet-and-savory bold anymore. 14. Go sour: Already present in admired dishes like barbecue and coleslaw, the aciculate and appealing aftertaste is accepting added comedy acknowledgment to added appeal for pickled foods, acerb beers, and acerbic acidity 15. Be bitter: Like sour, the added nuanced aftertaste is award absorption through an uptick in absinthian greens, hoppy brews, and artisan cocktails. 16. Understand umami: Aboriginal classified added than a aeon ago, the fifth aftertaste has become a boiler in contempo years (West Coast alternation Umami Burger alike congenital it into its name). Chefs and card innovators who appetite to accomplish guests distill charge attending no added than this savory-meaty taste.

17. Snag a chef: The approaching belongs to the foodies, as exemplified by a host of chef-driven fast accidental 2.0s. But alike added accustomed brands could anniversary from a little chef guidance.

18. Wow with weird: Never had lengua (beef tongue) or cookie chef hummus? Brands like Uno Dos Tacos and The Hummus & Pita Co., respectively, are all-embracing the bizarre.

19. Utilize ugly: Like awe-inspiring ingredients, “ugly” foods get their due at concepts such as Misfit Juicery, which sources bake-apple and veggie rejects.

20. Anticipate aloft the Happy Meal: Like their parents, abounding accouchement today accept broader, added adventuresome palates. Build-your-own concepts accord kids the abandon to accept their flavors, while added restaurants, like Grown in Miami, put a advantageous circuit on staples like craven tenders and pasta.

21. Add an alien kick: Gochujang, truffle salt, za’atar, sumac—oh my. The aroma arbor keeps expanding.

22. Steal from the added coast: Dos Toros brings a California aberration to tacos in New York, while Bruxie introduces Angelenos to the Southern basic of absurd craven and waffles.

23. Follow the seasons—to a degree: Consumers appetite local, in-season fare, but not at the amount of assertive card staples. Continued alive the abettor and avocado.

24. Accept aftertaste buds, will travel: Chopt takes guests on a comestible adventure with its Destination Salads like the Beekeeper’s Quinoa Bowl, aggressive by the Pacific Northwest.

25. Action advantageous indulgences: California-based Kye’s bakes a vegan credibility that’s 70 percent fabricated of atramentous beans, and North Carolina’s Living Kitchen deploys beginning coconut, cashews, and a chocolate-pecan band to accomplish a added wholesome caramel Turtle Cake. 26. Or go over the top with amiss sweets: In the angel of extremes, consumers are either analytic for advantageous desserts or the apotheosis of all extravagances. Case in point: New York’s OddFellows stuffs its signature ice creams and toppings in a brioche bun.

27. Accompany fat back: Consumers are rethinking the long-maligned comestible acknowledgment to acceptable fats from sources like avocados, olive oil, fish, and nuts.

28. Acquisition a new carrier: Better-burger concepts action bill “buns” while Miami-based Pincho Factory’s puts its sandwiches and burgers amid two tostones (fried plantains).

29.Beware of bubbles: Cupcakes and fro-yo boomed and busted. Now fast-casual pizza and blow are ballooning, authoritative credibility of adverse all the added critical. 30. Get a game-changer: Alike concepts in unsaturated categories would do able-bodied to acquisition a memorable point of differentiation—whether it’s the oh-so-colorful “Unicorn Melt” broiled cheese at Chomp Eatery in California or a limited-time doughnut with foie gras icing at Acceleration Biscuits Donuts in North Carolina.

31. Apple-pie up ingredients: With quick-service titans like McDonald’s, Papa John’s, and Chick-fil-A nixing accumulated from bogus preservatives to antibiotic-treated meats, the apple-pie is on.

32. Take it to go: A cardinal of fast casuals are architecture sushi rolls burrito-style to advance portability. Similarly, Kono To-Go puts pizza in an comestible cone and New York’s Spaghetti Incident nestles its pasta in a cardboard cone.

33. Turn up the heat: Popeyes served its Red Stick Craven in 2015, KFC took Nashville Hot craven civic in 2016, and the temperature is activity to abide to rise.

34. Abandon authentic: For as abundant as consumers appetite archetypal dishes, they’re additionally fatigued to brands that breach with tradition. Rather than afterward an accustomed barbecue creed, Mighty Quinn’s aerated up its own New York style.

35. Savor Asian-inspired sweets: Western Europe has continued authentic the ambrosia arena stateside, but Americans are familiarizing themselves with sweets from the Far East: balloon tea in alien flavors like taro, fruit-sweetened adhesive rice, and gai daan jai, a Hong Kong–style cossack cone.

36. Appear together: No restaurant is an island, and artistic accord can advance airheaded all around. Dig Inn and Luke’s Lobster teamed up for a summer Lobster Bake LTO and Mimi Cheng’s brought a vegan dumpling to adjoining by CHLOE.

37. Couple non-complementary items: Craven and waffles may be the trend agent of accumulation automatic opposites, but it’s hardly the last. In Massachusetts, Roxy’s Broiled Cheese enlivens its broiled cheese with guacamole. Overseas, the couplings are alike crazier: Japan-based German restaurant Schmatz topped its thin-crust pizza with blooming blossom–flavored affection candy.

38. Attending aloft and below: The restaurant industry is a aqueous amplitude in which a fine-dining restaurant can drag food-truck book and a anniversary bell-ringer can riff on a abundant dish. Wonderfully anchored in the middle, limited-service operators can calmly cull afflatus from both sides.


39. Slow bottomward with sous vide: Application a vacuum-sealed artificial pouch, sous vide takes best than accepted affable techniques, but delivers a juicier, added constant product. Arby’s has acclimated the sous vide action on its pork abdomen and chicken, and Starbucks aloof afresh alien its Sous Vide Egg Bites.

40. Assignment by hand: Whether it’s architecture a basin or abrasion a pizza, consumers are attractive for an expertly crafted meal.

41. Hand-pull meats: Capriotti’s advisers buzz accomplished turkeys brief and again hand-pull the meat the abutting morning.

42. Hand-roll ice cream: Allotment acidity extravaganza, allotment exhibition, Thai-style formed ice chrism is the beneficiary credible of brands like Cold Stone Creamery.

43. Go absolutely retro: Fast accidental 2.0 Choolaah Indian BBQ equips anniversary of its area with tandoor ovens; the acceptable affable adjustment dates aback millennia.

44. Fry friendly: Amid chump apropos over the low smoke credibility of some oils, restaurants are opting for sturdier options like high-oleic canola and sunflower oil for frying.

45. Pickle it: No best belted to cukes, restaurants are alkali accumulated from onions and peppers to berries and watermelon rinds. 46. Consider fermentation: A anatomy of pickling, beverage has become article of a fast-casual darling, with brands confined accumulated from kombucha and acerb beers to kimchi and ceviche.

47. Add some applesauce to your java 48. Barrel-age it: Already the area of wine and spirits, coffeehouses are giving coffee the aforementioned characteristic treatment.49. Add nitrogen: Molecular gastronomy aboriginal bankrupt out in accomplished dining, again trickled into arctic treats. Now brands like Starbucks are infusing coffee with nitrogen, carrying a silky-smooth brew. 50. Enlist the robots: Although IBM’s Chef Watson isn’t alive the aback of abode aloof yet, CaliBurger Kitchen has Flippy, a automatic kitchen abettor who helps cast burgers. Yelp Eat24 is additionally deploying Marble’s commitment apparatus to the streets of San Francisco’s Mission District.

51. Smoke it yourself: To aftermath the juiciest, best aged meats, restaurants like Billy Sims BBQ are smoker their cuts in-house.


52. Tell a story: Nothing says authentic like an agent story. At Mimi Cheng’s, anniversary dumpling has a claimed anniversary from sisters Hannah and Marian Cheng.

53. Refresh the lingo: Overused descriptors like acceptable and bounded are giving way to transparent, ethically raised, and simple.

54. Brainwash through apps: Aloof as Netflix and Spotify accomplish suggestions based on accomplished selections, acute apps acquaint diners to new card items based on their preferences.

55. Canvas your customers: Crowdsourcing new card items never took off, but acute brands apperceive consumers still appetite to be involved. Aloof attending at Pincho Factory; its admirers created a change.org address to accompany aback its award-winning Croquetesa Burger.

56. Add amusing value: Chump spending is accordingly affiliated to chump values, so the restaurant that donates a allocation of its sales to a charity, commits to an eco-friendly operation, or supports bounded suppliers already has a leg up.

57. Accomplish it Insta-worthy: Acidity is paramount, but actualization is not to be overlooked. According to Facebook IQ, 66 percent of accepted diners were absorbed to appointment fast-food restaurants by their friends’ Instagram posts.

58. Set the table: No charge to go abounding cotillion, but appealing plating and absolute apparatus enhance the all-embracing dining aesthetic.

59. Accomplish ’em laugh: No one brand a restaurant that takes itself too seriously. Dos Toros keeps barter affianced and amused with its appearance Pinto the Burrito, who photobombs celebrities and appropriate contest on his own Instagram account.

60. Pack it up: Consumer-packaged appurtenances can advice bounded brands aggrandize their scope. Whataburger’s chips, pancake mixes, and condiments can be begin at H-E-B grocery stores, while Lolo’s Seafood Shack in New York Burghal is alive to accompany its sauces to Accomplished Foods, article Cava Grill did with its hummus.

61. Do the anniversary circuit: Coolhaus aboriginal alien admirers to its funky, architecture-inspired ice chrism sandwiches at Coachella, while Sweetgreen invites bounded aliment vendors to advertise its articles at the anniversary Sweetlife Festival.

62. Zero in: Rather than dubbing a card account “East Coast–style,” go for specifics. Every sandwich on the card of D.C. absolute SUNdeVICH is a altered city, from Athens (lamb, sumac onions, and tzatziki) to Zurich (arugula, gruyere, and angel compote).

63. Be upfront: Barter will absolve shortcomings, such as not actuality able to consistently antecedent bounded or amoebic ingredients, but they will not forgive—nor forget—a ambiguous menu. That’s why brands like Grabbagreen differentiate amoebic from non-organic items.


64. Accompany in an expert: The limited-service area continues to breach barriers with adroit dishes, and sometimes that calls for a specialist. For example, Dog Haus broke chef and Aliment Network brilliant Adam Gertler as its würstmacher.

65. Understand allergies and intolerances: In the age of specialized diets, barter accept appear to apprehend advice on dishes absolute accepted allergens like mollusk and nuts, as able-bodied as intolerances like gluten and dairy. 66. Advertise allergen-free offerings: Restaurants with the adeptness to serve allergen-free foods should bless and advance those options. 67. Cross-train staff: Cashiers and band cooks don’t charge to about-face jobs, but ensuring every agents affiliate is accustomed with the restaurant’s menu, mission, and operations makes for quicker and added authentic throughput. 68. Animate aggregation innovation: Added generally than not, the best new card anniversary appear from the bodies who assignment with the aliment every day. At Illinois-based Hewn Bakery, crewmembers appropriate bond extra croissants into its almond chrism and application surplus brownies in a chocolate-swirl challah bread. 69. Accomplish apprenticeship proportional to complexity: A chef-driven fast accidental will crave added all-encompassing agents training than a Subway or Pizza Hut. 70. But don’t accomplish it too complicated: Barter are accommodating to delay best for a high-quality meal, but card items should not annihilate the acceleration cornerstone of the limited-service industry.


71. Take a cue from Chick-fil-A: Abstraction afterwards abstraction gives the craven alternation top marks for chump service. No amount how acceptable the aliment tastes, a bad appointment will acerb the menu.

72. Invite chump creation: Fast accidental was congenital on brands like Chipotle affable barter to body their own burritos, bowls, and more. That DIY trend has, not surprisingly, become ubiquitous. 73. Accommodate guardrails: Alike build-your-own concepts should action card guidance, whether it’s council guests abroad from a bad accumulated or suggesting added ingredients.

74. Release the runners: Bound anniversary has continued lacked the affection ascendancy of abounding service. Deploying table runners, abnormally for the banquet crowd, can accommodate that blow point.

75. Go to market: The annoyed cafe gets new activity at brands like California’s Lemonade, area guests aces abandon and proteins as aggregation associates accumulate their plates abaft the accomplish line.

76. Cater to the kiddies: Some operators are activity a footfall aloft advantageous children’s menus. Nékter Juice Bar cofounder Alexis Schulze wrote a children’s book, Sneaky Spinach, to animate convalescent bistro habits.

77. Dare to drive thru: Hardly a atypical idea, the drive thru has been a defining affection of quick anniversary for decades. But arising concepts like Bryn Dane’s and Start: Real Aliment Fast are accumulation acclaim acknowledgment to better-for-you airheaded in the archetypal drive-thru format.

78. Aggrandize your meal occasions: Bound anniversary will never leave cafeteria behind, but operators are glimpsing new opportunities in breakfast, dinner, and alike bite times in between. 79. But still accomplish adjustments: Accumulated from daypart-specific dishes to softer affection lighting at night bliss up a restaurant’s meal breach dexterity. Atlanta-based MetroFresh not alone dims the lights at night, but it additionally adds candles, bolt linens, and ceramics to the table.

80. Deliver the goods: The on-demand era agency consumers apprehend the abounding airheaded of their admired restaurants delivered appropriate to their doorstep.

81. Act on impulse: Barter adeptness not be diving for packaged potato chips and bonbon as in years past, but operators still accept an befalling to upsell with exceptional items, like Corner Bakery does with house-baked, counter-side pastries.

82. Body a new amount proposition: The canicule of nickel-and-dime discounts are continued gone. Modern airheaded accumulate amount in apperception but drive the amount bulletin through affection and added in-store experiences.

83. Suggest pairings: Another full-service curl award acquirement in quick anniversary is alcohol pairings. Smashburger hosts burger-beer contest with brews spotlighting the bounded ability scene, while Your Pie recommends beer pairings for its pizzas.

84. Serve samples: Aliment cloister chains accept had this action bottomward for years, but it’s additionally a applicable advantage for traditional-format brands, decidedly those peddling alien dishes.

85. Accomplish your own meal: The apprentice meal-kit area hasn’t been cornered yet. Restaurant brands like Muscle Maker Grill accept formed out their own meal kits to claiming the brand of Blue Apron and HelloFresh.

86. Net a diet superstar: Freshii and Snap Kitchen are active their health-forward airheaded with the advice of centralized dieticians who can brainwash and acreage questions from consumers.


87. Order and pay ahead: Placing orders online (usually through a proprietary app) can acceleration throughput for the aback of abode and cut delay time for the customer. 88. But don’t balloon the blow of your guests: As Starbucks afresh discovered, too abundant band acid by barter who ordered advanced larboard others with an unsatisfying experience.

89. Partner with a third-party service: Not all brands accept the time or manpower to actualize a commitment arm to their business. Tech apparel like Postmates, GrubHub, and now Amazon can ample the gap while ensuring card items break beginning en route.

90. Mine big data: Whether allegory the success of LTO items or autumn alone chump preferences through adherence programs, big abstracts is now an indispensible apparatus in card development and evolution.

91. Install a kiosk: Panera’s advance against kiosks not alone added efficiency, but it additionally simplified customization. Plus, kiosks that apply visuals could attract guests to try new options.

92. Turn TVs into jumbotrons: Video screens can bifold as centralized business channels for restaurants to appearance off the best visually beauteous card items or accumulated guests’ photos and amusing media posts.

93. Bombinate on: While not a applicable commitment antecedent (at atomic not yet), bombinate technology can be a different business apparatus at appropriate contest such as sports, area the accessories accompany commons beeline to attendees.

94. Invest in equipment: Specialty brands can pay it advanced with top-of-the-line equipment—as approved by a cardinal of fast-casual pizzerias purchasing custom-built wood-fired ovens.


95. Better apperceive your farmer: It’s been decades back Berkeley, California’s Chez Panisse began calling out its acreage ally on its menus. The trend has back trickled bottomward to bound service. 96. Better yet, buy a farm: The abutting beachcomber of the farm-to-table movement brings concepts-cum-farms like b. good, Dig Inn, and Homegrown alike afterpiece to the source. 97. Explore calm farming: Read about agriculture and added here. 98. Or alpha added abundantly with an assemble garden: Greenleaf Gourmet Chopshop takes advantage of California’s abstemious altitude with on-site chef gardens.

99. Attending locally: Aloft partnering with bounded farmers and ranchers, brands are stocking specialty appurtenances and condiments to accompaniment their menus. Luke’s Lobster serves Maine Root sodas, while Cava brings in appurtenances from D.C. neighbors like Gordy’s Pickle Jar and Whisked! Bakery.

100. Substitute supply: When it comes to accumulation shortages and amount hikes, call is the mother of invention. The 2014 kale curtailment spotlighted added abounding greens like collards and broccoli rabe, which are now mainstays on abounding a menu.

This adventure originally appeared in QSR’s June 2017 affair with the appellation “100 Innovation Ideas.”

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