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Countertop Mini Cabinet Why Is Everyone Talking About Countertop Mini Cabinet?

Compact refrigerators are usually sized aloof appropriate to fit into abject cabinets. Most of them are about 29 inches alpine and usually no added than about 20 inches. Typical abject cabinets, barometer from the basal shelf to the basal bend of the countertop, are 30 inches. Most cabinets accept a bifold aperture aperture that’s added than 20 inches, with one or two drawers aloft it. This makes about any abject chiffonier — excepting those that accept a assemblage of drawers from top to basal — absolute candidates for bunched refrigerator installation. Application alone a few duke accoutrement you can install a fridge into a abject chiffonier in about an hour.

countertop mini cabinet
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Select the breadth for the fridge. It should accept bifold doors that are at atomic 1 inch added than the opening, with one or two distinct drawers above. Abolish the doors from the chiffonier by removing the articulation screws with a drill/driver. Abolish the drawers.

Reach abaft the vertical affiliate or stile that separates the doors, if there is one. Feel abaft it at the abject breadth it’s abutting to the basal accumbent allotment of face-frame. The face anatomy allotment is about 1 1/4 inches advanced and alert assimilate the advanced of the basal shelf, or “floor” of the cabinet, which is 3 inches up from the absolute floor. The vertical affiliate amid the doors joins assimilate the basal face-frame allotment or accumbent affiliate at 90 degrees. If you feel spiral holes abaft the accumbent member, use a drill/driver to abolish the screws. They will appear up and out diagonally.

Insert the tip of a reciprocating saw breadth the vertical affiliate joins assimilate the accumbent affiliate at the basal if you don’t acquisition screws abaft it. Cut through the collective angular application the saw. If there are added types of metal accouterments besides screws, the saw will cut through them as well.

Remove the screws or cut through the accumbent collective at the top breadth the vertical affiliate that separates the doors joins assimilate the top accumbent affiliate that supports the drawers aloft the doors. Cut through the vertical joints on both abandon of the abuse aloft the drawers at the top, beneath the countertop lip. You will accept to angle the saw to cut up beneath the lip. If you can’t cut all the way through the top rail, that’s OK.

Pull the cut pieces of anatomy out of the cabinet. If the anatomy pieces won’t appear out, use a bang to beating the top accumbent allotment beneath the lip apart breadth you couldn’t cut all the way through it with the saw, and again abolish it. If there are splinters or apart pieces of copse adhering to the abandon breadth it bankrupt off, use a blade and bang to cut them off.

Remove the shelf or shelves central the cabinet, but not the basal “shelf,” or attic of the cabinet. Abolish any screws with the drill/driver that may be accepting shelf supports or cleats to the autogenous abandon of the chiffonier to absolution the shelf or shelves. If there are no screws, tap advancement on the basal of the shelves with a bang to chargeless them. Cull them out of the cabinet. If it they won’t appear out, cut them in bisected with the reciprocating saw and abolish them in two pieces. Brush the bits out of the cabinet. The basal shelf that will abutment the fridge charcoal intact.

Pull out any actual nails application askew pliers. Sand the breadth area you removed pieces application 100-grit sandpaper until smooth. Use a stain brand to blush copse breadth actual was removed.

Locate the ability aperture abutting to the fridge accession location. Assignment holes through the abandon of the chiffonier 1 inch from the basal shelf and 1 inch from the bank application a 1 1/4-inch burrow bit and drill/driver, on the abandon abutting the outlet. You may accept to accessible agnate cabinets, abolish any obstacles, and assignment agnate holes in the abandon to facilitate active the ability bond through.

Put on the anti-tip brackets if your refrigerator has them. These are baby T-shaped brackets that fit on both abandon of the fridge in front. They telescope hardly advancement to affix to the basal of the countertop. If they accept ascent screws on the fridge, arise them on the fridge with 1/4-inch screws. If they blow into brackets, blow them on.

Slide the refrigerator into the aperture a few inches. Reach abaft it and cull the bond through the aperture as far as possible. Continue sliding the fridge into the aperture until it’s even with the advanced of the chiffonier face frame, and centermost it ancillary to side.

Pull the telescoping bracket up even with the basal of the countertop, and use a drill/driver and 3/4-inch screws to adhere the anti-tip brackets to the basal of the countertop.

Pull the bond through the holes you cut and bung it in.

Countertop Mini Cabinet Why Is Everyone Talking About Countertop Mini Cabinet? – countertop mini cabinet
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