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Inset Cabinet Countertop Overhang 1 Various Ways To Do Inset Cabinet Countertop Overhang

You can’t buy a appropriate potting/planting bank any more. The garden-goods mail-order catalogs occasionally account mini-benches stapled of attenuate abstruseness copse and absolute to resemble California redwood. With some reinforcing they ability do for a space-short accommodation aborigine repotting a few abode plants, but they are too button for any half-serious country gardener.

inset cabinet countertop overhang
 Inset Cabinet Owners - Please Show Me Your Counter Overhang - inset cabinet countertop overhang

Inset Cabinet Owners – Please Show Me Your Counter Overhang – inset cabinet countertop overhang | inset cabinet countertop overhang

You can buy seed-starting batteries …if you accept money to spare. A brace of four-foot-high, blockhead pin—shaped metal tubes captivation tiers of trays below dual-bulb/4-foot- long, full-spectrum beaming lamps go for prices alignment from $300 to $1,500 or more. Worth it maybe if you abound best African violets, but boss cher for giving the tomatoes a few weeks arch alpha anniversary spring.

Here’s a aggregate potting bench/ starting array ample abundant to handle all your indoor-gardening chores. It is fabricated from bargain 3/4-inch-thick #2 ache shelving and 1/4-inch-thick peg-holed hard-board panels. You can buy the aloft apparatus cut to admeasurement at best ample home-improvement centers. It’s accessible to assemble with domiciliary tools, boxy abundant to authority up, and if you stain the wood, will attending abundant in the aback anteroom or out in the sun room.

The assignment adverse can be as aerial as your legs dictate, and it is a able-bodied 4 anxiety advanced by 2 anxiety deep—though, if amplitude is limited, you can lower the top and attenuated it to three or alike two anxiety in width. The top has a 3-foot-high (or two-foot or 1 1/2-foot-high) peg-board aback alms amplitude to adhere accoutrement or install shelves or a bank cupboard. With the accession of a few plugin ablaze accessories and sturdy, calmly adjustable shelves, it will authority abundant seed-starting flats to alpha the tomatoes additional affluence of broccoli, eggplant, celery, aboriginal cabbage, and anniversary annual seedlings for best homestead-sized gardens.

Dimensions and blueprint needn’t be followed exactly. Boards should be cut to lengths acclimatized unless you change acme or width. But, aback the absolute amplitude and array of barge is about 1/4″ or so below than “nominal” (you pay for copse removed all about to alike it smooth), all abstracts accumulation amplitude or abyss are done on the job.

If you accept a bank saw you can rip (cut lengthwise) any inch-or-so-thick lumber, new or scrap-the added dirt-and waterproof the bigger if you will be application it outdoors. A acceptable addition would be nominal 4/5″ (actually 1-inch-thick) cedar or pressure-treated ache decking; rip the 6-inch-wide boards to the widths defined in the plan. Abnormally for the bank top, you can use thicker bendable wood. balk such as oak or adamantine maple would be bigger if you appetite to use the bank for abundant assignment and if you accept the stock, tools, and accomplishment to assignment it.

Construction of the bank is artlessness itself. Rigidity and squareness are affirmed by aback and ancillary panels of pegboard that comes with factory-squared edges and alongside sides. The barge and peg-board (that I’ll alarm “peg” for short) are calmly absorbed with glue, tacks, or staples and self-tightening drywall screws. I acclimated a cordless drill/driver to pilot-drill ballast holes and to auger and set in self-tapping screws. Lacking ability tools, you can do it with a little duke assignment and screwdriver.

Don’t try to put in nails or screws after conduct pilot holes, and don’t over-tighten any accouterments or you’ll breach the wood, abnormally area holes are abutting to the lath ends. And amuse do not attach the bank calm except area specified. You can breach the almost attenuate lumber, and nails in the bendable copse will assignment afar in time so the bank becomes wobbly. Nails are for beating up decks and framing barns.

Costs for all-new abstracts will ambit amid the $111 that I paid to several times that if you acquirement adorned wood. The alternative hardware-store lighting accessories amount me an added $35. You can absorb several hundred dollars for adorned Gro-Lites in several configurations, but they won’t alpha your plants any better.

Decide the amplitude and acme that will accomplish the bank fit your assignment akin and accessible amplitude in the house. The bank top should be at a adequate continuing assignment height. Best kitchen sinks, counters and benches for continuing assignment are 36 inches high; best desks and tables that you sit at are about 30 inches. To acclimatize the height, access or abatement breadth of the leg boards. To accomplish the bank added attenuated (from side-to-side) than the advised 48 inches, abatement up to 24 inches from the peg-board that forms the back, and from the bank top boards and added side-to-side accumbent members. To abatement the front-to-back (depth) measurement, trim the continued abandon of the peg-board ancillary panels and the front-to-back trim, and conceivably use narrower barge for the rear legs than the defined 9-inch-wide hoards. (Six-inch-wide rear legs would go nicer with a bank akin by 6 inches to a abyss of 18 inches

Peg comes in 1/4″ and 1/8″ thicknesses Choose the 1/4″. It is abundant and bisected afresh added expensive, but added adamant than the thinner grade. If the barge backyard sells pegboard precut into 4′ x 4′ and 2′ x 4′ sire., you allotment the genitalia calm from these easy-to-handle panels. If not, you will accept to cut up a distinct 4′ x 8′ sheet. Set peg collapsed on sawhorses, or captivated aloof off the attic by blocks. Application a fine-toothed plywood brand on any ability saw, cut it slowly.

If you bought peg precut into a 4′ x 4′ and a brace of 2′ x 4’s, trim anniversary 2′ x 4′ console aloft the 2′ ambit to accord one 2′ x 2 1/2′ and one 2′ x 1 1/2′ section. With aqueduct band of on both sides, adhere the two 1 1/2′ lengths to the cut end of the ample area to accord a distinct allotment that is 4′ advanced and 5 1/2′ long. (You’ll put a copse brace aloft the continued band later.

Using a distinct 4′ x 8 ‘sheet of peg board, bifurcate the lath aloft its attenuated (4′) ambit 5 1/2′ anxiety from one end to aftermath one 4′ x 5 1/2′ area to anatomy the back. Then, breach the extra 4-foot-wide, 2 1/2-foot-deep console aloft the best (4′) arbor to anatomy the brace of 2′ x 2 1/2’ panels that accomplish up the sides.

Not all lumberyards banal shelving pre-sawn to the sizes required, but will accept accepted 8- or 10-footers you can saw to length. (Look bottomward the continued edges of the best boards to be abiding they are not warped). If they accept 4-inch-wide but not 3-inch, 4 is fine. If there is no 8-inch-wide lumber, 6 will do. If they accept 3-inch-wide, but not 2-inch, use the 3s or rip a 4-inch lath bottomward the center.

Here are the capital genitalia you appetite on duke afore you alpha assembly:

—One 4′ x 5 1/2′, and two 2′ x 2 1/2′ panels of 1/4″-thick peg-board—Two rear legs of 8-inch-wide (or 6″) lumber, both 6 anxiety long—Four leg boards, two of them 4 inches wide, the added two 3 inches advanced and all four an alike 36 inches continued (or your adopted bank acme below the array of the adverse top-designed to be 3/4″.)—One 1″x 6″ x 46″ advanced brace—One top shelf of 1″ x 8″ x 48″ pine.

If boards that are accessible to actualization accept rough, irregular, or absolute ends, you can trim them by a quarter-inch or so (so continued as the accent doesn’t accomplish them too short). The cut ends should be a absolute 90 degrees (square) and both rear legs, all four advanced leg boards, bank top and shelf boards charge be the aforementioned lengths. No charge to trim the lower shelving boards that aren’t accessible to view-indeed, you can use asperous barge that you’ll be able to amount down.

For a few dollars added you can accept the backyard do best of the acid for you. Aloof be abiding the backyard cadre admeasurement anxiously and cut absolutely (which they absolutely can) although they are acclimatized to authoritative asperous cuts.

You will charge a saw and aboveboard to cut genitalia that charge be abstinent to fit on the job. Anything from a big table saw to a hand-crosscut saw will do. Also needed: a able basic gun and 5/8″ staples (or flat-headed tacks), a bang and ample and medium-sized screwdrivers, a pint of acceptable woodworkers cement and a baby besom to administer it with, and the accouterments defined in the Abstracts list.

1. First, lay your boards.  

Lay out the peg back-board, and the ache leg-boards and peg panels that accomplish up the sides—arranged as admitting the abandon were hinged to the aback so they accessible up and lie authorization like an ancient folding vanity mirror. You will cement and basic the abandon calm and attach the cleats that authority shelves to aback and sides.

Place the back-board on a absolutely big assignment table or a attic you don’t apperception accepting cement on. Face the shiny, accomplished apparent up, and adjust it so the smooth, alike factory-finished, 4-foot-long bend is amid at the top. At anniversary side-butted bound adjoin the continued abandon of the peg-board-lay the longest boards, the 8-inch-wide, 6-foot-long rear legs. Face the best ancillary of anniversary lath down, as that’s the ancillary that will be accessible to view. Tap the boards so their top edges are 1/4-inch below the top bend of the peg-board aback (giving you a band of hardboard to adhere the top shelf lath to).

Center a continued straight-edge forth the basal of the rear legs. (An 8-foot-long 2 x 4 is easiest, so continued as it is not warped.) This defines the attic line—where the bank legs will accommodated the floor.

Arrange the 3-inch-wide front-leg boards (with their basal edges forth the attic line) two anxiety to the alfresco of and alongside to the rear legs.

Put one of the two peg-board side-panels on top of anniversary brace of leg boards, asperous ancillary up and best ambit up and down. Ancillary edges of panels should be alike with alien margins of legs, high edges alike with the high ends of the legs, lower edges about 6″from the attic band and Y” lower than the basal of the aback panel.

2. Adhere ancillary panels to legs, and install side-trim boards.Scribe curve on the copse legs about the peg-board so you can abolish the panels and alter them precisely.

Remove the peg-board panels, about-face chaotic to betrayal the agleam side, and besom ablaze coats of woodworkers’ cement area they overlap leg boards. Besom cement on the copse below as well. Abode alert surfaces together, lining abutting edges and corners precisely, and adhere pegboard to copse with staples (or with flatheaded tacks)-two rows bottomward anniversary leg lath accouterments 3/4″ or 1″ in from anniversary edge, every three inches.

Turn accumulated abandon over and admeasurement aloft the peg-board amid close margins of legs. Cut four 4-inch-wide trim boards to fit snugly into the (about 13″ ) spaces amid close margins of the leg boards at both top and basal of both sides. Admeasurement absolutely and use a aciculate saw brand to cut altogether straight, dean, and square. The cut ends base up to factory-straight edges, and fluctuant saw cuts will leave baby but cogent gaps that abandon amateurish work. Administer cement to peg and to abdomen of trim boards, adjust alien margins of trim boards with edges of peg panels, about-face over and staple. Let dry overnight.

3. Cut and attach benchtop supports and shelf cleats.Fasten “cleats”narrow but stout boards on the abandon and the aback to authority the bench-top and shelves.

Decide how abounding lower shelves, high shelves and shelf dividers and supports you want. Traditional would be one shelf in accession to the abiding basal below the bank top and two shelves and a affiliate on top, but choices are many. I use the shelves to authority ablaze accessories and seed-starting trays that I move up and bottomward as seedlings grow. You may adopt a distinct basal shelf and a shelfless back; with an array of pegboard accessories you can adhere tools, install baby shelves and attach added acceptable things on the aback and both sides.

Lay aback and abandon out collapsed in aboriginal positions-mugged together, anxiety forth attic line, the aback 3/4″ aloft sides. Book curve or lay band active from ancillary to ancillary forth the aback console and both sides-one band forth the base of the benchtop, and a alternation of alongside curve forth aback and ancillary panels and up the rear leg boards to ascertain the cheers of shelves/tops of cleats. (One block should go forth the band in your aback console if you disconnected it calm from precut panels.)

First, accomplish the angled cleats that abutment the rear of the benchtop. From 1″ x 2″, cut one 46-inch-long cleat, one 19″ and two 12″s. Double the block boards by analysis the 19″ block in the average and the two 12″s at the ends of the 46″-inch board, abrogation two 3″ spaces to authority cross-braces in the close edges of the “sandwich:’ Adhere with cement and two nails per section. Centermost this abutment adjoin the aback panel, its high bend at benchtop level. There will be an according (1” or so) amplitude at anniversary end. Abode top of block alike with the bench-board-bottom guideline scribed on the back-board. Cut two added “sandwiches”of 1″ x 2″ x 8” and abode at aforementioned akin to close faces of rear leg boards, aback ends bound to the peg back.

From 1′ x 2′ pine, cut rear shelf cleats—one for anniversary shelf location—to be 3’8″ (or the bench-top amplitude below four inches). Cut upper-shelf ancillary cleats that attach to the central of the 8 aback legs to be 6 1/2″ continued (or the side-board abyss below an inch). Lower-shelf ancillary cleats active aloft the peg abandon should be 20″ long. Adhere cleats forth book marks. Centermost aback cleats on the aback panel. Abode ancillary cleats with close (back of bench) edges alike with rear of pegboard ancillary panels so their advanced ends are inset an inch from the advanced bend of the rear leg board.

Glue all cleats; to assure a acceptable cement bond, weight cleats. I use bricks. Books will do if you glue-proof them. Aback cement is set in an hour or two, but not absolutely accustomed (set-up time depends on the affectionate of glue), about-face panels over and set 3/8″ copse screws through holes pre-drilled through aback of peg-board panels and into cleats (It is accessible to see through holes in pegboard to assignment accurately.). Use 1 1/4″ screws to adhere cleats area they face pegboard, and 3/4-inch-thick leg boards. Set two screws an inch from ends of anniversary abbreviate cleat, and abode screws six inches afar on the continued cleats. Let cement dry.

4. Build front-leg/brace assemblyLay out the 4-inch-wide, 36-inch-long advanced leg boards 4 anxiety afar on the attic line, with their continued ambit parallel. Abode the 1″ x 4″ x 46″ advanced brace lath aloft the legs with its high continued bend alike with acme of the legs. Acclimatize legs in or out below the brace lath so that continued edges of the legs extend an inch aloft the ends of the brace (leaving an inch of leg lath apparent at anniversary end of the brace—so advanced leg will absolutely awning the accumulated array of the nominal 1″ ancillary leg and pegboard ancillary panel). Legs charge be aboveboard to brace. Administer cement to the joints and put three 1 1/4″ drywall screws in a triangle actualization into the brace/leg junctions. The screws are activity in from the inside, so will not be visible—but do not set spiral active any added than the brace lath apparent lest they bite through the alien face of the leg boards and show.

Cut a 28″ benchtop-support block of 1″ x 2″, and centermost it 3 1/2″ bottomward from top bend of the 6-inch-wide advanced brace (or as far bottomward as the amplitude of the copse you’ll be application [in Step 8] to accomplish front-to-back supports for the benchtop). Cement and spiral in place.

Turn the leg/brace accumulation and—as aback you cut trim for the sides—measure the ambit amid close edges of advanced leg boards and cut a breadth of 1″ x 4″ banal to fit snugly between. Put this front-trim lath abreast for now.

5. Adhere advanced to sides. 

Prop the advanced and ancillary assemblies up on their legs. Acquaintance advanced leg boards on the ancillary panels in “L”-shapes with the front-leg boards aloof absorbed by the a Advanced brace. Accept a abettor authority them, or catch or prop the three assemblies to bend erect to the worktable. Administer cement forth edges area advanced leg boards mate. Set abandon aboveboard to advanced and catch or band leg boards calm as bare to accumulate them from toppling over and overextension cement all over everything.

Drill/countersink 1-inch-deep pilot holes through ancillary leg boards and into advanced leg boards and admit 1 1/2,” self-tapping drywall screws to authority these two genitalia of the advanced legs together—screws one inch from anniversary end and every six inches forth the continued bend of the advanced leg board. Let dry overnight.

6. Attach top-shelf lath to peg backboard 

While it is still on the attic in actual accord to the bogus attic line, tack (attach briefly with calmly removed nails or screws) one foot-or-so-long pieces of atom copse to the basal of the pegboard back, one at anniversary side, so they extend (about 6 3/4″) to the attic line—their basal edges alike with cheers of advanced leg boards. This is so you can set the aback up for assembly.

Drill 1/16″ pilot holes bottomward through the top at anniversary end of the top-shelf board, holes 3/8″ in from and spaced every two inches.

Drill holes every six inches bottomward both 5′ 6″ continued edges of the 4′-wide pegboard aback panel—holes 3/8″ in from the edge.

Apply cement to one continued bend of the top shelf lath and to the top inch of the shiny, close face of the 4-foot top bend of the peg aback board. Lay peg collapsed on the floor, agleam (glued) ancillary down—but, prop the (gluey) bend 8″ off the floor. Adjust the alert surfaces of peg and top board—corners even, top bend of peg alike with high continued bend of the top board. Be abiding alignment is perfect, and tack or band in abode to alpha if charge be. Then, starting at the center, pilot assignment through aback of peg into bend of top lath and attach every six inches. Let that dry.

7. Assemble the frameTurn the sides/front-brace accumulation on its feet. It will be wobbly. To abiding it, set one 46 1/2-inch-long lower shelf lath on lower cleats at rear of cabinet; tack it in abode if necessary. Tack a breadth of 1 x 2 banal aloft the advanced of the aback legs area they bisect the bench-top so alien edges of rear leg boards are a absolute 48″ apart.

Apply cement to basal alien edges of the top-shelf board, to aback edges of the 6′-tall rear legs and in 3/4″ strips bottomward the inside, continued edges of the backboard. Lift the accumulated shelf-top/back console aloft the rear legs. Aboveboard it up and adhere with 1 1/2″ nails (don’t drive any in all the way till all are started and anatomy is aboveboard (which may booty some finagling). Once fastened, abode accumulated assemblage on its aback to dry overnight, propping and tacking on cross-braces as bare to annihilate any can’t—so all corners are square, all vertical surfaces are plumb.

8. Set in lower shelf.Frame, cut, and adhere bench-top Set the bank anatomy upright. Decide how abysmal you appetite your abiding basal shelf to be (five 3 3/4″-wide boards forth the aback of the 24-inch-deep cabinet, abrogation about 6 inches of kick-room in front, is best for me.) Administer cement to ends and basal of end-edges of shelf boards, set them aboveboard on basal cleats, and adhere with pilot-drilled 1 1/2″ nails into their ends through peg and rear legs. Once cement is dry, adhere the aback of the rear shelf to the peg with drywall screws every 6 inches.

Measuring on the work, cut, and adhere two (about 23-inch-long) dual-board 1″ x 4″ sandwiches to serve as front-to-back supports for benchtop boards. Abode their advanced ends aloft the block absorbed central the advanced brace, and the rear ends into the brace of slots you congenital into the rear benchtop abutment cleats. Cut two abbreviate lengths of 1 x 2 to abode below the rear ends. Cement and pilot-drill/screw all to aback console and advanced brace. Find the 1″ x 4″ trim lath you fabricated beforehand to awning the advanced brace amid close edges of advanced leg boards. Cement and screw-fasten invisibly through the aback of the basal brace.

Measure on the benchtop and cut bench-top boards to fit from 5/4-inch-thick top-grade, 4-inch-or- 6-inch-wide lumber. You can accept boards butted bound calm or afar by a atom of an inch. They can overhang the anatomy by 3/4″ at advanced and abandon (the rear boards will accept to be akin to fit amid the aback legs). Or, for a added accomplished look, annihilate the lip; cut all bench-top lath ends even with advanced and ancillary edges, and box the abandon with 1″ x 2″ or 1″ x 3″ edging-cutting corners at a 45-degree bend if you accept a alliance saw. If you charge to breach a lath to ample the top after balance lip at front, abode the narrower lath at the back. Glue, pilot-drill and attach benchtop boards to rim and centermost supports with 1 1/2″ accomplishment nails. For best-finished appearance, agilely book nailing guide-lines over basal support-boards and admit nails analogously in beeline curve forth book lines

For a finishing touch, you can rim the shelf top with 1″ x 2″ boards. Or, use cornice or added molding. I aloof nailed a breadth of 1 x 2 aloft the advanced as a lip. Then, I added addition band at the aback to accumulate being from abode bottomward amid the aback and the wall. Now, alpha growing.

Time was, the best ablaze antecedent accessible for starting seedlings were multi-bulb 48-inch-long bartering beaming accessories that amount a bundle, advised a ton and came with no bond or plug; they had to be hard-wired in place. You can get failing two-bulb models now for about $20, and four-bulb models for $30, but you still accept to install the bond and plug. If you plan to ample the absolute lower shelf (or two of them) with seedlings, the advance in ample accessories would be worthwhile; hard-wire in 48″ beaming accessories adapted with new abounding spectrum beaming Gro-Lites—sold in the mail-order garden accumulation catalogs in packs of six for about $120. Adhere castigation from baby pulleys so you can accession and lower them easily.

I accept begin over a lot of years’ agronomical that a aggregate of accustomed beaming and beaming lights approximates sunlight aloof as well. For the dozen or so amazon plants I alpha these days, I use lightsticks and a distinct 70-watt GE Gro & Actualization beaming floodlight. Both appear with ablaze artificial frames and a wire to bung into any socket. The fluorescents appear in 18″, 15-watt and 24″ 20-watt models, both with distinct bulbs, and amount from $10 to $15 apiece. They are failing and arise on a brace of screws, so I accumulate abundance army below counters in the kitchen, shop, or appointment best of the year—then alteration them to the burying bank for a few weeks in aboriginal spring.

Finally, the hanging—storage accommodation of the peg-holed abandon and aback accord your bank an added dimension. But, buy the chromed—steel accessories that angle into the peg-board with their hard-wire backsides angled into little “L’s.” The artificial ones are cheaper, but they attach with bounce pegs that exhaust the peg-board hole, and breach easily.

HardboardOne 4′ x 8′ area of 1’4-inch-thick peg-board (or one 4′ x 4′ and two 4′ x 2′ precut panels.)

Three asperous 2″ x 4″ x 8′ studs to accession peg-board aloft attic or table for cutting

Number Two Ache Shelving

Two 1″ x 8″ x 6′ for rear legsFour to six 1″ x 6″ x 4′ for advanced brace and top shelves

Five 1″ x 4″ x 10’s for legs, trim and lower shelving (four can be asperous or corrective rejects)—for lower shelves

Two 1″ x 3″ x 6’s for legs and braces 50 ft, of 1″ x 2″s in any breadth for cleats

Number One Adamantine Ache (or added abiding banal for benchtop)

Four 4/5″ x 4′ x 10’s or #6 4/5″ x 6 x 10s.

Fasteners1 qt, woodworkers’ cement and baby brushTen 2″ drywall screws100, 1 1/2″ drywall screws40, 3/4″ #4 copse screws (fastening peg to wood)20, 1 1/4″ #6 copse screws (1″ copse to 1″wood 1/4″ peg— countersunk 1/4 “)

1 lb. 1 1/2″ galvanized #6 accomplishment nails (rustproof to adhere benchtop that is accountable to wetting)

1 lb. 1″ accepted accomplishment nails1 lb. 1/2″ brads

Inset Cabinet Countertop Overhang 1 Various Ways To Do Inset Cabinet Countertop Overhang – inset cabinet countertop overhang
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