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Kitchen Countertop Cover Strip 2 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go To Kitchen Countertop Cover Strip On Your Own

You can install under-cabinet ablaze accessories that bung into your outlet, but ambuscade the electrical bond can be difficult and unsightly. Hard-wiring your under-cabinet ablaze requires abutting to an electrical circuit. Rather than install a abstracted circuit, advance the countertop outlets in your kitchen and tap into the aperture circuit. Under-cabinet LED lights not alone brighten your assignment apparent but additionally can aftermost up to 20 years. LED accessories can abate activity costs and do not crave backup bulbs.

kitchen countertop cover strip
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Amazon.com: Silicone Strips Stove Counter Gap Covers – Set .. | kitchen countertop cover strip

Turn off the kitchen ambit that provides ability to the outlets aloft the countertop. Bung the bowl tester into the outlets. The three lights on the tester will not ablaze up aback you about-face off the actual breaker.

Remove the spiral captivation the aperture awning to the aperture you appetite to use as a ability source. Abolish the screws captivation the aperture to the alliance box.

Pull the aperture from the box. Note the locations of the black, white and bald chestnut affairs on the outlet. Loosen the screws on the aperture and cull the affairs from below them to absolution the aperture from the alliance box in the wall.

Look central the top of the alliance box for a annular knockout or annular indention. Place the tip of the screwdriver on the centermost of the indention if applicable. Hit the end of the spiral disciplinarian with a mallet to drive it up through the top of the box and removed the metal disc to actualize a knockout.

Install a 1/2-inch burrow bit into the end of a cordless drill. Actualize a aperture through the basal lip of the chiffonier and the bank anon aloft the alliance box.

kitchen countertop cover strip
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Strip Gap Cap Magnet to Grip Stoves Counter Top Kitchen .. | kitchen countertop cover strip

Thread a annealed allotment of wire up through the knockout in the alliance box. Use a flashlight to watch for the wire through the accomplished hole. Grab the annealed wire with a baby brace of needle-nose pliers. Cull the wire from the bank through the accomplished hole.

Bend the end of the annealed wire into a baby hook. Bend the end of a breadth of 12/2 nonmetallic (NM) electrical cable about the hook. Use electrical band to defended the cable to the annealed wire.

Pull the annealed wire out from the alliance box. This pulls the 12/2 NM bottomward through the bank and out the alliance box.

Slide a nylon NM cable lock adapter over the end of the cable bulging from the alliance box. Accelerate the adapter about eight inches up the cable. Snap the cable lock adapter into the knockout in the alliance box.

Remove six inches of the exoteric NM sheath with a brace of NM cable and wire strippers to betrayal the cable wires. Use the strippers to abolish 1/2 inch of wire insulation from the end of the apparent cable wires.

Grab the ends of the bald affairs with needle-nose pliers. Bend baby hooks into the ends of the wires. Angle the atramentous cable wire about the chestnut terminal spiral on the ancillary of the aboriginal outlet.

Hook the white wire about the outlet’s argent terminal screw. Angle the bald chestnut cable wire about the outlet’s blooming screw.

Wrap the aboriginal aperture affairs about their aboriginal terminal screws as acclaimed previously. Bind all the aperture screws to defended the aboriginal affairs and the cable wires.

Reinstall the aperture in the alliance box. Alter the outlet’s cover.

Remove the ablaze adumbration or lens awning from your LED under-cabinet ablaze fixture. It may accelerate off, or you ability charge to abolish one or two screws to absolution it from the fixture.

Examine your accoutrement for a annular indention or a rectangle bowl accoutrement an breadth forth the aback of the fixture. Abolish the spiral captivation the bowl to the aback of the accoutrement if applicative to betrayal the electrical affairs central a baby cavity. If your accoutrement has a annular indention forth the back, attending for one or two screws captivation the accoutrement awning to the anatomy of the LED under-cabinet light. Abolish the screws to absolution the awning and betrayal the electrical wiring.

Knock out the annular indention with a screwdriver and bang as you did with the alliance box if applicable. Untwist the locknut from a 1/2-inch two-screw NM cable clamp. Insert the cable catch accoutrement through the alfresco of the knockout you created. Spiral the locknut aback assimilate the cable catch to defended it to the fixture.

Position the LED ablaze accoutrement below the chiffonier in advanced of the apparent cable and accomplished hole. Use the ascent screws that came with the LED accoutrement to arise the ablaze below the cabinet.

Push the NM cable through the aperture in the ellipsoidal bowl you removed ahead if applicative or through the two-screw NM cable clamp. Strip the ends of the NM cable application the NM cable and wire strippers.

Match the three set the affairs together: two blacks, two whites and the bald chestnut to the green. Twist orange wire connectors assimilate anniversary set of wires. Push the affairs into the atrium forth the aback of your accoutrement and alter ellipsoidal bowl if applicable. If you installed a two-screw NM cable clamp, bind the two screws and alter the awning assimilate the fixture.

Replace the ablaze adumbration or lens awning assimilate the fixture. Use NM cable staples to defended the cable to the base of the cabinet. About-face on the kitchen aperture ambit breaker.

Kitchen Countertop Cover Strip 2 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go To Kitchen Countertop Cover Strip On Your Own – kitchen countertop cover strip
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