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Water splattering on the attic apoplectic counting for two hours on Acclamation Day, but it didn’t accident any ballots. And it was annihilation compared to the acutely Augean assignment of processing about 150,000 mail ballots, the unfounded accusations of fraud, the accurate threats and the online aggravation — and the audibly ancestral overtones of mostly White protesters alfresco the architecture casting unfounded accusations of atrocity as a abundantly Black agents of acclamation admiral central absolutely counted ballots.

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In the accomplishments was an afraid nation hitting “refresh” on their accessories for the latest vote tallies, atrocious to apperceive who the abutting admiral would be, their eyes accomplished on Georgia and a scattering of added states like no acclamation in history.

“I knew there was activity to be added analysis here,” said Fulton Canton Elections Director Richard Barron. “I’ve abstruse to apprehend it, and you aloof accord with the accountability as it comes.”

This year aimed a ablaze ablaze on the way elections are run in this country — and put abysmal demands on the bodies who run them. Aback the coronavirus communicable exploded in March, it was instantly credible that their already complicated assignment would become badly added difficult: advancement rosters of poll workers, accouterment careful equipment, advancing for a celebrated admission of mail voting and again counting all the ballots.

The communicable additionally hit some offices directly: In April, a 23-year adept staffer in Fulton died of the virus, and in October, an beginning sickened 25 more.

Layered over all of it was an ceaseless drumbeat of attacks on voting from Admiral Trump, who for months casting agnosticism on the candor of the election.

The president’s aggression abandoned escalated already the acclamation had bankrupt and the arduous vote calculation ticked on. At one point, he bedeviled on the baptize aperture in Atlanta as affirmation of article sinister.

“In Georgia, a aqueduct admission at a absent location, absolutely different to the breadth of what was happening, and they chock-full counting for four hours, and a lot of things happened,” Trump said at the White Abode on Thursday.

Inside the amphitheatre in Atlanta and bags of centers like it about the country, acclamation admiral toiled on. Alive streams beamed out videos of the assiduous process. In abounding counties, workers kept at it all night long, day afterwards day afterwards day.

In the end, teams in ample cities and tiny counties akin delivered a celebrated result: a almanac cardinal of ballots counted with vanishingly few glitches and — admitting the president’s claims — no affirmation of boundless fraud.

“We’re activity to breach actuality until every distinct absentee acclamation is counted,” Elections Director Shauna Dozier in Clayton County, Ga., told CNN during an account about 2 a.m. Friday, with about 3,500 ballots to go. “Whatever it takes to get that done, we’re activity to do it.”

Beneath a microscope

Long afore the fall, elections admiral were agilely advancing for what was to come.

“We knew we would be beneath a microscope from day one,” said Peter Antonacci, the acclamation administrator in Florida’s Broward County, breadth disputes over signatures on mail ballots in 2018 led to recounts and a bulk of lawsuits.

Antonacci, who was appointed by then-Gov. Rick Scott (R) to apple-pie abode afterwards the 2018 debacle, instituted a cardinal of reforms afterwards that election, including a bigger arrangement to adapt ballots. He abounding 17 abandoned positions and accursed out reminders to those voting by mail to assurance the aback of the envelope.

In Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County, the ceaseless buzz calls from voters with questions about mail ballots began in August. Admiral were anon alive through the weekends and broke agents from every administration — including acreage assessments — to advice with the deluge.

Many admiral in the country said the anniversary would accept proceeded abundantly worse were it not for the clandestine grants that abounding into acclamation offices, including added than $400 million donated by Facebook architect Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan.

The allotment was axiomatic central the Pennsylvania Convention Center, breadth an astronomic agents of 150 yellow-vested workers counted Philadelphia’s mail-in ballots in a alveolate allowance outfitted with accelerated scanners and scales so acute they could ascertain if the autogenous aegis envelope was missing — a disqualifying blank accepted as a “naked ballot.” Philadelphia abandoned accustomed $10 million in clandestine admission funds.

And in Arizona’s Maricopa County, admiral acquaint signs in English and Spanish with QR codes of their alive beck to accomplish it accessible for protesters to watch the calculation in absolute time on their adaptable phones.

The acuteness of the abhorrence over the accomplished anniversary was nonetheless startling.

Egged on by Trump’s apocryphal claims of artifice on Twitter as Democratic appointee Joe Biden overtook him in accompaniment totals, the army embodied afterwards a Facebook column from Angle Up Michigan, a bourgeois accumulation against to coronavirus restrictions, apprenticed supporters to appearance up at the counting ability “to advice with arduous results.”

Participants yelled, sang and banged on windows ambitious they be let into the room. But with added than 200 challengers from anniversary affair already in the room, admiral imposed a one-in, one-out action amidst apropos about the advance in coronavirus cases above Michigan.

When a architecture administrator attempted to explain the limit, the army shouted him bottomward with chants of “Let us in!” and “Stop the vote!” Several dozen badge admiral were brought in and stationed throughout the building, attention the windowed admission to the counting room.

It was no calmer for acclamation workers central the room. Julie Moroney, a third-year law apprentice at the University of Michigan and a detached poll amateur on duke on account of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Beneath Law, said she saw a man advancement a Republican poll aloof to “challenge every vote.” Aback a Democratic poll aloof stepped in to acquaint the Republican, “You don’t accept to do that, sir. If you don’t accept in that, angle up,” the aboriginal man replied, “If you don’t feel adequate accomplishing that, we can acting you out with addition else,” according to Moroney.

Moroney said she saw Republican assemblage breach the rules regularly, including speaking anon to poll workers aback they were declared to booty challenges to supervisors. At one point, the Republican at her table started saying, over and over, “I claiming this ballot, I claiming this ballot, I claiming this ballot” — acutely trying, she said, to arrest the count. Others accepted to apperceive workers’ accessory affiliation, falsely asserting that it would be a abomination if they were all Democrats.

GOP admiral in Michigan did not acknowledge to requests for comment. The accompaniment GOP falsely asserted in a account absolution Wednesday that Detroit acclamation admiral had “shut out” Republican poll watchers.

At some points, Moroney said, poll workers grew visibly frustrated. They stood up and clapped aback assertive challengers were tossed from the room.

And it was adamantine to absence the “icky and uncomfortable” racially answerable activating of the scene, she said, with affronted White poll challengers continuing over acclamation workers who were predominantly Black women, cogent them they were not accomplishing their jobs or were breaking the law.

“That was the best affecting part,” she said. “I acquainted for those workers. I could abandoned brainstorm what it would feel like, aggravating to do your job, accepting these bodies hover and affront at you and bawl at you and accomplish article so simple, article that’s declared to be so patriotic, so hard.”

Uncomfortable ancestral eyes were on affectation at added counting accessories as well, conspicuously in Clayton County, a majority-Black suburb of Atlanta that delivered a accumulation of votes aloof afore 5 a.m. Friday that pushed Biden into the advance in the state.

That came afterwards an ballsy all-nighter in a accurate appointment architecture accepted as “the Bunker,” breadth acclamation workers cutting masks, artificial face bouncer and gloves sorted through the actual absentee ballots as journalists and poll watchers looked on.

Nearly all the assemblage were White men from the Republican Party, who awash into attenuated hallways and apartment to watch a accumulation of predominantly Black women calculation ballots, according to bounded announcer Robin Kemp.

“These are ladies who bethink actual able-bodied allegory and actual able-bodied the action to ensure they’re able to go to the acclamation and able to accept the appropriate to vote and able to accept representation,” she said.

The affection in the appointment remained close through the night, with canton law administration admiral ecology bottom traffic. Best of the assemblage were adolescent and seemed alien with acclamation law, but they lodged complaints anyway, Kemp said.

Workers responded with “a assertive beat attending that bodies accept aback they’re over it,” she said.

The Clayton GOP did not acknowledge to a appeal for comment.

In Las Vegas, Clark Canton acclamation admiral dealt with so abounding hecklers and protesters that they added aegis at their counting center. Employees were encouraged not to leave the architecture backward at night by themselves. Registrar Joe Gloria said his own wife and mother were afraid about his safety.

But he insisted that the calculation would go on.

“We’re activity to be okay,” Gloria said. “We’re activity to abide to count. We will not acquiesce anyone to stop us from accomplishing what our assignment is.”

A billow of apprehension

In some states, acclamation admiral objected about to the battery of unfounded accusations of wrongdoing. A Republican burghal agent in Rochester Hills, Mich., appear a video on Twitter on Friday against claims of irregularities by Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

McDaniel declared that admiral had “found 2,000 ballots that had been accustomed to Democrats that were Republican ballots.” Tina Barton, the clerk, alleged McDaniel’s affirmation “categorically false” in a video that has been retweeted added than 10,000 times. At issue, she said afterwards in an interview, was a abstruse alterity that created alike after-effects aback absentee ballots were scanned. The absurdity was anchored anon and was a “far cry” from what McDaniel had described, Barton said.

Barton said McDaniel’s affirmation was a “gut punch” accustomed how physically, emotionally and mentally beat her agents of seven was afterwards administering an acclamation chaotic by the coronavirus communicable and new statewide voting requirements.

“I accept formed adamantine to advance acclamation candor and security, not abandoned locally but above the country,” said Barton, a affiliate of the U.S. Acclamation Assistance Commission’s lath of advisers. “To accept addition mischaracterize article that was done in my appointment in adjustment to fit their calendar was crushing for me.”

A billow of apprehension was axiomatic above the country.

With hundreds of Trump supporters aggregate alfresco the ballot-counting centermost in Arizona’s better county, abounding of them announcement unfounded rumors, acclamation workers encouraged bodies to watch the action themselves on a alive stream.

“The accessible needs to assurance in the acclamation process,” said Maricopa Canton Elections Administration backer Megan Gilbertson. “And we absolutely accept that aegis and accuracy are the way to ensure that assurance is held.”

The alive beck was not new; Arizona accompaniment law requires it at acclamation blueprint facilities. Maricopa Canton goes “above and beyond,” Gilbertson said, accouterment 24-hour admission to cameras for its acclamation blueprint center, mailroom, signature analysis allowance and ballot-processing area.

Rumors connected unabated. Admiral spent abundant of the anniversary aggressive counterfeit allegations that the use of Sharpie markers to ample out ballots had invalidated ample numbers of GOP votes. The alive augment did not allay the accusers.

“Count the votes!” bodies roared alfresco the counting centermost in Phoenix on Friday.

Susan Smiley Schramm, a Democratic acclamation eyewitness in Phoenix who partnered with a Republican to analysis ballots that were harder to decipher, wondered aloud as she larboard her about-face Friday night about the bathed man babble at the top of his lungs into a megaphone. It was Alex Jones, the cabal theorist accepted for claiming that the Sandy Hook accumulation cutting of elementary-age accouchement was a hoax.

She watched as Jones led the army in a carol again by Trump supporters about the country: “Stop the steal! Stop the steal!”

Smiley Schramm said she believes Jones represents the actual binding of America rather than her community. “He’s not Phoenix,” she said.

Still, she said, it abandoned fabricated her job feel added vital. “When I absolutely acquainted not the accountability — not the burden, but the albatross of what we’re accomplishing — was aback I heard these bodies talking about Sharpies and chanting ‘Count my vote,’ ” she said.

Contending with threats

In added communities, the communicable contributed to the strain. In Fulton County, the elections agents had already mourned the afterlife of Beverly Walker, 62, a grandmother and adept allotment administrator who died in April of complications from the coronavirus. Then, aloof weeks afore Acclamation Day, a new beginning “ripped through the barn in days,” infecting about bisected the staff, Barron said.

Some of the workers who activated absolute in October and accept aback recovered came aback to assignment aftermost anniversary to advice argue with the drove of absentee votes.

Then, as Biden inched afterpiece to overtaking Trump in Georgia, Fulton Canton became a allurement for bottomless accusations by the admiral and his supporters.

One such allegation stemmed from the alive beck video taken central Accompaniment Farm Amphitheatre that advance rapidly through bourgeois amusing media. In it, a poll artisan can be apparent crumpling a allotment of cardboard while a narrator accuses him of throwing abroad a ballot.

In a Friday account conference, Barron said he had announced to the worker, advised the video and assured “undeniably” that he was not auctioning a ballot. He was crumpling a allotment of cardboard abundant abate than the county’s ballots while alive at a base that didn’t alike absorb aperture acclamation envelopes.

That didn’t stop critics from announcement the worker’s claimed advice online, including his abode and authorization bowl number. He has accustomed threats and has had to move out of his home, Barron said.

“He is currently in hiding,” Barron said. “Simply for absent to be an acclamation worker.”

Knowles appear from Phoenix. Thebault appear from Atlanta. Maura Ewing in Philadelphia; Abigail Hauslohner, Michael Kranish and Beth Reinhard in Washington; Kayla Ruble in Detroit; Ryan Slattery in Las Vegas; Christina Spolar in Pittsburgh; and Haisten Willis in Atlanta contributed to this report.

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