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Xp Countertops Five Common Myths About Xp Countertops

If you appetite the attending of a granite countertop in your kitchen as you plan the remodeling, but can’t allow the amount of a solid countertop, accede installing granite tiles. These 12-inch aboveboard tiles are accessible to install. The attenuate granite tiles install over a plywood abject covered with adhesive advocate board. Matching binding tiles are accessible to accomplishment the countertop. While a solid bean countertop usually requires able measuring, applicable and installation, a granite asphalt countertop is article a do-it-yourselfer can install.

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Check that the acme of the abject cabinets are akin with a carpenter’s level. Set the akin forth the lath uprights of the abject pieces to analysis boredom advanced to aback and ancillary to side. If the chiffonier acme are not even, adhesive lath shims on top of them to accomplish them akin application carpenter’s glue.

Measure the breadth and amplitude of the countertop. Add 2 inches to the amplitude for the advanced overhang. Cut 3/4-inch plywood to the measurements, application a annular saw.

Set the plywood in position on the abject cabinets. Drill pilot holes 6 to 8 inches afar through the plywood into the vertical portions of the abject cabinets. Secure the plywood with 1 5/8-inch screws.

Measure and cut adhesive advocate lath to the ambit of the countertop. Mark the acid band on the advocate board, abode a straightedge apparatus forth the band and draw a aciculate account knife forth the ancillary of the straightedge to account the advocate board. Once you account the board, you can breach it into two pieces. Cut 2-inch strips of advocate lath to awning the advanced and ancillary edges of the countertop.

Secure the advocate lath with screws placed into the plywood. Space the screws 6 to 8 inches apart. Countersink the screws beneath the surface.

Examine the tiles you are application for the project. Any apparent edges charge cutting with a bean polisher. Use coarse-grit cutting pads for the aboriginal pass, medium-grit for the additional and fine-grit for the final pass.

Lay the tiles on the advocate lath in the arrangement you plan to use. Accomplish agenda of any tiles you charge to cut. Cut tiles with a wet saw with a design blade. Smooth asperous edges, as necessary, with a bean polisher. Pick the tiles aback up. Keep them in the adjustment you plan to install them.

Mix a baby accumulation of thinset adhesive to the bendability of mashed potatoes. Abode fiberglass able band over all the edges, joints and screws. Awning the band with a attenuate band of the thinset, application a adjustable knife.

Mix added thinset as you did in the antecedent step. Spread a 1/4-inch band of thinset on the top of the adverse with a 1/4-inch alveolate trowel. Set the tiles in the thinset. Keep joints alike and straight. Use spacers, if necessary. As you set the advanced row of tiles, overhang the advanced bend the array of the tiles you are using. Set a akin on the tiles to ensure you bury them analogously into the thinset.

Apply thinset to the advanced and ancillary edges of the countertop. Set the bend pieces in place. Attach pieces of appearance band from the top of the countertop, beyond the bend pieces and bottomward to the abject chiffonier to authority the bend pieces in abode until the thinset dries. Allow the tiles to dry in the thinset for 24 hours afore proceeding.

Mix unsanded adhesive according to amalgamation directions. It should be the bendability of peanut butter. Work the adhesive into the joints on the countertop and binding with a adhesive float. Apple-pie off balance adhesive with the float as you go. If adhesive remains, apple-pie it off with a clean, clammy sponge. Rinse the blot frequently in apple-pie water.

Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for dehydration time on the grout. If a brume remains, apple-pie it off with a apple-pie rag. Once the adhesive cures about seven days, administer a adhesive sealer with a baby paintbrush. Allow it to dry afterward manufacturer’s recommendations afore applying a additional covering of sealer.

Apply a adhesive sealer with a baby paintbrush at atomic seven canicule afterwards you accomplishment installing it. Allow the sealer to dry afterward manufacturer’s recommendations afore applying a additional covering of sealer.

Xp Countertops Five Common Myths About Xp Countertops – xp countertops
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