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Dodge Stealth Why It Is Not The Best Time For Dodge Stealth

With all the allocution about avant-garde classics, youngtimers, Radwood cars, whatever you appetite to alarm them, beneficiary cars from the 1980s and 1990s are acutely accepting their day. This trend has been demography appearance for a few years now, and Hagerty’s appraisal experts accept empiric cars from these two decades authoritative the bigger moves.

dodge stealth
 1991 Dodge Stealth RT Turbo Pics & Information - dodge stealth

1991 Dodge Stealth RT Turbo Pics & Information – dodge stealth | dodge stealth

Many such cartage accept been authoritative that all-important alteration from acclimated car to beneficiary car, but some haven’t yet gotten their due. These underappreciated cars conceivably alive in the adumbration of addition one, or they may accept aloof gotten absent in the frenzy, but these bristles abstract accept us allurement “why aren’t these added expensive?”

Let’s go aback to the aboriginal 1990s in adjustment to analyze a four-cylinder Esprit Turbo SE with, say, a abreast Porsche 964 Carrera 2. The Esprit is added powerful, with 264 hp compared to the Porsche’s 247. At beneath than 2900 pounds, it’s lighter as well. It’s way rarer, too, with aloof 1608 Turbo SEs congenital from 1990–93 compared to over 18,000 Carrera 2 coupes. And yet it’s account aloof $34,100 in #2 (Excellent) condition, over 10 admirable beneath than the 911. It’s account about bisected as abundant as an Acura NSX of the aforementioned era.

While the Lotus’s #2 amount is up 15 percent over the accomplished bristles years, the Carrera 2 auto has added than angled and the Acura is up 60 percent. Sure, the Lotus isn’t as aesthetic as the added two, and there’s that annoyed old antic that Lotus stands for “Lots Of Trouble, Usually Serious,” but the actuality that a apparatus with alien car looks, alien car performance, and a acclaimed brand can be had for so abundant cheaper than its rivals continues to abruptness us.

The Dodge Stealth was one of the bigger after-effects of that acclaimed cast amid Chrysler and Mitsubishi: Diamond Star Motors. Unlike added Diamond Star cars, though, the Stealth didn’t cycle out of the branch in Normal, Illinois. It came from the Mitsubishi bulb in Okazaki, Japan, congenital alongside the Mitsubishi 3000 GT. And abreast from badges and some administration cues, the Dodge and the Mitsubishi were about identical, with about all the engineering and architecture assignment advancing from the Japanese.

That was a acceptable thing. Alike during a aureate age for Japanese achievement cars, the top-spec versions of the 3000 GT/Stealth stood out as abstruse marvels with their all-wheel drive system, four-wheel steering, and twin-turbo 300-plus-horsepower V-6s. Testing a Stealth on Chrysler’s analysis track, Car and Driver gushed about how, “transmitting its ability through all four wheels, the Stealth artlessly exploded from bend to bend on the alternation of abbreviate straights.” In both achievement and price, the 3000 GT VR4 and Stealth R/T Turbo were aggressive with rivals like the Toyota Supra, Nissan 300ZX, and Mazda RX-7 aback aback all of them were the freshest, best agitative things advancing out of the Land of the Rising Sun.

The Toyota, Nissan, and Mazda accept been darlings of the beneficiary car bazaar for several years now, but the Mistubishi has been abnormally quiet. And the Dodge? Crickets. The average action #2 (Excellent) amount for a Mk IV Supra Turbo is $88,000 (up 54 percent over the accomplished bristles years) and abnormally apple-pie cars accept awash for six figures. The RX-7 carries a action #2 amount of $44,500 and has apparent alike added amazing growth, up 166 percent aback backward 2015. The 3000 GT VR4 ranges from $23,000 to $26,900 in #2 action and has apparent some acknowledgment over the accomplished year, but the Stealth R/T Turbo is account aloof $17,000 in #2 condition. Remember, the Mitsubishi and the Dodge are mechanically identical and attending about absolutely the same.

These cars are complex, and aback circuitous cars get cheap, aliment starts to abatement by the wayside. The accuracy is that there are not a advanced alternative of nice examples out there. The Dodge additionally suffers from article of an character crisis. It’s a Dodge with an R/T badge, article that harkens aback to the canicule of high-impact acrylic and Hemis, but it was congenital in Japan and arranged abounding of accessories at the aforementioned time Dodge was advancing out with that all-American sledgehammer: the Viper. Alike so, accustomed the big amount swings amid the added ’90s Japanese achievement greats, we would accept anticipation added bodies would be axis to these badge-engineered beauties by now.

Given how accepted Fox-body Mustangs accept become in the hobby, it’s accessible to balloon that there were bags of added cars congenital on Ford’s “Fox” belvedere from 1977-93. The seventh-gen Lincoln Continental, the Mercury Capri and Cougar, and the Ford Thunderbird all rode on the Fox belvedere as well. Admitting the Mustang’s rise, not to acknowledgment the acceptance of added ’80s branch turbos like the Buick Admirable National, the added action Fox-bodies are still about and decidedly cheap.

The ninth bearing Ford Thunderbird, aka the “Aero Bird,” debuted for 1983, and although it was accessible with a 302 V-8, the adventurous adaptation was the Turbo Auto that came with Ford’s 2.3-liter turbocharged four. The best and best accepted Turbo Coupes came in 1987, aback Ford spent millions auspicious the T-Bird calendar from the bill back.

The Turbo Auto got new NACA duct-style awning scoops that fed a new intercooler, and ability was up to 190 application and 240 pound-feet of torque. The V-8 T-Bird fabricated aloof 155 hp. Motor Trend named the ’87 Turbo Auto its Car of the Year and about bisected of the 130,700 Thunderbird Turbo Coupes anytime fabricated came in that 1987-88 window. Yet admitting those ’80s aero looks, befuddled rear-drive turbo performance, and accessible 5-speed, they’re still somewhat obscure. A backward Thunderbird Turbo Auto in #3 (Good) action is account about the aforementioned as an SVO Mustang in #2 (Excellent) condition, admitting the two accepting about the aforementioned powertrain. In fact, a Turbo Auto in #1 (Concours, or best-in-the-world) action is account aloof 20 admirable according to our own accepted data.

After a acknowledged seven years with its race-winning, rotary-powered RX-7, Mazda active its two-seater for 1986. The administration aped the Porsche 944, but it additionally brought automated and achievement updates. The aboriginal gen’s solid rear arbor gave way to accurate absolute rear suspension, and the 13B rotary engine’s achievement was up to 146 hp, or an absorbing 182 hp with a new alternative turbocharged model. A convertible was accessible from 1988–91 and was the alone drop-top RX-7 anytime offered. While popular, the RX-7 saw sales abate as enthusiasts fell arch over heels for the Miata afterwards 1989, so Mazda again took the RX-7 upmarket with the far added complex, exotic, and big-ticket third bearing RX-7 in 1992.

Despite its improvements over the aboriginal RX-7, the additional gen cars assume somewhat forgotten, ashore as the average adolescent amid the groundbreaking aboriginal and the faster, sexier third gen cars. While average #2 action ethics are up 90 percent over the aftermost bristles years for 1979–85 RX-7s, they’re up aloof 11 percent for the 1986–92 cars. Beforehand cars are additionally account amid a few hundred dollars and 4 or 5 admirable added than a second-gen car, and we already saw beforehand this ages that bodies are accommodating to pay 50 admirable for a first-gen RX-7 if it’s apple-pie enough. Not so with the average bearing RX-7s; if rotary achievement intrigues and you’re on a budget, we anticipate the 1986–92 adaptation is abundant blast for the buck.

A 300-horsepower small-block LT1 V-8, rear-wheel drive, fat achievement auto and tires, an accessible ZF six-speed manual, and one of the best acclaimed names in the business can be had for cheap. The 1992–96 Corvettes, which are the best of the C4 bearing that don’t abrasion a ZR1 badge, ambit from alone about 8 to 10 admirable for a car in #3 action to the mid-teens for cars in #2 condition. Occasionally, after convertibles cheep by at over 20, but a amount in the actual low bristles abstracts is archetypal for acceptable C4s.

C4s do accept their quirks. They’re adamantine to get in and out of. There are the abnormal that affliction the LT1 engine’s OptiSpark ignition. And again there are the alarming creaks and rattles, which alone get louder aback you booty the roof off of a coupe. C4s, alike the abundant bigger after cars, additionally alive in the adumbration of C5s, which are considerately bigger cars in about every way and aren’t all that abundant added expensive.

We still anticipate C4’s underappreciated, though. Performance-wise, the C4 compares with cars like the Nissan 300ZX Turbo and Porsche 944 Turbo but is decidedly cheaper than both. Those cars are rarer, to be fair, so let’s attending at what Fox-body Mustangs are accomplishing lately. The #2 ethics for best after V-8 Fox-body Mustangs accept added than angled over the accomplished 10 years, while the average #2 amount for 1992-96 Vettes has absolutely decreased by $2400. Today, a 1990 Ford Mustang GT bear carries the exact aforementioned $16,300 #2 amount as a 1995 Corvette auto admitting the Vette’s 75 added application and (arguably) abundant bigger looks. Can we get some adulation for America’s sports car?

The column 5 underappreciated ’80s and ’90s cars appeared aboriginal on Hagerty Media.

Dodge Stealth Why It Is Not The Best Time For Dodge Stealth – dodge stealth
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