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Charger V2 For Sale 2 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go To Charger V2 For Sale On Your Own

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 Chrysler Charger 360 V8 for Sale in Australia - charger v8 for sale

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Thanks to contempo events, the addition of the VH belvedere V8 Vantage feels like age-old history – abundantly because it is, in car agreement at least. The 2003 North American International Auto Appearance played host to the acknowledge of Aston’s appealing concept, with the assembly car attractive almost any altered aback it was launched at Geneva two years later. The car anon affective attention, and sales commenced in the September, with prices starting from £79,995.

That amount pitched the new ‘baby’ Aston anon into antagonism with the Porsche 911, absolutely area Aston knew it had to be to accumulate acceptable sales – projected to be 3,000 V8 Vantages per year. All things looked accomplished and accessible to accomplish this, with the V8 Vantage’s avant-garde looks and characterful 4.3-litre agent accomplishing their bit to agitate up the accustomed sports car segment.

The Vantage’s barrage wasn’t all apparent sailing though, with aboriginal columnist and client criticism of the V8’s about curtailment of abhorrent torque. The numbers told their own tale; the best 302lb ft wasn’t accessible until 5,000rpm and the aiguille of 385hp came two thousand revs afterwards that. This was a motor that bare to be formed adamantine to accomplish its best. Still, Aston did abode the aboriginal complaints to some admeasurement with its revised 4.7-litre V8 in 2008, which came packing 426hp. A Sports Backpack was additionally again offered for the 4.3-litre N400 archetypal (influenced by Aston’s Nurburgring 24-hour chase car) that bigger ability to 405hp, or 400bhp in old money to accord the N400 its name.

At the alpha of 2011, things got alike better, with Aston introducing the Vantage S and its 436hp and 347lb ft of torque V8. The S saw off 0-62mph in 4.6 seconds, compared to the accustomed car’s 4.7 seconds, and 4.9 abnormal for the 4.3. But mostly, it was the variant’s bigger acquiescence that provided the best cogent acumen for addition to opt for the pricier model. Those absent wind in their beard could go added and opt for the Vantage Roadster, which launched in the bounce of 2007.

A ambit analysis in February 2012 saw Aston Martin accord the accepted Vantage models the aforementioned bodykit as the S. This afterlight saw the six-speed SportShift automatic chiral gearbox replaced with a seven-speed SportShift II chiral as well. Aston’s ambit additionally included Prodrive-tuned versions of the V8 Vantage, the N24 chase car, GT2 and GT4 antagonism models. And we shouldn’t balloon the Rally GT car that absolutely aboriginal took to antagonism aback in 2006.

For this guide, however, we’ll stick with the roadgoing V8 models. At the moment, prices of the V8 Vantage alpha at about £25,000 for an aboriginal 4.3 coupe, which buys you a car with about 60,000 miles. You’ll charge to go over £30,000 for abounding Aston account histories. Roadsters amount from about £29,000, while the V8 S starts at about £48k.


Engine: 4,280cc, V8Transmission: 6-speed manual, rear-wheel drivePower (hp): [email protected],000rpmTorque (lb ft): [email protected],000rpm0-62mph: 5.0 secsTop speed: 174mphWeight: 1,630kgMPG (official combined): 16.4CO2: 406g/kmWheels: 8.5 x 19in front, 10 x 19inTyres: 235/40 front, 275/35 rearOn sale: 2005 – 2017Price new: £79,995

Note for reference: car weight and ability abstracts is adamantine to pin bottomward with complete certainty. For consistency, we use the aforementioned antecedent for all our guides. We achievement the abstracts we use is appropriate added about than it’s wrong. Our admonition is to amusement it as about rather than definitive.

charger v8 for sale
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1968 Dodge Charger Big Block 440 V8 Automatic – charger v8 for sale | charger v8 for sale


The Aston Martin V8 Vantage started activity with a 4,280cc commonly aspirated agent with access to Jaguar’s AJV8. However, not alone was the accommodation of this agent bespoke to Aston Martin, the quad-cam 32-valve active were, forth with the dry sump oil lubrication system, butt heads, crankshaft, con rods, pistons, ECU administration and the absolute bankrupt system. This agent comes with a bore and achievement of 89mm x 86mm.

From 4.3-litres Aston managed 385hp at 7,000rpm and 302lb ft of torque at 5,000rpm, which did advance to those complaints about about abhorrent grunt. The addition to this is the Aston’s V8 is actual blessed to rev adamantine to bear its best, admitting accomplishing so while the agent is still not absolutely up to temperature can aftereffect in motor-wrecking blow and a ample bill to put it right. Aback broiled through, it will bear 0-62mph in 5.0 abnormal and a 174mph top speed.

Otherwise, the Aston’s V8 motor is about admired as actual able and reliable. The alternator belt can bleat aback the car is cold, but this can sorted by adjusting the tensioner or a revised caster kit is additionally available. Aback blockage a abeyant purchase, accomplish abiding the artificial agent awning is deeply army as it can assignment chargeless and cook on the bankrupt manifolds. Not as alarming as it sounds, but account attractive out for.

You should additionally ask if the accepted client has removed agglutinate 22, which is a accepted abuse to chargeless up added babble from the bankrupt by befitting the valve in the bankrupt accessible assuredly rather than aloof at college revs. Freer-flowing bankrupt systems can be ordered from Aston Martin through its Works programme or from Prodrive, but several PistonHeads V8 Vantage owners acclaim the Bamford Rose bankrupt arrangement that delivers added power, babble and bigger active amenities at all speeds. Add in an bigger air assimilation and you can apprehend added achievement and bigger ammunition economy, too.

In 2008, Aston reworked the advanced mid-mounted V8 agent with apprenticed butt liners rather the beforehand 4.3’s casting liners. This accustomed the agent to be apathetic out and stroked to 91mm x 91mm for a accommodation of 4,735cc and best ability of 426hp at 7,300rpm and 347lb ft at 5,000rpm. In the V8 Vantage coupe, this meant 0-62mph in 4.7 abnormal and a 180mph top speed. A Sports Backpack was offered for the 4.3 agent at the aforementioned time that adopted from the N400 bound copy to up ability to 405hp. This backpack included a revised consecration arrangement and remapped ECU that added addition 7lb ft to the torque and upped top acceleration to 177mph, while abbreviation the 0-62mph time to 4.8 seconds.

For the 4.7-litre engine, Aston lightened the flywheel by 0.5kg to advance burke response, admitting the beefy clamp pedal in chiral gearbox versions remained. The six-speed transaxle has consistently had a abundant action, but it can be pushed through the apparatus bound and the chiral is advised actual able and absurd to accord trouble. Added of a botheration is the clamp that can let go with no apprehension and is big-ticket to replace, so coffer on spending about £2,500 at an Aston banker if the clamp fails, admitting a specialist should be able to array this for less. The SportShift six-speed automatic chiral is additionally boxy but its changes are not as abrupt or bland as the latest dual-clutch ‘boxes can offer. Aston replaced this gearbox in 2012 with a seven-speed SportShift II chiral that is abundant better.

The V8 Vantage S accustomed at the alpha of 2011 with a 436hp adaptation of the 4.7-litre V8, carrying a 190mph top acceleration and 0-62mph in 4.0 abnormal with advice from afterpiece accessory ratios and a lower final drive rear differential. The changes aren’t anticipation to bassinet reliability. You may additionally appear beyond cars with Prodrive accessories fitted. This was offered in four packs, accoutrement engine, suspension, caster and styling. For the engine, Prodrive added ability by 45hp address of a new bankrupt and ECU remap. Again, no above issues accept arisen from this work.


The last-gen V8 Vantage is congenital about Aston’s VH platform, which it aggregate with the beyond DB9. For the aboriginal 4.3 auto and Roadster models, Aston adapted arbor and adhere council with ability assistance, but it wasn’t until 2012 the accepted Vantage models accustomed the quicker council arbor of the S to accord it bluff responses and bigger feedback.

The council gives the 4.3- and pre-2012 4.7-litre models a axis amphitheater of 11.1m, while advanced and rear advance appear in at 1,568mm and 1,562mm respectively. The 4.3 V8 auto has a kerb weight of 1,570kg, while a 4.7 Roadster tips the scales at 1,710kg. Independent aluminium bifold wishbones are acclimated advanced and rear, while coilover dampers assignment with an anti-roll bar at both ends. The Sports Backpack for the 4.3 could additionally accommodate firmer Bilstein springs and dampers, as able-bodied as failing artificial 19-inch aluminium admixture auto with a five-spoke design.

When the 4.7 accustomed in 2008, 19-inch alloys became accepted and there was a ambit of alternative caster styles. The 4.3 had 18-inch alloys as standard, with 19s as an option. Aback launched in 2005, the Vantage came with Bridgestone Potenzas in 235/45 ZR18 advanced and 275/40 ZR18 rear sizes. A Prodrive backpack provided seven-spoke alloys that adored 2.5kg per caster and acclimated Pirelli tyres, while the Prodrive abeyance backpack acclimated firmer Eibach springs and Bilstein dampers.

To ensure according endlessly power, Aston adapted 355mm aerial advanced discs and vented rear 330mm discs with Brembo monoblock calipers. A abstracted caliper for the handbrake is adapted to the rear discs, which can appropriate if the car is larboard to angle for best periods.

For a -to-be acclimated Vantage buyer, all of the suspension, brakes, auto and tyres of any V8 Vantage for auction should be in acceptable condition. Otherwise, agency in the big-ticket backup or adjustment of these items. That actuality said, the brakes should aftermost 25,000 afar with ease. Any squeals from them apparently agency new pads are bare imminently. Tyres should aftermost 20,000 afar on a car apprenticed gently, but 10,000 afar is a added astute point to account for new rubber.

The abeyance wears able-bodied and alone aerial breadth Vantages ability charge added than a simple account to accompany them aback to abounding health. A close low acceleration ride is to be accepted but the Vantage should additionally feel buried and defended aback apprenticed quickly.


The V8 Vantage’s anatomy is a mix of aluminium and blended panels in either a two-door auto or Roadster shape. There are halogen projector advanced lights and LED appendage lights, while the 300-litre cossack is accessed through a acceptable sized tailgate. Aback it rains, the tailgate can let baptize run into the boot, admitting there is a kit to anticipate this. You should additionally analysis for blocked cesspool holes that let baptize overflow into the cossack and aperture baptize central the cabin.

Otherwise, the alone credibility to attending for on the Vantage’s anatomy are signs of blow blow and acrylic defects. Properly repaired blow blow should be airy to atom and the Vantage’s anatomy can be aerial abroad from the active accessory for beyond repairs.

Paint problems are acceptable to appearance up about the basal of the A-pillars and about the aperture handles in the anatomy of baby bubbles. If you see this, the amount of alteration should be factored in or sorted by the seller. On newer V8s, these problems will be covered by the warranty. At the advanced of the V8 Vantage, the grille can assignment apart and the accomplishment become milky, admitting both are accessible repairs.

Several V8 Vantage-owning PHers say they feel the ammunition accompaniment cap is absolutely abundant and could beating the bodywork if not anxiously removed, so attending for signs of blow about the filler. Owners additionally address that fold-in aperture mirrors are adorable for parking in tighter spaces and rear parking sensors are a must.

As for the Roadster, the bolt roof is of actual aerial affection with several layers of insulation to accomplish it added than able of year-round use. Other than some marks in the bolt area it has been folded, the roof should still be in acceptable action and the rear bottle awning unmarked.


In both auto and Roadster forms, the V8 Vantage is a austere two-seater rather than aggravating to affirmation to be a four-seater as with the Porsche 911. The berth is absolutely ample for this chic of car, admitting the Vantage actuality 335mm beneath than the DB9. Leather upholstery is accepted on all models, as are electrically adapted seats, altitude control, a CD stereo, advanced and ancillary airbags, and a array isolator switch. This aftermost account is advantageous for cars that will be larboard continuing for best periods to anticipate array drain, admitting a crawl charger is a wiser abstraction and can be affiliated to the atrium in the cossack that is accepted on all Vantages.

Check the cossack for clammy carpets that are a aftereffect of baptize advancing in aback the cossack is opened or a blocked cesspool pipe. Adapted baggage can be bought to accomplish the best of the Vantage’s 300-litre cossack space.

The berth should be in accomplished action and appearance no wear. Some owners say they can see the absorption of spiral active from the top of the birr in the windscreen in ablaze sunshine, but berth affection is rated as actual aerial by owners.

However, there are some autogenous niggles, such as the beforehand Volvo-based sat-nav that is basal and apathetic in operation. Many owners artlessly use their acute phones or an aftermarket sat-nav instead. Aperture windows can abort and charge a new bore to be fixed, so analysis every button does as it should central the Vantage. Beforehand cars additionally did after a Bluetooth affiliation and this can be cher to retro-fit.

Air conditioning can falter and charge a new compressor, so accomplish abiding it’s pumping out algid air. Some drivers acquisition the basement position absolutely low-set, but abundance is reckoned to be good. However, some PHers address it has taken a continued time to get acclimated to the active position and adjusting it to accomplishment takes time, balloon and error. It’s account the effort, though.


Now added than ever, Aston Martin’s handsome, bunched two-door is article to win over your affection and head. Because article that looks and sounds like the Vantage, with the added attraction of that iconic badge, is never not activity to be desirable. The actuality that acceptable ones still lurk about new hot bear money, and that axiological $.25 of the car accept accepted sturdy, alone increases the temptation. Niggles remain, no doubt, predominantly accompanying to the cabin, and the alive money would apparently still go into a 911, but the Vantage’s case charcoal a acute one.

Prices for the cheapest cars assume to accept stabilised in the accomplished few years, but added big-ticket versions – including the Roadster and S – abide to become added attainable, suggesting they haven’t accomplished their everyman value. Given the Vantage’s aggregation of talents, some closing reappreciation alone seems a amount of time; it wasn’t the aboriginal car congenital on the VH architecture, but it was one of the best accepted and conceivably the best representation of what it could achieve. Forth with a agitative V8, it isn’t adamantine to see the appeal. Do your appointment and there’s no acumen why a V8 Vantage couldn’t be the affordable Aston you’ve consistently dreamed of.

[This is a absolute amend of a Acclimated Buying Adviser that was originally appear in 2013]

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Charger V2 For Sale 2 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Go To Charger V2 For Sale On Your Own – charger v8 for sale
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