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Triple Venn Diagram Template 2 Various Ways To Do Triple Venn Diagram Template

The adventure of Cinderella is one of the best acclaimed bogie tales with hundreds of versions actuality told all over the world.  Cinderella’s origins are begin in 9th aeon China, area the account is accepted as “Yeh-Shen,” although best bodies admit best the French adaptation affected by Charles Perrault in the backward 1600’s.  With about every adeptness touting some aberration of this tale, the abstraction and allegory of Cinderella belief is a abundant way to advance cross-cultural comparisons in the classroom while teaching articulacy and authoritative access beyond the curriculum.  In this unit, acceptance assay a advanced ambit of multi-cultural Cinderella stories, absorption on similarities and differences of the stories.  Finally, acceptance actualize an illustrated Cinderella adventure based on their own self-defined culture.   Objectives/SkillsStudents will:

triple venn diagram template
 Triple Venn Diagram Templates - 9+ Free Word, PDF Format ..

Triple Venn Diagram Templates – 9+ Free Word, PDF Format .. | triple venn diagram template

Materials Get these items accessible advanced of time:

China: Louie, Ai-Ling. Yeh-Shen: A Cinderella Adventure from China. Illus. by Ed Young.

Egypt: Climo, Shirley. The Egyptian Cinderella. Illus. by Ruth Heller.    

France: Perrault, Charles.  Cinderella.  Illus. by Loek Koopmans.  

India: Babeaux Brucker, Meredith.  Anklet for a Princess: A Cinderella Adventure from India.  Illus. by Lila Mehta.  

Indonesia: Sierra, Judy.  The Gift of the Crocodile: A Cinderella Story.  Illus. by Reynold Ruffins.  

Ireland: Climo, Shirley.  The Irish Cinderlad.  Illus. by Loretta Krupinski. 

Jewish: Silverman, Erica.  Raisel’s Riddle.  Illus. by Susan Gaber.

Jewish: Jaffe, Nina. The Way Meat Loves Salt: A Cinderella Account from the Jewish Tradition. Illus. by Louise August.

triple venn diagram template
 Triple Venn Diagram Templates - 9+ Free Word, PDF Format ..

Triple Venn Diagram Templates – 9+ Free Word, PDF Format .. | triple venn diagram template

Mexico: Domitila: A Cinderella Account from the Mexican Tradition. Adapted by Jewell Reinhart Coburn. Illus. by Connie McLennan. 

Middle East: Hickox, Rebecca.  The Golden Sandal: A Middle Eastern Cinderella Story.  Illus. by Will Hillenbrand.

Native American: Martin, Rafe. The Rough-Face Girl. Illus. by David Shannon. 

United States: Ketteman, Helen. Bubba the Cowboy Prince: A Fractured Texas Tale. Illus. by James Warhola.

West Africa: Onyefulu, Obi. Chinye: A West African Folk Tale. Illus. by Evie Safarewicz. 

Zimbabwe: Steptoe, John. Mufaro’s Beautiful Daughters.

AssessmentTo what amount does the student-made adventure reflect an compassionate of introducing variations in both ambience and artifice elements?Is the apprentice able to actualize altered adventure elements while actual constant with the capital artifice of Cinderella?

ProcedureShow acceptance an angel of Cinderella (opens in new window).

Ask acceptance if they can assay the adventure from the account alone.  What allotment of the adventure does the account depict? Explain to acceptance that this account is an analogy from a Cinderella storybook.  Talk about added places acceptance adeptness accept apparent Cinderella.  Perhaps they are accustomed with the Disney adaptation or accept apprehend added storybooks.

Read acceptance the acclaimed Cinderella adventure by Charles Perrault.   

Ask acceptance “How do we apperceive it’s a Cinderella story?  What charge all Cinderella belief have?” 

Explain to acceptance that there are Cinderella belief from abounding countries all over the world.  Tell acceptance that they will be account altered versions of Cinderella belief from about the apple and cerebration their differences and similarities. 

Read a added Cinderella adventure of your choosing. As a class, alive in baby groups, or individually, ask acceptance to ample out a Venn diagram (use this template) as a way to assay similarities and differences.

Help acceptance blueprint the capital genitalia of a Cinderella Story. Use this template, or accomplish your own. Modify the account of accepted elements your chic has fabricated to accomplish a ample appearance assay blueprint for your classroom to accumulate clue of the story’s artifice aspect commonalities: setting/country, capital character, bewitched helper, botheration or nemesis, agency of recognition, gathering, and prize.

As a chic or inidivudally, apprehend several added Cinderella belief and ample in the affection assay blueprint as a class.  You may appetite to use your accepted read-aloud time and apprehend two books a day over the advance of several days.

Looking at the chart, ask acceptance what is consistently the aforementioned throughout the stories? And what varies? Why do they anticipate there are variations? 

Finally, ask acceptance to authenticate their compassionate of plot, characters, and variations by autograph their own Cinderella story. Ask them to acquaint ambience and characters based on their own ambience and abode in the world. For example, if a apprentice identifies with arena sports or a indigenous or religious community, they should accomplish their Cinderella adventure introducing those characters and notable contest or gatherings. Ask acceptance to allotment their adventure aloud. Encourage acceptance to ask questions. Lead a altercation on how anniversary student’s adventure reflects their own character and association culture.

Interdisciplinary ExtensionsGeography/World Cultures:

After account anniversary Cinderella story, acceptance locate and mark anniversary country on a apple map.

Students assignment in baby groups to do analysis on a country of their choice, and accomplish a Cinderella adventure based in that country.  Ask acceptance to accede how the ambience and artifice will change due to the altered appearance of the called country.

Map apprentice belief abutting with absolute apple places on Google Lit Trips (www.googlelittrips.org).  Google Lit Trips uses the technology of Google Earth to accompany belief to activity through basic mapping.  Acceptance abode markers on Google Earth to clue the journeys of adventure characters, with the adeptness to abide those abode markers with added resources.  Acceptance “ride forth as basic passengers” on the aforementioned adventure as their characters.

Let acceptance in baby groups aces out a admired adaptation from addition country, do added analysis on the country, and act out the adventure with props. Accept acceptance draw their admired genitalia of a Cinderella adventure and add illustrations to agnate countries on a ample illustrated apple map.


Students assignment on abstracts calm from the Cinderella belief with allocation activities in which they array belief by attributes, anecdotic what distinguishes one array of belief from another. 

Students architecture and backpack out their own abstracts analysis by developing Cinderella surveys.  What questions do acceptance accept about Cinderella? In one class, a apprentice asked, “is the nemesis consistently a step-mother?” Ask the acceptance to investigate this and agnate questions by reviewing the affirmation (books), accession abstracts (counting how abounding times this is true), and adapt after-effects into beheld representation by bushing in a band blueprint or stacking cubes. In the beforehand question, acceptance adeptness acquisition that out of six Cinderella stories, the nemesis is the mother or step-mother three times, a sister or step-sister twice, and a alarming beastly once. By attractive at affirmation visually, acceptance can draw abstracts (“In Cinderella stories, the nemesis is best generally a ancestors member”) with greater ease.


Students can accomplish a collage depicting their own Cinderella story. Encourage them to use photos, clippings, downloads to acquisition symbols and personifications that clothing their story. Lead a whole-class effective appraisal by allurement questions such as “what is that? what does it represent?” “how does it accomplish you feel?” “what makes you say that?” Look beyond several students’ assignment to acquisition commonalities. For example, are there commonalities in how acceptance affectation their nemesis? Their goal?

Author: Pauline Noyes

Triple Venn Diagram Template 2 Various Ways To Do Triple Venn Diagram Template – triple venn diagram template
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