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Nickel Key Dates Seven Brilliant Ways To Advertise Nickel Key Dates

Welcome to the nickel miners account for November. The accomplished ages saw about able after-effects from the nickel producers with several advantageous bottomward and/or advantageous off all debt. The nickel juniors mostly progressed well.

nickel key dates
 Rare - KEY DATE 1950-D Jefferson Nickel | Property Room - nickel key dates

Rare – KEY DATE 1950-D Jefferson Nickel | Property Room – nickel key dates | nickel key dates

As of November 29, the nickel atom bulk was USD 7.28, up from USD 7.08 aftermost month. Nickel account at the London Metals Barter [LME] was hardly college than aftermost ages at 241,752 tonnes (238,152 tonnes aftermost month).

Nickel atom prices – Continued appellation blueprint – Accepted bulk = USD 7.28/lb

Source: Mining.com

Nickel Abiding Bulk Projection

Source: Kalkine Media address DIS

Battery nickel appeal set to billow over ten bend this decade as the EV bang takes off

Source: Bloomberg

2019 to 2030 ‘battery’ appeal admission anticipation for EV metals – Nickel ‘battery’ appeal anticipation to admission by 14x

Source: Address BloombergNEF

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence – Simon Moores’s – forecasts

Source: Benchmark Mineral Intelligence Twitter

Investors can additionally apprehend my accomplished article: “Top 5 Nickel Miners To Consider Afore The Nickel Boom.”

On October 29 Forbes appear (quoting Wood Mackenzie):

The action alteration will be congenital with metals. Electrification is avant-garde and centre in the action transition. The absolute ability bulk alternation – from wind turbines and solar panels, manual and administering basement to action accumulator and batteries, electric agent [EV] charging and the blow – will be a winner……In any scenario, appeal for metals goes up……The big bristles alteration metals are copper, aluminium, nickel, azure and lithium. The bigger beforehand breadth will be electric cartage – a 2 °C or lower alleyway will see appeal arise from 5 actor cartage today to at atomic 80 actor by 2030. The EV anatomy will heavily await on aluminium to minimise weight, and chestnut for wiring. The batteries for EVs and the arising action accumulator bazaar will drive up appeal for lithium, nickel and cobalt. Chestnut and aluminium are analytical to the amplification of manual and administering grids, as are solar panels……We’re forecasting chestnut and aluminium appeal to admission by about a third by 2040, nickel by two-thirds, and azure and lithium by 200% and 600%, appropriately ……Our appearance is that we are two to three years abroad from any abiding bread-and-butter accretion and the college prices to incentivise beforehand in new supply.

On November 18 Bloomberg Blooming reported:

Tesla, account giants anatomy barter accumulation calling for 100% EV sales. Added than two dozen utilities, EV-charging companies, array suppliers and EV manufacturers accept formed the Zero Emission Transportation Association, which is calling for behavior such as customer incentives and emissions targets that will beforehand the about-face to EVs. Accumulation wants emissions caps, absolute EV acceptance by 2030.

On November 23 MiningMx reported:

How do azure and nickel assemblage up in chase to boss electric agent array market? There are a host of array technologies beneath development including NCM (nickel, azure and manganese) array whilst its adept battling is the lithium adamant phosphate (LFP) battery. Car technology aggregation Tesla is developing a LMNO (lithium, manganese, nickel oxide) array which it hopes to commercialise by 2022/23, whilst Johnson Matthey and BASF, the German chemicals giant, are developing a lithium nickel oxide battery. “All the array bolt will see appeal abound over the abutting 10 years on the aback of the acceleration in EV sales,” said Morgan Stanley. But nickel would be “the bigger almsman whilst the abstruse change suggests azure will be thrifted out of EV batteries over the decade,” it said…… RBC Basal Markets, however, thinks there is abeyant for nickel to become as according a bulk botheration in cathodes, abnormally if new nickel appeal behaves as forecast: 700,000 bags of new appeal by 2023 to 2025 affective to 1.4 actor bags by 2030…. “There is accordingly in our appearance abeyant that azure regains some appeal in batteries abnormally as nickel moves through its allurement appraisement cycle,” it said. One metal acceptable to account in any aftereffect is copper. Used in batteries, chestnut is additionally appropriate in the infrastructural rollout appropriate to abutment EV refuelling stations both domestically and in added society. Manganese, advanced almost abandoned in the array metal blueprint abundantly attributable to its baby bazaar share, is additionally a abeyant aloft beneficiary, abnormally as Tesla’s manganese-rich array is developed, say analysts.



Vale affairs a US$1.7B Voisey’s Bay amplification plan to addition their nickel production.

On October 28, Vale SA announced:

Vale informs on estimates update. Vale S.A. (“Vale”), informs that it has adapted today, in its third assay 2020 balance report, the appraisal for basal bulk in 2020 from US$ 4.6 billion to US$ 4.2 billion.

On October 28, Vale SA announced:

Vale’s achievement in 3q20. Proforma adapted EBITDA accomplished US$ 6.224 billion, US$ 2.638 billion college than in 2Q20 and the accomplished aback 4Q13. While EBITDA bigger in all Vale’s business, the bigger aftereffect was mainly apprenticed by the 26% admission of adamant ore accomplished prices and 20% college adamant ore sales volumes in 3Q20…..LME nickel prices acquaint able assets in 3Q20, averaging US$ 14,210/t compared to US$ 12,215/t in 2Q20. This represents a 16%, or about US$2,000/t, admission assay over quarter. Absolute barter inventories [LME and SHFE] had a net increase, closing at 266.8 kt by the end of 3Q20, an admission of 3.9 kt from the antecedent quarter…..Global stainless-steel assembly added 14.5% in 3Q20 about to 2Q20 as able Chinese assembly connected to increase, offsetting weakness in Europe and Arctic America. While all-around stainless-steel assembly is forecasted to be bottomward 4% in 2020….. Our near-term appearance for nickel charcoal the same, we accept the bazaar will be in surplus in 2020. COVID-19 has absolutely impacted demand, decidedly in the high-value markets, such as aerospace, automotive and oil & gas sectors. However, absolute signs accept emerged abundant eventually than expected, such as backbone in Chinese stainless-steel production, a able backlash in EV and automotive sales. Our abiding angle for nickel continues to abide positive.

On November 4, Vale SA announced:

Vale enters into new exclusivity acceding to accommodate the auction of Vale New Caledonia. Vale S.A.

Norilsk Nickel (LSX: MNOD) (OTCPK:NILSY)

On November 3, Norilsk Nickel announced:

Nornickel lath of admiral recommends acting allotment for 9m 2020. The Lath of Admiral has recommended for the EGM approval an acting allotment for the nine months of 2020 in the bulk of RUB 623.35 per accustomed allotment (approximately USD 7.74 at the RUB/USD barter amount the Russian Central Coffer as of November 3, 2020), accretion RUB 98.64 bn (approximately USD 1.2 bn). The Lath of Admiral has proposed to set the allotment almanac date (the account of shareholders advantaged to the dividend) on December 24, 2020.

nickel key dates
 1938 D Jefferson Nickel, Key Date, Above Avg Circulated ..

1938 D Jefferson Nickel, Key Date, Above Avg Circulated .. | nickel key dates

Investors can apprehend my commodity “An Amend On Norilsk Nickel.”

BHP Accumulation [ASX:BHP] (NYSE:BHP)

BHP’s Nickel West (includes the Mt Keith nickel abundance in Australia) has a Measured and Indicated Ability of 4.1Mt with a Absolute Ability Independent Nickel of 6.3Mt, with an boilerplate brand of 0.58% Ni in sulphide ore. Nickel West produced 80 kt of nickel in FY 2020. BHP has affairs to aggrandize nickel sulphate assembly to accommodated approaching array demand, with Date 1 at Nickel West targeting amplification to 100ktpa nickel sulphate, and Date 2 to follow.

On November 24, BHP Accumulation announced: “BHP’s subordinated agenda repurchase plan – bulk determination.”

On November 26, BHP Accumulation announced:

Partnership to blooming the West End of Port Hedland. A $3million greening and advantage action is underway to admonition beforehand the all-embracing aesthetics and advantage of the West End of Port Hedland.

Jinchuan Accumulation [HK:2362]

On November 1, Jinchuan Accumulation International Assets announced: “Operational amend for the nine months concluded 30 September 2020.” Alone chestnut and azure were discussed.

Glencore [HK:805] [LSE:GLEN] (OTCPK:GLCNF)

On October 30, Glencore announced: “Third assay 2020 assembly report.” Highlights include:

Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. (OTCPK:SMMYY)

On November 9, Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. announced: “Consolidated banking after-effects for the added assay concluded September 30, 2020 [IFRS].”

On November 19, Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. announced: “FY2020 2nd assay beforehand of business strategy.” Highlights include:

On November 27, Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. announced: “Publishing of Sumitomo Metal Mining Integrated Address 2020.”

Anglo American [LSX:AAL] (OTCPK:AAUKF)

On October 30 Anglo American announced: “Anglo American sustainability achievement update.” Highlighrs include:


On October 28, Eramet announced: “Eramet: Third-quarter 2020 about-face stable, the sales of the Mining and Metals assay account the appulse of the abstruse aerospace crisis.” Highlights include:

Sherritt International (OTCPK:SHERF)[TSX:S]

On November 4, Sherritt International announced: “Sherritt letters banking after-effects for q3 2020.” Highlights include:

On November 23, Sherritt International announced: “Sherritt’s CEO to footfall bottomward from role in 2021.”

IGO Limited [ASX:IGO] (OTC:IIDDY) (formerly Independence Group)

On October 28, IGO Limited announced: “Commencement of assignment programme at Antipa – IGO Paterson farm-in project.”

On October 29, IGO Limited announced: “Quarterly address aeon concluded 30 September 2020.” Highlights include:

On November 23, IGO Limited announced: “IGO admittance in the Dow Jones sustainability Index Australia.”

Western Areas Ltd. [ASX:WSA](OTCPK:WNARF)

On October 28, Western Areas Ltd. announced:

On October 30, Western Areas Ltd. announced: “FY21 Admonition update.”


On November 25, Western Areas Ltd. announced: “Update on Mining Lease Application & Preparation for Assembly at Kat Gap.”

Panoramic Assets [ASX:PAN] (OTCPK:PANRF)

Panoramic’s Savannah abundance and comminute has a anticipation activity of abundance boilerplate anniversary assembly amount of 10,800t of nickel, 6,100t of chestnut and 800t of azure metal independent in concentrate.

On November 2, Panoramic Assets announced: “Excellent Savannah FAR #3 accession arid progress.”

On November 16, Panoramic Assets announced: “Savannah FAR#3 accession arid progress.”

Nickel Mines Ltd [ASX:NIC]

On October 29, Nickel Mines Ltd. announced: “Quarterly activities report.”


On November 24, Nickel Mines Ltd. announced:

Agreement accomplished for the accretion of 70% of the Angel Nickel Project.

Conic Metals [TSXV:NKL]

Conic Metals has been formed from the Azure 27 spin-out. Conic Metals offers ample acknowledgment to nickel and azure through a 8.56% JV absorption in Ramu, 11 ability investments.

On November 2, Conic Metals Corp. announced:

Conic releases Ramu q3 2020 performance. “Conic is admiring to advertise Ramu’s Q3 operating after-effects accept not been abnormally impacted by the all-around communicable and in actuality Q3 represented one of our best assembly quarters” declared Justin Cochrane, President and CEO. “Nickel assembly was 8% college in the assay compared to Q3 2019 and year to date is 2% college in allegory to the aforementioned aeon in 2019. Ramu is on clue to accommodated admonition of 32,000-33,000 of nickel assembly in 2020……

Other nickel producers

First Quantum Minerals [TSX:FM] (OTCPK:FQVLF), Franco/Nevada [TSX:FNV], MMG [HK:1208], South32 [ASX:S32], Lundin Mining [TSX:LUN], Nickel Asia Corporation [PSE:NIKL] (OTC:NIKAY).

Amur Minerals Corp. [LSE:AMC] [GR:A7L] (OTCPK:AMMCF)

On October 27, Amur Minerals Corp. announced:

AMC holds 13.43% of NRR column USD10m disinterestedness investment. Amur Minerals Corporation (“Amur” or the “Company”), the nickel-copper sulphide mineral assay and ability development aggregation focused on the far east of Russia, is admiring to advertise that assertive absolute shareholders of Nathan River Assets Pte Limited (“NRR”), accept autonomous to accommodate added US$10 actor in disinterestedness costs to NRR to accommodate added alive basal to beforehand the addition of stockpiles and processing of mined blocks at the Roper Bar Adamant Ore action in the Northern Territories, Australia, in adjustment to booty advantage of the accepted aerial adamant ore prices.

Poseidon Nickel [ASX:POS] (OTC:PSDNF)

On October 30, Poseidon Nickel announced: “Quarterly address 30 September 2020.” Highlights include:

On November 11, Poseidon Nickel announced: “Drill drive adjustment awarded.”

On November 19, Poseidon Nickel announced: “Golden Swan and Southern Terrace continues to grow.” Highlights include:

On November 25, Poseidon Nickel announced: “Excellent after-effects from basal metallurgical testwork.” Highlights include:

On November 25, Poseidon Nickel announced: “Assays affirm added high-grade nickel at Golden Swan.” Highlights include:

Note: This analyst’s address on Poseidon Nickel [ASX:POS] appraisal is A$0.15. The banal is trading currently at A$0.07, so still ~2x upside.

Talon Metals [TSX:TLO] (OTCPK:TLOFF) Tamarack – (JV with Rio Tinto)

Tamarack is a aerial brand nickel-copper-cobalt action amid in Minnnesota, USA, with ample assay upside. Talon Metals is earning in to own a 51% allotment by March 2022, with abeyant to added earn-in to a 60% allotment by 2026.

On November 2, Talon Metals announced: “Drilling at the Tamarack Action continues to point appear a new breadth of bank nickel mineralization alfresco of Talon Metals’ ability area.” Highlights include:

On November 13, Talon Metals announced:

Talon Metals letters after-effects for the assay concluded September 30, 2020. Talon Metals Corp. appear a net accident for the three months concluded September 30, 2020 of $0.5 actor or $nil per allotment (basic and diluted), which was primarily the aftereffect of administering expenses…..

On November 24, Talon Metals announced:”Talon Metals drills 8.39 meters (27.53 feet) of high-grade massive sulphides at the Tamarack Action to extend mineralization.”

Garibaldi Assets [TSXV:GGI] [GR:RQM] [LN:OUX6] (OTCPK:GGIFF)

On November 16, Garibaldi Assets announced:

Garibaldi to assignment high-grade Casper Quartz Gold Vein. Garibaldi Assets is admiring to accommodate an amend on affairs to extend its conduct affairs up at the Eskay Camp. As winter arrives at the E&L nickel-copper-cobalt massive sulphide action on Nickel Mountain, conduct will now axis to the low acclivity (430m) Casper quartz gold attitude apparent aftermost fall. Garibaldi owns a 100% absorption in over 180 sq. kms of awful -to-be claims, in the affection of the Eskay Gold Camp. The E&L and Casper are cogent aloft discoveries fabricated by the Aggregation aural their affirmation accumulation in NW British Columbia.

On November 24, Garibaldi Assets announced:

Garibaldi updates financing. Garibaldi Assets is admiring to advertise that added to the Company’s November16, 2020 account absolution advertisement the adjustment of a non-brokered clandestine adjustment of up to 5 actor flow-through units at 60 cents to accession up to $3,000,000 [CDN], the Aggregation has bankrupt the aboriginal tranche of $2,033,200 CDN by the arising of 3,388,666 units at 60 cents per unit.


On November 16, Oz Minerals announced: “Carrapateena 2020 mineral assets and ore affluence account and allegorical notes.” Nickel not relevant.

On November 16, OZ Minerals announced: “OZ Minerals to advance $47 actor to beforehand Prominent Hill shaft amplification study.” Highlights include:;

St George Mining Ltd [ASX:SGO] [GR:SOG]

The Cathedrals, Stricklands and Investigators nickel-copper discoveries (at Mt Alexander) are amid on E29/638, which is captivated in collective adventure by Western Areas Limited (25%) and St George (75%). St George is the Manager of the Action with Western Areas application a 25% non-contributing absorption in the Action (in attention to E29/638 only) until there is a accommodation to mine.

On October 30, St George Mining Ltd. announced: “Quarterly activities address for the aeon concluded 30 September 2020.” Highlights include:

Mt Alexander Project:

On November 16, St George Mining Ltd. announced: “Drilling of able EM conductors at Mt Alexander delivers added absolute results…..Drilling continues 24/7…..”

Sama Assets [TSXV: SME] [GR;8RS] (OTCPK:SAMMF)

No account for the month.

North American Nickel [TSXV:NAN]

No account for the month.

Canada Nickel Aggregation [TSXV:CNC](OTCQB:CNIKF)

No account for the month.

Investors can appearance a CEO video here, or my CEO account actuality on Trend Investing.


On October 28, Giga Metals announced:

Giga Metals Corporation announces after-effects of a absolute Basal Bread-and-butter Assessment (“PEA”) for the assembly of high-grade nickel apply from the Turnagain nickel deposit. The PEA indicates a long-life, all-embracing project. With a projected body basal of US$1.4B (Phase 1) and US$0.5B (Phase 2) including cogent beforehand for a powerline carrying low-cost, clean, low-carbon ability from BC Hydro (mainly hydroelectric), the projected basal acuteness is US$51,500 per anniversary tonne nickel at abounding ante (years 6 to 20)……At metals prices of U.S. $7.50 per batter of nickel and smelter agreement of 78% NSR as provided by Wood Mackenzie, Turnagain is accepted to accept a pre-tax IRR of 6.3%.

On November 3, Giga Metals announced:

Giga announces centralized assay of Turnagain action vs HPAL projects. Our Basal Bread-and-butter Assessment (PEA), appear October 28, 2020, modelled a abundance that would aftermath an boilerplate of 33,000 tonnes per year of nickel over a abundance activity of 37 years with bordering economics at accepted nickel prices,” said Mr. Vydra. “The nickel would be independent in an awfully apple-pie sulphide apply allocation 18% nickel and 1% cobalt, acceptable for admixture and adorning into Class I nickel, as modelled in the PEA. We are additionally planning to conduct added testwork to affirm the acquiescence of Turnagain apply to absolute adorning via hydrometallurgy into recovered nickel acceptable for the array industry whether it be powder, briquettes or sulphate……”

Ardea Assets [ASX:ARL] (OTCPK:ARRRF), Artemis Assets [ASV:ARV], Australian Mines [ASX:AUZ], Blackstone Minerals [ASX:BSX], Cassini Assets [ASX: CZI] (OTC:CSSQF), Centaurus Metals [ASX:CTM], Apple-pie TeQ [ASX:CLQ] [TSX:CLQ] (OTCQX:CTEQF), FPX Nickel [TSXV:FPX], Grid Metals Corp [TSXV:GRDM, Inomin Mines [TSXV:MINE], Jervois Mining [ASX:JRV][TSXV:JRV] (OTCQB:JRVMF), New Age Metals [TXV:NAM], Nickel Creek Platinum [TSX:NCP] (OTCQX:NCPCF), Pancontinental Assets Corporation [TSXV:PUC], Polymet Mining [TSX:POM], Rox Assets [ASX:RXL], S2 Assets (ASX:S2R), Talisman Mining Ltd. [ASX:TLM], Alteration Metals [TSXV:XTM], URU Metals Ltd. [LSE:URU] [GR:NVRA], and Wall Bridge Mining [TSX:WM].

Note: Some of the aloft companies are covered in the Azure account news.

Nickel atom prices were hardly college and LME nickel account was hardly college in November.

Highlights for the ages were:

As accepted all comments are welcome.

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