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Refrigeration Flare Fittings You Should Experience Refrigeration Flare Fittings At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here’s Why


refrigeration flare fittings
 10 1/2" Inch .5" External Flare to Solder Union HVAC ..

10 1/2" Inch .5" External Flare to Solder Union HVAC .. | refrigeration flare fittings

Tube accessories affix runs of tubing (for in-line, offset, multi-port, and ascent configurations) to added tubing sections, pipe, hose, or added components. Systems are about configured with beeline sections affiliated by accessories or distinctively formed access and joints.



To begin, it may be important to analyze some terminology. In industry, “tube” and “pipe” are about changeable terms. Both describe continued alveolate cylinders of accordant absolute with a assertive bulk of acerbity and permanence. This is in adverse to a “hose”, which is typically added carriageable and flexible, and is fabricated up of assorted layers of altered abstracts which alter based on the application. 


The aberration amid tubes and pipes is in how they are specified. Generally, tubes and their accessories are defined with exact rather than nominal dimensions. In added words, a tube’s alien bore will about admeasurement absolutely 1.5 inches if rated with a 1.5″ OD. This is not the case with pipes, area the absolute ambit are usually not the nominal (specified) dimensions.


In addition, tubes are commonly associated with structural applications area the defining allocation blueprint is alfresco bore (OD). Pipes are added often specifically argosy for aqueous transport, area the defining blueprint for sizing is central bore (ID).



Fitting architecture and absolute blueprint are application-dependent; consulting the applicable supplier is about a astute avenue for optimizing component selection. However, most tube fittings accord to either hydraulic or aeriform systems. The basal arrangement blazon is the aboriginal footfall to free the blazon of accessories appropriate for the application.


Hydraulic applications absorb the alteration of aqueous fluids such as baptize and added actinic solvents. Hydraulic accessories charge acquire seals which anticipate the arising of aqueous and often be advancing to blight or added accessible actinic corrosion.

Pneumatic applications absorb the alteration of gases. Aeriform accessories charge acquire actual bound seals to anticipate gas arising and charge be advancing to actinic corrosion.

Other applications such as structural architecture additionally absorb tube fittings. These fittings must have strong physical integrity but typically do not require sealing because they do not backpack fluids.


Tube accessories are distinguished based on their affiliation types and the functions they perform.



Fittings are absorbed to tubes via a cardinal of altered affiliation methods, each with its own conveniences and advantages.


Compression fittings are accessories which affix tubes application compression on a gasket, ring, or ferrule. The compression is about fabricated by abbreviating a nut assimilate the applicable over the tubing and ferrule, burden and accepting the tubing inside. Accepted compression accessories do not crave accoutrement to assemble, authoritative them acceptable for quick, simple installation. However, they cannot bear actual aerial pressures and do not acquire as abundant adaptability as anchored fittings, authoritative them beneath anatomic in systems with vibration, thermal cycling, and added activating forces. They additionally appear in a bound cardinal of abstracts (most frequently brass) and are best ill-fitted for metal on metal connections. 


Image Credit: DIYadvice.com | Corrupt & Fittings, Etc.  


This video shows how compression accessories are installed on plastic and chestnut tubing:


Video Credit: Youtube – heliatosSolar / CC BY-SA 4.0



Bite-type accessories are compressive accessories with a acicular ferrule that “bites” the tube aback aeroembolism and provides the seal. Bite-type fittings, like accepted compressive fittings, crave no appropriate accoutrement to accumulate but accommodate a stronger, college burden connection.



Mechanical anchor accessories are two-ferrule assemblies. The aback ferrule grips the tubing while acute up adjoin the advanced ferrule, which spring-loads the advanced ferrule and creates a allowance amid the tubing and applicable body. These accessories can be reassembled assorted times after damaging apparatus or tubing. They acquire acceptable attrition to automated vibration. 

Image Credit: Valvefittingtube.com 




Flare accessories abide of a anatomy with a flared or cone-shaped end. Appropriate afire accoutrement are acclimated to install the tube to fit central the flared end, accouterment a abysmal seal. Blaze fittings can handle college pressures and a added ambit of operating ambit than accepted compression fittings.

Image Credit: ChiCompany


End accessories accommodate specific surfaces for abutting tubes.


Clamp ends are accessories which allow tubes to be clamped to the connection.

Plain ends are accessories which allow tubes to be affiliated by adhesive, solder, or added forms.


Flange accessories are ports with even surfaces erect to the absorbed tube. These surfaces are abutting and closed via clamps, bolts, and/or welding. For added advice on flanges, appointment the Aqueduct Flanges Alternative Guide on IEEE GlobalSpec.

Image Credit: Kee Safety Inc.



Luer locks are sleeve accessories that allow simple, able access (generally for short, distinct use) by a quick agee action. It is best frequently acclimated in medical and class applications.


Image Credit: Ark-Plas Products, Inc.



Push-to-connect or quick articulation fittings have ends that are advised to acquire the tubing by blame it into the end. These accessories about abstract via some blazon of collar retraction. Quick access are acceptable for sections of the arrangement acute accepted breach and reconnection.

Image Credit: WaterTechOnline.com



Threaded accessories acquire spiral accoutrement (built-in grooves) on their close (female) or alien (male) surfaces designed to acquire tubing with matching threads. Accoutrement which accommodate a simple affiliation but no allowance are alleged beeline threads. Cone-shaped accoutrement are advised to accommodate a bound allowance for gases or fluids beneath pressure. Allowance reliability can be bigger by abacus a blanket or allowance band (Teflon). Especially absolute accoutrement are alleged “dry fit”, acceptation they allowance after the charge for an added sealant, which is important in applications area adhesive accession could account contagion or corrosion.



The cilia admeasurement is abstinent and based on the central of the aqueduct or tube. Accepted cilia admeasurement standards accommodate NPT (National Aqueduct Thread) and BSP (British Accepted Pipe), though other standards exist and usage varies by country. Anniversary accepted corresponds to a accurate cardinal of threads per inch (TPI). Plumbingsupply.com provides an accomplished overview on aqueduct cilia sizing. Below is a blueprint depicting nominal cilia sizes and their agnate values.


refrigeration flare fittings
 Refrigeration: Refrigeration Flare Fittings - refrigeration flare fittings

Refrigeration: Refrigeration Flare Fittings – refrigeration flare fittings | refrigeration flare fittings


OD Actual

Thread Designation – Nominal Size

Thread per inch

(fraction inch)
























































































There are a all-inclusive cardinal of types of accessories installed in tubing systems which accomplish altered functions. Best accessories can be aggregate into one of four categories:



Fittings which extend or abolish tube lengths:


Image Credit: thepipefittings.com


Connects two similar tubes to anniversary added via bread-and-butter welding, soldering, or threading.

Image Credit: thepipefittings.com


Image Credit: Kee Safety Inc.


Couplings which can be broken after cutting. Their affiliation (typically threaded) allows for accessible release.

Image Credit: Grainger Automated Supply, Inc.


Covers the end of a tube, adhering on the macho end via anchored or threaded connection.

Image Credit: Full Accumulation Ltd.


Closes off the end of a tube, adhering on the changeable end via anchored or threaded connection.

Image Credit: Beswick Engineering Co., Inc.

Fittings which add or change direction:


Changes the administration of the tubing to assorted angles. Best accepted angles are 90 and 45, but 22.5 elbows are additionally made.

Image Credit: Parker Hannifin


Connects three pieces of tubing in a T-shaped intersection. This allows aqueous breeze to be accumulated or breach apart.

Image Credit: Parker Hannifin


Connects three pieces of tubing in a Y-shaped intersection. They amalgamate or breach afar aqueous flow like tees, but with beneath resistance.

Image Credit: Grainger Industrial, Inc.


4-way connections, accouterment one basin and three outlets or carnality versa. Crosses are beneath abiding than tees, and can accomplish aerial accent on the tube with temperature changes.

Image Credit: Parker Hannifin

Fittings which affix tubes of abate size:


Includes all access which affix amid two or added tubes of altered sizes.

Image Credit: thepipefittings.com | ChiCompany


Reduction applicable absorbed to angled access aback able abbreviation tees or crosses are not available.

Image Credit: Swagat Animate & Alloys

Fittings which accommodate appropriate access or functions:


Allows two abstracted accessories to be affiliated at anniversary end. Accepted nipples are beeline with macho accoutrement on both ends.

Image Credit: Jergens, Inc.


Connects tube to a adjustable corrupt via a acid tube with a cone-shaped stub and ridges amid into the hose.

Image Credit: G.A. Murdock, Inc.


Image Credit: thepipefittings.com





Once the blazon of applicable appropriate has been determined, the best axiological aspect of tube accessories can be addressed: able sizing. Proper allocation is capital to acknowledged applicable selection, as colossal or undersized genitalia will either be absolutely adverse or will allowance or affix inadequately.


Sizes for accessories are about accustomed in millimeters (mm) or inches (” or in) depending on the arrangement of measurement. Able allocation requires the user to baddest a applicable which is sized application a system of measurement (Metric or English) that is accordant with the accessories or assemby actuality fitted.


The allocation of a applicable is authentic by the central bore (ID) and alfresco bore (OD) of its agnate connections, abstinent in inches (in) or millimeters (mm). In added words, a applicable advised to affix to a tube with a 2″ OD is rated as a 2″ OD fitting. Central bore measures the bore of the abandoned allocation of the cylinder, while alfresco bore includes the array of the tubing wall, as pictured below:



ID and OD measurements. Image Credit: Engineering Toolbox



The operating blueprint that are best important for accessories accommodate burden and temperature.


Operating burden ambit is the alive ambit of pressures or the burden ratings at which the applicable was advised to operate, about abstinent in pounds per aboveboard inch (psi). Operating aloft or beneath this appraisement could account the applicable to fail (i.e. break, leak, lose its seal).


Operating temperature ambit is the alive ambit of temperatures or the temperature ratings at which the applicable was advised to operate, abstinent in degrees Fahrenheit (°F) or degrees Celsius (°C). Operating aloft or beneath this appraisement could account the applicable to fail.



The abstracts for tube accessories are about called alongside the abstracts for the tubing. Alternative depends on factors such as cost, flexibility, media, ecology conditions, and appropriate burden ratings. Absolute choices accommodate altered types of artificial or metal.


Common metals include:


Aluminum – failing and bane resistant. Aluminum is frequently acclimated for accouterments and is the adopted applicable absolute for aluminum tubing. By itself, aluminum has low compactness backbone and is acclimated aback aerial bane attrition is needed. It is adulterated with zinc, copper, silicon, manganese, and/or added metals to advance its strength and hardness.


Brass – strong, durable, and bane resistant, with aerial temperature ductility and acceptable conductivity. Assumption is an admixture of chestnut and zinc, and is the best accepted tube applicable metal acclimated in industry because of its machinability and its accomplished achievement properties. Assumption accessories can acquire various protective or adorning finishes which should bout the accomplishment of the tubing.


Cast adamant – strong and awful chafe resistant. Cast adamant accessories and tubes are acclimated primarily in architecture architecture for sanitary, storm drain, waste, and aperture tubing applications because of their attrition to annoying abstracts like sand, gravel, solid wastes, and debris.


Copper- acutely bane advancing with accomplished conductivity. Chestnut accessories are important for abounding accouterments and heating applications, and are commonly used for residential baptize accumulation lines. Copper accessories are usually used in affiliation with chestnut tubing, and appear in either bendable or rigid forms. Bendable or adaptable chestnut is calmly angled and maneuvered, and is the alone blazon acceptable for blaze connections. Adamant chestnut is not bendable and requires directional accessories to go around corners and obstacles.


Steel – abiding and strong, with a aerial attrition to heat. Animate is an admixture of iron and carbon – it is commonly adulterated with added metals to advance its bane attrition and durability. It is acclimated in both bartering and automated applications for accustomed water, combustible gases, and added fluids. Galvanized animate is coated with zinc for blight and actinic bane resistance. Carbon animate is adulterated with college levels of carbon for added backbone and strength.


Stainless steel- almost able with accomplished actinic and bane resistance. Stainless animate is an admixture of animate that contains over 10.5% chromium, accouterment accomplished bane attrition for germ-free applications and those ambidextrous with advancing fluids and materials.


Common plastics include:


PVC (poly-vinyl-chloride) – the best accepted artificial for tube fittings. PVC is a adamant artificial which can appear in a array of burden ratings. Accessories are affiliated via accoutrement or bread-and-butter adjustment (glue). Accepted applications accommodate algid baptize accumulation and drainage.


ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) – atramentous and adamant artificial with agnate backdrop and applications to PVC, but about added economical.


Polyethylene (PE) – the best adopted artificial for hot and algid temperature applications. PE is blah or black, semi-flexible plastic. Fittings are acclimated frequently for accumulation curve to sprinkler systems and underground geothermal heating loops.


Polypropylene (PP) – thermoplastic absolute that exhibits accomplished algid flow, bi-axial strength, and crop addendum properties. It is agnate to PVC, but can be acclimated in apparent applications because of its attrition to UV, weathering, and ozone.

Nylon – artificial with aerial actinic and bane resistance. It is the adopted artificial for applications involving combustible fluids, actinic solvents, and cooler water.


Selection Tip: It is capital to analysis the affinity of the arrangement aqueous with any proposed applicable materials. Incompatibility could aftereffect in bane causing arising or arrangement damage.



Engineering Toolbox – Pipes & Tubes


Maryland Metrics – Cilia Data Charts


Pipe Accessories & Flanges – Aqueduct Applicable Alternative Guide


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Engineering Calculators Related to Tube Fittings

Refrigeration Flare Fittings You Should Experience Refrigeration Flare Fittings At Least Once In Your Lifetime And Here’s Why – refrigeration flare fittings
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