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Many of the bigger stars are afraid to do sequels, assertive that the abracadabra captured the aboriginal time about is adamantine to carbon in consecutive productions. As I’m accepted (at atomic about the above closet that now serves as my home office) as the “Meryl Streep of Teardowns”, I try to chase her archetype aback it comes to echo performances. But if they could get her to appear aback for addition Mamma Mia film, I accept I can booty a attending at a additional Quirky product.

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This time about we’ll be attractive at the Quirky Egg Minder, a acute accessory advertised as actuality able to acquaint you aback your eggs are accepting old. Apparently, this is a botheration some bodies have. A botheration that of advance is best apparent via the Internet of Things, because who wouldn’t pay $80 USD for a battery-powered WiFi accessory that lives in their refrigerator and communicates basic egg statistics to an online service?

As it turns out, the acknowledgment to that catechism is “most people”. The Egg Minder, like best of its Quirky peers, bound became a acutely abiding accoutrement of retailer’s approval shelves. This accurate unit, which I was able to aces up new from Amazon, alone amount me $9.99. This is still added than I would accept paid beneath accustomed circumstances, but such sacrifices are allotment and bindle with authoritative abiding the readers of Hackaday get their approved dosage of abnormal gadgetry.

You may anamnesis that our aftermost Quirky device, the “Refuel” propane catchbasin monitor, concluded up actuality a fantastically engineered and congenital allotment of hardware. The absolute account of the artefact was far from certain, but cipher could abjure that the money had been spent in all the appropriate places.

What will the internals of the Egg Minder reveal? Will it accept the aforementioned akin of august over-engineering that took us by abruptness with the Refuel? Will that bite for anatomy over action ultimately become the bequest of these Quirky devices, or was it aloof a fluke? Let’s able this egg and acquisition out.

The Egg Minder is captivated calm with seven unnecessarily ample screws, anniversary hidden abaft a elastic bung that blends in with the case so able-bodied that at aboriginal I anticipation they were abridged in with some affectionate of epoxy. Curiously one of the screws had a T15 head, which I would commonly aspect to some attack at “security”, but it seems odd that Quirky would be afraid about anyone demography a blink central their cyberbanking egg carton. There’s additionally a blubbery elastic gasket befitting the two behindhand of the artificial case sealed, and a cossack about the ability switch. So far, that Quirky absorption to detail is in abounding effect.

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With the asylum opened, we can see the basal bisected is abandoned except for the arrangement compartment. I was absolutely a bit afraid they didn’t add some chunks of metal in there to accord the accessory a bit added heft. The affair is amenable for captivation your eggs afterwards all, and befitting it added durably buried to the shelf in the fridge seems like it would be account the few cents to bandy some balance in there.

The top bisected was additionally a surprise: it’s not every day that you see the aback of a single-sided PCB like this. Questions such as “Why?” and “How?” anon came to mind.

Flipping the PCB over, we can anon see how they pulled it off. The lath uses an absurd cardinal of aught amount resistors to “jump” over traces, acceptance the absolute ambit to be independent on the aforementioned ancillary of the board. Rather than appliance a via to accompany a trace to the added ancillary whenever things got a little cramped, one of these resistors was acclimated to physically lift the trace over its peers.

So now we apperceive how they managed to accommodate such a circuitous SMD architecture on aloof one ancillary of the board, but we still don’t apperceive why. This is the allotment breadth we get to brainstorm a bit. The lath has what is allegedly a waterproof coating, but rather than actuality sprayed analogously over the absolute surface, it’s been anxiously activated so as not to awning up any of the (numerous) apparent arise LEDs.

If we brainstorm that a artisan had to manually besom this blanket assimilate the board, it makes faculty that they’d appetite to accumulate aggregate on the aforementioned surface. Not alone would it be faster for the worker, but it would acquiesce the boards to be placed on their backs to dry rather than accepting to adhere them and accident the blanket active breadth it didn’t belong. But again, that’s aloof speculation. If somebody has a bigger theory, I’d adulation to apprehend it.

You may accept noticed that, up until this point, I haven’t addressed how the Egg Minder absolutely works. That’s because, frankly, it doesn’t. Granted that ability complete a little harsh, but the actuality of the amount is that this accessory doesn’t absolutely acquaint you how old an egg is.

There’s no high-tech spectroscopy activity on that can associate through the carapace or annihilation like that. It artlessly keeps clue of how abounding eggs are currently sitting in the fourteen openings on the top; it’s up to the user to accurately access the date they were purchased into the smartphone application.

Accordingly, some of the reviews I saw online affected that the Egg Minder was artlessly appliance burden sensors to ascertain how abounding eggs were onboard. Which is absolutely a analytic abundant conclusion. An arrangement of microswitches that appoint beneath the weight of the eggs is allegedly the best aboveboard way to access this problem, and is absolutely how I would accept tackled it if asked to appear up with my own homebrew version.

But that’s not how Quirky did it. Their band-aid uses fourteen pairs of bittersweet emitters and sensors, complete with eyes at the basal of anniversary egg cup, to ascertain the absorption off of the egg’s shell. At aboriginal glance it seems like overkill, but in all fairness, this adjustment does acquiesce audition the eggs behindhand of their weight. It could be that concrete apprehension was begin to be capricious with eggs of assorted sizes, breadth as this optical adjustment should assignment no amount how baby the egg is.

Of course, there’s added to the Egg Minder than a agglomeration of IR sensors. At the affection of the accessory is an Electric Imp module, the aforementioned as we ahead saw in the Refuel. Clearly Quirky was a fan of these modules, and at this point, I’m activity to go out on a limb and say that all of their Internet-connected accessories from this era are allegedly packing this aforementioned board. In a pre-ESP8266 world, the Electric Imp was a acute way to jump on the IoT appearance after accepting to reinvent the wheel.

I couldn’t end this teardown after pointing out what’s calmly my admired aspect of the Egg Minder, and a absolute archetype of the array of biased absorption to detail that Quirky engineers had. Along the ancillary of the accessory there’s a ablaze sensor, which as far as I can tell, is there to actuate aback the artificial lid has been bankrupt over the eggs. Though it may additionally be acclimated to actuate aback the lights are off in the refrigerator, as allegedly the Electric Imp will absolute its attempts to acquaint with the alfresco apple already the refrigerator aperture is bankrupt and it’s about bound central of a Faraday cage.

In any event, the designers were allegedly anxious that ablaze appearing from central the Egg Minder could baffle with the operation of this sensor. Considering anniversary egg has not alone an IR emitter beneath it, but LEDs announce its about age, it wasn’t an baseless concern. To anticipate this they corrective the breadth abaft the sensor atramentous and covered it with a allotment of fabric, aloof to be added abiding that no ablaze could animation about and accommodation their cyberbanking egg counting device. Oh Quirky, we don’t deserve you.

In accomplishing some analysis for this teardown, I begin that this absolutely isn’t the aboriginal time the Quirky Egg Minder has graced the pages of Hackaday. Aback in 2013, we wrote up a column about the again in-development Egg Minder, and asked readers to conjecture how it ability assignment and how they could body their own version.

With the final assembly accouterments laid bald afore us, it’s appealing absorbing to go aback and apprehend those comments six years later. A cardinal of association estimated the accessory would be appliance an Electric Imp, and one commenter alike accurately predicted it would appear arranged with lithium batteries due to the low temperatures it would charge to accomplish in. A Quirky architect alike chimed in to say he was aflame to see a activity he was alive on get best up by Hackaday. Here’s acquisitive you’re still reading, Josh. You did us proud.

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