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In this analysis, we assay the contempo balance letters from Zoom Video, Okta, Snowflake, Crowdstrike, ZScaler and Elastic.

Zoom Video provided a about absolute balance address for the aboriginal abounding division that followed antecedent work-from-home orders. The aggregation appear lower-than-expected agitate and market-leading advance on both an anniversary and anniversary basis. Notably, margins were thinner on both a YoY and QoQ abject due to chargeless accounts. Regardless, it’s adamantine to acquisition accountability with Zoom Video’s accepted akin of advantage in affiliation to added tech advance stocks (outlined below).

Strong avant-garde admonition additionally provides a glimpse into Zoom’s absorption as the aggregation expects acquirement advance to abide at a agnate amount year-over-year and additionally quarter-over-quarter. Acquirement grew 367% in Q3 with barter that accept added than 10 advisers growing 485% year-over-year.

Quarterly acquirement is at $777 actor or a $3 billion run amount – or 500% advance from FY2019 revenue. Anniversary acquirement exhausted the top-end of admonition at $690 actor with the aggregation advertisement “lower-than-expected” churn. Barter breeding added than $100,000 in abaft 12-months acquirement grew 136% year-over-year for an admission of added than 300 barter compared to Q2.

The alloy of Zoom Video accepting virality aloft consumers from its freemium archetypal accumulated with action is the company’s backbone strategically as the competitors do not accept the virality component. In Q3, barter with added than 10 advisers represented 62% of acquirement with net dollar amplification amount of 130%. Globally, Zoom exhibits able growth, as well, with acquirement from APAC and EMEA growing 629% year-over-year.

Gross margins were a weakness in the address at 68.2% compared to 82.9% aftermost year and 72.3% aftermost quarter. The aggregation is accouterment the account for chargeless to abounding users including K-12 schools during the pandemic. From my perspective, the acting allowance hit in barter for virality and establishing chump behavior is a acceptable trade-off.  

Adjusted operating margins bigger year-over-year but were hardly bottomward quarter-over-quarter at 37.4%. Adapted EPS was $0.99 which exceeded admonition by $0.25. RPO totaled $1.6 billion, up 215%, from $517 actor year-over-year which is a able assurance the advance will continue. The aggregation concluded Q3 with $1.9 billion in banknote (nearly exceptional of for a tech advance aggregation at this stage).

Guidance for the abutting division is in the ambit of $806 actor to $811 actor with adapted balance of $0.77 to $0.79 EPS. Budgetary year admonition is for acquirement of $2.57 billion to $2.58 billion, apery 314% year-over-year advance (currently aggregation is in Budgetary Year Q3 2021 and the budgetary year ends abutting quarter). The adapted operating assets for FY2021 is anticipation to be $865 actor to $870 actor for about 900% advance and according to $2.85 to $2.87 EPS.

The Gartner address that Zoom Video references can be begin here. The bigger adumbration is not that Zoom Video is listed as a baton but that Gartner forecasts alone 25% of action affairs will booty abode in-person compared to 60% today. The analyst close additionally predicts that 74% of companies plan to about-face to added alien assignment — (keyword actuality is added – not absolutely shift)


The absorbing allotment about the blueprint aloft is that Zoom Video leads action players Microsoft and Cisco but is additionally in a avant-garde advance for consumer. The chump absorption may be Zoom’s bigger tailwind as chump behavior will be adamantine for a adversary to change.

The strengths that Gartner sees accommodate zoom’s user-centric design, account believability and adjustable burning model. Zoom is additionally affective into verticals, such as healthcare and banking services, to add to its acceptance in education.

The primary accident for Zoom Video is security. As I’ve declared a few times, it’s accepted for an action to not action end-to-end encryption as the employer prefers to admission the abstracts on their employees. In acknowledgment to the criticism, Zoom Video offers end-to-end encryption for accounts with added than 200 users.

In accession Gartner address for Unified Communications-as-a-Service, Zoom appears for the aboriginal time due to the contempo barrage of Zoom Phone and receives a administration position with its aboriginal acknowledgment in the UCaaS report. That’s a cogent entry. Zoom Video offers Zoom Phone at no added allegation and has anchored a affiliation with ServiceNow. The aggregation is additionally partnered with Pinterest on hobbyist classes. Admitting the Zoom Phone account actuality almost new, it offers a 99.999% availability SLA target.


 Visionary CEOs tend to bigger than competitors who lag because they accept a eyes for what the amplitude will charge next. We see abounding articles rolling out of Zoom that claiming the way video conferencing is done today. As acicular out in the balance call, Rakuten has partnered with Zoom for the broader UCaaS alms of Rooms and Phone. This is a baton in internet casework with 1.4 billion associates globally.

OnZoom is a artefact in beta that will admonition creators monetize fettle classes, concerts and music lessons. There is additionally an accident assay feature. Recently, Pinterest has appear a affiliation to admonition creators on their belvedere adeptness a aloft admirers with Zoom.

Analysts on the contempo balance alarm seemed abnormally aflame about Zoom’s adeptness to advertise into the All-around 2K with all-embracing amplification actuality a ample focus. From Rakuten’s contempo partnership, additional Lumen/Centurylink and Deutsche Telecom, these aloft partnerships with tech providers are my admired agitator affective into abutting year. Essentially, they see Zoom as the best artefact accessible (and atomic threatening) to accommodate for unified communications and voice. This is the best affirmation that Zoom Video is not a cursory communicable banal as ample telecommunications providers about-face appear cloud.  

Zoom Rooms is a software-defined video conferencing system. Eric Yuan is acceptable borer into his acquaintance at Cisco as this will be one of the capital competitors he takes on with this move to eradicate appointment hardware.

The software-defined band-aid additionally extends to kiosks for basic receptionists, will acquiesce for articulation ascendancy including an Alexa affiliation and avant-garde AWS console. The Smart Gallery will use AI to actualize a gallery-view of participants for amalgam workforces to area the angle of the camera creates the best imaging accessible and added whiteboard appearance are advancing in 2021.

According to best standards, Okta’s balance address was solid and resulted in an uptick in the banal price. However, the advance has been collapsed for best of this year.

Revenue rose 42% to $217.4 actor avant-garde of estimates for $202.7 million. Bookings (remaining achievement obligations) are growing faster than acquirement at 53% to $1.58 billion. Affected billings were up 44% year-over-year. This was a re-acceleration of affected billings from the antecedent abode in FY2021 area the communicable advised on budgets.

The aggregation is assisting on an adapted abject with EPS of $0.04 and chargeless banknote breeze of $41.6 million, up from $9 actor a year ago. Highlights accommodate a growing cardinal of barter in the banking casework area and government.

The admonition was bourgeois at $221 actor to $222 million, apery a advance amount of 32% to 33% year-over-year. The aggregation is additionally allegorical for an adapted accident of $0.02 to $0.01 EPS. The budgetary year 2021 offered stronger admonition of 40% advance year-over-year for $822 actor in acquirement with adapted EPS of $0.04 to $0.05.

According to the investors deck, the aggregation has a accumulated addressable bazaar of $55 billion aloft Workforce Character and Chump Identity. The accession margins at 70% for budgetary 2017 accomplice assay on folio 14 was impressive. The net assimilation amount is 123% with adapted gross margins of 78% and adapted operating margins of 2.5% and chargeless banknote breeze margins of 19%. The net assimilation amount saw a re-acceleration to its accomplished akin in two years. Typical NRR is in the 119-121% range. Chargeless banknote breeze allowance was additionally its accomplished in two years.


Total chump calculation was up 27% and anniversary arrangement amount was up 34%. The accepted angle for the aggregation is 30-35% CAGR through FY 2024 and chargeless banknote breeze margins in FY 2024 of 20-25%. The absolute cardinal of $100,000 additional barter stands at 1780, an admission of 34%. The abject of barter with anniversary arrangement amount of greater than $500,000 grew 50%.

Okta’s administration acicular to three trends in active business: Billow and Amalgam IT, Agenda Transformation and Zero Trust security. There is a affiliation aloft Proofpoint, Netskope and CrowdStrike which is classified as a abysmal artefact affiliation for an added artefact stack.

Okta was additionally afresh alien to the AWS exchange and is the alone character bell-ringer in the articles for Ascendancy Tower, which allows for the administration of added complicated AWS environments.

Notably, Okta was accustomed a lower-ranking atom in the baton class of the 2020 Gartner Magic Division for Character and Admission Management. One could altercate too abundant absorption is accustomed to Gartner at times as Okta has been through a arduous and aberrant year. However, it should be acclaimed that Okta was in a avant-garde advance on the baton division for 2019 and has been bumped bottomward to according continuing with Microsoft and Ping Identity.

Snowflake grew 119% year-over-year to $159.6 actor with actual achievement obligations of $927.9 million, or 240% year-over-year growth. Artefact acquirement grew 115% year-over-year. The net acquirement assimilation amount of 162% is absorbing although added companies accept exceeded this in their 6th year (Snowflake was founded in 2012 but was in stealth approach until 2014 back it began to assignment with customers).  


Gross margins are amid 58% to 63%, which it’s accustomed for a billow aggregation to be lower than a SaaS aggregation on margins. However, operating margins were abrogating (30%) with FCF margins of abrogating (23%). Probably the bigger affair that Snowflake faces are the sales and business costs. In the antecedent two quarters, they were abreast or exceeded absolute acquirement and in this division they were about 90% of acquirement at $134 actor compared to the $159 actor in revenue.

The affair actuality is the accelerated advance is actuality paid for in sales and business dollars and could apathetic back the basal band becomes prioritized. Advance business approach like this can generally skew the accurate advance amount of a aggregation at the amount of the basal line. Back calm is sought, the top band suffers (or the another is that advantage is a continued way off). Oddly enough, the bleeding operating and FCF margins weren’t mentioned by the analysts in the Q&A on the balance call.

The bigger artefact announcements on the balance alarm accommodate Snowflake accretion from semi-structured to baggy abstracts (which will be accessible for apparatus learning), SnowPark which enables users to concern in their accent of best (Java, Python, etc). The overarching ambition is to consolidate workloads and accommodated the appeal for abstracts babyminding purposes.

The aggregation issued avant-garde admonition for FY 2021 of revenues amid $538 actor and $543 actor for YoY advance of 113% to 115%. Allowance will be appropriate for adapted gross at 68% compared to abrogating (40%) operating allowance and abrogating (18%) adapted FCF margin.

Snowflake is a able company. In my opinion, the appraisal is a aloft accident and continues to be because the aerial sales and business costs that are causing an alterity amid the top band and bottom-line growth. Net assimilation amount of 169% is absorbing although is a burning archetypal and cannot be compared to SaaS.

CrowdStrike exhausted accord estimates on both the top and basal curve and aloft Q4 guidance. Acquirement grew 86% YoY, apery an 8% exhausted aloft Wall Street estimates. Cable acquirement added 87% YoY while anniversary alternating acquirement avant-garde 81% compared to a year ago. The aggregation additionally accomplished its best absorbing division anytime in agreement of profitability, earning $0.08 per allotment on the basal line. This was CrowdStrike’s third after division of absolute EPS and its accomplished absolute yet. Free-cash-flow allowance added to 33% and gross allowance bigger to 76%.

Here is how CrowdStrike’s FCF allowance compared aftermost quarter:


In the quarter, CrowdStrike added 1,186 net new cable customers, apery advance of 85% YoY. CrowdStrike additionally continues to drive new bore acceptance in absolute customers, as 44% of the company’s cable barter accept adopted bristles or added modules against 39% in the antecedent quarter. Administration guided for $248M in acquirement for Q4 ( 63% YoY), apery a 7% accession aloft expectations.  

This was an absorbing division for CrowdStrike both in agreement of added acceptance of absolute barter and the accession of new customers. As advanced mentioned, CrowdStrike continues to excel in its adeptness to drive new bore acceptance with 61% of the company’s barter adopting 4 or added modules against 52% in the aforementioned aeon a year ago. 

In the quarter, CrowdStrike appear the accession of three new modules to the Falcon Platform, accoutrement billow aegis posture, aphotic web threats, and adventure acknowledgment investigations. The Falcon Belvedere now encompasses 16 modules in total. 

CEO George Kurtz accent new bore acceptance as a key to the company’s advance action in its Q3 Balance Call: “I’m admiring to advertise that in Q3 we accomplished a new anniversary with 22% of our cable barter accepting adopted six or added modules. Active acceptance of our accretion bore calendar is a antecedent to our advance action as it increases the cardinal amount we accommodate to customers, which additionally translates to college assimilation rates.” 

This division indicates CrowdStrike is auspiciously active on this advance strategy.     

The additional key to CrowdStrike’s advance hinges on its adeptness to add new customers, a metric that added 85% YoY in Q3. One key chump win in the division was signing Target, which displaced Symantec and deployed Falcon absolutely aloft its brand in beneath than 10 days. 

CEO George Kurtz discussed the covering win in its balance call: “a win with Ambition that highlights how our distinct abettor cloud-native architecture, automatic console, and accelerated re-bootless deployment capabilities abide to be cogent differentiators for us. Ambition Corporation was attractive to rapidly move abroad from Symantec and alteration to a distinct abettor billow band-aid that could be deployed in days, not months or years.” 

ZScaler appear Budgetary Q1 2021 after-effects that calmly austere analysts’ expectations. Acquirement advance accelerated to 52% YoY, which represents the company’s third after division of advance acceleration.

Adjusted billings advance added 64% YoY, far afore the accord apprehension calling for 39% growth. This exhausted was apprenticed in allotment by a almanac division of seven-figure deals. The company’s net assimilation amount of 122% avant-garde from 120% aftermost division and 119% the division before. Non-GAAP EPS of $0.14 was 8 cents bigger than expectations while the aggregation additionally appear an absorbing 30% FCF margin. Non-GAAP operating allowance of 14% far exceeds the accord of 2.9%.

Credit Suisse

The dispatch in advance accompanying with the almanac division of operating profits and chargeless banknote flows makes this one of the best abode ZScaler has announced.

CEO Jay Chaudry discussed the three capital factors that accustomed his aggregation to exhausted this quarter: “One, architecture on our growing absorption with ample enterprises. We bankrupt a almanac cardinal of seven-figure ACV deals… two, our optimized go-to-market agent is active cogent velocity… Aftermost year, we angled bottomward on our advance in our sales organization. These efforts are additionally address bake-apple in two big ways. One, our anew assassin sales reps are accidental at a faster pace. And two, our sales abundance is college than a year ago, admitting a aerial allotment of ramping sales reps… Three, the ability of our Zero Trust Barter belvedere is resonating with CxOs.”

Looking ahead, ZScaler believes that the able business drive they accept apparent in the aftermost several abode will continue. Administration aloft admonition over 5% for FQ2, now assured $147M of acquirement at the mean ( 45% YoY). Management attributed the able FQ1 in allotment to stronger than accepted accord action and expects these trends to abide into the abutting quarter. 

In its FQ1 Balance Call, CEO Jay Chaudry accustomed the company’s position amidst a growing opportunity: “I accept in the accepted arduous ambiance and in the post-COVID economy, Zscaler will be the go-to-platform for bell-ringer consolidation, cost-saving, added user productivity, and bigger cyber protection..”

Elastic appear able FQ2 balance on 12/2. Total acquirement added 43% YoY, apery an 11% exhausted aloft consensus. Total billings grew 42% YoY while SaaS acquirement added 81% against the aforementioned aeon a year ago. The company’s losses additionally bigger significantly, with non-GAAP EPS of -$0.03 advancing in 17 cents bigger than expected. Non-GAAP operating accident bigger to -$1.9 million, apery a -1% operating allowance against -10% projected. Gross margins additionally came in bigger than accepted with 77% against a accord of 75%. FCF allowance was -13% for the quarter. 

Subscription acquirement totaled 93% of Elastic’s absolute acquirement in the quarter, with 45% of absolute acquirement advancing from alfresco the US. Management angle this bounded administration as a backbone in the company’s business model. Elastic’s net assimilation amount ticked bottomward several credibility from aftermost division but still remained abundantly aloft 130%. Elastic now has a absolute of 12,900 cable barter with 650 of those (5%) accepting anniversary arrangement ethics aloft $100K. 

At the alpha of its budgetary year, Elastic’s administration discussed how COVID-19 would acceptable actualize headwinds to affected billings for a brace of abode and that they would again see bit-by-bit advance aloft that. 

In its FQ2 Balance Call, administration accepted that the aboriginal bisected of budgetary 2021 played out as expected. The aggregation has empiric best sales cycles and abounding barter are attractive to conserve banknote as spending patterns accept not recovered to pre-COVID levels. Management updates its angle for the additional bisected of the year, acquainted that they apprehend the trends they empiric in the aftermost two abode to abide in the abutting two: “given the all-around bearings with the pandemic, our accepted acceptance is that the alloyed appeal ambiance that we accomplished in the aboriginal bisected will abide for the blow of the budgetary year. Advanced we were assured the ambiance to gradually advance during the additional half.” Still, Elastic’s able beheading in the aboriginal bisected of its budgetary year gave administration the aplomb to admission its admonition for the abutting quarter. Management aloft admonition 4% for FQ3, now assured $146M of acquirement ( 29%). However, the aggregation expects EPS to abatement to -$0.15 on a -7% operating allowance for FQ3.     

Elastic’s administration ultimately expects the appeal ambiance to acknowledgment to pre-COVID levels in budgetary 2022, which would adjust with the summer of 2021. While the aggregation is absolutely adverse some headwinds due to the pandemic, the agenda transformation has provided tailwinds that accept accustomed advance to abide strong. Management expects these tailwinds to abide aloft the blow of their budgetary year: “the tailwinds of billow and our solutions acceptance position us able-bodied for the blow of this budgetary year and beyond.” 

Beth Kindig owns shares of Zoom Video and may access a position in any of the aloft listed names at any time. This is not banking advice. Please argue with your banking adviser in commendations to any stocks you buy.

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