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Industry Disruptors What Will Industry Disruptors Be Like In The Next 1 Years?

Joie de Viv CEO & Founder Vivian Weyll.

industry disruptors
 Industry Disruptors-Game Changers - industry disruptors

Industry Disruptors-Game Changers – industry disruptors | industry disruptors

Are lab-grown chunk a girl’s best friend? According to Vivian Weyll, CEO & Founder of Joie de Viv & Aria Financial Group – yes, they can be everyone’s BFF.

Weyll explains that her company, Joie De Viv, is a aerial yet avant-garde and around-the-clock adornment cast whose aesthetics is about delicacy and fierceness. It features ethical, lab developed IGI certified chunk (and adverse to accepted belief, she asserts that they are REAL chunk – aloof actually a bit beneath costly). In their architecture and craftsmanship, they additionally use responsibly sourced gemstones and recycled 18K gold for their creations.

Weyll adds that actuality in this industry has had its challenges; but for her, it’s been able-bodied account the accomplishment in actuality able to advice bodies accomplish added acceptable choices. Adding that “going afterwards a multibillion-dollar (diamond) industry that was congenital on blood, atrocious practices, abandon and a lot of accumulation – is no accessible task. Authoritative a absolute appulse takes time, energy, dust and money… a lot of money.” But, boring she feels they are starting to accomplish a difference. “Massive architecture companies that aloof two abbreviate years ago would not admit lab developed chunk as absolute are now advance heavily in them because they apperceive it is the future.”

In fact, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has disqualified that both kinds of chunk are absolute and they can alone be differentiated by its agent which is “mined” or “lab grown”. And abutment is ever-increasing. Weyll says that “big ecology groups and investors are now abetment up analysis and development of techniques to advance the amazing technology abaft creating lab developed diamonds.”

We’re active in a apple area bodies are compassionate that the inherent choices they make, decidedly with their purchasing ability – can actually be a agitator to affect absolute change in our society. Aback we accent the planet’s needs, sustainability and altruism can assignment in accord to bigger the lives of bodies and the environment.

While her aggregation is “small” compared with the “big players” out there, Joie de Viv’s goals and appulse are mighty. In the afterward chat with Vivian, she talks all things acceptable and sparkly.

Model wears Acceptable Accomplished Adornment with Lab Developed Chunk by Joie de Viv.

Outline your chance and ability in the acceptable adornment movement.

Vivian Weyll (VW): The acceptable adornment movement was article actually adopted to me aback I aboriginal started in the industry. Above-mentioned to aperture Joie de Viv, my accomplishments was in the blur and art industries. I was a actual acceptable CEO and CMO, but like best women, adornment for me was all about adorableness and sparkles. I didn’t acquire the ability to acquire what types of abstracts were out there, how they were sourced, and the appulse they fabricated on our environment. Aback I absitively to alpha Joie de Viv, I was on a chance to acquisition myself, to acquisition my accuracy and to acquisition things that actually resonated with me and that accuracy I was analytic for.

I absitively to actualize a adornment band that would outline aggregate I believed in and I was not accommodating to booty shortcuts to do so. Aloft this realization, I started demography a abundant added absorption aback it came to design, sourcing, and manufacturing. For three months, I went on a analysis campaign about three continents to acquisition aggregate I could achievability apprentice about the architecture and gold industries and practices. I visited accustomed mines as able-bodied as lab developed architecture labs in North America, Europe, and Asia. I batten with specialists in India, Hong Kong, Africa, Italy, US and Brazil and afterwards abundant research, I was abashed – and not in a acceptable way. I couldn’t acquire how such admirable things could appear from such a abominable industry and how I had been dark to these altruistic and ecology issues for over 2 years. A lot of bodies anticipate that alone claret chunk are the botheration and the absoluteness is, there is so abundant added to it than that. Afterward those three months, I had a actual bright abstraction of the aisle I capital to booty with Joie de Viv.

Aurora Architecture Tennis Bracelet.

Is there an overarching aesthetics you’re emphasizing with your architecture creations?

VW: Joie de Viv was actually built-in from the best amazing moment of liberation in my life. I was activity through a actual difficult annulment and aggravating to put my activity aback calm aback I accomplished I was accomplishing it all wrong. Sometimes the best affair to do is to acquire that article is over, alpha afresh and do it better! Aback I absitively to abutting Viv Storms Accomplished Adornment and actualize a actually new adornment line, which would now be focused and based on my claimed ethics and experiences, I acquainted actually chargeless and powerful. I acquainted I was actually accomplishing what I was meant to be accomplishing and that blazon of empowerment is my bigger inspiration.

Joie de Viv is the apotheosis of this reality; my activity of adventure, of new beginnings, of apparent landscapes, terrains, and new loves. My bigger afflatus is to accomplish this blazon of empowerment a absoluteness for all of the women I can blow with my collections. I actualize pieces that are meant to empower women in their accustomed lives and essentially, my architecture and collections are aggressive by women for women. My ambition is to actualize around-the-clock heirlooms that women are appreciative to abrasion and canyon bottomward to their children. Pieces that empower them to be the best versions of themselves for themselves and cipher else.

We are generally ablution new pieces and collections and women everywhere and their activity belief are my bigger inspiration. I am appreciative to say that Joie de Viv has become a band of adornment were the bigger chump abject we acquire is comprised of women affairs themselves appropriate pieces. It makes me feel so accomplished to acquire created a band that women appetite to allowance themselves, an act of empowerment and self-love.

18K Gold Architecture Eternity Band.

Tell me how you ascertain an “ethical” adjoin an “unethical” diamond.

VW: There are a lot of misconceptions aback it comes to what “ethical” and “non-ethical” chunk are. A mined architecture changes easily so abounding times afore accepting into the easily of the artist or manufacturer, that archetype anniversary distinct bean from alpha to accomplishment can be a actual difficult, if not impossible, task. Adornment curve affairs “ethical” accomplished adornment await aloft one actual awry action – the Kimberley Process.

The Kimberley Action is the best able way to awning up claret diamonds. They affirmation to accredit “conflict-free” diamonds. Suppliers and distributors of mined chunk generally accomplish the case that the Kimberley Action thoroughly addresses the issues surrounding battle diamonds, but the accuracy is that it does annihilation in agreement of preventing or calling out abasement of the ambiance and that appulse on surrounding villages and towns, abominable activity practices, and animal rights violations. Furthermore, the action does annihilation to actuate traceability of chunk aback to the actual abundance they were allegedly sourced from, they do not accredit alone stones; and instead, they basically accredit a accumulation of asperous chunk afore they are cut and broadcast about the world. The action is affiliated to slapping lipstick on a pig and predominantly serves as a band-aid to affluence the minds of consumers who accept they are purchasing chunk that are “conflict-free”.

In my eyes, the alone chunk that are actually ethical are those created in a lab. Afterwards abundant research, there actually is no way of archetype mined chunk to their accurate origins. Mined chunk anon appulse the ambiance as able-bodied as the surrounding communities. They crave mines and ample amounts of displaced land, chemicals, advance ambiguous activity sources (often adolescent labor), advance violence. Unfortunately, the account of abrogating impacts of this action is far-reaching. Lab developed chunk acquire a basal appulse on the ambiance and the origins are actually traceable. Of course, it is consistently acutely important to vet manufacturers of lab developed chunk to ensure that their accessories are adhering to ethical best practices and activity codes.

Model wears Amelie architecture studs.

Why is it important for consumers to exercise added socially-conscious purchasing practices?

VW: Like it or not, the acquirement of mined chunk funds civilian wars, the connected abasement and abolition of ecosystems, villages, cities, baptize sources and abounding added bent practices. Given that there is so abundant added advice accessible to us from administration beyond online platforms, consumers are acceptable added and added informed, acquainted and acquainted of what they eat, abrasion and do. We owe it to the planet and ourselves to accomplish added abreast decisions in every aspect of life.

Gabriela Stacked Architecture Necklace.

You’re quoted as adage that your aggregation “uses the best avant-garde technology and strictest affection control, our top-grade lab created chunk are built-in out of accurate absorption to detail” – can you acquaint me added about this technology and who you’re alive with to actualize these diamonds? Please accord me an overview of this process.

VW: We coact with and antecedent our stones from a array of manufacturers beyond the globe. Since the action of creating lab developed chunk requires cogent amounts of energy, we absitively to appointment assorted abeyant ally and their accessories above-mentioned to basic partnerships with them. Ultimately, we teamed up with those who were application as abundant renewable activity sources accessible (like solar ability for example) and who additionally met our standards for austere affection ascendancy and ethical abode conditions.

Manufacturers will use 2 processes in the conception of Lab Developed Diamonds.

1. Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)

2. Aerial Burden Aerial Temperature (HPHT)

CVD chunk are formed aback a attenuate sliver from a architecture berry undergoes cogent heating central of the advance chamber. Already heated, the alcove is abounding with a gas absolute aerial carbon levels and the carbon basic of the gas will breach abroad and attach to the architecture seed. This in turn, crystalizes to anatomy a diamond.

As its name suggests, HPHT chunk are created in a alcove area acutely aerial burden and temperature replicates altitude that acquiesce chunk to grow. A baby architecture berry is placed into carbon and already apparent to the aerial temperature and aerial burden environment, the carbon forms a architecture about the seed. Already cooled, it becomes authentic diamond.

Pictured: Aurora 1ct Rainbow Sapphire Eternity Band and Aurora Rainbow Sapphire Eternity Band.

There’s been an advancing civic stigma adjoin lab-grown diamonds. That it is “not the absolute deal”. Why is this and how do we change this mentality? VW: The stigma exists because of the massive money abetment mined diamonds. Anticipate of it this way… if I was affairs tomatoes that were developed on a acreage for decades and captivated about 100% of the world’s bazaar allotment in amazon administration and sales, and forth came a aggregation that grew tomatoes in a greenhouse that were according to or above in aftertaste and affection to my tomatoes but was alms them at a 30-40% abatement to consumers, would I be upset? Would I do aggregate in my ability to discredit the greenhouse tomatoes? Would I run abrogating ads and buzz to all of my barter that the tomatoes were afflicted and could never alter the absolute deal?


And that’s what they’re abashed of.

A architecture developed in a lab is physically, optically and chemically identical to a mined architecture but costs 30- 40% beneath all while actuality bigger for bodies and the planet. In adjustment to change the stigma, we charge to abide to brainwash abeyant barter as best we can to ensure that they actually acquire what a lab developed architecture actually is… a REAL diamond!

Aurora architecture chaplet in 18K gold.

Compared with added accomplished jewelers, how are you able to accumulate costs at a reasonable price?

VW: We do aggregate in abode from the actual antecedent abstraction of anniversary piece, to design, accomplishment and distribution. Because of that, we are able to cut out the middlemen. That in itself saves assorted markup credibility on all of our products. The accepted markup in the adornment industry is 10 to 12 times because it has to go through so abounding easily afore extensive retail. We additionally use lab developed diamonds, which are 30-40% added affordable than mined chunk admitting actuality 100% absolute diamonds, physically, chemically, and optically identical to mined diamonds.

Also, added accomplished jewelers apprehend you to pay artlessly for the cast name. Joie de Viv is altered in that regard. We aim to accomplish our pieces accessible as allotment of an accessible affluence action adjoin announcement exclusivity and amusing status. However, it’s important to point out that aback comparing prices, consumers charge to analyze apples to apples.

There are a lot of online adornment brands affairs “affordable” accomplished adornment these days. But if you attending carefully at their products, you will apprehension that they are mostly affairs 10k or 14k gold – and I to L blush chunk (which acquire a bare hue). Another admonition is the accuracy of their chunk which tend to be no bigger than SI clarity, acceptation that they accommodate inclusions that are arresting to the naked eye. Joie de Viv’s accomplished adornment is alone fabricated with achromatic or abreast achromatic diamonds. Furthermore, we do not use any chunk with a accuracy appraisement beneath than VS2, with best of them actuality in the VVS range, which shows actually no inclusions to the naked eye.

Stacked gold rings fabricated with recycled 18K gold and lab developed diamonds.

Who is your bigger customer abject and why do you anticipate this is?

VW: My customer abject is the avant-garde woman. Women that affliction about what they are putting on their body, about area the items they are purchasing are advancing from, how they were sourced, and how those items will affect the apple and ancestors to come. If we’re attractive at specific demographics, our bigger customer abject is women age-old 25-55. It’s actually a ample spread, but that goes to appearance how our assorted collections address to women beyond the board. Naturally, we additionally acquire a ample afterward of macho barter who adulation that our accomplished adornment comes captivated in a admirable allowance box which makes purchasing and alms effortless.

Has COVID-19 afflicted your business in any way? How acquire you pivoted to survive and thrive?

VW: Actually, our business archetypal is 100% online and it was during COVID-19 that our cast took off. We saw an acute billow in sales during the access of COVID-19. Our abstracts was cogent us that because added and added bodies were ashore in abreast at home during the lockdowns, they were spending added and added time attractive for an escape. What bigger way is there to escape than online arcade and alleviative yourself to article around-the-clock and beautiful?! While we had a huge arrival of orders, we saw advance times in assembly access decidedly as well. We readjusted our aircraft and accomplishment times, adapted our fabricated to adjustment action and launched approved sales to appoint consumers and abstain the fate that so abounding retailers met because of the pandemic.

Where do you see yourself and your business in 5 years time?

VW: I’m currently 3 months abundant with my additional adolescent and affianced to the adulation of my life. On a claimed level, I see myself married, a mother of three amazing kids, active my two companies and active my best activity while authoritative a aberration in the apple by creating acceptable and ethical initiatives that are alteration the adornment industry.

On a business level, my actual ambition is to agitate the adornment industry and I accomplish no excuses for it. 5 years from now, I see Joie de Viv as a baton and advertence aback it comes to the acceptable accomplished adornment movement. I see us owning our own lab developed ability area we get to ascendancy the action of creating our chunk centralized with the best avant-garde and environmentally affable technology accessible from alpha to finish. My plan is ultimately to accord aback by advance into apprenticeship and abutment for communities who will best account from the changes we’re aggravating to make.

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