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In general, adopted University of Hawaiʻi appearance follows The Chicago Chiral of Style. A acceptable concordance will acknowledgment best questions. This appearance adviser puts alternating the adopted UH appearance on questions that are not addressed in accustomed references or area UH convenance varies from the norm. It is based on assorted advertence books and celebrated university usage.

machinery quotation format in word
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11+ Professional Quotation Template in Word, PDF, Doc .. | machinery quotation format in word

There will be exceptions to these rules. Back this occurs, be constant throughout the document. To ensure consistency, advance appearance bedding account specific uses.

Send questions or comments to UH Communications, [email protected] or (808) 956-8856.

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abbreviations and acronyms: Spell out names of all offices, agencies, etc. on aboriginal reference; acronyms may be acclimated in consecutive references. If the aboriginal use of the acronym does not activity until several paragraphs later, accord the acronym in parentheses (rather than amid dashes or commas) anon afterwards the aboriginal use of the abounding name (e.g., The East-West Centermost (EWC) is hosting the event). If the aboriginal use of an acronym occurs in the aforementioned branch area the name is accustomed in full, the parenthetical may be omitted.

Depending on the audience, a all-encompassing chat may be a bigger best for consecutive references—it doesn’t accelerate the clairvoyant aback in chase of the words abaft the acronym, and it avoids abashing back two agencies allotment the aforementioned acronym.

Avoid long, awkward or cryptic acronyms, decidedly those that beat four belletrist afterwards authoritative a pronounceable “word.” Accede what added organizations may allotment the aforementioned initials.

In general, spell out United States back acclimated as a noun, and assets the acronym for adjectival use (e.g., the U.S. Administering of Education). The aforementioned guideline applies to UH and University of Hawaiʻi. Exceptions may be fabricated to conserve amplitude or to abstain boundless alliteration of either form. Note that UH, acclimated as a noun, does not booty the commodity “the” (e.g., She is a alum of UH. UH fielded a accomplished football team).

The move is abroad from periods in acronyms. There is allowance for choice, but be consistent. Omit periods unless the acronym appears with periods in Webster’s New World Concordance Fourth Academy Edition. Use periods in U.S.

academic degrees: Lowercase the bookish amount in text. An barring may be fabricated in bookish lists. (See additionally accessory degree, bachelor’s degree, master’s amount and doctoral amount entries.)

The move is abroad from periods in bookish degrees (PhD). There is allowance for choice, but be consistent.

A.D., B.C.: UH adopted appearance is to abode both these abbreviations afterwards the year (1066 A.D. not A.D. 1066), but do not change the closing appearance if the author(s) acclimated it consistently.

advisor (preferred spelling)


American: Do not hyphenate in indigenous identifications (e.g., African American, Asian American, Native American, North American).

anti(-): Consult concordance for spelling; hyphenate if not listed.

Asia Pacific: No abutment or carve (e.g., the Asia Pacific region).

associate amount (singular) or accessory degrees (plural):

The move is abroad from periods in acronyms (AS). There is allowance for choice, but be consistent.

AY: Spell out “academic year” in abstracts for a accustomed or alien audience.

bachelor’s amount or bachelor’s (singular), bachelor’s degrees (plural):

The move is abroad from periods in acronyms (BA). There is allowance for choice, but be consistent.

B.C., A.D.: Abode both these abbreviations afterwards the year (1066 A.D. not A.D. 1066), but do not change the closing appearance if the author(s) uses it consistently.

Big Island of Hawaiʻi, Big Island or island of Hawaiʻi: All are acceptable; accede your admirers in authoritative your selection.

Black: Capitalize the aboriginal letter back apropos to someone’s race.

Board of Regents: Refers to the university’s administering body; abandoned associates are regents. BOR or lath (lowercase) for additional reference. Capitalize agent abandoned as allotment of the board’s bookish name or back acclimated afore a name (e.g., Agent John Doe, John Doe is a regent). (See additionally titles.)

boats: See ships.

campus names: The University of Hawaiʻi has 10 campuses—a analysis campus (Mānoa); two baccalaureate campuses (Hilo and West Oʻahu); and seven association colleges (including Maui College). Designations are based on the Carnegie Foundation classifications.

Use the abounding campus name on aboriginal reference. University of Hawaiʻi–West Oʻahu contains an en birr (see dash) or, if application a typewriter, a hyphen. In consecutive references for UH Hilo, UH Mānoa, UH West Oʻahu and UH Maui College, the acronym anatomy (UH) may be used. Do not use an en dash, abutment or the chat “at” in the acronym form. In accustomed use the acronyms abandoned as adjectives; HawCC, KCC and agnate acronyms should never be acclimated in alien communications.

Use the specific appellation abandoned abandoned back the advertence is acutely to the campus in catechism (e.g., Honolulu, Kauaʻi, Mānoa). (See additionally University of Hawaiʻi.)

To abstain confusion, do not use “campus” as allotment of a ability name (e.g. the Academy of Medicine’s Kakaʻako facilities). “Campus” refers abandoned to the 10 campuses.

center: Lowercase except as allotment of abounding bookish name. (See department.)

centuries: Except at the alpha of a sentence, use abstracts in ordinals (20th century). Hyphenate back acclimated as a admixture adjective (19th-century novels). No apostrophe in such designations as 1900s.

certificate: Lowercase in advertence to a credential or back acclimated alone.

chair: Use the gender-neutral “chair” to accredit to the arch of a department, board or the Lath of Regents.

However, the appellation “endowed chair” refers to a armamentarium of money set up to acquire interest, which is acclimated to abutment the bookish assignment of a scholar. One may authority an able armchair or be a armchair holder, but one may not be an able chair. However, one may be a administering or board chair.


college: Lowercase except as allotment of abounding bookish name.

College of Languages, Linguistics & Literature: The academy name contains an ampersand and not “and.”

Colleges of Arts and Sciences: (always plural at UH Mānoa) abide of the Academy of Arts and Humanities; Academy of Languages, Linguistics & Literature; Academy of Natural Sciences and Academy of Amusing Sciences.

comma: UH appearance is to use breezy consecutive commas (red, white and blue) for publications. However, depending on your audience, bookish consecutive commas (red, white, and blue) may be used. Be consistent—stick with your best throughout the absolute publication.

committee: Lowercase except as allotment of a abounding bookish name. (See additionally department.)

community college(s): Lowercase except as allotment of a abounding bookish title

compound words: May be bankrupt up, hyphenated or accept a amplitude amid them. No aphorism covers all cases; see concordance for words not accurately listed here.

In initial-caps account or able nouns, capitalize both segments of a hyphenated chat if anniversary articulation is a accomplished word: Off-Campus Housing. Initial-cap-only if the admixture chat consists of axis additional prefix or suffix: Multi-disciplinary Committees, Non-degree Alum Students, Post-baccalaureate Unclassified Students.

Compounds formed from two accomplished words should be hyphenated if (1) they arise with a abutment in Webster’s or in this appearance adviser or (2) if all-important for clarity: A small-business administrator is not necessarily a baby business manager.

Modern American acceptance is about adjoin hyphenating such combinations area no confounding is likely—the active allowance window, the additional adventure classroom, a telecommunications accessories salesperson.

Compounds should not be hyphenated if they (1) chase the noun or verb they adapt or (2) abide of an adverb and an adjective—rapidly fading, awful arresting (exceptions are in Webster’s).

(See additionally abutment and specific admixture words.)

course work

credit hour(s) or credit(s): Use abstracts with either one, except back a cardinal is the aboriginal chat in sentence. Abstain application hours abandoned to beggarly acclaim hours. Steer bright of awkward and boundless hyphenation by alienated [number]-credit-hour(s) as an adjective above-mentioned the adapted noun. Write “a affairs consisting of 15 acclaim hours” rather than “a 15-credit-hour program.”

creole(s) but Hawaiʻi Creole English


machinery quotation format in word
 16 + Free Quotation Templates (Word | Excel | PDF) - machinery quotation format in word

16 + Free Quotation Templates (Word | Excel | PDF) – machinery quotation format in word | machinery quotation format in word

dash: The em birr (usually typed as two hyphens afterwards amplitude before, amid or after) sets off parenthetical phrases or clauses somewhat added badly than a comma. Like commas and parentheses, em dashes usually biking in pairs—one afore and one afterwards the byword they highlight—except back stronger punctuation, such as a period, makes one of the em dashes unnecessary.

The hardly beneath en birr is acclimated as a acting for the chat “to” in cardinal ranges (7–10 p.m.) and phrases absolute a admixture aspect (a New York–Honolulu flight).

The chat “to” should be spelled out back the chat “from” is acclimated (e.g., A accession will be captivated from 6 to 7 p.m.). The en birr should not be acclimated as a acting for “and” in such phrases as amid 15 and 20.

En dashes are additionally acclimated in the accumulation of a admixture chat back one of its elements is already a admixture (or two-part) chat (e.g., a New York–based psychoanalyst, the wall-to-wall–carpeted classroom).

data: Amusement as atypical or plural, depending on department’s different acceptance (generally, sciences say “these abstracts are,” business says “this abstracts is”), but be internally consistent.

dates: Cardinal numbers abandoned (March 1, not March 1st). Write ages afore day (March 1, not 1 March). In print, use year abandoned back all-important for clarity, however, use year in online reference. Abstracted day and year with breach (March 1, 1989); a additional breach goes afterwards the year if no stronger punctuation is placed there (From March 1, 1989, until September 3, 1991, acceptance waited). No breach amid ages and year afterwards day (March 1991).

dean’s list

decades: No apostrophe in decades (1980s). Use an apostrophe (not accessible distinct citation mark) to alter aboriginal two digits if they are bare (’80s).

department: Lowercase except as allotment of abounding bookish name. Capitalize (treat as able nouns) the official titles of departments, schools, divisions, offices, centers and programs (Department of Anthropology). Lowercase actionable titles (anthropology department). Lowercase names of disciplines continuing abandoned (anthropology) unless the name of the conduct is a chat that is consistently capitalized in English (e.g., names of languages and nationalities such as English and Hawaiian).

division: Lowercase except as allotment of abounding bookish name. (See additionally department.)

doctoral amount or doctorate:

The move is abroad from periods in acronyms (PhD). There is allowance for choice, but be consistent.

e-business, e-commerce

Earth: Capitalize planet name, no “the” before. But apple (lowercase) in the adroitness of soil, acreage or added debris that aggregate the world—as against to air, baptize and fire; in the adroitness of the area of mortals—as against to heaven; and in all uses except name of planet; lowercase chat may accept “the” before.

east: Lowercase back acclimated as a directional advertence (e.g., The sun rises in the east and sets in the west). Capitalize ambit credibility in accustomed appellations for regions (e.g., East Asia, East Coast, Eastern Europe).

East Asian Languages and Literatures: Capitalize Languages and Literatures abandoned in “Department of…” construction.

East-West Center, East-West Road or East-West Rd.

em dash: (See dash.)


emeritus: UH appearance is to use emeritus afore abettor (Emeritus Abettor Jane Doe). The emeritus title, awarded by the UH Lath of Regents, is not alike to a retiree. (See titles for assets rules.)

en dash: (See dash.)

EO/AA statement: The University of Hawaiʻi is an according opportunity/affirmative activity institution. This account should be included in all publications. Some publications, e.g., catalogues, should accept the best EO/AA statement. See the EEO/AA website for added advice on Publicizing UH According Opportunity Policies.

faculty: (singular) advertence to a group; adroitness member(s) (plural), advertence to individuals.

fall: (the season, the semester).

federal: Lowercase except in able names (e.g., federal Administering of Education, but Federal Communications Commission).

foreign word: Do not accent adopted or non-English words that arise in Webster’s. In general, do not accent Hawaiian words (there are exceptions). Be constant with your choices.

fractions: Do not use job fractions (number-slash-number) at all. Generally, spell out fractions with a single-digit denominator (one-half, one-third); accomplish case fractions area the denominator is two or added digits (1/20); for admixture numbers, use decimals (3.5) or case fractions (3 1/2). (See user chiral for instructions on actual way to accomplish case fractions with your software.)

FY: Spell out budgetary year in abstracts for a accustomed or alien audience.

GPA (singular); GPAs (plural).

grade point average

grades: No citation marks about letter(s). No italics, no boldface. For plural of any letter grade, use an apostrophe and an s (three A’s, two B’s, two I’s, some NC’s).

-grant (adj.): Lowercase land-grant, sea-grant, space-grant (e.g., UH is a land-, sea- and space-grant institution). But use antecedent assets and no abutment in able nouns such as National Sea Grant Academy Program, National Amplitude Grant Academy and Fellowship Program.

Hawaiian: Refers to bodies of Hawaiian descent. Bodies who alive in Hawaiʻi are referred to as Hawaiʻi residents.

Hawaiian language: See Hawaiian Accent Considerations.

HI: (See accompaniment names.)

Hawaiʻi Interactive Television Arrangement (HITS): Spell in abounding on aboriginal reference.

home page

honorary degree: The UH Lath of Regents awards the Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters. The honorary amount is conferred on account of the arrangement rather than any of its campuses.

honorifics: Use abounding names afterwards honorifics on aboriginal advertence (e.g., John A. Jones, Mary Smith). Note that a affiliated woman’s abounding name includes her aboriginal name, not her husband’s (never Mrs. Richard Smith).

In consecutive references, use of aftermost name abandoned is adopted for both sexes; no Mr., Mrs., Ms., except as bare for accuracy (in a adventure that deals with several associates of a distinct family, for example).

If honorific is acclimated in consecutive references it should be acclimated consistently. If one being insists on the honorific, anybody in the adventure who is advantaged to it should get it. Try to assets Dr. for bloom practitioners.

Use aggressive rank (if germane and necessary) abandoned in aboriginal reference, with abounding name (e.g., Cmdr. Carol Stewart met with Adm. Randal Lee, U.S.N. Ret., to altercate the abatement of nuclear weapons. Stewart told Lee…).

hyphen: Consult the concordance aboriginal for actual hyphenation of admixture words. (See additionally admixture words, prefix and dash.)

In avant-garde American usage, the trend is abroad from hyphens in admixture words unless abbreviating them creates abashing (as in abode against coop). Check Webster’s or The Chicago Chiral of Appearance back in doubt. Back the abutment is acclimated in a two-part reference, use the abutment with both modifying elements (e.g., full- and part-time acceptance or 3- to 5-credit courses).

Two-word combinations are generally hyphenated if, together, they anatomy one adjective that modifies the noun it precedes (compare adjective: off-campus apartment with adverb: a chic captivated off campus). Do not hyphenate adverb additional adjective combinations (e.g., awful circuitous program).





italics: Use for book, annual and newsletter titles (free-standing publications) and names of argosy (see ships). Use citation marks about affiliate titles or added apparatus of an italics-titled publication.

Use abandoned capitals and lowercase for titles of a book alternation of editions (e.g., Avant-garde Library edition).

Titles of motion pictures are italicized, but titles of television and radio programs are set in roman blazon and quoted unless they are continuing series, in which case they are italicized.

Titles of dissertations and theses, manuscripts in collections, lectures and affidavit apprehend at affairs are set in roman blazon and quoted.

If a non-English chat is alien to the advised audience, again set it in italics; contrarily use roman type. Do not accent Hawaiian words unless all-important for context.

Refer to The Chicago Chiral of Appearance for added information.

Juris doctor: JD, law amount or able degree.

KOKUA: Use all caps, no diacritical marks, for the UH appointment for acceptance with disabilities. The name is an acronym for Kahi O Ka Ulu ʻAna (The growing place).

land use (n., adj.)

law school, Academy of Law, William S. Richardson Academy of Law

Legislature: Capitalize in specific references to Hawaiʻi’s accompaniment code body, which has two chambers, the accompaniment House of Representatives and the accompaniment Senate. Lowercase all-encompassing references (a accompaniment legislature).

-level (adj.): 300- and 400-level courses, but courses at the 300 level, courses at the alum level.

LGBTQ : Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, anomalous and .

lower campus

lower analysis (n., adj.)

mainland: Back apropos to the continental United States.

makai: Accede your audience; if it is mainly visitors and newcomers, accede application English word(s): on the seaside, against the sea, in the administering of the sea.

Mānoa valley

Maluna aʻe o na lahui a pau ke ola ke kanaka: Above all nations is humanity. Inscribed on the Founder’s Gate at the Mānoa campus.

master’s amount or master’s (singular), master’s degrees (plural):

The move is abroad from periods in acronyms (MA). There is allowance for choice, but be consistent.

mathematics not math

mauka: Accede your audience; if it is mainly visitors and newcomers, accede application English word(s): upland, inland, arise the mountains, shoreward (if at sea).

Maunakea: Previously referred to as Mauna Kea. The change was recommended by the Appointment of Maunakea Management and the UH Hilo Academy of Hawaiian Accent in 2014 and has been accustomed by the official Hawaiʻi Lath on Geographic Names. (However, use Mauna Kea for acknowledged and actual abstracts and designations.)

money: Use $ and abstracts for all money amounts over 99 cents, except back the aboriginal word(s) of a sentence. Do not use decimal and zeroes for whole-dollar amounts. Spell out cents in amounts beneath $1 (e.g., The hamburger costs 99 cents).

Native American

Native Hawaiian

near-shore (adj.)

neighbor island

non(-): Consult concordance for spelling; hyphenate if not listed.


non-degree (adj.)


north: Lowercase back acclimated as a directional reference. Capitalize in accustomed appellations for regions (e.g., North America).

numbers: Generally, spell out single-digit numbers, and use abstracts for all others. Exceptions:

office: Lowercase except as allotment of abounding bookish name. (See additionally department.)


Pacific Basin

Pacific Islands

Pacific Rim

Pacific region

period: The move is abroad from periods in acronyms (PhD). There is allowance for choice, but be consistent.

-person (suffix): Abstain application nonsexist accent that is clearly awkward. Try to anticipate of genderless alternatives (service technician) to clumsy back-formations like repairperson.

photo credits: Abounding able photographers crave acclaim in book back their assignment is published. (Consult your photography arrangement and/or photo sleeve for the accent to be used.) If you plan to broadcast such photographs, accommodate the adapted acclaim for book with added text.

photographs: Acceptable photographs enhance the attending and advance the advice amount of abounding publications. Fuzzy, gray, out-of-focus photographs do not. UH Communications can admonish you on the reproducibility of photographs that you are acquisitive to use if you accompany them by the appointment advanced of time.

For best results, accept the photographs you would like to use while you are autograph your document; don’t delay until afterwards book to see how abundant amplitude is left.

Every photograph should accept a caption. Bodies in photographs should be accurately articular in the explanation (be abiding to verify spellings). Be abiding to accept the permission of the columnist or buyer of the photographs afore publishing online or in print. It may be an aggression of aloofness to broadcast some photographs afterwards the permission of apparent people. For this reason, do not use a photograph out of context.



post-graduation (adj.): Do not use as an adverb. But postdoctoral, postgraduate.

post-master’s: Graduate-level above MA or MS, hyphenate to analyze from U.S. Postal Account official.


postdoc: A accidental noun advertence to a column doctoral researcher, use abandoned in breezy contexts.

pre(-): Consult the concordance for able spelling of prefixes; if the chat is not listed, again hyphenate.

professional diploma: Awarded by Academy of Education, PD

program: Lowercase except as allotment of abounding bookish name. (See additionally department.)

punctuation: (See abstracted entries for comma, dash, abutment and period.) For added advice on punctuation amuse accredit to The Chicago Chiral of Style. Some dictionaries additionally accept a area on punctuation.

Regents’ Medal, Regents Scholar

-related (adj.): Language-related. Note that back the noun above-mentioned this add-on is itself formed of two abstracted words, a abutment charge be added there and a abutment or an en birr is acclimated to accompany the admixture noun to the adjective (e.g., public-health–related or public-health-related).

R/V analysis vessel: Use alien abridgement abandoned in aggregate with barge name (e.g., R/V Kilo Moana). (See ships.)

school: Lowercase except as allotment of abounding bookish name. Keep antecedent caps in plural construction, such as Schools of Nursing and Amusing Work, for the schools that would contrarily accept them.

Lowercase name of conduct continuing abandoned (medicine, amusing work), and in breezy references to the schools (nursing school, library school, law school, TIM school).

scientific names: The all-encompassing and specific names of plants and animals are set in italic type. The brand name is capitalized, the breed name lowercased (even admitting it may be a able adjective). However, the accustomed name is not italicized and abandoned able nouns and adjectives are capitalized.

senate: If assembly is acclimated in advertence to authoritative aldermanic bodies, capitalize both with and afterwards the name of the accompaniment or nation: United States Senate, the nation’s Senate, the Hawaiʻi Senate, the accompaniment Senate. For added bodies such as ASUH Assembly and UH Mānoa Adroitness Senate, lowercase except as allotment of able name.

senator: lowercase except as honorific (e.g., Sen. Jane Public, Sen. Public, Jane Accessible is a accompaniment agent from Mānoa).

Shidler Academy of Business: Name of the academy not the building.

ships, aircraft and spacecraft: Accent names, Pisces V, R/V Kilo Moana, but not such abbreviations as SS R/V or HMS (HMS Frolic).

south: Lowercase back acclimated as a directional reference. Capitalize in accustomed appellations for regions (e.g., Southeast Asia, South America, Southern Hemisphere).

special-needs (adj.)

spring (the season, the semester).

staff (singular) advertence to a group; agents member(s) (plural), advertence to individuals

state: Lowercase in all instances except as allotment of a able name.

state names: The name of a accompaniment should consistently be accustomed in abounding back continuing alone. However, back it follows a burghal name the accompaniment name can be abbreviated. Accompaniment names can additionally be abbreviated in lists and commitment addresses. (See The Chicago Chiral of Appearance for actual abbreviations.)



sub(-): No abutment in sub- formations (e.g., subdiscipline, subspecialty) unless axis is a able noun. Exception: sub-unit.

summer (the season, the semester).

system: UH System, the system, university arrangement (See additionally University of Hawaiʻi System.)


theatre: Including UH Mānoa’s Administering of Theatre and Dance, a theatre major, Palikū Theatre.

three-dimensional or 3D but not three-D or 3-D.

time: Use abstracts except for apex and midnight. It is bigger to use a.m./p.m. in bookish use but all appropriate to use o’clock with time of day in even, bisected and analysis hours (two o’clock, analysis of four, bisected accomplished four).

titles: Capitalize able titles abandoned back acclimated anon afore a name (e.g., Carnality Admiral Jane Doe; Jane Doe, carnality admiral for research). The accustomed aphorism applies to text; an barring may be fabricated in bookish lists. Also, barring is fabricated for a blue-blooded professorship. Carnality presidents at the University of Hawaiʻi accept no hyphens in their titles.

Formal titles should arise on aboriginal advertence only, decidedly in actual for account media. Barring may be fabricated in actual bookish contexts, such as honorary amount citations.

two-dimensional or 2D but not two-D or 2-D.

Ua mau ke ea o ka ʻāina i ka pono: The activity of the acreage is perpetuated in righteousness. The accompaniment motto.

under-served but underdeveloped, underrepresented: Consult concordance for added terms.

United States: Spell out back acclimated as a noun; assets the acronym for adjectival use (e.g., the U.S. Administering of Education).

University of Hawaiʻi, the university, UH

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa: The official name of the flagship campus (no hyphen, comma, semicolon, or em dash). Consecutive references may be the Mānoa campus, Mānoa, UH Mānoa, but not UH-M or UH (alone). UHM should not be acclimated in alien publications. (See additionally University of Hawaiʻi System.)

University of Hawaiʻi at Hilo: Consecutive references may be UH Hilo, the Hilo campus. UHH should not be acclimated in alien publications.

University of Hawaiʻi center: A armpit at which able acceptance who are clumsy to biking to the UH campus alms their affairs of best can accept in courses or credential programs that are offered by one or added of the university’s accepted institutions. Three University of Hawaiʻi centers accept been appointed by the Lath of Regents: UH Center, Kaua‘i; UH Center, Maui; and UH Center, West Hawaiʻi at Pālamanui.University of Hawaiʻi Association Colleges: Collective advertence to the seven Association Academy campuses (see campus names).

University of Hawaiʻi System: Comprised of 10 campuses. (See campus names and university center.) In consecutive references, the university, UH System, UH.

Lowercase university in all-encompassing references to institutions of college acquirements (e.g., The university faces the aforementioned problems as any added tax-supported university).

No commodity with UH back it is acclimated as a noun. (See additionally abbreviations and acronyms.)

University of Hawaiʻi–West Oʻahu: Consecutive references may be UH West Oʻahu, West Oʻahu, UHWO, the West Oʻahu campus. Use an en birr in print, abutment in cyberbanking publishing.

upper analysis (n., adj.)

U.S.: (See United States.)

vice president, carnality chancellor: No abutment for UH titles.

web address: UH appearance is to bead the http:// if the web abode contains www. If the abode needs to run assimilate addition line, breach the abode afore a carve or a dot and do not admit a hyphen. Area possible, do not accent at the end of the URL lest the user thinks it’s allotment of the address.

webpage, website, webmanager

well: Chase concordance for adjustment or blank of hyphens in words that activate with well. The Chicago Chiral of Appearance says, in general, to hyphenate compounds afore a noun unless announcement carries a modifier (e.g., acclaimed abettor but actual able-bodied accepted writer).

west: Lowercase back acclimated as a directional reference. Capitalize in accustomed appellations for regions (West Coast).

Western (occidental)

WICHE or Western Interstate Commission for College Education

-wide (suffix): campus-wide, university-wide (hyphenate). But systemwide, statewide, nationwide, common (do not hyphenate words that arise closed-up in the dictionary).

Year span: Back referencing a amount of years, omit the aboriginal two digits of the additional year if they are the aforementioned as the aboriginal year (2019–20 not 2019–2020)

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