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Dodgers Flag 2 Gigantic Influences Of Dodgers Flag

“Clayton Kershaw: Apple Series champion” has — metaphorically and actually — a nice arena to it. Aback a approaching Hall of Famer gets to elevate the Commissioner’s Trophy afterwards an backbreaking pursuit, it’s acceptable for the anatomy of the sport. And Kershaw’s hard-earned celebration afterwards an alive and generally aching adventure through Octobers accomplished was a bright highlight of 2020 in the apple of baseball.

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So now Kershaw can no best be mentioned amid the greats who never got it done. Yet it charcoal a account continued abundant to ample out absolutely a few aghast squads.

Let’s put calm two teams not of ringers, but the ringless — both best and active. To be as cold as possible, we’ll let Baseball Reference’s Wins Above Replacement be our guide.

And to improve these teams as abundant as possible, the “all-time” aggregation will alone accommodate those whose careers predominantly took abode afterwards the accession of the Alliance Championship Series annular in 1969. Afterwards all, above-mentioned to that, it was easier for a abundant amateur to arise up empty, as the alone aisle to the postseason was via the alliance pennant. From 1903, the year of the aboriginal Apple Series, to 1968, the Giants, Dodgers and Cardinals won 62% of NL pennants, and the Yankees won 44% of AL pennants, so a lot of abundant players from added clubs fell abbreviate of a arena in that era.

(In instances in which the amateur at a beneath position is not the best ringless WAR leader, we’ll accomplish agenda that the amateur is the “LCS era” leader.)

Here are the All-Ringless Teams:

CATCHERAll-time: Carlton Fisk (68.4)Active: J.T. Realmuto (19.8)

Fisk’s game-winning home run in Bold 6 of the 1975 Apple Series is as iconic as they come. But he could alone beachcomber his accoutrements so much. In Bold 7, afterwards Fisk’s Red Sox took a 3-0 lead, the Big Red Machine coiled home two runs in the sixth, one in the seventh and one in the ninth to abduction arguably the greatest Fall Classic of the LCS era, and as it turns out, Fisk’s alone Apple Series in a career that spanned 24 seasons.

Beyond Fisk, the next-best ringless backstop, in agreement of WAR, is Mike Piazza (59.6 WAR), whose two homers were not abundant to beat the Subway Series in 2000 — his alone Apple Series opportunity. Realmuto has appropriately far acquaint abundant seasons for not-so-great teams. He has yet to arise in the postseason, but he has a adventitious in chargeless bureau to abode that.

FIRST BASEAll-time: Jeff Bagwell (79.9)Active: Joey Votto (62.1)

Between 1994, aback Bagwell was the NL MVP in the strike-shortened season, and 2005, aback Houston absent the Apple Series to the White Sox, the Astros’ .545 acceptable allotment was additional alone to the Braves. But the better win of all evaded them, and Bagwell’s six beeline seasons of 30 homers, 100 runs and 100 RBIs were for naught. He and above assistant and adolescent Hall of Famer Craig Biggio were awarded rings afterwards the 2017 Apple Series in acceptance of their role as appropriate administration to the organization.

With a .966 OPS from 2009 through ’18, Votto ability accept a Hall argument, but his four playoff teams in Cincinnati all suffered discredit — no-hit by Roy Halladay in a 2010 NLDS sweep, bounced by the Giants in the 2012 NLDS afterwards demography a 2-0 lead, alone by the division-rival Pirates in the 2013 NL Wild Card Bold and agape out in 2020’s NL Wild Card Series afterwards scoring a run. At atomic Votto has aggregation in the brand of Bagwell, Jim Thome (72.9 WAR) and adolescent All-Star of his era, Paul Goldschmidt (45.1).

SECOND BASELCS era: Rod Carew (81.3)Active: DJ LeMahieu (24.8)

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Were we including early-era candidates, this atom would go to Nap Lajoie (107.3 WAR). But accepting an complete aggregation called afterwards you (Cleveland’s club was the Naps from 1903-14) is arguably an alike greater account than acceptable it all. Carew has his own bequest in that the AL batting title, which he won seven times, is called afterwards him. But none of his four postseason teams (the 1969 and 1970 Twins, and the ’79 and 1982 Angels) accomplished the Apple Series, and Carew was an accidental 11-for-50 in his October career.

As for LeMahieu, he has accomplished the playoffs anniversary of the accomplished four seasons with the Rockies and Yankees, and he went 9-for-26 with two homers and a bifold in the 2019 ALCS adjoin the Astros. But that’s as far as he’s gotten.

Another modern-day fable account acquainted actuality is Ryne Sandberg (68.0), who, of course, played for the amiss aggregation (the Cubs) at the amiss time (anytime from 1909 to 2015).

SHORTSTOPLCS era: Robin Yount (77.3)Active: Andrelton Simmons (36.8)

The best ringless WAR baton actuality is Arky Vaughan (78.0), an underrated Hall of Famer (yes, there is such a thing) who played in the 1930s and 1940s for Pittsburgh teams that never accomplished college than second. But the two added frequently cited ringless shortstops are Yount and Ernie Banks (67.8), the closing of whom played the all-inclusive majority of his career above-mentioned to the accession of the LCS round, and admitting consistently actuality up for arena two, he never played a distinct bold in the postseason.

Yount went 12-for-29 with a adjudicator and three doubles in the 1982 Apple Series adjoin the Cardinals on the heels of an AL MVP season, but the Brew Crew came up abbreviate in Bold 7.

Simmons, meanwhile, hasn’t accomplished the playoffs aback a barter from the Braves to the Angels above-mentioned to the 2016 season.

THIRD BASEAll-time: Adrián Beltré (93.6)Active: Evan Longoria (56.7)

It was Beltré’s seventh-inning abandoned adjudicator off Lance Lynn that gave the Rangers the advance on the Cardinals — acutely for acceptable — in Bold 6 of the 2011 Apple Series. But, well, some things happened in the ninth, 10th and 11th innings of that game, and St. Louis triumphed in Beltré’s alone cruise to the Fall Classic. His abundant career, in which he had 477 homers and 3,166 hits while arena admirable defense, will acquire him consecration in Cooperstown as aboriginal as 2024. But 2011 was the alone year he was on a aggregation that avant-garde accomplished the Division Series.

Longoria’s activation amateur division was a big acumen why the 2008 Rays accomplished the Apple Series, but he hasn’t been aback since. Josh Donaldson (41.5 WAR) is addition alive hot-corner hero still attractive for a arena admitting actuality on eight playoff teams in his career.

LEFT FIELDAll-time: Barry Bonds (162.8)Active: Ryan Braun (46.9)

Well, here’s an absorbing pairing. Bonds is not aloof the best larboard fielder to never win the Apple Series according to WAR. He’s the best player, period. Of course, his bequest is a complicated one, to put it lightly. But behindhand of how you feel about the way Bonds got to his numbers … candied adorned Moses, those numbers! It’s bonkers that the Giants couldn’t win one with a guy who averaged 39 homers, 96 RBIs and a 1.143 OPS from 1993-2007. Bonds went 8-for-17 with four homers and two doubles in a seven-game accident to the Angels in the 2002 Fall Classic.

Braun’s cachet for 2021 is up in the air as of this writing, but for now he joins Yount in spending his complete career with a Milwaukee authorization analytic for its aboriginal title.

Having collapsed abbreviate of Bonds’ WAR mark, two Red Sox legends didn’t authorize for our starting band — Ted Williams (pre-LCS era) and Carl Yastrzemski. But they both accord in any chat about antic legends who didn’t win one. Williams was humbly captivated to a 5-for-25 assuming in Boston’s 1946 Apple Series accident to the Cardinals, and Yaz was on the accident end in the 1967 and 1975 Fall Classics.

CENTER FIELDLCS era: Ken Griffey Jr. (83.8)Active: Mike Trout (74.6)

Long afore Jim Kelly’s Buffalo Bills accomplished aberrant Super Bowl agony, Ty Cobb’s Tigers acutely absent the Apple Series in three beeline seasons from 1907-09. But at atomic he got there. For Griffey, that ballsy Mariners win in Bold 5 of the 1995 ALDS adjoin the Yankees was as abutting as he anytime came to the beatitude of a title. He was on aloof two added postseason teams (the ’97 Mariners and, briefly, the 2008 White Sox), and both fizzled out in the ALDS.

Trout is currently in crisis of activity bottomward with Griffey as the two best players to never arise in a Apple Series. Trout is alone 29, so he’s still got a shot. But, to date, the Angels accept acutely had agitation architecture a Apple Series-caliber club about him.

RIGHT FIELDLCS era: Larry Walker (72.7)Active: Giancarlo Stanton (41.0)

Two early-era Hall of Fame appropriate fielders with college WAR marks than Walker — Sam Crawford (75.3) and Paul Waner (73.9) — went ringless as well. But it’s account apprehensive whether a Apple Series championship ability accept beneath Walker’s delay to get into the Hall (he was on the BBWAA election the best 10 years). He never accomplished the Apple Series with either of the teams he’s best associated with (the Rockies and Expos), and his two doubles and two homers in his abandoned Fall Classic appearance, in 2004, are a abandoned comment in the ambit his Cardinals suffered at the easily of the history-making Red Sox.

Had we not gone with the cold WAR tallies, a abstract nod actuality would accept to go to Padres abundant Tony Gwynn (69.2 WAR). His career was basically bookended by Apple Series losses — in 1984 and 1998.

The delay goes on for Stanton, who, like Realmuto, came of age with a Marlins aggregation that went nowhere. Stanton has aback been traded to a Yankees aggregation that has yet to get accomplished the ALCS with him.

DESIGNATED HITTERAll-time: Edgar Martinez (68.4)Active: Nelson Cruz (39.7)

As with Griffey, the Bold 5 win over the Yankees in an ballsy ALDS — capped by his acclaimed bifold — was Edgar’s greatest October triumph. Though he did additionally get to comedy in two ALCS rounds, in 2000 and ’01 (this time, accident to the Yankees). By the way, Frank Thomas (73.8 WAR) doesn’t absolutely authorize here, as he did comedy 34 amateur for the Apple Series best White Sox in 2005. “The Big Hurt” was hurt, and he wasn’t on the postseason agenda that year, but did acquire a arena for his regular-season contributions to that squad.

Our alive atom is a accident amid Cruz and Edwin Encarnación (35.7 WAR), who has logged a college allotment of amateur played as a DH. But Cruz is accepted in the bat-only role at this point, and because one of the better Series-swinging hits of all time sailed over his arch in appropriate acreage (we are referencing the David Freese amateur in 2011, in case you are somehow not aware), he knows all too able-bodied the affliction of advancing up aloof short.

STARTING PITCHERAll-time: Phil Niekro (95.9)Active: Zack Greinke (72.2)

Knuckleballers abide on an absolutely altered evolutionary timetable. Niekro was already 30 years old aback he fabricated his aboriginal postseason alpha in the countdown NLCS in 1969 (a Braves accident to the Mets). He fabricated his additional — and final — postseason alpha … 13 years after (a Braves accident to the Cardinals). And again he pitched for addition bristles seasons! With a ample anatomy of assignment encompassing 5,404 innings and 864 appearances, Niekro accumulated 318 wins and abundant WAR to acquire this “start.”

Even with Kershaw off the board, you could ample out absolutely a ringless circling of alive arms. The accumulation is fronted by Kershaw’s above Dodgers assistant Greinke (who of advance may not accept alike able had the Astros won in 2019, afore Howie Kendrick did his affair in Bold 7 of that Fall Classic), followed by Felix Hernandez (50.1 WAR), Jacob deGrom (38.1) and Corey Kluber (32.3). If you accede him “active,” Bartolo Colon (45.8) has additionally arise out empty-handed in a career that has spanned 21 seasons and 11 teams.

CLOSERAll-time: Lee Smith (28.9)Active: Joakim Soria (18.6)

Trevor Hoffman, who accumulated 601 saves in the approved division but alone four in the postseason with the Padres, ability assume the accessible best here. But his 28.0 WAR avalanche aloof shy of Smith’s mark. Smith, a 2019 Hall of Fame inductee, anon contributed to his ringless fate by demography the accident in two of the four LCS amateur he pitched in — in 1984 with the Cubs adjoin the Padres and in 1988 with the Red Sox adjoin the A’s.

Soria, who has 223 career saves, had his complete best years with the Royals … afore they won back-to-back AL pennants. He was traded in the average of the 2014 season, and he has aback accomplished the playoffs with four teams (Tigers, Pirates, Brewers and A’s) but not the Apple Series.

MANAGERLCS era and active: Dusty Baker

In absence of Wins Above Replacement for skippers, we can go with wins, period. And cipher has added in the LCS era afterwards a Apple Series arena than Baker, with 1,892. His 10 postseason authoritative appearances afterwards a championship are the best anytime (A’s skipper Bob Melvin ranks second, with seven).

After arch the Astros there in 2020, Baker became the aboriginal administrator to booty bristles altered franchises to the postseason. Alas, Baker has aloof one banderole to appearance for his efforts, and he and Bonds and the blow of the 2002 Giants came out on the amiss end of Bold 7 adjoin the Angels. It has been an acute following for one of the added admired bodies in baseball. But Baker can, of course, booty alleviation in actuality the alone affiliate of our ringless aggregation with … a ring, accepting won one as a amateur with the 1981 Dodgers.

If you appetite to affect your accompany with abandoned trivia, the administrator with the best best wins afterwards a arena is Gene Mauch. But he went 1,902-2,037 from 1960-87, and he accomplished the playoffs alone twice.

Anthony Castrovince has been a anchorman for MLB.com aback 2004. Read his columns and chase him on Twitter at @Castrovince.

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