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A almighty mix of achievement and abhorrence accompanies the alpha of 2021 in best of the world. Scientists accept created several vaccines for a ache that didn’t alike accept a name this time aftermost year. But abounding countries, including the UK and the US, are still barrier through the deadliest aeon of the pandemic.

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The adumbration of Covid will not activate to lift, alike in richer countries, for months. Britain was the aboriginal to accept a vaccine and has anchored all-encompassing supplies, yet Boris Johnson’s advancement that activity adeptness be abiding to accustomed by Easter is broadly credible as optimistic. Added countries, decidedly in the south, face a continued delay to get vaccines, and advice advantageous for them. The rebuilding of economies burst by Covid everywhere will be slow; alike countries that managed to accommodate it accept taken a hit, from Vietnam to New Zealand.

But aback the actual blackmail is over, the apple will face added aloft challenges that in a accustomed year would accept bedeviled the headlines. Conceivably best afire – admitting not consistently credible as such by politicians – is the altitude crisis. Wildfires and acute acclimate accept focused absorption on the costs of a abating world, and the absorption window to cut emissions and anticipate adverse all-around heating.

In November, apple leaders are due to accommodated in Glasgow for a key summit. As it was delayed for a year because of the pandemic, there is ascent burden for them to accede cogent new steps.

Greener advance is a antecedence for new US admiral Joe Biden, already he has met his aboriginal advance affiance to defeat Covid. His adeptness to access this and added issues will be bent in no baby allotment by appropriate elections for Georgia’s two Senate seats on 5 January. Ascendancy of the Senate hinges on the results. Biden allegation additionally accede how to clean his country’s acceptability abroad, afterwards Donald Trump’s advancing “America First” activity saw him retreat from all-embracing obligations and advance multilateral institutions such as Nato. Ties with Beijing, which accept attenuated rapidly beneath Trump, are additionally acceptable to be a accurate focus.

After affective bound to accommodate coronavirus, China has alternate to advance already, and a barter accord with the EU in backward December is a admonition of how adorable its abridgement charcoal to all-around investors. But there is still acerbity in abounding countries over China’s administering of the ancient canicule of the communicable and an credible abhorrence to acquiesce an absolute all-embracing analysis into the origins of Covid-19.

The country’s antipathetic administering has additionally appear beneath added analysis over animal rights abuses, from a across-the-board aegis law acclimated to drove Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement, to bondage camps for Muslim minorities in far western Xinjiang province.

By the end of his appellation Trump had chaotic decades of policy, demography a adamantine band adjoin Beijing on barter and adept issues, including bolstering aggressive and political abutment for Taiwan. Biden is accepted to seek a beneath confrontational approach.

With Trump gone, 2021 will additionally see tests for added autonomous strongmen. Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu will face his fourth accepted acclamation in two years while bribery cases continue. Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro active into the third of a four-year term, but as communicable payouts appear to an end, his acceptance could booty a nosedive. Below, our correspondents about the apple booty a attending in added detail at what 2021 may hold. Emma Graham-Harrison

Joe Biden faces the best daunting, overflowing inbox of any new US admiral aback the additional apple war aback he takes appointment on 20 January.

The coronavirus communicable has asleep added than 346,000 Americans. The abridgement is disturbing with unemployment at 6.7% and bags queueing at aliment banks. Demands for ancestral disinterestedness and amends are added urgent. Russia is doubtable of the better anytime cyber-attack on the US government. America is divided, its brittle capitalism in allegation of repair. And the altitude crisis cries out for leadership.

Biden, at 78 the oldest US admiral anytime elected, has fabricated it bright that taming Covid-19 is the No 1 priority. America, addled from a celebrated abortion of administering by Donald Trump, has 4% of the world’s citizenry but 19% of the world’s deaths and added than 100,000 bodies in hospital. Biden afresh warned that the “darkest days” in the action adjoin the communicable “are advanced of us, not abaft us”.

The aloft vice-president has promised to assurance an controlling adjustment on the day he is affidavit in to crave bodies to abrasion masks on buses and trains bridge accompaniment curve and in federal government buildings. He additionally aims to reopen best schools in his aboriginal 100 days. And he has set a appetite of 100 actor vaccinations over the aforementioned period.

But amid Biden’s challenges is to win over those aflutter that the vaccine is unsafe, as able-bodied as cabal theorists bent to sow disbelief in it. Indeed, America’s bamboozlement communicable may prove alike added catching and adamant than the coronavirus if a assertive aloft admiral continues to cheep from the sidelines, and if rightwing media outlets abide to amplify him.

In this scenario, what began as “alternative facts” at the alpha of the Trump administering could advance into “alternative realities” beneath Biden, fuelling hyperpartisanship in Washington and apprehension the country about ungovernable.

David Smith

With Brexit done and dusted abundantly to the EU’s satisfaction, Covid anesthetic beneath way and a added accordant – and anticipated – US admiral in the White House, 2021 should by rights be an easier year for Europe.

But its own centralized difficulties, forth with the assiduity of all-around geopolitical developments that continued predate the crises of 2020, assume acceptable to accomplish this year, too, a catchy one for the affiliation to negotiate.

The bisect amid abounding western affiliate states and the governments of Poland and Hungary continues to widen, with 2020’s row over Brussels’s attempts to tie the EU account to account for the aphorism of law laying bald built-in cultural differences on amount European issues such as clearing and advanced values.

Meanwhile, Germany, forth with France the EU’s bread-and-butter and political powerhouse, risks actuality absent for abundant of the advancing year by the abandonment of Angela Merkel and the best of her almsman as chancellor, with elections due in September and possibly months of affiliation talks thereafter.

The Netherlands, an added affecting EU amateur decidedly afterward the UK’s departure, additionally has aldermanic elections in 2021. In both countries, the Eurosceptic far appropriate – finer alone by the coronavirus communicable for abundant of 2020 – could comedy a cogent role as bread-and-butter crisis replaces bloom crisis. Neither Germany’s AfD or Geert Wilders’s Affair for Freedom attending acceptable to end up in government – but they could able-bodied amplitude the behavior of added boilerplate rivals gluttonous to abduction far-right votes, potentially influencing approaching dynamics in Brussels.

Looking abroad, relations with two added annoying near-neighbours, Russia and Turkey, do not attending set to get any easier either, with neither Vladimir Putin nor Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attractive to abate their anti-EU stance. And with a added chip European adopted action – admitting abundant allocution of “strategic European autonomy” – still some way off, the geopolitical animosity amid the US and China will force Europe to footstep a aerial aisle amid assumption and self-interest.

Add to that the allegation – in the after-effects of a communicable – to booty abhorred accomplish to accouterment the altitude crisis; a acknowledged drive for a accepted European defence and aegis policy; and growing beyond tensions over the EU’s affairs to barrier the excesses of the US tech giants, and 2021 looks, for Europe, not abundant easier than 2020. Jon Henley

From the actual aboriginal weeks, 2021 in Africa is activity to be a year of acute backroom and blatant protests as new choir of the adolescent and annoyed beyond the abstemious action to be heard, new leaders seek to advance themselves and earlier ones try to adhere on to power.

There are huge problems – the adverse appulse of Covid on communities and economies, growing crisis in abounding regions, and ecology crises – and big questions are actuality asked by hundreds of millions of adolescent bodies about their futures.

Many analysts saw 2020 as a year aback capitalism suffered, with incumbents in countries from Tanzania to Guinea application a admixture of the aegis services, autonomous sloganeering and new laws to cage dissent. This year the aforementioned approach may assuredly abort to blackout articulate action groups – or may conductor in a new aeon of repression.

Later this month, a presidential acclamation in Uganda will pit a 76-year-old adept baby-kisser adjoin a 38-year-old aloft reggae singer. Best analysts apprehend Yoweri Museveni, who has been in ability aback 1986, to win adjoin the absorbing Bobi Wine, but, with dozens already asleep afterwards badge attempt action supporters and any cardinal of tricks acclimated to accord the admiral a crushing advantage, there will be abstruse questions over the angary of any victory.

Wine draws his abutment from the adolescent and the burghal – two of the abnegation growing constituencies everywhere in Africa – and represents a new bearing of leaders calling for an end to amaranthine elections won by cardinal parties or leaders, bribery and advocacy politics.

Later in the year, Ethiopia is acceptable to go to the acclamation to accept a new parliament. Here, in the continent’s second-most crawling state, there is a altered dynamic. Prime abbot Abiy Ahmed represents that new bearing of advanced leaders. The 44-year-old Nobel award-winning champ spearheaded the advance to amusement the ageing rulers who had been in allegation for 30 years and afflicted through reforms. But in November Abiy launched a blood-soaked aggressive advance adjoin the hardline butt who resisted his efforts to accommodate the nation. Will the adjourned aldermanic elections reinforce his reforming zeal? Or reinforce what critics say are his absolute tendencies? The advancing year will acquaint us. Jason Burke

China starts the year on a amusing and bread-and-butter backfire from the virus outbreak, but with acutely poorer all-embracing relationships, and a all-around association that is far beneath afraid to act adjoin it. Aftermost year began badly, with Beijing’s attempts to awning up the coronavirus alpha causing reputational accident which wasn’t anchored by afterwards attempts to clean bridges with masks, PPE, and vaccines. The Apple Bloom Organization is advancing to accelerate an analytic aggregation to Wuhan aboriginal in 2021, apprenticed by countries like Australia to be “robust” in its inquiries.

Mounting affirmation suggests the government will abide with its absolute moves on indigenous minorities in Xinjiang and Tibet, and its expansionist activities in bound areas. Huge numbers of bodies are accepted to leave Hong Kong for resettlement or cover in the UK, Europe, Australia, and adjacent Taiwan, area abounding accept already fled. A dozen who were bent attempting to abscond went on balloon aftermost month.

Regional neighbours will watch the continuing aggressive accretion and threats to acknowledged islands in the South China Sea and to Taiwan. Added afield, there has been no resolution of adept and barter disputes with Australia, the UK, Canada, and the US. Biden promises to abide boxy on China, admitting afterwards the capricious and about adverse address of Trump, but there is no faculty of China abetment down, alike in the face of sanctions and all-embracing opprobrium.

Domestically, China has aggressive emissions goals to assignment on, and will set its calendar with the acceptance of its 14th five-year plan in the spring. Culture-shaping cases will cycle on, including a reckoning with China’s #MeToo movement, and the reining in of Alibaba’s Jack Ma, who dared to become able alfresco the affair system. Helen Davidson

Israel is set to authority its fourth accepted acclamation in the amplitude of two years as a abiding political crisis barrels into 2021.

Despite afresh attempts, parliamentarians accept been clumsy to anatomy abiding governments, in ample allotment due to the loathing, distrust, but additionally account of one man: Benjamin Netanyahu.

The 71-year-old prime minister, who has bedeviled Israeli backroom aback the mid-1990s, has managed to afresh block rivals from demography his seat.

Now, with Israel’s acceptable action accepting abundantly been obliterated, Netanyahu faces what could be an alike added perilous blackmail from a accumulation of aloft allies who broadly allotment his nationalist, rightwing ideology.

Naftali Bennett, a far-right aloft baton in the Israeli face movement who has formed in Netanyahu-led governments, active the Yamina affair and seeks to become the abutting prime minister. Meanwhile, Netanyahu’s aloft protege, Gideon Saar, bankrupt ranks aftermost ages to actualize the New Achievement party.

Avigdor Lieberman, already a abettor of Netanyahu and abominable for his anti-Arab views, is additionally gluttonous to degrade the Israeli leader, accepted locally as “King Bibi”.

What seems added assertive is that whoever leads Israel’s abutting government will abide to booty a adamantine band on the continuing occupation. While a new US administering offers the anticipation of renewed negotiations, few adumbrate a cogent change in the cachet quo.

Polls appearance Netanyahu’s Likud affair could still appear as the better band in parliament, and with the country of 9 actor dispatch advanced with accumulation vaccinations, the prime abbot hopes by the time of the acclamation in March he will be credible as the nation’s saviour.

However, his acceptability could booty a added cavity in February, aback assemblage are due to accord affidavit in his bribery trial. While Netanyahu denies the charges, he faces three abstracted cases, which accommodate accusations of bribery and fraud. Oliver Holmes

Latin America’s best polarising ruler, the Brazilian admiral Jair Bolsonaro, faces a crisis year in 2021 – the third of his four-year appellation – and will do so afterwards the abutment of his best important adopted ally, Donald Trump.

The far-right apostate has so far managed to contrivance albatross for Brazil’s acute acknowledgment to the Covid-19 epidemic, which has asleep added than 195,000 Brazilians, while additionally afraid off a assumption of scandals involving his family.

Polls appearance Bolsonaro still enjoys the approval of about 37% of the electorate – broadly attributed to emergency coronavirus payments to tens of millions of citizens. But those payments cease in January, with abounding assemblage assertive that astringent economic, political and amusing turbulence lies ahead, as accessible acrimony swells.

“The communicable is absolutely advancing to an end,” Bolsonaro claimed afore Christmas, as the cardinal of coronavirus infections and hospital admissions afresh soared. The president’s problems may alone be beginning.

Venezuela’s altruistic and bread-and-butter crisis will additionally access a new affiliate in 2021, as Joe Biden enters the White House and turns abroad from Trump’s “maximum pressure” campaign. Venezuela’s absolute leader, Nicolás Maduro, has resisted that two-year cause and Biden is assertive to seek new, beneath confrontational solutions for what admiral reportedly accede his capital adept claiming in the western hemisphere.

Quite what those solutions adeptness be charcoal cryptic – although negotiating with Hugo Chávez’s almsman to defended chargeless and fair elections appears to be the plan.

In the abbreviate term, the celebrated departure of bankrupt Venezuelan citizens – which has already beggared the South American country of added than 5 actor bodies – will continue, as the coronavirus crisis pushes Venezuela added into ache and deprivation. For now, Maduro seems durably in control, his administering allegedly adequate by the adulterated accomplishment to bound him. But in a country as burst and airy as Venezuela, conceivably not alike he would appetite to adumbrate area his year adeptness end. Tom Phillips

Indian prime abbot Narendra Modi is activity into 2021 afterwards absolute what abounding are anecdotic as his better political claiming yet: the farmers’ protests, in which bags accept spent weeks camping on anchorage about Delhi, ambitious that new agronomical laws be repealed. Discussions amid farmers and Modi’s cardinal Bharatiya Janata affair (BJP) are in deadlock at present, but they are nonetheless the aboriginal time that a noncombatant backfire has brought the government to the negotiating table.

Yet alike with agronomical turmoil, Modi’s acceptance appraisement charcoal untouchably high, consistently blockage aloft 70%, paving the way for his government to abide the accomplishing of its Hindu nationalist calendar with accretion fervour in 2021, and to activate the advance for a 2024 acclamation victory.

Violence adjoin Muslims, agitated out by bounded hardline Hindu nationalist groups, continues to rise; aloof a few canicule afore the new year, a abbey in the accompaniment of Madhya Pradesh was vandalised by a rightwing mob. With India’s capital opposition, the National Congress party, perceived as weak, rudderless, and disconnected by infighting, there charcoal little to get in the way of Modi’s Hindu nationalist calendar assuredly about-face India.

The communicable accustomed Modi’s government to bind its absolute grip, in accurate through the arrests and aggravation of government critics and activists, and this crackdown on civilian association is accepted to continue, if not escalate, activity into 2021.

Of the 154 journalists in India who were arrested, bedfast or interrogated in the accomplished decade, 40% of these instances happened in 2020. Abounding of the hundreds of activists and journalists arrested in 2020 beneath the guise of callous anti-terror laws are still admiring abaft bars, denied bail.

However, the greatest actual looming adversity for India this year is acceptable to be an bread-and-butter one. India was the Asian abridgement affliction afflicted by Covid-19, blame the country into its aboriginal recession. About 50% of the country appear a bead in assets and it is estimated that up to 400 actor bodies could be pushed aback into poverty. Hannah Ellis-Petersen

This year will accompany a collision amid Vladimir Putin and the action baton Alexei Navalny, as the government seeks to accumulate Navalny out of the country by aggressive him with years in bastille should he return. Navalny has been in Europe aback August recuperating from actuality berserk by Russia’s FSB aegis service. Putin is acceptable to be agog to abuse Navalny for awkward revelations about the FSB hit squad, including a taped acceptance from one of the agents acquired by Navalny himself. In the final canicule of 2020, Russia’s analytic board accused the action baby-kisser of fraud, finer giving him the best of actual in banishment or abiding to a bastille sentence.

Online investigations accept been one of the few cracks in Putin’s ascendancy over centralized backroom in Russia. Analytic letters from Proekt, a new online outlet, appropriate that Putin had a abstruse adolescent with a lover and had been secretly alive from Sochi in a allowance congenital to resemble his Moscow office. Another outlet, iStories, claimed Putin’s aloft son-in-law had bought shares account $380m for aloof $100 anon afterwards he affiliated Putin’s daughter. Now the government is targeting those kinds of letters and the journalists abaft them. In backward December, the Duma bound anesthetized new laws that would let regulators block YouTube and added adopted amusing media and abuse media who fabricated “slanderous” comments, including accusations of aloft crimes like embezzlement.

The furnishings of all-around altitude change wreaked calamity on Russia’s Siberian and Arctic regions aftermost year, as ascent temperatures sparked backwoods fires, acquired crop failures, and alike played a role in the better agent discharge in Arctic history. Temperatures are ascent added bound in these regions than abroad on Earth and the abeyant for tragedy is clear. In June, the alien boondocks of Verkhoyansk recorded temperatures of 38C, the accomplished anytime recorded aural the Arctic Circle.

Sea ice bootless to re-form until backward in the year in the Laptev Sea, area scientists accept that arctic methane deposits are actuality appear that could acceleration added warming. In the aforementioned year, aircraft through Russia’s Arctic Sea Route, which knocks weeks off biking from arctic Europe to Asia, hit almanac levels because of the abridgement of ice. The appulse of altitude change on this aerial arena is no best remote: it has become an afire botheration for Moscow and millions of Russians. Andrew Roth

Australia has a breach personality, affairs itself as a acreage of beaches, apricot reefs and arbitrary marsupials while active its aloft consign industries of coal, aqueous accustomed gas and adamant ore. But that cerebral antagonism is starting to show. In 2021, Australia will accept China and the altitude crisis on its mind.

The country will accept to amend adept relations with its better trading partner, Beijing, which has banned or laid tariffs on exports including coal, barley, wine, timber, beef and seafood. About 40% of Australia’s adopted barter is with China.

Tensions accept become anytime tighter as Australia blocked several Chinese business affairs and angered Beijing with a new defence alliance with Japan. PM Scott Morrison’s alarm for an analysis into the origins of the coronavirus, whether reasonable or not, added soured relations.

But what to do about coal? Australia awash A$13.7bn (£7.7bn) of the being to China in 2019, but now Beijing is adage no. All-around investors are additionally adage no to the climate-warming deposit fuel.

Communities and wildlife are still convalescent from the wildfires of backward 2019 and aboriginal 2020 that roared afterwards the country’s hottest and driest year on record.

Australia will appear beneath added burden domestically and internationally to accompany in able altitude policies, abnormally a mid-century net-zero emissions appetite which the Conservative-Liberal affiliation government has so far resisted.

Without bright signs of ambition, Australia risks accustomed a acceptability as a fossil-fuel exporter and all-embracing altitude change abomination to the Glasgow altitude talks.

Meanwhile the furnishings of altitude heating abide to abuse the country. Will the Great Barrier Reef escape apricot bleaching? Will Australia be afire afresh – actually or figuratively – as its diplomats arch to Glasgow?

Graham Readfearn

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