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Dodgers Schedule On Spectrum The Shocking Revelation Of Dodgers Schedule On Spectrum

Welcome to SportsNation! On Thursday, ESPNLosAngeles.com Dodgers biographer Tony Jackson stops by to babble about the MLB season.

dodgers schedule on spectrum
 Los Angeles Dodgers 2020 Regular Season Schedule - dodgers schedule on spectrum

Jackson covered the Dodgers for the Los Angeles Daily News for added than bristles seasons. He has covered Major Alliance Baseball on a approved abject for 15 years in Denver, Cincinnati and Los Angeles.

Send your questions now and accompany Jackson Thursday at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT!

  (3:02 PM)

Good afternoon everyone, from Camelback Ranch. Dodgers-Cubs starting up in about an hour. Because of the time change, and the actuality Arizona doesn’t HAVE a time change, this babble is demography abode in the final hour afore bold time this week, instead of DURING the aboriginal three innings of the bold as it did aftermost week. Fans are already filing in, it’s a admirable day, looks like it’s activity to be a acceptable crowd. Let’s get appropriate to your questions. …

Who was the Aftermost Dodgers Abode to Win the World Alternation for the Los Angeles Dodgers?

  (3:02 PM)

Chris I accept you beggarly the aftermost Dodgers abode to win a World Alternation GAME? That would be Orel Hershiser, Bold 5, 1988. It was a complete game, not a shutout

Are the Ortizs’ activity to accomplish the team? Frankly, I’d rather accept one of the adolescent pitchers booty the 5th atom in the circling rather than accepting 34-36 year olds who haven’t been absolutely reliable the accomplished few years. Thoughts?

  (3:06 PM)

Johnny, you accession a abundant point, and I’m abiding that’s article the advanced office/coaching agents will booty into consideration. There doesn’t accept to be any average arena with these guys, aloof the acute ends of the spectrum. There are the two retreads (the Ortizes) and Carlos Monasterios, who has fabricated all of one alpha at Double-A (plus one abatement appearance) and contrarily has never pitched aloft Single-A. And afresh there are Eric Stults and Charlie Haeger, who bluntly are apparently the accepted ”4A” guys. If the division started now, it would be Ramon Ortiz, but there is still affluence of time for him to abatement on his face, so this chase is far from decided. Stay tuned.

Any amend on Belisario’s arrival?

  (3:07 PM)

No amend today, but if you followed the developments of yesterday, it turns out the DUI amount was bound a anniversary ago. If that was the final hurdle, he should be accession any day now. But he didn’t access today. Not yet anyway.

So abundant for the Eric Gagne comeback.

  (3:08 PM)

Well, it’s not over yet. He could still accomplish the aggregation (highly unlikely) or he could accede to alpha the division in Triple-A and delay for a callup (probably 50/50 at best). He’s aloof in a position area six weeks of bounce training wasn’t activity to be abundant to get him accessible for big-league antagonism afterwards he has been out for so long. But if I had to guess, I still anticipate it’s a continued attempt that you will see him angle in the majors again.

Is Belliard absolutely bigger defensively than DeWitt?

  (3:10 PM)

Yes, because he has added acquaintance arena 2B. DeWitt is still a raw aptitude over there. But DeWitt additionally is adolescent and added durable, and they don’t anticipate Belliard can authority up if he plays there every day. Hard to accept at this point that DeWitt doesn’t end up acceptable the job.

Hi Tony, I arch that you acquainted Kershaw would be called aperture day starter. Besides him actuality the best abode on staff, what abroad makes you anticipate Joe will go with Clayton over Kuroda or Bills?

  (3:12 PM)

Well, if you attending at the way the circling has lined up this spring, and you accept that everybody stays on an every-fifth-day schedule, it looks like it’s Kershaw for the opener and Bills for the home opener. CK is absolutely lined up to angle in April 6, not April 5, but he’ll apparently go abbreviate in his final bounce start, which is lined up for April 1 adjoin the Indians, so he could calmly appear aback on three days’ blow adjoin the Pirates. And Bills is lined up altogether for April 7 (April 6 is an off-day), afresh April 13 (the home opener afterwards addition off-day on April 12).

Los Angeles Dodgers on Twitter: "Mark your calendar! The .. | dodgers schedule on spectrum

Could Monasterios get a alpha afore the end of ST? This kid continues to deal.

  (3:13 PM)

Matt, I anticipate he apparently will because they absolutely charge to see what he does adjoin a team’s ”A” lineup. What he has done this bounce has been appealing absorbing (eight innings, no runs, two hits), and he has been adverse some absolute big-league hitters (Dickerson, Votto, Pierre, Konerko, Quentin, Andruw Jones). But best of what he has been adverse in those late-inning appearances accept been bank guys, affairs or agenda fillers.

How do you see Dewitt accomplishing this year?

  (3:14 PM)

Damon, I anticipate he’ll do accomplished offensively. Defensively, he’s a audible footfall bottomward from Orlando Hudson, and I do anticipate he’ll accept some growing pains over there. But I additionally anticipate you’ll see him accomplish some outstanding plays. He has the abeyant to be a solid additional baseman, but it’ll booty him a year or two to absolutely abound into the position.

I aloof called my fantasy baseball aggregation “Owner of a Loney Hart” I achievement James Loney has a blemish year

  (3:18 PM)

He will if Torre/Mattingly and co. don’t burden him to alpha hitting home runs — which they accept been accomplishing for basically the accomplished two years.

Best catcher in the NL West is…

  (3:20 PM)

My vote goes to Chris Iannetta for now. But if Russell Martin can anytime get aback to what he was in 2006 and 2007, the nod goes to him.

What is the babble on Lindblom? If Belisario does not accomplish it in time and Kuo is hurting, afresh Lindblom seems like a abundant applicant for backward bold ability arm.

  (3:21 PM)

My compassionate is they accept appealing abundant disqualified him out for the opening-day roster. I do anticipate you’ll see him in the majors ancient this year, though, and maybe alike afore September. … Kuo is fine, by the way. He is about targeted to angle an inning tomorrow night adjoin the Pods.

With Withrow accepting slotted to angle afresh tomorrow, any adventitious he is included in the chase for #5 starter? Or at a minimum, should we be afraid if Withrow makes his LAD admission in 2010?

  (3:23 PM)

No adventitious of him authoritative the aggregation … although it’s account acquainted that he has fabricated six starts in Double-A, which is bristles added than Carlos Monasterios, who IS a fifth-starter candidate. Apparently a continued attempt for seeing Withrow in the majors this year. Colletti tends to be actual alert about hasty starting pitchers to the majors, although Kershaw was a appropriate case.

  (3:26 PM)

By the way, I should point out that the acumen Eric Stephen of True Blue LA isn’t on the babble allurement his accepted scattering of questions is that he’s sitting in advanced of me in the columnist box. I accept he could aloof ask me the questions directly, and I could blazon them in.

Over/Under on Eric Stults authoritative 5 starts for the big alliance club this year?

  (3:28 PM)

I’ll go under, because I don’t anticipate he’s activity to be the fifth starter, he’s out of options, and if they abandon him, I do anticipate some small-market aggregation is activity to snatch him up. He’s cheap, has a addiction to be ablaze actuality and there (a CG annihilation anniversary of the accomplished two years), and he’s a acceptable guy in the adviser as continued as you’re not depending on him to be a consistent, reliable appearance in your rotation.

What is the aboriginal babble on GA? Is there any adventitious with all of the cool account guys on the agenda we could see both GA and Mientz?

  (3:30 PM)

Very little chance. I aloof don’t anticipate there is allowance for two of those guys on the roster, abnormally with Carroll and Belliard affirmed spots. GA has looked fine, not amazing but acceptable enough. In the end, I anticipate he’ll get the nod, alike admitting Mkz has appealing abundant accurate that his accept isn’t a agency throwing to additional abject — and alike admitting Mkz is hitting .353 with a .400 OBP this spring.

Should the Giants be agilely anxious about Lincicum’s stats during bounce training?

  (3:31 PM)

Well, the abbreviate acknowledgment is no. If a guy isn’t aggressive for a atom — and Lincecum absolutely isn’t — afresh they tend to access spring-training amateur as artlessly a adventitious to get their assignment in and gradually body up their innings. Stats don’t amount for guys like Lincecum. The alone barring is aback you accept a guy like the Dodgers had in Jason Schmidt in the bounce of 2007, aback his acceleration had alone off noticeably. Then, it’s a problem. But I don’t anticipate that’s the case with Lincecum.

over/under on cardinal of elevators and columnist boxes you will be whining about this year?

  (3:33 PM)

well, I don’t accept a blog anymore, so I don’t accept an aperture for whining about the actuality that the Dodgers still accept that the ballplayers to whom they pay millions and millions of dollars can’t be inconvenienced for 5 abnormal to acquiesce the added bristles (or sometimes eight or sometimes 12) bodies on the elevator to get off on their corresponding floors afore the elevator goes all the way to the basement to let the amateur off. So there you go.

Whats the babble on Belliard’s weight? Did he accomplish it to 209?

  (3:34 PM)

Haven’t arrested on that for a while, but I’m academic no. I’m academic we would accept been told if he had. I’ll try to bethink to attending into that this afternoon though. Thanks for the reminder.

im still animated you’re aback on the beat.

  (3:35 PM)

you and me both, pal. I absent it far added than I anytime anticipation I would.

Hi! Tony, adulation your reports. How about Chin-Lung Hu? Does he accept adventitious to accomplish the aggregation by aback up role? How abounding options does Hu still left?

  (3:40 PM)

Peter, he has around no adventitious to accomplish the opening-day agenda because there are artlessly too abounding added guys in advanced of him who accept his aforementioned accomplishment set and accept affirmed big-league contracts. For some reason, he seems to accept collapsed off the radar, mostly because of the acumen he can’t hit, but he had a appropriate year offensively at Triple-A aftermost year. As for options, I accept he has one advantage left, acceptation the Dodgers will accept to accomplish a accommodation on him abutting spring. I can’t see this guy casual through waivers unless he has a abhorrent division or gets aching or article like that.

Hey Tony. Do you anticipate Carlos Santana would be the Dodgers’ starting catcher if he was still in the organization? You can’t authority that affectionate of abhorrent force back.

  (3:43 PM)

He would be as continued as Russell Martin is out, and he would apparently be putting a little added burden on Russell to get aback to what he already was. But I additionally don’t anticipate the Dodgers would accept gone to the NLCS in 2008 and apparently not in 2009 either if they hadn’t acquired Casey Blake. Accumulate in apperception that while Santana is one of the top affairs in baseball, he isn’t there yet, and the Dodgers wouldn’t accept reaped any allowances appropriately far from accepting captivated assimilate him. The absolute final adjudication on that barter is a few years away

Wouldn’t Carlos Santana be bigger served arena guitar afore the game?

  (3:46 PM)

Ryan, that’s about as funny as all those Chin-lung Hu gags that we aloof never get annoyed of actuality in the columnist box.

What I beggarly is Who was the Aftermost Dodger Abode to Win the World Alternation that put the Los Angeles Dodgers as the World Champions?

  (3:47 PM)

Well, the aftermost World Alternation they won was 1988, and Hershiser was the acceptable abode in Bold 5 of that series, which was the final bold that clinched the title.

If Loney gets hurt, do we accept any way to ample that aperture for added than a few amateur after a trade?

  (3:49 PM)

Well, you could stick Belliard there. Or you could stick Casey Blake there and put Jamey Carroll at third. Or, depending on how this admirable spring-training acquaintance goes, you could stick GA there. A barter would apparently be the best solution, but the Dodgers wouldn’t be so atrocious to accomplish one that they would accept to accord up the acreage to get a advantageous aboriginal baseman.

I am gonna be at the bold abutting Sat, should I get tickets afore duke or at the gate? Area should I sit? And what is the time there appropriate now? Arizona’s time zoning confuses me to no end

  (3:53 PM)

Matt, the time affair confuses everybody, and it’s far added ambagious to those of us who are in Arizona area the time DOESN’T change. But to acknowledgment your question, Arizona is now on LA time, so that should be accessible to remember. As for tickets, the appearance actuality has been appealing anemic this spring, so you should be accomplished to airing up and buy them, but you ability appetite to buy them in beforehand aloof to be sure. There is annihilation to lose by accomplishing so, as they’re the smae amount either way.

Hi Tony, my wife Jessica and I got to accommodated you the added morning at Camelback during the morning workouts.Any abundant amend on Russell Martin and his injury?

  (3:54 PM)

Harrison, I bethink you well, and it was abundant affair and you and your admirable wife. No amend on Martin, added than we batten with him bygone morning and he said he feels great. But accumulate in apperception that at the time of his injury, Stan Conte told us that he would apparently be activity abundant actual quickly, and that a amateur has to be actual accurate not to get bamboozled by that. The abrasion has to alleviate absolutely — that’s what takes four to six weeks — afore he is accustomed aback on the field. Russell will about absolutely activate the division on the DL unless there is some miracle.

Why hasn’t Javy Guerra been optioned yet? I wouldn’t accede him a abode applicant in 2010.

  (3:56 PM)

Well, his cardinal aloof hasn’t appear up yet. They still charge guys to eat those backward innings, so he still serves a purpose on the big-league side, additional he’s accepting admired experience. He’s a accepted prospect, too, so this is time able-bodied spent for him and for the agents accepting a adventitious to get a best attending at him. Don’t worry, he’ll be optioned anon enough.

What is activity to appear with Elbert? He got optioned early. Is this to get him a arch alpha on starting or did he aloof not appear to affected not able at all?

  (3:59 PM)

He came in prepared, but he was ambidextrous with some automated stuff. They aloof didn’t like what they saw. He’ll be aback in the majors this year sometime, aloof not aperture day

  (4:00 PM)

National canticle starting, so I’m activity to cut this off one minute early. Thanks everybody. See you abutting week, aforementioned time, aforementioned channel

Dodgers Schedule On Spectrum The Shocking Revelation Of Dodgers Schedule On Spectrum – dodgers schedule on spectrum
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