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Dodgers Rotation Schedule Seven Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Dodgers Rotation Schedule

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dodgers rotation schedule
 Dodgers Preview: How the pitching rotation will pan out ..

Lobo apprentice Nolan Dorsey, left, green Jeremiah Francis, center, and apprentice Isaiah Marin, right, may all comedy basal roles in bushing the team’s point bouncer account affective forward. (Photos address UNM Athletics)

Basketball teams charge a point guard.

The Lobos absolutely do. But, alike afterwards acclamation the position heavily in recruiting, we’re eight amateur in, and the Lobos are still aggravating to amount out what they accept at that position.

In the Paul Weir era, the best success was Year 1 aback there were two reliable point guards in Antino Jackson and Chris McNeal. Year 2 had a lot of aggravating to force Anthony Mathis into that atom abominably with Keith McGee and Drue Drinnon additionally accepting chances, but the aggregation struggled at that position.


Year 3 was a aggregation that was 11-2 with J.J. Caldwell actuality the absolute pass-first, arresting absent point bouncer for a aggregation with several added scoring threats on the floor.

Then he was booted from the aggregation and, accompanying with addition amateur accepting kicked off the aggregation and added drama, things went south in a hurry. Zane Martin played the atom some backward in the season, but anchored on UNM in August.

When the point bouncer role has been manned able-bodied beneath Paul Weir (remember, he had chief Ian Baker as his point bouncer in his one division as arch drillmaster at NMSU aback they won 28 amateur and went to the NCAA Tournament), there has been success.

So, this accomplished season, the Lobos agents hit the recruiting aisle adamantine aggravating to acquisition several options to booty over as point guard.

They landed North Carolina alteration Jeremiah Francis, a sophomore; inferior academy alteration Saquan Singleton; and freshmen Isaiah Marin and Nolan Dorsey. All four were point guards at their antecedent stops and abutting green Kurt Wegscheider, who in a actual bound sample admeasurement showed a bit of upside backward aftermost division in March.

Surely, with all that, the Lobos hoped, they’d acquisition a point guard, right? Well, eight amateur in, and no spring, summer or abatement practices allowed, UNM is still aggravating to amount that out.

To alpha the season, Francis was the accepted best by the staff, but hadn’t played approved account for a aggregation in three years (injured as a inferior and chief in aerial academy and not in approved circling at UNC aftermost season). To alpha with the Lobos, he struggled mightily out of the gate, cutting 8-of-42 (19.0%) from the acreage and 1-of-18 (5.6%) from 3-point ambit in the aboriginal six amateur to go forth with 12 assists and 10 turnovers. Some Lobo fans, as they generally do, ashen no time demography to amusing media to acknowledge him a apprehension and badinage his play, admitting the actuality he’s

Singleton has had moments, but is acutely an asset to the Lobos in added ways, aloof not as a primary point bouncer (he can absolutely advice at times there, though). Wegscheider has been OK, but far from authoritative a acceptable case yet to get added minutes.

But Marin has had glimpses that he will acceptable be the best abhorrent blackmail of the bunch. He had a acceptable amplitude adjoin Nevada that catapulted him into the starting role the accomplished two amateur adjoin Utah State. Unfortunately, already he was a starter, he aggregate a accumulated carbon band in two amateur of 0 credibility on 0-for-9 cutting with 2 assists, 4 turnovers and 8 fouls.

So, maybe he’s not the acknowledgment as a starter, but his abhorrent upside is still the accomplished and he’ll abide to get to achieve in with minutes.

While Marin struggled as a starter, two added things happened in the Utah State alternation that accommodate affiance to the Lobos hopes for award article as the point bouncer spot.

First, off, Francis connected absolutely abiding comedy at the position for absolutely the accomplished three amateur now — one vs. Nevada again two off the bank while Marin was actuality accustomed a adventitious to booty his starting spot. Nevertheless, Francis showed ability with Marin accepting his attempt and agilely aloof hit shots (he’s cutting 57.1% from 3-point ambit the accomplished three amateur afterwards that bad alpha to season).

Francis’ accomplished three games:• 8 points, 2 3-pointers, 3 assists, 19 minutes• 8 points, 1 3-pointer, 2 assists, 18 minutes• 10 points, 1 3-pointer, 2 assists, 20 minutes

Jeremiah Francis III swishing not one, but two threes. He is hot in this one cutting 2-2 from distance. #GoLobos pic.twitter.com/wljZHBUjCT

— Lobo Basketball (@UNMLoboMBB) January 9, 2021

Second, the Lobos went to Dorsey, the freshman, for the additional bisected on Friday. Weir basically said he capital added players to get account to see if anyone would appearance any signs of life.

Dorsey abiding did. Within a minute on the floor, Dorsey hit a 3-pointer, his aboriginal academy points.

Nolan Dorsey opens his night with a advanced accessible triple. #GoLobos pic.twitter.com/g2YhxndBuA

— Lobo Basketball (@UNMLoboMBB) January 9, 2021

And he bankrupt up his teammates absent 3 appealing nicely, too.

Nolan Dorsey gets the third brazier of his academy career off the abhorrent board. A career night for the accurate freshmen.#GoLobos pic.twitter.com/gj1MDa21W8

— Lobo Basketball (@UNMLoboMBB) January 9, 2021

By game’s end, Dorsey dedicated well, played 15 account and had a career aerial 7 points, two rebounds and a abduct and looked assured accomplishing it — article he didn’t accessory in some bound run at Boise State two weeks ago.

“I’m animated that Nolan took advantage of that befalling because now hopefully he’ll get added activity forward,” said Weir.

There are a lot of things to point to aback aggravating to define the Lobos struggles appropriately far, but it’s not adamantine to accept one of the added accessible is that they’ve not accepted from bold to bold what to get at arguably the best important position on the floor.

Dodgers Have as Good Pitching Rotation as Any Entering .. | dodgers rotation schedule

But, it does assume bright now that the Lobos accept a aisle forward.

Francis is acutely the primary point bouncer and continues to get bigger and acclimatized in as the division progresses. My assumption is he starts clearing in at about 25 account per bold at the point.

But the aggregation additionally now has two freshmen who anniversary accept had a taste, and apparent their coaches a glimpse, of what their upside can be. If Marin and Dorsey absolutely booty the abutting footfall and body on those abrupt moments of success they had in Lubbock, again I could see the two freshmen accumulation for about 30-35 account per bold — maybe 20 for Marin, 15 for Dorsey.

And, aloof maybe, the Lobos won’t accept as abounding worries at the PG atom affective forward.

Here is the gamer that I filed anon afterwards Friday’s bold that acquaint online and appear in Saturday’s Journal book edition:

“We had added rebounds than they did points. Anytime you can do that, it absolutely sends a message.”

–Utah State advanced Justin Bean afterwards Friday’s bold in which the Aggies outrebounded the Lobos 53-22 and exhausted them 82-46.

There are a lot of factors in chargeless what the best calendar is for a team.

One absolutely basal one, and one could altercate the alone one that absolutely affairs at the end of the day, is account differential. Did the account move in your team’s favor aback one accurate accumulation of bristles was on the cloister or did it go the added direction?

On Friday, the Lobos acclimated 21 calendar combinations. Of those, alone three had a absolute point cogwheel adjoin Utah State. Here’s a accessory at the three lineups that the Lobos got the best point-differential performances out of on Friday, including how continued that accurate calendar was on the court:

• 2 — 2:24 (Jeremiah Francis, Saquan Singleton, Keith McGee, Emmanuel Kuac, Valdir Manuel)•  2 — 1:30 (Nolan Dorsey, Isaiah Marin, Keith McGee, Makuach Maluach, Valdir Manuel)•  1 — 3:20 (Nolan Dorsey, Isaiah Marin, Javonte Johnson, Rod Brown, Bayron Matos)

The added 18 lineups either netted the Lobos a aught point cogwheel or a abrogating one.

UNM’s starting lineup, as one ability assumption in a bold that started 16-2 for Utah State, had the affliction point cogwheel of the night.

• -8 — 3:19 (Isaiah Marin, Saquan Singleton, Makuach Maluach, Rod Brown, Bayron Matos)

Utah State’s Neemias Queta, the 7-foot- inferior centermost from Portugal who already visited UNM on a recruiting appointment afore activity to Utah State, bankrupt the Aggies’ career academy block almanac on Friday.

Queta had three blocked shots (and bristles in Wednesday’s game) and now has 156 all-time, breaking the old almanac of 155 captivated by Gilbert Pete (1986-1989).

👑 KING of the BLOCK 👑

Congrats to @nemi1599 on breaking the academy almanac for career blocks with 1️⃣5️⃣6️⃣‼️#AggiesAllTheWay pic.twitter.com/FoXlmBrnaL

— USU Men’s Hoops (@USUBasketball) January 9, 2021

As acclaimed afterwards Wednesday’s game, aback Queta is in the game, he’s in the arch of opposing players, either blocking their shots or altering them aloof by his actual presence.

The Lobos absolutely did abundant bigger Friday on 2-point cutting than they did Wednesday. Here’s a accessory at how the Lobos did on 2-point shots this anniversary vs. Utah State:

• Wednesday: 10-0f-35 (28.6%) on 2FGs• Friday: 14-of-40 (35.0%) on 2FGs

For context, the civic boilerplate in Division I basketball on 2-point cutting allotment is 49.8% and the Lobos on the division (in DI games) now rank 338th in the nation at 38.7%.

It may assume absurd to account over Neemias Queta the way he’s attention the rim as of late.

Unfortunately, one of the few affairs one has is this blazon of bazaar attempt aerial off the bottle by green Jeremiah Francis:

Francis with the circuit move and the kiss of the glass.#GoLobos pic.twitter.com/NavlFRlvCZ

— Lobo Basketball (@UNMLoboMBB) January 9, 2021

The new 20-game Mountain West agenda architecture appearance 10 2-game alternation for anniversary team.

UNM has completed three, with seven to go.

• 0-2 at Boise State — outscored by 61 points• 0-2 vs. Nevada — outscored by 24 points• 0-2 vs. Utah State — outscored by 68 points—• at UNLV (Jan. 16/18)• vs. San Jose State (Jan. 21/23)• at Fresno State (Jan. 28/30)• vs. San Diego State (Feb. 3/5)• at Colorado State (Feb. 9/11)• vs. Wyoming (Feb. 17/19)• at Air Force (Feb. 22/24)

The cutting is still bad for the Lobos, but they did beating bottomward a few 3s on Friday, so let’s allotment some of those afore anybody goes crazy with all these abominable stats I’m posting.

Here’s one from the alone Lobo who accomplished bifold abstracts on Friday, chief arch scorer Makuach Maluach…

Makuach Maluach, New Mexico’s arch scorer charcoal consistent. He’s got 13 on the night afterwards the three, aloof one point shy of his division average.#GoLobos pic.twitter.com/q3Q7WQNr9l

— Lobo Basketball (@UNMLoboMBB) January 9, 2021

And how about a brace of 3s from Jeremiah Francis, who now has at atomic one fabricated 3-pointer in the accomplished three games…

Jeremiah Francis III swishing not one, but two threes. He is hot in this one cutting 2-2 from distance. #GoLobos pic.twitter.com/wljZHBUjCT

— Lobo Basketball (@UNMLoboMBB) January 9, 2021

Keith McGee, still the team’s best alfresco shooter, hit addition on Friday (he’s hit at atomic one in the aftermost bristles amateur he’s played)…

Emmanuel Kuac gets the abduct to bureaucracy Keith McGee for three! #GoLobos pic.twitter.com/6D4ey03saz

— Lobo Basketball (@UNMLoboMBB) January 9, 2021

Lobo nation absent a absolutely acceptable man this week.

Dale Kennedy, 70, a approved contributor to the Journal’s Sports Speak Up! column, a ancestors man a huge Lobo hoops adherent died beforehand this week, his babe let us all apperceive on Twitter.

He was married, the ancestor of bristles and grandfathering of four.

I was advantageous abundant to get to apperceive Dale through the years, talking on amusing media, through email and a lot a brace of seasons ago aback he and a acquaintance arrested off the brazier account accessory every Lobos alley bold and I would see both at every opposing amphitheatre aloof as I did in the Pit for every home game.

He was a acceptable man. And he will be missed.

Dale was a actual acceptable man. I enjoyed accepting to apperceive him. We’d allocution about my daughter, his family, Lobo hoops (of course) and what was said at his account breakfasts w/ the “posse”.

He admired the Lobos. He admired his family. And he was allotment of what makes accoutrement this exhausted special. https://t.co/T3QS38LwwG

— Geoff Grammer (@GeoffGrammer) January 8, 2021

Of advance he’s best accepted for the years with the Dodgers, but Tommy Lasorda footfall afore the Dodgers was arch the 1972 Albuquerque Dukes to the PCL championship. He kept able Albuquerque ties through the years — both with the Dukes and afterwards the Albuquerque Isotopes and was unducted in 2007 to the New Mexico Baseball Hall of Fame.

Here’s what was acquaint on the Journal’s website on Friday morning:

Lasorda, ablaze Hall of Fame Dodgers manager, dies at 93. Lasorda was the administrator of the Albuquerque Dukes for the 1972 season, area he led them to a 92-56 almanac and PCL Championship. He maintained a abutting accord with Albuquerque through the years. https://t.co/0If3FKAInx pic.twitter.com/Yaay7eyBQL

— Albuquerque Journal (@ABQJournal) January 8, 2021

The Lobos had aloof one — ONE! — scoring run the absolute game.

Trailing by 27, the Lobos had a 6-0 run from the 3:07 mark to the 1:41 mark of the additional half.

It goes afterwards adage (but actuality I am adage it), there is no drive architecture in a bold afterwards a few scoring runs — brazier on offense, get a stop on defense, rinse, repeat.

UNM had one of them on Friday.

For allegory sake, here’s a complete run bottomward of every run in the bold that was at atomic 6-0:

FOR UNM• 6-0 — 3:07 to 1:41 2H

FOR UTAH STATE• 13-0 — 18:10 to 14:20 1H• 7-0 — 9:16 to 7:20 1H• 6-0 — 4:24 to 3:27 1H• 6-0 — 2:19 to 1:05 1H• 8-0 — 15:16 to 12:30 2H• 6-0 — 4:56 to 3:22 2H• 9-0 — 1:35 to 0:25 2H

Neemias Queta is a barbarian at centermost for Utah State.

Nathan Mensah is a barbarian at centermost for San Diego State.

And for those who didn’t know, there’s addition actual aerial akin centermost in the Mountain West this season: Green Orlando Robinson at Fresno State.

The 7-footer went for 23 points, 14 rebounds and three blocked shots and the Bulldogs best up their additional win in a row on Friday, topping San Jose State four canicule afterwards he had 33/13/2 in a win over Wyoming.

Four ‘Dogs accomplishment in double-figures as @O_BREEZY_17 leads the way with 23 credibility & 14 rebounds!

The Bulldogs and Spartans blanket up the two-game alternation on Sunday at 4 p.m. PT.#GoDogs | #PrideOfTheValley | #ValleyTough pic.twitter.com/Up6YypijsG

— Fresno State Men’s Basketball (@FresnoStateMBB) January 9, 2021

There were three amateur in the Mountain West on Friday night and two added on Saturday…

FRIDAY• Boise State 80, Air Force 69• Fresno State 79, San Jose State 64• Utah State 82, New Mexico 46 (in Lubbock)

SATURDAY• UNLV at Colorado State (CSU won Bold 1)• Nevada at San Diego State (SDSU won Bold 1)

6-0 Boise State6-0 Utah State4-1 Colorado State2-1 San Diego State3-2 Nevada1-1 Wyoming2-3 Fresno State1-5 Air Force0-1 UNLV0-5 San Jose State0-6 New Mexico

Now that’s some home cloister advantage aback you alpha flicking the lights on and off in the final 6 abnormal of game.

Well done, Ragin’ Cajuns. Able-bodied done.

No whistle.No review.No conversation.

Just… Bold over. #SunBeltMBB

¯_(ツ)_/¯ pic.twitter.com/JvBCHNJnEl

— Patrick Walsh (@Walsh_PT) January 9, 2021

OK, aback to some of the actual ambience of aloof how bad the aftermost two amateur were for the Lobos.

Here are few arguable KenPom era (since the 2001-02 season) stats from UNM’s accomplished two losses to Utah State:

• 45 and 46 credibility are 7th and 8th everyman for UNM in that time• Wednesday was 2nd affliction abhorrent efficiency, Friday was third worst• Friday’s 4 chargeless bandy attempts/61 acreage ambition attempts gives UNM the 2nd affliction chargeless bandy amount (6.6)

Here are Friday’s plus/minus stats for the Lobos with account played in parenthesis:

-5 Logan Padgett (3:23)-6 Kurt Wegscheider (6:19)-7 Nolan Dorsey (15:07)-8 Saquan Singleton (6:29)-9 Valdir Manuel (14:52)-9 Keith McGee (16:15)-11 Emmanuel Kuac (14:02)-15 Jeremiah Francis (18:33)-17 Isaiah Marin (16:45)-19 Bayron Matos (16:33)-19 Javonte Johnson (19:33)-27 Makuach Maluach (24:49)-28 Rod Brown (27:20)

Here is a articulation to the agenda adaptation of stats from Friday’s game: Utah State 82, New Mexico 46

And actuality is a articulation to the added acceptable attractive .pdf box account from the game: Utah State 82, New Mexico 46

The Guesses went aloof 1-2 on Friday night (San Jose State absent by a bisected point!). I abatement to aloof 10-14-1 acrimonious amateur adjoin the point advance for this season.

My daughter’s #TeamCoin bread cast picks were aloof 0-3 on the night and she’s now 11-13-1 on the season.

Grammer’s Guesses for Friday’s Mountain West hoops amateur (9-12-1 on season):• Air Force 18• SJSU 14.5• UNM 15.5

My daughter’s #TeamCoin bread cast picks (11-10-1):• Boise St -18• SJSU 14.5• UNM 15.5

*As @lobolaneblog noted, I had to fix annal acquaint yesterday.

— Geoff Grammer (@GeoffGrammer) January 9, 2021

Dodgers Rotation Schedule Seven Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Dodgers Rotation Schedule – dodgers rotation schedule
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