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Dodge Demon Number Made 1 Unbelievable Facts About Dodge Demon Number Made

Dodge’s latest SRT Demon brain-teaser video had a chic little abstracts dump at the end: screenshots of the car’s Achievement Pages, the infotainment arrangement displays that almanac annoyance band abstracts and agent achievement to advice you fine-tune your driving. We’ve slowed them bottomward and pored over them to acquisition out absolutely what Dodge is giving abroad with these details.

dodge demon number made
 2018 Dodge Demon Production Numbers Revealed – How Rare is ..

2018 Dodge Demon Production Numbers Revealed – How Rare is .. | dodge demon number made

First, the video in full. Watch to the actual end, area the abstracts pages beam by.

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We’ve slowed bottomward the pages that beam by in the action above, and apparent anniversary alone at the basal of this page, but let’s attending step-by-step at the important number:

0-60: 3.00 seconds

0-100: 6.08 abnormal in one page; 6.8 abnormal on the next

1/8th mile: 6.6 abnormal @ 125 mph

1/4 mile: 10.5 abnormal @ 129 mph

Boost Pressure: apparent as aerial as 10psi, admitting a Demon logo seems to abstruse a ample spike

Horsepower and Torque: both assume to aiguille appropriate about the 750-ish range

Things you should note: First off, there’s no adumbration that these numbers are real—they could aloof be decoys, place-holders to authenticate what the Demon’s Achievement Pages are able of showing, but not meant to back any advice about those achievement measures themselves.

Secondly, some of these numbers attending a little … funny. In one page, we get a 0-100 time of 6.08 seconds; in the next, we get a time of 6.8, a decidedly slower time. The 1/8th-mile admeasurement shows a allurement acceleration of 125 mph, but on the aforementioned folio (seeming to announce the aforementioned run), the 1/4 mile allurement acceleration is aloof 129. Something about that is absolutely fishy—any car that can run the 1/8th in 6.6 abnormal will absolutely accretion added than four MPH in the additional bisected of the 1/4 mile.

Additionally some of the graphs aloof attending odd. Scroll through, and you’ll apprehend the graphs for assimilation air temp, addition pressure, air/fuel ratio, and coolant acting all chase the exact aforementioned trace, which apparently isn’t the case for the real-life car. And in the drive access pages, area the car would commonly account its horsepower, all we see are place-holders: XXX, XYZ, and YYY. Unless that’s a adumbration at some algebraic equation, we anticipate it’s aloof accompaniment text.

And finally, as Dodge has appear previously, we apperceive the SRT Demon will accept assorted achievement modes. It’s not bright from these images whether the declared achievement numbers announce the car’s achievement in its max-performance mode, or whether they represent a bottom active setting.

But afresh again, they could represent annihilation added than Dodge arena with our minds, watching in blitheness as we access anniversary new YouTube video like Mulder and Scully, combing over every aftermost detail for new clues.

So booty it all with a atom of salt. And don’t booty annihilation as 100-percent accuracy until the Demon makes its official admission abutting month.

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Dodge Demon Number Made 1 Unbelievable Facts About Dodge Demon Number Made – dodge demon number made
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