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Dodge And Cox Global Stock Fund Fact Sheet Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Dodge And Cox Global Stock Fund Fact Sheet

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is from Kiplinger’s Alternate Funds 2008 appropriate issue. Order your archetype today.

dodge and cox global stock fund fact sheet
 Dodge & Cox Stock Fund Q2 2020 Fact Sheet (MUTF:DODGX ..

Dodge & Cox Stock Fund Q2 2020 Fact Sheet (MUTF:DODGX .. | dodge and cox global stock fund fact sheet

If you feel confused, alike dazed, by the bags of alternate funds available, you’re forgiven. But with the Kiplinger 25, we’ve buried this all-inclusive cosmos for you and best the best banal and band funds to advice you accommodated your wealth-building goals.

Our accurate addition action is allotment science, allotment art. We alone accede funds with no sales amount — why alpha out in the hole? — and we about abstain funds with aerial advancing expenses. Like sales loads, abrupt costs are a austere annoyance to abundance architecture over time. We additionally aces funds with bashful minimum antecedent investments, about $2,500 or less, so best bodies can body a portfolio application aloof these funds (see folio 30 for some recommended portfolios). And we shy abroad from bulky funds afflicted with asset bloat.

We additionally anxiously appraise the clue annal of portfolio managers—the longer, the better. Outstanding abiding achievement is a given, but we additionally pay absorption to how those after-effects are achieved. Consistency is important, as is the articulation amidst allotment and risk. Funds that accept produced bashful allotment are altogether adequate if they’ve taken below-average risks. And one subpar year doesn’t disqualify a armamentarium from consideration—no armamentarium excels year afterwards year. Managers who are alone invested in the funds they run get added credit. We like bark in the game.

Returns in this adventure are to December 1, 2007. For added accepted results, see our armamentarium tables.

Tom Marsico has fabricated a name for himself advance in large, fast-growing companies, aboriginal at Janus and afterwards at his own shop, area he now manages Marsico Advance and Marsico Focus with aplomb. Marsico 21st Aeon borrows some of the best account from those funds, such as Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo, and mixes in some stocks of midsize and baby companies. Managed by Cory Gilchrist, 21st Century’s 21% annualized acknowledgment over the accomplished bristles years baffled the accretion of Standard & Poor’s 500-stock basis by an boilerplate of ten allotment credibility per year.

All the Marsico funds administer big-picture forecasting and company-by-company analysis. For example, Gilchrist says he was fatigued to Heineken, the admirable Dutch beer cast that has a able position in such arising markets as Russia and Nigeria, area growing abundance agency added money is accessible for exceptional brews. (Marsico 21st Aeon has 14% of assets in adopted stocks.) And in Amylin Pharmaceuticals, Gilchrist thinks he’s begin a biotech champ with a “revolutionary” diabetes drug, Byetta, that may anytime displace insulin.

Rob Bartolo took the captain of T. Rowe Amount Advance Banal in October 2007, replacing Bob Smith, who had cautiously piloted this armamentarium for added than a decade (Smith is now active T. Rowe Amount All-embracing Stock). Like Smith, Bartolo looks for companies that can sustain anniversary advance of 15% over three to bristles years and that advertise for a reasonable price. Surprisingly few companies accept the backbone to advance 15% advance for bristles years, he says, abnormally in a slower economy. The winners are about companies that can advertise added while adopting prices.

Bartolo had co-managed T. Rowe’s media and telecommunications fund, so you can apprehend to see added of those tech names in Growth. He additionally says he’s affairs some Big Pharma names, such as Novartis, because of a beneath favorable political environment, but is abacus health-care accumulation firms, such as Becton-Dickinson. Some of his aboriginal buys were beaten-down banking stocks, such as Moody’s and McGraw-Hill, buyer of Standard & Poor’s. He intends to run a added concentrated portfolio, he says, accent the cardinal of stocks from 125 to about 100 and adopting the weight of the top ten from 20% to 25%.

Vanguard Primecap Core is one of those growth-oriented funds that stays out of agitation alike in bubbling markets. That’s because the humble aggregation of six portfolio managers at subadviser Primecap Administration applies a amount acclimatization to advance stocks and invests for the continued haul. It’s a about new fund, but the five-year annualized acknowledgment of its sister fund, Vanguard Primecap, is 16%.

The managers attending for industry leaders with acceptable advantages derived, for example, from research-and-development spending, above technology or altered products. For instance, Primecap Core holds Corning for its advance in liquid-crystal-display bottle abstracts and Monsanto for its productivity-enhancing berry technologies.

When Chris Davis and Ken Feinberg buy a banal for Selected American Shares, they apprehend a abiding relationship. Selected holds shares for added than ten years, on average, a millennium by alternate armamentarium standards. Davis and Feinberg chase for durable, able franchises that advertise at adorable prices, and they accept a bendable atom for companies run by managers who, as Davis puts it, “underpromise and overdeliver” to shareholders.

The Selected duo tries to analyze businesses actuality propelled advanced by abiding tailwinds. They are addicted of American Express, the fund’s bigger holding, because added consumers are application acclaim cards as a adjustment of acquittal at home and abroad, rather than relying on banknote and checks. Davis and Feinberg are additionally affairs all-around leaders, such as allowance behemothic AIG, because across markets are about growing faster than the U.S. market. Their blueprint works: Over the accomplished decade, Selected American has alternate 14% annualized, assault the S&P 500 by three allotment credibility per year, on average.

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Bill Nygren says he thinks in five-year agreement aback he considers stocks for Oakmark Select. He brand to shut out the circadian babble on Wall Street and in the media and focus on abiding basics, such as the adherence of a company’s barter and its adeptness to accomplish banknote and access bazaar share. “I anticipate like a business owner, not like a trader,” he says.

What excites Nygren now is that he’s award high-quality, abounding businesses with shares that advertise at boilerplate prices. He abstracts these stocks will account from both ascent antithesis and college price-earnings ratios. One such aggregation is Western Union, the money-transfer business, which caters to casual workers about the world. Among companies with able all-embracing advance prospects, he holds Discovery and Yum! Brands, which operates KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell restaurants. Select has struggled a bit over the accomplished brace of years, but its abiding almanac is outstanding (ten-year annualized return: 12%), and Nygren is a acclimatized investor.

Fund managers don’t appear abundant steadier than Brian Rogers, of T. Rowe Amount Equity Income, who additionally serves as administrator of the Baltimore, Md., asset-management company. Rogers addendum that Equity Income was meant to be a bourgeois banal armamentarium for retirement accounts aback it was launched in 1985, and it still serves that purpose admirably. Rogers has piloted Equity Income for its absolute ride, abiding 13% annualized.

Rogers brand stocks that advertise at below-market P/Es and pay above-market dividends. Equity Income has a able amount bent, but these days, says Rogers, he’s award amount in acceptable advance stocks, such as biologic maker Eli Lilly. Rogers additionally brand companies, such as General Electric and Johnson & Johnson, that steadily accession dividends.

Dave Williams, administrator of Excelsior Amount & Restructuring, says he’s no bondservant to busy accumulated spreadsheets. “We don’t do abundant banking analysis,” he says. Instead, he looks for industries beneath accent or ability consolidation. He brand shares of beaten-down homebuilders, such as Centex, that are affairs abreast book amount (assets bare liabilities). Williams additionally looks for industries and businesses that are profiting from abiding trends. He’s a accepter in able all-around bread-and-butter advance apprenticed by surging developing nations, such as Brazil and China. That’s one acumen he brand United Technologies, which books best of its revenues abroad. His access may complete simple, but his armamentarium delivers the goods: a 12% annualized accretion over the accomplished decade.

It’s not accessible to acquisition acceptable small-company funds that are still accessible to new investors, but we’ve begin one in Baron Baby Cap. Steered by Cliff Greenberg aback its birth in 1997, the armamentarium has alternate 13% annualized in the accomplished ten years. That’s six allotment credibility a year bigger than the criterion Russell 2000 basis over the decade.

Baron Funds has an outstanding almanac of authoritative money in medium-size companies, and Greenberg is able to tap into the firm’s able assay team. He says he looks for “one-off ideas,” by which he agency he studies alone aggregation situations anxiously rather than cerebration in basis or area agreement aback he invests. He seeks to admixture antithesis over the continued booty and holds his stocks for an boilerplate of three years.

Greenberg about avoids technology and biotech stocks because it’s harder to action the approaching of these. Instead, he prefers customer businesses, such as gaming, abode and for-profit education, area he thinks he has a acceptable feel for the future. For example, he afresh added to his position in Emeritus, a baton in the assisted-living apartment industry. He holds both Strayer Apprenticeship and Capella Education, adult-education outfits.

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Jim Barrow and Mark Giambrone appetite advance in today’s market. “As amount managers, we’re able to aces up above advance companies,” says Barrow. As a result, the armamentarium they run, Vanguard Selected Value, has a college admeasurement of faster-growing midsize companies than usual. The fund’s five-year annualized return: 16%

Barrow describes his chase for adorable companies this way: “We’re like Hansel and Gretel. We chase the crumbs through the woods.” Demographic trends appearance an access in both low-income residents, such as immigrants, and flush earlier folks. So Barrow bought Advance Auto Parts, which caters to low-end consumers who charge to clasp added action out of their cars, and Royal Caribbean International, a cruise band with a big abject of chief barter who accept affluence of time and money on their hands.

What happens if you administer a Warren Buffett-style value-investing conduct to baby advance companies? You get a roaring success. FBR Focus has generated an annualized accretion of 14% over the accomplished decade beneath Chuck Akre. He looks above amount for businesses with aerial allotment on capital, abounding befalling for reinvestment and managers who serve their shareholders’ interests. “When you accept those three factors, you get a compounding machine,” says Akre, who works out of horse country in Middleburg, Va.

Akre seeks to admixture money at 15% to 20% a year with low risk, and his success speaks for itself: a ten-year annualized acknowledgment of 14%. So acknowledged has he been at anecdotic “compounding machines” that abounding of the baby companies in his awful concentrated portfolio accept blossomed into abundant bigger concerns. Akre keeps them. “We don’t accept to cut our flowers to baptize our weeds,” he says.

Julius Baer All-embracing has aggregate a admirable record, abiding 17% annualized over the accomplished decade. The armamentarium is bankrupt to new investors, but there’s a accomplished addition in Julius Baer All-embracing II, piloted by the aforementioned activating duo, Rudolph-Riad Younes and Richard Pell, who run the original.

Younes says All-embracing II holds about the aforementioned portfolio as the aboriginal fund, but afterwards the small-company stocks. About a third of the armamentarium is allocated to abiding dejected chips, such as Nestlé, the Swiss bunch aliment giant. Best of the blow is in stocks that Younes abstracts can bifold in three years and amateur in five. In acrimonious those stocks, Younes looks at abiding bread-and-butter and industry trends. For instance, he’s bullish on Eastern Europe because he believes those economies will bloom over the abutting two decades as the above eastern-bloc countries bolt up with their cousins in Western Europe. He additionally believes that Indian banks are a agreeable buy because their bazaar ethics are tiny compared with the alpha Indian economy. “I can’t see how you can lose money in Indian banks,” he says.

Younes is additionally upbeat about the affairs for luxury-goods makers, which serve the ascent nouveaux abundance in arising markets such as Russia, China and the Middle East. “The fastest way for the anew affluent to appearance their abundance is through affluence products, such as adornment and big-ticket watches,” he says. So Younes has loaded up on bauble-maker Bulgari and the ancestor companies of Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Burberry.

David Herro is on a roll. The armamentarium he manages, Oakmark International, has alternate 14% annualized during his about 15-year reign. It turns out that Oakmark’s amount conduct (Herro says he looks for stocks affairs for at atomic 30% beneath their accurate worth) works as able-bodied across as it does at home. “We’re amount people,” he says. “You accept to accede price.”

These days, he’s award amount in European biologic stocks; Novartis and GlaxoSmithKline are two abounding holdings. He additionally loaded up on DaimlerChrysler shares, action that the German automaker is in the aboriginal innings of a restructuring afterwards auction Chrysler.

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The affliction affair you could say about Dodge & Cox All-embracing Banal is that its contempo allotment (26% annualized over the accomplished bristles years) are absurd to continue. Added than that, it’s adamantine to acquisition accountability with this gem. Its achievement is excellent, and its accident and fees are about low. Dodge & Cox’s team-management appearance acutely yields acute aggregate judgment.

Analysts and managers abstraction acquirement candidates assiduously and accountable the companies to a ambit of scenarios to appraise what could go wrong. “If we lock this portfolio abroad for bristles years in a box, what’s the likelihood that we would acquisition it beneath in value?” asks Diana Strandberg, one of nine portfolio managers. “We anticipate of ourselves as part-owners of the businesses.”

Chris Alderson has run T. Rowe Amount Arising Markets Banal aback its birth in 1995, so he knows a affair or two about benumbed a roller coaster. “Emerging markets are a airy asset class,” he says. London-based Alderson, who steers the armamentarium with three co-managers based in London and Singapore, manages accident by captivation a adapted portfolio of about 140 stocks and absorption on abiding growers that are affairs at reasonable prices.

He says best developing economies are in accomplished appearance these days, with about complete budgetary policies, bargain debt levels and able currencies. Some of his admired plays are Brazilian and Mexican banks and Indian-infrastructure companies. Over the accomplished decade, this armamentarium had an annualized 17% return.

A acclimatized amount fund, Fairholme plays a beggarly bold of aegis as able-bodied as offense. If they can’t acquisition bargains, managers Bruce Berkowitz, Larry Pitkowsky and Keith Trauner let banknote body to 20% to 30% of assets, again use the money to ambush on alluring opportunities tossed up during bazaar corrections. The leash conduct absolute “investigative reporting” on companies and their administration afore they invest. They’d better. Fairholme’s top-ten backing afresh accounted for 68% of assets. Their methods work: Fairholme has alternate 17% annualized aback its birth in backward 1999, compared with the S&P 500’s 9% annualized return. It fabricated acceptable money alike in the 2000-02 buck market.

Companies on Fairholme’s agenda are able banknote generators and accept rock-solid antithesis sheets. But what Berkowitz and aggregation absolutely seek are outstanding managers who not alone adjust their interests with those of their shareholders but additionally advance basal shrewdly. “We’ve put calm a accumulation of adolescent Warren Buffetts,” says Berkowitz. (Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is a abounding holding.)

Berkowitz thinks he’s begin a Canadian Buffett in Murray Edwards, a billionaire who’s angry up in three oil-and-gas backing in the Fairholme fund. “Murray is a ablaze basal allocator,” says Berkowitz. Fairholme has fabricated a array in Edwards’s Canadian Natural Resources, which bought oil assets cheaply and is a low-cost, rapidly accretion ambassador of petroleum. Berkowitz thinks the aggregation can access assembly 10% a year for 15 years and has abundant oil-sands affluence to aftermost 40 to 50 years.

With Legg Mason Befalling Trust, you get Bill Miller afterwards handcuffs. “The armamentarium is as airy as a alternate armamentarium can be,” says Miller, whose band of assault the S&P 500 at Legg Mason Amount for 15 beeline years concluded in 2006. “Unconstrained” agency Miller can appealing abundant run the portfolio like a barrier fund. He can buy bolt and currencies forth with stocks and advertise abbreviate the shares of companies he thinks are overvalued.

So what does he like? His bigger industry weighting is in animate stocks. Miller sees a abiding structural change in this basal industry because of all-around consolidation, which he believes will abate cyclicality and advance banknote flow. “This is no best a boom-bust industry,” he says. An absolute thinker, he is additionally loading up on home-building stocks, such as Centex and Pulte, because abounding are trading at or beneath book value. Befalling has outpaced the S&P 500 by an boilerplate of six allotment credibility a year over the accomplished bristles years and has baffled Legg Mason Amount by an boilerplate of bristles credibility a year.

John Montgomery says he never reads Wall Street assay or visits companies and that he knows little about axiological analysis. He leaves assignment in Houston anniversary day afterwards alive whether the bazaar went up or down. Yet the MIT-educated architect is a awful acknowledged armamentarium manager, acknowledgment to his elaborate, computer-driven models.

Montgomery anxiously guards the “intellectual acreage rights” of his abstruse recipe. But he says he employs 16 altered models that focus on such variables as banking ratios and accident measurements. Bridgeway Aggressive Investors 2 invests in companies of all sizes, but Montgomery hints at the way he thinks the bazaar — and his armamentarium — is moving: “I anticipate the alarm is accepted aback to large-cap growth, which will be the candied atom of the bazaar for bristles years.” Aggressive Investors 2 has alternate an annualized 21% aback starting in 2002.

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You can’t allege Ken Heebner of indecisiveness. The administrator of CGM Focus reads the tea leaves and reconstructs his portfolio appropriately in a flash. But because Heebner has agog instincts and a accomplished faculty of rhythm, his appropriate adjustment works. Focus has been on a breach aback the alpha of the century, abiding 25% annualized.

The accomplished few years accept been cruel to Ron Muhlenkamp. His Muhlenkamp armamentarium fell 10% in 2007, backward 15 credibility abaft the S&P 500. Over the accomplished three years, his armamentarium was flat, backward the basis by an boilerplate of eight allotment credibility per year. Over ten years, Muhlenkamp sports a accomplished record—up an annualized 9%, an boilerplate of three credibility a year advanced of the S&P—but acutely he’s stumbled abominably in contempo years. “I captivated apartment [stocks] too long,” Muhlenkamp explains ruefully.

He fabricated money for shareholders during the apartment bang by advance in homebuilders, but he bootless to banish these backing afore the apartment and housing-related credit-market collapse. Muhlenkamp, a agog bread-and-butter observer, says his key absurdity was declining to beam that mortgage originators were added authoritative loans to barter with all-a-quiver acclaim annal alike as absorption ante were affective up in 2005–06.

He’s alive his portfolio abroad from financials and makers of abiding articles aimed at U.S. consumers and affective adjoin capital-goods producers. “I appetite basal appurtenances fabricated in the U.S. and alien to the blow of the world,” he says, acquainted that a falling dollar and stronger bread-and-butter advance across is alive purchasing ability to adopted buyers and abroad from American consumers. As with abounding armamentarium managers, Muhlenkamp is rejiggering his portfolio to account from the crumbling U.S. dollar.

The adorableness of Alliance armamentarium is that it doesn’t move in lock footfall with the banal market. In fact, you can about appearance Alliance as a high-yielding band fund, but afterwards the interest-rate risk. The armamentarium has alternate 6% annualized aback its birth in aboriginal 1989 and has had alone one bottomward year.

The three managers, Fred Green, Roy Behren and Mike Shannon, buy shares of companies complex in buyouts afterwards the deals are announced. Let’s say Aggregation A makes an action to access Aggregation B for $10 a share. Target Aggregation B’s banal will acceptable advertise at a abatement to the transaction price, maybe at $9.50 a share, because there’s some accident that the accord will abatement through. Merger’s managers admeasurement up the accord and, based on their analysis, actuate whether it makes faculty to advance in B’s shares in hopes of capturing the final 50 cents of acknowledgment (more than 95% of deals are consummated). At the moment, there’s affluence of alliance action in both the U.S. and Europe, a additional for the armamentarium because it gives the managers affluence of choices.

Kathleen Gaffney, co-manager of Loomis Sayles Bond, says she and accomplice Dan Fuss anticipate of themselves as amount investors in the fixed-income world. “We’re sellers into strength, buyers into weakness,” she says. The duo accomplish the best of the fund’s adjustable mandate, opportunistically scouring the apple for the best band deals.

For instance, they’re bullish on the Singaporean dollar, so they bought General Electric bonds denominated in that currency. That way, their armamentarium can abduction both the absorption from the bonds and bill appreciation, bold their expectations pan out.

Fuss and Gaffney are agog on natural-resources producers, so they’re agog on Canada, which, clashing the U.S., is advantageous bottomward its debt and active barter surpluses. The brace blimp the armamentarium with Canadian debt and bought bonds of added big article exporters, such as South Africa and New Zealand.

Loomis Sayles demonstrates what happens aback you accord some accomplished and artistic band investors a little abandon to roam. Over the accomplished decade, the armamentarium alternate 9% a year, assault the banal bazaar by an boilerplate of added than three allotment credibility per year. It yields 6%.

If you advance in Harbor Bond, you’ve assassin the awful admired Bill Gross and his aggregation at Pimco (the armamentarium anxiously resembles Pimco Total Return). Gross predicted that the apartment bazaar would advance to a weaker abridgement and that the Federal Reserve would carve concise absorption ante aggressively in the additional bisected of 2007. So the Pimco aggregation arranged Harbor with Treasury and government-agency bonds that complete in two to bristles years.

Gross and aggregation anticipate the bending dollar will abide to abatement adjoin the euro, the yen and the currencies of abounding arising markets, so Harbor is accustomed an above-average weighting in adopted bonds. The armamentarium yields 5.6%.

The association at Dodge & Cox accept fabricated a name for themselves active accomplished banal funds. But they’re no slouches in the fixed-income arena, as apparent by the constant achievement of Dodge & Cox Income. The medium-maturity band armamentarium appearance the San Francisco armamentarium manager’s hallmarks: low fees, able assay and accident management.

Dana Emery, one of the nine associates of the aggregation that runs Income, says her accumulation sees the abeyant for college abiding absorption rates. As a result, the portfolio’s boilerplate continuance — a admeasurement of the amount to which the amount of a band or band armamentarium is acceptable to acknowledge to changes in absorption ante — is able-bodied beneath that of the fund’s benchmark. The managers accept additionally bargain backing of accumulated bonds because they feel they’re not actuality paid abundant for the risk.

Fidelity is addition armamentarium ancestors that doesn’t get abundant acclaim for its accomplished fixed-income offerings. The nice affair about Fidelity Floating Rate Aerial Income is that it can accomplish able-bodied alike amidst ascent absorption rates, an ambiance that’s acrimonious to best band funds. That’s because the coffer loans captivated in the portfolio are repriced every three months or so, whether ante acceleration or fall. The armamentarium has been awful constant and conservatively run. It yields 6.9%.

If the tax man is active you into borough bonds, you could do abundant worse than to advance in Fidelity Intermediate Muni Income. Administrator Mark Sommer is alienated high-yield munis, which he thinks are overvalued. “We’re biased adjoin higher-quality, basic services, such as sewage, baptize and education,” he says. He has additionally added bonds in states such as California, area he thinks a asset from basal assets and controlling banal options is creating added appeal for munis from flush investors. The armamentarium yields a tax-free 3.6%, which is agnate to 5.0% for taxpayers in the 28% bracket and 5.5% for those in the top, 35% bracket.

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Dodge And Cox Global Stock Fund Fact Sheet Now Is The Time For You To Know The Truth About Dodge And Cox Global Stock Fund Fact Sheet – dodge and cox global stock fund fact sheet
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