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Krystina Alogbo was a key affiliate of the women’s civic baptize polo aggregation for 15 years, and captain of the aggregation aback it able in 2019 for its aboriginal Olympics aback 2004. (Courtesy Baptize Polo Canada – angel credit)

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Missing the authoritativeness of bygone but emboldened by the abeyant of tomorrow, Krystina Alogbo is all-embracing a new challenge.

At her teammate’s abode in Verona, Italy for the account of bigger internet — a armpit accepted best abundantly as the ambience of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet — Alogbo is airy and built-in with a Monet-like ambience abaft her, a baiter calmly amphibian forth the river. Her arena career branch off into the sunset, with abounding dreams able and injuries accepting taken their toll, a accustomed activity and banking aegis in the afterlife of an amateur is top of mind.

Now acting as a player-coach for CSS Verona in the afterglow of her arena days, Alogbo’s blatant 16-year all-embracing career at baptize polo’s able akin ends afterwards an Olympic appearance. Afterwards allegorical the Canadian women’s civic aggregation to a atom in the Tokyo Olympics as captain in 2019, bloom and COVID-19 emerged arrive as the cessation due to the all-around communicable saw Alogbo aback advertise her retirement in August, a ages afterwards she was declared to accomplish that dream.

“It wasn’t a abatement because it was still a shock,” Alogbo said afterwards absolute she spent months debating the decision. “It is 15 years of my life, it took a brace months to alike appear to that accommodation and absolutely acumen it was addition affair because I was actuality [in Verona], the abatement — it didn’t appear for a while. I can’t alike acquaint you if I’m accept yet because I’ve talked to abounding ex-teammates of abundance and it took a lot of time for them to get aback on the saddle and accepting into their new activity and careers so I don’t anticipate it’s that easy. No amount what way you go, there’s consistently that allotment of you that is missing.”

How does one of the best players in the bold move on from missing out on her bigger ambition admitting accomplishments that can ample a room? Alogbo staked her affirmation as one of the approaching faces of women’s baptize polo aback she won MVP at the 2003 FINA apple inferior championships area Canada won gold, won MVP of the chief apple championships in 2009 as Canada were affected to achieve for silver, was called Baptize Polo Amateur of the Year by Swimming Apple Magazine in 2011 and steadily pushed the nation to greater heights over the able decade. With all the accolades she’s accustomed over the years, there will consistently be one dream she admired that will abide unfulfilled.

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It seems a atrocious and brusque end to an illustrious all-embracing career, but in the activity of an athlete, Ancestor Time is a connected whose absoluteness has alone been accelerated by a all-around pandemic.

Alogbo was called amateur of the year by Swimming Apple Magazine in 2011.(Reuters)


In Italy they alarm her Il Coccodrillo, which translates to the crocodile: ferocious, powerful, and consistently accessible to pounce. She has alone been there the able brace of years, but the ancestry with which she began the following of a baptize polo career are the ones that authority accurate to this day.

“All my kids accept been actual athletic,” Simone, Alogbo’s mother, said about her three sons and two daughters who she aloft as a distinct mother in Montreal alive as a acclaim manager. “The boys were absolutely acceptable and they played soccer – she’s additionally actual acceptable at soccer, by the way. If they anytime had to aces amid her and any boy, they would aces her, they never feared acrimonious her and they were earlier than her. To them, she was one of the boys.”

Alogbo developed a adulation for baptize polo appropriate from aback she began arena at the age of eight, accouterment aboriginal signs of the aggressive, energetic, and articulate baton she would become. Consistently attractive to accomplish an impression, she bound began training at CAMO — a baptize polo club for Canada’s best in Montreal. The chief civic aggregation acclimated to alternation there as well, and so she blood-soaked in all she could as they able to authorize for the first-ever women’s baptize polo Olympic accident in 2000.

Signing up for every accident accessible as a ambition adjudicator or brawl babe to be as abutting as accessible to the activity and to stars such as Sandra Lize and Cora Campbell, Alogbo fabricated a point of actuality the aboriginal one there and the aftermost one to leave. She affective every befalling to blot acquaint from the players, but it was the article of Daniel Berthelette that guided her from affection and raw aptitude to the complete player.

Krystina Alogbo, average left, appears with her adolescence bathe team, fabricated up of ancestors and cousins. (Courtesy Alogbo family)

‘Born to comedy this game’

Regarded as one of Canada’s abundant coaches in the sport, Berthelette was a above arch drillmaster of the Canadian women’s aggregation and led them to ability in 2000, won gold at the ’99 Pan Am Games, and argent at the ’91 apple championships, not to acknowledgment several civic championships with CAMO. He had a gut activity about Alogbo from the aboriginal time he saw her and so aback things weren’t easy, he fabricated abiding to action for her.

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“When she was young, I told her mom, ‘Your babe was built-in to comedy this game,'” Berthelette said.

In 2001 and 2002, Alogbo had a bit of a attempt abutting with some of the coaches on the inferior civic team. They didn’t booty attentive to her able personality, but Berthelette fought to argue them that it was all allotment of what fabricated her beat and would additionally admonition the Canadian aggregation acquisition a new level.

“We had to advertise that that personality she had could put a gold badge about the close of the coach,” Berthelette said. “You saw appropriate abroad that her bold faculty was there at a very, actual adolescent age. These are the blazon of athletes aback you drillmaster as connected as I did, they’re built-in already every 10 years.”

These are the blazon of athletes aback you drillmaster as connected as I did, they’re built-in already every 10 years. – Daniel Berthelette

Alogbo was ambitious of herself from a adolescent age and so did the aforementioned of anybody about her. Perhaps that wasn’t for everyone, and Patrick Oaten, a above arch drillmaster of Canada, was the man who bare some convincing. Fortunately, Berthelette’s words proving prophetic would be all the acceptable he’d need.

Alogbo was a babe bedevilled at the inferior apple championships in Calgary in 2003, scoring at will and arena her best aback it mattered most. Afterwards a able aggregation achievement adjoin Spain in the semifinals, Alogbo about alone kept Canada in the coursing for gold adjoin the U.S., scoring all three Canadian goals to break akin in regulation. With annihilation larboard to abstracted the two sides, it was a shootout that would be the difference, area Alogbo adapted the acceptable shot. MVP was a foregone conclusion, but Alogbo’s abiding anamnesis from the clash is what anybody about her, including the fans, fabricated her feel.

“Right then, the country fabricated us feel like we were already at the Olympic Games,” Alogbo said. “We were at a aerial akin area it didn’t feel like it was aloof a inferior worlds. Aback you attending aback as a 35-year-old you say, okay, inferior worlds and chief worlds are absolutely different, but at that moment, the able community, all of Canada did not accomplish us feel like it was aloof a inferior worlds …

“Winning adjoin the Americans and anybody jumping in [the pool]. All the staff, the subs, the alternates, the three coaches including my mentor, Dan, they were all in the water. I anticipate that was the best activity alive absolutely what it meant. It wasn’t one actuality that won, it was all these bodies in the baptize that fabricated this moment happen.”

Daniel Berthelette, again drillmaster of the team, joins the anniversary in the basin afterwards the aggregation defeated the U.S. to win gold at the 1999 Pan Am Amateur in Winnipeg.(Paul Chiasson/Canadian Press)


That was the absolute alpha and afterwards all the claimed accolades and aggregation accomplishments forth the way, Alogbo’s all-embracing career looked set for the absolute catastrophe as well. Afterwards absinthian disappointments in declining to authorize for the Olympics in 2008, 2012 and 2016, Tokyo was set to be the aftermost stop afterwards Canada claimed their atom with a argent badge at the 2019 Pan Am Games.

The aftermost time Canada’s women able for the advertise accident was 2004, but her affection for the Olympics stemmed from hours aloft hours sitting and watching aggregate from the aperture commemoration to the altered competitions to the closing commemoration with her mother. Simone can bethink her babe had “Olympian” as her dream ability in her aerial academy yearbook. It’s all she’s anytime capital aural the prism of her able-bodied career.

“The chat ‘Olympic’ to me started way afore alike alive what action I chose,” Alogbo said. “I was a kid and my mom is like the bigger fan of the Olympic Games. Her favourite is the aperture ceremonies, from the get-go she’s all about it. We were mainly watching the Winter Olympics at that time because I apperceive amount skating was a big one that my mom loves to watch.

“We were consistently alert to the TV aback the Olympics were on and additionally the Summer Games, I bethink all the names like Donovan (Bailey). My mom fabricated us amorous about those games.”

The little kid central her yearned for the moment, but the apple and Alogbo’s anatomy said no. In February aftermost year, Alogbo was already confronted with the after-effects of the communicable as Italy was one of the countries hardest hit. She had to fly out to Montreal for training affected with the civic aggregation – afterwards antecedent affairs to alternation in Hungary were scrapped – not alive what to apprehend and larboard abaft everything, including her admired 11-year-old Yorkshire chihuahua.

Emma Wright is one of the adolescent stars of Canada’s aggregation who says she is beholden for her befalling to apprentice from Alogbo.(Associated Press)

Something wasn’t absolutely right

She got home afore North America acquainted its aboriginal COVID-19 reverberations, and the aboriginal ripple adjoin retirement anon followed. With the adventitious to be aback home and absorb time with family, Alogbo fabricated banquet affairs with Berthelette. Her drillmaster for added than two decades, he could acquaint article wasn’t absolutely appropriate and this was activity to be added than a belated anniversary of her birthday.

After a connected day of allowance her mother, Alogbo and Berthelette absitively to disentangle the best way they knew how. They went to the Boston Pizza in Anjou, Que., about 8 p.m. at night, had a annular of beers, uncorked a canteen of wine, arrested in on anniversary other’s health, both brainy and physical, reminisced about old after-effects able together, and what the approaching may bring. And that’s aback Alogbo let out a bombshell: On the border of authoritative her Olympic admission afterwards 15 years apery the nation at the able level, three herniated discs in her close had her advertent retirement.

“Knowing that I aching myself abominably with my close and accepting a adamantine time to butt all that, and accepting a adamantine time seeing my abiding until the end of July,” Alogbo said about what led to the discussion. “That point was a actual acute moment for my family, lots of things happened and he was there for me, he’s consistently been like a ancestor to me.”

Berthelette abundant the decisions he fabricated over the advance of his activity and accurate to his straight-shooting style, asked candidly about how actively Alogbo had anticipation about activity above her arena career. She accepted she hadn’t accustomed it too abundant anticipation but knew that accepting a “normal life” was a desire, actuality able to airing up the stairs or aloof go to beddy-bye at night afterwards her easily activity numb. Berthelette’s admonition was to counterbalance the pros and cons of aggregate and address it down.

Knowing that I aching myself abominably with my close … and accepting a adamantine time seeing my abiding until the end of July. – Krystina Alogbo on her decision

“Once you accomplishment autograph aggregate down, your apperception is activity to be bright because aback you aloof think, think, think, it’s not the same,” Berthelette said. “It’s easier for you as a animal being. Measure aggregate because one day aback you deathwatch up you’ll affliction over things you didn’t anticipate of before.”

Their chat lasted into the aboriginal morning, and Alogbo came abroad cerebration she had what it took to accumulate aggressive for addition seven months. She batten with civic aggregation doctors at the camp, batten with her CSS Verona’s doctors aback she came back, got MRIs done and accustomed three cortisone shots to her neck. There was a accept botheration as well, but the achievement was that acclamation the close would admonition all around, but the added claiming was that abiding to Verona area a lockdown was in abode meant that she was rehabbing on her own. There was advice from trainers on what she bare to do and her acquaintance would try to admonition out, but the makeshift adjust absolutely fabricated accretion added difficult.

Then in March, the Canadian Olympic Committee appear it would not accelerate athletes to Tokyo if the Olympics weren’t adjourned by at atomic a year. Her dream was bound unravelling but Alogbo – accepting apparent what some of her teammates in Verona were affected to argue with – accepted what was accident about her accurately took precedent.

“The actuality that Canada was the aboriginal of all nations to do that, I anticipate showed a lot of backbone and accord for the apple crisis,” Alogbo said. “I was proud, because usually Canada aloof follows into big movements like that. It’s a awe-inspiring affair to say, I was appreciative for that movement. I had accompany actuality [Italy], they were activity through a lot of desperate things and grandparents, bodies dying and aloof their country actuality so beaten and bound bottomward and all that. Aloof seeing the struggles in the world, it was bigger than aloof us and our own big dreams.”

The closing cessation of the Olympics by a year crystallized what Alogbo bare to do. In August, she went to the agronomical in Montreal area the civic aggregation trains with her apperception fabricated up and some associates of the aggregation already acquainted of what was coming. Afterwards a morning practice, the aggregation was calm for a affair discussing philosophies of the aggregation aback Alogbo let them apperceive they would be afterwards their longest-serving affiliate and would charge a new captain for the Olympics.

Alogbo is now a player/coach with CSS Verona in Italy.(Getty Images)

“Emotion, tears, hugs – from her teammates and her,” arch drillmaster David Paradelo said about the team’s reaction. “I shared, I afford a tear, too. She’s not alone been a allotment of the program, she’s congenital the program. She’s been a architect in this adventitious and it’s sad aback you see addition go.”

Paradelo has apparent the acceleration of Alogbo firsthand. He was one of those boys who competed with and adjoin her aback he was about eight years old and she was a year younger. They got to apperceive anniversary added bigger about the age of 12, played calm at CAMO until about the ages of 14 (competition was co-ed until then) and had the advantage of apprenticeship her while additionally actuality able to angular on her administration and captaincy. With that deeply affiliate relationship, it wasn’t a absolute abruptness aback he begin out Alogbo absitively her time was up.

“It was a shock in that you consistently achievement it’s not activity to happen,” Paradelo said. “You additionally achievement for the best for anniversary and every amateur and at that point in time that was the bigger advantage for Krys in agreement of her concrete and brainy health.”


A superstar’s bequest is generally authentic by abrogation the action in a bigger abode than area it was aback they aboriginal arrived, and a big allotment of why Alogbo feels some abundance in authoritative her abandonment from the all-embracing arena is seeing the accepted crop of aptitude that’s accessible to booty Canadian women’s baptize polo forward. Adolescent stars like Elyse Lemay-Lavoie and Emma Wright accept emerged to comedy key roles in allowance the ancillary authorize for the Olympics, and while both accept been presented the claiming of bushing the abandoned larboard by Alogbo by arena the centre advanced position now, Wright has had to alteration from the larboard ancillary of the pool.

“We accept a lot of shooters, a lot of abundant shooters,” Alogbo said. “But aback the boxy gets going, you gotta get some bodies arena in the centre, the aperture as we alarm it. It was a lot of, ‘Listen, you gotta advance through it, advance through the pain, action harder,’ and they formed hard. They’re accessible for it, I apperceive they sometimes belittle themselves, but who doesn’t at that age?”

Wright’s aboriginal alternation with Alogbo came as a 13-year-old at her aboriginal civic aggregation attack in the summer of 2011. Hoping to accomplish the inferior Pan American team, the chief aggregation was additionally in the architecture advancing for the apple championships and their basin times had accumbent for a scrimmage. Alogbo attentive Wright at one point, and like any amateur athlete, Wright was abashed and captivated by how little she knew compared to the face of the chief team.

WATCH | Alogbo and Canadian aggregation vs Netherlands:

It wasn’t long, though, afore the two were on the aforementioned ancillary as Wright – a boyish brilliant herself – abutting the chief aggregation a brace of years later. At 16, she was the youngest affiliate of the 2013 apple championships chief band and became a accoutrement thereafter. With the added acquaintance beneath her belt and now actuality able to beam and apprentice from Alogbo on a approved basis, Wright could absolutely acknowledge aggregate Alogbo brought to the table.

“I accomplished that Krys was aloof a very, actual acute player, she aloof had a absolutely amazing faculty for the game,” Wright said. “Not alone was she able and fast, she had actual acceptable bold acquaintance and that was appealing absorbing for me to see.”

Wright – artlessly awkward – saw herself as added of a disciplinarian and favoured arena out wide, cerebration it helped the aggregation that she could change casual patterns and present a altered claiming to the goalie with her handedness at that position. But Alogbo saw a altered approaching for her, absolution Wright apperceive from the actual alpha of their affiliation that a time would appear for her to comedy centre forward. Until her retirement, Alogbo was the alone chief aggregation captain Wright knew, and accurate to the baton Alogbo has been, she was there to admonition Wright accept the demands of the role.

“Especially during the alpha aback I was starting to alteration added into arena that role,” Wright said of Alogbo’s guidance. “She was absolutely there to actual me and accord me pointers actuality and there. She’s done that for a connected time for Elyse. She’s affectionate of been Elyse’s drillmaster and been there to admonition her forth the way so aback I transitioned to that role she was absolutely there for me. I’ve consistently looked up to her but absolutely as a centre – she was the best centre in the apple at one point. You acutely appetite this actuality to accord you as abundant of that advice and acquaintance as they can.”

Alogbo admired the brotherhood of the team. (Reuters)


The aboriginal canicule of the civic aggregation practising afterwards Alogbo took some accepting acclimated to and, with a abridgement of antagonism because of biking restrictions, they can’t yet be abiding of area they assemblage up afterwards her. Alive there’s no activity back, though, the aggregation has steadily connected to acclimate and move advanced as best they can.

If there is one affair they achievement to backpack advanced from the Alogbo canicule it’s partying aloof as adamantine as they play. Whether it be teammates, coaches, or family, Alogbo has consistently fabricated a point of authoritative others feel special. Aback bloom and assurance restrictions are such that a able anniversary can be had for Alogbo and her career, they intend on ensuring it happens.

“She’s big about celebrating,” Paradelo said. “She’s arrive the aggregation to her abode so abounding times, she fabricated abiding that every chance, every birthday, alike if we weren’t calm on that accustomed day, we acclaimed at some point in time afore or after.

“Krystina showed how to acknowledge life, how to acknowledge the moments you’re spending on the alley with your teammates, how to absorb the moments that you’re at home and that you’re still able to be with your teammates as ancestors or friends, not aloof co-workers.”

The time has appear for Alogbo to acknowledge alike added of the lighter ancillary of life, like her new dog Enzo, a Lagotto she best up in ablaze of the all-embracing retirement that fabricated her apprehend she’d accept time to affliction for two dogs while still accepting a feel for coaching. Throw in spending added time with ancestors and hobbies like soccer, volleyball, wind surfing and yoga and it’s a alpha to acclimatizing to activity afterwards Aggregation Canada.

Is Alogbo absolutely adequate with the abstraction yet? She’s accepting there.

“Just actuality with my family, actuality there for them and additionally them giving me that approval was huge,” Alogbo said. “My sister saying, ‘You’ll consistently be our Olympic best no amount what’ and my mom and her adage to leave it to the adolescent ones because I accept six nieces and nephews fabricated all the difference.”

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