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Dodgeball Hosted By David Dobrik Seven Things To Know About Dodgeball Hosted By David Dobrik

Former Vine star-turned-YouTube’s aureate boy David Dobrik and his uber-famous ‘Vlog Squad’ accept been the accountable of a cardinal of austere allegations in contempo weeks, constant in once-beloved sponsors bottomward them like flies.

David Dobrik, from Vernon Hills, co-hosting ‘Dodgeball Thunderdome – dodgeball hosted by david dobrik | dodgeball hosted by david dobrik

Dobrik boasts over 18 actor followers on YouTube alone, and had partnerships with above brands like Dollar Shave Club, Doordash and SeatGeek – aka the aggregation that lets him accord all of his accompany chargeless cars. Oh, and he afresh launched his own amusing media belvedere – Dispo.

To put it simply, Dobrik is (or, at least, was) the analogue of viral acclaim and success.

However, all of that afflicted a few weeks ago aback the aboriginal of a alternation of austere allegations came to light.

David Dobrik uploads “HE THOUGHT HE WAS KISSING HER!! (SUPER CRINGEY)” vlog to his YouTube channel.

In the video, Dobrik tricks above Vlog Squad member Seth Francois into kissing again 47-year-old actor Jason Nash. At the time, Francois anticipation he was kissing Instagram archetypal Corinna Kopf and it wasn’t until afterwards the act was filmed that Francois realised who he absolutely kissed.

The video has aback been deleted.

David Dobrik uploads “SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE PLAYED WITH FIRE!!” vlog, in which above Vlog Squad member Dom Zeglaitis (aka Durte Dom) jokes adjoin accepting a fivesome with a accumulation of girls.

The girls are the accountable of a cardinal of animal jokes in the video.

This video has additionally aback been deleted.

Now we accept to fast-forward about two years to June 2020, aback the picture-perfect apple of David Dobrik aboriginal starts unravelling.

Francois uploads a video advantaged “Accountability” to all Agreeable Creators, in which he outlines all of the racist microaggressions and situations he was subjected to while in the Vlog Squad. The video showcases a cardinal of clips from David’s vlogs that actual acutely allegorize racism.

David uploads his account adventure of his Views podcast, in which he takes the aboriginal two account of the adventure to apologise for his accomplished behaviour. This is the aboriginal time Dobrik issued an apology.

However, he receives backfire for glossing over the bearings and giving a accepted apology, rather than anon acclamation Francois’ allegations or the racism apparent in accomplished clips.

Vlog Squad member Erin Gilfoy accuses Francois of announcement animus porn of her in a blow that she allegedly acclimated a ancestral slur. The brace collaborate on Twitter and Erin releases a video apologising for application ancestral slurs while calling out Seth for declared animus porn.

A TikTok user named Karim uploads a five-part video alternation on the belvedere account his “application” to architecture David Dobrik’s new amusing media app (later appear as Dispo).

During the video series, Karim appropriate the name ‘Dispo’, which is acutely the name that Dobrik concluded up using.

The video goes viral and David Dobrik alike comments on it adage that he loves the name and he’ll be in blow to allocution about a alive accord with Karim. However, Karim confirms that Dobrik absitively *not* to appoint him for the project, admitting allotment his app Dispo months later.

Back in February of this year is aback aggregate *really* started to breach for Dobrik and the Vlog Squad. It all bliss off aback Nik Keswani (Big Nik) appears on the H3H3 podcast on February 5 to altercate his acquaintance in the Vlog Squad.

dodgeball hosted by david dobrik David Dobrik Hosts Dodgeball Thunderdome - dodgeball hosted by david dobrik

David Dobrik Hosts Dodgeball Thunderdome – dodgeball hosted by david dobrik | dodgeball hosted by david dobrik

Throughout the interview, Keswani alleges that the Vlog Squad was damaging to his brainy health.

Keswani, who suffers from a attenuate anatomy of dwarfism and is dark in one eye, was consistently mocked for his acme and actualization by added associates of the group.

“I acquainted abandoned actuality in those videos. I was like, ‘Dude, why am I alike like here? What’s the point in my existence?’ Because I was aloof advised like this punching bag,” he said.

Just canicule afterwards Keswani’s account on the H3H3 podcast, Francois makes a bedfellow actualization on February 12, in which he talks about the 2017 kissing “prank”.

“I was affected by accession I did not accord to,” he says, apropos to Jason Nash.

Trisha Paytas – who anachronous Jason Nash – takes to her Frenemies podcast (co-hosted by Ethan Klein of H3H3) on February 16 to allotment her own allegations adjoin Dobrik.

Throughout the podcast, she claims David hid in a allowance while she had sex with Nash and filmed her naked afterwards her consent.

“There was no accord given. Because I was dating Jason, because I was a actor in the vlogs — that’s my consent?” she said.

Trisha additionally claims she asked David not to column the vlog entitled “I SNUCK INTO THEIR HOTEL ROOM (SURPRISE)”, which is still alive to this day and boasts over 14 actor views.

Following Seth’s actualization on the H3H3 podcast, Klein about accuses Dobrik of aggravating to awning up advance by deleting ambiguous actual from his podcasts and vlogs. Klein takes to Twitter to allotment a blow from David’s Views podcast that has aback been deleted from Dobrik’s own amusing media, in which he and Jason Nash beam about the kissing prank.

“David’s MCN is aggravating to abolish this blow from the internet. This is erect animal advance and he did it to him twice. Absolutely infuriating to apprehend him allocution about it so acquiescently alive the agony it acquired Seth,” Klein writes on Twitter.

Dobrik launches his disposable camera-inspired amusing media app beneath the name Dispo on March 1.

It’s absolutely acknowledged for him to use this name, but afterward the viral success of Karim’s TikTok series, abounding admirers are agitated that Dobrik didn’t pay him or appoint him to assignment on the app.

In accession to this backlash, the reviews area of the App Store gets abounding with abrogating reviews calling for Dobrik to booty accountability for the accusations fabricated by Keswani and Francois.

At this point, David doesn’t about allege about the allegations.

Just canicule afterwards on March 4, Vlog Squad affiliate and abutting acquaintance of Dobrik Scotty Sire uploads a YouTube video in an attack to avert him.

The video is uploaded afterwards canicule of radio blackout from Dobrik, but interestingly, it includes a cardinal of screenshots and recordings of letters amid Dobrik and Francois – apparently accustomed to Sire by Dobrik.

Throughout the video, Sire shows “evidence” of Seth giving accord to the prank. However, he acutely ignores the actuality that accord can be aloof at any time.

The video cops actual backlash.

On the aforementioned day (March 4), Trisha Paytas tells Vulture that she has “more PTSD from David and Jason than I do hooking on Santa Monica Boulevard.”

Throughout the diffuse profile, she blames Dobrik for her breakdown with Nash and her consecutive brainy bloom issues.

“Jason was like, ‘I gotta breach up with you because of David,’ Paytas says. “That’s aback I spiralled.”

On March 8 – four canicule afterwards announcement a video in defence of Dobrik – Scotty Sire deletes his video and posts an acknowledgment on Twitter.

The acknowledgment – which apologised to anyone who acquainted disrespected – copped a tonne of backfire because Sire alone to accede Seth’s trauma, or accede how his video invalidated Seth’s story.

Business Insider journalist Kat Tenbarge publishes an commodity entitled “A woman featured on YouTube brilliant David Dobrik’s approach says she was raped by a Vlog Squad affiliate in 2018 the night they filmed a video about accumulation sex” on March 16.

Throughout the article, a adolescent woman who appeared in the ‘SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE PLAYED WITH FIRE!!” vlog claims she was raped by Dom Zeglaitis.

“He was, like, ‘No, you at atomic accept to accord me a kiss,” the declared victim said.

“I was accepting absolutely afraid because he wasn’t absolution me leave, my accompany were in a absolutely altered allotment of the house. I was, like, ‘What happens if I accumulate adage no?’ So I aloof gave him a kiss.”

This commodity is the agitator for aggregate that has happened since, so it’s able-bodied account demography the time to absolutely apprehend the abounding affair to get a able compassionate of the calmness of the allegations.

Speaking to Insider, Trisha Paytas alleges that Vlog Squad affiliate Jeff Wittek bought booze for the girls (who were arrears at the time). However, in a buzz alarm with Insider, Wittek denies this.

On the aforementioned day that the Insider commodity came out, Dobrik releases a video advantaged ‘Let’s Talk’ to his podcast YouTube channel. It’s account acquainted that this is the least-followed of his three accounts on the platform.

Throughout the two-and-a-half-minute video, Dobrik assuredly apologises anon to Seth.

“I aloof appetite to accomplish videos area everybody in it, whether you are accommodating or watching, is adequate accepting a acceptable time,” Dobriks says. “I absent the mark with that one.”

He doesn’t acknowledge to the allegations fabricated by Keswani or Paytas, but alongside addresses the allegations adjoin Zeglaitas, claiming that he distances himself from bodies whose accomplishments don’t adjust with his values.

The video receives about actual backfire for actuality blue-blooded ‘Let’s Talk’ while accepting the comments disabled.

By March 17, aloof one day afterwards the Insider commodity went live, Dobrik had absent 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, according to SocialBlade.

On March 18, David’s best acclaimed sponsor (aka the aggregation that pays for all the cars he gives away) SeatGeek about advertise that they’re reviewing their affiliation with the arguable YouTuber.

“At this time we’re carefully ecology the bearings and reviewing internally how we appetite to proceed,” a SeatGeek agent tells Business Insider.

Dollar Shave Club, a accepted sponsor for YouTube agreeable creators, ends its affiliation with Dobrik both on YouTube and with his Views podcast on March 19.

“The accomplishments and comments fabricated by David Dobrik as able-bodied as some associates of his aggregation are actual austere and do not adjust with DSC values. Animal advance and abhorrent accent of any affectionate is unacceptable in any environment. We’ve fabricated the accommodation to end our accord and abolish all planned activity,” the aggregation said in a account to Business Insider.

On the aforementioned day, EA Sports – who already gave David a accurate Lamborghini – affirm that they aren’t and don’t plan on alive with Dobrik in future.

“We haven’t formed with David aback April 2020 and can affirm we are not currently alive with him nor do we accept any affairs to in the future. We apprehend any influencer or celebrity aptitude we assignment with to conduct themselves in a address that is constant with EA’s ethics and policies,” a account from EA says.

Jeff Wittek, who was accused of affairs booze for the declared abduction victims in the Insider article, took to YouTube to allotment a video entitled ‘My Truth’ on March 21. In the video, Jeff calls David’s videos a “chaotic, shittier adaptation of SNL.”

Throughout the video, he denies the allegations adjoin him and shares audio of the alarm he had with anchorman Kat Tenbarge in an attack to bright his name.

The video is still alive on his approach at the time of publishing.

Following Jeff’s video on March 21, Trisha and Ethan Klein organise an emergency livestream for their Frenemies podcast, in which Jeff Wittek announces that he never absolutely apprehend the Insider commodity because he (and I quote) “didn’t wanna pay for the paywall on it.”

After the livestream, Tenbarge takes to Twitter to advance that she’s accustomed “more than one abundant afterlife threat,” afterwards Wittek aggregate their buzz call.

“Jeff spends his video aggravating to attenuate my believability by authoritative apocryphal statements and arena out-of-context clips from our conversations,” Tenbarge tweeted. “I angle by my advertisement and so does Insider.”

A day afterwards on March 22, Tenbarge takes to Twitter to allotment her own recordings from the alarm with Wittek.

Aaaand now we’re aback to the David Dobrik affiliate of this story, with the Vlog Squad architect announcement on March 22 that he would footfall bottomward from the lath of Dispo in an attack to “not abstract from the company’s growth,” according to a account provided to The Information.

The move comes aloof hours afterwards venture-capital firm Spark Capital announced they’d “sever all ties” with the company.

Just a day afterwards Dobrik stepped bottomward from Dispo, his above assistant Natalie Mariduena – who now works for Dispo – releases a account continuing by the victims.

Vlog Squad members Carly Incontro and Erin Gilfoy additionally absolution a video accomplishing the same.

Dodgeball Hosted By David Dobrik Seven Things To Know About Dodgeball Hosted By David Dobrik – dodgeball hosted by david dobrik
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