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Dodgeball Rules Why You Should Not Go To Dodgeball Rules

1.A. aggregation will abide of 6 players. A aggregation charge alpha with 4 players.

dodgeball rules dodge ball kids  Dodgeball, Gym games, Teacher boards - dodgeball rules

dodge ball kids Dodgeball, Gym games, Teacher boards – dodgeball rules | dodgeball rules

B. There charge be one changeable on the cloister to alpha anniversary game. Teams will comedy a man bottomward if they do not accept a female.

2. No substitutions or time-outs are accustomed during the games.

3. You may about-face players in amid games.

4. All players charge abrasion apple-pie able-bodied shoes.

5. Participants charge abolish all adornment afore playing.

6. Hats and bandanas may not be worn.

7. The cloister shall be apparent with sidelines, end lines, advance lines, and a centermost band with centermost has mark.

8.A. During play, all players charge abide aural abuttals lines.

B. Players may canyon through their end-line alone to retrieve devious balls.

C. When retrieving a ball, the amateur charge additionally anon re-enter the arena acreage alone through their end line.

D. Players who leave to retrieve a brawl may canyon addition amateur in a brawl inbounds, but still charge re-enter the arena acreage through the end band with alone one brawl in hand.

E. Players may canyon assurance to one addition aural the abuttals lines; if a brawl is alone the amateur who alone it will be declared out.

dodgeball rules Dodgeball Rules - dodgeball rules

Dodgeball Rules – dodgeball rules | dodgeball rules

F. There is no bouncing, kicking, or dribbling of the balls. Players charge accept absolutely ascendancy of their brawl until they bandy it to the added side.

9. A amateur shall not:

A. Accept any allotment of their anatomy acquaintance the arena apparent on or over a sideline, advance line, centermost line, or end band (unless retrieving a ball).

B. Exit or re-enter the cloister through their sideline.

C. Leave the arena acreage to abstain actuality hit by, or advance to catch, a ball.

D. Accept any allotment of their anatomy cantankerous over the centermost band and acquaintance the arena on their opponents’ ancillary of the court.

1. PENALTY: for rules A.-F., amateur will be declared out. 

The Match

10. The bout will be 30 account in continuance with 15 minute halves.  Teams will comedy as abounding amateur as can be fit into the 30 minute time block.  The aggregation with the best bold wins at the end of 30 account wins.

11. The article of the bold is to annihilate all opposing players by accepting them out.

12. The aboriginal aggregation to accurately annihilate all opposing players will be declared the winner.

13. An out is denticulate by:

A. Hitting an opposing amateur with a LIVE befuddled brawl beneath the shoulders.

NOTE: If a amateur ducks and this acutely is the account for the amateur actuality hit aloft the shoulders, they are out.

B. Catching a LIVE brawl befuddled by your opponent. Already a brawl is bent by a player, his/her assistant who was ahead declared out can re-enter the game.

C. Causing an adversary to bead a captivated brawl as a aftereffect of acquaintance by a befuddled LIVE ball.

D. An opposing amateur accomplish out of bounds.

E. A amateur who strikes a amateur in the arch with a befuddled brawl will be declared out for that game. A additional accident will aftereffect in an casting from the match.

F. A amateur may block a befuddled brawl with a brawl actuality held, provided the captivated brawl is not alone as a aftereffect of the acquaintance with the befuddled ball.

NOTE: A brawl deflecting off a captivated brawl and arresting the holder is no best a LIVE ball.

G. A brawl is no best a LIVE brawl already it had fabricated acquaintance with the ground.

LIVE (def.): A befuddled brawl that strikes, or is bent by, an opposing amateur without/before contacting the ground, addition amateur or ball.

14. Prior to the alpha of the game, six contrivance assurance are placed forth the centermost band appropriately spaced.

15. Players will booty position abaft their end band and at the official’s arresting may access the centermost band to retrieve balls.

16. Teams may retrieve any assurance abode on the line, but may NOT ascendancy all of the assurance to alpha the play.

17. Each/every brawl retrieved at the aperture blitz charge aboriginal be taken above the advance band and into the team’s backcourt afore it may be accurately befuddled at an opponent.

18. A aggregation abaft during a adjustment bold charge be accustomed the befalling to annihilate an opposing player.

19. It is actionable for the arch aggregation to ascendancy all the assurance for added than bristles seconds. If the arch aggregation controls all the balls- i.e. All assurance are amid on their ancillary of the centermost line- they charge accomplish a accepted accomplishment to get at atomic one brawl beyond the advance band an into the opponent’s backcourt. This does not accommodate throwing a brawl over and through an opponent’s end line.

20. If this is not done aural bristles seconds, a five-second abuse is called.

A. Aboriginal Violation: Stoppage of comedy and assurance will be disconnected analogously amid the teams. Comedy will abide with balls-in-hand.

B. Additional Violation: FREE THROW for the opposing team, a amends in which one amateur is accustomed an bare bandy at their opponent(s) after accident of elimination. This is accessible because a bent chargeless bandy does not aftereffect in an out for the thrower.

C. Third Violation: Casting of one amateur from abaft team.

NOTE: The blockage action does not administer to overtime. 


21. Overtime will be a three minute abrupt afterlife period.

22. All overtime periods will activate with an according cardinal of balls-in-hand abaft a team’s end line. The aboriginal aggregation to annihilate any ONE opposing amateur will be declared the winner.

Dodgeball Rules Why You Should Not Go To Dodgeball Rules – dodgeball rules
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