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READER COMMENTS ON”Conyers, Nadler Applaud DoJ Arrangement of ‘Relentless’ Appropriate Prosecutor for Ache Probe”(35 Responses so far…)

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COMMENT #1 [Permalink]… Ernest A. Canning said on 8/24/2009 @ 3:09 pm PT…

I accept several reservations:

1. I catechism whether an analysis is absolutely absolute aback a accustomed DOJ agent is alleged to be a appropriate prosecutor.

2. If the analysis is bound to instances, such as threats to execute, that exceeded the abhorrent OLC ache memos, the appulse will be worse than no prosecutions. It’s let’s arraign “the bad apples” as we saw with Abu Ghraib.

3. The Bybee/Yoo memos should not accommodate a acknowledged accustomed by which we actuate whether to prosecute. To the contrary, those memos should accouter the base for case of their authors and case ofthose (Cheney/Addington) beneath whose administering the ache memos were prepared.

4. I’d accept been far added afflicted with the Conyers/Nadler columnist absolution if they had added, and, oh, by the way, we’re filing accessories of allegation adjoin Judge Bybee.

While it is accessible to alarm on the DOJ to accredit “special admonition to analysis the absolute claiming affairs to actuate if any crimes were committed,” the accuracy is that both Conyers and Nadler are in a position to accelerate affairs by filing accessories of allegation adjoin Bybee.

Why accept they not done so?

COMMENT #2 [Permalink]… Agent 99 said on 8/24/2009 @ 3:49 pm PT…

COMMENT #3 [Permalink]… Konstantin said on 8/24/2009 @ 3:58 pm PT…

On a somewhat altered note, amuse column the abounding video of Sibel Edmonds’ degradation which has aloof been released. What has been acquaint on this link, http://newsdemocrat.com/…D=128898&TM=58793.69 , is a beam video (flash doesn’t assignment on everyones computer). Bodies can administer the video on bitorrent so bodies can download the abounding video faster all over the world.

COMMENT #4 [Permalink]… Tunga said on 8/24/2009 @ 5:20 pm PT…

Thank you Konstantin!

It’s not your moms Istanbul!

Cha Ching.

[ed note: Comment adapted for clarity. Tunga refers you to the Sibel Edmonds Degradation transcript, Page 169, Line 7 through Page 171, Line 16. –99]

COMMENT #5 [Permalink]… the zapkitty said on 8/24/2009 @ 5:27 pm PT…

All this will do is legitimize the ache by defining “good torture” against “bad torture.”

It’s like a ancestors affiliate with Alzheimer’s because I accumulate accepting to say goodbye to the America I knew… afresh and again.

COMMENT #6 [Permalink]… Tunga said on 8/24/2009 @ 5:32 pm PT…

Skip. Tunga has heard through a acquaintance of a acquaintance that Karl Roves absolute clandestine agenda video archive of the abandoned proclivities provided by those troopers “just afterward orders”at aBu Garab is now accessible on Craigs account for a song.

Possibly as low as a one way flight on OMG airlines to Paraguay.

Have you heard this additionally or is Tunga assault bottomward the amiss aisle of atomic resistance?

COMMENT #7 [Permalink]… BlueHawk said on 8/24/2009 @ 5:34 pm PT…

Something aloof occurred to me….

Brad allotment from vacation…and on that actual day Holder appoints a ache prosecutor…Coincidence you say ?

methinks Brad went and wielded some alarming power…


COMMENT #8 [Permalink]… BlueHawk said on 8/24/2009 @ 5:41 pm PT…

Call me Mr. Optimist…but I anticipate this ache case is activity to ascend the ladder like Watergate did. Appropriate into Darth Cheney’s lap.

I apperceive it’s ambitious cerebration and all…but sometimes Justice prevails. It may aloof appear in animosity of Obama.

Hey I can hope…

COMMENT #9 [Permalink]… Agent 99 said on 8/24/2009 @ 5:44 pm PT…

zap — Amen, brother.

BH — Mr. Optimist.

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COMMENT #10 [Permalink]… BlueHawk said on 8/24/2009 @ 5:55 pm PT…



Hey I’ve been alleged way, way worse than optimist…most of them were 2 chat adjectives, able-bodied 3 chat adjectives that started with dirty, afflicted or etc. …and consistently end with *er*

Believe me aback I say…Optimist is an upgrade.

COMMENT #11 [Permalink]… Tunga said on 8/24/2009 @ 6:31 pm PT…

Artful abstention 101.

A No. You asked for the reason.6 You said why would they accord and I –7 Q No, no. If I batten that, it was8 inartful. I’m not allurement why they gave.

COMMENT #12 [Permalink]… Tunga said on 8/24/2009 @ 6:35 pm PT…

“If you can contrivance a bend you can contrivance a ball” – Dodgeball

COMMENT #13 [Permalink]… Tunga said on 8/24/2009 @ 7:20 pm PT…

sibel speaks:

And afresh I accomplished my obligation, as a above FBI architect who has active assorted non-disclosure agreements, to acquaint the FBI and the Department of Justice that I accept been requested to accommodate my affidavit and I am declared to let you know. They had a day or so to respond. They anesthetized the deadline. And afterwards the deadline, they came aback with some amusing actionable admonishing adage that beneath the non-disclose agreement, the FBI and the Department of Justice bare 30 canicule to analysis what I was about to testify. I had the attorneys analysis that and it angry out this is not legal, because articulate affidavit cannot be submitted—you don’t apperceive what is activity to be asked in court. Therefore, the admonishing they gave me was actionable and not legal. They didn’t accept any acknowledged area to stop me from testifying, so I went and, beneath oath, during this five-hour continued deposition, answered all the questions, and talked about aggregate I knew that had to do with Congressional bribery cases that complex assorted Turkish entities.

Link to follow.

COMMENT #14 [Permalink]… Tunga said on 8/24/2009 @ 7:23 pm PT…

COMMENT #15 [Permalink]… Ernest A. Canning said on 8/24/2009 @ 7:51 pm PT…

In announcement the arrangement of this Republican prosecutor, Holder stated:

“I accept fabricated it bright in the accomplished that the Department of Justice will not arraign anyone who acted in acceptable acceptance and aural the ambit of the acknowledged advice accustomed by the Appointment of Acknowledged Admonition apropos the claiming of detainees. I appetite to reiterate that point today, and to accentuate the actuality that this basic analysis will not focus on those individuals.”

Scott Horton observes, as I accept previously, that the accommodation to ache predated the ache memos. “These memos were solicited and accounting as get-out-of-jail cards to get CIA interrogators, at atomic some of whom aloft apropos about the amends of what was actuality done, to use the new techniques.”

So acquaint me something, Mr. Holder, how can memos that were able as a bad faith, after-the-fact account be relied aloft in acceptable faith?

Why did you not absolution the OLC address which slams the deficiencies of these acknowledged sophistries you now await aloft to balk accountability?

Obama and Holder are actionable their adjuration of appointment — to anxiously assassinate the law.

It seems that, like the accessible option, advance promises to restore the aphorism of law were annihilation added than hot air.

COMMENT #16 [Permalink]… Agent 99 said on 8/24/2009 @ 8:01 pm PT…

Well, and it additionally assumes that one can ache in acceptable faith, and, unless you appear to be a machine, I don’t anticipate it’s accessible to accomplish a case for that… alike if you did not ache until the bang-up gave you some artificial acknowledged assessment to accomplish it assume to the weak-minded that you were disturbing in acceptable faith.

COMMENT #17 [Permalink]… Agent 99 said on 8/24/2009 @ 8:10 pm PT…

And, so, Ernie, you are 100% correct. Obama and Holder accept been and still are accustomed on with the un-Constitutional behavior of the aftermost administration, and in aperture of their oaths.

The abandoned assurance of “good faith” ambuscade in this blend is if you apprehend it that there were no acceptable acceptance actors in the disturbing and that all those involved, thereby, will end up actuality prosecuted through this little maneuver… if Durham will accomplish so adventurous as to booty the calefaction off of them with such a arrant acknowledgment of The Aphorism of Law.

COMMENT #18 [Permalink]… BlueHawk said on 8/24/2009 @ 8:13 pm PT…

Referring to oneself in the third actuality absolutely has a name; Illeism.

There are some cogent practitioners of that odd habit…Geraldo Riviera, Joe Biden, Flava Flav, Saddam Hussien, Richard Nixon and Bob Dole to name a few.


COMMENT #19 [Permalink]… BlueHawk said on 8/24/2009 @ 8:22 pm PT…

Ernest Canning and Agent 99….

Damn you two…you’re absolutely adverse my optimism with all of your facts, account and algid logic.

The snakes are gonna jerk chargeless aren’t they ?

shit…I can’t abnegate annihilation you two accept presented here…I ambition I could.All I accept to authority assimilate is my tooth fairy, santa claus easter bunny optimism…

COMMENT #20 [Permalink]… Tech said on 8/24/2009 @ 8:25 pm PT…

Investigating CIA interrogators is activity to accessible up a big can of worms.

COMMENT #21 [Permalink]… Agent 99 said on 8/24/2009 @ 8:31 pm PT…

I anticipate adverse optimism is a fourth amount abomination and they could tack on time for cabal to accomplish it as well. We bigger be careful!

COMMENT #22 [Permalink]… Grizzly Bear Dancer said on 8/24/2009 @ 9:38 pm PT…

A fcking joke.

If (YOU) anyone with a 5th brand apprenticeship and boilerplate intelligence thinks these also-ran abyss are activity to accuse themselves, afresh YOU do not accept a clue about how the Illuminati has been active this country and owns your fcking ace.

You can no best administer the New Apple Adjustment – Aggressive Automated Congressional Complex brainwashed archetypal of argumentation to this adulterated of Democracy and alleged the US Federal government and apprehend a altered result.

All the besmirched gov agencies, departments, and branches that are absolutely controlled by these cool affluent US aristocratic lying anti-enviro adulterated cocky confined rulers will cuntinue to assure themselves and their interests to the best of their ability.

This is their plan but go advanced and cuntinue to watch the appropriate duke of the US accumulated accumulation media they ascendancy so their larboard duke can do WHATEVER IT WANTS as it has for decades.

COMMENT #23 [Permalink]… Grizzly Bear Dancer said on 8/24/2009 @ 10:15 pm PT…

I re-read my aftermost bright column and appetite to accomplish bright that I am not aggravating to insult anyone at Bradblog. On the contrary, I absolutely adulation this website, the bookish barter of information, and the active assignment of Brad and others afterward our burst arrangement of US elections etc.

I accept been acceptance what is activity on for ancient now and will do annihilation to deathwatch bodies up beneath acceptable a politicians with a ambition on my arch to advice advance the mislead US majority who about butt at straws at the end of the day about what to do.

An American majority charge accustomed that their arduous numbers could account a change able about anon that could actual this animal apple scenary imposed by these 5% elites.

Unfortunately, best Americans are not about up to speed, trapped in their own debt enslavement aggravating to get by, or their own claimed askance account how this doesn’t aftereffect them to alike anticipate what needs to be done.

However, I absolutely accept abounding at Bradblog accept their eye on the ball.

Even if the all-important advocate dots are not yet affiliated to end the aphorism of these New Apple Adjustment Imperialist oil-coal barons, bankers, and aegis contractors that run our country and ascendancy the US aggressive yet , I anticipate Bradbloggers can accompany calm in the ablaze of truth.

COMMENT #24 [Permalink]… greydog said on 8/24/2009 @ 10:58 pm PT…

TORTURE is a WAR CRIME.Anyone acceding it, accomplishing it or abnegation to arraign it is a WAR CRIMINAL.

COMMENT #25 [Permalink]… BlueHawk said on 8/25/2009 @ 5:41 am PT…

Grizzly Bear Dancer…Your two comments are acutely atom on, aloof as Ernest’s and 99’s are.I do about accept in a universal, karmic force that handles biased situations such as this country is experiencing. That’s area I abode my optimism. I address to that karmic reciprocating force circadian in my accomplishments and thoughts and I see it at work.I hope, admitting far fetched that Holder and the DOJ are answerable to absolutely arraign to the accomplished degree…all the way into the Whitehouse. I achievement they’re answerable by the force of our thoughts and the force of Justice in the universe. It’s a longshot…but absolutely accessible from area I sit.

This ache case is out of our calmly (as if we anytime had a say in the aboriginal place).Personally it is too black to accept achievement to the lying, crooked oligarchy of fat cat pimps.We’re still in the bold as it were…although it’s backward in the 4th division and we’re accident bigtime.

I’m not advance a lot of affecting activity in these prosecutions…I am about captivation out achievement that Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld, Yoo, Gonzo and all of the alive crooks, will sit at the table of afterlife to banquet on the accumulation of bits they’ve dealt.

There is responsiblity in the universe..

COMMENT #26 [Permalink]… czaragorn said on 8/25/2009 @ 6:40 am PT…

I’m abashed I’ve absent all acceptance in Mr. Conyers. If he’s applauding, that agency the fix is in. The bribery is “too big to fail” in the eyes of the porkers at the trough. Nonetheless, I’m acquisitive for an Alexander Butterfield, and addition with the faculty to ask the appropriate questions of him, questions that he will not cartel lie in acknowledgment to. You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the abandoned one…

COMMENT #27 [Permalink]… Phil said on 8/25/2009 @ 9:03 am PT…

“Dept. of (Door #5150, -777, 666, 10-100/101 and 187.)”

ps DOD?

DOD5150 DOD-777 DOD666 DOD10-100/101 DOD187 or *.pdf

( That bits sound’s relentlessly official! satan’s allotment of the pentagon! Maybe I will accomplish a appearance name out of it? lol heh heh heh )

COMMENT #28 [Permalink]… Big Dan said on 8/25/2009 @ 10:01 am PT…

COMMENT #29 [Permalink]… karen from illinois said on 8/25/2009 @ 10:23 am PT…

Todd responded by alleging that alike if journalists appear added agilely on the issue, it was absurd that the alignment would anytime be captivated accountable. He said it would about-face into “a political aliment fight” area “Congress would not be able to get any prosecutions done,” suggesting that Blackwater would accordingly acquisition a way to get off the hook.

i anticipate the cia runs the country and thats why it doesnt amount what affair is in power

COMMENT #30 [Permalink]… czaragorn said on 8/25/2009 @ 10:47 am PT…

You’re accepting warmer, Karen! Accumulate attractive – the CIA is but one braid of the Medusa that has the US, and dangerously, about the blow of the apple too, in its corrupt grasp. It’s gonna booty a Steven Kingian accomplishment to customs this alarming bump from our society. I abhorrence we’re activity to accept to abort the apple in adjustment to save it. I abhorrence to say it, but it appears that the BAD GUYS accept won, and they’ll anon accept their way by catastrophe activity on this planet as we apperceive it. Oh well…

COMMENT #31 [Permalink]… Grizzly Bear Dancer said on 8/25/2009 @ 11:37 pm PT…

Yeh these bastards are cloistral above belief. Why do you anticipate Bush, Cheney, Rove, Rumsfeld, Rice and all the added fcking Bushit Administering abyss are still chargeless to live, work, and aboveboard action their opinions nationally throughout the channels of the accumulated US media they control? THEY HAVE NO CONCERN. The Obama Administering is their people.

The Aggressive Automated CONGRESSIONAL Complex, a called coined by a 5 brilliant WWII accustomed about-face Admiral called Dwight D. Eisenhower coined the appearance in his apropos of what he saw developing as a US automated accoutrements war machine. He bidding that he foresaw that a aggregate of acquisitiveness and unfit individuals would abominably advance the US into war, corruption US war powers, and booty ascendancy of our nation LEFT UNCHECKED.

Now we accept this big money accumulated aggressive sellout Congress afterwards the camouflage of the Pentagon war accident bombings accustomed as 9-11 to accredit the extradinary amounts of money, arms, and waging of actionable wars.

Could anyone anytime brainstorm how abundant banknote is still actuality pumped into announcement the muslim agitator lies of the 3 Apple Barter Center bombings? Aggressive high-tech nanothermite cutter accuse that larboard their signature on animate samples has been absolutely articular in a associate advised cardboard but what accumulated US accumulation media has this been appear in? Silence of course. Learn the accuracy at ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS FOR 9-11 TRUTH. www.ae911truth.org

The acquisitive also-ran bent bankers at the Federal Reserve cannot and will not anytime be captivated answerable by an UNDERDOG (fictional animation character) alike if this said actuality existed because it is not a government article no added than the arcane BLACKWATER merchant killers (not afar of the US military) in Afganistan. But the Afgan heroin barter is grow’in!!!

That’s who runs our money system, prints US dollars all at their amount and of advance accurately taxes the US people. These able uknown bankers are the big money deciders of the association accustomed and in about-face the absolutist apple of access on the world. They charge be bare of this adeptness with safeguards to never be able to apply their ascendancy on the country of the United States.

COMMENT #32 [Permalink]… cann4ing said on 8/26/2009 @ 5:00 pm PT…

Grizzly Bear Dancer said:

f (YOU) anyone with a 5th brand apprenticeship and boilerplate intelligence thinks these also-ran abyss are activity to accuse themselves…


But Cheney has already active himself. He has afresh declared about that he accustomed baptize boarding. He’s audacious about it absolutely because he knows Obama/Holder abridgement the scroats to arraign him.

COMMENT #33 [Permalink]… Grizzly Bear Dancer said on 8/28/2009 @ 2:30 am PT…

Thank you for demography my words to task. What I absolutely meant was not that these cloistral New Apple Adjustment lying bent murderers like fomer Haliburton architect arch about-face VP Dick Cheney would not anytime accept their answerability for any of their destructive actionable acts, BUT that this U.S. cardinal chic HAS NOT anytime faced case let abandoned confidence and sentencing in a U.S. or Apple court.

While Architects and Engineers at www.ae911truth.org accept not and do not brainstorm on who is amenable for demography bottomward the 3 Apple Barter Towers barrio austere on 9-11 or the orchestrated US accumulated accumulation media awning up in conjuction with the government, they do accommodate the abounding levels of affirmation to abutment controlled demolition. They additionally accommodate bankrupt case affirmation for the use of aerial tech miilitary thermate cutter charges.

I alone accept no botheration implying the Bushit Administering was resposible for the deaths of Americans by demography bottomward the Apple Towers on 9-11 to get Americans and apple bodies abaft their “war on terror” advance because I apperceive all about these acquisitive fcking killers.

These Illuminati New Apple Adjustment anti-environmentalists haven’t gone bottomward for their staged apocryphal banderole miitary advance and the accuracy is not alike the frequently accustomed story. They accept abide in ascendancy of the U.S. forth with their new boob admiral in place. In 2009, the Aggressive Automated Congressional Complex is sitting alpine and all the added governmemt’s besmirched agencies accept “their” bodies in abode so it could attending better.

The abandoned absolute point I can add today is that I like Blue Hawk in his column accede that KARMA CAN BE A REAL BITCH. I can additionally accept that I accept beatific out prayers to the alcohol of those who died on 9-11 and alarm on them to advice betrayal these traitors and so can you.

COMMENT #34 [Permalink]… BlueHawk said on 8/28/2009 @ 7:32 am PT…

I watched in abashed awe as the traitors to America acclimated bellicism to assemblage the sheep for the slaughter….And our abhorrence fed, blundering citizenry swallowed that force fed abhorrence whole.We were awash a abhorrence based apple view; by craven hearted acquisitive bastards who traded us out for begrimed lucre.

It’s been said that “We get the government we deserve”. Able-bodied it’s here, we deserve it.

For those of us who are alive and appetite better, I absolutely don’t apperceive what the abutting footfall is. There is a abundant bank of benightedness that best association adhere to with a passion…I accept no abstraction how to best that.Places like Bradblog accumulate us informed…but too abounding bodies don’t appetite to know.

COMMENT #35 [Permalink]… Grizzly Bear Dancer said on 8/28/2009 @ 11:32 pm PT…

The abutting footfall is.. up to you and me.

Some of the best affairs in history were fatigued by bodies with administering adeptness who artlessly had the ability and facts of their accustomed situation. Afresh they improvised as they went along.

Since the brittle bodies accept appeared on earth, they accept accurate that aback prodded a little bit that the abandoned assemblage could be calmly manipulated, by deamonizing a perceived ememy.

Over and over and over whatever their minds are fed as continued as you can attach a face. The aerial becomes absolute and fcking stereo-typed lie will become truth.

This weakness has been exploited by the Illuminati New Apple Adjustment also-ran neo-con PROJECT FOR A NEW CENTURY actor big money leaders.This animal is the #1 crisis to all activity on earth, BUT until they either abort this abode we all alive with bombs, wars, or abuse including blooming abode causing CO2 gases heating up the planet like a adobe oven, we are still all connected.

Even the best uneducated, aimless man active on debris who can be begin in best above U.S. cities knows the cool affluent devils are active the kingdom. Accuracy aloof has to become accuracy again.

When the accomplished accuracy about 9-11 and how ascendancy of their accumulated accumulation media fabricated it possible, it will arrange a majority of Americans and apple bodies like a Carl Rove advertising adventure of lies archetypal during his 8 year administering in the George W. Bush administration. Afresh the agitate up will occur. You bigger bet your activity it is advancing eventually than later.

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