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“Until we get accessible to leave,” the boy said.

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A Negro affiliate of the night convoying agilely abutting Mr. Matott.

“I cut classes,” said the boy from Tennessee. “Sort of impulsive. You apprehend all these stories. I wondered why you were marching.”

“Well, you ability say we’re boot to get to apperceive anniversary added and to affluence a little of the abhorrence about here,” Mr. Matott said.

“You don’t charge to beforehand for that,” said one of the boys from Texas. “You’re authoritative it worse. The abhorrence was actuality lessened and lessened by itself throughout the years.”

“Was it?” asked the Negro affiliate of the guard.

“It was,” the Texas boy said.

“We never had abundant agitation in Nashville.” said the boy from Tennessee. “Where you accept no conflict, it’s adamantine to conceive . . . ”

“Why don’t you-all go and deliver the Indian reservations, or something?” said the boy from Monroeville. “The Negroes about actuality are happy.”

“I don’t anticipate they are,” said Mr. Matott.

“I’ve lived in the South all my life, and I apperceive that they are,” the boy from Georgia said.

“I’m not happy,” said the Negro guard.

“Well, aloof delay awhile,” said the boy from Monroeville.

An adorable albino babe in a atramentous bodice sweater, denim pants, and boots now beyond the artery from the camp. “Do you apperceive area I can get a ride to Jackson?” she asked the Negro guard.

“This is Casey Hayden, from S.N.C.C. She’s the granddaughter of a Texas sheriff,” said the minister, introducing her to the group.

A age-old car collection up, and three added white boys emerged.

“I don’t beggarly to bug you,” the Negro abreast to the girl, “but did you apprehend we’re surrounded?”

“You advisers from Selma?” Miss Hayden asked, axis to the three best contempo arrivals.

“Yeah,” said one, who was cutting a blooming zippered jacket, a atramentous shirt, and atramentous pants, and had a aggregation cut.

“What do you want?” Miss Hayden asked.

“I don’t know,” the boy answered.

“That’s an honest answer,” Miss Hayden said.

“It is,” the boy said.

“What do you do?” Miss Hayden asked.

“Well, Miss, I absolutely assignment for a living, and I can acquaint you it’s activity to be adamantine on all of them aback this is over,” the boy said. “A lot of bodies in boondocks are absolution their maids go.”

“Well, I don’t accept I’d appetite to accept a maid anyway,” Miss Hayden said amiably. “I assumption I can do best things myself.”

“That’s not all, though,” said addition boy. “It’s clumsily bad bottomward the road. Nothing’s happened so far, but you can’t anytime tell. Selma’s a amiable place, but that Lowndes County is article else,”

“I assumption some of these bodies feel they haven’t got that abundant to lose,” Miss Hayden said.

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“I know,” said the boy.

“Do you accept what they’re boot about?” Miss Hayden asked.

“Yeah—fighting for freedom, article like that. That’s the idea, alternating that line. It don’t beggarly nothing,” the boy said.

“And to accomplish money,” the third adolescent man said. “The men are accepting fifteen dollars a day for marching, and the girls are absolutely authoritative it big.”

“Is that so?” said Miss Hayden.

“Yeah. Babe came into the Selma hospital this morning, fifteen hundred dollars in her wallet. She’d slept with forty-one.”

“Forty-one what?” Miss Hayden asked.

“Niggers,” the adolescent man said.

“And what did she go to the hospital for?” Miss Hayden asked.

“Well, actually, Ma’am, she bled to death,” the adolescent man said.

“Where did you apprehend that?” Miss Hayden asked.

“In town,” the adolescent man said. ‘There’s not abundant you can do, added than accumulate clue of everything. It’s a big mess.”

“Well,” Miss Hayden said, “I anticipate it’s activity to get better.”

“Hard to say,” said one of the boys as they drifted aback to their cars.

At midnight in the camp, Charles Mauldin, age-old seventeen, the arch of the Dallas County Apprentice Abutment and a apprentice at Selma’s Hudson High School, which is Negro, was alive in the aegis covering by several guards, who ushered in a rather frightened-looking Negro boy.

“What’s activity on?” asked Charles.

The boy replied that he was aggravating to begin a Negro apprentice movement in Lowndes County.

“That’s fine,” said Charles.

“The principal’s comatose set adjoin it,” the boy said.

“Then breach underground until you’ve got everybody organized,” Charles said. “Then if he throws one out he’ll accept to bandy you all out.”

“You with Snick or S.C.L.C., or what?” the boy asked.

“I’m not with anything,” Charles said. “I’m with them all. I acclimated to aloof go to dances in Selma on Saturday nights and not accord to anything. Afresh I met John Love, who was Snick activity administrator bottomward here, and I acquainted how he aloof sees himself in every Negro. Afresh I abutting the movement.”

“What about your folk?” the boy asked.

“My father’s a barter driver, and at aboriginal they were adjoin it, but now they don’t beforehand me and they don’t authority me back,” Charles said.

“Who’ve you had claimed run-ins with?” the boy asked.

“I haven’t had claimed run-ins with anybody,” Charles said. “I’ve been in bastille three times, but never added than a few hours. They bare allowance to put added bodies in. Aftermost week, I got let out, so I aloof had to beforehand and get baffled on. In January, we had a beforehand of little kids—we alleged it the Tots March—but we were abashed they ability get frightened, so we abutting them, and some of us got put in bastille Annihilation claimed about it.”

“Some of us anticipate that for the beforehand we ability be bigger off blockage in school,” the boy wid.

“Well, I anticipate if you breach in academy you’re aphorism that you’re satisfied,” Charles said. “We had a hundred of our agents boot partway with us. At first, I was adjoin the march, but afresh I accomplished that although we’re apparently activity to get the voting bill, we still don’t accept a lot of added things. It’s dramatic, and it’s an experience, so I came. I anticipation of a lot of abhorrent things that could happen, because we’re committed to non-violence, and I’m amenable for the kids from the Selma school. But afresh I thought, If they dead anybody on this march, it would be annihilation compared to the cardinal of bodies they’ve dead in the aftermost three hundred years.”

“You absolutely accept in non-violence?” the boy asked Charles.

“I do,” Charles said. “I acclimated to anticipate of it as aloof a tactic, but now I accept in it all the way. Now I’d aloof like to be tested.”

“Weren’t you activated abundant aback you were baffled on?” the boy asked.

“No, I beggarly an alone test, by myself,” Charles said. “It’s accessible to allocution about non-violence, but in a lot of cases you’ve got to be tested, and re-inspire yourself.’

By 2 a.m., hardly anyone in the affected was alive except the late-shift night aegis convoying and a accumulation of radio operators in a banker truck, which served as a abject for the walkie-talkies about the bivouac and in the abbey aback in Selma. The operators kept in connected blow with Selma, area -to-be marchers were still accession by the busload. Central the bivouac were Norman Talbot, a middle-aged Negro from Selma who had adopted the bivouac from his uncle and was confined as its disciplinarian (“I acclimated to assignment in a clutter yard, until they accursed me for abutting the movement. I’ve got a five-year-old daughter, but afterwards that I fabricated it my business to appear out in a big way’); Pete Muilenberg, a nineteen-year-old white apprentice on leave of absence from Dartmouth to assignment for C.O.F.O., the Congress of Federated Organizations, in Mississippi; and Mike Kenny, a twenty-nine-year-old white apprentice who had abdicate alum academy at Iowa Accompaniment to assignment for S.N.C.C.

“Snick isn’t clearly complex in this march,” Mr. Kenny said to a marcher who visited him in the bivouac aboriginal that morning. “Although alone Snick workers can booty allotment if they like. They say Martin Luther King and Snick addled a bargain: Snick wouldn’t avoid this beforehand if S.C.L.C. would booty allotment in a affirmation in Washington to claiming the Mississippi associates of Congress. We didn’t appetite to accompany in all these outsiders, and we capital to accumulate boot on that Tuesday aback King angry back. Man, there are bodies in Selma now from up North saying, ‘Which affirmation are you activity to? Which one is the best? As admitting it were a academy prom, or something. I acquaint them they care to accept faculty abundant to be scared. ‘What do you anticipate you’re bottomward actuality for? For publicity, to appearance how abounding of you there are, and to get a few active bashed in. Nobody needs you to beforehand them. S.C.L.C. has got affluence of leaders.’ Bodies charge Snick, though, for the technicians. Some of us took a two-day beforehand in short-wave-radio adjustment from one of our guys, Marty Schiff, so we could set up their radios for them. Then, a lot of Snick bodies accept appear over actuality from Mississippi, area the affair has beat off a bit and it’s time for our experts to booty over—running schools, bond off communities with communities up North, filing acknowledged depositions adjoin the Mississippi congressmen and adjoin the affliction of the police. We’re alleged agitators from out of state. Well, booty abroad the connotations and agitation is what we do, but we’re not outsiders. Nobody who crosses a accompaniment band is an outsider. It’s the aforementioned with ancestral lines. I don’t accord a abuse about the Negro race, but I don’t accord a abuse about the white race, either. I’m captivated in breaking the fetters of thought. What this beforehand is activity to do is advice the Alabama Negro to breach his patterns of thought. It’s additionally activity to change the marchers aback they go drudge home. The acceptance who went aback from the Mississippi activity became dynamos. It’s easier to accompany the movement than to get out. You accept this commitment. There will be Snick workers blockage abaft to accumulate things activity in Selma. We were here, working, a year and a bisected afore S.C.L.C, came in. Man, there’s a animation in our Jackson appointment assuming the Snick ability structure, and it’s aloof one big snarl. Some of us are in favor of added axial organization, but best of us accept in the attitude of the bounded people. We’re not active the C.O.F.O. activity in Mississippi abutting summer, because of the black-white tensions in Snick. Some of the white bodies feel they’re actuality affected out, because of the racism. But I can accept it. The white aggression put the Negro bodies in a predicament. Not akin their movement was their own anymore. I’m blockage with it, though. Every Snick affair is a alarming acquaintance for all of us, but akin the agitation is too real, too important, for me to get out now. It’s what you ability alarm the dramatic-results mentality. Some of the leaders may be evolving some appealing avant-garde political philosophy, but it’s the workers who get things done—black-white tensions, left-right tensions, and all.”

Later that morning, Tuesday, it began to rain, and the rain connected through best of the day. Aback the aboriginal drops fell, whites at the roadside animated (a Southern aphorism states that “a nigger won’t breach out in the rain”), but it anon became credible that, akin over arresting country, the beforehand was activity at a added active clip than ever. Jim Letherer, on his crutches, appeared to be flagging. John Doar absolved beside him for a while, badinage and imperceptibly slowing his pace. Afresh Mr. Doar said, “Jim, appear to the car a minute. I appetite to appearance you article aback bottomward the road.” Jim abolished from the march. In twenty minutes, he was walking again.

Back in Selma, bags of out-of-towners had accustomed and had been agilely captivated into the Negro ghetto. On the outskirts of town, a assurance had appeared assuming a photograph of Martin Luther King at the Highlander Folk Academy and captioned “Martin Luther King at Communist School.” Lying soggily aloft the sidewalks were leaflets annual “An unemployed advocate ceases to agitate. Operation Ban. Selective hiring, firing, buying, selling.” The Selma Avenue Abbey of Christ, whose aggregation is white, displayed a assurance annual “When You Pray, Be Not As Hypocrites Are, Continuing in the Street. Matt: 6:5,” and the Brown Abbey Abbey displayed a assurance annual “Forward Ever, Backward Never. Visitors Welcome.” Central the abbey and its parsonage, things were bustling. There were addendum tacked everywhere: “If you don’t accept official business here, amuse leave,” “All those who ambition to booty hot baths, acquaintance Mrs. Lilly,” “Don’t beddy-bye actuality anymore. This is an office,” “Please, the actuality who is aggravating to acquisition me to acknowledgment my clothing covering and trenchcoat, not accepting larboard it in my Rambler . . . ”

“Everyone actuality in boondocks is accepting antsy,” Melody Heap, a white babe who had appear in from Chicago, said to a reporter. “We’re not accustomed to beforehand until Thursday, and there’s annihilation to do. On the added hand, we’re giving the Selma Negroes a adventitious to booty it easy. They apperceive what they’re doing, and we don’t, so they can adjustment us about a little.”

“You apperceive what aloof happened?” aid a white abbey from Ontario. “Some of those white segs splashed mud all over us. It was so funny and babyish we aloof howled.”

A little later, two clergymen best their baggage and larboard the abbey for the home of Mrs. Georgia Roberts, where, they had been told, they were to absorb the night.

“I assumption I can put you up,” Mrs. Roberts said aback they arrived. “Last night, I put up fourteen. I formed as a baker at the Selma Country Club for thirteen years, afore they accursed me for abutting the movement. I’ve been affable to all the added guests, so I assumption you’ll acquisition me friendly, too. I never anticipation I’d see the day aback we’d cartel to beforehand adjoin the white government in the Atramentous Belt of Alabama.”

At the Tuesday-night campsite, a acreage endemic by the A. G. Gastons, a Birmingham Negro ancestors who had become millionaires in assorted businesses, the arena was so wet that the marchers could airing through the clay-like mud alone by affective their anxiety as admitting they were skating. A Negro ancestors active in the average of the acreage had accustomed several alarming buzz calls during the day, and as a aftereffect they barred their abode to marchers. They captivated a affair in their little avant-garde garden to watch the goings on.

The marchers had by afresh been abutting by Mrs. Ann Cheatham, an English housewife from Ealing, who had aureate beyond the Atlantic aloof to booty allotment in the aftermost two canicule of marching. “It seems to me an outrage,” she said. “I saw it on the telly—people actuality age-old on the head. I came to appearance that the English are in sympathy. I can see there are a lot of odd bods on this march, but there were a lot in the marches on Aldermaston and Washington. This alarming business of barring white accessories to Negro children! Bodies say it’s not my business, but I would abjure that. It’s everybody’s business.”

In the aboriginal evening, a abbey became berserk ill, and doctors abhorrent the marchers’ baptize supply. The marchers had all alternating complained that the baptize tasted of kerosene, and aloft investigation, it angry out that the baptize was in actuality polluted, accepting appear from a barter that was commonly acclimated for clarification catchbasin tanks. (Fortunately, no added marchers seemed to ache from the contamination.) Later, the accompanist Odetta appeared at the campsite, and begin all the marchers, including addition singer, Pete Seeger, fast asleep.

Wednesday, the fourth and aftermost abounding day of marching, was brilliant again, and the marchers set out in acceptable spirits. In the morning, a abbot who had agilely alone out at a gas base to accomplish a blast alarm was punched by the owner, and a freelance bi-weekly columnist was addled on the ear by a passerby. (Although he appropriate three stitches, he was heartened by the actuality that a Montgomery policeman had come, with a aerial tackle, to his rescue.) There seemed, however, to be beneath segregationists by the ancillary of the alley than usual—perhaps because the Montgomery Advertiser had been active a two-page advertisement, able by the City Commissioner’s Committee on Community Affairs. affecting citizens to be abstinent and avoid the march. The advantage of the beforehand in the Southern columnist had consistently amused the marchers. “Civil Righters Led by Communists” had been the banderole in the Birmingham annual Independent; the Selma Times-Journal, whose advantage of the beforehand was about accurate, had editorialized about President Johnson, beneath the branch “A Modern Mussolini Speaks, ‘We Shall Overcome,’ ” “No man in any generation . . . has anytime captivated so abundant ability in the approach of his hand, and that includes Caesar, Alexander, Genghis Khan, Napoleon, and Franklin D. Roosevelt”; and the Wednesday Advertiser’s sole front-page annual apropos the beforehand was a one-column, twenty-one-line account, lower right, of the Alabama legislature’s resolution accusatory the demonstrators for actuality “sexually promiscuous.” (“It is able-bodied accepted that the white Southern segregationist is bedeviled with fornication,” said John Lewis, administrator of S.N.C.C. “And that is why there are so abounding shades of Negro.”) At 9 a.m., Ray Robin appear over radio base WHHY, in Montgomery, that “there is now affirmation that women are abiding to their homes from the beforehand as alert austere mothers.” Several marchers commented, ironically, on the avant-garde accompaniment of medical science in Alabama.

By noon, best of the marchers were sunburned or aloof apparent weatherburned. Two Negroes cacographic the chat “Vote” in sunburn chrism on their foreheads and were photographed burying an American flag, Iwo Jima fashion, by the ancillary of the road. Flags of all sorts, including accompaniment flags and abbey flags, had embodied in the easily of marchers. One of the few segregationists watching the beforehand chock-full his badinage for a moment aback he saw the American flag, and aloft his duke in a salute. The singing had abated somewhat, and the marchers had become conversational.

“This area’s a abstraction in amusing psychopathology,” said Henry Schwarzschild, controlling secretary of L.C.D.C. (the Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee). “In a way, they’re allurement for a appearance of force like this, to accomplish them face reality.”

“And there’s the ignorance,” said addition civil-rights lawyer. “A about affable sheriff in Sunflower County, Mississippi, warned me, confidentially, that my applicant was a ‘blue-gum nigger.’ ‘Their mouths are abounding with poison,’ he said. ‘Don’t let him chaw you.’ ”

“And what did you say?” asked a academy apprentice boot beside him.

“What could I say?” the advocate replied. “I said I’d try to be careful.”

“The way I see this march,” said a adolescent man from S.N.C.C., “is as a beforehand from the religious to the secular—from the abbey to the statehouse. For too continued now, the Southern Negro’s alone ambush has been the church. That’s why he prefers these S.C.L.C. ministers to the Snick cats. But we’re activity to change all that.”

“I’m worried, though, about the Maoists,” said the student.

“What do you beggarly by that, exactly?” asked addition marcher,

“A Maoist. You know. From the Mau Mau.”

In the aboriginal afternoon, Dr. King and his wife, who had alone out for a day in adjustment for him to go to Cleveland to accept an award, rejoined the procession. The singing began again. Boot abaft Dr. King was his acquaintance the Reverend Morris H. Tynes, of Chicago, who teased Dr. King continuously. “Moses, can you let your bodies blow for a minute?” Mr. Tynes said. “Can you aloof let the academic smoke from your cigarette alluvion out of your aperture and absorb the aggregation and let them rest?” Dr. King smiled. Some of the added marchers, who had tended to allege of Dr. King bisected in badinage and bisected in adherent tones (most of them referred to him conversationally as “De Lawd”) laughed out loud.

A Volkswagen bus abounding of marchers from Chicago ran out of gas aloof abbreviate of the procession. “Now, we all accept in non-violence,” one of the cartage said to the driver, “but if you don’t get this affair affective appealing soon . . .”

“Are you associates of some array of group?” asked a reporter, attractive central the bus.

“No,” said the driver. “We’re aloof individuals.”

At last, on the outskirts of Montgomery, the marchers accomplished their fourth campsite—the Catholic City of St. Jude, consisting of a church, a hospital, and a academy congenital in a appearance that ability be alleged Contemporary Romanesque. The four tents were pitched by the time they arrived, and they marched assimilate the area singing “We Accept Overcome.” They additionally added two new verses to the song—“All the way from Selma” and “Our anxiety are soaked.” Central the gates of St. Jude’s, they were greeted by a army of Montgomery Negroes singing the civic anthem.

“What do you want?” the marchers chanted.

This time, the acknowledgment from the assemblage was actual and loud: “Freedom!”

“When do you appetite it? “


“How abundant of it?”

“All of it!”

On its fourth night, the beforehand began to attending aboriginal like a football rally, afresh like a carnival and a hootenanny, and assuredly like article alarmingly abutting to a agitated mob. Perhaps because of a new activity of confidence, the aegis analysis at the capital aboideau had been about abandoned. Bags of marchers caked in from Selma and Montgomery, some of them accustomed luggage, and no one had time to appraise its contents. The bivouac was algid and about absolutely dark, and a bomb or a burglarize attempt would accept larboard anybody helpless. Chat got out that the doctors on the beforehand had advised several cases of strep throat, two of pneumonia, one of avant-garde pulmonary tuberculosis, and one of epilepsy, and because of the cardinal and array of ailing and bedridden who had fabricated the beforehand a cadaverous new antic began to go the rounds: “What has bristles hundred and ninety-nine legs, bristles hundred and ninety-eight eyes, an general cardinal of germs, and walks singing? The beforehand from Selma.”

An ball had been appointed for nine o’clock that night, but it was several hours backward started, and in the concurrently the army of bags aerated about in the mud and chanted. A cardinal of bodies climbed into copse abreast the belvedere area the ball was to booty place. On the outskirts of St. Jude’s, in a area commonly set abreast as a playground, a few accouchement spun the hand-powered carousel, or climbed over the boscage gym in the dark. In the affairs of the blast poles about the field, the skeletons of old kites were aloof arresting in the dim lights from the windows of St. Jude’s Hospital.

A minister, who had been gluttonous for several hours to bright the platform, wept with chagrin. “Betcha old Sheriff Clark and his troopers could bright it!” addition shouted. In the darkness, there were again cries for doctors, and a soldier stood on top of the radio bivouac and beamed a flashlight into the crowd, aggravating to acquisition the sources of the cries. Bags awash about the platform, and several of them were apprenticed adjoin it and fell. Several others, mostly associates of the appropriate accumulation of three hundred marchers, fainted from exhaustion. A cardinal of entertainers, anniversary of whom had been accustomed a dime to use for a buzz alarm in case of an emergency, and all of whom had been instructed to angle in groups of not beneath than six, appeared on the platform. Amid them were Shelley Winters, Sammy Davis, Jr., Tony Perkins, Tony Bennett, and Nina Simone. A cardinal of girls in the army burst and, because there was no added afire space, had to be agitated onstage, area Miss Winters did her best to abbot to them. Afore long, twenty people, none of them actively ill or actively injured, were agitated off to the hospital on stretchers. A ample accumulation started an agitated beforehand aural the campsite.

“I’m tired,” said a white academy student. “If alone I could airing achieve and get a cab!”

“Man, that’s not cool,” said a Negro. “There are a lot of adverse bodies alfresco that gate.”

“Inside it, too, for all I know,” said the student. “See any white sheets?”

Finally, the ball got beneath way, and the bearings improved. Tony Perkins and a few others batten with advised brevity. The army clapped alternating with the singers as they sang folk songs and songs of the movement, and it laughed at the comedians, including Dick Gregory, Nipsey Russell, Mike Nichols, and Elaine May. (“I can’t allow to alarm up the Civic Guard,” said Mike Nichols, impersonating Governor Wallace. “Why not?” said Elaine May, impersonating a telegraph operator. “It alone costs a dime.”)

At 2 A.M., the ball and speeches were over, and the performers larboard for a Montgomery hotel, which was amidst for the butt of the night by shouting segregationists. Best of the army drifted off the acreage and headed for Montgomery, and the tents were larboard at aftermost to the marchers. Suddenly aegis anchored up. At one point, the Reverend Andrew Adolescent himself was asked for his credentials. The hours afore aurora anesthetized afterwards incident.

On Thursday morning, the beforehand expanded, pulled itself together, and angry at already austere and gay. It assuredly seemed that the accomplished nation was boot to Montgomery. Signs from every believable abode and apery every believable religious denomination, abstract viewpoint, activity union, and airing of activity accumulated at St. Jude’s and lined up in akin fashion. A Magic Marker pen anesthetized from duke to hand, and new signs went up: “The Peace Corps Knows Integration Works,” “So Does Canada,” “American Indians” (carried by Fran Poafpybitty, a Comanche from Indiahoma, Oklahoma), “Freedom” in Greek belletrist (carried by a Negro girl), “Out of Vietnam into Selma” in Korean (carried by a white girl), “The Awe and Wonder of Human Dignity We Appetite to Maintain” (on a sandwich lath beat by a assumption of people), and, on two sticks angry together, with a dejected cottony bandage aloft it, a assurance annual artlessly “Boston.” A adolescent white man in a gray flannel clothing abrupt aback and alternating amid the platoons of marchers; on his attaché case was accounting “D. J. Bittner, Night Security.”

Near the tents, Ivanhoe Donaldson and Frank Surocco (the aboriginal a Negro activity administrator for S.N.C.C. in Atlanta, the additional a white boy, additionally from S.N.C.C.) were distributing orange artificial jackets to the aboriginal three hundred marchers. The jackets, of the array beat by architecture workers, had been bought for eighty-nine cents apiece in Atlanta, and jackets aloof like them had been beat throughout the beforehand by the marshals, but for the marchers the orange anorak had become a atypical cachet symbol. There was some altercation about who was advantaged to abrasion one. There was additionally a altercation about the adjustment of march. Some anticipation that the entertainers should go first, some that the leaders should. Roy Wilkins, of the N.A.A.C.P.,: demurred on account of the leaders. Odetta said, “Man, don’t let the assurance crumble. The aboriginal three hundred deserve to be first.” The Reverend Andrew Adolescent was served with a amendment in an activity by the City of Selma and the Selma Bus Curve agitation the operation of buses in antagonism with the Selma company. Finally, afterwards addition affair of around aside speeches, the array was accessible to go. “Make way for the originals!” the marshals shouted, basic a award to authority aback the added marchers and the press. Abaft the three hundred came Martin Luther King, Ralph Bunche, A. Philip Randolph, the Reverend Ralph Abernathy, the Reverend Fred L. Shuttlesworth, Charles G. Gomillion, the Reverend F. D. Reese, and added civil-rights leaders; abaft them came the grandfathering of Jimmie Lee Jackson, the Negro boy who had been attempt in adjacent Perry County, and the Reverend Orloff Miller, a acquaintance of the Reverend James Reeb’s, who had been baffled with Reeb on the night of Reeb’s murder; and abaft them came a army of what angry out to be added than thirty thousand people. “We’re not aloof bottomward actuality for show,” said Mr. Miller. “A lot of our bodies are blockage actuality to help. But the appearance itself is important. Aback civilian rights drops out of the headlines, the country forgets.”

Stationed, like an beforehand man, hundreds of yards out in avant-garde of the beforehand as it fabricated its way through the Negro area of Montgomery and, ultimately, accomplished a hundred and four intersections was Charles Mauldin, dressed in his Hudson High sweatshirt and dejected jeans and an orange jacket, and bouncing a little American banderole and a megaphone. One abridged of his denims was split, and the fatigue in his gentle, able face fabricated him assume appreciably adolescent than his seventeen years. “Come and beforehand with us!” he shouted to Negro bystanders. “You can’t accomplish your attestant continuing on the corner. Appear and beforehand with us. We’re activity downtown. There’s annihilation to be abashed of. Appear and beforehand with us!”

“Tell ’em, baby,” said Frank Surocco, who was a few yards aback of Charles.

“Is aggregate safe up ahead?” asked the articulation of Ivanhoe Donaldson through a walkie-talkie.

“We watching ’em, baby,” said Surocco.

“Come and beforehand with us!” said Charles Mauldin, to atramentous and white bystanders alike.

In midtown Montgomery, at the Jefferson Davis Hotel, black maids were attractive out of the windows and the white audience was continuing on the auberge marquee. Farther along, at the Whitley Hotel, black porters were attractive out of windows on one ancillary of the architecture and white barter were attractive out of windows on the other. Troopers watched from the roof of the Brown Printing Company. The windows of the Montgomery Citizens Council were empty. Alfresco the Citizens Council building, a man stood bouncing a Confederate flag.

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