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Weaver Brothers Dodge Jasper Tx You Will Never Believe These Bizarre Truth Behind Weaver Brothers Dodge Jasper Tx

The afterwards abstracts on Confederate soldiers from Hamilton Canton is taken from a book by Nat Hughes and John Wilson.

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LACEWELL, William L. Co. G, 37TNBorn 1846, in TN. Res. 1910 with wife Mary Elizabeth Hayes. (m. 1870) on 20th St. Mail carrier. [1910HC]

LAMB, Meredith Co. A, 4TN Cav. Bn.Born about 1827 in GA. He was a carpenter at Chatt. above-mentioned to the war. Ailing July 1862. Disch. overage Sept. 15, 1862.

LANCE, J. J. Co. L, 11TN Cav.Served beneath Forrest. Died Jan. 9, 1920, age 85, and alive in McMinnville, TN. [CT Jan. 10, 1920]

LANDIS, Charles Frederick Co. H, 12TNBorn Reedsville, PA, June 19, 1840, he enl. at Trenton, TN, April, 1861 in Co. H, 12TN. Capt. at Selma, April 2, 1865. Mason. Affiliated Clara E. (1865). Insurance solicitor, 1910. Died at his home on Bailey Ave. Aug. 14, 1924 and alive in FH. [NBFM2; CT Aug. 15, 1924; 1910HC]

LANE, Joseph M. Co. B, Phillips GA LegionBorn Bradley Co., 1841. Enl. Aug. 16, 1861; 2Manassas, Sharpsburg, Gettysburg, Wilderness. Wife was Amanda. To TN 1893. Res. East Chatt., 1913. [TP14,042]

LANGFORD, William Clark’s Independent Cav. Co.Enl. Aug. 31, 1862 at Chatt.; bare Nov. 25, 1863 abreast Chatt.

LANGFORD, William Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby’s)Killed in action, Aug. 31, 1862 [Lindsley]

LANGSTON, Cpl. William Co. D, 37TNEnl. Sept. 1, 1861 at Knoxville; Died May 10, 1862 in a Confederate hospital.

LANKFORD, Martin Van Buren Co. G, 1SC ArtyBorn May 3, 1835 in Rutherford Co., NC. Enl. Feb. 22, 1862. Capt. March 10, 1865 and imp. Pt. Lookout, MD. To TN 1906 and res. Chatt., 1910, retired abbey res. on Beech St. [1910HC; TP12,352]

LANKFORD, William Co. A, 4TN Cav. Bn.Born c1828, he was a acreage laborer with two adolescent sons in Chatt., 1860. Enl. June 17, 1861 at Knoxville. Asleep in action. Aug. 31, 1862.

LARD, John W. Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby’s); 26TN; 2nd Co. I, 1CSA (GA)Enl. Feb. 15, 1863 in Ringgold, GA. On circadian assignment as horseler for Maj. Gordon, Aug. 31, 1863. Signed USA oath, Jan. 4, 1864. Resid. HC. Aphotic complex., atramentous hair, blah eyes, 5’8″ tall.

LASATER, BenjaminBorn 1843, TN of TN parents. 1910 res. James Co. with wife Elizabeth J. (m1868). [1910 James Co.]

LATHAM, WilliamBorn 1846, TN Res. West 13th St. with wife Sarah (m. 1865) and alive a boarding house.

LATIMER, James Howard Co. H, 49GABorn Dec. 24, 1843 in Culverton, GA, son of William and Tabitha Wilson Latimer. Larboard Mercer Univ. as inferior to enl., June, 1863, as Sgt. Fought at Seven Pines, Antietam, Gettysburg, Cold Harbor. Blood-soaked at abduction of Manassas Junction. Affiliated Anne Winnefred Huston (1867). Lived in AL; confused to Sequatchie Valley, 1874, breadth he farmed and accomplished academy in Jasper. To TX in 1898 and accomplished academy ten years at Lubbock. 1910 aback to TN, alive in Nashville until 1920, afresh Chatt. Baptist. Died July 11, 1935 in Chatt. and alive CSA Cem. [CT July 12, 1935]

LATIMORE, Col. J. H. Co. F, 49GAEnl. Augusta, GA, Aug. 12, 1862; paroled April 9, 1865 at Appomattox. Complex with CSA railroads. Took Pres. Davis and chiffonier allotment of the way on their flight from Richmond into GA, April, 1865. Died July 11, 1935. [NBFM4]

LATTNER, Thomas Jefferson Co. I, 19TNHe absolved for several months at the war’s end afore he was reunited with his ancestors in TN. He had enl. at Knoxville in May, 1861. Lattner had been a agency merchant on the beach at Chatt., and his business acquaintance was put to use as a bartering sergeant. Blood-soaked abreast the war’s end and spent time in a hospital at Meridian, MS. Abutting Consolid. 3TN, Apr. 9, 1865. He was amid those who surrendered and were paroled at Greensboro, N.C., in May, 1865. Lattner had fair complexion, aphotic hair, dejected eyes and stood 5’10” tall.The Lattners lived at Newberry, SC, aback he was built-in Oct. 19, 1822. But they confused to a acreage abreast Carnesville, GA. His ancestor was Dr. John Valentine Lattner. T.J. Lattner acclimatized at Chatt. in the aboriginal 1850s and purchased the old home of Jane Henderson on Aboriginal St. This abode was acclimated by Gen. U.S. Grant as his headquarters. T.J. Lattner resumed his business career in Chatt. and died actuality March 26, 1884. His wife was Josephine J. They are alive at Citizens Cem. [CTS]

LATTY, Fleming Co. F, 35TNBorn in Dade Co., GA in 1825, he was a agriculturalist in HC who enl. at Chatt. on Nov. 15, 1862. Disch. at Tullahoma, TN Feb. 20, 1863 for concrete disability. Blah eyes, aphotic hair, fair circuitous on, 5’10” tall.

LAUDERDALE, 2Lt. James (Jim) Barry’s Btry.Enl. May 15, 1862 at Chatt.

LAUDERDALE, Maj. JohnQuartermaster, A.P. Stewart’s Corps, Aug., 1864. [Elliott, Stewart]

LAUDERDALE, 1Lt. John F. Co. A, 2TN Cav. (Ashby’s)Enl. Aug. 10, 1861 at Cleveland, TN; capt. Jan., 1864 in Murray Co., GA; imp. Ft. Delaware; res of Bradley Co., TN; ablaze complx.; dk hair; dejected eyes; 5’11” tall.

LAVENDER, Sgt. William R. Co. E, 2GA Cav.Born Henry Co., GA, Nov. 2, 1816. Blood-soaked at Murfreesboro and Atlanta. Methodist. Mason. Affiliated (1848) Elizabeth Edmondson. Long-time aborigine of McMinn Co. Died in Chatt. April 20, 1901 and alive FH. [FHR; NBFM2; CT April, 21, 1901]

LAWING, Dan Barry’s Btry.Deserted abreast Demopolis, Feb., 1864 [Brown Diary]

LAWING, William Barry’s Btry.Deserted abreast Demopolis, Feb., 1864 [Brown Diary]

LAWLESS, Rufus Jefferson Co. H, 55ALBorn Dec. 13, 1838, Jackson Co., AL, 1835, his old home was Woodville, AL. Champion’s Hill, Vicksburg, Atlanta Camp. Shocked by carapace at Peachtree Creek, capt. and imp. Affected Douglas, IL until May, 1865. Wife was Mary Jane Wann. To TN, 1895. Res. in Chatt., 1910. He died July 10, 1916, age 81, at his res. on Read Ave. and was alive in Woodville. [CT July 11, 1916; CSA Patriot Index, 3:138; TP11,771; 1910HC]

LAWRENCE, Lewis H. Co. B, 33NCBorn Edgecombe Co., NC, July 27, 1839. Enl. Apr., 1861; 7Days, Chancellorsville (wounded), Petersburg (capt. and imp. Johnson’s Island). Wife was Carrie C. To TN 1910. Res. on Bailey Ave., 1913. [TP14,260]

LAWS, Guilford C. Co. C, 10/11TN Cav.Married Martha E. [TWP2493]

LAWSON, Edward A. 36TN; Co. K, 43TNEnl. Dec. 12, 1861; had transf. from 36TN; capt. at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863.

LAWSON, ELIAS 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.Enl. Sept. 21, 1862 in HC. Paroled May 3, 1865 at Charlotte, NC.

LAWSON, R. C. Co. I, 5TN Cav. (McKenzie’s) Sgt.Born McMinn Co., TN, Jan. 8, 1836. Enl. Dec. 10, 1861. Disch. at Charlotte, NC, 1865. Res. East Chatt., 1907. Res. Rodgers St., 1910. [TP9388; 1910HC]

LEACH, Sgt. Maj. Christian Shultz “Shutty” Co. D, 13KY Cav.Born June 25, 1842 in Architect Co., KY. Enl. Dec. 1862 in 2KY and afterwards served in 13 Cav. Capt. abreast Maysville, KY, May 7, 1863 and exch. Jan. 6, 1865. Paroled at Mt. Sterling, KY. May 1, 1865 as Maj., 13 Cav. Agent in Chatt. Died in New Orleans March 20, 1914 and alive in Maysville, KY. [NBFM7,9].

LEADAM (LEADIM), A. S. Clark’s Independent Cav. Co.Enl. Aug. 31, 1863 at Knoxville. Bagman for Gen. Buckner, afresh QM duty.

LEADAM (LEADIM), F. Clark’s Independent Cav. Co.Enl. Aug. 10, 1863 at Knoxville. Absent, on alone service.

LECROIX (LECROY, LEACROY), Andrew M. Co. G, 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSA (GA)Born c1844, TN. Enl. July 8, 1861 at Knoxville; capt. at Fort Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862 and imp. Affected Morton, IN. Exch. and abutting 1CSA (GA). Affiliated Paralee E. 1910 HC demography lists him as Union vet, however.

LECROIX (LECROY), Samuel D. Barry’s Btry.Enl. May 12, 1862. at Chatt.

LECROIX (LECROY), Thomas H.Enl. Oct. 5, 1861 at Bowling Green, KY; died Jan. 30, 1862 at Bowling Green breadth he had been ill aback the day he enl.; wife was Julia Ann.

LECROIX (LECROY, LEACROY), William M. Barry’s Btry.Enl. May 12, 1862. at Chatt.; beatific to hospital Sept. 25, 1862 from Palmetto, GA.

LEDFORD, Thomas 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA CavEnl. April 30, 1863 at Martin Mills, TN. Larboard ailing abreast Decatur, capt. and imp. Alton, IL.

LEE, Clark 1CSA (GA)Black soldier built-in abreast Ringgold, GA, n.d. Slave of Jim Lee. Abutting 1CSA “about three weeks afore the activity of Chickamauga.” Capt. Nashville, Dec., 1864. To TN c1871. Res. 1812 Whiteside, Chatt., 1921. [TP#107]

LEE, Clem 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.Enl. June 30, 1863 in HC. Bare July 25, 1863.

LEE, J. U. 1TN lt. arty. McClung’s Btry.Born in 1848 in Loudon, TN became a dentist in Chatt. and Admiral of the TN Dental Assoc. He died in Chatt. March 26, 1884. [CTS; NBFM2]

LEE, James Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter’s)Born c1828. Enl. Aug. 7, 1861, at Cleveland. He had a abutting alarm on Dec. 30, 1862, aback his horse was asleep in action. He was afterwards paid $200 for the accident of his horse. Capt. at Piedmont, VA, on June 5, 1864. He was beatific to Affected Morton bastille in IN in June of 1864. The afterwards March 3 he died of “hospital gangrene.” He was alive in grave 1485 at Green Lawn Cemetery at Affected Morton. Lee was a railroad laborer alive at Harrison with his wife, Susan, and their four accouchement above-mentioned to the war. [1860HC]

LEE, James S. Co. D, 37TNEnl. Sept. 1, 1861 at Knoxville. Disch. arrears Nov. 4, 1862 at Knoxville; Reenl. May 15, 1863 at Chatt.

LEE, JohnBorn 1836, in TN. Res. 1910 on White Oak Rd. in hh. of son-in-law Joseph A. Sanders. [1910HC]

LEE, John A. S., Sr.Born Sept. 8, 1826 in Greenville, TN. To Chatt. c1850 and alive in tin and abode accoutrement business. “Not in the Confederate army, yet he did a abundant accord of assignment that was admired to the Confederate Government.” “Invented a hand-carding affection apparatus and added accessories for the Confederate Army.” Exemption from account by Admiral Davis. Afterwards war he alternate to Chatt. and became “expert mechanic” and did coppersmith assignment for the AL and Gt. Southern RR. Methodist. Mason. Died March 18, 1905 at res. on Boyce St. and alive FH. [NBFM4; CT Mar. 19, 1905]

LEE, Robert Co. D, 37TNBorn about 1831 in HC. Enl. Sept. 1, 1861 at Knoxville. Blood-soaked at Fishing Creek, KY and disch. July 2, 1862 for disability. Acting who “illegally alternate to duty,” April 25, 1863; bare Aug. 28, 1863 at Tyner Station; took USA adjuration Sept. 13, 1863. Afterwards transf. to cav. and “at address of Maj. Tankersley” alternate to Co. D, 37TN and remained with it till end of war. Fisherman in Chatt., 1891. [TP1188]

LEE, Samuel Co. D, 37TNAge 22 in 1861; Enl. Sept. 1, 1861 at Knoxville; absent, ailing in hospital, May 8, 1862; bare Sept. 7, 1863 abreast Ooltewah; took USA oath.

LEE, Teral (Terry) Co. D, 37TNBorn c1837. Enl. Sept. 1, 1861 at Knoxville. Teamster. On rolls till capt. Missionary Ridge, Nov. 25, 1863. Imp. Rock Island; took USA adjuration April 2, 1864; lt. cmplx., brn. hr., blk eyes, 5’8″tall.

LEE, William P. Co. D, 37TNAge 19 in 1861; Enl. Sept. 1, 1861 at Knoxville; Blood-soaked June 21, 1864 at Kennesaw Mtn. and hospitalized.

LEE, William W. Co. F, 39GAEnl. 1862. Capt. Vicksburg. 4th Sgt., April 25, 1864. Capt. Alpine, GA, Oct. 19, 1864 and evid. imp. Nashville breadth he took USA adjuration on April 22, 1865. Served 2 years in 39GA, angry at Missionary Ridge. Methodist. Died Oct. 10, 1918 in Chatt. and alive FH. [CT Oct. 11, 1918; 1890VetCensus]

LEIGH, J. G.Brother of John W. Manager of Chatt. Times. Died in TX.

LEIGH, John Wesley Co. C, 8GABorn Oct. 18, 1832 in Hertford, NC. Confused to GA in aboriginal life. To Chatt. anon afterwards war and founded law abutting of Leigh and Yarnell. Atom merchant afresh adopted adjudicator of Canton court, c1895. Member, NBF Camp, 1895. Died June 15, 1910 and alive CSA Cem. [CT June 16, 1910; TP9554]

LEMMONS, Enoch M. Co. H, 37TNBorn c1850, TN Wife Annie (m. 1904). Grocery merchant in St. Elmo., 1910; Died March 1, 1915 at his home in Dry Valley and alive in Missionary Ridge Cem. [CT Mar. 3, 1915]

LENOIR, Cpl. H. A. 1st Co. H, 26TN; 2d Co. I, 1CSA (GA)Enl. July 8, 1861 in Knoxville, TN. Tranf. to 1CSA, Nov. 8, 1862. Blood-soaked on barricade assignment Sept. 3, 1864 and died afterwards day at Catoosa Hospital, Griffin, GA.

LENOIR, William H. Co. I, 26TNDied in service, Dec., 1861.

LEVI, GeorgeBorn c1814. Agriculturalist at Harrison with wife Martha. CSA and res. of HC. Related to Vandergriff and Kell families. [Wormsley info]

LEVI, Jasper Newton Co. A, 4th TN Cav. Bn. (Ragsdale’s)He was a agriculturalist at Harrison above-mentioned to abutting the Lookout Rangers, Aug. 1, 1861, at Knoxville. Ailing in hospital July 15, 1862. Capt. Stone’s River, Dec. 31, 1862. Imp. Affected Douglas, IL and exchanged. Abundant as teamster Aug. 10, 1863. Paroled April, 65. Built-in in 1836 in Anderson Co., TN, he was the son of William M. and Anna Levi. Affiliated Nancy McCullough in 1867. Died 1902 in HC [JWilson Levi family; TWP, 225; TP3786]

LEWALLEN, C. W. Co. A, 2TN Cav. (Ashby’s)Age 21, 1863; enl. Jan. 9, 1863. Asleep in activity June 5, 1864.

LEWIS, Archibald Newton 4TN Cav. (McLemore’s)Born March 19, 1842 in Marion Co., TN. Enl. Oct., 1864. Capt. Dade Co., GA, Feb., 1865 and imp. at Chatt. Lived in GA, 1869-79 afore abiding to TN. Affiliated Margaret Ann. [TP12,197; TWP 4068]

LEWIS, J. C. Co. L, 36 TNBorn c1833. Enl. Jan. 9, 1862, at Chatt. Above-mentioned to the war, he was alive on a acreage at Harrison with his mother, Catherine Lewis.

LEWIS, James 5TN Cav.Born McMinn Co. Several months a bagman for Gen. Wheeler. Died July 2, 1920 in Chatt. and alive in Athens, TN. Farmer, Baptist. Lived in Chatt. about 7 years. [CT July 3, 1920; NBFM10]

LEWIS, James Co. I, 3AL Cav.1846-1919. Alive CSA Cem.

LEWIS, James H. Co. H, 26TN; Barry’s Btry.Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Capt. Ft. Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862 and imp. Affected Douglas. Afterwards barter was advantageously disch. Oct. 13, 1862. Reenl. May 14, 1864. at Rome, GA; paroled May 11, 1865. in Meridian, MS.

LEWIS, Joab Co. K, 43TNEnl. Dec. 2, 1861 at Ooltewah; bare Aug. 5, 1862.

LEWIS, M. J. Co. L, 36TNEnl. Jan. 9, 1862, at Chatt.

LEWIS, Peter E. Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby’s) Co. A, 4TN Cav. Bn.Prior to the war, he was a brick architect at Chatt. A built-in of VA, he was built-in c1827. His wife was Harriet Lewis. His father, Peter Lewis, was additionally a brick architect and VA built-in who lived with his son at Chatt. in his closing years. Enl. June 17, 1861 at Knoxville. Disch. overage Sept. 15, 1862.

LEWIS, W. J. Co. E, 40GA[NBFM4]

LEWIS, William”Free black” who “forged manacles for Yankee prisoners in the old bastille on Market St.” [WF]

LIGHT, Cpl. Samuel B. Co. D, 4th (12th) GA Cav.Born April 15, 1843, in GA., son of Michael P. Ablaze and Rhoda Ellis, who lived in Lookout Valley. Enl. Oct., 1862. Missionary Ridge. Blood-soaked at Triune Stat. Capt. and took USA adjuration May 9, 1864. He had a ablaze complexion, amber hair, dejected eyes and was 5’7″ tall. Afterwards the war he affiliated (1859) Lavinia Cummings and they lived on a acreage on the ancillary of Lookout Mtn. adverse Moccasin Bend. Lived abreast Chatt. all his life. Died in Wauhatchie, Jan. 31, 1925 and alive FH. [JWilson Ablaze family; TP 13,330; CT Feb. 1, 2, 1925; 1910HC]

LIGHT, William Co. B, 5TN Cav.Born c1838, he was one of the sons of Michael Ablaze and Rhoda Ellis of Lookout Valley. Enl. Aug. 11, 1861, at Chatt. Blood-soaked at Morrison’s Depot. Died in bastille at Rock Island, IL, in 1864. It was at the Ablaze comminute breadth the Union arch of Lookout Creek was fabricated at the alpha of the Activity Above the Clouds. This is at the abreast Reflection Riding.

LIGHT, 2Lt. William Hamilton Co. D, 2VABorn Jan 7, 1830 in Martinsburg, VA. Enl. at Harper’s Ferry April 18, 1861. Fought in “nearly every important activity except aback wounded.” (Wounded at 1Manassas and at Kernstown). Answer to 2Lt. afterwards Fredericksburg. To Chatt. and served as affiliate of Police force, 1878-1909. Affiliate NBF Camp, 1895. Died May 19, 1912 at res. on West 6th St. and alive FH. [FHR; CT May 20, 1912; NBFM2]

LIGHTSEY, Henry Co. F, 11SC1901 res. HC. [TP3541]

LILLY, George G. Co. E, 4AL Cav. (Russell’s)Born June 24, 1849 in Larkinville, AL. Entered CSA army beneath Forrest at age 14. Affiliated (1868) Annis Rutledge. Alive in AL until he came to Chatt. in 1882 and became a broad grocer. Affiliate NBF Camp, 1895. Died May 16, 1914 and alive FH. [CT Oct. 10, 1910; May 17, 1914;TP 12,666]

LINCOLN, James H. Co. B, 43TNBorn June 26, 1839 at White Co., TN. Enl. in 1863. Blood-soaked at Strasburg. Dentist on Lookout Mtn. Died June 8, 1899 as aftereffect of abatement from roof of his house. “He was a accomplished artist, a accessory of Abraham Lincoln whom he abundant resembled in his features. A affectionate Christian gentleman.” Alive at FH. Wife or dau. allegedly Charity Emma (1851-1879) alive in Citizens Cem. [FHR; NBFM2,7]

LINDER, R.B. William Clark’s Independent Cav. Co.Enl. March 20, 1864 Calhoun, GA.

LINDERMAN, C. Co. A, 4TN Cav. BN.Born c1824. Enl. June 17, 1861 at Knoxville. Absent ailing July, 1862. Disch. overage Sept. 15, 1862.

LINDSAY, John 41TNBorn Aug. 4, 1843 in Fayetteville, TN. Affiliate of 41TN at Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge. Died June 9, 1917 in St. Elmo and alive in Fayetteville. [CT June 10, 1917]

LINER, Andrew Jackson Co. H, 43TNBorn McMinn Co., TN, April 28, 1845. Enl. Feb. 16, 1863. Capt. Vicksburg, paroled, and took USA oath, March 19, 1864 at Chatt. Res. East Lake, 1923 [TP 9253]

LIONS, LindsayAfrican-American, built-in 1842, GA. Res. 1910 on Hunter St. with wife Celia. No activity listed. [1910HC]

LIVELY, B. Wiley Co. G, 26TNEnl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Alone for analysis teamster. Larboard ailing Russelville, KY, Feb. 9, 1862.

LIVELY, Emory M. Co. G, 7AL; Co. H, 3CSA Cav.Born Aug. 29, 1846, Jefferson Co., IL, his father, Ab Lively, confused the ancestors to Jackson Co., AL. E.M. Lively enl. at Ringgold, Ga., in 1861, afresh reenl. April 17, 1862 in Jackson Co. His aboriginal activity was apparent at St. Rosa Island at Fort Pickens, FL. He fought at Bridgeport, Activity Creek, Fort Donelson, Unionville, Triune, Liberty, Snow Hill and Smithville. Lively was in a hospital for three months with smallpox. Capt. at McMinnville, TN, afterwards he was beatific with dispatches from Gen. John Morgan to Gen. Braxton Bragg. Imp. Fort Delaware in June, 1863. He entered the war at 142 pounds and was bottomward to 60 pounds by the time he was appear from bastille July, 1865. Res. Oct., 1899, 1910 on Lookout Mtn., TN; wife Porter; merchant [TCVQ; TP 10,828; 1910 HC]

LIVELY, Capt. Jackson D. “Marsh Blues”, Co. I, 19TN

LIVELY, James R. 2GA, 3GA Bn.; 64VA Cav.Born April 25, 1842 in Harris Co., TX. Enl. in Columbus, GA, April 16, 1861 in Columbus Guards, 2GA, afresh 3GA Bn. (37GA). Blood-soaked in appropriate beam at Franklin and was captured. Paroled at High Point, NC, April 26, 1865 with rank of Capt. Abettor and telegraph abettor in Chatt in 1904. [NBFM2; TP 8630]

LIVELY, William E. Co. I, 19TN

LOCKE, 1Lt. Adoniram J. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter’s)Born 1832 in TN, son of Jesse and Agnes Locke of Ooltewah. Farmer. Enl. Aug. 7, 1861, Cleveland. Capt. Piedmont, June 5, 1864. Exchanged and ailing Wayside Hospital, Richmond, VA, Mar, 1865.

LOCKE, Cpl. Jonathan N. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter’s).Born 1830 in SC. Agriculturalist at Harrison with wife Almirah and three children. At Chickamauga and was captured anon thereafter abreast his home breadth of Harrison, Sept. 20, 1863 and imp. at Affected Douglas. He told Union authorities he had been loyal, but was affected into the Confederate ranks. He said he adapted to booty the adjuration of allegiance. He was appear on May 13, 1865. He seems to accept been demoted to private.Locke was 6’4″, fair cmplx, atramentous beard and atramentous eyes. [1860HC]

LOCKE, John M. Co. K, 43TN

LOCKETT, Eli F. Co. D, 2TN Cav. Bn.Born June 23, 1844 in Sumner Co., TN. Enl. as bugler Sept., 1861. Captured Harrisburg, MS July 14, 1864. Adviser and salesman in Chatt. Died in Chatt. March 18, 1891 and alive CSA Cem. [NBFM2,4,7]

LOCKMAN, Capt. Isaac Newton Howell’s Btry. Ga. Ablaze Arty. Built-in 1846, Hall Co., GA, he enl. in the abatement of 1862 at Gainesville, GA. He was in angry at Jackson, MS, Chickamauga and Missionary Ridge. He was blood-soaked in August, 1864 at Jonesboro aback his leg was burst but he alternate to his assemblage aural 60 days. He was affiliated in 1900 to Lulah Cox. A Baptist, he died at age 84 at his res. on 7th Ave. in East Lake, on Feb. 21, 1930. He was alive at New Liberty Church. [TWP 291, CT Feb. 22, 1930, TP 16,495]

LODOR,Buried in CSA Cem. [NBFM3]

LOGAN, Joab Drewry 23GA; Co. B, 6GA Cav.Born Sept, 1839 in Union Co., GA. Enl July 10, 1861 in Union Co. in 23GA and afterwards in Co. B, 6GA CAv. Paroled May 12, 1865. Affiliated (1874) Mary Barnett. Res. Chatt breadth alive as a “machine hand.” “Remains begin in the charcoal of his watch abode at Wheland’s Branch about 6 AM Friday, Jan. 17, 1908, aback the blaze aggregation went there to put out the fire.” Alive FH. [TWP, p. 89; NBFM2]

LOMMACK, James Co. A, 5th (McKenzie’s) TN Cav.He enl. Feb. 10, 1863 at Knoxville. Captured Aug. 1, 1863 at Irvine, KY. Age 20 on March 11, 1864 roll. At Fort Delaware, Feb. 27, 1865 for exchange. Paroled May 3, 1865 at Charlotte, NC.

LOMINICK, (or Lominack) James A. Co. B, 4TN Cav.Before the war, he lived with his parents, P.R. and Melvina Lominick, on a acreage abreast Chatt. He was built-in about 1843. [1860HC]

LOMINICK, WilliamBorn c1838 in TN, son of David Lommack. [1860 HC]

LONDON, John Co. E, 5TN Cav. (McKenzie’s)Born 1838, in GA. 1910 agriculturalist in James Co. with wife Zana (m. 1903) Mason. Baptist preacher. Died at res. in Appison, Dec. 16, 1923. [1910James Co.; CT Dec. 18, 1923]

LONDON, Martin Van Buren Co. E, 5TN Cav.Born Murray Co., GA and affiliated (1866) Caroline Whittle. Died in James Co. [TWP 1539]

LONG, James Cozby CSNBorn Dec. 2, 1844, son of John Pomfret and Eliza Smith Long, he accommodated from the U.S. Argosy Academy to accompany the Confederate Navy, accommodating in a cardinal of argosy fights and was a affiliate of the aggregation of Curlew, the Merrimac at Hampton Roads, and the Plymouth. At the abutting of the war he served as a barricade runner. Afterwards the war he attempted a activity as an architect and architect in Chatt., but relocated at Mussel Shoals, AL, afresh Birmingham. He affiliated (1872) Frances Walker. Died Chicago, May 26, 1910. [CT Oct. 12, 1890; GHT, 964; NBFM4]

LONG, John PomfretBorn in Knoxville Nov. 25, 1807, son of William and Jane Bennett Long. He confused to Ross’s Landing as a avant-garde face April 18, 1836 and was one of the three commissioners who laid out the boondocks of Chatt. Until the Civil War he accomplished law and was a merchant. He was appointed provost align of Chatt. by Gen. J. P. McGown. He served until the Federal occupation. At the access of the Union army, he went south to adapt a abode for his family. Mrs. Connected and her sons, John P. Connected Jr., Milo Smith Connected and Marcus B. Long, with their servant, Aunt Clary, and her daughters, were still in boondocks at the time of the activity of Chickamauga. They were alive on South Market St. breadth the Chatt. Choo-Choo is now located. They had to abscond aloof afore their anatomy abode was burst in the agitation of the after-effects of the Union accident at Chickamauga. Mrs. Connected and her accouchement endured the siege, while blockage at the home of her brother, Dr. Milo Smith, on the ancillary of Cameron Hill. She already fabricated a claimed address for aliment to Gen. James A. Garfield, the approaching president. He gave her allotment of his own food–a allotment of hardtack and a allotment of white meat. A built-in of Knoxville, John P. Connected was Chatt.’s aboriginal postmaster and was burghal recorder. The Longs lived at West Seventh and Cedar afterwards the war. John P. Connected lived in Chatt. until his afterlife in 1889. Eliza Smith Connected died in 1900. [CTS; GHT, 961-64]

LONG, John Pomfret Jr. Co. A, 19TNBorn March 4, 1847, he was in Chatt. with his mother, Eliza Smith Long, at time of Chickamauga. Abutting the Confederate armament (May 5, 1864), admitting he was almost old abundant to enlist. At the activity of Atlanta, July 22, 1864, he had a bottom absolute off. Rheumatism developed in his added leg so that it was abortive to him. He died March 1, 1880, at age 33 of affection ache at his parents’ home in Chatt. [GHT, p. 965]

LORENZEN, Sgt. Auguste A. Co. G, Crescent Regt. of NOBorn May 31, 1840 in Hensburg, Duchy of Schleswig Holstein, Germany. Enl. Mar. 8, 1862 in N.O. Captured Shiloh and bedfast at Affected Douglas. Exch. and abutting Co. L, Consolidated LA Vol. Inf. Captured Laforche, LA Oct 27, 1862 and put aboard bastille ship. Exch. Feb. 23, 1863. Blood-soaked in larboard beam at Mansfield, LA, April, 1864. To Chatt. in 1883. Actuality through 1900. Occup. bookkeeper. Confused to Norfolk, VA. Died March 4, 1901 and alive CSA Cem. [Booth, 2:793; NBFM2,7]

LOUDENBER, Frank W. Co. A, 2GABorn Girard, AL, 1849. Enl. 1864, but disch. underage. Rejoined army and surr. at Appomattox. Paroled Aug. 9, 1865. Affiliated Minnie Ingersol Baird. Died March 18, 1905 in Chatt. [TWP 7389]

LOVE, James CozbyBorn in HC. NBF Camp. 1888 alive in IL and died in Chicago, May 26, 1910. [NBFM2]

LOVE, Jesse R.Born 1837, TN Res. 1910, Poplar St. with wife Margarita m(1877). Died there June 30, 1910 and alive Emory Gap. [1910HC; CT July 1, 1910]

LOVEJOY, 3rd Lt. John Co. I, 19TN

LOVEJOY, 2Lt. William H. Co. I, 19TNHe enl. in the bounce of 1861 and went from Knoxville to Cumberland Gap, VA breadth he was taken ill in aboriginal Sept., 1863 and larboard there. Aback the Union soldiers arrived, he was taken prisoner. Beatific to Johnson’s Island and appear aloft demography the adjuration of adherence on June 12, 1865. He was afresh 26 and was 5’8″, dejected eyes.

LOVELADY, Charles W. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter’s)Enl. Aug. 7, 1861 at Cleveland. Res. HC. He took the adjuration of adherence on June 3, 1865. Lovelady was 5’5″ with a albino complexion, aphotic beard and dejected eyes.

LOW, Thomas Co. D, 19TNBorn 1839 in TN; affiliated Mary H.; acreage laborer in hh of J.W. Watkins at Ooltewah in 1860. [1860 HC Census]

LOWE, Powell H. Co. B, 36TN, Co. K, 43TNEnl. Dec. 12, 1861 at Ooltewah as alteration from 36TN; bare Aug. 3, 1862. Baptist. Died Sept. 7, 1920, 78yrs., in Ooltewah. [CT Sept. 8, 1920]

LOWE, Samuel BrunswickBorn about 1828 in Bethel, Fairfield, CT, son of John G. and Naoma Lowe. He congenital the aboriginal adamant comminute in Chatt. and attempted to accomplish cannon, arch iron, and armor plates for ships until he was affected to backpack to Selma, AL. He alternate to Chatt. afterwards the war, operated a branch and served as a manufacturer’s representative. He additionally founded Chatt. Paint Co. Presbyterian. His wife was Elsie Elida Tucker whom he affiliated in 1880. Died April 13, 1891 and alive in FH. [CTS; FHR; NBFM7]

LOWE, Wiley K. Co. F, 35TNBorn in HC in 1842, he lived on the ancestors acreage abreast Chatt. until enl. on Sept. 5, 1862. He bare at Chatt. on Nov. 10, 1862. His parents were M.A. and Rhoda Lowe. He had dejected eyes, ablaze hair, fair complexion, 5’10”.

LOWREY, Benjamin C.Born 1840 in GA he affiliated (1867) Eliza Simpter. Died HC. [TWP, p. 78]

LOWREY, John S. Co. C, 3VABorn April 6, 1844 in Fredericksburg, VA. Afterwards abutting a abundant arms assemblage he transf. to Co. C, 3VA. Res. in St. Elmo and was “valued” abettor (machinist) of Burghal Water Co. Wife Georgia. Died at res. at bend of Georgia Ave, and 4th St., July 17, 1911 and alive FH. [1910HC; CT July 18-20, 1911; NBFM2; FHR]

LOWRY, Mark Co. G, 26TNEnl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Abundant as assistant to Nashville, TN, Oct. 2, 1861.

LUCAS, John Co. D, 37TNBorn in GA c1819. Enl. Sept. 1, 1861, Knoxville. Disch. Nov. 24, 1862 overage.

LUCAS, Cpl. L. R. Co. D, 5TX; Co. I, 4TN Cav.Born Scott Co., MO, Nov. 24, 1839. Enl. Aug., 1861. Blood-soaked Red Bird Creek, KY and imp. Ft. Delaware 14 months. Wife was Sarah J. Res. 1909 in Chatt. [TP 14,849]

LUKEROY, Samuel Barry’s Btry.

LUKEROY, William “Will” Barry’s Btry.Born c1830 in SC, prob. son of Dorcas, he was alive at Chatt. aback the war bankrupt out. His wife, Elizabeth, was additionally from SC.

LUMPKIN, Thomas J. Co. H, 48ALBorn Jan. 7, 1839. M.D. Died Nov. 4, 1916 at New England City, TN. [NBFM7]

LUNTSFORD, Benjamin F. Co. D, 37TNEnl. Dec. 1, 1861, Knoxville. On rolls through Oct., 1863.

LUSK, Elijah Rogers Co. L, 36TN; Co. L, 35TNBorn 1843 in TN, son of Nancy. Enl. Jan. 9, 1862, at Chatt.; transf. to 35TN; teamster with ammunition train.

LUSK, James M. Co. L, 36TN; Co. L, 35 TNBorn about 1842, he was alive on a acreage abreast Chatt. with his mother, Nancy Lusk, afore the war. Enl. Jan. 9, 1862, at Chatt. He was the aggregation drummer.

LUSK, Monroe R. Co. F, 35TNBorn in 1837 in HC, he was alive on a acreage abreast Chatt. with his mother, Nancy Lusk afore the war. Enl. on Oct. 1, 1862. He bare Sept. 6, 1863, at Chatt.

LUTHER, Albert W.Born 1846, NC. 1910 res. hh of son-in-law John F. Parris, James Co. with wife (m 1866). [1910James Co.]

LUTTRELL, Jacob G. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter’s); 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.Born 1845 in TN. Agriculturalist at Connected Savannah, son of C.D. and Isabella. Enl. Aug. 7, 1861. in 1TN Cav. Abutting 1CSA Cav. Sept. 10, 1862 in HC. Bare at Shelbyville, TN, Jan. 23, 1863, but ailing at Raleigh, NC, June, 1864.

LUTTRELL, 2Lt. James D. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter’s)Born c1833. Agriculturalist at Connected Savannah. Enl. Aug. 7, 1861, Cleveland, abutting his adolescent brother, Joseph A. [1860HC]

LUTTRELL, Joseph A. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter’s)Born c1838, he enl. Aug. 7, 1861, Cleveland. He was asleep abreast Dalton, GA, in 1864. Afore the war, his ancestors had a acreage at Limestone arctic of Harrison. His parents were C.D. and Isabella Luttrell.

LUTTRELL, Lewis 2Lt. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter’s)Enl. Aug. 7, 1861, Cleveland.

LUTTRELL, Louis 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.Enl. July 14, 1862 in HC. Ailing July, 1863. Paroled May 3, 1865 at Charlotte, NC.

LUTTRELL, William G. Co. I, 5TN Cav.Born 1842 in TN. Agriculturalist at Connected Savannah, son of C.D. and Isabella.

LYERLEY, Sgt. Charles Abner Co. A, 1MSBorn 29 Mch. 1847 in Clark Co., MS. Enl. Apr. 1864 in 1MS. Afterwards war became merchant in Enterprise, MS until 1867, afresh confused to NO breadth entered the broad dry appurtenances business. In 1884 relocated in Jackson, MS, afresh confused to Chatt. in 1887 and organized Chatt. National Bank. Became treasurer, O.B. Andrews Co; carnality admiral Summerville Affection Mills, and administrator of AL Abundant Southern Railroad and TN Ability Co. amid a aggregation of business interests. Affiliate NBF Camp, 1895. Babe was Mrs. Z.C. Patten, Jr. Died Aug. 9, 1925, in Chatt. and alive FH. [CT Aug. 10, 1925; NBFM2]

LYLE, Jefferson Adolescent Co. C, 24ALBorn Augusta, GA, Dec. 11, 1838. Affiliated (1859) Sarah Jane West. Enl. 1862. Fought at Corinth, Farmingston, Chick. and Missionary Ridge. Paroled Augusta, GA, May 1, 1865. To TN, 1881. Lyle died Oct. 31, 1923, age 87, at res. on Dodds Ave. and alive CSA Cem. [TWP, 228; CT Nov. 1, 1923; TP 15,481]

LYLE, 2Lt. John Clark’s Independent Cav. Co.Enl. Aug. 31, 1862 at Chatt.; absent afterwards leave May 14, 1863.

LYLE, William G. Co. F, 35TNBorn 1830 in Spartanburg, SC, he was a atramentous miner in HC aback he enl. on Oct. 11, 1862; abundant to assignment on Nashville and Chattanooga RR, April, 1863. Allegedly aborigine of St. Elmo breadth he died Jan. 14, 1899. Alive Hooker’s Station. [CT, Jan. 15, 1899]

LYMAN, W. B. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter’s)Enl. Aug. 7, 1861., Cleveland.

LYONS, JAMES A. Co. E, 19TNBorn July 3, 1845 in Knox Co., TN and enl. at Shelbyville May 15, 1863. Blood-soaked July 22, 1864 at Atlanta. Paroled at Greensboro, NC, May 1, 1865. Minister, M. E. Abbey South alive in St. Elmo c1905. [NBFM2]*M

MABRY, Thomas M. Co. K, 4GA ReservesDied at age 67 on Feb. 20, 1908 at abode on Harrison Ave. Alive in Sugar Valley, GA.

MADDEN, John W. Co. D, Phillips GA Legion; 23GA Cav. Bn. (4GA Cav.)Born Lawrence, SC, 1841. 1903 res. of Hill City. [TP5349]

MAHONEY, John ThomasBorn 1852 in Lawrenceburg, IN and affiliated (1882) Rose Elizabeth Bradley. Died 1929 in HC. [TWP, 307]

MAJORS, John W. Co. K, 43TNEnl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; captured at Baker’s Creek, May 16, 1863 and paroled.

MALCOMB, Charles N. Barry’s Btry.Enl. May 24, 1862 at Chatt.; paroled May 11, 1865. in Meridian, MS

MALLOY, James Co. H, 2GABorn in SC, 1820. Veteran of 3 wars: He lived in TN aback this country inhabited by Indians. Anon afore the Indians were confused west he served in several campaigns adjoin alarming tribes, and was abundant a rept. of the govt. to accompany them aback actual associates of the chase beatific to rservations above the Mississippi. He remained there in Indian wars several years. Mexican War veteran; Enl. in Co. H, 2GA in 1861. Carpenter in Chatt. Affiliate NBF Camp, 1896. Died Mar. 3, 1912 and alive Cloud Springs.[NBFM2;CT March 4, 1912]

MALLOY, John Co. B, Phillips GA LegionFarmer in Rossville, 1889. Affiliate NBF Camp, 1896. Died at his res. in Rossville, Feb., 1909 and alive Chickamauga, GA. [NBFM7]

MANN, James M. Co. B, 5TN Cav.A Georgia native, he was a Chatt. merchant above-mentioned to the war. His wife, Mary, was additionally from Georgia.

MANNING, Alexander Frederick Co. H, 8GABorn Richmond, VA, Oct. 18, 1842, his ancestors confused to Rome, GA in 1849. Gt. grandson of Rev. War Gen. W. H. Manning. Enl. May 13, 1861 at Rome. Absolved bristles times because of medical reasons: measles and tuberculosis. Merchant and Methodist preacher in Chatt. afterwards war. Died at res. on Walnut St., June 9, 1926. Joint burial at Alton Meth. Ch. with his acquaintance Martin M. Fry. [NBFM2,7;CT June 10, 1926] and alive CSA Cem.[NBFM Feb. 7, 1910]

MANNING, Amos Smith Co. F, 34GABorn Warren Co., TN, 1827. Enl. May, 1862. Capt. Vicksburg. No almanac begin afterwards paroled. To TN, 1899, from Dade Co., GA. Res. of Sale Creek, 1908, “broken in health.” [TP10,687]

MANNING, Dennis J. Co. B, 14GA Accompaniment GuardsA aborigine of Cobb Co., GA and adolescent brother of John W.Manning, enl. at Marietta, GA. He came to Chatt. in 1883 and formed as a architect and builder. He additionally served as policeman and amends of the peace. He affiliated Florence Baxter. [NBFM2]

MANNING, Orderly Sgt. John W. Co. L, 3AR; Co. B, 14GAA aborigine of Cobb Co., GA, enl. in an Arkansas regiment, afresh transferred into Phillips GA Legion in which he served with the Army of Northern VA from the Seven Canicule battles to Appomattox, during which time he was blood-soaked three times. He was paroled at Appomattox.

MANSFIELD, Isaac C. Co. A, 6ALBorn Fort Valley, GA March 23, 1840. Enl at Lumpkin GA in Stewart Grays, afterwards trans. to 6AL. Afterwards the war he came to Chatt. and resided on Lookout Mtn. Atom merchant in 1890 He was a Presbyterian and a affiliate of NBF Camp. Wife Sarah K. Pres. Steven Aliment Co., 1910. Died on Lookout Mtn. Feb. 24, 1913 and alive FH. [CT Feb. 25, 1913; FHR; NBFM2;1910HC]

MAPLES, Henry Co. B, 36TN; Co. K, 43TNTransferred Dec. 12, 1861 into Co. K, 43TN at Ooltewah from 36TN; deserted.

MAPLES, W. J. Barry’s Btry.Deserted June-July, 1864 [Brown Diary].

MARSH, Charles Wesley Lee Ablaze ArtyBorn Aug. 17, 1843 in Campbell Co. VA. Enl. June 7, 1861 in Lee Ablaze Arms (Capt. Charles I. Raine). Captured Spotsylvania Cloister Abode in May, 1864. Pattern maker in Chatt. Affiliated (1872) Amanda Huey. Died at his home on E. 4th St. May 29, 1922 and bur. FH. [NBFM2,7; TWP, 221]

MARSH, EdwinA arresting merchant at Chatt. above-mentioned to the war, he supplied uniforms and absolutely able the aggregation organized by Francis Marion Walker. It was aboriginal alleged the “Marsh Blues” in his honor. It was mustered into account as Co. I of the 19th TN Infantry.Marsh was built-in at Chatham Co., NC, in 1824, the son of Spencer Marsh. The ancestors confused to Covington, GA, aback Edwin Marsh was eight. In Chatt., he and William Adolphus Moore operated the Moore and Marsh dry appurtenances and grocery business. This abutting backward accessible as connected as possible, but the ally assuredly had to abscond to Georgia. Edwin Marsh went anon to Atlanta, breadth he bought an absorption in the Southern Confederate newspaper. Afterwards the war, he and Moore were reunited in Atlanta. In 1864, they opened “the aboriginal and better broad dry appurtenances abode in Atlanta.”

MARTIN, Alfred Douglas Cpl. Co. K, 43TN; 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.Born Sept. 1, 1844, in TN, son of Russell M. and Mary Rogers Martin. Enl. Feb. 1, 1862 at Ooltewah; enl. Sept. 20, 1862 in HC in 2CSA Cav.; Capt. at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863 and paroled; fair complexion, aphotic hair, gray eyes, 5’10” tall. 1870 at Ooltewah, wife Martha. Abundant May, 1864 as abettor for analysis QM. Paroled May 3, 1865 at Charlotte, NC. Affiliated Virginia Ann Dill Ramsey and afterwards Maggie Ivey. Lived in Atlanta afterwards war and died there at CSA Soldiers home, May 19, 1925. Had 14 children.

MARTIN, E. H. Co. D, 60GABorn in Whitfield Co., GA in 1861. Enl. 1861. Blood-soaked 2d Manassas and Fredricksburg. Capt. Sept. 14, 1864 and bedfast at Johnson’s Island. To TN c1885. Leg amputated in 1901 as aftereffect of war wounds. Res. Ooltewah, James Co. [TP3726]

MARTIN, Elisha Russell (Rogers?) 2nd Co. K, 1CSA Cav.Born 1840, son of Russell Martin and Mary Rogers, he was called for his grandfather, Elisha Rogers. Enl. Sept. 20, 1862 in HC and served four years beneath army baton Joe Wheeler. He was beatific on abstruse mission abaft Federal curve and appear captured. Afterwards the war, he was a arch Democrat and was alive in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. He affiliated Catherine Eliza Rogers and they had bristles sons and bristles daughters. The ancestors home was on Dry Valley Road in Red Bank. He died March 28, 1900, and was alive in the old ancestors cemetery abreast Sawyers. [CT March 29, 1900].

MARTIN, Fletcher Burr Co. H, 11TN Cav.Born April 1, 1847 in Warren Co., TN, son of Jesse Martin who additionally fought for the CSA. Enl. at McMinnville and served beneath Gen. Dibbrell to the aftermost canicule of the war, convoying Admiral Davis through Georgia. He was paroled at Washington, GA May 10, 1865. In cyberbanking business in Tullahoma and came to Chatt. about 1911. Died at his home on Oak St. Jan. 23, 1920 and alive Tullahoma. [NBFM2; CTJan. 29.20]

MARTIN, Sgt. George A. Co. K, 43TNBorn Anderson Co., TN in 1837, he was a agriculturalist who enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooletwah; absolved Nov. 12, 1862.

MARTIN, George Washington Co. D, 37TNEnl. Sept. 16, 1862 at Whitesides; had enl. ahead June 24, 1861 at Jackson, TN with Gen. W. H. Carroll; transf. from dismounted cav., July 22, 1863; paroled May 1, 1865 at Greensboro, NC.

MARTIN, Henry NealBorn Woodville, MS, Oct. 10, 1844, son of Dr. Henry Martin. Grad of VMI. Enl. Aprl, 1861. 2Lt. AADC, agents of Earl Van Dorn, afresh answer for address at Baker’s Creek to Capt., AAG, on agents of Stephen D. Lee, 1863-1864. Accomplished law in Jackson, MS until 1867, afresh confused to Vicksburg and became a merchant. Afresh relocated in New Orleans breadth he was a affection factor. Mason. To Chatt. in 1887 and became a absolute acreage agent. Died in Phila., PA, July 11, 1890 and alive New Orleans. [CRUTE, CSA staff, 118; NBFM2, 2, 7]

MARTIN, Isaac Co. K, 43TNEnl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; died March 28, 1863. [Lindsley, 528]

MARTIN, James M. Co. K, 43TNBorn and aloft in Meigs. Enl. Nov. 10, 1862 at Ooltewah; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863 and paroled; fair complexion, aphotic hair, dejected eyes; 6′ tall. [CT May 2, 1897 shows a J. M. Martin built-in and aloft in Meigs who confused to Chatt. in 1886; Presbyterian; died May 2, 1897 in Chatt., 71y, alive Beason’s Cem.[CT May 2, 1897]]

MARTIN, James Madison Co. K, 43TNBorn Oct. 4, 1841, Charleston, TN. Enl. Nov. 10, 1862 at Ooltewah; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863 and paroled; fair complexion, aphotic hair, dejected eyes; 6′ tall. Affiliated 1867, HC, Minerva Joanna Coulter. Died April 2, 1892, HC.

MARTIN, John A. Co. K, 43TNBorn 1833 in Cocke Co., he was a agriculturalist who enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah. Afflicted accept and captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863 and paroled; afresh captured at Bunker Hill, VA, July 14, 1864; bedfast at Affected Chase; fair complexion, dejected eyes, ablaze hair, 5′ 10″ tall. Res. Marion Co., 1900.

MARTIN, John S. 9GA Arty. Bn.Born May 6, 1843 in Madison, GA. Enl. Jan., 1862 in 9GA Arty. Bn. Blood-soaked Chickamauga. To Chatt. in aboriginal 1870’s and became grocer and atom merchant. Affiliated Kate Kilpatrick. Methodist. Affiliate NBF Camp, 1895-96. Died May 6, 1912 on his altogether at his res on E. 8th and alive FH. [FHR; NBFM2;CT May 7, Nov. 1912]

MARTIN, L. G. “Gould” Co. F, A, 5TN Cav.Res. of HC. Enl. Aug. 24, 1861, Affected Cummings. Age 24 on March 11, 1864 roll. Present on rolls through 1864. Alone by adjustment of Gen. Hume in June, 1864 for account in East TN. Alive in HC in 1910. Died Aug. 14, 1913 at Shepherd, TN and alive in Concord Cem. 72y. [CSR; Pension Application #12869 for account in 5th (McKenzie’s) TN Cav. [CTJan. 2, 1910, Aug. 15, 1913; TP12879]

MARTIN, Sgt. Richard Co. F, 35TN; Co. H, 4TN Cav.Born in 1834 in Warren Co., Tenn., he was agriculture in HC aback he enl. on Oct. 1, 1862. He is listed as a deserter in September 1863, but alternate to assignment as a calvaryman, accepting “3 Sabre wounds on head” at Charleston, TN. His father, Tavise Martin, was from NC, and his mother, Cynthia Martin, from VA. 1870 at Wauhatchie.

MARTIN, Washington CoananeDied in Federal bastille affected in Jackson, MS and alive there. Affiliated Matilda.

MARTIN, William Co. F, 35TNEnl. Oct. 5, 1862 at Chatt.; abundant to assignment on Nashville and Chatt. RR, April 8, 1863. Pay chock-full while on this detail. Bare Dec., 1863 at Tunnel Hill, GA.

MARTIN, William Augustine Co. K, 1AL Cav.Born in Madison, GA, May 18, 1839, son of John Bryan Martin, he was a Montgomery, AL abettor who enl. in the Montgomery Mounted Rifles aboriginal in 1861. Served at Pensacola, afresh in the angry about Corinth, MS, Martin was acutely wounded, crippling him for life. In 1866 he confused to Chatt. and with his brothers congenital up a broad atom business. Affiliated Elmira Smith. He affiliated (1877) Alice Gillespie and died April 29, 1887 and was alive at FH. [CTS; FHR; NBF Minutes; Hale, Tenn., 8:2457-58]

MARYE, Lawrence Slaughter “Hampden Artillery”; agents officerBorn at Fredericksburg, VA c. 1825, son of John Lawrence Slaughter and Ann Maria Burton Marye. Abounding Hampton-Sidney College and Univ. of VA. Accomplished law in Richmond, VA. Served in 1861 as abettor in Hampden Arty.; capt. of ammunition beneath W. W. Loring, and afterwards for Jubal Aboriginal and John S. Williams. In 1864 became Inspector of Ammunition beneath John C. Pemberton. Lived in Shelby County, TN afore advancing to Chatt. in 1872. Accomplished law actuality until 1877 aback he confused to Lynchburg, VA and became editor of the Virginian. Represented Hamilton Canton in TN Gen’l Assembly, 1875-77. Died afterwards 1881. [BDTA, 2:607; Crute, CSA Agents Officers.]

MASSENGALE, David L.(C.) Co. F, 19TNBorn 1824 in TN. 1860 agriculturalist at Chatt. with wife Susan and 8 children. [1860HC]

MASSENGALE, George Pierce Co. I, 19TNBorn c1844. Admitting alone 17, he followed his earlier brothers into the Confederate service, enl. in Co. A, Oct. 20, 1861, Cumberland Gap. At Corinth. Became sgt. in QM Dept. and was blood-soaked in the angry at Chickamauga, falling at his father’s farm. He was larboard amid the dead, but survived. CSR: “having been recommended for position of Aide of Whitfield’s Texas Legion Cav., will address to administrator advantageous Whitfield’s Legion.”

MASSENGALE, Henry WhiteA above ambassador of Chatt., he was absolved from war service, but he was an enthusiatic adherent of the Southern cause. He gave a ample bulk of gold for Confederate bonds at the aboriginal offering. Three of his sons, Henry White Masengale, Thomas Masengale, and George Pierce Massengale, served with the Confederate forces. His daughter, Laura Massengale, gave the presentation accent at the Central Hotel at Fifth and Market aback the aggregation organized by William Ragsdale marched abroad to war. Built-in at Wrightsboro, Ga., in 1808, he affiliated Rebecca Lowe in 1832. She was descended from a arresting Virginia family. The Massengales confused to Chatt. and congenital a brick abode south of town. This abode was afterwards purchased by John A. Lee aback the Massengales confused to a acreage by Chickamauga Creek in Walker Co., Ga. The Massengales were slaveowners and had a ample vineyard.

MASSENGALE, Above Henry White Jr.Born 1835 in GA, son of Henry White and Rebecca Lowe. He was an administrator with the 19th TN. The ancient Massengale was a ambassador of Chatt.

MASSENGALE (MASSINGALE), J. T. Co. H, 4TN Cav. (Ashby’s);Wounded in activity of Murfreesboro; with 2TN at Tunnel Hill, GA, March 12, 1864; transferred to Co. F, 5TN Cav. Bn.

MASSENGALE, ThomasThe son of above Chatt. ambassador Henry White Massengale, he was quick to accompany the Southern army.

MASSENGALE, William Co. H, 4TN Cav. (Ashby’s)Married (Aug. 10, 1861) Martha C. Davis. Asleep during Wheeler’s 1864 raid.

MASSEY, James S. Barry’s Btry.Enl. Sept. 24, 1862. at Chatt.; paroled May 11, 1865 in Meridian, MS.

MASSEY, T. L. Barry’s Btry.

MASTELLA (MASTELLER, MASTELLET), M. D. Co. G, 4GABorn Cherokee Co. GA, 1847. Enl. May 20, 1864 at Atlanta. Paroled May 20, 1865 at Montgomery, AL. 1904 res., Apison, James Co. [TP3980]


MASTON, Cpl. Samuel D. Co. D, 37TNAge 50 in 1861; enl. June 24, 1861 at Knoxville; absolved Aug. 15, 1862.

MATHIS (MATHES), Obediah Co. K, 43TNEnl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; bare March 2, 1862.

MATHIS, William B. Co. H, 26TN; 2d Co. I, 1CSA (GA)Born c1844. Enl. Aug. 6, 1861, Knoxville. Capt. Ft. Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862 and imp. Affected Douglas. Ailing in hosp., Atlanta, Aug. 31, 1863. Bell Hosp., Nov. 1, 1863. absent afterwards leave, Jan. 1-13, 1864. Bare abreast Atlanta, Aug. 13, 1864.

MATLOCK, Christopher Chatt. Home Guards

MATTELL, Jacob Co. I, 19TNA shoe cobbler, he was built-in in Sardinia c1822. Affiliated Frederica Schneitman and came to Chatt. with the Schneitmans. Enl. May 20, 1861, Knoxville. Went home ailing on furlough and disch. May 27, 1862.

MAURICE, M. Barry’s Btry.Died at Pollard, March 6, 1863 [Lindsley].

MAXWELL, Albert Co. K, 43TNBorn 1836 in HC, son of William and Elizabeth Maxwell, who were from NC. Above-mentioned to the war, he lived on a acreage at Zion Hill south of Ooltewah. Enl. Nov. 10, 1862, at Ooltewah; hardly blood-soaked at Mossy Creek, TN, and was captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863, and paroled. He affiliated in James Co. Caroline Gray and died in James Co.[TWP, p. 153;TP6394]

MAXWELL, Hiram L. Co. B, 36TN; Co. K, 43TNEnl. Dec. 10, 1861 at Ooltewah; transf. from 36TN; died at Vicksburg, July 1, 1863. [Lindsley, 528]

MAXWELL, Holder Barry’s Btry.Enl. Oct. 1, 1862. at Knox.; capt. 7, 1864 in Ham. Co., TN [Brown’s Diary]; took USA oath; 5’11”; DK complx; DK hr.; DK eyes.

MAXWELL, Cpl. James M. Co. L, 36TNEnl. Jan. 9, 1862 at Chatt.

MAXWELL, Cpl. John Co. K, 43TNHe enl. forth with his earlier brother, Albert Maxwell, at Ooltewah on Nov. 10, 1862. Like his brother, he was captured at Vicksburg on July 4, 1863, and was paroled. His parents were William and Elizabeth Maxwell. Res. Ooltewah, 1870, wife Narcissus.

MAXWELL, M. C. (C. M.) Co. G, 26TNEnl. July 8, 1861 at Knoxville; Died at hospital in Nashville Nov. 15, 1861.

MAYBERRY (MABRY), Arch Co. K, 43TNEnl. Dec. 12, 1861 at Ooletwah, accepting transf. from 36TN;captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863; paroled.

MAYBERRY (MABRY), Stephen H. Co. K, 43TNEnl. July 1, 1862 at Ooltewah; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863; aureate complexion, aphotic hair, chestnut eyes, 5’10” tall.

MAYES, Noble IrvenBorn Sweetwater, TN, May 6, 1846 and enl. 1862 in Lynchburg, VA in CS Military Express Account and served in that accommodation in VA until the war ended. 1867-82, accomplished law in Sweetwater; 1884-1913, absolute acreage in Chatt. Presbyterian. Died at res. on 4th St, July 21, 1926 and alive FH.[NBFM2,8]

MEDLOCK, Cpl. John V. Co. F, 35TNBorn 1843 in Knox County, TN; agriculturalist in HC aback enl. Jan. 9, 1862; atramentous eyes, aphotic hair, aphotic complexion, 5’5″ tall.

MEE, William Co. K, 19TNBorn 1830 in NC. Wife Martha, bn. NC. Acreage laborer at Harrison, 1860. Had afresh confused to HC from NC. Enl. June 4. 1861, Knoxville. Blood-soaked at Adamsville, GA, May 17, 1864. Paroled Apr. 26, 1865. [1860HC]

MEEHAN, Capt. James CSNBorn Covington, KY. Affianced in railroading afore the war. “During the war he was in Cuba as foreman of all-encompassing apparatus shops. From there he went to Vera Cruz, Mexico breadth he abounding a amenable controlling railway position.” Alternate to US in 1865 and connected in the railroad business. Came to Chatt. in 1879 as administrator of motive ability for the Alabama Abundant Southern. In 1889 he founded Ross-Meehan Branch in Chatt. “A archetypal Irish-American, a admirer of accessible wit, of best agreeable manner, and of best arresting automated and business abilities.” Meehan affiliated Eleanor Childs. Died Feb. 28, 1908 in Hyde Park, OH, abreast Cincinnati.

MELTON, Andrew J. Co. I, 19TNEnl. May 20, 1861 in Knoxville, admitting from Walker Co., Ga. He died in March, 1862 at Corinth.[Worsham, p. 49]

MERRIMAN, Wiley Co. K, 4TN Cav. (Murray’s)Born 1839 in TN, son of Margaret. Acreage laborer.

MELTON, George Washington Co. K, 27ALBorn HC July 14, 1835. Enl. Jan. 8, 1862. Affiliated P. J. (1860). Res. 1906 in Blackfox, Bradley Co. breadth he died July 12, 1909. [TP 8,249; TWP 2820]

METCALF, Francis M. Co. C, 19ALBorn in AL. Blood-soaked at Murfreesboro, Glasgow, KY, and Kennesaw Mtn. To HC in 1884. Res. 1899 in Ridgedale breadth he was clumsy to work.[TP1906]


MIDDLETON, Capt. Hugh Montgomery Co. H, 39GABorn Aug. 20, 1835 abreast Cunningham, Forsyth Co., GA, son of Capt. John and Matilda Middleton. Confused with parents to Chattooga Co. in 1838. and affiliated (1861) Mary A. Carter. Helped adapt and became 3Lt of Co. H, 39GA. Prom. to captain in 1864. Fought at Champions Hill, Bridgeport, AL, Vicksburg and Missionary Ridge Captured Feb. 22, 1864 at Summerville and imp. at Ft. Delaware. Afterwards war ret to Summerville, afresh confused to Louisville KY. Relocated in Chatt. in 1890. Affiliate of Canton Court. Presby. NBF Camp, 1894. Mason. Died March 28, 1903 at res. on McCallie Ave. and alive Citizens Cem. [TWP, p. 101; CT March 30, 1903; NBFM6]

MILLER, Burris R. Co. F, 2TNBorn March 12, 1843 in Rutherford Co., NC. Enl. April 21, 1861. Tranferred to Polk’s Brig., PRC Div. Blood-soaked at Richmond, KY and Chick. Captured at Peachtree Creek and beatific to Affected Douglas and captivated till June, 1865. He came to Chatt. “soon afterwards the war.” Affiliated Laura E. Palmer in Shelby Co. in 1885. Alive by Miller Bros. aback 1895. Methodist. Died at res. on Georgia Ave., May 4, 1904 and alive CSA Cem. [CT May 5, 1904; TWP, 313; NBFM2]

MILLER, C. P. Co. H, 26TNBorn c1821. Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Capt. Ft. Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862 and imp. Affected Morton, IN. Larboard in Chatt. Oct. 5, 1862.

MILLER, Thomas Barry’s Btry.Enl. April 26, 1862. at Chatt.; bare at Chatt. April 31,[sic] 1862.

MILLER, Thomas Anderson Co. K, 43TNBorn 1836 in Roane Co. Enl. Nov. 10, 1862 at Ooltewah; blood-soaked in knee by minie brawl and captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863 and paroled. Alternate to Bradley Co. in 1865, larboard in 1869, but alternate about 1880. Affiliated (1887) Rhoda or Matilda Shannon. Lead removed from his anguish in 1890 but he connected to ache until his death. Res. Hill Burghal in 1903.[TWP, p. 115;TP5731]

MILLIGAN, AlexanderVeteran of Mexican and Civil Wars. Acquaintance of Gov. Bate. [NBFM4]

MILLIROUS, Jackson Co. D, 60GAEnl. April 18, 1861. Absolute acreage abettor in Chatt, 1887. [NBFM2]

MILLS, Charles H.Born c1826 in MD. Colonel, CSA. Wife was Sallie E. Broad and retail merchant Chatt. in 1870. Alive FH. [CT July 31, 1916]

MILLS, John W. 26TN; 3TN (Vaughan’s)Born June 17, 1828 in Bedford Co., VA of VA parents. Enl. Aug., 1861. Abominably afflicted at Lick Creek, Greene Co., TN. To Chatt. from Knoxville in 1874. By 1901 was unemployed carpenter. 1910 boarding Whiteside St. with wife Lucille (m. 1866). Alive FH. [TP3253; 1910HC]

MILTON, Harvey Oliver Co. F, 44AL; 15ALBorn Edgefield Dist., SC, Nov. 28, 1832. Enl. June 1862 in Co. F, 44AL. Seven Days. Became asst. surgeon and served at Texas Hosp. in Richmond for 11 months. Assigned to 15AL. Afterwards Chickamauga occup. in analytical conscripts. “While accepting allegation of a Confederate called affected in Macon he met and affiliated Miss Sarah Fort, sister of Col. Tom and Miss Kate Fort of Chatt.” To Chatt. afterwards war and lived actuality till 1894. Physician in Chatt. ca 1890. On Chickamauga and Chatt. National Park Committee. Died Nov. 7, 1906 in Knoxville and alive FH. [FHR; CT Nov. 8-9, 1906; NBFM2]

MINIARD, Thomas R.Enl. Jan. 9, 1862, in Co. L, 36TN at Chatt.; transf. to Co. L, 35TN. Absent afterwards leave aback Aug. 16, 1863.

MINNIS, John A. Co. H, 4TN Cav.; 8TN Cav.Born 1813, Franklin Co., NC. Affiliated Catherine Abrams. Accomplished law in White Co. afore affective to Chatt. breadth he additionally practiced. Affiliate of Genl. Assembly, 1847-49 and rept. HC in TN Senate, 1859-61. Resettled at Memphis aloof afore the war. Enl. 8TN Cav., Oct. 20, 1862, Tullahoma and became regimental aide aforementioned day. Capt. Sumner Co., March 11, 1863 and imp. Louisville and Johnson’s Island until barter Feb. 24, 1865. Afterwards war, alternate to Memphis, afresh came aback to Chatt. afore relocating in Greenville, AL, 1867. To Montgomery, AL, 1869, acceptable Atty. for Middle Dist. of AL, 1870-74; Burghal Adjudicator of Montgomery, 1874-80. Died Aug., 1886.

MITCHELL, (1) Barry’s Btry.Deserted, Brown’s Diary.

MITCHELL, (2) Barry’s Btry.Deserted, Brown’s Diary.

MITCHELL, A. T. Co. F, 16TnMember NBF Camp, 1895. Died July 7, 1920. Alive CSA Cem. [NBFM2]

MITCHELL, Adam R. Co. H, 2TN Cav.(Ashby’s)Born c1830. 1870, carpenter in Chatt., wife Sarah A. Alive CSA Cem.

MITCHELL, Charles Co. F, MS Vols.

MITCHELL, E. Barry’s Btry.Deserted, Brown’s Diary.

MITCHELL, Flavius J. 5TN Cav.Took the USA adjuration of adherence on February 13, 1864. He had a aureate complexion, ablaze hair, dejected eyes and was 5’8″ tall.

MITCHELL, James(may be J.C. Mitchell who was 26 in 1860 with wife Nancy J. at Ooltewah).

MITCHELL, John Co. F, 35TNBorn 1831 in Claiborne, TN, he was a Chatt. merchantwhen he enl. Jan. 1, 1863. Dejected eyes, aphotic hair, fair complexion, 6’1″.

MITCHELL, John(may be John Mitchell with wife Elizabeth who was barkeeper at Chatt. in 1860)

MITCHELL, O. K. Co. H, 4TN Cav.Wounded at Murfreesboro, Jan. 1, 1863.

MITCHELL, R. C. Co. A, 5th (McKenzie’s) TN Cav.He enl. Aug. 29, 1861 at Affected Cumming. Captured at Wallace’s Crossroads, Sept., 1862. Paroled May 3, 1865 at Charlotte, NC.

MITCHELL, Thomas A. Co. F, 35TnBorn in 1840 in Hall County, GA, he was a agriculturalist in HC aback he enl. Jan. 1, 1863. He bare Aug. 21, 1863, at Graysville, AL. He had gray eyes, ablaze hair, a fair appearance and stood 5’10” tall. His ancestor allegedly died afore the war. His mother was Jane Mitchell.

MITCHELL, Capt. Thomas R. Co. F, 35TNBorn in 1834 in White Co., TN, he was a advocate in Chatt. aback he enl. Oct. 1, 1862. The adolescent advocate “recruited forty-two men for his “Mountain Rifles,” which became Aggregation F.” Mitchell became AIG on the agents of Brig. Gen. Lucius E. Polk, Oct. 7, 1863. Asleep abreast Shelbyville, TN, Dec., 1864. Amber eyes, aphotic hair, a ablaze appearance and was 6′ tall. Wife was Mary E. Mitchell. [WF]

MONDS, Capt. A. M. Co. L, 36TN, Co. L, 35TNEnl. Jan. 9, 1862, in Co. L, 36TN at Chatt.; transferred to Co. L, 35TN. [Jennie (1852-1873) and Walter (1889-1915) alive in Cit. Cem.]

MONTAGUE, John R. Co. I, 19TNEnl. May 20, 1861 at Knoxville, afresh to Cumberland Gap, VA. Montague was a carpenter and a mechanic. He was asleep at Shiloh on April 7, 1862. He was originally from Vermont.

MONTGOMERY, Capt. David Nelson Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter’s)Successor to John A. Teenor as captain. Captured at Piedmont, VA, on June 5, 1864. He was beatific to Affected Morton, afresh to Johnson’s Island on June 20, 1864. He was appear on May 19. Afterwards the war, he resided at Talladega, AL. Above-mentioned to the conflict, he lived at Harrison with his wife, Mary J. The Montgomerys were from NC. He was built-in c1829.

MONTGOMERY, Sgt. George W. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter’s)Capt. June 5, 1864, at Piedmont, Va., he was accustomed on the James River for barter on March 23, 1865 and paroled on March 28. He went to a hospital at Richmond for analysis of smallpox. Afore the war, he lived with his parents, George and Sarah Montgomery, on a acreage at Snow Hill. The ancient George Montgomery was a built-in of KY. George W. Montgomery was built-in about 1841. Res. in OK in 1912.

MONTGOMERY, Lt. Col. John G. M. 5TN Cav.(McKenzie’s).Born c1836 and res. Chatt. afore war. Enl. Feb. 15, 1862, Cleveland and adopted Capt. aforementioned day. Adopted major, May 24, 1862. Res. Smithville, Lee Co., GA. Died June 15, 1904 in Cartersville, GA.[CT 6.17.04]

MONTGOMERY, Joseph E. Co. A, 16TN Cav. Bn.Born March 29, 1846 in Roane Co., son of Alexander Montgomery. Afterwards war farmed in Roane and OK afore advancing to Chatt. in 1889. Methodist. Affiliated Jennie Whittenburg. Alive Chatt. Memorial Park. [CT July 21.37; 1910HC]

MONTGOMERY, Matthew Houston Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter’s)Born 1844 in HC of TN parents. Enl. July, 1862. Paroled May, 1865 abreast Talladega, AL. Affiliated (1900 HC) Susan Elizabeth Mahan. Agriculturalist in James Co., 1910. Died April 24, 1920, age 76, at home abreast Ooltewah and alive Montgomery Fam. Cem. [TWP, 300; TP3253; CT April 25, 1920; 1910 James Co.]

MONTGOMERY, W. F. Co. F, 39GABorn Forsyth Co., GA in 1838. Pvt., March 4, 1862. Capt. V’burg. Blood-soaked Bridgeport, AL. Bare Dec. 10, 1863. 1901 res. HC. [TP3676; Henderson, 305]

MOORE, Alexander FitzgeraldBorn 1835 in HC and affiliated (1864) Elizabeth Hightower. Died 1911 in HC. [TWP, 252]

MOORE, Orderly Sgt. Alexander N. (M.) Barry’s Btry.Enl. April 25, 1862. at Chatt.; Disabled in Knoxville in aboriginal allotment of war and transferred to Column Appointment Dept.

MOORE, Lt. Col. Beriah Frazier 19TNBorn c1838 in TN, son of Antipas and Rebecca Frazier Moore. A able adolescent attorney, res. in 1860 in hh of Tom Crutchfield, he was a bachelor, “a large, handsome man of ascetic countenance.” He led one of the two ample companies out of Chatt. in 1861 (the “Marsh Blues”). A affiliate of Co. A, 19TN, he had risen to 2Lt. and afresh Lt. Col. He was at Shiloh, Corinth and in the angry about Vicksburg as able-bodied as Murfreesboro and Baton Rouge afore affective on to Chatt. breadth he was asleep at Missionary Ridge. His anatomy was confused to the Frazier cemetery in Rhea County. [Worsham, p. 101; 1860HC; CT Oct. 4, 1906]

MOORE, Erasmus D. Asst. Surgeon, Barry’s Btry.

MOORE, Hewlitt S. ChaplainBorn 1829 in SC, he was pastor of the Aboriginal Baptist Abbey at Chatt. from 1857 until the beginning of the war, aback he volunteered as clergyman in one of the aboriginal Confederate regiments that was formed. Afterwards the war, he acclimatized on a acreage at Chickamauga Station. He resided there except for a few years aback he was pastor of a abbey at Ringgold, Ga. He died March 6, 1902, abrogation a added and seven children. [CT March 7, 1902]

MOORE, J. L. Co. K, 43TNBorn c1830, he and wife Nancy had a acreage at Harrison afore the war. Enl. Oct. 10, 1862, at Ooltewah. Capt. at Vicksburg on July 6, 1863, and paroled. [1860HC]

MOORE, J. W. Co. A, 34ALBorn Russell Co., AL, 1846. Atlanta Camp. Bare at Rutledge, TN and took USA adjuration at Knoxville, Oct., 1864, although claimed he was at Franklin, capt. and bedfast Affected Douglas. To TN, 1916. Res. Rossville, TN, 1917. [TP 15,245]

MOORE, JamesBorn 1840, in TN, of TN parents. Laborer in foundry, 1910. Boarder on Carter St. African-American.[1910HC]

MOORE, John Co. A, 19TNCaptured at Missionary Ridge; brother of Col. B. F. Moore. [Worsham, pp. 101, 204.]

MOORE, Lemuel J. Co. B, Wm. Walker’s Bn., Thomas LegionBorn c1842, Monroe Co., TN; res. Cherokee Co., GA; Dec. 20, 1842. Enl. Thomas’ Legion of Indians and Highlanders which was organized at Knoxville, Sept., 1862. Present through Aug. 1862; absent afterwards leave Nov.-Dec. 1862; present Jan. 1863-Feb. 1864. Capt. at Activity of Piedmont, June, 5, 1864 and imp. Affected Morton, IN until May, 1865. 1st Sgt. Res. Chatt., 1907. [TP9019]

MOORE, Nicholas Gibbs Co. I, 19TNBorn 1844 in TN, son of Antipas and Rebecca. He was blood-soaked at Missionary Ridge, while his brother, Beriah Frazier Moore, was asleep nearby. He had been enl. at Chatt. on Oct. 3, 1862, by William Spears. Moore was captured at Graysville, GA, on June 12, 1864. He was beatific to Louisville, Ky., and afresh on to Rock Island, IL. Afterwards, he rejoined the army and was ailing at Richmond, VA in March of 1863. He surrendered at Asheville, NC on May 6, 1865. He was 6′ alpine with dejected eyes.[CSR; RI ledger; 1860HC]

MOORE, RichardBorn 1847, GA. Res. in hh of son-in-law Fred Nelson on White Oak Rd., 1910. Laborer. African-American.

MOORE, RobertBorn 1835 in HC, he affiliated (1858) Julia Ann Davis. He died 1909 in HC.[TWP, p. 87]

MOORE, W. H. Co. K, 43TNBorn c1835, he had a acreage at Harrison with his wife, Isabella, afore the war. Enl. Oct. 10, 1862, at Ooltewah and bare Nov. 8, 1862. [1860HC]

MOORE, WILLIAM A. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.Born and aloft in HC, he was affianced in the bartering and milling business in Mt. Airy afore enlisting Sept. 24, 1862. As a affiliate of Morgan’s Army he fought in ten engagements and was beatific on abstruse mission abaft Federal curve and allegedly captured. He affiliated 1) Menerva Myers and 2) Rosa Blalock. Baptist. He died Sept. 1, 1917 in Dunlap, TN and was alive in Rankin Cem. [CT Sept. 2.17]

MOORE, William L. Co. B, 19TNCapt. at Cleveland, TN, Nov. 24, 1863 and bedfast at Rock Island. Enl. in USN and beatific to affair Jan. 28, 1864.[RI ledger]

MORELAND, John A.(E.) Co. G, 26TN; Barry’s Btry.Born Jan. 21, 1842 in Jackson Co., AL. Res. 1860 in hh of D.C. Hamill in Chatt. Enl. July 8, 1861; ailing at Bowling Green, KY, Jan. 23, 1862. Capt. at Ft. Donelson. Afterwards e, xchange transf. May 15, 1862 to Barry’s Btry. at Chatt.; fought at Jackson, MS; Resaca, New Hope Church, Peachtree Creek, Atlanta, Jonesboro, Spanish Fort. Paroled May 11, 1865 a, t Meridian, MS. Carpenter in N. Rossville, TN., 1907. [NBFM2, TP 9314;1860HC]

MORELAND, John H. 2nd Co. D, 26TN; 1CSA (GA)Enl. Feb. 18, 1863 in Ringgold, GA. Beatific to Accepted Hospital, Chatt., Aug. 9, 1863. Captured at Lafayette, GA, Dec. 22, 1863 and bedfast at Rock Island. USA adjuration July 27, 1864. Res. of HC. Fair Complx, amber hair, dejected eyes, 5’6″.

MORELAND, Ransom Co. F, 35TNBorn 1826 in Buncombe Co., NC, he was a agriculturalist inHC aback he enl.; bare at Chickamauga, Sept. 20, 1863; amber eyes, ablaze hair, aphotic complexion, 5’4″ tall.

MORELAND, Cpl. Thomas J. Barry’s Btry.Born May 19, 1838 in Monroe Co. TN. Enl. Oct. 3, 1862. at Knox.; answer to cpl.; paroled May 11, 1865 at Meridian, MS. Farmer. Res. 1888, Rossville, GA; affiliate NBF, 2/08. [NBFM2,4]

MORELAND, William J. 2nd Co. D, 26TN; 2d. D, 1CSA (GA)Born in Gilmer Co., GA. Enl. Aug. 18, 1862, Ft. Gaines, AL. Disch. at Mobile on surgeon’s affidavit of disability, Feb. 10, 1863. Farmer. Aphotic complx, atramentous eyes, chestnut hr, 5′.

MORGAN, A. J. Co. A, 1GARes. 1910 in HC. [TP11, 859 (J. H. Smith’s)]

MORGAN, Isaac C., Sr.Of Cumberland Co., TN he was a surgeon in Bragg’s army. Res. in Chatt. Constable in 14th Civil Dist. [NBFM2]

MORGAN, Isaac C., Jr. Co. C, 35TNRes. Chatt. Constable in 14th Civil Dist. [NBFM2]

MORGAN, J. T. Thomas’s Brigade, Hill’s Division, ANV1845-1882. Alive CSA Cem.

MORGAN, James M. Co. H, 4TN Cav.Died in prison.

MORGAN, Joseph R. Co. D, 37TNBorn c1836. Enl. Sept. 1, 1861, Knoxville. Blood-soaked at Perryville, Oct. 8, 1862. and blood-soaked afresh at Vineville. hosp. Chatt. Prom. 5th Sgt., Feb. 15, 1863. Prom. 1st Sgt. Died of wounds at Empire Hosp. abreast Macon, Oct. 3, 1864. Asleep in activity (Lindsley).

MORGAN, Silas Marion Co. G, 3TNBorn 1840 in McMinn Co. Enl. May 7, 1861. Affiliated (1867) Mahala Givens. Res. 1870 in McMinn Co. Confused to HC and was alive in Falling Water, 1900, bedridden with rheumatism and accurate “by the activity of my wife and two youngest children.” Died 1908 in HC. [NBF2; TWP, p. 53;TP2444]

MORRIS (MORRISSEY, MORRISON), John Barry’s Btry.Enl. March 16, 1863. at Chatt. as substitute; capt. July 17, 1863 abreast Jackson, MS; died of pneumonia Feb. 16, 1864 as POW, Affected Morton, IN; bur. Green Lawn Cem., Affected Morton.

MORRIS, Joseph Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby’s)Killed Aug. 31, 1862 (Lindsley).

MORRIS, Kittrell H. Co. F, 10GA[NBFM1]

MORRIS, Luther A. Co. B, 35MSBorn Perry Co., AL, Sept. 21, 1845. Enl. winter, 1863. Atlanta Camp., Ammunition Dept. and captured at Ft. Blakely, Apr. 9, 1865 and bedfast Address Island. To TN, 1883. Res. of East Chatt. 40yrs. Pastor Taylor St. Baptist Church. Died Feb. 9, 1924 in Chatt. and alive FH.[TP 10,737; 1910HC; Feb. 10, 1924 CT]

MORRIS, Rufus Monroe Co. A, 36GABorn July 14, 1848 in Gordon Co. GA. Enl. Jan. 15, 1862 in Co. A, 36GA. Capt. at Vicksburg and imp. Affected Morton. To Chatt. ca. 1893. Bi-weekly publ., agriculture interests in Arctic GA and AL, merchant, absolute estate, and affiliate of HC court. Baptist, Mason. Died Dec. 11, 1927 in Chatt. and alive FH. [NBFM2,8,10; CT Dec. 12, 1927]

MORRIS, Sgt. Wilburn Co. H, 7TNBorn Lebanon, TN, Oct. 19, 1836, he confused to Chatt. early, acceptable a “pioneer” settler. Enl. May 20, 1861 at Lebanon, TN. He was acutely blood-soaked at Seven Pines and served the butt of the war in the Treasury Dept. Paroled Washington, GA, May, 1865. He came to Chatt. in 1874 and was a merchant, actual until 1879 aback he became complex in balk and absolute acreage business in East Tennessee. Alternate to Chatt. at his retirement and died actuality Jan. 17, 1911 and was alive at FH. Affiliated Miss Darden of Knoxville and afterwards her afterlife m. (1880) Mrs. W. G. Anderson (Lou Hoskins). Baptist. Res. Lansing St. [CT Jan. 18, 1911; FHR; 1910HC; NBFM2; TP6781]

MORRISON, E. J. Co. D, 5TN; Co. D, 35TNBorn Warren Co., TN, 1842. Enl. Sept. 6, 1861. Shiloh, Richmond, KY, Perryville, M’boro, Chick.; paroled Washington Co., GA, May, ’65. Res. East Lake, 1906.[TP8541]

MORRISON, George W. Co. I, 26TNBorn March, 1840, TN. Res. with wife Lucinda 1910 in Soddy breadth he was atramentous miner. Died May 3, 1910. [CT April 4, 1910]

MORTON, S. M. Co. K, 3d Accompaniment AL Inf.1843-1914. Alive CSA Cem.

MORTON, Wesley Co. A, 4TN Cav.Enl. June 17, 1861 at Knoxville. Prom. cpl., May 27, 1862. Capt. at Big Hill, abreast Lancaster, Ky., July 31, 1863. and imp. Affected Chase and Ft. Delaware. Exch. Feb. 27, 1865.

MOSES, Frank A. Sgt., F&S, 63TNEnl. Co. D, May 13, 1862, age 18. Absent sick, afresh abundant as blush sgt.. Prom. to Sgt. Dec. 7, 1863. Ailing in hosp., Charlottesville, Jan. 16, 1864., accepting gotten ailing on furlough. Blood-soaked Drewry’s Bluff, May 16, 1864. Treated Wayside Hosp., Richmond, for gunshot anguish to larboard arm. Prom. to ensign, Aug. 18, 1864. Exch. Feb. 27, 1865. Surrendered at Appomattox, April 9, 1865. Died and alive in Knoxville, 1922. [NBFM7]

MOSS, William R. Co. B, 5TN Cav.Born about 1828 in SC, he was a carpenter at Chatt. above-mentioned to the war and afterward. His wife, Mary, was a built-in of VA. He enl. Aug. 11, 1861, at Chatt.

MOSTELLER, William D.Born 1848, GA. Res. of Chatt., 1905. Farmer, James Co., 1910 with wife Mary A. (m. 1904) and six adolescent children. [NBFM7; 1910 James Co.]

MOTLEY, James Co. D, 37TNEnl. Sept. 16, 1862 at Whitesides; tranferred to dismounted cavalry, July 22, 1863; blood-soaked at Chickamauga and afresh Feb. 24, 1864; abundant to drive cattle, Sept. 1, 1864; paroled May 1, 1865 at Greensboro, NC.

MOUNCE (MAUNZ, MONTZE), Frederick (Fritz) Barry’s Btry.Enl. Aug. 30, 1862 at Knox.; paroled May 11, 1865; Res. Stevenson, AL.

MOUNTCASTLE, 2Lt. Theo Co. K, 43TNEnl. Feb. 26, 1862 at Ooltewah; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863 and paroled; afresh captured at Morristown, TN, Oct. 28, 1864; bedfast at Johnson’s Island. Built-in in TN, he was 32 years old in 1865; mother in 1865 alive in IL. Declared himself a aborigine of Cleveland, TN. Aphotic complexion, aphotic hair, chestnut eyes, 6′ tall.

MURDOCK, J. T. Co. G, 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSA (GA)Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Ailing in hosp., Bowling Green. Disch. Oct. 13, 1862.; Enl. Dec. 14, 1862, Mobile. Asleep at Jonesboro, Aug. 31, 1864.

MURPHY, Horatio L. Co. A, 4TNHe was a blacksmith above-mentioned to the war, residing abreast William Ragsdale, his assemblage captain. He was a built-in of SC, and his wife, Caroline, was from GA. Enl. June 17, 1861 at Knoxville. Ailing in Chatt. Nov. 1861 and April 1862. Had a requision for beat at Chatt., Sept. 30-Oct. 9, 1862.

MYERS, Frederick N. Co. I, 19TNBorn c1835. Acreage laborer in Chatt. in 1860 with wife Nancy. They were from GA. Enl. May 20, 1861 in Knoxville. Bare 1863, afresh “returned from desertion” Nov. 1, 1863. Capt. abreast Atlanta, July 22, 1864. Imp. Affected Chase, Aug. 1, 1864., breadth he died of pneumonia Feb. 15, 1865. Grave 1/2 mi. south of Affected Chase.

MYERS, J. M. Co. H, 26TNBorn c1840. Enl. July 8, 1861. Mortally wounded, Ft. Donelson, Feb. 15, 1862.

MYERS, 2Lt. Louis William 2d Co. I, 26TN; Clark’s Independent Cav. Co.; 2d Co. I, 1CSA (GA)Enl. July 14, 1861 in Knoxville. Larboard ailing in Nashville, 1861. Abutting Clark’s Cav. Co. Aug. 31, 1862 at Chatt.; capt. June 27, 1863, Manchester, TN and imp. Affected Chase.

MYNATT, George W. Barry’s Btry.


MCAFEE (MCABEY), Thomas Wesley Co. A, 63GABorn in Ashville, NC, 1845. Enl. Jan. 7, 1863. Atlanta Campaign. Surr. at Greensboro, May 1, 1865. To TN, 1884. Railroader, bookkeeper in Chatt. c1890. Affiliated (1870) Martha Elizabeth Eddleman. Died July 7, 1920 in Chatt., age 75, and alive FH. [CT July 8, 1920; TWP, 212; NBFM2,7;TP14483;1910HC]

MCAMIS, James P.Born 1845, TN. Res. 1910 in James Co. with wife Eliza [1910James Co.]

MCARDLE, Bernard “Barney” Co. I, 19TNEnl. May 20, 1861., Knoxville. Surgeon’s Disch. July 1861. Reenlisted April 9, 1863, Chatt., as substit. for A.C. Ladd. Bare and capt. abreast Chatt., Sept. 10, 1863. Beatific to Louisville breadth he took USA adjuration accordant to break arctic of Ohio River.

MCBEE, William H. Co. K, 43TNEnl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863.

MCBRIDE, James Co. G, 11TNBorn March 14.1818, Ireland. Enl. May 7, 1861 and served till disch. overage, 1862, but alternate unofficially and fought at Murfreesboro and Chickamauga. Laborer afterwards war. Res. of Chatt., 1900, aback he activated for acceptance to TN Soldiers Home.

MCCALL, James Price 8GABorn in Camden, NY, Oct. 5, 1836. He emigrated toAugusta, GA at the age of 17, afresh to Greensboro, GA, breadth hebecame affluent in accepted merchanise and banking. In 1861 heenl. in 8GA and was blood-soaked at 1st Manassas. Afterwards he was blood-soaked again, captured and bedfast at Point Lookout. He alternate to Greensboro afterwards the war, but confused to Chatt. in 1880 breadth he entered the broad dry appurtenances business. He died in Chatt. Jan. 27, 1907. His wife was Claudia Wingfield Weaver.

MCCALLIE, John Co. C, 1TN Cav. (Carter’s)Born c1828 in TN, son of Archibald. Agriculturalist at Birchwood with wife Amanda. [1860HC]

MCCALLIE, the Rev. Thomas HookeExec. Committee, Soldiers Relief Society at Chatt., Aug. 29, 1862.

MCCALLISTER, D. Co. B, 2TN Cav. Bn.1902 alive in James Co.


MCCARLY, W. H.Born 1841, TN. Widower res. hh of son L. H. on Aback Valley Rd.

MCCAW (MCCALL, MCCANN), David Co. K, 43TNEnl. July 31, 1863 at Ooltewah; captured Oct. 28, 1864 in Jefferson Co., TN; bedfast at Affected Douglas; res. Monroe Co., IN; fair complexion, amber hair, chestnut eyes, 5’9″ tall.

MCCAW, John H. Co. H, 37TNBorn 1843. Enl. Sept. 1, 1861, Ooltewah. Desertd at Chatt., Aug. 29, 1862.

MCCAW (MCCALL, MCCANN, MCCAN), John M. Co. K, 43TNEnl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; died Feb. 14, 1863 at Vicksburg. [Lindsley, 528]

MCCAW (MCCALL, MCCANN, MCCAN), William Co. K, 43TNEnl. Feb. 19, 1862 at Ooltewah; died Feb. 11, 1863 at Vicksburg. [Lindsley, 528]

MCCLATCHEY, William M. Co. B, 2KY Cav.Served with Gen. John Hunt Morgan. Died June 4, 1908 at his home abreast Chickamauga, GA. [1890VetCensus;CT 6.5.08]

MCCLATCHEY, William Penn Co. B, Georgia CadetsBorn McMinn Co., Feb. 16, 1847, son of Wiley Jarratt and Minerva Lear Rowles McC. To Chatt. in 1886 as lawyer. Educated at GA Mil Instit and Emory College, Oxford, GA. Served in bn. of cadets and afterwards as affiliate of Texas Rangers. Atlanta Attack and Hood’s Tenn campaign. Capt. as he fled gluttonous to ability Trans-Miss. army. To Chatt., 1887. Lawyer. Recorder for burghal judge. Affiliated (1880) Julia E. Allen and res. Bluff View St., 1910. 1Lt. NBF Camp, 1894-96. Died July 6, 1920 at his home on 2nd St. and alive FH. [FHR; CT July 7, 1920; TP15451; 1910HC]

MCCLUNG, Frank Armstrong Co. C, 4AL Cav.Born Madison Co., Ala., Dec. 11, 1843. Cadet at LaGrange Military Academy, 1860-61, afresh larboard to become pvt. in 4AL Cav. in which he served throughout the war. Alive by US Railway Mail Service, 1882-1897, afresh establ. himself in business in Chatt. Alive on Missionary Ridge at time of death, Feb. 9, 1905. Alive in Huntsville in his old Confederate blanket.[Wyeth, Hist. of LaGrange Mil. Acad, pp.146-47;CT Feb. Oct. 05.]

MCCOLLUM, JOAB LAFAYETTE Co. D, 6 ALBorn May 10, 1842, son of Joab McCollum and Sarah Wood, he grew up in Dade County, GA and was a acquaintance of John B. Gordon who organized the Raccoon Roughs (Co. D., 6AL Inf.). McCollum enl. in Brown’s assemblage in Montgomery, AL, April 25, 1861 and served throughout the war with this company. He was blood-soaked at the activity of Seven Pines, VA, afresh served as a assistant in the hospital at Danville, VA in summer, 1862. He was afterwards blood-soaked at Chancellorsville, Spottsylvania and Petersburg. Some of his wounds to the arch and limbs were severe. Capt. April 2, 1865 at Petersburg and imp. at Burghal Point.He affiliated Bettie Ann Holmes, a built-in of Whitesburg, Ala., on April 19, 1866. McCollum became a arresting railroad abettor for the Alabama and Chatt. Railroad and afterwards the Nashville, Chatt. and St. Louis Railroad. He was assigned to Chatt. in the closing allotment of 1874 as alternation adept and afterwards became agent. The McCollums confused to Atlanta in 1890. He appears to accept served as an advancing Presbyterian abbot in Nashville about 1905. He died in Atlanta, Dec. 10, 1926 and was alive at FH. [CSR; GHT, pp.970-71; CT Dec. 11, 1926;NBFM8]

MCCONNELL, Capt. Thomas M. 26TNBorn Jan., 1831 in Grainger Co., he became a merchant in Ringgold. Affiliated Mary M. Donohoo (from Chatt.) in Bentonville, AR, afresh they alternate to Ringgold. Helped adapt 26TN. Captured at Fort Donelson. Afterwards barter at Vicksburg in Sept., 1862, he was not reelected at reorganization, so he abutting agents of Gen. John C. Vaughan as AIG and rose to major. McConnell was abominably afflicted at Winchester, VA. Afterwards war alternate to East TN and became a bagman for a NY broad house. Afresh he and his accessory T. C. McConnell opened accepted abundance and afterwards abrade comminute in Ringgold, GA. To Chatt. in 1875. Accomplished law. Appointed (1876) HC Agent and Master, he served until he became adjudicator in 1891, a column he captivated until his death. He alert approved the governorship of Tennessee. Died actuality Jan. 30, 1915 and alive in FH. His affected home on Fifth Street was adequate in the 1990’s by the Lyndhurst Foundation. [CTJan. 31.1915;Jan. 19, 1916; NFP, Sept. 10, 1995; FHR; NBFM2,7]

MCCORD, HENRY 2nd Co. K, 1CSA Cav.Enl. July 14, 1862 in HC Bare at Shelbyville, TN, Dec. 28, 1862.

MCCORD, JAMES 2nd Co. K, 1CSA Cav.Born c1844 in GA, son of Henry and Lucy McCord. Enl. July 14, 1862 in HC Bare at Shelbyville, TN, Dec. 28, 1862. [1860HC]

MCCORKLE, Dr. D. V. Co. A, 4TN Cav. Bn. (2TN Cav.)Captured in Activity of Somerset, KY; In bastille at Johnson’s Island.

MCCORKLE, Dr. W. A. Surgeon, 2TN Cav. (Ashby’s)

MCCORMACK, James Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter’s).Enl. Aug. 7, 1861, Cleveland. Captured at Lovejoy Station on Nov. 16, 1864. Bedfast at Point Lookout, MD, he was exchanged Feb. 14, 1865. Afore the war, he lived on the acreage of his parents, William F. and Sarah McCormack, at Birchwood. The McCormacks were from NC. He was built-in c1845. [1860HC]

MCCORMACK, 2Lt. Robert T. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter’s)Born 1834 in HC, son of William F. and Sarah McCormack. Afore the war, he farmed at Birchwood with his wife, Sarah. Enl. March 1, 1861. Blood-soaked by carapace at Missionary Ridge consistent in accident of one eye. Indicted for crime at Knoxville. “Fellows kept cutting at McCormack and he at them alike afterwards the abutting of the war,” appear Franz Gardenhire. 1902 res. of Connected Savannah. [TP5290, 4276; 1860HC]

MCCRARY, Joel Co. A, 5th (McKenzie’s) TN Cav.He enl. May 1, 1862 at Kingston. Age 24 on March 11, 1864 roll. Paroled May 3, 1865 at Charlotte, NC.

MCDANIEL, William C. Co. H, 26TN; 1CSA Inf.Born c1841. Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Capt. Ft. Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862 and imp. Affected Douglas.

MCDERMOTT, 1Lt. John McG. Co. H, 19TN; Co. C, Cons. 3TN1Lt. of Co. C, Cons. 3TN; Steamboat captain in Chatt., 1889. Affiliated Penelope Fielding (1830-1875). Member, NBF Camp, 1894-96.MCDONALD, George Lafayette 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.He enl. Sept. 22, 1862 in HC Paroled May 3, 1865 in Charlotte, NC. Afore the war, he lived at Ooltewah on the acreage of his mother, Nancy McDonald, who was from Virginia. He was built-in about 1844.

MCDONALD, W. H. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.He enl. Sept. 22, 2862 in HC. Asleep in activity in Perry Co., TN, May 8, 1863.

MCDONALD, Wiley P. Co. F, 35TNBorn 1825, McMinn Co. Ancestors confused to HC aback he was boy and Indians were still in vicinity. Enl. Jan. 5, 1863. Captured at Missionary Ridge; took USA adjuration Dec. 21. 1863; fair complexion,light hair, amber eyes, 6′ tall. Cumberland Presy. Boarder in hh George P. Will, James Co., 1910. Died Nov. 19, 1911 in Chatt. and alive McDonald Cem. [1910HC;CTNov. 21,1911]

MCDONALD, William C. Co. I, 26TN; 2d Co. I, 1CSA (GA)Born Nov. 20, 1840 in HC and enl. at Crawfish Springs, GA, July 4, 1861. Capt. at Ft. Donelson and exch. Sept., 1862. Abundant as wagoner for army accoutrements wagon, Aug. 31, 1864. “Was abominably blood-soaked by a minie brawl arresting him in the side, activity through his body, casual his courage while he was activity up the aboriginal band of Federal breastworks at Franklin. Not able to acknowledgment to duty. Farmer. [NBFM2]

MCDONOUGH, James Co. H, 4TN Cav.At Morrison’s Depot he was abominably blood-soaked in the arm and it had to be amputated. Afore the war, he lived on a acreage at Zion Hill south of Ooltewah. His parents were Andrew and Sarah McDonough, citizenry of NC.

MCDUNNER, J. Co. K, 43TNEnl. Oct. 12, 1862 at Ooltewah; bare Nov. 4, 1862.

MCELWEE, Capt. W. E. Co. I, 26TNBuried at Rockwood Cem.

MCFARLAND, Lt. Chappel 19TNKilled at Missionary Ridge in afterimage of his parents’ home.

MCFARLAND, Capt. C. D. Co. G, 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSAAge 45 in 1862, he enl. July 8, 1861 at Knoxville; Captured at Ft. Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862; imp. Johnson’s Island, afresh Affected Chase; exchanged Nov. 8, 1862; 5’9″ tall, red hair, dejected eyes.In GA on recruiting account July 3, 1863. Answer 1Lt. Aug. 27, 1863. Missing aback Missionary Ridge.

MCFARLAND, C. M. Co. G, 26TNEnl. July 8, 1861. Abundant as assistant at Bowling Green, KY; captured at Fort Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862, bedfast at Affected Morton, IN. Adopted 2Lt Oct. 13, 1862. Answer 1Lt. Aug. 27, 1863. Missing aback Missionary Ridge.

MCFARLAND, J. Anderson Co. D., 12GABorn Oct. 10, 1847 in Sequatchie, TN. Enl. in Co. D., 12GA Militia June, 1864. Res. in 1901 was Rossville, but died in Chatt. Feb. 4, 1925 and bur. FH. [NBFM2]

MCFARLAND, John Buie 2d Co. K, 26TN; 2dCo. K, 1CSA (GA)Enl. Nov. 11, 1862 at Chatt.. On alone account Marietta, GA, July 20, 1863-Feb. 29, 1864. Acutely blood-soaked at Atlanta, July 22, 1864. Paroled at Thomasville, GA, May 15, 1865.

MCFERRIN, Clergyman John P. 2TN (Robison’s)Born Williamson Co., TN. Enl. Apr., 1861. Methodist abbot in Chatt., 1889. Chaplin, NBF Camp, 1894-96. Confused to Louisville in 1896. [NBFM2,3]

MCGARR, Owen Louisiana Guards BattalionBorn 1836, Westmoreland Co., PA. Enl. Jan 7, 1864 in NC. Paroled 14 Apr, 1865 at Lynchburg, VA. Advocate in Chatt. Diplomatic account in Ecuador. Deeply complex in Cuban diplomacy above-mentioned to Sp. Amer War. NBF Camp. Catholic. Died at res. on High St., Jan. 14, 1906 and alive at Mt. Olivet. [CTJan. 17, 1906; [NBFM2]


MCGEE (MCGHEE), J. M. Co. A (H), 19TNKilled at Murfreesboro, Dec. 31, 1862. [Mil. Annals of TN]

MCGHEE, DanielBorn 1847, TN, of TN parents. 1910 agriculturalist in James Co. with wife Virginia (m 1890). [1890 James Co.]

MCGHEE, Sgt. John Co. K, 43TNBorn c1841 and a agriculturalist at Zion Hill abreast Ooltewah, he was one of the sons of A.H. and Elizabeth Bryant McGhee to accompany the 43TN on Oct. 20, 1861, at Ooltewah. The brothers were present during aboriginal angry at Chatt. in 1862. Sgt. John McGhee was captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863. A.H. McGhee was a built-in of Granger Co., Tenn. The McGhees had 250 acreage and a log six-room home. A. H. McGhee was a agriculturalist and amends of the peace. He died several years afore the war. His wife Elizabeth was from NC.

MCGHEE, Orville Co. K, 43TNBorn about 1829, he was a agriculturalist in Ooltewah above-mentioned to the war and the oldest of the McGhee brothers, enl. Dec. 22, 1862 at Ooltewah. He was captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863. Above-mentioned to the war, he and his wife, Penelope, were alive by his mother, Elizabeth Bryant McGhee, in the Zion Hill area of HC.

MCGHEE, Samuel Co. K, 43TNBorn 1846, he enl. with his earlier brothers Oct. 20 (Dec. 28?), 1861, at Ooltewah. He was captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863, and absolved at Christianburg, VA. Affiliated (1892) Virginia W. Pierce. Presbyterian. Died May 19, 1927, age 83, at home in Apison breadth he had resided abounding yrs. Alive in Plowman’s Cem. [TWP, 272; TP7375; CT May 20, 1927;TCVQ]

MCGHEE, William B. Co. K of the 43TNBorn about 1833, he was addition of the McGhee brothers enlisting at Ooltewah on Oct. 20, 1861. He was captured at Vicksburg on July 4, 1863. He and his wife, Sarah of NC, lived at Tyner above-mentioned to the alpha of the war.

MCGILL, Charles Co. D, 4th (12th) Georgia Cav.Enl. Oct. 4, 1862, and he died Feb. 18, 1863 at a affected in TN. He was a acreage laborer alive with his wife, Penelope, in Lookout Valley afore the war.

MCGILL (MAGILL), Walter Milton Co. H, 4TN Cav.Born 1841 in TN, son of W.M. and Isabella McGill of Chatt. Asleep at Murfreesboro, Jan. 1, 1863. [1860HC]

MCGRIFF (MCGRIFFIN), Jefferson (Jeff) Barry’s Btry.Enl. April 4, 1862. at Chatt.; teamster.

MCGOWINGS, Robert C.Born c1843 in Va. of Scottish parents. Res. in St. Elmo with wife Lillie (m. 1906). Shoe repairman. [1910HC]

MCGUIRE, Reid Co. F, 35TNEnl. Nov., 1863 at Chatt.; captured at Activity of Murfreesboro.

MCJURKIN [MCJUNKIN], Davis Co. F, 19TnEnlisting at Loudon, he died on March 25, 1863, at Bell Hospital at Rome, GA from pneumonia. The furnishings he larboard were two apparel of clothes and a pocketbook absolute 10 cents.

MCKAIG, Francis Co. F, 34GABorn Dade Co. and affiliated (1874 in Bedford Co.) Elizabeth. Died 1901 in HC.[TWP, 218]

MCKEEHAN, Cpl. A. H. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter’s)Enl. Aug. 7, 1861 at Cleveland. Present June, 1862.

MCKEEHAN, Haywood AlexanderBorn in Monroe Co., he affiliated (1852 in HC) Mary C. Sylar. He died 1892 in Shelby Co. [TWP]

MCKEEHAN, JAMES 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.; Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter’s)Enl. June 14, 1862 in HC, afresh abutting 1TN Cav. Ailing at Bristol Hospital in October of 1864.

MCKENZIE, B. F. Co. L, 35TNEnl. Jan. 9, 1862 in Chatt. Blood-soaked at Chickamauga.

MCKENZIE, William Morrison Co. I, 5TN Cav.Born 1846 in McMinn Co. and affiliated (Meigs Co.) Sarah Accomplished Hudson. Baptist. Connected time aborigine of Athens admitting best of ancestors lived in Chatt. Died Dec. 13, 1918 in St. Elmo and alive in Athens. [TWP, 202]

MCKIBBENS, James Co. D, 37TNBorn 1844. Enl. Sept. 1, 1861, Germantown, TN. Disch. Nov. 4, 1862, Knoxville, underage.

MCKIBBON, Hugh A. Co. I, 19TNBorn c1816 in Ireland, he was abecedary at Harrison with wife Sarah, additionally from Ireland. Enl. May 20, 1861, Knoxville. Surg. disch. July 1861.

MCKINNEY, John Vardaman Co. G, 1TN (Turney’s) Cpl.Born Dec. 4, 1841 in Fayetteville, TN breadth he enl. April, 1861: blood-soaked 7 Pines. Captured Gettysburg. Appear March 2, 1865. Res. Fayetteville until affective to Chatt. in 1901. Alive by Chatt. Bakery. Died at res in East Lake, Nov. 22, 1923 and bur. FH. [NBFM2]

MCKINNEY, Patrick A.Born c1827 in GA. 1870 retail grocer, wife Martha A.

MCKINNEY, William Co. A, 19TNEnl. at Cumberland, KY., on Oct. 26, 1861. He died at Corinth, MS, April-May, 1862. Above-mentioned to the war, McKinney was a day laborer residing with the jailer, John Swaim. He was a built-in of SC. [Worsham, p. 48]

MCKINZIE (MCKINSEY), B. F. Co. L, 36TN; Co. L, 35TNEnl. Jan. 9, 1862 at Chatt.; fought at Murfreesboro; blood-soaked in duke at Chickamauga.

MCLEMORE, William H. Co. A, 1TNBorn 1845 in Tenn. From Tullahoma and the son of Sterling Jackson McLemore, he enl. in spring, 1861 in 1TN, then, afterwards the 1862 reorganization, reenl. in McClung’s Battery, acceptable baker and acting lieutenant. Fought at Fishing Creek, Shiloh, Vicksburg, Baton Rouge, afresh in East Tenn and southwest VA. In Activity of Greeneville and beforehand on Knoxville. Captured in action at Morristown and not appear until June, 1865. Afterwards the war he formed in merchandizing and the barge business, afresh was appointed postmaster of Tullahoma. He came to Chatt. breadth he served abounding years as agent in the Read House. Episcopalian. Died Jan. 29, 1912, age 69, in Chatt. and alive FH.[1910HC]

MCMAHON, JohnServed in CSA cav. Res., 1920 in HC. [TP14,889]

MCMAHON, THOMAS Co. B, 19th GABorn May, 1820 in Mohal Parish, Canton Leftrian, Ireland, he emigrated to NY in 1845, afresh came to Chatt. in 1852 breadth he prospered as a stonecutter. Enl. 1861: Bull Run, the Peninsula Campaign, Malvern Hill, Chantilly, the Wilderness, Cold Harbor, Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania and Bentonville. He alternate to Chatt. breadth he died Feb. 25, 1901. [CT Feb. 26.01]

MCMILLIN, Christopher [Clint] C. Co. E, 4ALSon of D. C. McMIllin. Memphis and Charleston RR. [NBFM7]

MCMILLIN, G. H. Co. I, 5th (McKenzie’s) TN Cav.Enl. July 19, 1862 at Shiloh. Age 18 on March 11, 1864. Captured Sept. 9, 1863 at Cumberland Gap. Was called and “wishes to booty adjuration and abide in the north,” but not appear from bastille until May 17, 1865 at Affected Douglas, IL.

MCMILLIN, Thomas Paris Co. A, 2TN Cav. Bn.Born Feb. 20, 1844 in Chatt., son of D. C. McMillin and brother of Christopher C., David C. and W. W. Alive by E. TN and GA RR. Enl. at Cleveland, TN, 1861. Afterwards war alternate to RR work: Alabama and Chatt. and afterwards N. C. & St. L. Methodist. Died in Atlanta, Oct. 14, 1930 and alive FH. [NBFM6]

MCMURRY, Christopher Columbus Co. H, 15NC; 7Bn., NC Cav.Born April 28, 1840 in Alamance Co., NC. Enl. at Graham, NC in Co. H, 15NC. Additionally served in Co. F, 2NC Bn. Blood-soaked at Dam #1, Warick Creek abreast Yorktown, April 16, 1862. Abutting Co. E, 7Bn., NC Cav on July 15, 1862. He transferred to Co. D, 6th Bn., NC Cav., Aug. 3, 1863 and was present through Nov., 1864 and “served adjoin Sherman in 1865.” Paroled as 2Lt. April 29, 1865 in Chattam Co., NC. Affiliated (1865) Laura Taylor. To Chatt. in 1898. Res. on 11th St. in 1901 and formed as a tinner. Died at his home on Missionary Ridge Oct. 27, 1918 and was alive in Citizens Cem. [CT Oct. 8.1918; TWP, 201; NBFM2; Manarin, NC Soldiers]

MCMURRY, Francis Goulding Co. B, 23ALBorn Muscogee Co., GA, Feb. 27, 1842, son of a Presbyterian minister. Aboriginal accessory of B. L. Goulding. Enl. summer, 1861 in Macon Co., AL in aggregation which his ancestor was captain. Vicksburg, Atlanta Campaign. Wife was Emma A. To Chatt. in 1905. Died at res. on Tucker St., Feb. 23, 1 925 and alive CSA Cem. [1910HC;NBFM7; TP 13,139; CT Feb. 24, 1925]

MCNABB, Aaron S. Co. D, 37TNBorn 1843 in GA, son of Nancy. Day laborer in Chatt. who enl. March 18, 1863 in Catoosa Co., GA. Capt. Missionary Ridge, Nov. 25, 1863 and imp. Rock Island.

MCNABB, Nathaniel Pinckney Co. D, 36TNBorn Feb. 22, 1839, son of Alford W. and Susannah Ramsey McNabb who went from Carter Canton to Bradley County, TN. He was training to be a doctor aback the war bankrupt out. Enlisted at Cleveland Dec. 17, 1861 in Capt. John N. Dunn’s Co. D. He was a doctor at Georgetown for several years afterwards the war, afresh confused to Big Bounce in Meigs County. Postmaster at Big Bounce and helped absorb the Big Bounce Academy. Owned dry appurtenances food at Big Bounce and Lamontville and a accouter abiding in Dayton. Affiliated Mary Anna Matilda Soloman, 1867. He died March 1918 and is alive at Beta Cem., Meigs County.[JWilson McNabb Family; CT March, 1919]

MCNELLY, Patrick Co. D, 4th (12th) Georgia Cav.Born in Ireland about 1835. He farmed abreast Chatt. until enl. Oct. 4, 1862. Capt. at Missionary Ridge, Nov. 25, 1863 and beatific to Louisville, Ky., breadth he was absolved on Dec. 8, 1863.[1860HC]MCNULTY, Peter Cutting Co. B, Charleston German Arty.Born 1847 Georgetown, SC and enl. there. Afterwards war to Rome, GA breadth he lived till advancing to Chatt. in 1886 and aperture a accouterment abundance which he operated abounding years. Affiliated (1874) Elizabeth B. Samuel. Baptist. Died Oct. 8, 1922 and alive in Rome.[TWP, 288; 1910HC;CT Oct. 9, 1922]

MCPHERSON, Edgar P. Co. F, 19NCBorn March 1, 1843 in Cheraw Dist., SC. Was apprentice at time he enl. at Laurel Hill, NC, May 18, 1861. Present throughout until capt. Spotsylvania Courthouse, May 12, 1864 and bedfast Pt. Lookout, MD until transf. to Elmira, NY breadth he remained until paroled June 21, 1865. Alive in Hill City. Died “in acute poverty,” April, 1896 (perhaps Feb. 23, 1906) and alive in FH. [NBFM2; FHR; NBFM2; NC Regts. 6:373]

MCREE, Lt. Robert Clark, Jr. Co H, 4TN Cav. (McLemore’s)Born 1838 in TN. 1860 account law beneath John L. Hopkins and res. in Hopkins hh. Allotment affiliate of NBF Camp, 1885.

MCROBERTS, Reuben M. Co. D, 37TNEnl. Jan. 1, 1862, Knoxville. Prom. to 2d Sgt., Feb. 7, 1864. Capt. on barricade duty, July 20, 1864. abreast Atlanta and imp. Point Lookout.

MCROY, Anderson Co. D, 37TNEnl. Jan. 28, 1863, Chatt. Absent ailing from July 8, 1863. Bare from hospital in Chatt. and alone from roll.

MCROY, J. C. Co. D, 37TNEnl. Jan. 28, 1863, Chatt. Conscript. Bare from Catoosa Springs,Jan. 29, 1863.

MCROY, Thomas J. Co. D, 37TNEnl. Jan. 28, 1863, Chatt. Conscript. Bare from Catoosa Springs,Jan. 29, 1863.*N

NABORS, B. F. Co. D, 4GA Cav.James Simpson went as his substitute.

NABORS, Sgt. William H. Co. D, 4GA Cav.He enl. Oct. 4, 1862, at Chatt.. He was appear absent afterwards leave and declared to be in the adversary curve on April 30, 1863.

NAGLE, David Co. F, 35TNBorn c1818. Enl. Sept. 20, 1862., Chatt. Blood-soaked Chickamauga, Sept. 20, 1863 and hospitalized. Had alternate by Jan., 1864.

NAIL, J. K. Co. K, 43TNDied in hospital in Loudon, TN during war.

NAIL, Lt. Nicholas Pope Co. A, 19TNBorn April 28, 1822 in Bledsoe Co., son of John and Fannie Nail. He grew up in the Sequatchie Valley abreast Pikeville and had lived at Bradley Canton above-mentioned to advancing to Chatt. in 1853. His aboriginal wife was Susan, and his additional wife was Georgie Anna Kemper of Giles Co. whom he affiliated in 1856. He was a tinner by trade.He took allotment in the advancement in eastern KY beneath Gen. Zollicoffer in 1861 and in the Activity of Fishing Creek, breadth his regiment opened the activity by advancing a above force. Originally a wagonmaster, Nail won a agency as 2Lt. and alternate in the battles of Shiloh and those about Corinth in the backward bounce of 1862. In the activity of Baton Rouge, Aug. 5, 1862, he was attempt through the back and the larboard forearm. Aback the surgeon was clumsy to abolish the ball. Nail had to abide his abandonment and was replaced by addition Hamilton Countian, Richard P. James. Afterwards he alternate home, he was arrested by Federal authorities and answerable with apartment Confederate spies at his home. He was appear and his home on Missionary Ridge was active by Accepted Bragg who warned the Nail ancestors to abscond aloof above-mentioned to the Missionary Ridge fighting. The ancestors refugeed to Columbus, GA.Nail had a stove and tinware business on lower MarketStreet afterwards the war and served as burghal marshal. A allotment affiliate of the Walnut Street Christian Church, he survived until March 3, 1902. He was agitated by the affliction of his war injuries and he had absent his apparition and was an invalid at the time of his death.[CSA Mil. Hist. 10:641-42; Worsham, p. 185; CTJan. 19, 1917; JWilson Nail Family; TP 16, 176;1860HC]

NAIL, William Stanford Co. A, 5GABorn in 1849 at Cleveland, Tenn., he was the son of Nicholas Pope Nail and his aboriginal wife, Susan. At age 16 he enl. the aftermost year of the war afterwards his ancestors had refugeed to Columbus, GA. He was in the engagements in and about Atlanta and at Macon. He was at Savannah six weeks, afresh was captured and paroled in May 1865.He alternate to Chatt. and affiliated Mollie Gray in 1871. They resided at 1022 Peachtree St. in Ridgedale. He was a agent sheriff in 1917 aback he accidentally was attempt in the bottom and it had to be amputated. [JWilson Nail family, TP 16,176;1910HC]

NAPIER, William Co. H, 37TN

NASSAUER, Lewis (Lee) Co. K, 1TN (Field’s)Born March 4, 1839 in Germany. To Tenn. in 1857. Enl. May 2, 1861 in Pulaski, TN. Blood-soaked in arch at Cheat Mtn., Merchant in Chatt., 1904. [NBFM2; TP6231]

NATION, William Walker “Bill” Co. C, 16SC Cav. Bn.Born Spartanburg, SC, 1845. Enl. 1864. Paroled Kingston, GA, May, 1865. To TN, 1902. Res. Chatt., 1910. [TP12,126]

NATIONS, J. A. Co. G, 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSA (GA)Enl. July 8, 1861., Knoxville. Ailing in Cumberland City, Feb. 12, 1862. Alone to Sappers and Miners, May 19, 1863.

NATIONS, J. N. Co. G, 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSA (GA)Enl. Aug. 28, 1861., Knoxville. Ailing in Cumberland City, Feb. 12, 1862. Alone to Sappers and Miners, May 19, 1863

NAVE, Isaac Co. K, 61TN MIBorn c1833, TN. Railroad bang-up at Zion Hill with wife Susan [1860HC]

NAVE, William R. Clark’s Independent Cav. Co.Born 1839 in TN, son of James and Martha of Chickamauga, TN.

NEAL, James R. Co. K, 43TNEnl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; Died March 28, 1862 at hospital in Loudon, TN. [Lindsley, 528; Aiken 1886:528]

NEAL, Ralph J. Sgt. Co. E, 20TN1903 in HC. [TP4995]

NELMS, 1Lt. John W. Co. D, 37th TN; Co. A, 10KY Cav.Born in McDonough, GA, June 19, 1838, he was the son of Allenson Nelms and Frances Melvina Williams. The ancestors confused to Texas aback he was an infant, afresh Henry Co., TN. He affiliated (Dec., 1860) Emma Marlin in Nashville and they resided in Chatt. breadth he formed for the RR. He aloft Co. D, but banned to serve as its captain. He fought at Fishing Creek, Shiloh and Corinth and afresh was absolved May 5, 1862. He aloft addition company, Co. A, 10th Kentucky Cavalry, and served beneath Gen. John Hunt Morgan, accommodating in Morgan’s aftermost arrest and the fights at Mount Sterling and Cynthiana. He larboard TN and acclimatized in Campbell Co., GA which he represented in the legislature, afresh became “keeper” of the accompaniment penitentiary, afresh U.S. align for N. GA. He additionally served as ambassador of West End, GA, canton abettor and sheriff of Fulton County. He affiliated his additional wife, Lillie Lee, in 1881. [Evans, CSA 8:881-83.]

NELSON, David W. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter’s).Before the war, he lived with his parents, John and Rebecca Nelson, on a acreage at Connected Savannah. The Nelsons were from NC. He was built-in about 1842. He was assigned as a teamster, accepting pay of 25 cents per day.

NELSON, M. A. Co. B, 11TNBorn Sept. 22, 1838 in Bedford Co., TN. Enl. May 12, 1861 and rose from pvt. to 1st Sgt. Blood-soaked at Jonesboro and Franklin. Saloon babysitter in Chatt., 1890. Confused to Nashville, 1891.[NBFM2]

NETTER, Patrick Co. A, 4TN Cav.; Co. F, 35TNEnl. 35TN Oct. 21, 1862, Knoxville. Died in hosp. in Chatt., Jan. 15, 1863.

NEVILLE, Benjamin Franklin Co. A, 1TN; 4TN Cav.Born Jan 19, 1844 in Franklin Co., TN. Enl. at Pelham May 10, 1861 in 1TN. ANV. Additionally served in 4TN Cav. Blood-soaked at Ft. Donelson and capt. abreast Resaca, GA and imp. Affected Douglas. Appear May 17, 1865. Railroader and absolute acreage in Chatt. Methodist. Died Nov. 24, 1925 in Dalhart, TX and alive there. [NBFM2,8]

NEWELL, Capt. J. D. S. Co. C, 4LA Cav.; Bondurant’s Co., 15LA Enl. Aug. 29, 1861 in R.C. Woods 14LA Cav. Bn. “Distinguished officer” who fought at Manassas, Shiloh, Mansfield and Pleasant Hill. He died c1895. His wife, Nannie C. was built-in Nov. 2, 1844 in Clarksville, TN and died in Chatt. July 18, 1915 and was alive in Vicksburg, MS. [CT July 19.1915]

NEWMAN, 1Sgt. Thomas W. “Slade” Co. F, 35TNBorn Feb. 26, 1825 in Knox Co., he was a merchant at Chatt. until he enl. Nov. 19, 1862. Paroled Greensboro, May 1, 1865. Dejected eyes, aphotic hair, fair cmpx. and 5’10’. His wife was Phoebe. 1870 dry appurtenances merchant in Chatt. Resided St. Elmo, 1891. NBF Camp. Died Dec. 25, 1915 at his home on Pearl St. and alive CSA Cem. [CT Dec. 26, 915; NBFM2,7]

NEWMAN, William T. Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby’s) Sgt.-1Lt.Born June 23, 1843 in Knoxville, he was the son of Henry B. Newman. By 1860 adolescent Newman was a law agent in Chatt. alive in the hh of advocate John A. Minnis. Aback TN seceded Newman aboriginal abutting the Lookout Rangers, afresh transferred to Co. H, 2TN Cav. in which he rose to 2Lt. and fought at Fishing Creek, Perryville, Murfreesboro and in Pegram’s Kentucky arrest in which he was blood-soaked and captured. Imp. Affected Chase and Johnson’s Island. Afterwards his barter Newman fought at Chickamauga, Wheeler’s Tennessee arrest and the Atlanta campaign, accident his arm in the activity of Jonesboro, July 30, 1864. Afterwards the war, he alternate to Knoxville, afresh confused to Atlanta to resume the abstraction of law. He became burghal advocate for Atlanta in 1871 and in 1886 was appointed federal adjudicator for N. GA. He affiliated Fanny Alexander Percy. [Evans, CSA, 8:888-89.]

NEWTON, Judson J. Co. K, 43TNBorn 1846 in McMinn Co., he enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863; paroled and absolved Sept. 21, 1863 for actuality beneath age. Aphotic complexion, atramentous hair, atramentous eyes, 5’10” tall.

NICHOL, J. W.Captain of cavalry, CSA. Above Chatt. Died at 76 yrs. in Murfreesboro, TN, Sept. 14, 1915. [CT Sept. 15, 1915]


NICHOLS, Jasper N. Co. K, 4GA Cav. (Avery’s)Born in Catoosa Co., GA in 1844. Enl. Oct. 25, 1862. Listed as accepting bare Aug. 17, 1864, but claimed he had become ill in July, 1864 and was bedfast at hospitals until end of war. To TN about 1875. In 1906 residing at Apison, James Co. Agriculturalist in James, 1910 with wife Mary J. (m. 1869)[TP8060]

NICHOLS, J. S.Resided abreast Parker’s Gap. Methodist. Mason. Died March, 1916, age 70, and alive West View Cem. [CT March 15, 1916]

NICHOLS, JackBorn 1828, Ark. 1910 res. hh niece Maggie Carter, Curtiss St.

NICHOLSON, James V. (R.?) Co. K, 43TNEnl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; bare March 3, 1862.

NICKOLL, Isaac D.Died Nov. 1, 1906 in Ridgedale. 67 yrs. Alive Christiana, TN.

NIGHT, 3Lt. Meritt Co. H, 37TNBorn 1844; Enl. Sept. 1, 1861 at Knoxville; beneath arrest Jan. 10, 1863-April, 1863; bare Sept. 9, 1863. Took USA adjuration Sept. 23, 1863; enl. in 11KY Cav., USA; DK cmplx, Blond hr; Amber eyes; 6’1 1/2.”

NISBET, Col. James CooperBorn Macon, GA, Sept. 26, 1839 he lived abounding years in Trenton, GA. Col. 66GA Inf. and Capt. 21 GA. Nisbet blood-soaked at Cold Harbor and Sharpsburg. Capt. Atlanta, July 22, 1864, imp. Johnson’s Island, and not paroled until Sept, 1865. See Nisbet’s Memoirs, Four Years on the Firing Line. He affiliated Mary E. Adolescent and afterwards (1882) Louise W. Bailey, a “well accepted columnist of chance stories,” who abounding Christ Church. Additionally affiliated Jennie Cooper (died 1918). JCN to Chatt. 1905 and formed in office, Acme Kitch. Furniture Co. Presbyterian. He died at his abode in Chatt. May 20, 1917 and was alive in CSA Cem. [CT May 21, 1917; LWBN’s obit=CT May 24, 1918; TWP, p. 193; NBFM2; TP13,194]

NIX, Capt. JOE JOHN Co. B, 31AL Inf.Born in Wetumpka, AL, July 24, 1839. Affiliated (1863) Maggie C. Wisdom in HC. Died Jan. 16, 1900, Fort Payne, AL and alive in Citizens Cemetery.

NOLAN, Robert [NBFM4]

NOLAND, Dr. James F. Co. K, 5SC Cav.Born Union Dist., SC, 1837. Enl. 1861; paroled Greensboro, NC, April 26, 1865. Affiliated Ione Sadler (Oct., 1865). To TN in 1898. Died Feb. 17, 1907 in Rossville (P.O. Rossville but res. in HC) and alive CSA Cem., Chatt. [CT Feb. 27, 1907; TP7308]

NOONE, John J. Fisher’s Arty. Co.Born c1842 in Ireland. Affiliated Mary S. Anon afterwards the war alive by N & C Railroad as architect and remained one until his death, April 8, 1914 at his home on West 14th. Alive Mt. Olivet. [CT April 9, 1914]

NORMAN, Dr. J. W.Res. 1913 in Denver, CO. [TP 14,159]

NORMAN, John Co. I, 19TNBorn Oct. 16, 1843 in HC, son of Joshua and Nancy, who came from NC to HC in backward 1830’s. Res. 1860 in hh of J.H. Todd. Enl. Apr., 1861 in Walker Co., GA. Disch. July 23, 1862, underage. Enl. afresh July 10, 1863, Chatt. Blood-soaked at Kennesaw Mtn. by allotment of carapace which disabled him for butt of war and from which he suffered till death. Illiterate. Affiliated (1869) Rhoda J. Amber and died Oct. 29, 1905, HC and alive Concord Baptist Church. [TWP, p. 24; TP2517]

NORMAN, W. J. Co. D, 4GA Cav.Enl. Oct. 4, 1862, at Chatt.

NORMAN, William Co. I, 19TNSon of Joshua and Nancy of HC and earlier brother of John. Enl. May 20, 1861, Knoxville. Deserted, afresh “returned from desertion,” April 15, 1863. Capt. at Chickamauga, Sept. 20, 1863 and beatific to Louisville breadth he took USA oath, Oct. 14, 1863 and enl. in 11KY Cav. (USA). Affiliated Elizabeth Cogburn and they lived in Tyner.

NORMAN, Sgt. William C. (J.?) Co. K, 43TNHe enl. Oct. 17, 1861, at Ooltewah. He died April 3, 1862, in Knoxville. [Brooks gives afterlife date as March 4, 1862] Afore the war, he and his wife, Sarah J., had a acreage at Limestone arctic of Harrison. His parents were Henry and Judith Norman, who were from NC. William Norman was built-in about 1838. [Lindsley, 528]

NORMENT, Sgt. William Thomas 1st Co., Washington Arms of New OrleansBorn Nov. 23, 1838 in Rapides, LA and res. of Shreveport. Enl. May 26, 1861, 1WA. Capt. at Appomatox Apr. 9, 1865 as sgt. Paroled at Jackson, MS in May, 1865. He relocated in Chatt., acceptable a bookkeeper and a affiliate of NBF Camp. Died actuality June 26, 1890, accepting been nursed by J. N. Payne, “both accepting belonged to the Washington Artillery.” Alive CSA Cem. [NBFM2]

NORTON, John Columbus Co. B, 39GABorn Whitfield Co., GA, Mch. 28, 1842. Afterwards war was Ordinary of Whitfield afresh confused to Atlanta and formed with IRS, afresh to Dalton and assuredly to Chatt. in 1903. Bookkeeper, broad tobacco, 1910. Affiliated Annie Sarah Wert (1877). Died in Chatt. Oct. 27, 1918 and alive West View Cem. [1910HC; CT Oct. 27, 1918]

NUNLEY, Cpl. H. J. Co. L, 36TNEnl. Jan. 9, 1862, at Chatt..

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