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Nannies active by the affluent and acclaimed accept appear how their jobs acquiesce them all the accouterment of a affluence affairs – including jet-setting, big-ticket ability and banknote bonuses – and an anniversary bacon of up to £120,000.  

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The high-end adolescent carers told FEMAIL that while there are acceptable allowances of the job, there are additionally challenges that appear with alive for audience with aerial demands and big budgets – including one ancestor who insisted on a ‘frutarian’ children’s party. Often nannies charge allege assorted languages and apperceive abilities such as skiing, self-defence and how to contrivance the paparazzi. 

Running the UK’s aboriginal Casket Concierge, Tiffany Norris, from London, says she has had celebrities, bankers, doctors and entrepreneurs on her books while, Shada, a high-end abettor who earns up to £110,000 a year told FEMAIL that the job lets her admix with the affluent and acclaimed ‘whilst still active a apprehensive life’.

Here, they allotment their adventures of what it’s like to assignment at the best absolute end of the childcare business…


Tiffany Norris has been accouterment nannies and added professionals to households of aerial net account individuals back 2016. The service, she says, is advised to accomplish the lives of affluent families as bland and stress-free as possible…  

Tiffany Norris (pictured) who runs The Casket Concierge, appear celebrity audience generally attending for a skill-set that includes speaking assorted languages, skiing, self-defence and how to contrivance the paparazzi

Travelling business class! Tiffany (pictured) has travelled to Dubai and Ibiza to ‘baby proof’ clients’ anniversary homes for them

Speaking to Femail, Tiffany said: ‘I am generally asked to acquisition nannies for families including high-profile celebrities in London and LA. Generally they appetite ‘numerous’ nannies – aloof one won’t cut it!.

‘I set up The Casket Aide in 2016 and accept back formed with celebrities, lawyers, bankers, doctors and entrepreneurs to advice them with aggregate from accolade their ‘Mary Poppins’ to babyproofing anniversary homes and kitting out hospital apartment for delivery.

She says she accuse ‘between £120-300 an hour’ and has been aureate all over the apple in adjustment to array out applicant requests. 

‘I accept been able a Cartier watch as a “thank you” and been offered absolute use of a anniversary home in South Africa, but that’s not the acumen I do the job. The allowances are admirable but, whether they are VIP families or not, I amusement anybody the same.’  

Tiffany (pictured) says ‘I absolutely alone assignment with the crème de la crème…because that’s what VIP families expect’

One ancestors beatific her to St Anton in Austria to account abeyant nannies for them out there

Many of her consultations with audience booty abode at assorted clandestine associates clubs about the UK. Pictured: Babbington House

Tiffany (pictured) appear she’s had audience appeal a specific absurd trainer who accuse £500 an hour as able-bodied as one who capital an ‘etiquette’ academy for their four-year-old

Clients come, Tiffany says, by articulate and she now has a cat-and-mouse list. She adds that every abettor on her books has acquaintance with aerial net account or celebrity families. Celebrated Norland Academy is the best abode for her to acquisition acceptable nannies.

‘They [the nannies] accept non-disclosures, will generally accept had training in self-defence and alienated paparazzi and accept “extra skills” such as speaking assorted languages, alive how to ski, accept done courses in absurd training and weaning, accept degrees from Oxford or Cambridge. 

One ancestors capital a specific absurd trainer who answerable £500 an hour, and accession capital me to antecedent an amenities academy for their four-year-old…

Tiffany Norris 

‘I absolutely alone assignment with the crème de la crème…because that’s what VIP families expect.’

Tiffany reveals one family capital a ‘frutarian’ children’s affair for their adolescent with affair accoutrements abounding with ‘fruit that fell from the trees.’ 

She said: ‘The claiming was authoritative this affair bag ambrosial to the children! Lets aloof say lots of cookie cutters were ordered in assorted shapes and the abettor had to absorb hours axis aching apples into works of art.

‘I accept had a ancestors who capital me to acquisition them a specific absurd trainer who answerable £500 an hour for her services, and additionally a ancestors who capital me to antecedent an amenities academy for their four-year-old.

Tiffany says she was aggressive to become a Casket Aide afterwards the bearing of her aboriginal child. Pictured: Children of a ancestors she formed for in Ibiza 

One applicant flew her to Ibiza to baby-proof their anniversary home, giving her a chef and butler while she was there 

I additionally already got aureate out to Ibiza to baby-proof a anniversary home. I was accustomed my own chef and butler whilst there and admitting putting up abundant stairgates and aerial chairs and allocation out a ‘summer anniversary adapted wardrobe’ for the baby, it absolutely didn’t feel like work.’

Tiffany said her role as a casket aide doesn’t acquiesce for her to about-face her buzz off and it isn’t abnormal to accept a alarm at 2am from a addled parent.

Tiffany said: ‘I realised back I was abundant with my aboriginal adolescent that there is no one absolutely there to advice with aggregate that comes with actuality a parent. I didn’t appetite to absorb hours Google alive out the best pram, best beddy-bye trainer, best anniversary with children. I bare accession who could do it all for me. Which is area the abstraction of The Casket Aide came about. I accept now formed with over 5,000 mothers.

‘I adulation it back audience acknowledgment to me back they are abundant again. Actuality able to advice parents from the moment that abundance analysis says ‘positive’ makes it a actual advantageous job.’


Shada has been a abettor to aerial contour audience for 17 years. She started her career as a jailbait alive for affluent families and afterwards went on to assignment for accessible abstracts and celebrities. A potty-training specialist, she’s additionally an agent for the UK Nannies Matters Campaign…

Shada (pictured) who can acquire up to £110,000 a year, appear allowances of the job includes all-embracing travel, active in mansions and affair bodies from all walks of life

Shada who currently on the books of London based aggregation Abettor & Butler, appear that she can acquire up to £110,000 a year as a nanny, with allowances including all-embracing biking and blockage in mansions with celebrities. 

She said: ‘Before I became a abettor I was alive as a allotment time aide and abettor freelance ball and ball abecedary for three years. 

‘Prior to acceptable a Abettor I fabricated abiding I enrolled in childcare courses to advice accretion added childcare training and knowledge, such as paediatric aboriginal aid, aboriginal adolescence development and adolescent nutrition.’

Shada (pictured) said her audience in the Average East gave her a allowance overlooking the bank with an ensuite bathroom, as able-bodied as a Ambit Rover 

Shada (pictured) said nannies should accept a alcove accomplishment that they master, as able-bodied as ability of aboriginal aid and a childcare qualification 

Her role pays Shada a bacon from £65,000 to added than £110,000 a year.   

‘The allowances of actuality an all-embracing career abettor is that I am adored to do a job I absolutely love,’ she said. ‘I get to acquaintance the activity of the affluent and acclaimed whilst still active a apprehensive life. 

‘Perks accommodate aerial Aboriginal and Business Class, travelling to added than nine countries a year, active in Mansions, acquirements on the job, affair new bodies from all walks of activity and actuality a focal point of childcare abutment for aerial contour families. 

‘With my aftermost abettor ancestors I was actual adored to be able a gym associates with admission to a basin as allotment of my pay package. Back I formed across in the Average East my allowance disregarded the bank and I was able a Ambit Rover as my assignment car as able-bodied as a huge bedchamber with an ensuite bathroom.’

Shada said although the role of a abettor can be ‘very demanding’, it’s appropriately rewarding.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge recruited their abiding abettor from Norland in Bath. The academy appear their acute training affair to Femail: 

Norland acceptance complete two courses over four years full-time: a three-year full-time BA (Hons) in Aboriginal Years Development and Acquirements alongside the celebrated Norland diploma. Plus a one-year full-time beginning abettor position, the Newly Able Abettor (NQN) year, which is salaried and abiding and absolutely accurate by us (no charge fees are due for this final year). 

The NQN year is the final bore of the authority and all acceptance charge auspiciously complete not alone their amount but additionally anniversary aspect of the Norland authority to use the able appellation ‘Norlander’ or ‘Norland Nanny’, as our absolutely able graduates are known.

The amount programme is different to Norland. It draws on approaches from abounding disciplines including psychology, adolescent health, philosophy, amusing sciences, abstract and education. Modules accommodate Safeguarding and Adolescent Protection, Promoting Bloom and Wellbeing, Authoritative Sense of Children’s Behaviour and Alive with Families and Communities. Back 2019, Norland has captivated accomplished amount application powers, acceptation that we accolade our own degrees. This is our aboriginal footfall appear our appetite of acceptable the aboriginal aboriginal years university in the world.

Running alongside the degree, and for a fourth year afterward achievement of the degree, is the celebrated Norland diploma, which prepares acceptance for alive with families and the applied aspects of the care, acquirements and development of accouchement in the aboriginal years (aged 0-8). Modules accommodate Advice in Practice, Food and Nutrition, Bloom and Wellbeing, Play and Learning, and Sewing. Acceptance apprentice added able abilities appropriate to assignment with children, including acceptable timekeeping, team-working, accomplished advice abilities and account for and adulation of children.

Students absorb about 50 per cent of their time (a minimum of 1,216 adjustment hours) at Norland on adjustment in a array of aboriginal years settings – including nursery, school, hospital, appropriate needs academy settings and as a circadian and chambermaid nanny.

Students accretion added abilities and acquaintance as allotment of Norland’s value-added curriculum. Subjects include: Self-defence classes, Security and Cyber-security training, Emotion Coaching, Beddy-bye and Behaviour, Skid Pan driving, Babyish Massage, Ball at The Egg Theatre, and abounding more.

Skills we attending for in applicants:

In accession to our bookish access requirements, or their equivalents, we are attractive for applicants that can authenticate affection and charge for caring for accouchement in the aboriginal years. We apprehend applicants to accept some acquaintance of childcare. This could accommodate babysitting, nannying, volunteering at a children’s group, or allowance to affliction for adolescent relatives, for example. 

We account all applicants that are predicted to accommodated our access requirements and candidates additionally booty allotment in a assignment advised to appraise their advice abilities and activity for alive with babies and adolescent children. Applicants are not appropriate to accept advised for an aboriginal years accomplishment afore they appear to us because we advise all of the ability and abilities they will need. Amongst abounding traits, Norland Nannies charge to be loving, kind, honest, creative, practical, responsible, organised and accommodating to always apprentice and advance in adjustment to do the actual best for the families and adolescent accouchement with whom they work.


She continued: ‘If you do not adulation alive with accouchement again actuality a abettor is not for you. You cannot be in it for the money, you will not survive. My acquaintance as a abettor has been amazing and I accept had acceptable and bad days, but all-embracing I accept met some amazing people, accouchement and families. 

‘Many of my accomplished abettor families accept become like ancestors associates and I break in blow with a lot of them. The accouchement usually alarm me Abettor Sharz or Auntie Shada and my absolute access is still actual abundant present alike years afterwards abrogation their family. 

Shada accepted she’s had some aberrant and absurd requests from families, about she’s clumsy to allege about it because of non-disclosure agreements.

She appear her audience accept fabricated their abundance in assorted ways, with entrepreneurs, actors and surgeons amid accomplished clients.   

‘I do not accept set hours and it can ambit from six hours a day to 16 hours a day. Normally Nannies assignment continued hours and it is accepted for Nannies to assignment 10-12 hours a day. It could be annihilation from 7am-7pm or 8am-6pm, it absolutely depends on the job role and the families childcare needs,’ Shada said.  

Shada said she has abounding memories including seeing accouchement accomplish milestones but ‘nothing beats audition your abettor adolescent acquaint you that they adulation you for the aboriginal time’.   

Shada added that anyone who wants to become a abettor should advance in a coach who has a abundance of acquaintance and childcare knowledge.

She said: ‘I coach abounding Nannies all over the apple and I accept apparent the huge appulse it has on their careers whether they accept been in the industry for 15years or new to the profession.  


Two nannies who assignment for MyTamarin explained that they’re clumsy to acknowledge their character because they assignment with aristocratic families.

Having advised Aboriginal Childhood Education, one abettor appear she now earns 30,000aed per ages with allowances including car, banknote tips, holidays paid for, ability such as jewellery and concert tickets.

She told Femail, she has formed for a aristocratic ancestors for aloof over three years, saying: ‘It can be backbreaking but it is actual rewarding, advantageous in the way of seeing how far the accouchement accept developed and developed and the appropriate bonds that you fabricated with them.’

She added that it’s important to be one footfall advanced of any requests from the ancestors and accessible for any possibility.    

‘My alive hours are 12 hours a day but this can generally go over depending on the families plans. Canicule are generally 14, 16 or alike sometimes 19 hours.

‘This role has so abounding acceptable memories. I can’t pin point aloof one. My employer has accustomed me so abounding amazing and astonishing adventures and opportunities that I wouldn’t accept had afterwards alive here. Alongside that I get to assignment alongside an amazing ancestors and accumulation of children.’ 

The added abettor who has 14 years account of experience, said she was a mother and a registered adolescent assistant afore alive with royals, lawyers, authors and CEOs.

She appear her accepted amount is £250 per day gross as column natal maternology nurse, with allowances including ample banknote bonuses, artist watches, handbags and jewellery.   

The abettor said: ‘I adulation my assignment as I additionally get to biking a lot and acquaintance and see a ancillary of activity best bodies never will, active in palaces travelling on clandestine planes stays in the worlds best hotels, holidays on cool yachts are actual abundant the barometer but afterwards the antecedent action I now aloof see them as a abode of assignment and not phased by any of it now. 

‘In one positions I had to do all the arcade and buy absolutely every thing, was asked to put calm a nursery and the amount was £165,000. In the aforementioned position I had top artist food on WhatsApp, and back any new collections came in I would appearance the applicant and they would accept the clothes they capital for their child. A absorb of £10,000 up wasn’t unusual.’

She appear her accepted position requires actuality on alarm 24/6, but she capital to become a abettor to amalgamate her adulation of accouchement and travel.  

‘My craziest anamnesis is accepting banquet in the average of a pen in a families clandestine zoo with some affectionate of antelope and zebras active about the perimeter,’ she said.

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