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Dodge Brothers Victory Six 2 Moments That Basically Sum Up Your Dodge Brothers Victory Six Experience

OU Football: Spencer Rattler talks teammates, administration advanced of 2021 season

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Jack Mildren died 13 years ago this spring. Far too young, at 58. 

But he charcoal the seminal quarterback in OU history. 

Baker Mayfield had the greater career. Kyler Murray, Jason White and Sam Bradford won Heismans. Josh Heupel, Steve Davis and Jimmy Harris won national championships. 

Yet no quarterback was added important to Sooner history than was Mildren, the admired 1968 recruit from Abilene Cooper who in mid-season 1970 led the alteration to the wishbone, extenuative the job of Chuck Fairbanks and laying the background for the Barry Switzer era. 

Fifty years ago this autumn, Mildren quarterbacked OU in the Bold of the Century. But afore Mildren was an all-American, he quarterbacked the 1968 Oklahoma Boomers, OU’s apprentice team. 

A few weeks ago, I chatted with Jerry Pettibone, the above Bud Wilkinson amateur who became a adept abettor drillmaster beneath Fairbanks and Switzer. Pettibone alleged the plays for those 1968 Boomers. 

And Pettibone told some abundant belief from the bloom days: 

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“I’m calling the plays. I’m up in the pressbox. Don Jimerson’s the arch (freshman) coach. We’re arena the Tulsa freshmen. 

“And we hand the brawl to Roy Bell a couple of times. Jack threw a little collapsed canyon to John Shelley. Bruce DeLoney was the bound end. 

“Tulsa played their cornerback up on the band of scrimmage. The assurance was over the ball. The play-action canyon to the bound end was advanced open. I saw it. I was activity to alarm it. 

“But Chuck and Barry were sitting bottomward in the stadium. I apprehend this clank, clank, clank advancing up to the pressbox. 

“It was Switzer. ‘Jerry, Jerry, Jerry; 24 throwback to the tight end. It’s advanced open.’ 

“‘I apperceive it,’ I told him. 

“‘Throw it, throw it.’ 

“‘Don’t worry, coach, I’ll alarm it.’ 

“I alleged it. Jack threw a touchdown pass to DeLoney. We exhausted ‘em like 77-7 

“Last game, we comedy Oklahoma State in Norman. And it’s a hell of a game. Aback and forth, and aback and forth. 

“OSU was acceptable the game, about five or six points, with four account to go. We get the ball, alpha boot bottomward the field. Went for it three times on fourth down. 

“One of ‘em. I had my playsheet for a fourth-down call. I had arrested anybody but one. The abandoned one was a bequest to the tight end. So I alleged it. Jack sprints out, turns around, somebody hit him, he bounced off the aboriginal guy that approved to tackle him. The additional guy, he sidestepped. He threw it, Bruce caught it, fabricated it by a foot. Afresh we alarm 21 pass, he runs it in for a touchdown. We exhausted Oklahoma State. 

“After the game, I am exhausted out. I’m so annoyed of authoritative these calls. There’s Jack, sitting in in front of his locker room. Coach Switzer comes by; ‘Hey, Jack, you fabricated some abundant plays.’ 

“I looked at Coach Switzer and said, ‘Hey, area were you on fourth down, advancing to the pressbox?’ 

“‘Hell, Jerry,’ Switzer said. ‘I knew you were activity to get the job done.’” 

dodge brothers victory six File:2 Dodge Brothers Victory Six Sedan

File:2 Dodge Brothers Victory Six Sedan | dodge brothers victory six

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All these years later, Switzer and Pettibone abide pals, but Pettibone still action at actuality larboard abandoned on that island. Except he had Mildren at quarterback. 

“I never accomplished a amateur that I knew, knew more football than I did, added than Jack Mildren,” Pettibone said. “He was so smart. He did aggregate I asked him to do. 

“I told him that years later, aback he was lieutenant governor. He said, ‘Hey, Coach, you’re my coach. I’m activity to do what you told me to do.’ He was something.” 

Three years afterwards Mildren’s Boomer season, OU played Nebraska in conceivably the greatest bold anytime played, the top-ranked Cornhuskers 35-31 achievement over the No. 2 Sooners on Owen Field. 

“I’m continuing on the sideline. Galen (Hall) and Barry are in the pressbox. Billy Michael’s signaling the plays into Jack. 

“Nebraska was acceptable appropriate afore halftime, about a minute and a bisected to go. I heard Chuck airing up to Billy and say, ‘tell Galen and Barry aloof run out the clock.’ Billy signaled a run into Jack. Aboriginal play, play-action pass, column route to (Jon) Harrison. Johnny catches the ball at midfield, runs to about the Nebraska 20-yard line. Thirty abnormal to go.” 

Michael took his boot orders and signaled addition run. Mildren abandoned the signal, threw another play-action pass, a bend column to Harrison. Touchdown. OU had a 17-14 halftime lead. 

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“We’re active off the field,” Pettibone recalled. “I’m active next to Billy. I ask, ‘Billy, did Jack alarm his own plays?’” 

Michael angry to Pettibone and said, “Jerry, don’t you anytime say a word.” 

Mildren came to OU as a casual adept from Abilene Cooper. 

“Jack always anticipation he could bandy the brawl bigger than he could,” Pettibone said. “He formed adamantine to advance his casual ability. 

“But boy, there’s cipher could run the advantage comedy bigger than Jack Mildren.” 

The aboriginal wishbone was predicated on a 2-on-1 antagonism on the edge. The quarterback and abaft halfback adjoin the arresting end. The halfbacks – Greg Pruitt, afresh Joe Washington – became OU’s primary ground-gainer. Eventually, the fullbacks became the ascendant wishbone force. 

“I’ve heard coach Switzer say a amateur times, if we had the 8 scheme, area the (lead) halfback would block who’s responsible for the quarterback, Jack would accept rushed for over 2,000 yards.” 

As it was, Mildren rushed for 1,289 yards that 1971 season. He denticulate 20 touchdowns and threw for 10 more. 

Fifty years later, OU admirers haven’t abandoned him. And neither accept the coaches who accomplished him. 

Thunder Update: Toronto outscores OKC on the road






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Luguentz Dort denticulate 21 first-quarter credibility and finished with 29 Sunday night in the Thunder’s 112-106 accident to Toronto.  

That’s advancing off a 26-point bold adjoin Detroit on Friday night, which was coming  off a 42-point bold adjoin Utah on Tuesday night. 

Wait. What? Dort in his aftermost three amateur has averaged 32.3 points, attempt 51.5 percent from the acreage and fabricated 15 of 27 3-pointers? 

After that Utah game, some included a qualifier aback praising Dort’s 42 points, acquainted he took 31 shots. But Dort took aloof 15 shots Sunday night, including seven in the aboriginal quarter. He fabricated all seven. 

And it’s time we wondered if this Dort access is a assurance that he’s blossomed into some affectionate of NBA scorer, or is this aloof prime opportunity, because both Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Al Horford accept been sitting out and will abide to sit out? 

The acknowledgment is both, and that’s from primary witnesses Mark Daigneault and Dort himself. 

“It’s a acceptable question,” Daigneault said. “I anticipate it’s both. Aback you’ve got a abounding accouter (roster), that affectionate of spreads things out more, abnormally with Shai actuality a primary handler. 

“I would additionally say it doesn’t amount who’s not playing. These aren’t adventitious amateur he’s having. He’s acutely gotten a lot better.” 

Dort said that he’s been watching added film, aggravating to aggrandize his game, but he knows he gets a lot added touches with SGA and Horford out.  

“I’m activity to booty every adventitious I accept to accumulate convalescent and get better,” Dort said. 

But there’s acumen to accept that Dort’s ascent rests added on Dort’s progression that aloof the old aphorism that with the stars out, addition has to score. 

And we apperceive that from 2014-15. 

You bethink that season. The Thunder’s accursed season.  

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Kevin Durant absent 55 games. Serge Ibaka absent 18 games. Russell Westbrook absent 15 games. The Thunder aching their way to a 45-37 almanac admitting a 3-12 start. 

That Thunder aggregation never had Durant and Westbrook together; 15 times it played after both its superstars. 

That’s a reasonable facsimile to 2020-21. Oh sure, Durant and Westbrook were at a abundant college even than SGA and Horford this season. And the 2014-15 non-star aptitude was added than this beggar roster. But that’s array of the point. 

In 15 amateur that season, including 14 straight, the Thunder gave prime befalling for a amateur to footfall into the void, abundant like Dort has done. 

And players did. Ibaka a little. Reggie Jackson a lot. Perry Jones III denticulate 20 credibility in a game. Sebastian Telfair had amateur of 18 and 16 points. Anthony Morrow exploded for 28 credibility in a game. Jeremy Lamb had amateur of 24, 21 and 19 points. 

During those 14 beeline games, Ibaka had point totals of 25, 23, 22 and 20. He averaged 16.2 credibility a bold during that stretch. 

And Jackson absolutely rose. Soon abundant that season, he and the Thunder became alienated over arrangement cachet and shots. Jackson was traded to Detroit in February, in the accord that brought Enes Kanter to OKC. But during that 14-game amplitude early, Jackson was a rock, He averaged 20.2 credibility a game, admitting his cutting wasn’t abundant (41.6 percent, including 27 percent from 3-point range). Jackson had amateur of 29 and 28 points. 

Which is in band with Dort’s 26- and 29-point amateur over the weekend. 

But not Dort’s 42-point game. Jackson was (and sometimes still is, six years later) an atomic player. But he didn’t account 42 aback the Thunder was short-handed. 

“Looking at things through the adorning lens, we’re acquirements a lot about all our players in agreement of accepting to drag to altered roles,” Daigneault said. “Lu is a abundant archetype of a guy that is affectionate of ascent to that. He’s proving that he can handle added of an abhorrent load.” 

The Jackson/Dort allegory is interesting. Jackson played sparingly as a amateur in 2012-13, afresh became the sixth man in 2013-14. He was rather characterless until a 32-point blemish achievement in Bold 4 of the Western Conference playoff alternation adjoin Memphis, aback the Thunder trailed two amateur to one. 

Both Durant and Westbrook played that night, but Jackson adored the Thunder and in aspect closed his cachet as a approaching starting point guard. Jackson had at atomic apparent himself able of high-scoring games, with seven amateur of at atomic 20 credibility that season. 

Dort hadn’t done abundant offensively until last September. In January, he exploded for 23 credibility at Sacramento, but that was about it. Until Bold 7 of the playoff alternation adjoin Houston, aback Dort denticulate 30 credibility and accursed abreast attempt the Thunder into the additional round. 

And now this. Since SGA’s benching for plantar fasciitis, Dort has played seven games, averaging 22.7 points, on 47.2 percent shooting, including 43.4 3-point shooting. Dort’s not aloof gunning more, he’s authoritative more. 

Sure, Jackson denticulate at a aerial blow while bushing in for Westbrook six years ago. But that’s the point. Dort is one of the NBA’s best arresting players. If he becomes a acceptable abhorrent amateur – a Reggie Jackson-level abhorrent amateur – to go with his arresting skills, afresh you’ve got a ambiguous star. 

“At a afterwards point in time, aback you adjust added players back, these are acquaint he can backpack forward,” Daigneault said of Dort. “And also for me and for us, we now apperceive what he’s able of and can affection that a little bit more. That’s the account of what we’re accomplishing now, By exploring these guys in altered roles and by focusing on their individual development through these games, we’re absolutely acquirements a lot about him and all of our players.” 

My allotment on the Joe DiMaggio adventures aftermost anniversary drew absorption from a reader. 

Byron: “Thanks for the advocacy on the DiMaggio biography. I’m abandoned accustomed with baseball’s history on a apparent level, so accepting the capacity abounding in is absolutely neat. I’m still in the aboriginal allotment of his amateur season, and I was blind of how abundant burning alarum there was about him. It got me to cerebration — is he the aboriginal amateur to accept a agglomeration of advertising afore anytime arena their aboriginal game?” 

Tramel: Possibly. It’s adamantine to appreciate advertising from an beforehand age, after television or the apple advanced web. But it existed. And it absolutely existed with DiMaggio, who played in the Pacific Coast Alliance in genitalia of four seasons, 1932-35, at ages 17-20. 

The PCL in that time was not a accessory alliance the way we anticipate of accessory leagues today. Abandoned a brace of Pacific Coast Alliance teams had affiliations with major-league teams. Best PCL teams did their own scouting, active their own players and approved to win the PCL at all costs. They would advertise the affairs of absolutely acceptable players, such as DiMaggio to the Yankees for the 1936 season, for business purposes. 

But the PCL was big-time baseball. Aback DiMaggio had a 61-game hitting band with the 1933 San Francisco Seals at age 18 and 270 hits in 172 amateur in 1935 at age 20, he became the being of legend. 

Still, I ability vote for Red Grange as the first athlete to arrive with hype in what we alarm major-league sports. Grange was the Galloping Ghost at the University of Illinois afore abutting the Chicago Bears. College football in the mid-1920s was abundant bigger than the NFL. In some ways, Grange was bigger than the bold itself. 

But DiMaggio’s advertising was massive, too. 

The NCAA alteration aperture now is able of mystical powers. It is bringing Tanner Groves, the lumberjack hero of March Madness, to the Oklahoma Plains. 

Groves, who led Eastern Washington to a near-upset of Kansas in the NCAA Tournament, appear he is appointment to OU, and his little brother, Jacob, is advancing along, too. 

The Groveses played sensationally adjoin the Jayhawks. In Eastern Washington’s 93-84 loss, Tanner Groves had 35 credibility and bristles rebounds, on 5-of-11 3-point shooting. Jacob Groves had 23 credibility and nine rebounds, on 4-of-5 3-point shooting. 

Best yet, the 6-foot-9, barbate Tanner played with a smile on his face and a joy in his heart. Aback he was removed from the bold in the crumbling seconds, he seemed to hug anybody in the building, including the Jayhawks. 

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“Certainly the Groves brothers were the two best players in the bold in the aboriginal half,” Kansas drillmaster Bill Self said. “We didn’t bouncer ’em. They had us all messed up. I anticipation they were fabulous.” 

The Groves amalgamation is a amazing get for two-week OU drillmaster Porter Moser. 

But it comes with a little trepidation. It’s not like the Groves brothers are absolutely accurate commodities. 

Sure, any brother aggregate that can account 58 on Kansas and alarm every Jayhawk affection from Dodge City to Bonner Springs has to accept commodity solid activity on. But the Groveses actualization is rather recent. 

Tanner Groves as a apprentice in 2018-19 averaged 2.8 points, 2.1 rebounds and took 13 3-point shots all season. He fabricated five. The aforementioned cardinal he fabricated adjoin Kansas. 

As a green in 2019-20, Groves averaged 5.1 credibility and 2.8 rebounds. 

But Groves blossomed as a junior, averaging 17.2 credibility and 8.0 rebounds, while authoritative 35 percent of his 3-pointers. 

Jacob Groves, a 6-foot-7 wing, was on his brother’s plan, averaging aloof 2.8 credibility and 1.8 rebounds as a apprentice a year ago. This accomplished season, Jacob Groves averaged 9.3 points, 4.2 rebounds and attempt 36.4 percent from 3-point range. 

But again, they accursed abreast exhausted Kansas. 

Some acceptable account on the Tanner Groves front. He has played 11 career amateur adjoin Power 5 Conference opponents, additional Gonzaga. 

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In those 11 games, Groves has averaged 8.2 credibility and 4.5 rebounds. In four such amateur as a junior, those numbers were abundant better, even aside from Kansas – 17/9 vs. Washington State, 13/5 vs. Arizona, 4/13 vs. Oregon. 

And that Kansas bold gives anybody achievement that Moser has begin some Jayhawk antidote. 

Self said Tanner Groves “was great. I absolutely anticipate his little brother, if you can alarm him that, to me he’s about as acceptable attractive a anticipation around. 6-8, 9, whatever. He can shoot, post, whatever. He handles, has vision. 

“Those guys were actual absorbing to me. Both absolutely acceptable players.” 

In the Big 12, anyone that stands up to Kansas is acceptable abundant for me. 

In the new age of autonomous politicians, “All the King’s Men,” based on Robert Penn Warren’s 1946 atypical of the aforementioned name, reminds us that there’s nothing new beneath the sun. 

The 1949 blur stars Broderick Crawford as Willie Stark, who rises and avalanche as a ruthless politician in the American South. The atypical and cine allegedly carefully resemble the adventure of Louisiana’s fabulous Huey Long, who ran a corrupt political apparatus but met a abominable end. 

“All the King’s Men” won the Academy Award for best picture, Crawford won the Oscar for best amateur and Mercedes McCambridge won the Oscar for best acknowledging actress. In 2001, “All the King’s Men” was called for canning by the United States National Blur Registry. 

Robert Rossen wrote, produced and directed the movie, which is a best attending at a avant-garde phenomenon. 

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