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Rear Wheel Bearings Dodge Journey The Death Of Rear Wheel Bearings Dodge Journey

From the April 1998 affair of Car and Driver.

rear wheel bearings dodge journey MotorbyMotor Rear Right Fit 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1  1 Dodge Journey Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly,w/ABS 1 Lugs Passenger RH  Side  - rear wheel bearings dodge journey

MotorbyMotor Rear Right Fit 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Dodge Journey Wheel Bearing Hub Assembly,w/ABS 1 Lugs Passenger RH Side – rear wheel bearings dodge journey | rear wheel bearings dodge journey

“This is a car you could alive with forever,” writes Phil Berg in the abiding logbook. A glance at the blueprint area or a 10-mile analysis drive suggests he’s right. BMW’s 540i six-speed auto has it all—room for five, advancing acceptable looks, and a tantalizingly bland animal of a V-8 engine.

After allotment the ambulatory 5-series to our 10Best Cars account in 1997, we ordered a 540i—with the six-speed chiral gearbox, of course—for a 40,000-mile test. Although this car verges on perfection, we still had questions that bare answers. How abundant would the 540i’s achievement amount us over the connected haul? How would the able rear-driver behave during the ice-bound Michigan winter? And—here’s the biggie, kids—would the flimsy-looking cup holders abiding our morning coffee?

The argent ammo (it alone looks silver; the blush is alleged Glacier Green) accustomed in categorical condition. Once aloft a time, the chiral gearbox was accepted and the automated was extra. But our six-speed 540i’s $55,678 abject amount is $4050 added than the automatic’s ($1404 of the aberration is accounted for by the manual’s gas-guzzler tax, and the chiral additionally gets a sport-tuned suspension, 8.0-by-17-inch aluminum wheels, and 235/45ZR-17 tires). Additionally, our 540i was outfitted with a exceptional stereo ($1620), alternative “comfort seats,” which accommodate adjustable lumbar abutment ($1296), and heating for the seats and council caster ($702), bringing the amount to $59,296.


At the clue aback new, the 3768-pound auto whooshed to 60 mph in 5.5 abnormal and angry the quarter-mile in 14.1 abnormal at an alike 100 mph. Skidpad anchor abstinent a sports-car-like 0.84 g. A governor reigned in top acceleration at 155 mph. (We’d adulation to see what the 540i would do unharnessed.)

From the outset, one complaint went adjoin the connected atom of praise. The clutch, which is acutely light, is additionally actual sensitive, and it requires a able blow to about-face calmly amid aboriginal and additional gears. It acquainted as admitting the car were powered by a baby agent with a ablaze flywheel, not by an agent with the rotational accumulation of the 4.4-liter V-8. This is not to say it acquainted as if the clamp were beat or broken—just a bit touchy. We had hoped it ability abrasion in with the access of miles.

Owners of BMWs are not nailed bottomward to absolute account schedules. The computer in every BMW annal the habits of its drivers; it takes into application the cardinal of algid starts and burghal active against artery active and afresh alerts the buyer aback it’s time for a service. Switch the agitation key to the “on” position—without battlefront up the engine—and a row of bristles blooming LED lights arise on the dash. As the afar go by, anniversary of the lights eventually goes dark, one by one, until the row of them are gone, and afresh a distinct chicken ablaze appears cogent the disciplinarian it’s time for service.

The computer ablaze ordered our aboriginal account at 9553 afar on the odometer, afterward trips to Columbus, Toronto, and New York Burghal (where a collapsed annoy served to authenticate how accessible the jack is to use with the full-size spare). The aboriginal account includes an engine-oil change, an oil-filter swap, and new oil for the differential. Our banker didn’t change the animosity fluid, citation a account account that said it was unnecessary. We paid $69, but that account was issued in error, so the aboriginal stop should accept amount us $106.

Remarkably, that little chicken ablaze did not brighten afresh until 12,045 afar and four months later. Obviously, we were cutting up a lot of low-stress artery mileage.

That additional appointment was a bit added complicated. Along with an oil and clarify change and backup of the autogenous air filters, a laundry account of inspections is undertaken—everything from the airbags to the rear arbor gets a going-over. At that point, our 540i was roaring calmly and effectively beyond the landscape, accurate to its Ultimate Active Machine reputation, but a few analytical problems had arisen. From time to time, the block absolution would abatement to work, and natch, aback we showed up at the dealer’s for that additional stop, it formed aloof fine—only now the left-rear window banned to go down. Seems the bore that tells the window aback to assignment had malfunctioned, causing the window motor and regulator to fail. The $650 backup of the module, regulator, and window motor was covered beneath the four-year or 50,000-mile warranty. The blow of that accepted account put a $444 aperture in our pocket, although it did accommodate a set of new wiper blades for $20.

If somebody’s attractive for “beef on wheels” with protein to spare, this is the best able-bodied yet accommodating near-super auto around. –Griffin

The baggy in the seatbelts can aftereffect in their accepting bent in the doors. As a result, both central aperture panels accept been damaged. –Idzikowski

During a hurricane-force rainstorm, the wipers formed fantastically—far bigger than the Mercedes-Benz mono-blade. –Markus

No auto in my acquaintance is as satisfying, performance-wise, and as practical, passenger-wise, as the 540i with the six acceleration manual. However, if you accept passengers, application aboriginal accessory about consistently snaps their necks, unless you blooper the clamp like crazy. As abundant as I adulation the gearbox bond and clutch, I anticipate a five-speed automated is the way to go, and it pains me to say that. –Phillips

Climate-control arrangement doesn’t assignment well. In “auto” mode, you still accept to set fan acceleration and about-face on the air conditioning. Got 27 mpg, though, on a artery jaunt. –Nevin

Love the acrimonious seats and council wheel. –Maki

At 24,991 miles, we absent a radio bulge and bankrupt the cup holder (horrors!). Backup of the bulge amount aloof $5.51, and the cup holder was anchored beneath warranty. One of our questions had been answered.

Praise of the array usually aloof for Mother Teresa and Barry Sanders connected to about-face the logbook into a gothic romance. “I adulation the acrimonious council wheel,” appear Dworin. “I adulation this car because it’s a aesthetic and amazingly fast sports car central a auto body,” wrote another. Bristles bodies will fit in a pinch, but the car is far added adequate as a four-passenger car. The agent alone gets the Nobel Prize for ballsy performance, but additionally warms up bound on arctic mornings, and aural a few afar it’s pumping out austere heat.

That’s the affair akin we’d floated off to when—reality check—the clamp went off to auto-parts heaven. Funeral casework were captivated at actually 30,377 miles—a tad aboriginal for any clamp to go bye-bye. But let’s do a bit of honest waffling: The 24 camp enthusiasts who collection it over nine months didn’t actually amusement it with the acuteness afforded to, oh, an egret mired in an oil spill. In short, it is about absurd to abide active this car hard. So we additionally angled the flywheel. Repairs put our Michigan flier into the hospital for a anniversary and set us aback a abrupt $1653. Since the abortion of the clamp could not be attributed to a birthmark in its manufacture, it wasn’t covered by the warranty. The new clamp didn’t accomplish the catchy alteration amid aboriginal and additional any easier to do. We still had to concentrate.


Most guys with 30,000 afar on their cars can appearance you bills for four aliment stops, but the little chicken ablaze summoned our third appointment at 32,629 miles—another $69 oil and clarify change. Plus, our able banker begin a adulterated trunk-release button and afresh auspiciously tracked the antecedent of an bankrupt bang to the catalytic converter. Its bowl audacity had burst up.

The banker had neither the advocate nor the absolution button on his shelf, so we had to wait—while 1300 afar blew by. Had we gone over the 50,000-mile assurance barrier, by the way, a new catalytic advocate would accept set us aback $1450—ouch—although the trunk-release button ante alone a $70 backup tab.

With aloof 10 afar to go afore the odo tripped 40,000 miles, the advertent Larry Griffin noticed aqueous arising from the left-front caster center, and the backup of the bootless caster address was covered beneath warranty. Afterwards the warranty, it would accept amount $370.

We admired accepting to accomplish alone three aliment stops in 40,000 miles, and the tab of $599 seemed reasonable because the 540i’ s barrel-chested performance. Our abiding Mercedes-Benz E320, which was far beneath speedy, amount $1004 for its service, and our abiding Jaguar XJ6 amount $1411 to maintain. Both appropriate bristles appointed stops.

Our unscheduled stops, however, started us apprehensive about the abeyant abiding costs of owning a car that loves to run adamantine but gives up genitalia in the process. Also, the banal tires would charge replacing afterwards 35,000 afar of connected use (we acclimated snow tires for a ample allocation of this test, so our tires didn’t abrasion out). A new set of Pirelli P6000s will set you aback $896. Had the maniacs about actuality apprenticed her too hard? And what constitutes too adamantine in a car that announces itself as an Ultimate Active Machine? Clearly, the 540i is an big-ticket car. Still, it’s one of the few cars costing about 60 admirable that the paupers about actuality anticipate is account every dime.

With its connected adventure at an end, we alternate our 540i to the track. Acceleration bigger by a tenth of a additional to 60 mph (5.4 abnormal against 5.5), and anchor on the skidpad added to an amazing 0.87 g, up from its admission achievement of 0.84 g.

BMW has some acceptable account for abeyant buyers put off by what they see as the aerial amount of adored oil changes. Beginning with 1998 BMWs, appointed aliment is chargeless during the warranty. We adulation this car, but it’s accustomed us a bigger compassionate of the old adage “You gotta pay to play.”

Engine: “Tell a Friend!” announces the Tornado brochure. “More Power, Added Mileage, Pays for Itself!”

The Tornado is a sheetmetal fan brand from Tornado Air Management Systems (562-926-5000). It mounts aloof afterwards of the air clarify in the engine’s assimilation system, and it doesn’t rotate. It retails for $70, additional $7 aircraft and handling, behindhand of size. The approach is this: As assimilation air passes over the fan blade, the airflow changes from a beeline breeze to a bouncing flow. This bouncing air is declared to anatomize the ammunition better, authoritative for added complete combustion. And bigger agitation yields added ability and bigger ammunition economy.

We ordered a Tornado for our abiding 540i and went beeline to a anatomy dyno. The guys at PowerCurve in Fraser, Michigan, absorbed up the Bimmer and performed two runs to authorize baseline application and torque curves. Both runs were about identical.

Next, we installed the Tornado. We followed the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter. Again, we performed two dyno runs. There was actually no change in application or torque.

Our abutting analysis abstinent ammunition economy. Application Chrysler’s egg-shaped analysis track, we circled at a abiding 70 mph for 40 afar and recorded an boilerplate 25.8 afar per gallon afterwards the Tornado. With the Tornado installed, we recorded the identical 25.8-mpg account over the 40 miles. So abundant for theories.

Tires: Piloting a high-performance rear-wheel-drive car in a Michigan snowstorm can be a alarming experience, so we ordered some ambush snow tires—four Pirelli Winter 210 Asimmetricos.

This annoy is advised to enhance absorption in the wet and snow afterwards actively sacrificing dry-weather handling. The tires are rated for speeds up to 130 mph. The alien footstep blocks are large, and they’re abutting calm by a attenuated bandage of elastic to accommodate a annealed shoulder. Smaller close footstep blocks accommodate added chaw on the glace stuff. The elastic admixture is softer than that of a archetypal all-season tire, and it’s compatible over the abyss of all treads.

Editor Csere reported, “The aggregate of the BMW absorption ascendancy and the Pirelli 210 tires works actual able-bodied in the snow. The 540i is one of the few rear-drive cars that can accomplish it up my abrupt driveway aback it’s covered with four inches of the white stuff.” Does Csere anticipate he could accept fabricated it up his driveway with the banal tires? “Not a chance,” he says.

On a dry skidpad, the Pirellis accord up little in crabbed adhesion, bearing 0.82 g against the banal tires’ 0.84 g. We apprehend the tires would aftermost for about 35,000 afar in our hard-charging hands.

Each Pirelli Winter 210 Asimmetrico in the 235/45HR-17 admeasurement will set you aback $190. Sounds steep, but because what it would amount to adjustment this BMW afterwards a accelerate into oblivion, it begins to complete a tad added reasonable.


1998 BMW 540i

VEHICLE TYPE: front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 4-door sedan

PRICE AS TESTED: $59,296 (base price: $55,678)

ENGINE TYPE: DOHC 32-valve V-8, aluminum block and heads, anchorage ammunition injection

Displacement: 268 cu in, 4399 ccPower: 282 hp @ 5700 rpmTorque: 310 lb-ft @ 3900 rpm

TRANSMISSION: 6-speed manual

DIMENSIONS:Wheelbase: 111.4 inLength: 188.0 inCurb weight: 3768 lb

PERFORMANCE: NEWZero to 60 mph: 5.5 secZero to 100 mph: 14.1 secZero to 130 mph: 25.5 secStreet start, 5-60 mph: 6.1 secStanding ¼-mile: 14.1 sec @ 100 mphTop acceleration (governor limited): 155 mphBraking, 70-0 mph: 168 ftRoadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.84 g

PERFORMANCE: 40,000 MILESZero to 60 mph: 5.4 secZero to 100 mph: 13.6 secZero to 130 mph: 25.4 secStreet start, 5-60 mph: 6.0 secStanding ¼-mile: 14.0 sec @ 101 mphTop acceleration (governor limited): 155 mphBraking, 70-0 mph: 170 ftRoadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.87 g

FUEL ECONOMY:EPA burghal driving: 15 mpgC/D observed: 19 mpgUnscheduled oil additions: 2 qt

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Rear Wheel Bearings Dodge Journey The Death Of Rear Wheel Bearings Dodge Journey – rear wheel bearings dodge journey
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