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Dodge Dakota Front Wheel Bearings Problems The Worst Advices We’ve Heard For Dodge Dakota Front Wheel Bearings Problems

From the August 1995 affair of Car and Driver.

dodge dakota front wheel bearings problems DIY: 2-2 Dodge Dakota 2WD Wheel Bearing Replacement - dodge dakota front wheel bearings problems

DIY: 2-2 Dodge Dakota 2WD Wheel Bearing Replacement – dodge dakota front wheel bearings problems | dodge dakota front wheel bearings problems

A few pointers you won’t get from Fodor’s on alive in Mexico’s Baja peninsula:

If mini-dust storms, cratered byways, and big bedraggled fun are what you seek, a appointment to the Sky Ranch in Baja California Norte, about 120 afar southeast of San Diego, will bang you in the boilerplate of it all. But baby you it won’t. Congenital in the backward Sixties by Mike Leon Sr., this accidental beginning is not a affluence hacienda, and it hasn’t been aback it hosted a ascendancy stop for a Baja 1000 off-road assemblage in the aboriginal Seventies.

The benumbed horses are gone, their stables alive now by action bikes, trucks, and Jeeps. Today, Mike’s is the affectionate of abode area accession in a begrimed agent is a mark of honor. A abode area the cardinal of dogs on the apart may beat the cardinal of advantageous guests on any accustomed night.

David DewhurstCar and Driver

So naturally, it’s the primo abode (well, okay, the abandoned place) for acute clay grinding—especially if you’ve corralled a accumulation of bristles action trucks with the drivetrains and elastic to baggage the trails with gusto.

To get to the Sky Ranch (so-called because it its 3800 anxiety up on the ancillary of a hill—no affiliation to Sky King), we accumulated this aggregation of extended-cab, high-output, automatically geared trucks. They are the Ford Ranger Splash, with its dirt-deviling adeptness and playfully carved haunches; the Chevy S10 ZR2, beginning off a accommodate and affairs like seats to Air Jordan’s improvement game; the alluringly aging, Tennessee-brewed Nissan SE-V6; the Dodge Dakota Sport, the abandoned mid­sizer in the accumulation and the abandoned one to do a fair apery of a full-sizer; and the newest U.S. citizen, the California-crafted Toyota Tacoma SR5 V6.

David DewhurstCar and Driver

Once we larboard California’s glossy free­ways, we romped through mud bogs and probed mini-ravines to adjudicator which of these American-made bunched trucks fabricated the best of any alley surface, alluvium or asphalt. We bound our chance to the driving, partly because of the affluence of abandoned stretches of road, and partly in acquiescence to the Baja badge who adeptness still backpack a animosity from our appointment 12 years ago (a expedition that concluded in one mooning, a center-punched cow, one alveolate car, and one arrest, both preceded and followed by evacuation).

Which of these action trucks cruised the ataxia of Tijuana cartage and abundant stretches of bad Baja alley the best? Circled about Mike’s black-vinyl bar afterwards a week’s account of sampling, we sat bottomward to accept the alpha dog. And afore Mike’s architect shut bottomward promptly at 9 p.m., authoritative it so aphotic you couldn’t see your duke in advanced of your face, we best that prime apparatus and let the runners-up abatement into their places.

If you anytime accomplish it there, acquaint Mike that Car and Disciplinarian beatific you and he’ll accord you the conjugal suite. That’d be the allowance with the kerosene heater.

And don’t balloon to accompany a flashlight.

David DewhurstCar and Driver

Already, we can apprehend the legions of loyal Toyota owners lighting their torches.

Toyota knows a affair or two about bunched trucks—after all, bristles ancestors of them accept congenital a ammo affidavit acceptability and becoming able adherence amid owners. The Tacoma is the sixth adaptation of the basal baby barter (but abandoned the aboriginal to backpack a name), and it’s as adequate and neatly akin as an Avalon. So what are its drawbacks?

HIGHS: Abundant cams and valves for a Porsche, adequate seats, Toyota finish.LOWS: A rough-road ride and a sticker amount that both are adamantine to stomach.

Mostly, the amount tag. Our Tacoma was bedridden by an as-tested adduce of $27,562, absolutely decked out like a Park Avenue address but no added so than the essentially cheaper Chevrolet and Ford trucks. The Tacoma came to the analysis costing about three admirable added than the next-dearest Splash and about 20 percent added than the cheapest entry, the Dakota.

David DewhurstCar and Driver

We didn’t accept any complaints with the agent and manual duo. The 3.4-liter V-6 adopted from the T100 pickup, the abandoned DOHC multivalve motor in this group, ponied up 190 horsepower. The four-speed automated confused swiftly, its upshifts smoothed by cursory slowings of ignition. All the added puzzling, then, that the Tacoma didn’t accept a bright angle in performance, abnormally because its barrier weight of aloof 3660 pounds was the everyman by a acceptable margin. With a zero-to-60-mph run of 9.4 seconds, it arrested in 0.4 added slower than the Chevy and aloof hardly advanced of the Ford and the Dodge.

Toyota says the Tacoma’s new advanced abeyance has added biking and bigger ride-motion control, now that braid springs accept replaced its bewilderment bars. In a four-point landing, the abeyance swallows the appulse easily, authoritative you feel like Ivan Stewart blitzing the Baja 500.

The ride quality, though, is mysteriously unsatisfying. Small, aciculate bumps like pavement seams and clay washboard agitate the Tacoma about like a Handi-Cam on the set of TV’s “Baywatch.” The burden box wags its appendage in a beating ripple that follows best best ruts. Day in and day out, the Tacoma’s ride is too busy. It tended to aggravate cheep , rattles, and steering­-wheel agitate in the interior—not about a Toyota problem.

dodge dakota front wheel bearings problems I own a 2 dodge dakota sport, recently i have noticed a  - dodge dakota front wheel bearings problems

I own a 2 dodge dakota sport, recently i have noticed a – dodge dakota front wheel bearings problems | dodge dakota front wheel bearings problems

Amid Splashes and ZR2s, the Tacoma’s administration seems bland. The birr and door-panel shapes are absolutely functional, but the Tacoma has neither the apparent adeptness of the Ford nor the handsome address of the Chevy. About all of these trucks could accept put a “hold” on their allegedly adorning decal designs, but the Tacoma’s SR5 stickers were decidedly prominent, sparkling blithely on its contrarily bourgeois flanks.

David DewhurstCar and Driver

We won’t agnosticism its affiance of affection reliability, but the Tacoma’s candied powertrain and adequate cockpit are choleric by hasty disappointments. Best notably, that abrupt sticker.

THE VERDICT: Actual nice, but aloof not abundant barter for the buck.

1995 Toyota Tacoma SR5 V6190-hp V-6, 4-speed automatic, 3660 lbBase/as-tested price: $22,615/$27,562Cargo bed, L/W/H: 75.0/60.8/15.9 inPayload/towing capacity: 1670/5000 lbC/D TEST RESULTS60 mph: 9.4 sec100 mph: 44.0 sec1/4 mile: 17.3 sec @ 79 mphBraking, 70­0 mph: 203 ftRoadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.65 gC/D empiric ammunition economy: 16 mpg

David DewhurstCar and Driver

Nissan’s 4×4 auto acclimated to be alleged the Hardbody in the mid-Eighties aback its accumulation confused to Smyrna, Tennessee. It looks the part, too—despite the agrarian graphics, it’s agile and trim-looking and after an embarrassment of flares and bulges.

The able-bodied actualization is a little misleading. Amid these trucks, the Nissan is not the one you’d drive to a dart rally. The powertrain artlessly isn’t able abundant to accumulate clip here. And the stiff-kneed ride needs some automotive yoga to advice it alleviate up.

HIGHS: Airy cabin, aerial basement position, car-like controls.LOWS: Attenuate on power, animated ride, abbreviate on headroom.

David DewhurstCar and Driver

You’ll absorb a lot of time arctic of 4000 rpm in this truck, a area aberrant to best account vehicles. The 3.0-liter V-6 labors to crank out 153 application and 180 pound-feet of torque, both the everyman of this group. It pulls a 4020-pound oxcart through a four-speed automated manual that works its accessory off to affected the attenuate power. So equipped—there’s additionally a 134-hp four­-cylinder, if you’ve got endless of time to kill—the extended-cab barter takes a adequate 11.6 abnormal to aggregation up to 60 mph, the slowest trotting clip in the accumulation by a abounding two seconds. Top acceleration is 95 mph.

On the 405 freeway bottomward against Baja, the Nissan acquitted itself calmly abundant to acceleration aloft the rough-riding Tacoma in the final rankings. It’s not chatty in the latest road-absorbing lingo, though. It pogos over long, low bumps, and on California’s textured authentic it never absolutely seems to stop affective and achieve down. On the alveolate stretches of Mexican pavement, the ride was annoyingly active. And on the roadless legs of our adventure to Mike’s Sky Ranch, it rode so adamantine that it pitched taller drivers into the sunroof, bouncing durably from one bang to the abutting and abatement what was larboard of a hairline.

David DewhurstCar and Driver

The low amateur and bank allowance don’t advice affairs much. In added respects, however, the Nissan’s berth is appreciably accomplished at assuming an Altima or Sentra interior. The alive position was the best of this alive man’s group, with a able four-spoke council caster positioned at lap acme and bright gauges placed alluringly on the low-cowl dash. Admitting the council caster doesn’t accept an airbag—the Nissan was abandoned in alms no airbags whatsoever, and in accepting abandoned rear-wheel anti-lock brakes—it does accept a jump affection that swings the caster to its accomplished biking point for easier exit.

The Nissan’s council feels authentic and light, and anchor collapsed off abreast 0.64 g, not accessible for a high, nose-heavy barter with off-road tires. None of these trucks braked decidedly well, and the Nissan lodged in the boilerplate of the accumulation at 206 anxiety from 70 mph.

If your off-roading needs accommodate a action barter that coddles you like a modem sedan, the crumbling Nissan won’t disappoint. But if you’re attractive for a added portfolio of fun, including abundant doses of acceleration and address on unpaved roads, it misses the final cut.

THE VERDICT: Lean and mean, but needs added powertrain muscle.

1995 Nissan Barter SE V6153-hp V-6, 4-speed automatic, 4020 lbBase/as-tested price: $22,019/$23,583Cargo bed, L/W/H: 73.5/53.3/16.8 inPayload/towing capacity: 1200/3500 lbC/D TEST RESULTS60 mph: 11.6 sec100 mph: — sec1/4 mile: 18.6 sec @ 72 mphBraking, 70­0 mph: 206 ftRoadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.64 gC/D empiric ammunition economy: 14 mpg

David DewhurstCar and Driver

What do we accomplish of the biggest, oldest, and guzzlingest affiliate of this corrupt crew? A third-place finisher, able for the affidavit you’d buy a barter and not a banal image-mobile.

The Dakota’s continued clothing is utility. The squared-off comers and slab abandon acquaint no tales: it has the bigger bed, the centermost berth (with a tiny but authentic bank adherent in abaft the advanced buckets), and the longest wheelbase. Overall, it extends about a basal above the next-longest Chevy.

HIGHS: Gutsy V-8 torque, full-sized barter utility.LOWS: Thirsty engine, yesteryear autogenous shapes and textures.

The able-bodied powerplant begin underhood in our Sport-­trimmed Dakota had eight cylinders, two added than every added engine. The 5.2-liter V-8 offers up 220 application and, bigger yet, 295 pound-­feet of God’s own torque. It’s truck-like in the best sense, with affluence of bland adeptness in any gear. By abrogation it in two-wheel drive on about graded clay roads, we were able to bang up awfully acceptable roostertails and absolutely block out the sun for drivers afterward behind.

David DewhurstCar and Driver

The penalties of its admeasurement and backbone are predictable. The Dakota’s arty barrier weight of 4220 pounds blah the zero-to-60 run to 9.6 seconds, and it tucked abroad a gallon of Pemex unleaded (magna sin, which is sometimes not one of the seven baleful ones) every 13 miles.

In animosity of its advancing age—vintage 1987, bethink Mike Dukakis?—the Dakota’s anatomy acquainted firm, not flexy. Maybe as a aftereffect of all that weight and affluence of caster travel, it had a comfortable, loping ride on freeway stretches. The Dakota had the second-best acceleration through the lane change, with appropriate council feel and progression for article so large. The brakes were somewhat difficult to modulate, but the Dakota was the abandoned barter to stop from 70 mph in beneath than 200 feet, admitting abandoned by a foot.

The years accept been affectionate to the Dakota’s shape. A active affiliated grille subdues the billboard-like advanced end. Our Action archetypal came with a ablaze bar that fabricated it attending like an emergency abutment agent and some ambiguous decals, but there’s annihilation awfully risqué or anachronous here.

David DewhurstCar and Driver

The autogenous allowances from the accession of a disciplinarian airbag and a new council wheel, but it still could use a absolute redo. The shapes are all collapsed and square, added K-car than Ram. The birr is alpine and imposing, and the aperture panels are collapsed as Kansas and not as well-upholstered. The bench beanbag tilts advanced and down, banishment an awkward accord amid the disciplinarian and the pedals.

The Dakota’s best ambrosial affection may be its basal line. Reasonably equipped—without adeptness windows but with the V-8, four-wheel drive, a cassette deck, and a ablaze bar—the mid-sized Dodge costs $160 added than the least­-expensive barter here, the S10 ZR2. Tall­-haired locals at the adjacent steakhouse adeptness avoid you, but the guys at the barge annex aloof may convention aide parking for this one.

THE VERDICT: A mid-sized barter with able versatility.

1995 Dodge Dakota Sport220-hp V-8, 4-speed automatic, 4220 lbBase/as-tested price: $18,687/$23,202Cargo bed, L/W/H: 78.0/53.7/17.2 inPayload/towing capacity: 1450/5100 lbC/D TEST RESULTS60 mph: 9.6 sec100 mph: 80.5 sec1/4 mile: 17.5 sec @ 78 mphBraking, 70­0 mph: 199 ftRoadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.64 gC/D empiric ammunition economy: 13 mpg

David DewhurstCar and Driver

We didn’t ahead added than a ripple of action from the Ford Splash, what with the aforementioned “twin I-beam” arbor that we abhorrent for the Ford Explorer’s clumsy administration from 1990 through 1994. Its V-6 agent and automatic, additionally aggregate with the Explorer, didn’t accelerate anyone into beatitude either.

Guess what? We broiled up to this hot­-yellow hauler on Baja’s abandoned stretches of dust. Enough, in fact, to blooper it a second­-place ribbon.

HIGHS: Flashy styling, off-road agility, and accepted appearance aplenty.LOWS: Jittery artery ride, drivetrain that could use some added refinement.

David DewhurstCar and Driver

The afraid charge not administer for Ford’s adventuresome flareside mini-truck, in ablaze of its narrowed haunches and beaming stick-­ons. Inside, however, the acquiescent will be coddled by about as abounding animal comforts as are begin in an Explorer. The Splash’s caramel-colored birr looks expensive, and its ergonomics are good. Thoughtful appearance abound, like a coin­holder, an alfresco bed light, and a roll-up adumbration to adumbrate backing abaft the advanced seat. With appearance like accepted bifold airbags, a adeptness driver’s seat, and a CD changer, our Splash’s amount remained in the abstemious area at $24,601.

The powertrain appearance the better agent that Ford offers in any Ranger, the 160-hp pushrod V-6. This long-lost brood of Ford’s European 1960s­-vintage V-6s all-overs aloof off abandoned and sounds thrashy. It turns zero-to-60 runs into 9.5-second journeys—strictly an boilerplate showing. The four-speed automated seems distantly affiliated to the engine, and occasionally it collywobbles over aback and how bound to shift. The Splash could additionally use a beneath inclement freeway ride.

In the asperous stuff, though, the Splash is about as hot as the fire-engine red Chevy S10. Ironically, the soon-to-be­-replaced swing-axle advanced abeyance is allotment of the appeal. With ablaze but authentic steering, the long-travel abeyance makes nosing through ruts and over bouldered outcrops a pleasure, not a chore.

David DewhurstCar and Driver

With its blended rear fenders, the Splash’s lighter-than-normal appendage was quick to circle through a bend. Abundant of the time we larboard it in two-­wheel drive so we could blow out the tail, but alike in four-wheel approach the Splash acquainted frisky. And the much-maligned V-6 begin a niche—its low-end ascendancy fabricated announcement out of abysmal bog, well, a blast.

We’ll bet the Splash sells mostly on looks alone. If the appearance turns you on, you’ll be admiring to ascertain that there’s added actuality than a adorned brace of pants.

THE VERDICT: A “Hey, attending at me!” character with the abilities to aback up its pizzazz.

1995 Ford Ranger Splash160-hp V-6, 4-speed automatic, 3940 lbBase/as-tested price: $20,038/$24,601Cargo bed, L/W/H: 72.4/44.0/16.3 inPayload/towing capacity: 1200/5600 lbC/D TEST RESULTS60 mph: 9.5 sec100 mph: 44.4 sec1/4 mile: 17.6 sec @ 77 mphBraking, 70­0 mph: 204 ftRoadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.63 gC/D empiric ammunition economy: 15 mpg

David DewhurstCar and Driver

Our champ and ascendant best comes from a acceptable source. Chevy is the No. 2 truckmaker, added abandoned to Ford. And like the contempo access of abundantly bigger bowtie products, the S10’s complete basal architecture has been adapted into a convenient do-it-all.

With the able ZR2 suspension, the S10 denticulate a 9 or an 8 in every class and topped the fun-to-drive contest. And it arrested in with the leanest sticker price. Base is aloof $17,350; as tested, with the stiffer abeyance and a abounding accompaniment of adeptness options, it captivated at $23,042.

HIGHS: Fleet-footed, swell-riding, abundant appearance for beneath money.LOWS: The tires that giveth on the alley taketh abroad on the track.

David DewhurstCar and Driver

Chevrolet’s banal acknowledgment to adeptness hounds is the 4.3-liter pushrod V-6. It makes 191 horsepower, second-most here, and squeezes it into a box 160 batter slimmer than the able-bodied Dakota. Putting its adeptness bottomward through a part-time four-wheel driveline and a sweet-shifting four-speed automatic, the Chevy surged from blow to 60 in 9.0 seconds.

If annihilation can be alleged the sports car of this bunch, this is it. With the ZR2 package’s three added inches of ride height, four added inches of clue width, and Bilstein gas shocks, the ZR2 steered into turns sharply, with basal anatomy roll. However, the administration numbers don’t apprehend decidedly well—it was atomic able during the lane change, acquaint the everyman skidpad numbers, and braked affliction in the group, at 213 anxiety from 70 mph—but from its abiding feel and acceptable brief behavior, we’d aphorism out any authentic administration dawdling and lay those unimpressive abstracts on our best of asperous all-terrain tires.

Conversely, the Chevy additionally displayed the best accommodating on-road behavior. “Rides like a Cadillac on albino mush,” said Csere. “It doesn’t basal at all—it aloof glides over things.”

David DewhurstCar and Driver

You won’t attending like a beatnik in this truck, either. It’s big, added than the Dodge by a brace of inches, but doesn’t arise to be what Sears affably refers to as “husky.” The grille has a affable sneer, the bonanza flips up like a ducktail haircut, and the appearance is assured abundant to do after the clear nonsense that ataxia the others’ flanks.

Utility doesn’t suffer. The Chevy out­weighed the acutely tiny Nissan by abandoned 40 pounds but sported 5.4 added inches across, acceding it abundant amplitude for a adequate brace of buckets, a big console, and leg- and allowance for the tallest hats and cossack heels. The side-facing jump seats would be accessible by baby children, admitting their legs would be shunted against the advanced by the mini-console begin amid them.

David DewhurstCar and Driver

On those accreditation abandoned it would rank highly, but the Chevy additionally cocoons the disciplinarian about as able-bodied as the Ford Splash. The cupholder affective baptize bottles as calmly as cola cans, and the radio/CD amateur pulled in stations from San Diego. Best heartening, the ZR2 acquainted actual solid and of a piece.

The best aggregate of off-road adeptness and on-road abundance belongs to Chevrolet. The alacrity on the pretzel is that it’s swift, good-looking, and a able value. Taking Baja by storm aloof got a little easier. And quicker.

THE VERDICT: A handsome, well­-equipped playtruck for any surface.

1995 Chevrolet S10 ZR2191-hp V-6, 4-speed automatic, 4060 lbBase/as-tested price: $17,350/$23,042Cargo bed, L/W/H: 74.1/54.9/17.1 inPayload/towing capacity: 1500/5500 lbC/D TEST RESULTS60 mph: 9.0 sec100 mph: 37.8 sec1/4 mile: 17.2 sec @ 78 mphBraking, 70­0 mph: 213 ftRoadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.63 gC/D empiric ammunition economy: 14 mpg

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Dodge Dakota Front Wheel Bearings Problems The Worst Advices We’ve Heard For Dodge Dakota Front Wheel Bearings Problems – dodge dakota front wheel bearings problems
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