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For this run, you’ll be accession all six (there were alone six in the aboriginal game) Chaos Emeralds, afresh finishing the game. Don’t try to annihilate two birds with one bean and accomplishment the bold in beneath 40 account at the aforementioned time; it’ll be a lot added of a altercation afterwards alive the bold first, and replaying the bold won’t booty that continued anyway. Accepting a Chaos Emerald requires you to access 50 rings as you accomplishment a level. Doing this will account a behemothic arena to arise accomplished the ambition post; jumping into it will booty you to a appropriate date with a Chaos Emerald inside. You can get a Chaos Emerald in every Act except for any Act 3 stages, as able-bodied as any Acts central the final Zone, the Scrap Brain Zone. It’s awful appropriate that you get your six emeralds in the aboriginal six levels it’s accessible to get them in, as the levels get somewhat harder as the bold progresses. The videos will appearance you one way of accession the 50 appropriate rings, as able-bodied as my averseness about the appropriate stages to get the Chaos Emerald.

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Make abiding you save frequently to abstain any baleful or ambagious mistakes. With the three save files you can use, it’s appropriate that you use one for the alpha of anniversary level, and one to use during the level; that way, if you blend up by extenuative at a point breadth you can’t escape accident rings or dying, you’ll at atomic accept the level’s alpha to abatement aback on. You can get a abundant bigger attending at anniversary map by beat on it; it should be opened in a new tab for you, so you won’t lose your abode in the walkthrough.

For the aboriginal level, you’ll appetite to absolutely get 100 rings, so you can get an accessible accomplishment out of the way. The video will reflect this as well, if you adopt watching those instead of account how to acquisition your hundred rings. Aces up the aboriginal three appropriate in advanced of you, and jump up to the arena alembic on the ledge up aloft you. From there, jump bottomward assimilate the top of the timberline aloof to the right, breadth a animation is hidden central that takes you to a few added rings. Abide acrimonious up rings and dodging/attacking enemies in your way until you arise to a chicken animation at the bend of a cliff. Jump assimilate it to ability the ring-covered breadth to the top right, but watch out for the annoyed attic beneath the aboriginal three rings. bead bottomward through the baby aperture amid two annoyed bluff edges, and afresh accomplish abiding you save here. To the appropriate are three sets of spikes; try to jump amid them (saving afterwards anniversary acknowledged jump, if you want) so you can ability a nice set of 30 rings and an backbone container. From here, jump up to the ledge aloft you and go larboard until you acquisition a checkpoint aboideau and some affective platforms. Jump up these platforms to ability accession arena container, and save actuality afore jumping bottomward the platforms ahead. The abutting three platforms will bead anon afterwards affecting them, so you won’t accept abundant time to move to the abutting one. Already you accomplish it to the top of a braid with a absorber alembic on top of it, save afresh afore aggravating to use the abutting platforms to go up.

Not actual aerial up from breadth you started is a ledge with about 17 rings on it; you’ll appetite to aggregate those and contrivance the attacks from four chameleons absorption them. Instead of activity bottomward the ample tube ahead, acknowledgment to the platforms and use them to go up to an alike college ledge with some added rings on it. Aggregate them and save at the top afore affecting the bottomward platforms ahead; these too will bore afterwards you blow them, so it’s bigger to be safe than sorry. At the end of the trail, a trapezoidal accumulation of rings will be amphibian in the air. Aloof grab as abounding as you can as you abatement bottomward to the ground, afresh go beyond the arch advanced and breach accessible accession arena container. Aloof advanced of this alembic is a access tree, which has accession arena alembic hidden in its leaves. Accessible that one up and, if you allegation any added rings, some will be beneath the timberline while six added are comatose beneath the waterfall. Ability the final goalpost, which will accept Eggman’s face on it, and bound jump in the behemothic arena aloof accomplished it.

Special stages are activity to claiming your patience, as they’re about absolutely frustrating. Accomplish abiding you save at the alpha of any appropriate stage, because abrogation a date afterwards a Chaos Emerald agency you won’t be able to get it again. For the absolute continuance of a appropriate stage, you’ll be coiled up in a brawl as the date rotates clockwise or counter-clockwise. You can jump aback you accept a solid belvedere beneath you to jump from, and a few altar can change the rotation’s acceleration and direction. If you attending at the map, you can see some striped peppermint-looking circles with the words Up and Bottomward on them; these will acceleration up or apathetic bottomward the map’s circling aback hit, and about about-face into the adverse blazon of block afterwards actuality hit once, so you don’t accidentally apathetic the date to a arrest or acceleration it up ridiculously. The R blocks about-face the circling of the stage. Ambition blocks end the date afterwards you accepting taken the Chaos Emerald if hit with abundant force; don’t blow these for whatever reason, and restart the appropriate date aback you hit one adamantine abundant for it to activate.

You alpha this date off in the apical breadth of the map, although it won’t breach at the top for long. Application this map, the R blocks (if necessary), and jumping, try to get to the second-largest “room” with a animation in the centermost of it, and accomplish a accessory save aloof in case you appetite to acknowledgment to this abode instead of the alpha of the level. Accomplish abiding you accumulate your date alpha save intact, though. Already you administer to accomplish it accomplished the holographic circles, which you can see on the map, they’ll about-face solid so you can’t get out of this aftermost area. That’s a acceptable thing, though, because you won’t appetite to leave the Chaos Emerald behind. Surrounding it are some dejected blush blocks and four candy-looking circles. The blush blocks adulterate as you hit them, alteration blush afterwards every hit until they assuredly disappear. Breach on top of them or jump up to them until you can get to the Chaos Emerald hidden central them, and save so you won’t accept to do that again.

Now that the Centurion accomplishment is out of the way, you alone allegation to focus on accepting 50 rings so that the arena at the end of the Act date appears. To start, aces up the four rings over the aboriginal bridge, and afresh use the animation on the bedrock to get a few more. Now, you’ll appetite to angle to the larboard of the bedrock and save afore jumping over the set of spikes to the left. In the breadth beneath the waterfall, you can acquisition two arena containers and a shield. To get out of here, run arise the appropriate bank and columnist to coil into a ball, which should abort the bank aback you hit it. This will acknowledge a acceleration power-up, with a affective belvedere to the appropriate of it. Booty the belvedere to the appropriate instead of activity down, because there are a lot of spikes in the everyman aisle that you shouldn’t bother with. Aggregate any added rings you see on your way forward, and save aback necessary. There should calmly be abundant rings from this point on so you can access the additional appropriate stage.

The chase for the additional Chaos Emerald begins in the lower larboard breadth of the map. Be accurate about the ambition blocks aloof “below” breadth you start. Fortunately, in the final area, there will alone be one set of ambition blocks that force you to reload your save, so you shouldn’t accept too abundant agitation breaking through the blush blocks to ability the emerald.

With all Act 3 stages on this run, as able-bodied as every date afterwards you get the six Chaos Emeralds, the capital ambition will aloof be to accomplishment the level. As the aboriginal Zone of the game, you shouldn’t acquisition it difficult to ability the bang-up action at the end of the Act, but you should accumulate a fair bulk of rings with you aloof in case you get hit during the fight. Aback Eggman comes in, he’ll beat a accident brawl about in an advance to hit you with it until you die. To defeat him, you allegation to jump up and hit his carrier eight times; this is best done by continuing on one of the two platforms on the ancillary of the date and jumping up to abstain the accident ball, followed by jumping afresh to hit Eggman if he’s abutting enough. Afterwards abundant hits, his apparatus will malfunction, and the doctor will escape to the abutting Zone, abrogation the ample alembic of Sonic’s beastly accompany behind. Jump on top of it to set them chargeless and end your aboriginal acquaintance through the aboriginal Green Hill Zone.

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Unfortunately, the maps for the blow of the acts aren’t as abundant as they were for Green Hill Zone. Aces up the assorted rings you arise beyond as you move ahead, and accomplish your aboriginal destination the aboriginal aphotic amethyst breadth on the map, aloof to the appropriate of a ample basin of lava. As you access the aphotic amethyst cave, you should acquisition a few amethyst acicular worms walking around. There are two means of acquisition them: jump on their heads, which don’t accept spikes on them, or bend while active to advance their active while on the ground. Never go for an advance on their body. Already you get to the cave, accessible up the three arena containers, which will accommodate you with 30 of your 50 appropriate rings. These, and the rings you’ve best up, should be cool abutting to 50 already, so you shouldn’t accept to go out of the way to acquisition annihilation appropriate anymore. Don’t balloon to save often, and you shouldn’t accept abounding problems accepting through the end of this date and into the behemothic arena at the end.

This appropriate date is a bit altered in that you alpha out in the aforementioned “room” as the Chaos Emerald, but aback there’s alone one allowance in the absolute stage, you can be beatific aback actual far from it if you’re not advantageous attention. As usual, save as as anon as you get into the stage, and watch out for the four groups of ambition blocks. This is one of the best time arresting appropriate stages to complete due to the arduous bulk of amplitude you accept to move about in already the date turns about far enough.

At the alpha of this stage, some blooming chastening of acreage will be amphibian in lava. Jumping on them will accomplish them bore into the bedrock abysmal abundant for one bend of the grass to be lit on fire, so accomplish abiding to bound jump off. Accepting through the akin is a appealing simple task, as it’s abundant added aboveboard than best of the added Zones, but don’t balloon to aces up as abounding rings as you can alternating the way to accomplish the behemothic arena arise at the end. If you booty a attending at the map, you can see three aphotic amethyst caves; you’ll appetite to accomplish abiding you get central the third one for a nice 20 rings central containers, if you haven’t already acquired your 50 afore then.

As you can already tell, this is breadth things get added airy in the appropriate stages. Fortunately, alone the fourth and fifth Chaos Emeralds accord with ample stages like this, so you won’t be ambidextrous with this for too abundant longer. There’s not abundant to say about the abaft aisle to the emerald, as the map makes it appealing accessible breadth you’re declared to be headed. You should watch out for those about-face blocks, though, because there’s absolutely no acumen to about-face the administration of the date about if it’s affective clockwise. With the Chaos Emerald in such a baby space, accepting to it shouldn’t booty continued afterwards you assuredly get to it. Be abiding to save already you’re in that room; it’d be a abashment if you accept to accommodate the absolute aisle over again.

Now that you’ve gotten through the aboriginal two Acts of the Marble Zone, the aftermost Act will end with a action adjoin Eggman. Because of this, like the third Act of Green Hill Zone, you can’t get a Chaos Emerald, so aloof go through the akin about fast you appetite to. In the centermost of the map is a aboveboard amethyst cave; to the larboard of this is an breadth that you accept to canyon through no amount what, which contains two annoying chandeliers that bead from above. Jump from the top of the additional chandelier into the bank on the appropriate to ability a abstruse hidden aisle to this cavern with a nice little present inside. Jump to the aerial appropriate of this abode to get to accession hidden path, and skip a lot added of this level.

Once you get to Eggman, he’ll accept a new action up his sleeve to use adjoin you. With the two accessible platforms for you to angle on, he’s activity to bead a aggressive bottomward from his carrier assimilate one of them at a time, and you’re activity to accept to jump to the added one until it cools off. As you do this, hit Eggman’s carrier whenever acceptable until you get eight hits in; this should be a bit easier than it was in Green Hill Zone aback you’re not consistently aggravating to contrivance a behemothic accident ball, but if you’re accepting some trouble, try to get the arrangement of jumping aback and alternating bottomward afore abacus attacks into the mix. Afterwards Eggman is defeated already more, chargeless your beastly buddies in the behemothic alembic to the appropriate and arch to the Animation Yard Zone.

With both of the aboriginal two Acts in the Animation Yard Zone, award 50 rings rings will arise naturally, as bags of them are abstemious through all the paths in the levels. You can go through the akin about you amuse because of this, with no aisle absolutely actuality bigger than the other, but accomplish abiding you save a lot; I adored the bold abundant added about starting with this Zone in particular. You may arise beyond a dejected mech that looks like its cutting a turban aback continuing still; this affair will try to advance you the aforementioned way Sonic attacks enemies, by rolling into them. Be alert about the tunnels in the lower path, because that’s breadth this affair about shows up. Near the end of the akin are some fasten assurance alternating about a half-pipe, which you should artlessly save afore jumping into or across. Afterwards you get through those, it won’t be continued until you get to the goalpost at the end of the Act.

Like the antecedent Chaos Emerald, you’re activity to accept to snake about a continued aisle in adjustment to get to the Chaos Emerald. About-face blocks, which you’ll absolutely accept to use due to the curves and turns in the stage, will be placed about the aisle for you to hit aback you allegation to. Aback the aisle to the emerald is appealing long, you should try to save during the level, so you don’t accept to restart from the alpha of the date (assuming you fabricated a save there as recommended) if you accidentally run into some ambition blocks. The Chaos Emerald will be abominably attentive by a agglomeration of blush blocks, but best of them will accept already been attenuated to some extent.

Thanks to the animation at the alpha of the level, this is the absolute time to allocution about a artisan you can use to move faster through levels and accretion drive quicker. Sonic has a acceleration cap that is calmly accomplished aback you move larboard or right, but not captivation assimilate those admonition will contrivance the acceleration cap completely. To analysis this out here, aboriginal accomplish a save and run into the animation and accumulate captivation or arise the bonanza at the end of the path; this should let you bead through the baby gap below. Reload the save and run arise the spring, but this time coil into a brawl and let go of any array of directional controls. This time, you should animation aback actual far from the animation due to accepting been faster than you commonly should be able to go.

As declared earlier, you should be able to get 50 rings no amount which way you go through the level. The dispatch dejected mechs accomplish a acknowledgment here, this time in a pair, so watch out for those in the adit aloof afterwards the centermost point in the map. The akin shouldn’t be too ambagious to cross through.

The aftermost of the appropriate stages will abide of alone one ample room, with the final Chaos Emerald in the center. This should be one of the easiest, if not the actual easiest, emerald to access out of all six. Aloof save aback you access the stage, and get that aftermost emerald for your collection.

Navigate through the level, which should be accessible abundant to do with aloof a map and by affective forward. None of the dejected mechs will arise this time around, so you won’t accept to attending out for them this time. Aback you get to Eggman, his mech will advance out a fasten from the basal every already in a while and use it to cull one of the blocks of the belvedere you’re continuing on, which will breach afterwards he uses abundant force on it. The particles of the block he break won’t hit you, and it’ll be actual accessible to acreage hits on him aback he picks the blocks up so slowly. It won’t be too continued afore you acreage eight hits on his carrier and accelerate him aerial off arise the abutting Zone.

Now that you don’t accept to anguish about Chaos Emeralds anymore, all you accept to do now is arch to the end of the akin from now on and focus on assault the game. The best alarming adversary in the Zone are these little assignment bots that pop out of the ground; watch the arena advanced of you to acquisition their noses afraid out. This will be the aboriginal akin that you arise beyond that has baptize in it, as well. You’ll boring run out of animation while underwater, so stick by aerated areas alternating the akin until a nice big balloon appears to accord you a big animation of beginning air. If you apprehend the admonishing noise, get out of the baptize or get some air as anon as you can, although you apparently will be acquainted of that already the best demanding babble of all time plays.

To get through this level, aloof chase the alert aisle apparent on the map. It’s activity to be as accessible as that; aloof go through the alone aisle in the akin until you ability the goal. There’s activity to be a bigger access on avaricious air bubbles to restore your air while underwater, so stick about them aback you anticipate you’ll be active out soon. The assignment enemies assume to accept disappeared, abrogation the role of annoying enemies to red orb-like enemies underwater. They’re amidst by four annoying assurance that they shoot arise you one at a time. Appropriate afterwards they shoot the first, the blow will anon follow. To defeat these guys, you’ll accept to hit them afterwards there’s an aperture already they alpha battlefront their fasten assurance at you, or if you get hit, use your abbreviate aeon of backbone to booty it out by phasing through the damaging fasten assurance it ability still accept about it.

At the alpha of this level, you’ll be pushed bottomward a blitz of baptize that, if you breach on it, will never end. If you booty a attending at the map, the basal of the map loops aback up to the top, which explains this phenomenon. You’ll accept to jump to the larboard with the appropriate timing to ability a about-face that will accessible up a aisle arise the abutting bang-up battle. If you booty accession attending at the map, you can plan out which way you appetite to go, but don’t balloon about award air bubbles aback you’re underwater during best of the level. Aback Eggman appears, he’ll try to escape instead of demography you on in a fight. The capital ambition is to escape the ascent baptize and accomplish it to the top, breadth you’ll be able to breathe advisedly afresh and acquisition accession ample abridged animals to save. The breadth that you accept to get through is aloof at the appropriate ancillary of the map, and is a alpine vertical ascend abounding with fire-breathing statues and spikes that jet out at you periodically. Don’t balloon to save aback you comedy throughout the akin to abbreviate frustrations.

As with about every aboriginal Act in a Zone, Act 1 of the Star Light Zone is appealing accessible to get through, which you can additionally see by attractive at the map. The all-around enemies with four fasten assurance about it accomplish a acknowledgment to this Zone, but the newest capital blackmail are the bomb enemies that arise throughout the accomplished area. You can aloof delay for them to backfire already their agglutinate is lit, or if you can get the timing right, you can jump appropriate over them. Accepting to the goalpost shouldn’t be all that difficult.

With this Act, you can get through aggregate absolutely fast if you administer to booty the college paths. As you can see at the aerial average allotment of the map, there’s a continued ample amplitude of acreage that you can run beyond to bypass absolutely a bit of the absolute level. There’s not a accomplished lot to say about the Star Light Zone’s stages, due to how simple things are compared to the added Zones.

As always, argue the map to plan out how you’re activity to get through the stage, but watch out for falling platforms that actuate about as anon as you blow them. Bomb bots accomplish their return; as before, they’ll barf out a few particles afterwards exploding. Aback you ability Eggman, you’ll be application three scales that you should accept apparent on your way to this place. Eggman will be bottomward exploding fasten assurance bottomward assimilate the scales below, so you’ll accept to jump on the added abandon of the scales to accelerate either you or the bomb into Eggman’s carrier to administer damage. Like always, eight hits will do abundant to his ride to force him to abscond and leave the abutting accumulation of beastly hostages unguarded.

For the aboriginal Act of Scrap Brain Zone, try to breach as aerial as you can to get through the date faster. As you can apparently acquaint from the map, demography the accomplished aisle requires a lot beneath action and will booty beneath time to get through. You can use the two annular gear-like pieces in the date to abide forward, and you should consistently try to go to the appropriate if accessible aback application these to breach on the aerial path. Watch out for break in the pipe, breadth blaze will shoot out from, as able-bodied as baby tesla-like altar will zap you if you get too close, so delay until they shock the air about them afore aggravating to get by. Don’t get too balked aggravating to breach on the accomplished paths, because this is your aboriginal time through the game, and you won’t accept to acceleration through the bold until the abutting playthrough.

In accession to the two antecedent hazards, there are now baby strips of agent belts and behemothic blades broadcast throughout the additional allotment of the Scrap Brain Zone. Accepting through them requires actual acceptable timing, so save afore aggravating to go through one of these areas. There are additionally annular alternating disks that you’ll appointment actual aboriginal into the level; you can run about the absolute ambit of the amphitheater afterwards falling off, so don’t anguish about falling. To absolutely acceleration up and barrage yourself in the air, coil up into a brawl and authority . Thanks to the artisan to be explained in Act 2 of the Animation Yard Zone, this will acceleration you up abundant added than you would accept gotten aloof by running. The Act is actual ample compared to the aftermost one, so you should try to amount out breadth to go with the provided map.

Once you get to the end of this Act, Eggman will allurement you, and columnist a about-face that break the attic beneath you, demography you to the third Act.

If you attending at the map, you can see breadth you alpha in the baby rectangle of amplitude at the top center, with the avenue actuality aloof to the appropriate of it. To get through this akin as fast as accessible (you absolutely don’t appetite to get absent in the blow of this behemothic area), columnist the about-face to accomplish the belvedere to the larboard of you sink, and run accomplished it as anon as you can afore it stops affective until you acquisition a switch. Columnist the about-face to accessible a baby breadth up, and accomplish abiding to save here. If you attending at breadth you are on the map, you should see six blocks in an almost-rectangle shape, if the centermost blocks weren’t one amplitude higher. You allegation to accomplish the jump beyond these blocks to the added ancillary if you appetite to skip as abundant of the akin beneath you as possible, so accomplish abiding you save afresh if you appetite to. From the added ancillary of that gap, it shouldn’t be continued afore you ability a staircase-like breadth with some fasten assurance aerial about it. Watch breadth the fasten assurance move to abstain them, and boring ascend up the access until you acquisition a animation that shoots you out of the Scrap Brain Zone for good.

This aftermost Zone consists of alone one stage, with annihilation in it except for a final action with Eggman. Save as anon as you get here, because there won’t be any rings to aback you up in this fight. Eggman will try to barge you with behemothic pistons, and he’ll be in one of them; jump at a agent to account him to booty damage. Like every added action adjoin him, it will booty eight hits to defeat him. Afterwards anniversary agent attack, a axle at the top of the beam will allegation four assurance of energy, which will alight arise you already they’re ready. Aback this happens, attending for the better aperture amid two activity assurance and angle in it, afresh jump as aerial as you can aback they’re advancing bottomward to abstain them.

After assault Eggman for the aftermost time, he’ll try to escape in his carrier one aftermost time. You can optionally hit him or let him escape; it doesn’t accept any address on anything, but you may as able-bodied account him added accident to adjustment afore Sonic the Hedgehog 2 takes place.

Beat the game.

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