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Dodge Caravan Pop Top 1 Dodge Caravan Pop Top That Had Gone Way Too Far

For the walkthrough, I’m activity to go with the achievements as you’ll see them by arena through the levels normally. I will point out one set of achievements actuality admitting and explain how they work.

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1-Dodge-Grand-Caravan-GTRV-Westy-Pop-Top-Camper-Van Pop top – dodge caravan pop top | dodge caravan pop top

These two achievements are about the bulk of exceptional bill you accept on duke and not accurately about a spent amount. I was analytical about these achievements as you can acquisition added spots to get added of the “premium” bill during the game. It turns out that you will alleviate these aback you are bottomward to $25 and $0 respectively. While you can do this adapted at the beginning, I’d advance cat-and-mouse for aback you charge ammo/health or shortcuts for specific levels.

From actuality on, we’ll be activity akin by akin and anecdotic the aloft tasks to complete:

Level 1

Level 1 is all about unlocking basal abilities. From the start, all we can do is airing about the level. We’ll charge to aggregate the acquaintance orbs broadcast about the akin to alleviate 4 basal abilities:

You can accomplish a adapted acquirement actuality through the abundance if you so admiration as able-bodied to acceleration things up. If you do buy the Skill Point for $5 (which I did), you will alleviate an accomplishment for application the boutique the aboriginal time:

As consistently though, micro-transactions aren’t adapted to accomplishment this bold (hahaha). We can acquisition abundant acquaintance orbs to get aggregate done here.

The aboriginal 3 acquaintance orbs to alleviate the Run adeptness are on the arena floor. We can’t use the about-face aperture to get to that breadth as we aren’t fast abundant afterwards the run ability. Already we alleviate ‘Run’, it will be automatically on the draft of the bold as aloof quicker movement.

With run, we can now aggregate the orb bound abaft the aperture triggered by the about-face on the lower section. Additionally, we can acquisition 3 added orbs in areas up the stairs to akin up afresh and alleviate the jump ability. If you didn’t use the abundance earlier, afresh you will alleviate your aboriginal accomplishment actuality for unlocking the jump skill:

From here, we will abide to cross the akin and jump amid pillars and over abbreviate walls to aggregate added orbs. There are 6 available, but alone 5 are all-important for the abutting akin up. This time we will alleviate the adeptness to collaborate with objects. For example, there are some handles in this akin to accessible doors.

This opens a little added of the akin to you. Eventually, you will acquisition a key (the accepted apparatus to accessible the aperture to accomplishment levels). Unfortunately, you don’t apperceive how to accessible doors yet. So, we charge 6 added orbs to akin up one aftermost time actuality and alleviate that ability. There are 7 absolute (if we calculation the one from afterwards unlocking jump). I aces them all up anyway, but it’s up to you really. There is a allowance with 4 switches we charge to hit to grab a box. We can afresh booty that box to a adjacent allowance with 3 switches. We charge to put boxes on 2 of them and put ourselves on the 3rd to accessible a allowance to the 7th orb.

Once we akin up for the 4th time, we can use the key on the aperture and avenue akin 1 through the portal. We will additionally get an accomplishment for this:

NOTE: From actuality on, the upgrades are up to you on adjustment and necessity. Focus on things that will account you. For example, I looked at the specific accoutrements or bloom to advice me.

Level 2

Level 2 pokes fun at the absolute attributes of quests that you can get to accumulate a bold activity forever. The boutique account actuality is some keys. This will acquiesce you to skip some of the quests adapted to accretion keys (I didn’t buy them and instead played through the akin to get acclimated to the shooting).

Go through the akin until you acquisition our aboriginal boodle box. Central we will accept our aboriginal gun – the pistol – Weapon 1/4. From here, shoot the boxes to your adapted to admission the meat of this akin (we accept to aggregate the keys from this breadth to use the aperture that was in advanced of us).

You can additionally buy boodle boxes at this point. As declared earlier, they accommodate ammo, health, and experience. I waited to absorb money till afterwards admitting aback I was in a bit of crisis or active out of supplies.

As you avenue the area, you will see an NPC with a chicken assertion point over his head. Allocution to him and you will get addition boodle box with our added weapon – a shotgun – Weapon 2/4. About this breadth are a agglomeration of spider-chest bots. You don’t get acquaintance for absolutely killing them, but it can be a acceptable way to convenance your aim and get acclimated to the acuteness of it all.

After accepting the shotgun from our NPC (a Preston Garvey lookalike really), we absolutely accept to set up for an accomplishment bottomward the line. Shoot and annihilate him (he is alleged “The Wanderer” in the accomplishment so that’s what we will accredit to him as from actuality on out) – Wanderer Annihilate 1/3.

Additionally, accumulate an eye for boodle boxes on the ground. We charge to accessible 30 above our time. This is a absolute accessible accomplishment to get during your time, but aloof accumulate your eyes out for them as you go.

With all this done, arch into the belted boondocks (keep in apperception that the enemies will respawn actuality so don’t anguish about aggravating to abort aggregate – you can’t).

Inside the boondocks walls, we will acquisition added NPC’s with quests for us. They will ask us to acquisition mushrooms of assorted colors (red, blue, and yellow) or bear belletrist to alfresco the town. For the mushrooms, we can acquisition them central the boondocks or aloof alfresco about the level. For the letters, they will alarm the abode (usually with the roof color).

You alone charge to do 4 quests to accept abundant keys, but I did added and calm added boodle boxes for commutual them. It’s not all-important really, so already you get your 4 keys you can arch aback to the alpha of the akin and booty the exit.

Level 3

This akin about mocks the achievement/in bold goals in gaming today. In the aperture breadth of this breadth you accept 12 goals you can complete to admission the key to accomplishment the akin (you alone charge to do 10, but I did all 12):

Overall, if you’re activity to skip some tasks, maybe alignment 5 boxes and blurred 5 levers would be the best to drop, but that’s up to you really. Already you’ve done 10, grab the key and avenue the level.

Level 4

This akin is all about accession added absurd currency.

When we alpha the akin we’ll acquisition our 3rd atramentous boodle box. This one contains the Automated Burglarize – Weapon 3/4.

This akin has a lot of anemic little boodle box enemies who will try to run into you and draft up. Aloof shoot them afore they adeptness you and explode. There is a adventitious they bead a design which we will charge to redeem at spots about the map. In particular, we charge 10 chunk to get our aboriginal key and afresh an added 20 for a added key.

There are added accidental boodle boxes you can buy about the akin for a lot beneath diamonds, but they are not required. Finally, there is a $ in the akin that will accord you $10 account of exceptional currency. Already again, it isn’t required, but the added bill can account you in the continued run.

Once you get the keys, you can avenue the akin and move on to Akin 5.

Level 5

An aboriginal admission antic begins this akin – ha.

We’ve got addition appointment with our Wanderer friend. He’ll acquaint us that this boondocks is beneath advance by a dragon. He’ll acquaint you who to allocution to in the boondocks to get a key to action the dragon. Additionally, he mentions the temple breadth you can acquisition article to advice with the action (our aftermost weapon). Afterwards talking to him, shoot him to get our added Wanderer annihilate – Wanderer Annihilate 2/3.

In the town, none of the NPC’s accept bodies. They’re aloof dejected boxes (hahaha aboriginal admission jokes). You’ll be affected to allocution to altered townspeople to acquisition out breadth the key absolutely is. Luckily anniversary appearance has their name beneath them so you apperceive who to allocution to, but it’s still odd. Afterwards talking to the guardian at the gate, they will acknowledgment the Miller. The Miller is alfresco of boondocks by the windmill. Allocution to them to get the key for the fight.

The enemies in this breadth booty a agglomeration added hits than the ones we’ve faced up to this point. I wouldn’t alarm them difficult, aloof added annoying. I acclimated the automated burglarize added actuality as a result.

If you’re attractive at the windmill, there is a aisle off to the right. Chase it for a brick architecture with our final atramentous boodle box which contains the Rocket Launcher – Weapon 4/4. This will additionally alleviate addition accomplishment for us:

You can now acknowledgment to the aperture aloof above from the boondocks to arch appear the bang-up action with the dragon. There are brace boodle boxes actuality to restore ammo and health. If you’re acceptable on bloom and ammo, you can save them for a moment aback you’re in a bit added danger. For the boss, we charge to shoot the blocks on the ancillary that ablaze up blue. Afterwards a few of those, the bank in advanced of the dragon will bead and you can shoot the red atom on it to accord damage. The aiming can be a affliction here. I started to acclimatize my aim acuteness actuality to accomplish it easier. I’d acclaim application the rockets on the dragon to accord added damage.

In agreement of the dragon attacks, it will blaze a advance of 3 fireballs. They aren’t too difficult to dodge, but accumulate in apperception that the dragon’s average aggressive is aimed at you. The arch won’t aim that way, but it is focused on you.

After antibacterial the boss, you can grab a key and avenue the level. We’ll now activate hitting added achievements a bit quicker.

Level 6

Level 6 is dabbling fun at all of the accessible apple amateur we’ve played – mostly of the Ubisoft variety. We accept “figurines” to aggregate (Riddler trophies), outposts to chargeless (Far Cry and so abounding others really), and architecture to ascend (Assassins Creed).

Two of the figurines are in the aperture breadth central the building. The draft of the being we charge to acquisition is out in the desert. You can buy a exceptional map of the breadth to acquisition everything. I didn’t and aloof searched every breadth and begin aggregate naturally. The breadth isn’t too big absolutely so it shouldn’t booty long. There are a few added things we appetite to do actuality though.

There is a banker with a mini beginning set up. If you airing up to him, you will get a chat advantage – “Rob the Caravan”. It adeptness assume evil, but rob him. You’ll get two boodle boxes for accomplishing so, but added chiefly you’ll get an accomplishment as well:

One of the objectives is to ascend to the 3 architecture in the level. At the top you charge to booty a jump bottomward to the accumulation of hay below. Accomplishing so will accord you addition achievement:

For the outposts, there are 3 to bright out of enemies in the level. There are 3 architecture to ascend and ablaze a little blaze at the top. Finally, there are 7 figurines to collect. For the outposts and towers, accomplish abiding they accession afore affective on so you apperceive you did aggregate required. Best of the trophies are abaft barrio in areas you are allowance so aloof accumulate an eye out for them.

There is a new alternative of the spider boodle bots. It has a purple/pink blush arrangement and will shoot projectiles at you. They aren’t absolutely added alarming than the others, but they accept an advance that can do article to you.

There are two boodle boxes in the asperous centermost of the akin bound in cages. You can get these by rolling a tumbleweed into the basin in advanced of them. The mechanics are wonky, but it’s two added boodle boxes appear our achievement.

Once you’re done with the tasks, arch aback to the starting breadth to grab the 3 keys and we can avenue this level.

Level 7

Level 7 makes fun of DRM aegis and how it affects performance. The bold will occasionally put up an “error” on screen. Aloof delay a added and it will pass.

Other than this, the akin is acutely linear. Accumulate proceeding and killing enemies. You’ll get addition brace of “errors”, but there isn’t abundant else. There is an befalling to “mine cryptocurrency” to get added exceptional currency. Your best on it as always.

When you adeptness the architecture at the end, there are a few enemies and some ablaze platforming afore you accept a “puzzle” to complete for the key. Aloof put the blocks beneath the adapted appearance to accessible the cage for the key. You can afresh avenue the level.

While not accurately for this level, you should be advancing your 30th Boodle Box. It adeptness pop eventually or afterwards depending on how abounding you’ve been acrimonious up forth the way or purchased up to this point.

Level 8

Level 8 is about accidental errors or typos in amateur that appear up in bad QA. Don’t worry, but the graphical hiccups in this akin and the errors are intentional. The aboriginal aboideau pushes out abundant for you to airing about it. The added aboideau you’ll charge to advance a box up to it to be able to jump over the gate.

Once we’re outside, the bugs continue. The arch you see is incorrect. It’s absolutely to your larboard (as adumbrated by the accent bubble). You could technically catchbasin the damage, but I assumption it’s amusing to acquisition the absolute arch model. As you continue, you’ll acquisition some enemies and boodle boxes afore extensive our abutting applesauce central the building.

The buttons actuality behave like bugs (I know, the amusement is excellent). Aloof run to them and footfall on them. They’ll try to run away, but it’s not too difficult. Accumulate activity afterwards this. Alfresco we get addition aborigine with a acceptable antic advertence to the Assassins Creed Unity errors. They will additionally acquaint you a blush adjustment for a addle advancing up (I had Red, Blue, Yellow, Green).

Continue forth the aisle to our abutting building. Central you’ll acquisition a brace added boodle boxes and that blush addle mentioned earlier. One botheration though, 3 of the buttons are all blush (ha). For the solution, if you’re continuing at the avenue aperture attractive at the buttons (with the blooming button in the aback right, hit the buttons in the afterward order: aback left, advanced left, advanced right, aback right. I don’t accept this changes or is randomized. If so, aloof apperceive there are alone 6 accessible combinations in total. I aloof kept aggravating until I hit the adapted one. It took beneath than a minute.

I had accomplished Akin 13 for my appearance at this point. At this point you’ll accept all of the abilities unlocked. Similar to the boodle box accomplishment I mentioned during Akin 7, you adeptness hit this anniversary beforehand or afterwards than this point depending on how abounding boodle boxes you’ve been purchasing forth the way. You additionally get an achievement:

Before abrogation this building, there is a agenda about the bang-up of this area’s hit detection. Their hitbox is aloft them. It’ll be a bit wonky at first, but you’ll get the feel for it afterwards a few shots. There are a brace enemies in the breadth that additionally attending like the boss, but annihilation too crazy. Grab the key aback it’s asleep and advance to the exit. If you’ve forgotten, it’s aback by our NPC who told us about the blush adjustment of the buttons (with the burst face).

Level 9

A antic about DLC. Absolutely though, it’s a absolute abbreviate level. Read the assurance and the cage abaft you will accessible for the key. Grab it and we’re accessible to leave already.

Level 10

This akin jokes about procedural bearing of levels. I’m not abiding if the akin absolutely is randomized, but it doesn’t change much. Go about killing enemies and accession the key until you acquisition the avenue to the level. Added than that, this akin is aloof a bit of a maze. Annihilation abundant to altercate above that.

Level 11

For this level, we will be allegorical a animal about the akin – hooray for NPC ally and their abhorrent adeptness to chase you.

Starting off, allocution to the Wanderer. Afterwards accepting through that, you can annihilate him for the 3rd time – Wanderer Annihilate 3/3. Your accomplishment for killing him 3 times should pop now:

After this, you will collaborate with the lath to accept it chase you. Every so generally admitting it will stop afterward you and aberrate off. It’s absolutely annoying. There is a arch to abbreviate the aisle accessible for $5. I’d acclaim accepting it to accomplish things a little easier. I’d acclaim befitting an eye on the animal so it doesn’t accumulate active away. Luckily if it does run away, it will accept yellow-ish highlight on it for you to see it.

Guide it to the pen/pink amphitheater to complete this quest. I anticipation the ambit amid you and the animal adeptness be the activate for it abnormality off, but I’m not sure. Already you bear it, allocution to the NPC to get the key. afresh aloof arch to the aperture to complete the level.

Level 12

The end of the game? No!

You alpha this akin with a alarm active down. Delay for it to run bottomward and afresh appear into the abutting room. You’ll be ambushed by some enemies, but annihilation absolute difficult at this point. Abide about the alcazar and you’ll appear to an breadth with 6 boodle boxes. This should get you absolutely abutting to Akin 13 and the 30 boodle boxes if you haven’t yet. Accumulate activity and you’ll acquisition a bang-up – a King Boodle Box. It will accessible occasionally and the force-field will go bottomward acceptance you to attack. You accept to delay for these moments. Annihilate the bang-up and aggregate the key. Advance to the avenue to complete this level.

Level 13

We now accept a adaptation level. You accept a calefaction and ache meter. I never let these run out (it’s not difficult to accumulate them filled). For heat, you’ll charge to angle by a bivouac to restore your calefaction level. For food, there is some aliment broadcast about the map. This akin will be the aboriginal befalling you accept to eat a allotment from a snowman. Aloof airing up to one and collaborate to get addition achievement:

There is a bill base to get $10 added for abrogation absolute feedback. You can buy aliment actuality as able-bodied if you appetite a restore on your aliment meter.

Your ambition is to aberrate about the akin and aggregate the 3 keys to accessible the avenue door. There are some boodle boxes as well, but annihilation required. There are abundant spots for aliment and calefaction forth the akin as well, but aloof administer it as you go. Aback you accept all 3, you can avenue the level.

Level 14

Out of boilerplate we accept a adaptation abhorrence level.

When we start, you’ll acquisition a flashlight. There are some “jump scares” but I added laughed at the applesauce of it. There are some enemies in this akin that you can’t kill. Eventually you will acquisition a aperture to exit. As you abide you’ll access in a allowance with 4 keys. You charge to hit the batten to absolution the keys. There are circles on the arena for you to angle in breadth the enemies will avoid you. They accord a appropriate bulk of accident if they blow you.

After accepting the 4 keys, you can afresh advance to the exit.

Level 15

Now we accept to do some crafting for this level. It’s a snow level, but there are no adaptation meters.

As we access the clearing, a apprentice will say that he’ll accord you the key if you accommodate him with a basin of rice. To do this, we’ll charge to accomplish 2 sets of chopsticks, a bowl, and servings of rice.

Once you accept all the ingredients, ability the pieces and assuredly the adapted rice. Serve it to the NPC to get your key. Booty the key to the aperture to your adapted to avenue this level.

Level 16

The END!

There are some boodle boxes at the alpha of this akin to advice restock bloom and ammo.

In the centermost is addition boodle box in a force-field. It will arouse enemies and rain bottomward rockets at you. You charge to shoot 4 red buttons on the corners of the bang-up to attenuate the shield. With the absorber down, aloof accord as abundant accident as you can.

Rockets will do the best for you, but that ammo blazon is acutely the best limited. Aloof accumulate active abroad and eventually you’ll booty it down.

Once you annihilate it, you can advance to the avenue for the level. Grab the key, accessible the aperture and you’ll accomplishment the game. Afore exiting, I’d acclaim spending any of the exceptional bill you accept larboard afore activity through the door.

Once you admission the exit, you’ll get your aftermost achievement:

Congratulations on a adequately quick and accessible 1,000 GS! I achievement this walkthrough helped you a little bit as able-bodied (if it was needed).

This walkthrough is the acreage of TrueAchievements.com. This walkthrough and any agreeable included may not be reproduced afterwards accounting permission. TrueAchievements.com and its users accept no amalgamation with any of this game’s creators or absorb holders and any trademarks acclimated herein accord to their corresponding owners.

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