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So abundant of angry history has been absent to time forever. Whether it’s due to a abridgement of footage or accumulated mismanagement, ample swaths of cogent pro angry history will aloof never be fabricated attainable to us. There’s a acumen that some admirers absorb so abundant time absorption “holy grail” matches. One ability bethink the altercation that kicked up aback the long-fabled Tom Magee vs. Bret Hart band assuredly alike afterwards decades of fable architecture up.

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Given that so abundant of angry is absent by its own producers and keepers, it’s no abruptness that fan-created angry media has its own fair allotment of absent artifacts. Alike on the about contempo average of YouTube videos, so abundant has already disappeared.

As addition that maintains a angry YouTube channel, there’s article alluring about those absent pieces of history. They serve as connected reminders that annihilation is permanent. Things that admirers and creators spent hours aloft hours on can anytime abandon in the blink of an eye. It’s a fate that anyone who creates agreeable about wrestling, abnormally on YouTube, should be alert of.

Here are bristles examples of angry video creators who acutely vanished from the scene. Some may be added accustomed to you than others and some are added “lost” than others, but all seemed to aloof achromatic abroad for one acumen or another.

In its absolute brief peak, Reliving Angry fabricated well-produced recaps of some of the best abominable storylines in WWE history. Things like the Summer of Punk and its decline, the Kane/Snitsky/Lita abundance debacle, and alike Booker T’s bedevilled WrestleMania run adjoin Triple H were all covered on the channel.

Of all the channels I’m accoutrement here, Reliving Wrestling’s annihilation was the best recent. All through 2019, the access accomplished a abiding acceleration in admirers and subscribers fatigued in by the accustomed capacity actuality discussed. About all of Reliving Wrestling’s videos covered storylines in the WWE’s avant-garde history that had already developed able reputations over time. The cornball attraction of seeing these belief abridged with the curated elaborations of a narrator fabricated Reliving Angry an attainable access to watch and subscribe to.

Unfortunately, the channel’s greatest backbone additionally accepted to be its downfall. The absolute and abstruse YouTube algorithm may advantage the cast acceptance of the WWE, but accepting that abundant McMahon-owned footage all in the aforementioned abode was aloof allurement for trouble. Alike at the aiguille of their powers, Reliving Angry was accepted for accepting to re-edit and re-upload their videos in an attack to consistently contrivance absorb takedowns.

In aboriginal 2020, the war adjoin Vince McMahon’s faceless absorb bots was lost. The access was shut bottomward aloof as it seemed abreast to ability 100,000 subscribers. Luckily, of all the agreeable I’ll be discussing here, Reliving Angry ability be the atomic “lost” of all of them. It’s attainable abundant to acquisition reuploaded copies of the videos on channels detached with the aboriginal agreeable creator. As far as I know, the aboriginal architect hasn’t been heard from aback the access abeyance and there accept been no new videos either.

New Japan admirers of the aboriginal 2010s allege of the brace of RealNeatPuro and Showbuckle with the hushed civil tones generally aloof for martyrs. It’s not adamantine to see why either. With their glossy and accurate video essay-style presentation, both RealNeatPuro and Showbuckle offered attainable explainers of New Japan Pro Angry to English-speaking fans. Their videos covered the arcs of notable associates of the agenda and alike went in abyss to assay tentpole rivalries such as Tanahashi vs. Okada.

Perhaps the best remembered video from these two was Showbuckle’s “The Fall and Acceleration of Tetsuya Naito.” Released in the run up to Wrestle Kingdom 12, the video acted as the absolute album to the Okada vs. Naito capital event. The video become so boundless amid the English speaking New Japan admirers that Kevin Kelly alike anon referenced it on annotation during New Japan events.

However, if there’s any advance that gives the WWE’s trigger-happy access to absorb strikes a run for its money, it’s New Japan, or added accurately their advertisement accomplice TV Asahi. Both channels accustomed assorted takedowns during 2018, killing their upwards trajectory. Showbuckle attempted to drift their videos to added platforms but that concluded in added absorb strikes.

RealNeatPuro attempted to acclimate to the change, afterlight videos to alone advance still images and alike absolution a one-hour additional article on why Kazuchika Okada ability be the greatest pro wrestler of all time. The Okada video, in particular, acted as a absolute afflatus to myself as my own “Daniel Bryan is the Greatest Wrestler of All Time” is about a absolute response. Alike these changes couldn’t sustain RealNeatPuro, however, and the access is now gone.

Soon afterwards both channels vanished from YouTube, New Japan began absolution their own English agreeable summarizing and recapping cogent arcs in their contempo history.

Circle of life, I guess.

Now we’re accepting into the abysmal cuts.

Wrestling fandom in the 2000s and alike into the aboriginal 2010s was authentic by forums. If you started watching angry in that timeframe, you would accept accordingly been in at atomic one of the big angry forums, maybe alike accepting accounts on assorted forums. For me, the aboriginal 2010s was my aboriginal time dipping my toes as an absolute affiliate of a arrangement instead of aloof ambuscade about.

My aboriginal arrangement of best was puroresu.tv. Those who were a allotment of it apparently bethink it for the accepted convenance of advice brilliant ratings into percentages out of a 100. If alone arrangement had lived continued abundant to see Meltzer bang the brilliant appraisement arrangement to seven. One can alone dream of the arrangement wars about how the calibration out of 100 ability be adapted to reflect that.

Several of the best common posters on puroresu.tv had YouTube channels area they would anon advertence projects actuality hosted on the forum. One of the admins of the forum, Daniel, had a access area he would generally analysis abreast Japanese pro wrestling. Notably, his assembly amount was leagues advanced of best added YouTubers of the time. He seemed to be filming on absolute camera and absolutely edited his videos in the appearance of a able vlog as against to aloof speaking anon to a laptop webcam.

The videos best annual acquainted from his channel, however, were blue-blooded two re-evaluations of two somewhat alienated pro wrestlers. The two videos—“John Cena: A Abundant Worker?” and “Akira Taue: How I Learned to Stop Worrying About Athleticism and Embrace the Gangly Arms”—utilized a added essay-style access to angry altercation that abundantly afflicted how I allocution about angry today. They were additionally accomplished videos for allowance me amend some annual that were abundantly accustomed online at the time: 1) John Cena is a bad wrestler (he’s not) and 2) Akira Taue is the affliction Pillar by a advanced allowance (he’s not).

With the puroresu.tv arrangement additionally shutting down, there’s about no trace that these accurate videos alike existed. Dig continued abundant on the Wayback Machine and you’ll acquisition references to it online but those videos assume to be continued gone.

Upon accomplishing some analysis for this piece, I begin that the absolute YouTube access does still exist. I was dabbling about the old videos of one of the added aloft puroresu.tv posters and begin that he called the access in his video descriptions. A quick Google chase reveals that there’s absolutely a DanielTalksPuroresu Twitter annual that references the videos I mentioned above. The tweets alike articulation to those videos but they’re now set to private. The Twitter annual itself hasn’t been acquaint to aback 2013.

The DanielTalksPuroresu access does still abide though. It’s been purged of about all of its agreeable at this point. All that charcoal is a distinct vlog-style analysis of a Pro Angry NOAH appearance captivated in the UK in 2011. The description of the video has links to added videos, all of which accept been set to private.

Daniel never accomplished the levels of virality that the added creators on this list. Alike amid the arresting angry vloggers of the time, he was one of the abate names. If anything, though, this alone adds to the myth-like anamnesis I accept of his videos. Who knows why they disappeared? I anamnesis some WWE clips actuality acclimated in the Cena video, conceivably absorb did him in too.

Or maybe he aloof confused on.

Type “mickeybabylon” into a YouTube chase bar and you’ll get some hits. Not from any of his videos though. Instead, you’ll acquisition videos from added angry YouTubers of the era active mickeybabylon’s access to their subscribers. They authority him up as potentially the abutting big affair in the YouTube Angry Community.

For a while, he was too.

Granted, actuality the abutting big affair in the YouTube Angry Community at the time meant accepting article like 200 or so subscribers. But those who followed channels like SandersRobin24 or bigratthreeten fabricated mickeybabylon’s videos arrangement viewing. Whereas added creators at the time focused on pay-per-view and accident reviews, mickeybabylon’s access was about absolutely committed to fantasy booking.

The acme jewel in his anatomy of assignment was the HindsightMania series. In it, he rebooked every WrestleMania agenda up to 2012. He set a few rules for himself for this project. He admired actual accounts of injuries, deaths, and bodies abrogation the aggregation but he additionally accustomed himself the elbowroom to book about those inevitabilities, appropriately the appellation of the show.

In mickeybabylon’s addition eyes of WWE history, Andre the Giant beats Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania III, Raven capital contest in Madison Square Garden, ECW interrupts the accomplishment of WrestleMania 2000, and the new big bad UFC-esque ballista in the 2010s was Jake Hager. They weren’t consistently abundant annual but they were consistently interesting, to say the least.

He didn’t affliction about assembly value. Every video featured him sitting back, talking into a chapped agenda camera, and alternation smoker through the absolute runtime. The absolute draw was aloof sitting aback to accept to mickeybabylon explain his philosophies on angry booking and angry aesthetics. It generally skewed a little too heavily appear apery ECW, as was his advancement for an ROH rebranding in 2012, but it consistently fabricated for acceptable examination nonetheless.

One of the aftermost projects he completed afore dematerialization was “Who Ya Got?” Here, he arrive his admirers to upload videos or accelerate him letters discussing who they ability book to body their own fantasy roster. As an ardent fan, I PMed him my selections via YouTube aback aback YouTube still had clandestine messaging. Aback discussing my agenda in his own video, he went on a departure about how blonde-haired wrestlers consistently evoked a accurate angel and appearance and appropriately should be acclimated sparingly.

In his aftermost few videos afore disappearing, he promised to acknowledgment with a massive activity discussing how music accompanying to pro wrestling. It’s a affair he affected on several times in his added videos, generally allotment alternating affair songs to wrestlers to enhance their presentation. The new alternation would attending into the best examples of affair songs and their relations to pro angry characters.

It never came.

Who knows what happened to mickeybabylon? I’ve asked some of his aeon from the time about him and they all assume aloof as baffled at his dematerialization as I am. Absorb takedowns don’t assume to be the acknowledgment as he never acclimated alfresco footage, music, or alike activated alteration of any kind. He aloof seems to accept arranged up his being and abolished for some acumen or another. Maybe he’s still about out there, demography a continued annoyance off his cigarette afore discussing the sports-like accent of The Motor City Machine Guns apery their hometown.

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