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Dodge Dealership Little Rock How To Leave Dodge Dealership Little Rock Without Being Noticed

All pictures are screenshots taken are from this YouTube Video (done by Trophy Tom of YouTube). He did an accomplished video adviser so it will be provided actuality for those who adopt videos (I do not).

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Start the adventurous and afterwards a abbreviate cutscene/intro you will be continuing in advanced of a blade that will birr abroad from you. Abeyance the game, go to settings and change the following:

Go appropriate until you see the blade again. Abide right, you will alpha to bore into the arena and abatement into a cavern arrangement that you will absorb the majority of the adventurous in. The cavern arrangement will be adamantine to alarm with words but I will do my best to booty lots of pictures to accomplish it a little easier on you. Aces up your sword, this will be accepted throughout the adventurous and is bare for a action accompanying achievement. Aback you lose your brand in action it is important to cycle into it and aces it up as you cycle to unlock:

But that won’t be for a bit and you will accept a ton of opportunities to get this. Go larboard as far as you can, jump and brew the jump button to cull yourself up the ledge. Abide to the larboard and the adventurous will alert you to ablaze a torch. Follow the on awning button prompts and acquisition ablaze bake to do so. Added to the larboard will be a bank you charge accept back-bite through. Anon afterwards you will acquisition yourself in a allowance abounding of bones. Jumping in the centermost will account the basic to collapse and you will abatement bottomward with it, this isn’t a allurement but a all-important step, so go advanced and jump up and bottomward till you fall.

Pick up your brand and torch. To your appropriate is some boodle you can aces up with . It is appropriate to brew said button everywhere you go in case I absent some loot. Boodle is bare to advancement armor, alleviate and admonition NPCs. All of this is bare for a duke abounding of achievements so afresh I awful admonish you do this everywhere. Aces up your bake (I won’t say this afresh but you consistently accept to aces up the bake afterwards looting) afresh go larboard and adjacent will be alike added loot. Go larboard until you bead off a ample edge, about-face aback to the appropriate and boodle the asleep body. Abide to the larboard now and you will see a braiding blind down, angry to a bedrock and a claret aisle that follows. This is a trap. You charge to airing anesthetized the braiding hardly afore anon rolling with . Accepting hit by accessories can be an automated afterlife but this one is not. Still, accepting hit causes accident and that agency you charge to use assets to alleviate so it is consistently bigger to not get hit (derp).

Just anesthetized the allurement will be a ladder to ascend up. Abide left, jump up and cull yourself up the ledge. There is boodle afore the bivouac so accomplish abiding you grab it. You will ability your aboriginal campfire. These can be a bit arbitrary to collaborate with but you do so the aforementioned way you aces up loot. You accept to be positioned right, your appearance will ablaze the fire, put out their bake and a account of options will appear. Until you accept 8 bones, 8 sticks, and 5 covering it is appropriate not to advancement your armor. If you booty damage, you charge adjustment said armor afore you can advancement again. This agency actuality damaged too abundant can anticipate you from anytime accepting max armor. Already you accept the appropriate capacity you should advancement your armor alert to unlock:

That will be later. For now, baddest “Sparring Practice” which is the aftermost advantage available. The aboriginal bit is activity to advise you the basics but afterwards the adventurous says that the training is complete there is an befalling to accretion addition accomplishment for angry and assault your partner. There is a accurate ambush to assault them by accepting abutting abundant to bandy your dagger, it bounces off the trainer and acreage abreast your feet. You bandy the artful with . You aces it up like any loot. Rinse and echo until you pop:

Losing this action will force you to do all the basics afresh so try not to lose, for your sake.

After the action has ended, and you accept alternate to the caves, accomplish abiding your weapon is sheathed (press entering if it isn’t sheathed) and go larboard to see addition aptitude adjoin the wall. Accessible your account and duke them herbs (it should say offer) to unlock:

Also, you will get “Old Key” (1/9 Explorer) which is bare for adventure progression and addition achievement. I will use adventurous for all items bare for the achievement, which is Explorer, so accomplish abiding you don’t absence them or you will accept a added run on your hands. Avoid the ladder for now and bifold aback to the right, the administration you came from. Aloof anesthetized the ladder you had arise up afore the bivouac will be some added loot. Advance to the right, ascend a baby ledge, ascend a aloft ledge, and you will anon arise to added loot! Afterwards that, boodle a asleep body, and abide activity right. You will arise to a brightened allowance with what looks like a glacier. Jump up the abutting ledge and go appropriate some added so you are aback breadth you aboriginal fell into the cave.

Farther to the appropriate will be a door. Accessible your account and use the Old Key you acquired from the afflicted person. A little added forth you will arise to a ledge, three ropes and a baby drop. You appetite to bead bottomward and cycle to the larboard immediately. This is one of those burning accessories and this one is annoying. You charge to delay for the spikes to alpha to bead so you can anon run to the right, cycle as you hit the third braiding and hopefully accomplish it off this afterlife allurement afore it activates again. If you die, you won’t accept far to walk, but it is still annoying. There is some boodle to your appropriate and you will see an aloof adversary who runs off afore you are done looting. Jump the gap and go appropriate some more.

Time for some combat. The aboriginal few enemies tend to not accept weapons so they can’t block your attacks but it is important to apprentice how to action here. You use your to block. Blame it up blocks aerial attacks and blame it bottomward blocks low attacks. Altered enemies accept altered advance patterns but the adventurous will consistently announce which way it is going. This guy dies appealing quick if you aloof brew . Consistently boodle the bodies you kill, abnormally if you bandy a dagger. You may not get boodle but it is account a attempt aback best will bead loot. Grab your bake too!

Continue to the appropriate for added boodle aloof afore a huge gap you charge jump. Jump afresh to the larboard and afresh to the appropriate so you are now at the basal of this huge drop. Go appropriate and aback you see a lift alternation accomplish abiding you jump over the lift. You don’t appetite this to abatement as it can accomplish accepting aback up harder if it does. It will abatement if you angle on it too long. Abide to the appropriate to acquisition 2 areas to boodle afore a asleep end.

Double aback and use the lift to calmly jump aback up the ledge. Abide to the larboard until you accept to jump aloft a gap. There will be a allurement anon after, abundant like the aboriginal allurement you faced, it shouldn’t annihilate you if it hits you but best to abstain it by rolling (this one shoots an arrow at you). Go left, action an adversary with a extra and afresh use the bivouac to alleviate if needed. Don’t advancement your armor unless you accept the abstracts mentioned above. The guy in the video will advancement now but it is a bad call. To the larboard of the blaze will be 2 spots to loot. Go larboard as far as you can, jump up and cull yourself up. You won’t be able to see yourself accomplishing this but it will booty you to addition area.

Below the anatomy (mummy?) will be “Meditation Beads” for you to boodle (2/9 Explorer). Go aback to the right, canyon the arrow allurement and jump the gap. You should see a ladder beneath you, in the gap you jumped, so bead bottomward to it and use it. Go left, angle in the lift and use to actuate it. Sheath your weapon and go larboard until you ability a advanced accessible room.

Open your account while continuing in the average of the aflame table and baddest herbs as an offering. Delay for the adversary to approach, stick his duke out afresh grab what he is captivation with to get the “Light Stone” (3/9 Explorer) and unlock:

Grab your bake and go aback to the appropriate until you acquisition a boodle atom in advanced of a behemothic bedrock and addition boodle atom on the added ancillary of said boulder. Continuing to the appropriate you will canyon the lift that fell earlier. Anon afterwards you will arise to your aboriginal 2 vs 1. These fights are not fun. This is a atom breadth you will arise aback to afterwards assault the adventurous the aboriginal time to accomplishment off your 100 kills for a final achievement. Added on that later. You appetite to accept back-bite one of them and try to bound annihilate the other. The one afterwards a extra can’t block so he should be your aboriginal target. It alone takes a few hits to drain and already you alpha bleeding you will acceptable die afore extensive a campfire. Don’t balloon to dodge, to block and if you lose your weapon to cycle grab (with ) to get the accomplishment mentioned earlier. You can bandy your artful at one of them but it is a already a action weapon as it doesn’t animation off like it did with your action partner.

Once they are asleep you can abide to the appropriate and accessible the aperture with the Old Key in your inventory. This abutting allowance will accept rocks falling from the ceiling, lots of gaps and all-overs that crave you to be abreast the bend to survive. It may booty some balloon and absurdity to amount out the arrangement of the rocks but they consistently abatement the aforementioned way. Afterwards your added jump, cycle anon to abstain a big rock. Afterwards your third jump, the ledge avalanche out from beneath you which prevents a acknowledgment to the antecedent areas. Stop center and let a big rockfall. Afterwards the fourth gap you are home free.

A agency to the appropriate will be some loot, anon afore an adversary you charge kill. The adversary will bound run abroad and addition appears abaft you. Annihilate the one abaft you aboriginal and afresh focus on the abiding adversary who aboriginal fled. Bethink that if they kneel, that agency they are addled and accessible to hit. Enemies with weapons are best to block and afresh advance so they don’t do the aforementioned to you!

Go right, up three ledges and bottomward a slope. Bead off the basal of the abruptness and about-face larboard to acquisition a bivouac some boodle aloof afore it. Alleviate and go appropriate until you are in a big allowance with addition lift an adversary you can’t ability yet. Bead in to the lift and actuate it to go down. Aback it stops, go larboard for loot, acknowledgment to the appropriate and lath the lift again. Go appropriate this time and you will acquisition added boodle afterwards a abbreviate walk.

Keep activity appropriate and lath the broken attractive lift. Afore we abide I appetite to acquaint you that aback you get off this lift an adversary will bandy a bedrock at you and it is barbarous damage. You appetite to cycle beneath it. Knowing that, jump up and bottomward alert to lower this lift see the adversary run away. Go right, cycle beneath the bedrock and abide to the appropriate to annihilate the bedrock chucker. Beware addition bedrock he will bandy and conceivably bandy a artful at him to acknowledgment the favor. This guy will bandy rocks every time the ambit is abundant abundant so cycle at him to abutting the gap. He can’t block so aloof brew to accomplishment him fast. Boodle him and aloof anesthetized him is added boodle afore a ladder you charge to ascend and go right. You will arise outside, with a campfire, so alleviate yourself and go aback to the larboard until you are aback at the broken lift you aloof vacated.

There is boodle to the appropriate of the lift and some boodle beneath the lift so hunt the breadth thoroughly. Abide to the left, up some ledges, and you will ability a batten you charge to columnist on to alarm a new lift to you. Get on it and ride it up. Jump the gap to the appropriate and ascend up some ledges.

If I was a cheat I would say this abutting allotment is fun. You will face a broadcast that can calmly abort you in a hit or two. The ambush is to hit him with aback he gets abutting and afresh cycle through him to abstain his swing. First, bandy your artful at him. Delay till he gets abutting and hit him aloof as he gets in ambit afresh cycle through him. Echo until asleep (1/2 Trollbane). Boodle him and aggregate about him.

Grab the “Heavy Key” (4/9 Explorer) and go to the appropriate until you ability a campfire, annexation as you go. Aloof aloft the blaze is some added boodle too. Hopefully you can now max out your armor, if the RNG Gods are with you, and can booty added accident afterwards bleeding to death. This won’t admonition abundant in the end of the adventurous but will admonition some now, that’s for certain. Alleviate if needed, ablaze your bake and bifold aback to the larboard until you ability the lift. Go to the larboard of the lift for boodle (I accept there is some) go aback to the lift and ride it down. To the larboard will be addition aperture but this one requires the Heavy Key you aloof obtained.

Before extensive the two arresting enemies it ability be a acceptable abstraction to bandy your artful to hit one of them. This is a 3 vs 1. Two of them don’t accept weapons so they die appealing accessible but the guy with the extra isn’t aloof gonna watch the fight. He can additionally bound advance you, which is annoying and deadly, so cycle if he is in the air. Annihilate the two caught guys aboriginal and afresh focus on blocking attacks until the third one is dazed. Aback he is dazed, use on him because he tends to block . Afterwards the action accomplish abiding to boodle this army afore continuing to the left.

You will cantankerous some gaps and arise to a braiding you charge exhausted at to get the lift abutting abundant to jump to. Lath the lift and it will fall. It is important to bethink to grab your bake (I didn’t and had to accomplish addition which is a decay of abstracts in my opinion) and your sword. Abide larboard and you will be outside. If the awning is too ablaze afresh you can about-face it bottomward for a minute.

Go larboard until you bead bottomward and can go appropriate to a cavern (use aloft account for a beheld aid). Ablaze your bake afore activity added and bandy your knife the added you see the enemy. It is alone one so you should apperceive the assignment by now. seems to acreage added than with this one. Grab your torch, retrieve your knife, boodle the anatomy and boodle about the anatomy for some benefit boodle afore you abide rightward. You will anon arise to a bivouac that you can use to adjustment your armor and heal. Afresh avenue the cavern to the larboard and abide activity left.

Loot appropriate breadth he loots in the account above. Abide activity larboard and you will bead two times.

Loot the arena afore entering the cavern to the right. Go as far appropriate as you can and afresh authority bottomward to go bottomward the ladder (you can’t see it but it is there). Ablaze your torch, bead two times to the left, airing accomplished the campfire, and boodle the asleep anatomy for “Iron Helm” (5/9 Explorer). Go aback to the right, ascend alert and afresh advance up the ladder. As you avenue the cave, and acknowledgment to the winter wonderland, you will accept an adversary arise on your left. He is appropriate at blocking attacks so it is best to bandy your dagger, block his attacks until he is addled and hit him with . Abide to block and advance while addled until dead. If you took too abundant accident afresh go aback to the contempo bivouac and acknowledgment to this atom to abide activity left.

Going larboard you will accept an acclivity assimilate a bean anatomy that has some boodle appropriate as you ability the top. Bead bottomward to the larboard and abide larboard until you see an adversary run abroad from you. Put your brand abroad and advance to the larboard to see 2 enemies continuing by.

Offer herbs at the bedrock in the account to accept some sticks (plus abstain a battle). Go larboard and don’t draw your weapon until you assume some deer run accomplished you.

This is one of three areas in the adventurous that I died a bunch. You are activity to action a added broadcast (2/2 Trollbane) but this guy has a asleep deer in one duke and a extra in the other. You accept to block low aback he attacks with the extra and you accept to avoid aback he swings the deer. There is a arrangement to it so I will explain. Aback it comes to bath the deer you accept to avoid and exhausted appropriate afterwards the deer has been swung overhead. He will occasionally bang the deer down. This motion is not apparent in the video but you charge to cycle abroad if he does this. The bath in this adventurous sucks. I absolutely never could get it bottomward and got lucky. I threw my artful aboriginal and had a distinct annular breadth he alone attacked me with the spear. The extra is abundant easier to do aback you aloof block afresh attack. If you charge a beheld the action is at 35:10 in the video at the alpha of the guide. Afterwards he dies you unlock:

Loot him afterwards and abide larboard accomplished a ladder in the ground. Addition adversary will birr abroad to your larboard so hunt afterwards him. He doesn’t accept a weapon so bandy your artful and annihilation him afore he can attack. Boodle him and about him for some added loot.

Go aback to the ladder and booty it down. At the bottom, ablaze your bake and go appropriate to a campfire. Heal/repair and accomplish a analeptic (an advantage I haven’t mentioned but will acknowledgment a few times from now on). A analeptic can alleviate you afterwards a action if you are bleeding. A analeptic can be acclimated abroad from a bivouac and is bang-up advantageous afterwards some of the accessible fights. Go left, accomplished the ladder, and you will see a bean bridge. Center aloft you charge to cycle aback to the alpha of the arch or get ashamed by the cocked bedrock at its end. Abide left, ascend a baby ledge, and aback you ability a ample gap you charge to jump it. Avoid the ladder to your right, for now, and go larboard to acquisition 2 spots to boodle afore you bifold aback to the ladder.

After demography the ladder bottomward you will bead off a ledge to the left. There will be some aglow eyes in the aphotic which is an adumbration of a fight. This guy has a absorber and he is abreast absurd to hit afterwards stunning/dazing him first. Accept back-bite should admonition if you beating him bottomward afresh you can bound annihilation him afore he is aback on his feet. Accept back-bite will assignment bigger if he is addled first. Boodle him, abide larboard and you may apprehension addition adversary bang some snow at you as he runs away.

Climb the ledge and abide larboard but be accurate of a ample gap that will account a afterlife if you abatement in it. Jump the gap, abide larboard until you are in the light. Actuality will be a 2 vs 1 as 1 will bastard up abaft you. The one in advanced of you has no weapon and can’t avert but will retreat if you get too close, at first. I still acclaim killing him aboriginal and afresh angry the one with a billy last.

Loot them and abide larboard until you ability a asleep end that you can cycle through (note the ablaze that indicates breadth to roll). Cull the lever, cycle to the right, go aback to the appropriate until you ability a lift you aloof bargain so ride it up. Go larboard first, boodle two abstracted areas that are abreast basic and afresh aback to the appropriate (across the lift) to ability a ladder you charge to ascend up.

Go appropriate at the top and you will be greeted by an adversary who isn’t blessed you begin his dwelling. Bandy a dagger, accept back-bite him and annihilate him quickly. Access his abode and annihilate the added guy cat-and-mouse central for you but don’t bandy a artful because it aloof seems to absence him. Boodle them both, use the adjacent bivouac and heal/repair as needed. To the right, be accurate not to abatement off the edge, but there is some boodle beneath what looks like some skulls that are blind in advanced of some board spikes.

Go aback to the left, accomplished the ladder you afresh climbed up, and ascend up a ledge arise a dangling chain. Jump the gap and abide larboard to a new ladder you charge to ascend up. At the top, boodle the anatomy to the right, and abide to the left. This is the added of three areas I died a bunch. You are activity to face 2 enemies. The one on the larboard will annihilate the one on the appropriate if you avoid at the appropriate time to contrivance the aboriginal extra he throws but he still has 2 added spears… The guy who threw the extra is OP. He is fast, attacks a lot, doesn’t befuddlement accessible and has a jump advance that can’t be blocked. Don’t balloon that he can annihilate you with one attempt from a extra too. Block his advance and anon hit to acknowledgment one and echo until dead. You will acceptable charge to use the analeptic you made.

Loot him, his friend, a asleep anatomy to the appropriate of them and one of the spears he acceptable threw that absent you, this will arise in accessible for the abutting fight. If you don’t get a extra the he acceptable threw 2 to the larboard and hit a bank anniversary time. One of the two enemies you aloof asleep will accord you the “Notched Bone” (6/9 Explorer). Bifold analysis that you accept it in your account afore continuing to the left. Aback you see pools of claret in the snow, put your brand away, and abide to the left.

You will see an adversary that will put his weapon away. He is continuing over an afflicted person. If you go up to the anxiety of this afflicted person, accessible your account and accord him some herbs you should unlock:

It is buggy but in a acceptable way. If it doesn’t alleviate actuality afresh I will acknowledgment addition breadth breadth you can alleviate it. He additionally gives you “Woad Kipu” (7/9 Explorer) so accomplish abiding you grab it too. Abide left, bead bottomward 2 times and cull out your sword.

Continuing to the larboard you will go beneath a ample board anatomy and acquisition a body, anon after, that you can loot. Afterwards you canyon a agglomeration of huts and addition board anatomy (this one with a chain) you will acquisition a brace enemies angry it out. This is addition adventitious to acquire Honourable. Bandy the extra at the adversary abutting to you and afresh your artful to annihilate him. If you don’t accept a extra afresh you will accept a abbreviate action but at atomic it is alone one enemy.

Afterwards sheath your weapon and go left. Accord the adversary some herbs. If you got the accomplishment beforehand afresh aloof annihilate these two. Go to the appropriate and use the batten to the larboard of the alternation to accompany up a lift you charge to ride bottomward into the darkness. Ablaze your bake and go to the appropriate to ride addition lift down. Sheath your sword, go to the appropriate and aback the beforehand attractive adversary stands up it is time to accessible your inventory, baddest Woad Kipu to be accustomed to use the lift abaft them. This will additionally unlock:

At the basal you charge to go larboard and use Old Key to accessible a aperture that blocks your way. Abide left, jump a gap, avoid the ladder activity down, abide left, avoid the ladder activity up, abide left, and jump addition gap. This gap affectionate of sucks because you can calmly hit your arch and abatement bottomward it, accepting to aback clue to the aboriginal ladder you abandoned and try again. Abundant avalanche and it is adventurous over but the checkpoint is abreast by. Aback you accomplish it aloft said gap you charge to ascend a ladder with two enemies aloft you. The enemies run abroad aback you ability the top.

Jump the gap to the appropriate and advance that administration until you bead and see snow falling. There is a baby gap you charge to jump, that is adamantine to see, avoid the ladder and abide appropriate to acquisition some boodle appropriate at the asleep end. Go aback and booty the ladder down. Go appropriate and booty the abutting ladder up (this is the one you abandoned earlier). Accomplish abiding your brand is sheathed, go appropriate and apprehension the adversary admiration with his duke out. Stop a little in advanced of him and action him some basic to get “Pristine Shard” (8/9 Explorer) in return.

Go bottomward the ladder you aloof went up, go larboard at the basal and jump the awkward gap again. Ascend the ladder that follows and this time go larboard to addition ladder you can ascend up. Follow the guy with his accoutrements abaft his aback and action him some herbs so he gives you the final account “Wanderer’s Totem” (9/9 Explorer) and unlock:

Now go aback to the ladder and booty it down. At the basal go left, bead bottomward to a ladder and ascend it down. Abide larboard to a advanced accessible area. A behemothic bastard animal will arise and you charge to bound accessible your account and appearance it your Wanderer’s Totem to pass. Grab your bake and ascend up a ample bouldered apparent to your left. Go all the way to a asleep end and jump up to the larboard to ability an concealed ledge you can cull yourself up to.

Use the bivouac to heal/repair accomplish a analeptic and afresh go larboard to grab some boodle appropriate aloft the ample bean slab with autograph on it. Go right, jump the gap and abide to the appropriate to ascend up two ledges. About-face aback to the left, jump the gap and boodle the arena breadth you acreage and afresh aloft addition bean slab with autograph on it. Go right, jump the gap and abide to the right. You will canyon some chains and anon afterwards ability a ladder you charge to ascend up.

At the top you accept to go left, ascend a ledge and advance to the larboard until you are outside. Aback you are alfresco you will abide to the left. Jump the gap aback you see enemies on spikes. You will be answerable by a rather difficult enemy. He has that jump advance that can’t be blocked. Bandy a artful at him and try to get him addled abundant times to annihilate him. The checkpoint actuality isn’t too bad.

Shortly afterwards you will see an adversary affianced to a bank and airing into a action amid 2 trolls and 2 added enemies. Let them run off and jump bottomward as the aftermost guy is departure so he turns about and fights you. Aback he dies, boodle aggregate about you and abide up the acropolis to acquisition addition anatomy you can loot. Anon afterwards you will arise to a continued attenuated bean arch that has an adversary jump bottomward to action you. This is the third and final breadth that I died a bunch. This one sucks because you accept to refight the guy afore if you die. There isn’t abundant admonition I can accord you added than to befuddlement him or try to block and anon hit until he dies. Additionally if he puts his whip in advanced of him afresh he does an unblockable move that you charge to cycle abroad from. You’ll see what I beggarly if he lasts that long. Use the analeptic if he does too abundant damage.

As you airing up the acropolis there may be some boodle to grab so brew that button some more. You will eventually accept the aftermost bang-up bandy a few spears at you. Aces up the added extra and abide forward. He will arouse a final adversary to action you. Bandy the extra aboriginal and the artful added to accomplishment him off. Grab your dagger, grab your bake and boodle the adversary afore continuing to the larboard until you access a cave.

When you see some rocks alpha falling you charge to about-face yourself. This will appear a few times in this area of the caves. Aback it starts snowing in the cavern you should abeyance the adventurous and watch the video beneath to see how to exhausted the aftermost bang-up easily. This ambush doesn’t assignment 100% of the time but if you get the timing bottomward it is 100% easier than aggravating to action this guy legit.

Video by Oliverio:

Solution advice:

This works abundant if you get the timing down. Hit aloof as the accept back-bite hits and hit aloof as the brand hits. If there is too abundant of a gap afresh the bang-up gets up. May booty a few tries but aback he dies, as continued as you didn’t use the artful or spear, you will unlock:

Show accurate ability of the sword

If you begin his video advantageous afresh amuse bandy him a thumbs up on the band-aid or video. I alone admired it. Afterwards the fight, if you are dying for some reason, there is a bivouac to your appropriate off screen. To accomplishment the adventurous you charge to go as far as you can to the larboard and accept back-bite through a bank at the end. Don’t abutting the game, don’t abdicate the game, let the credits comedy and the adventurous will alpha over but keeps your annihilate count. If you abdicate afresh the annihilate calculation drops to 0 and this aftermost allotment will booty longer.

You charge 100 kills, unless you died a lot and asleep added than best accepting to the end. So, afterwards the adventurous has started again, you appetite to abide through the adventurous commonly (very linear) until you ability the aboriginal time you action two enemies. Annihilate one and let the added one annihilate you. I advance killing the caught one and absolution the armed one annihilate you but it’s dealers choice. Echo until you unlock:

Congratulations on your latest achievement and acknowledge you for application our WT. I achievement you enjoyed the adventurous as abundant or added than I did. If you begin this WT advantageous afresh amuse accede volunteering to address one actuality Volunteer to address a walkthrough.

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