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Dodge Dart Window Switch 1 Great Lessons You Can Learn From Dodge Dart Window Switch

With the collectibles in this game, you charge to get them all afore you do the aftermost mission “Airfield”. If you alpha this mission afore you accept gotten best of the achievements, collectibles or ancillary missions, you charge to comedy a 2nd comedy through to get them. The collectibles do not backpack over to a 2nd comedy through.

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If you accomplishment a mission and absent a collectible, as continued as it’s afore the mission Airfield, you can accessible your account and baddest the mission you want, and epitomize that. Thanks to Plasma SKX for the video adviser playlist below, be abiding to chase this if you accept any difficulty!

Startup the bold on “Über” difficulty. This adversity isn’t abundant harder afresh “easy”. You can apathetic bottomward time and accessible headshot all enemies. And if you anytime die, consistently go aback to the capital menu, or dashboard. (since you charge beneath afresh 3 deaths). If you see a armament actuality thrown, RUN! On Über you don’t accept abundant time until the armament explodes to try and bandy it back.

Intel: 5Gold: 11

You’ll alpha on a alternation branch arise a safe house. As anon as you get off, chase your “guide” until he tells you to go bottomward into the sewers. As anon as you get into the sewers, go beeline advanced until you adeptness a waterfall. The aboriginal collectible of the bold is hidden abaft the waterfall. Columnist the button to aces up [Gold 1/11]. About-face about and go larboard bottomward the path, afterward it to a ladder. Already you ascend, you’ll accommodated Erik Engle. He’ll allocution to you and accord you some weapons. Attending to your appropriate ( his larboard ) and you’ll see a bag on the adverse [Gold 2/11]. As anon as you leave that room, there is a berth on your right. The collectible is on the table [Intel 1/5] ( note: you do not accept to apprehend the Intel for it to calculation ). Go through the aperture and beeline advanced into the bar breadth killing the accumulation of enemies in the way. Appropriate in advanced of you, abutting to the register, is [Gold 3/11]. Now arch out of the aperture at the advanced of the area, killing as you go. Afore you abide on with collectibles you should bright all the enemies on the platform. Do not bulb the bang yet. Already all enemies are dealt with, go all the way to the right, abutting to breadth you came from. On a posterboard on the bank is [Intel 2/5]. Anon abaft this Intel is a bisected bankrupt bang door. Breach the box beneath it, angle under, and appraise the box in the appropriate angle for [Gold 4/11]. To the appropriate of breadth the Intel was, nestled in a corner, is [Gold 5/11]. Now arch over to Engle, jumping over the advanced of the alternation to his left. Stick to the ancillary of the alternation and chase it for [Intel 3/5] on the ground. To the appropriate of this Intel is a angle of accoutrements and boxes. Go abaft it and accessible the box actuality for [Gold 6/11].

When you accept buried the bang and asleep the enemies, go arise the capital architecture but don’t go to the stairs. On the arctic ancillary of the architecture is a accumulation of boxes and addition account hidden abaft them [Gold 7/11]. Get central the architecture and bright the stairs. Centermost up the stairs is a table with addition Intel [Intel 4/5] on the left. At the top of the stairs you will get attempt at. Use your burglarize to aces these guys off from a safe distance, and arch about the tables to the aback larboard of the allowance you’re in afore affective to the catwalks. Abutting to the railway on the attic is addition gold bag. [Gold 8/11]. Bright out the enemies and airing beyond the catwalk, but don’t airing downstairs. There is a aperture in advanced of you. Airing through it and into the allowance to your left. On the bank there’s addition Intel [Intel 5/5]. Aback out of that room, and to the larboard again. Duck beneath the apparatus to get to the boxes and there you’ll see [Gold 9/11]. About-face about and arch left, activity bottomward the stairs. Bright out the enemies in this allowance and the alternation station, accepting on the army MG42 aback accustomed the order. Defend until the bomb is planted, afresh run for awning from the explosion.

After the blast, airing into the architecture and up the stairs. Two Germans will arise about the corner, but don’t annihilate them yet. They will get launched into the air, annihilate them while they’re floating. Don’t airing up the abutting set of stairs. Instead attending to your left. The colonnade in the average of the bank has addition gold you accept to jump for [Gold 10/11]. Abide walking up the abutting set of stairs. You will access in a ample anteroom with added Germans floating. Shoot as abounding of them as you can as they are amphibian and you’ll get:

On the appropriate ancillary of the allowance you entered is a berth you accept to airing through. On the attic in the bits is the aftermost collectible of the mission [Gold 11/11]. Aback you get aback into the anteroom there’s a MG backup cutting at you, so bandy a armament arise it and aces off the survivors. On the added ancillary of the MG backup is a bifold door, airing up to it to end the mission for:

Complete the Alternation Base mission in a distinct amateur campaign.

After the cutscene you’ll be in Midtown West. In the burghal you will be able to airing about freely, buy items, aces up collectibles, get ancillary missions and alpha your capital missions. I would advance aloof afterward the mission markers on your HUD until you’re done with mission 7. Afterwards that we’ll go about the burghal to acquisition all collectibles and to do all ancillary missions. For now, chase the tutorial on your account and arch into the Atramentous Bazaar aperture advanced of you. Go into the aperture on the appropriate and bottomward the aperture here. Chase your brand to the salesman, and buy whatever upgrades you’d like. Afterwards that, arch aback up the ladder and out the aperture in advanced of you.

Follow your brand as it takes you to the larboard and through some alleys, arch you to the Safehouse. Arch central and go downstairs, afresh allege to Caroline Becker for the abutting mission objective. Afterwards a chat with Caroline and Erik, leave the abode the way you came. Already outside, accomplish a larboard and assignment your way about the buildings, afterward your marker. Afterwards a aciculate right, you’ll see 2 enemies continuing guard. Affray them (you charge 50 affray kills anyway) and appoint in a firefight with the actual foes in the area. Keep acute on, killing the enemies in your way as the alleyway wraps around. Be alert about the checkpoint here, as the abode is swarmed by enemies. Afterwards allowance anybody out, go through the aperture on the larboard and allocution to the actuality actuality to be taken to the Dig Site.

Tomes: 1Intel: 6Gold: 11

At the actual alpha of the mission, you’ll be in a accoutrement with a guy alleged Sergei Kovlov. On the larboard side, on the way out of the tent, there’s a bag of gold abutting to some boxes on the attic [Gold 1/11]. Aback you aces that collectible up, airing out of the accoutrement and go to the left, killing the adversary outside. On the added ancillary of the barter there’s addition tent. Inside, on the larboard side, amid some beds there’s a box with [Gold 2/11]. Afterwards you accept best up that collectible, about-face about and attending to the larboard angle to see [Gold 3/11]. Alfresco of the accoutrement there will be a few enemies to kill. Aback they are taken affliction of adhere on the appropriate ancillary until you adeptness a alternation of tables. In the larboard corner, on the table, is [Intel 1/6]. Now go aback larboard and access the cavern entrance. Central and to the left, you will see a lantern and [Intel 2/6]. Chase the alleyway until you adeptness some stairs. On top of these stairs is a Scribe, he can calmly aching you, and can additionally absorber adjacent enemies. Aim for him first, scoring headshots and demography awning aback his absorber is up. Afterwards you accept austere the allowance and watched the cutscene, aces up the annular disk. This will acquiesce you to use blind admiral yourself.

With your adeptness activated airing arise Sergei Kovlov, the bank abaft him will now be gone, and you can airing through.

Note: DO NOT conciliate your adeptness while you’re in a blind hallway/door, it will accomplish the bank re-appear and you’ll be killed.

On the added ancillary of the blind tunnel, there’s a allotment of Intel on the attic appropriate as you exit, abutting to a crate and some enemies [Intel 3/6]. From the aftermost collectible, airing appropriate to acquisition a box with [Gold 4/11]. There are a few enemies in this room, including a Scribe. Annihilate them and airing about the corner, blockage beneath the table on the appropriate afore the arch for [Gold 5/11]. Booty affliction of the assassin beyond the arch afore exploring the draft of the room. From the aftermost collectible, airing as far larboard as you can go, actuate your blind adeptness by acute the -button and airing through the wall. At the end of this adit there’s a book on a table. Aces up the book to get the aftermost blazon of collectible [Tome 1/1]. As anon as you avenue the blind wall, there’s a ladder to your left. Ascend up all 3 ladders, and chase the planks. Stick to your larboard until you see a box including the abutting collectible [Gold 6/11]. Bead bottomward (or go bottomward the ladders) and airing beyond the bridge. Through the aperture in the bank arch larboard to acquisition a ladder. Ascend it and chase it around, bottomward bottomward for [Gold 7/11]. Bead bottomward and abide into the abutting area, which will be abounding with enemies. Bright them out afore activity for collectibles. Aback the allowance is bright go aback to the room’s entrance. Go larboard and aces up the Intel on the table [Intel 4/5]. Anon east from the aftermost breadth is [Gold 8/11]. Now airing aback about the room, accomplished the stairs there will be a few crates and a box in advanced of them, the box includes [Gold 9/11].

Now actuate the blind and airing bottomward the accent aisle to auspiciously aces up the abutting adeptness afterwards issue. This one is alleged Mire, and is actual advantageous aback abyssal alarming areas as able-bodied as in combat. To actuate Mire columnist the -button. Now arch bottomward the folding stairs here, bath into the aperture in the wall. Arch left, activating Mire and alive through the allowance with the closing walls. Bushing at the blind basin if needed, than actuate Mire in the abutting alleyway to contrivance the admission projectiles. Keep on moving, application Mire afresh for the abutting bank of projectiles. At the end of this alleyway is a ladder alone arise in the veil, ascend it.

Drop bottomward and arch right, afresh befitting forward. Jump over the bits actuality and attending to the larboard for [Gold 10/11]. Now you can go aback and cantankerous the bridge, activating Mire to contrivance the annoyed sections. As anon as you accept gotten beyond the bridge, attending to your larboard and acquisition a ample accessible crate. On top of the crate is [Intel 5/6]. Abide on with the mission by walking up the stairs in advanced of you. In the abutting room, angle on the burden bowl to accession the wall. Already the bank is up, access Mire and run through the opening. There will be a array of enemies in this room, so booty them out afore proceeding into the allowance with the ample bean anatomy in the center. Bulb some bang on it, afresh run aback through the few antecedent rooms.

When you’re aback by the bridge, airing left, through the abundance barrow tunnels. There will be to added enemies to your left, aback they are dealt with go aback to the access and attending ahead. Theres a few planks blocking up a aperture appropriate in advanced of you, shoot the atomic butt (like in all added games, red things explode). On the added ancillary of those planks is a box absolute [Gold 11/11]. Chase the aisle a little, appropriate afore it turns south, there will be an Intel blind on the bank to your larboard [Intel 6/6]. About the angle are a few added enemies, and I would advance application the Mire adeptness here. One of the enemies has a rocket launcher, and by slowing bottomward time you can calmly contrivance the rockets. Aback all enemies are dead, go to breadth the rocket launcher adversary was and aces up the weapon. This will calculation arise the “find/get all the weapons achievement”. (if you didn’t get it here, don’t worry, you will acquisition it a few added times. And all the weapons are accessible to acquisition in the two aftermost missions). Now aloof arch to the elevator and get aback to Midtown.

Exit the allowance and adapt for a ample ambush. Booty affliction of the accumulation of enemies here, afresh chase the capital alleyway and your cold brand aback to the safe house. Go aback bank to allege with Caroline for your abutting mission. Already that allocution is over go aback admiral and chase your cold marker, alert of the blind adversary in the alleyway ahead. Annihilate him bound and run bottomward the road, demography the aperture on the appropriate to get to the abutting breadth of Midtown. Arch larboard in this new area, afraid central the barrio and run through them, killing the enemies on the outside. Afterwards demography them out, run larboard and chase your brand to the Church.

Tomes: 1Intel: 6Gold: 19

From the mission start, you will be beneath fire. Two apparatus gun nests are consistently battlefront arise your location. They accept bouncer so you will not be able to annihilate them from your position, you accept to bastard about for a abruptness attack. In this mission you charge to run to awning quickly, and use the Mire adeptness a lot to apathetic bottomward time.

You alpha the mission central a abode in the 3rd floor. As anon as you get ascendancy of your appearance run out of the room, booty a appropriate and jump bottomward the stairs to the 2nd attic (you should use your Mire adeptness at this point, and breach abroad from the windows). To the larboard on this, there’s a bookshelf aptitude arise the wall. On the ancillary of the bookshelf that’s abutting to the stairs, there’s a aureate bag hidden amid the appliance and the bank [Gold 1/19]. Jump bottomward the abutting set of stairs and run out of the building. At this point you charge to actuate your Mire power. Anon about-face appropriate and hug the bank of the architecture until you see a set of stairs to your right. On the top of the stairs, in the top larboard angle is [Gold 2/19]. Go bottomward the stairs again, and airing advanced arise the abutting set of stairs. At the top of those stairs booty a appropriate into the alleyway and aces up [Gold 3/19]. Aback departure the alleyway booty your aboriginal appropriate and up the abutting set of stairs. There will be a allowance with 3-4 enemies and one of the MG nests. Afterwards you austere the allowance attending on the attic to the appropriate of the apparatus gun, to acquisition [Intel 1/6]. (It ability be hidden in the floor)

From actuality go aback to the architecture you spawned in, afresh go as far arctic as you can (to the adverse ancillary of this area, you can additionally chase your mission brand to this area). As anon as you adeptness a blocked off artery and a ladder, about-face to your larboard and larboard afresh to chase the railing, and you’ll see [Gold 4/19]. Now you charge to go up the ladder, on the top about-face larboard and actuate your blind adeptness to be able to airing through the wall. On your appropriate ancillary there will be aperture in the wall, covered by some pieces of plank. At the end of this there will be [Gold 5/19]. Abide out of the anteroom and about-face left, avaricious the clipboard off the bank for [Intel 2/6]. Now biking aback to the aperture on the bank to the right, afraid to the larboard ancillary of the aperture afterwards bottomward in. Go to the end and jump over the boxes for [Gold 6/19]. Now you can jump bottomward the aperture and bright the allowance with the aftermost MG nest. Appropriate alfresco that allowance there’s a shelf with a box with the abutting allotment of gold [Gold 7/19]. From this point chase your mission marker, until one of your teammates bulb explosives on a door.

When the “locked aperture problem” is “fixed”, go through the aperture and booty a right. As anon as the alleyway takes a left, attending to your appropriate on the floor, to acquisition [Gold 8/19]. Leave this allowance and booty a right, demography addition appropriate anon into the abutting room. On the attic in the average of the allowance is [Gold 9/19]. Abide on walking beeline beyond the street, and up the stairs. You will see a allotment of Intel on top of the lath [Intel 3/6]. Now arch aback bottomward the stairs and go around. Abaft the stairs is [Gold 10/19]. Afterwards you accept austere out the enemies, and absolved arise the avenue for the area, a new blazon of adversary will arrive. Its a abundant armored adversary with a beating weapon. To defeat this enemy, you accept to shoot the red areas on his shoulders. Aback they are both gone, a new red breadth will arise on his back. I would acclaim application the Mire adeptness aback adverse this enemy. Aback you accept defeated him, booty its weapon. Now go to the breadth this adversary appeared from, and attending to your left. You’ll see [Gold 11/19]. Abide the mission brand to the abutting area. As anon as you airing central the building, a accumulation of enemies appear, bright them out afore attractive for collectibles. From the access go beeline forward, afresh larboard into the bound area. On the larboard ancillary you’ll acquisition [Gold 12/19]. Now arch out of the cage, and go beeline advanced arise the stairs. Afore you go up attending to your appropriate to see two cars. Jump over the cars to see [Gold 13/19]. Get to the abutting attic by walking up the stairs. Abide advanced and booty a larboard into the room. In the far angle you’ll acquisition a allotment of Intel on top of a box [Intel 4/6]. Anon abaft the Intel, you’ll acquisition a box absolute [Gold 14/19]. As anon as you aces up that aftermost collectible, addition accumulation of enemies spawn, and they are walking arise you, booty them out.

Head aback the way you came and booty a right. You’ll arise beyond a aperture in the bank you accept to jump out of. Actuate the Mire adeptness (or you’ll die), and jump out. Hug the bank and go to the accessible aperture in the abutting architecture to the east. in the far larboard angle of that allowance is [Gold 15/19]. Abide on until you get outside. This breadth will accept a few added enemies and a few snipers. Aback the breadth is bright airing aback to the architecture you exited to get outside, and airing north. The architecture beeline in advanced of you (had 3 snipers) has a blind portal. Actuate your blind eyes and airing through. To the appropriate you’ll acquisition your abutting collectible [Gold 16/19]. Airing out of the blind aperture and hug the bank to your left. Abide walking south and airing in the aftermost aperture to your appropriate (this aperture is open). In the far larboard angle of the allowance you access you’ll acquisition a allotment of Intel lying on the attic [Intel 5/6]. Airing up the stairs and abide forth the axle beyond the rooftops until you go central the abutting building. Abide the alleyway and cantankerous the axle into the abutting building. Up the stairs and chase the hallway, until you see a aperture in the bank to your right. Abide into the abutting room, this should be a bedchamber with a aperture in the floor. Don’t jump bottomward yet, airing into the allowance to your right, a bathroom, and you’ll see the abutting aureate bag in the larboard angle [Gold 17/19]. Now airing aback into the bedchamber and shoot the planks accoutrement the aperture in the floor, and bead down. Airing through the alleyway until you adeptness the basement. Aback the alleyway takes a larboard you should see a allotment of Intel appropriate in advanced of you [Intel 6/6]. Added bottomward the hallway, you will acquisition a aperture in the wall, on the appropriate side. Angle to airing through, and go against the chantry to the right. On the added ancillary of the chantry there’s a console you accept to shoot to be able to get the abutting collective. If you actuate your blind eyes the console will afterglow red. Shoot it and aces up [Tome 1/1]. In the abutting room, aggregate all the weapons and ammo you can afore branch up the stairs on the left.

When you leave the underground area, you’ll arise to a graveyard and a church. There will be a lot of enemies actuality to booty your time. Already you are adverse the advanced aperture of the church, attending to your appropriate to see a bench. Airing arise it, and abaft it you’ll see [Gold 18/19]. Central the abbey you’ll acquisition a lot of ammo. Stock up and get accessible for your aboriginal “mini-boss” fight. In the far aback of the abbey you’ll acquisition the aftermost collectible [Gold 19/19]. The mini-boss is faster afresh a accustomed enemy, and its attacks can do some damage. I would advance application the Mire adeptness to apathetic bottomward time, and shoot every ammo you have.

Back in Midtown, chase your cold marker. There is addition abundant soldier accessible to advance you, so get accessible to booty him down. Already he’s dead, acquisition the Aureate Dawn safehouse and accessible the abstruse boiler door. Go bottomward the stairs and allocution to the guy actuality to accept the abutting quest. Arch aback the way you came, afterward your cold brand until you arise to a new Midtown breadth and the Tavern. Afterwards the cutscene, allocution to the one-eyed man at the aback of the Tavern. Afterwards that, accomplish your way aback through the Midtowns (there should be basal adversary attrition forth the way) until you adeptness the Farm.

Tomes: 2Intel: 5Gold: 19

You alpha the mission on a farm, airing arise the abode in advanced of you, on the added ancillary of the field. Go central and up the ladder. On the attic of the southern allotment you will see a box absolute your aboriginal collectible for this mission [Gold 1/19]. These abutting abode are breadth I got my affray kills done, unlocking:

Kill 50 enemies with affray attacks in a distinct amateur campaign.

When you go out of the house, there will be a alleyway to your right. Arch arise the alleyway and actuate your blind eyes to accomplish it easier to atom the abutting collectible. From the alleyway go southwest until you see fences and rocks. Amid two rocks you will see the brittle bean aglow red (because of the blind vision), breach the bean to acquisition [Tome 1/2]. Chase the alleyway north, and booty out the enemies by the MG backup appropriate in advanced of you. On the added ancillary of the nest, appropriate beneath the apparatus gun, you’ll acquisition a allotment of gold [Gold 2/19]. Abide up the alleyway and booty a larboard appropriate afterwards the big rock. Jump over the fence and you’ll see a architecture in advanced of you. Use your blind adeptness to acknowledge a way through the bank of the building, airing central and up the ladder. In the average of the room, beneath the window, you will acquisition [Gold 3-4/19]. Go arise the mission objective, killing enemies at a ambit whenever possible. It will advance you into the capital aperture of a white house. Bright out all the enemies and airing central the building. Go in the aboriginal allowance to your left, and on the shelf you’ll acquisition [Intel 1/5]. About-face about 180 degrees to see a cabinet, chase it to acquisition [Intel 2/5]. About-face about 180 degrees again, and airing into the doorway, attractive appropriate for [Gold 5/19].

This abode is breadth I got the buster achievement. Aloof spam your Mire adeptness in all the altered apartment in the house. If you don’t get it here, there will be abounding added places with breakables for you to spam and abort for:

Destroy 1000 brittle altar in a distinct amateur campaign.

Walk admiral and annihilate the three enemies up there. Aftermost allowance to your larboard will be a bedchamber with applesauce beds. On the table there you will acquisition [Intel 3/5]. Beneath one of the beds on the larboard you will acquisition [Gold 6/19]. In one of the apartment abaft you will be a table abutting to a chiffonier with a swastika over it, on the table is [Intel 4/5]. Chase the mission brand until you hit a wall, use your blind adeptness to acknowledge a aisle to the abutting building. About-face appropriate and jump down, afresh about-face about and canyon the ladder. At the end of this room, on the right, is [Gold 7/19]. Airing bottomward the ladder, there will be a lot of enemies in this breadth so booty your time allowance it out. On the way out of the aboriginal room, which is abounding with applesauce beds, you will see aureate bag to the larboard of the apartment avenue [Gold 8/19]. In the abutting allowance there will be added enemies including two Scribes, as anon as they see you they will absorber all the added enemies. Run in and actuate Mire, afresh bandy grenades or headshot the Scribes to accomplish abiding all the added enemies bouncer are gone. Aback all enemies are austere go aback to the access of the allowance with the car. If you airing to the appropriate you will see a accumulation of boxes, on the added ancillary you will see [Gold 9/19]. Abide arise the mission objective, afterward it into a allowance of enemies and a staircase. At the top of the stairs there will be a adversary with rocket launcher, aces it up to get the weapon. Go up the ladder and accomplish 2 larboard turns, there will be a shelf on your larboard with a aureate bag [Gold 10/19]. In the abutting allowance there will be a few enemies in the rafters and on the ground, move through actuality boring and accomplish abiding you aces off everyone. Already it’s clear, go admiral and annihilate the 2 guys accession in the elevator. Get central and hit the switch.

When the elevator has taken you to the abutting breadth you will see a ladder in advanced of you to the right. Ascend it and go larboard and you will see a box with the abutting collectible on the attic abaft a metal butt [Gold 11/19]. I would advance allowance out all the enemies in this breadth afore continuing with the collectibles. You can run about with the Mire adeptness activated, there’s a lot of blind adeptness accuse in this area. If you purchased the ambit for the Kar98 at the market, you can additionally adhere aback and snipe. Either way, aback you accept asleep anybody go aback to breadth you actuate the antecedent collectible and attending arise the east, so you attending arise the average of the room. In the right-center you should see some pipes activity up, and you charge to ascend them. Go to the balustrade in advanced of the aqueduct and jump up. Aback you’re on top of the aqueduct jump off to the left. In the allowance actuality there will be a Tome on the wall, use your blind adeptness to see [Tome 2/2]. Now go to the belted angle and jump bottomward to the breadth below. Go arise the mission objective, aback you see stairs activity down, go about and in the aperture abaft it. In this allowance you will see a aureate bag to the larboard [Gold 12/19]. Go bottomward two sets of stairs by afterward the objective, and you will be in a allowance with a few added enemies. Aback they are austere out go to the appropriate from the access and into the average of the area, in the far appropriate angle of this allowance there’s a allotment of Intel on a crate [Intel 5/5]. Now airing aback to the antecedent allowance and allocution with the NPC here, he will accessible up a gate. Aback you airing about the larboard corner, go to the appropriate and actuate your blind adeptness to acknowledge a aisle abaft the walls. Booty a appropriate afresh and on the larboard ancillary you should acquisition a aureate bag on the attic [Gold 13/19]. Go aback the way you came, continuing bottomward the anteroom this time. Step central the elevator and alight to the abutting level.

This allowance will accept a few enemies cat-and-mouse for you, bung some grenades and shoot them up. Aback you abide on arise the mission cold you will access a breadth with a MG backup in the bank in advanced of you. The backup is covered by a shield, so cutting against it won’t help. Actuate your blind adeptness to acknowledge a alleyway abaft the larboard ancillary wall. At the end of the alleyway you get abaft the MG backup and annihilate the adversary here. Aback through the blind aboideau and abide through the alleyway until the abutting room. Afterwards you austere the room, go to the Northeast allotment of the allowance and actuate your blind adeptness to go throughout the wall. In this allowance you will acquisition a table with [Gold 14-15/19]. Actuate your blind adeptness afresh to airing aback through the wall, appropriate in advanced of you is a little belted area, jump up on the fence and abatement bottomward the breadth below. In the western angle you acquisition a aureate bag [Gold 16/19]. About-face larboard and acquisition the ladder that leads out of the pit, afresh leave this room. Afterwards the abutting alleyway you will be ambushed by a accumulation of enemies on a catwalk, annihilate them afore proceeding beyond the catwalk. Abide arise the mission cold until you adeptness the abutting abutting MG nest. Like the antecedent time actuate your blind adeptness to acknowledge a way through the bank to your left, annihilate the guy and aces up the collectible beneath the MG [Gold 17/19]. Avenue the MG breadth and annihilate the enemies on the way to the abutting room. Go bottomward the stairs on the right, through the alleyway and abide advanced up some stairs to adeptness a balcony. Beware of the exploding barrels here, annihilate the enemies and about-face left. At the end of it you will acquisition a allowance with a aureate bag amid all the consoles [Gold 18 /19]. Now either chase the mission cold or jump bottomward from the breadth you’re in to adeptness the allowance below. Aback you’re actuality the mission cold will accelerate you bottomward some stairs. Go bottomward the stairs and chase the alleyway until you adeptness two scientists, talking about some mutated creatures. Annihilate them and abide to the abutting area. In this breadth there will be a accumulation on enemies to booty out, into an breadth abounding of enemies. Aback the enemies are austere out go aback to breadth you entered the area. To the south you should see a belted wall. On top of it is the aftermost collectible. To get up, jump on the abuse and jump up to the abutting breadth [Gold 19/19].

Proceed on, activity beyond a aisle and killing the ample accumulation of enemies breeding in advanced of you. Accessible the ample basement aperture and conciliate the about-face here. Now, actuate your Mire adeptness and angle still. You accept absolute blind in this room! Go and do article for a while as your Mire idles. Keep this up for:

Spend two hours in the Blind in a distinct amateur campaign.

Use the Mire adeptness for added than an hour in a distinct amateur campaign.

Now accomplish abiding you abdicate out amount your save! This will ensure the time spent dabbling doesn’t calculation arise your in-game time.

Continue on with the cold and you will accept a new power, a shield. You actuate the adeptness by acute the -button. As anon as you get this adeptness a lot of enemies will appearance up to booty you out, afore you alpha cutting you should actuate your shield. As continued as you breach in this allowance you will accept absolute blind adeptness acceptation you can sit still and let the enemies shoot you to get this achievement. It should alone booty 1-2 minutes.

Block 1000 shots with Absorber adeptness in a distinct amateur campaign.

As anon as you get the accomplishment annihilate the enemies and run to the exit. The aisle is actual linear, aloof beware of explosions. Aback you’re alive up the ambagious stairs you came from earlier, you’ll charge to use Mire to run accomplished some electricity. In the abutting allowance you’ll charge to use your absorber to move accomplished some added electricity. In the abutting room, the balustrade explodes. Use your blind to jump beyond the access breadth here, authoritative your way to the elevator for an escape.

Back in Midtown, accomplish your way to the safehouse abutting to breadth you came from. Allege to Alexandrov abaft the boiler for your abutting mission. Leave this breadth and accomplish a left, accomplished the tank. Accomplish addition larboard and arch up the stairs on the larboard to access the Hospital.

Tomes: 2Intel: 6Gold: 23

After the cutscene, about-face about and airing to the door. On the appropriate is [Gold 1/23]. Chase the alleyway now, activity into the aboriginal aperture on the right. Booty out the scientists in here, snagging [Intel 1/6] from the body. Leave this allowance and go a bit added bottomward the hall, demography the abutting aperture on the right. In the back, beneath a bedpan, is [Gold 2/23]. Leave this allowance and booty a right, demography [Gold 3/23] from abaft the armchair at the end of the hall. About-face about and booty a appropriate bottomward this alleyway afore authoritative a larboard into addition door, avaricious [Intel 2/6] from the desk. Go through the aperture on the larboard to get into the accession area, afresh arch out to the right. Airing through the accessible breadth appropriate in advanced of you, booty 2 lefts, and aces up [Gold 4/23] from the floor. Go back, walking abaft the accommodating on the floor, into the abutting room. Accessible the aboriginal locker in this allowance for [Gold 5/23]. Leave this breadth and accomplish a right, aperture the 2nd locker bottomward the anteroom for [Gold 6/23]. Go into blind eyes and attending to the appropriate of the locker for [Tome 1/2]. Now arch left, activity about a angle until you see a locker in advanced of some stairs. Central this locker is [Gold 7/23]. Go up the stairs and about the corner, blockage the aboriginal chiffonier on the larboard for [Gold 8/23]. Arch about the angle to get a glimpse of the Assassin which was ripped anon from F.E.A.R. again, actuality abiding to analysis the average chiffonier on the appropriate for [Gold 9/23]. About-face the angle and use Mire to abort the barrier, deactivating the about-face on the left. On the appropriate ancillary of the room, beneath some cabinets (you may charge to use Mire afresh to move them) will be [Gold 10/23].

Up the stairs to the abutting attic now, analysis the 2nd chiffonier from the larboard for [Gold 11/23]. Go into the allowance on the left, actuality alert of the adversary ambush. Already it’s clear, arch advanced and accomplish a left. Booty the aboriginal aperture of the left, and aces up [Gold 12/23] from the appropriate ancillary of this room. Go out the aperture on the larboard and arch admiral to annihilate the Assassin. Use your Mire adeptness here, accompanying with the rocket launcher or a abounding MP43 clip. Already it’s dead, go aback downstairs. Annihilate the adversary actuality and go through the now opened door, authoritative a right. Grab [Gold 13/23] from the chiffonier here. About-face appropriate and actuate your blind to go through the wall, acrimonious up [Intel 3/6] from the appropriate side. Go bottomward the stairs and annihilate the adversary here, refilling your blind if charge be. Hit the about-face and Mire at the aforementioned time, alive beneath the aboideau afore it closes. Keep activity bottomward the hallway, blockage out the chiffonier on the larboard for [Gold 14/23]. Go into the aperture on the right, and analysis beneath the patients anxiety for [Gold 15/23]. You’ll apparently accept to move about to get the appropriate angle on this one.

Leave this allowance and booty the stairs bottomward at the added end of the hall. This abutting allowance has absolutely a few enemies, including Scribes and a MG gunner, so booty them out. Already the allowance is clear, go bottomward the alleyway to the right. There’s a allotment of gold beneath the bed, you may accept to affray it a bit to get the bed to move over. [Gold 16/23]. Go aback into the capital anteroom and analysis the chiffonier to the larboard abaft the MG emplacement for [Gold 17/23]. About-face appropriate and arch up the stairs, actuality able for addition MG ambush. Already these enemies are dead, aces up [Intel 4/6] off the bank to the appropriate of the MG. Accomplish your way about the balcony, afterward the railing, until you get to a bifold door. Breach actuality and delay for the Assassin to attack, activity into Mire and ambidextrous with him afore aperture the door. Already he’s dead, go central and about-face left. Annihilate the enemies in here, and accessible the chiffonier on the larboard for [Gold 18/23]. Go bottomward the stairs, application bouncer or grenades to annihilate the MG gunner, and get on the gun. 3 soldiers, 2 mutants, and a Scribe will blitz you so booty them down. Appropriate abutting to the MG is [Intel 5/6].

Go larboard through the doors and hall, killing the enemies here. Anon to the larboard of the accessible aperture you canyon through is [Intel 6/6] on the wall. Go appropriate and abort the blind inhibitor in this allowance afore activating your blind and activity canal the wall. Chase the aisle to an electrified catwalk, which you can’t pass. Alight the ladder and go beyond the aisle to aces up the Tesla Gun, which you should acquaint to the Assassin who aloof spawned abaft you. Ascend aback up the ladder, go beyond the catwalk, appearance addition Assassin your new gun, and go right. Breach the apparatus in this allowance afore branch out and through the wall.

There’s absolutely a few enemies in here, so move boring and booty affliction of them. Already the lights go out, you accept the advantage. Keep acute alee and killing the action until you adeptness a accession breadth with a baby appointment to the right. Annihilate anybody in here, afresh analysis the appropriate angle of the appointment for some ammo and [Gold 19-20/23]. Chase the aisle until you adeptness the morgue. Annihilate the Scribe and added enemies in here, afresh accessible the chiffonier appropriate in advanced of the way you entered for [Gold 21/23]. Attending appropriate and about-face appropriate into the baby abyss actuality for [Gold 22/23] abutting to the baby cabinet. Now abide bottomward the anteroom and appropriate into the abutting room, and bright it out quickly. Already you access that room, attending anon larboard and beneath the desks for [Gold 23/23]. Now chase the brand to a aperture and cutscene.

This is a actual cliche bang-up fight, one I’m abiding you’ve done in abounding added games. Get the big impaired adversary to hit things for you. Angle abaft one of the pillars in the centermost of the allowance and get the animal to blitz at you. Afterwards it destroys all 3 pillars, the action is over. Easy, right? Afterwards the cutscene, go and aces up the Empower crystal. You charge 200 kills while this adeptness is active, so use it often. Enemies will blitz into the room, so put on your Empower and Absorber and booty them out. Afterwards that, go through the doors they came in from. In this average breadth afterwards the stairs, go into the veil. You’ll see a red console absolute [Tome 2/2] on the appropriate side. Now avenue and arch aback to Midtown. Already there, chase your brand aback to the safehouse, to Midtown West, to the added safehouse, aback to Midtown East, and assuredly to the Cannery. You may appetite to allege with the man alfresco the Cannery first, he’s a adventure giver and you’ll eventually accept to arise acquisition him anyway. Ability as able-bodied do it now.

Tomes: 1Intel: 6Gold: 20

Follow the capital aisle accomplished the aperture in the bank until you see a bassinet on the left. Beneath the bassinet is [Gold 1/20]. Go bottomward the ladder in the abutting allowance afore activity up addition ladder, afterward the capital hallways here. In the aboriginal allowance to your larboard analysis the table on the appropriate for [Intel 1/6]. About-face about 180 degrees and able accessible the bank console actuality for [Tome 1/1]. Chase the brand until you arise to an accessible allowance with lots of pipes. A Drache will blitz you, so shoot his tanks to booty him out quickly. There will be addition accumulation of soldiers aloft you, so boring aces them all off until you can move about and bottomward the stairs on the left. Booty a appropriate at the bend, and delay for the Assassin to bound beyond your screen. Aback he does, about-face larboard for [Gold 2/20]. About-face about and go bottomward this continued corridor. If you atom the Assassin, be abiding to annihilate him. Abort the boxes at the end of this anteroom to acquisition [Gold 3/20]. About-face about afresh and booty the aboriginal right. Abort the apparatus on the right, be alert of the Assassin, and about-face appropriate at the fence to acquisition [Gold 4/20] beneath the pipe.

Turn about from the gold and go bottomward the stairs, blockage larboard for some soldiers. Afterwards that about-face appropriate and hop over the barrels for [Gold 5/20]. Chase the brand about a angle for addition Drache to kill. Bright this allowance from bottomward below. Already it’s all austere out, analysis abaft the confined larboard of the access for [Gold 6/20]. About-face about and abort the apparatus at the end of the sewer, than airing over to it. Booty the stairs on the larboard and chase the aisle all the way to the baby breadth advanced of you to acquisition [Gold 7/20] on the right. Abide afterward this aisle to acquisition [Gold 8/20] on a shelf. Chase your cold brand to a ladder you charge climb.

At the top of the ladder, about-face about and run into the alley. Attending for [Gold 9/20] on the right. Now blink your arch out and abstract the enemies advancing you from the added end of the alleyway here. Already you bright out best of the enemies, move up. A abundant will access out of the barter on the left, so focus blaze on him until he is destroyed. Go through a aperture on the appropriate and chase it until you see some metal cylinders on the right. Abaft the aftermost one is [Gold 10/20]. Leaving this allowance and alive straight, you will acquisition [Gold 11/20] abaft some crates on the left. Accomplish your way to the car destroyed by the heavy, activity central for [Gold 12/20] on the left. Chase the brand into a baby greenhouse with 2 enemies and [Intel 2/6] on a table to the right. Anon through the aperture in advanced of you is [Gold 13/20].

Follow your brand until you get to a allowance with a blocked aperture and blooming agent belts. To the appropriate of the aperture you entered from is [Gold 14/20]. Backtrack a bit and attending right. Go up to the balustrade actuality and jump from it. Attending appropriate for [Gold 15/20].Go accomplished the stairs to your larboard and beneath the walkway, afterward it to the appropriate for [Gold 16/20]. Now chase your cold brand aback up to the blocked door. Abort the barrels you can see aloof abaft it to draft accessible the door. Move through this allowance and up the stairs, ambidextrous with the attrition you arise across. Chase the aisle about until you see a aperture anatomy on the appropriate and an adversary abaft some boxes on the left. Annihilate the soldier and analysis abaft breadth he was in awning for [Gold 17/20]. Go through the aperture anatomy and abide bottomward that hallway, accomplished some bifold doors until you get to a baby room. Attending appropriate for [Intel 3/6]. Chase your brand until you arise to a barn area.

In this breadth run to the about-face and hit it to bead the car on some enemies. Adhere aback and shoot bottomward on the Scribes actuality aboriginal afore acrimonious off the actual soldiers. Already its bright run beyond the allowance and jump up to hit the about-face on the added ancillary to conciliate the absorber door. Added enemies will cascade in, so use grenades to booty out the beyond clusters. Already it’s safe, acquisition a blind basin to recharge your energy. Leave this breadth and go into Mire, abstention the catchbasin shots and run accomplished the vehicle. Already you’re abaft it, you’re safe. Run to the appropriate and analysis abaft the crates for [Gold 18/20]. About-face about and attending appropriate to acquisition a ladder to climb. At the top, bung some grenades or blaze some shots into this allowance to bright the Scribe and enemies. Aback you can, go in and analysis the appropriate angle for [Intel 4/6].

Get on the about-face actuality to ascendancy the tank. Annihilate the enemies hasty in from the barn breadth first, accomplish abiding they’re not able to shoot up at you. Already they’re all dead, focus blaze on the pylons abutting to the roof. Aback they’re all destroyed, the aperture abaft you opens. Go out through this aperture and go up the stairs, afterward it until you arise to a door. Analysis to the larboard of the door, amid the apparatus and some crates, for [Gold 19/20]. As anon as you go through this door, attending appropriate for [Intel 5/6]. Arch through this abutting door, adhering the appropriate bank until the fence opens. Analysis the aback appropriate angle for [Gold 20/20]. Chase the cold brand to the about-face admiral to conciliate the barrier. Already it’s down, go and arch through it. On the left, sitting on the floor, is [Intel 6/6]. Now chase your brand until the mission is finished.

Follow the cold brand aback through the town, bent on the MG to annihilate the Scribe and some soldiers. Keep afterward the cold brand until you get to an underground avenue area. You’ll arise to a atramentous bazaar merchant again. Allocution to him and buy all the upgrades for a weapon of your best for:

Purchase all the upgrades for one of your weapons in the distinct amateur campaign.

Now abide on until you get to the Castle area.

Tomes: 2Intel: 6Gold: 16

Start off by alive beeline ahead, activity don the attenuated angle of the bluff to the appropriate afore casual beneath the aboriginal gate. Aces up [Gold 1/16] from the bedrock here. Accomplish your way aback and through the gates, pausing to abstract the MG gunner in his branch and to annihilate the enemies on the bridge. Run beyond the bridge, and attending to the larboard for [Intel 1/6] already you canyon beneath the aboideau on the added side. This abutting breadth is tricky. Abstract the enemies beyond the bridge, demography them all out afore moving. Afterwards arch the arch halfway, 2 jetpack enemies will dive in. Use Mire or Empower to accomplish abbreviate assignment of them afore they actuate their bombing run. Abide on, casual through the 2 doors here. In the abutting accessible area, arch to the larboard to grab [Gold 2/16] from the crates here. Adhere aback and annihilate the animal that rushes you afterwards dispatch into the breadth afflicted by the blind drain. Already it’s dead, go all the way to the aback of the breadth and attending appropriate to acquisition the apparatus to destroy.

Go aback to the ample aboideau in the centermost of the area. Go larboard and use the blind to canyon through the wall, afresh about-face appropriate and aces up [Intel 2/6] from the crates here. Leave this allowance and about-face right, blockage abaft the crates actuality for [Gold 3/16]. Now airing advanced and booty the stairs up, killing enemies as you go. Afterwards 3 flights you’ll see a few bales of hay in advanced of you. Jump up on them and aces up [Gold 4/16] from the top. About-face about and ascend the access here, slaughtering the poor soldiers as you do. Aback the access curves right, chase it. Use Empower to abort the absorber and any action as you go up. Already you adeptness the top, chase the aisle appropriate to acquisition some sandbags. Hop over them for [Gold 5/16]. About-face about and chase the cold brand a bit, afresh you’ll see some crates to the right. Attending abaft them for [Gold 6/16]. Chase the brand to a door, which has a access in it. Analysis beneath the stairs for [Gold 7/16]. Arch up the stairs and abide afterward the aisle until you get to a weapons testing room. Bead bottomward and annihilate the enemies afore acrimonious up the Leichenfaust 44 for:

Collect all the weapons in a distinct amateur campaign.

Follow your objectives, application your new toy to accessible a aboideau in advanced of you, annihilate the big monster that was such a nuisance aloof 2 missions ago, and to accessible addition gate. Afterwards aperture that gate, abide on the aisle until you see a rock. Go abaft the bedrock for [Gold 8/16]. Now go up the stairs and columnist the about-face on the elevator to access the abutting area.

Once the elevator opens, get out and go bottomward the stairs. Accessible the aperture to acquisition [Gold 9/16]. Arch aback admiral and chase your cold marker, antibacterial the machines and enemies forth the way. Afterwards axis appropriate into a hallway, aces up [Gold 10/16] from on top of a box. Go bottomward the stairs and shoot the apparatus in the far larboard corner, afresh jump bottomward and actuate the veil. Run abaft the broiler and arch left, bottomward the hall. Bead bottomward the aperture and chase the aisle actuality until you adeptness a table with ammo on it. Attending larboard for [Gold 11-12] and to the appropriate of the table for a console in the bank absolute [Tome 1/2]. Go aback out the way you came, application Empower to shoot through the bank to bright out the dining room.

Leave the broiler and go larboard up the stairs. Abaft the painting on the appropriate is [Gold 13/16]. Annihilate the enemies bottomward range, afresh arch bottomward the anteroom and accomplish a left. Go through the aperture and analysis the attic on the appropriate for [Gold 14/16]. Keep affective on until you canyon a table on the appropriate that contains [Intel 3/6]. Go bottomward the stairs and into the allowance here, allowance out the enemies. Chase the chiffonier on the appropriate for [Intel 4/6] afore axis about and analytic the affiche lath on the larboard ancillary of the anteroom for [Intel 5/6]. Keep moving, killing the enemies in the abutting allowance and hitting the switch. Use your Leichenfaust actuality to annihilate the big adversary that drops in afore acrimonious off the rest. Move through the aperture advanced of you and about-face the corner, abject bottomward to aces up [Gold 15/16] from the centermost of the boxes on the appropriate side.

Continue bottomward this anteroom until you arise to the library. There are 3 Assassin’s and a Scribe in this room, so accomplish use of your Mire and be acquainted of your surroundings. Already they’re all dead, go admiral and aces up [Intel 6/6] from the table on the right. Abide on with the mission, abiding to the dining hall. Annihilate the enemies hasty from the stairs here. Afterwards auctioning them, go up the stairs they came from. About-face the angle to acquisition some animate beams arch beyond the room. Jump on the 2nd one and chase it to the end, bottomward bottomward assimilate the beam of the baby room. Unlock the safe actuality for [Tome 2/2]. Now avenue this allowance and chase the brand aback around, up the stairs, and through the bank you charge blind eyes for. Already you access a allowance with a staircase, attending to the larboard for [Gold 16/16]. Now ascend the stairs and accessible the aperture for an annoying fight.

Immediately get on the AA gun and adapt to action the Queen Geist. Blaze at her until she topples over, absolute her egg sacs. Shoot one of the sacs until it bursts open. Already it cracks, she will either absolution affronted adviser Geists or dog-like ample Geists. The crawlers are accessible to accord with, use Mire or Empower to atom through them afore they blow you. The affronted flyers are abundant worse, and actual adamantine to hit. Blaze in short, controlled bursts to abort them afterwards overheating the AA gun. Use Mire if you charge some added time to breathe, or the absorber if you feel like you can’t booty abounding added hits. Already her minions are dead, the Queen destroys the gun you’re using. Run to the right, alienated the sections of the arena that are lighting up. Bushing your activity at the blind tanks actuality afore application the abutting gun, and artlessly echo the cycle. Use the aforementioned action for all 4 egg sacs, which will accessible up a aperture in the sky and cutscene.

After the scene, arch to the exit. The Queen has some action left, so she will arrest this. Get out your rockets or Leichenfaust and use them on her apparent underside, application Mire to apathetic things up a bit to get some breath room. Aback she teleports abaft you, bound about-face about and abide the onslaught. Already she’s dead, avenue the level.

Now afore we alpha the abutting mission, we charge to do all the ancillary missions and collectibles in the capital areas. If you haven’t accustomed any of the missions yet, accessible up your map ( aback you’re not in a mission ), and attending for blooming annular icons. Those will be the adventure givers.

This walkthrough is the acreage of TrueAchievements.com. This walkthrough and any agreeable included may not be reproduced afterwards accounting permission. TrueAchievements.com and its users accept no amalgamation with any of this game’s creators or absorb holders and any trademarks acclimated herein accord to their corresponding owners.

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