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Dodge Durango Srt Gas Tank Size Why Dodge Durango Srt Gas Tank Size Had Been So Popular Till Now?

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dodge durango srt gas tank size Dodge Durango SRT 1 Features and Specs

Dodge Durango SRT 1 Features and Specs | dodge durango srt gas tank size

The Autoblog Actualization allotment for its third episode, this time, from the country of Japan. Senior Editor, Green, John Snyder, Senior Producer Christopher McGraw and Producer Alex Malburg arch to the address of Nissan and Subaru to analysis out the companies’ latest in free and electric agent technology. Afterwards we biking to the Honda Collection Anteroom in Motegi, to biking through the company’s continued history, from motorbikes to best F1 cars and aggregate in between.

Finally the aggregation hops on the Shinkansen, added frequently accepted as the Ammo Alternation actuality in the States, and ascertain what it is like to biking 160 afar per hour by rail.

Check out adventure three of “The Autoblog Show” above. It originally aired on Verizon Fios TV, the Yahoo! Finance Channel on the Roku TV app and SamsungTV .

– This is Autoblog.


For over 15 years, our aggregation has covered the auto industry. You can acquisition added of our agreeable at Autoblog.com. But actuality on “The Autoblog Show,” anniversary adventure actualization our admired videos of the hottest new cars from all over the world. This is what moves us.

– Oh, that’s good.

– We are drivers, off roaders, journalists, tech geeks, gamers, blur makers, and adventurers. This is “Autoblog.” You’re watching “The Autoblog Show.” Up next, a adventure to Japan. Join us as we analyze Japan’s busline past, present, and future.


CHRISTOPHER MCGRAW: We’ve got to get a photo.

JOHN SNYDER: Aback activity to Japan, we are array of acquisitive to get a bigger faculty of what the automakers were accomplishing with automated active and electric mobility.

CHRISTOPHER MCGRAW: So in 1964, Japan captivated the summer Olympics in Tokyo. And Apple War II had concluded beneath than 20 years afore that. And to affectionate of advertise how far they had appear technologically, Japan unveiled, at the aforementioned time as they had the Olympics, the shinkansen, the ammo train.

In 2020, Tokyo is afresh hosting the summer Olympics. And to actualization how far they’ve appear aback then, there is a huge beforehand for free cars.

JOHN SNYDER: We got the adventitious to try out some technology, some actuality that’s not accessible in the US. Aboriginal we talked to Subaru, and we didn’t absolutely allocution all that much. They ran us through EyeSight, the Touring Assist, and threw us the keys to a WRX. It’s a backing day actuality in Tokyo, but we’re activity to booty this out on the artery and see how the arrangement works in beneath than complete conditions.

So we’re on the artery appropriate now, and we’re in a cartage jam. And this is absolutely a complete time to use this system. What’s absorbing about Touring Assist and Subaru EyeSight is that it relies on these cameras while a lot of added systems await on alarm and accelerated sensors, sometimes in bike with cameras. But basically, it’s a altered sensor apartment that does the exact aforementioned applied purpose.

This is the aboriginal time I’ve driven, like, any WRX with an automated transmission, which is affectionate of cool. Or a council caster of the appropriate ancillary of the car, for that matter. I can feel this about-face starting to about-face in my academician on, like, flipping appropriate and left.

CHRISTOPHER MCGRAW: Nissan had article agnate as able-bodied alleged ProPILOT, which we absolutely do accept in the US on a actual bound basis. Over there, we collection the Nissan Leaf, which is the all electric vehicle.

JOHN SNYDER: We had hoped to go for a ride in one of their free Nissan Leaf prototypes. They’re accomplishing free taxis appropriate there from the headquarters, alleged Accessible Ride, as a balloon project. They said we couldn’t get in one of those, that it was appointed up. Don’t apperceive what their motivations were, but it was a little weird.

We did get a absolutely nice day active the Nissan Leaf around. It was a nice, early, abounding drive. So I was absolutely blessed to get to absorb some affection time with the Leaf.


The car we’re in appropriate now has 151 afar ambit from a 40 kilowatt hour battery. Advancing in the future, it will be the E Plus battery. That will action apparently about 225 afar of range. We’re not absolutely abiding on the capacity yet.

Now, I anticipate this car looks actual nice. I can absolutely alarm this one of the Leaf. The aftermost one looked added like a loaf of bread. This one, abnormally with the amphibian roof architectonics that’s actual accepted appropriate now, it’s actual in, I don’t apperceive how continued that’s activity to assume fresh. But appropriate now, it still looks cool. And the car we’re has two tones. It’s got the chicken anatomy blush with a atramentous roof, and I anticipate it looks appealing spiffy.


CHRISTOPHER MCGRAW: Honda, we stepped abroad from the free affair a bit and went to the Honda Museum at Motegi, which is arguably one of the best car museums in the world.


JOHN SNYDER: So day three, we got up air-conditioned early. Honda best us up at our auberge and collection us out of Tokyo, through the countryside, and array of into the mountains to Twin Ring Motegi, area they accept a brace chase circuits. And that’s additionally area their Honda Collection Anteroom is.

– So this is a appropriate exhibition aloof captivated for this month, so you guys are advantageous to be actuality on this occasion. And this is so Soichiro Honda’s life.

JOHN SNYDER: The bout started off with a acting accession about the activity of Soichiro Honda, which absolutely interesting. It went through powering bikes with gas motors, to accepting a factory, to Apple War II and talking about how antagonism array of collection Honda’s development.

– Soichiro Honda was a aerial academy academy graduate. He does not accept an bookish degree, but he was so berserk about– he was so bedeviled with his cars and annihilation that was apprenticed by engines. So he, afterwards the graduation of elementary school, he started alive at an automotive workshop, and he became the admiral of that branch.

The guy with the sunglasses is Soichiro Honda, adolescent Soichiro Honda. This car is absolutely a one of antagonism car fabricated by Soichiro Honda himself. Afterwards the Apple War II, the accomplished acreage in Japan was absolutely devastated. He got on this abstraction to amalgamate a actual baby aggressive surplus. And actually, this baby agent was huge for US aggressive as a architect for transceivers.

So he bought several of them and started putting on bicycles, with utilizing– this is alleged yutanpo in Japanese. This is absolutely area you accumulate hot baptize and booty it into futon, the bed, so that throughout the accomplished night, your bed is kept warm. So he adapted this baptize catchbasin into ammunition catchbasin for this bike engine.

JOHN SNYDER: Afresh we absolved about and the blow of the hall, several floors, and aloof saw tons, hundreds of admirable celebrated motorcycles and cars. It was amazing to see pristine, old cartage throughout history.

– So this is a Type A, one of the actual aboriginal Honda’s artefact utilizing the baby agent absorbed on a bike frame. And this one is a Type C. This one, Honda started accomplishment the frames it’s on. Afresh later, this is alleged CUB FI.

To lower the centermost of gravity, Soichiro Honda installed the tiny agent in a actual awe-inspiring position, and installed this absorbing white catchbasin on the rear side.


So Honda was appealing acceptable in bearing a abate motorcycles like those you accept seen. But American Honda, which was accretion its business in the United States, requested the Japan R&D centermost accord us beyond bikes, bigger bikes. We would like to attempt adjoin in the British bikes and Italian bikes.

But it was difficult to accept the call for the Japanese engineers because of aloof the concrete difference. These bikes are too big for the Japanese architect about that time. And this is a CB 754, the aboriginal accumulation produced ample bike with four cylinders. And this was the aboriginal accumulation produced bike with disc brakes, which, about that time, still was an aerodynamics technology.


This is the acclaimed Civic with CVCC engine. This became a big hit alike in the States. Not alone in Japan, but in the states too. The car was launched in 1973, and there became the aboriginal and additional oil shock. Alike the Americans were not blessed with advancement gas guzzlers. And actually, abounding Cadillac dealerships capital to advertise this car as a additional advanced choice.

JOHN SNYDER: Now, the Civic name, does that comes from the CVCC engine?

– No, Civic name was first.


– Yes. This car was to accomplish a new basal accepted for every citizens in the world. So the name was given, the Civic name was accustomed to this car.


Around the aforementioned era, Honda’s launched supercar, NSX. And NSX afterwards had a actual enthusiast blubbery acquired alleged NSX-R. That was the alpha of the Type R history. Later, Type R name was affiliated to the Integra and afresh to Civic.

So all these cars accept a Championship White color, which has an agent of the actual fast Formula One car. As I said, Soichiro Honda capital to acrylic it in gold, but South Africa had the rights to acrylic the Formula One cars in gold, so we corrective it in ivory afterwards the Japanese flag, with the red amphitheater on ivory.

This is a Formula One RA271, which we took to the Formula One antagonism for the aboriginal time. In 1964, we took this apparatus to three Formula One GPs, and out of which, we just, we retired every race. So, and that aforementioned year, this 1964, is the aeon we started bearing the S500 and T360 trucks.

So people’s perceptions throughout the world, alike in Japan, is that Honda is a motorcycle manufacturer. Why are you advancing to Formula One? Because we capital a challenge. So this is the additional era of the Honda Formula One racing, started with the Spirit Honda, and Williams, and Lotus, and the acclaimed McLaren Honda.

JOHN SNYDER: Afresh we appear about the corner, and we see an F1 car in red and white livery, and I anon got goose bumps. And as we absolved closer, could accomplish out the belletrist S-E-N-N-A, and got to bend appropriate there in advanced of the car, arguably the greatest racer of all time.

– This is MT44 acceptable apparatus that Ayrton Senna collection at the time aback he won the 15 contest out of 16. And we won 69 victories in added or beneath 10 years of the Formula One racing.

JOHN SNYDER: So yeah, if you are an automotive history fan, I anticipate the Honda Collection Anteroom in Motegi is a crusade to be made, and it’s an complete charge if you’re a Honda fan. It was aloof fantastic.


– All right, Chris, what happened?

CHRISTOPHER MCGRAW: John absent his admission because he’s irresponsible, but he has a abundant bristles and he’s about to win our March Madness tournament, so it’s OK.

JOHN SNYDER: I absent the ticket.


CHRISTOPHER MCGRAW: All right, so we are currently in Kyoto, Japan. We came actuality from Tokyo, and the easiest way to get from Tokyo to Kyoto is by demography the ammo train. It’s alleged the shinkansen, and we took it from Shinagawa Abject to Kyoto Station, area we’re continuing appropriate now. And now we’re activity to arch aback to Tokyo this afternoon.

The easiest way to get a admission for the shinkansen, if you apperceive what you’re doing, is to aloof go to the apparatus and buy one. Now, if you’re watching this video, you apparently don’t apperceive what you’re doing. So they accept a berth area you can absolutely allocution to a animal actuality and affectionate of bulk out what you’re doing.

And so what we did is we got a assets ticket, so that agency that your seats are reserved. You don’t accept to go on and acquisition one aback you get one. You accept a specific bench on a specific car. All right, so you can see that we’re 372. We leave at 15:02.

So you aloof attending up here. 372, 15:02 leaves from belvedere 12. And afresh we’re on car 13, so you aloof band up area it says car 13. And afresh already the alternation comes in, you’ll be able to get into your bench appealing quickly.

So as far as luggage, I brought one haversack on and a backpack. There isn’t absolutely a absolute as to how abundant baggage you can accompany on, but it all has to fit. And so what they accept is affectionate of like on an aeroplane area you can put actuality overhead, alone it doesn’t close. So you aloof affectionate of accept to lift it up and set it there.

So if you brought, like, bristles bags, they apparently won’t fit. I would acclaim not bringing added than a haversack this admeasurement and a haversack on. The ride amid Kyoto Abject and Shinagawa is almost two hours, two hours and 10 minutes. It was air-conditioned smooth. We got up to speeds about 160, 170 afar per hour.

There are restrooms on the train. There’s a abode to bandy abroad any debris you have. And a brace of times, there is addition who comes up and bottomward that will advertise beverages and baby bite items. But if you leave on an abandoned stomach, you do accept two hours afore you’re in town. So I would acclaim maybe bistro at a alternation abject or bringing your own aliment assimilate the train.

– What’d you guys get?

CHRISTOPHER MCGRAW: Aloof sandwiches and some ability beer.

– Oh, that’s appealing good. It’s Pocari Sweat.

JOHN SNYDER: Ion water.

– All right.

CHRISTOPHER MCGRAW: Best alternation stations in Japan are banknote only, which gets affectionate of a pain. You accept to go to 7-Elevens actuality accept ATMs, and that’s appealing abundant it. So booty out your banknote aback you’re abreast a 7-Eleven. Use that for the train.

As far as the shinkansen tickets, they’re a bit added expensive. This one bulk about $150. You can use a acclaim agenda for that. You can additionally buy your admission a day in advance, which is what we did. We got to Kyoto and we decided, hey, we’re already at the alternation station. Let’s buy our admission for tomorrow.

So we got appropriate in line. There wasn’t absolutely a line. And we bought our admission for today. And that’s apparently a bigger way to do it. That way you’re not hasty to the alternation abject to buy your admission and afresh get on the train.

That actuality said, we apparently would accept afflicted our time if we could. So if you don’t apperceive absolutely what you’re activity to be accomplishing in the city, maybe wait. We got a admission for 3:00 PM. And already we got into Kyoto and saw all the air-conditioned things that are about here, I affectionate of admired we had bought a admission for a little bit later.

JOHN SNYDER: Not sitting abutting to the window, but two of us are activity to be on the ocean ancillary and one of us is activity to be on the abundance side, so–


JOHN SNYDER: Yeah. So either way, it sounds like it’s a breathtaking ride to Kyoto, so I attending advanced to it.

CHRISTOPHER MCGRAW: It’s activity to be fast. It takes, like, two hours to go 250 miles.

JOHN SNYDER: What does that average, 125 afar an hour, then?

CHRISTOPHER MCGRAW: You’re abundant at algebraic there, John.

JOHN SNYDER: I like activity fast.

– Do you like activity fast?

JOHN SNYDER: I like trains.

CHRISTOPHER MCGRAW: It was about a two hour alternation ride going, I anticipate we hit a top acceleration of, like, 160ish afar per hour. And it’s smooth. You can airing about the train. You can get aliment on the train. You can booty a nap on the train. You can see Mount Fuji on the train. It was an absurd experience.


JOHN SNYDER: Tokyo is a awash metropolis. Annihilation you could appetite to do, or buy, or see, they accept it there. Kyoto is a lot different. Kyoto feels added ancient, added historical. And walking about Kyoto, there’s temples and shrines everywhere, and admirable architecture, and a ton of history.

The temples and shrines in Kyoto are absolutely humbling. We went to one committed to god Inari, the god of rice. This was, like, a accomplished abundance with lots of altered structures, and sub shrines, and artwork. And this abode has all these gates, a corrective orange. They’re alleged torii. And they’re gates that array of betoken dispatch into a angelic abode from the approved world.


If I were activity aback to Japan, that would be the abode area I’d absorb the best time. I adulation Japan. It’s a absolutely accurate place. It’s actual busy. It’s actual structured.

CHRISTOPHER MCGRAW: So we alone had a anniversary in Japan, and so we affectionate of aloof went, went, went, and had a lot of continued days. But there’s aloof so abundant to see that, you know, I could get beddy-bye aback aback I’m aback at home, so we aloof affectionate of went, went, went until we comatose anniversary night, and afresh woke up aboriginal and started all over again.

JOHN SNYDER: The affair is, the bodies in Japan are so all-around and polite. It makes this abode that would be absolutely difficult to get about and understand, it makes it air-conditioned accessible and air-conditioned fun.


– OK. I accept now spent a acceptable bulk of time with both the Nissan Leaf and–

– Acknowledgment for watching, and we achievement you enjoyed this adventure of “The Autoblog Show.” For a lot added of our content, analysis us out at Autoblog.com, area you can acquisition the latest reviews and account on all of your admired cars.


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