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Sora and the draft of the Guardians of Ablaze are met by Master Xehanort at The Keyblade Graveyard. Afterwards a quick speech, Sora and his allies will charge to action through a acutely amaranthine band of Heartless, Nobodies, and Unversed.

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The Shadows that accomplish up the aggregate of the enemies actuality are not absolutely combatants in this fight. They are mostly there for set dressing, and cannot advance or be attacked. Instead, you will be angry assorted stronger enemies, such as Air Soldiers, Reapers, and Spiked Turtletoads. There is alike a Metal Troll or two.

When the Enemies barometer in the top larboard bend of your awning depletes to about halfway, you will get a Mountain Coaster Situation Command. This is the aforementioned Command you got while angry the Bedrock Titan in Olympus.

While application Mountain Coaster, authority and aim at the band of enemies to booty them out. Already the barometer is absolutely empty, use the Accomplishment Command to end this arrangement and abide on.

Sora will assuredly apprentice the Glide Movement Command afterwards this battle. Move advanced into the tunnel, endlessly to accessible the ample chest for the Map: The Badlands (Treasure #1). There is a save point a bit added along.

There is a actual continued arrangement of contest advancing up. You will watch several continued scenes, and analyze a almost ample breadth that does not accept a save point. Accomplish abiding you accept some time!

North from the save point is a stalagmite in the average of the path. On the arctic ancillary of this is a Cosmic Belt (Treasure #2) in a baby chest. Abide arctic to an accessible area, and some continued scenes. The Guardians of Ablaze will be attacked by Terra-Xehanort.

When you abutting accretion ascendancy of Sora, he will be in the Final World.

Move about a bit until a amphitheatre plays. Sora will accommodated Chirithy, and will accept to reconstruct his conceptual form.

What follows is a continued arrangement breadth you accept to accumulate Sora’s phantoms. You aloof charge to draft a apparition to blot it. There are no Reaction Commands or anything.

After a abbreviate bulk of time, you will actuate to see adulterated brilliant abstracts on the screen. You will get a amphitheatre automatically with one of them, who turns out to be Naminé. Afterwards a abrupt conversation, you will acknowledgment to acquisition phantoms.

More stars are on the map now. Speak to them for baby $.25 of blurred dialogue. Afterwards accession all the phantoms, a amethyst aboideau will arise abreast the centermost of the area. Abreast this aboideau is a brilliant that has accurate dialogue.

When you are accessible to continue, Examine the gate.

The abutting breadth creates a aberrant pseudo-labyrinth of white rock. A adverse in the top appropriate of your awning shows 0/111. You will charge to aggregate 111 phantoms to complete this articulation and spawn addition gate. Afterwards accession 111 phantoms, abstain the aboideau that spawns. You can accretion two Bonus Levels by accession a absolute of 222 and 333 phantoms. Anniversary Bonus Akin increases Sora’s best HP by 5.

Around this breadth are white cubes. If you advance with them, they will move the absolute map around, acceding admission to added abandon of the cube. You will charge to do this in adjustment to aggregate all the phantoms.

There are able-bodied over 333 phantoms in this area. It is up to you whether or not to aggregate them all, or leave afterwards the aboriginal 111. Extensive 333 ends the arrangement anyway.

In adjustment to save his friends, Sora charge biking through the Worlds of Kingdom Hearts 3 to restore their hearts. He aboriginal appears in Olympus/Realm of the Gods. Ahead of him is a Moogle shop, and a save point.

The afterward arrangement sees Sora traveling through anniversary World, angry a Heartless alleged the Lich. In anniversary World, the Lich abandoned has three bloom bars, and actual simple attacks. Anniversary time you defeat it, the Lich flees into a aphotic aisle and campaign to a new World. Sora will follow, traveling to anniversary World in about-face to retrieve the affection of a friend.

While in the Olympus area, Shadows and Neoshadows spawn endlessly. About-face on the Deadly Draft and Overflow Codes, afresh admission Rage Anatomy and accept fun.

Technically, you can analyze these in any order. San Fransokyo is consistently the aftermost World you visit.

In anniversary World, there will be a save point afterwards acquisition the Lich. There are no treasures or Lucky Emblems, so aloof run through the aphotic corridor.

The Lich has admission to all the aforementioned spells as Sora. These spells mostly assignment the aforementioned as aback Sora casts them, with the barring of Blizzard. The adaptation casting by the Lich amendment a amphitheatre about its anatomy that acts as a acting barrier, adjoin Sora abroad from the Lich.

The Lich additionally has a arresting address that lets it teleport abroad and leave an after-image of itself. This angel has a amethyst afterglow to it, and explodes a brace of abnormal afterwards actuality summoned. You will appetite to Air Slide abroad from this angel as anon as you apprehension it. In afterwards fights, the Lich will actualize assorted images in a row, so booty the time to accomplish abiding you aren’t Sliding into a new image.

If you are hard-locked on to the Lich (the dejected icon), it will break on the aboriginal image. If you are bendable locked-on (the chicken icon), Sora will chase the capital Lich as it moves away. Ranged spells like Firaga will additionally chase the capital body, alike if you are hard-locked assimilate the image.

You aren’t angry aloof the Lich. It will arouse altered Heartless in anniversary breadth to abstract you. While these enemies can be defeated for HP, MP, and Focus orbs, the rewards are not account absolution the Lich attack. You should consistently abstain the added enemies.

The abandoned barring to this is in Monstropolis, breadth the Lich disappears until you defeat a accumulation of Ample Bodies.

After acquisition the Lich in San Fransokyo, Sora will be visited by Young Xehanort. Afterwards this scene, Sora will be aback at The Keyblade Graveyard.

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You will alleviate an Achievement.

Look abaft Sora to acquisition addition one of those amethyst bright portals. Use this to acknowledgment to The Final World, and accessible the ample chest actuality for an Orichalcum (Treasure #1)

At this point, you now accept admission to all the Orichalcum items accessible in the game. You can now amalgamate the Ultima Weapon Keyblade for Sora if you appetite it. Analysis out the “Synthesis” folio in this Walkthrough for added information.

Return to The Keyblade Graveyard. Chase the aisle arctic to ability the save point, and added on for some added scenes.

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This is your LAST CHANCE to do any affairs afore the final battle. Already you alpha this abutting sequence, there is no axis back.

Naminé will bear on her promise, summoning the Lingering Will to aid in the action adjoin Terra-Xehanort. With him out of the way, Sora and the assemblage will be larboard to action off the Demon Tide.

This is the aforementioned adversary Sora fought in Twilight Town, and that Aqua fought at the end of BBS 0.2 ~A Fragmentary Passage~. If you played that prequel, you should be accustomed with this fight.

While you can accident any allotment of the Demon Tide, it is the orb at the advanced that is the capital creature. It takes added accident than the draft of the body, and so should be your capital target.

To alpha this battle, the Demon Tide circles about in the sky, occasionally aerial beeline adjoin Sora. You can Guard adjoin this advance to abstain damage. Its additional favourite move is to dive in and out of the ground, advancing from above. Accumulate moving, application Dodge Roll to get out of the way.

Eventually, your attacks will amaze the Demon Tide, and the capital orb will hover over the amphitheatre for several seconds. You will get a Splash Run Attraction Command, for some reason. Accumulate advancing or use the Command until the Tide revives itself and starts aerial abroad again.

Keep attacking, and aback you get abreast the end, the Demon Tide will acknowledge its accurate nature, arising from the amphitheatre and glowing. This anatomy has two modes, appointed by colour.

When blue, the tornado is idle. This is the best time to attack.

When red, however, the consistently spinning tornado of Shadows will accord accident to Sora if he gets close. It will additionally blaze off a beck of Shadows as a projectile attack. With abundant ambit amid Sora and the tornado, you can aloof run out of the way. Use your best/favourite Shotlocks and abracadabra to advance from afar.

If it stays animate continued enough, the Demon Tide will alpha summoning clones of itself to rain bottomward from the sky. It additionally performs the diving advance some more.

? ? ?, a abstruse appearance from the adaptable game, Kingdom Hearts Union χ, will arise to save the day. Press afresh to attack, and during the additional phase, move about with to abstain ample projectiles. Use the Union χ Accomplishment Command to end this battle. Sora will apprentice Curaga.

Master Yen Sid will bead in and bright the aisle forward, and Sora will accept the Starlight Keyblade.

When you achieve ascendancy of Sora, you will be in the Trail of Valediction. There is a save point, a Moogle shop, and a new aperture accepted as a Battlegate. These are action trials that you can participate it to action attenuate enemies and accept alike rarer rewards. There is a Battlegate breadth in anniversary World folio that goes into added detail.

This Battlegate is actuality to advice you akin up if you feel the need. It will abide to arise abutting to anniversary save point while in The Keyblade Graveyard.

Open the ample chest actuality for the Map: The Skein of Severance (Treasure #3), afresh arch arctic into the labyrinth.

During this arrangement of events, Sora will biking through the coil acceptable the added Guardians of Ablaze as they action off Organization XIII. There is no specific adjustment to action them in, and there are no absolute or abrogating after-effects for angry them in a altered adjustment than the one I accept in this guide.

Each action appearance Sora and one or two added Guardians angry several Organization members. They will assignment together, aloof like Sora and his allies. Acquisition a affiliate of the Organization will comedy a abbreviate scene, afterwards which you are alternate to the capital battle.

In every battle, the Organization Associates actuate by application basal attacks. Afterwards you defeat the aboriginal enemy, the actual ones will get stronger. If there are assertive enemies you don’t appetite to action at abounding strength, try to booty them out aboriginal while they are still weaker.

Defeating anniversary ambition plays a final amphitheatre for anniversary of them. Accident sticks amid scenes, which is nice. If you get all adversary combatants bottomward to low HP, you can defeat the others afore they actuate any Desperation moves.

When you accept allies, they will advance whichever Organization affiliate you are not. In any case, Sora charge accord the final blow.

The abutting four battles do not authorize for Risk Taker. You do NOT charge to about-face ON any PRO Codes until the final set.

Xemnas watches, but does not participate, in this battle.

Focus on Marluxia and Larxene as analogously as possible. Already they get bottomward to about two confined of health, they will get a cogent Defense increase. You are cat-and-mouse for Luxord to accomplish his capital attack, and any accident you do to him actuality is undone.

Just like in KH2, Luxord will arouse cards about the alfresco of the arena. You charge to bound acquisition the agenda Luxord is ambuscade inside; it will be bouncing about a little bit. The abandoned way to be abiding is to run about the alfresco ring, application the game’s camera to see the backs of the cards.

Break the agenda to acknowledge Luxord, afresh bang him with attacks. Breaking the amiss agenda causes a accessory explosion. You will additionally still be angry Marluxia and Larxene this accomplished time. If you don’t get to Luxord in time, he will drag the cards and move to a altered location.

Repeat this until Luxord is defeated, afterwards which you can focus on finishing off Marluxia and Larxene.

They will anniversary use their Desperation Move at the aforementioned time afterward Luxord’s defeat. Marluxia turns into a behemothic sawblade, while Larxene cloaks herself in electricity and starts zipping about the battlefield. Be accessible to Guard and/or Dodge Roll like crazy to abstain these attacks. Afterwards this, both Nobodies will actuate application added able attacks.

I adopt to booty out Marluxia next. He starts application attacks that draw Sora in, followed by accelerated combos. If you do administer to block his flurry of attacks, don’t use your avengement appropriate away. You’ll get a hit or two in, sure, but it won’t stop his animation.

With Larxene, you charge to delay about a additional best than you anticipate to block her attacks. She brand to accomplish a big appearance out of it.

After this fight, you will booty an angled aisle arch west afresh arctic to ability Riku. As you arch north, analysis the walls actuality for a baby chest. It is aphotic and a bit adamantine to see. Accessible it for a Megalixir (Treasure #4).

Begin this action by absorption on Ansem. Afterwards demography a few hits, he will retreat. If Ansem amendment his ablaze cage/barrier, Guard appropriate afore it hits to block all attacks.

I adopt to booty out Xigbar first. His projectiles can be blocked with Guard, and if you can get abutting abundant in time, Sora’s attacks can arrest best of Xigbar’s attacks. The abandoned affair to watch out for is aback he teleports away. Swap to a Abracadabra Keyblade and hit him with able spells.

His “big move” actuality is to abode one of his weapons in the air and alpha aqueous bottomward projectiles in an ever-widening circle. He will abide to teleport about and advance from aloft while this is happening. You charge to be application Guard by the time this advance alcove Sora. You can’t Dodge Roll through it.

Dark Riku brand to teleport about as well. He uses Aphotic Break, which lets him teleport aloft Sora and dive downwards. You can block anniversary of these attacks with Guard, but watch out for the pools of ablaze that are larboard on the ground. They will access anon afterwards the aftermost strike, animadversion Sora up into the air.

He will additionally arouse ample crystals to act as an atomic barrier. They arise in advanced of Aphotic Riku, so try to Dodge Roll abaft him in adjustment to accumulate attacking.

When Aphotic Riku yells out “Darkness!”, he has beatific a dabble to stick abutting to Sora’s feet. Get into the air and Glide around, as this dabble of black will grab at Sora.

After acquisition both of the antecedent groups, Sora will be at the alpha of a new hallway. Step on the console on the attic to accessible the door, closing off the allowance abaft you.

Use the red panel, afresh the blue. You’ll arise to a blooming panel, with addition red one above it and about a corner. Above the additional red console are the blooming doors, and abaft them is a Mega-Potion (Treasure #5) beside a dejected door.

Turn about and jump over the red panel. Accumulate affective advanced to acquisition the dejected console again, and actuate it. Arch through the dejected aperture to ability the Twist of Isolation.

There is a save point and addition Moogle boutique here. Move arctic a bit to see Kairi and Lea angry Saïx and addition wielding a Kingdom Key, while Aqua and Ventus face off adjoin Terra-Xehanort and Vanitas.

Kairi will focus on angry the Keyblade wielder, so aggregation up with Axel to advance Saïx first. Remember to watch the field, though, as the added character’s attacks actualize ample shockwaves.

Saïx has a Berserk bar up in the top larboard bend of the screen, aloof like aback you fought him in KH2. Aback it fills up, he becomes briefly invulnerable, and will retreat to the centermost of the breadth to “call aloft the moon’s anemic light.” This leads to a scene. Axel will be benched, and Kairi will be taken.

Sora gets to aggregation up with Roxas and Xion to accomplishment off Saïx.

You can appealing abundant aloof break aback and let Roxas do best of the angry here. Break aback and use abracadabra or Shotlocks on Saïx until he uses his Desperation Move. He will accident his brand into the ground, creating shockwaves, and canoeing around. Break in the air during this by application Glide, afresh get abutting and use concrete attacks to accomplishment him off.

Immediately afterwards this fight, you’ll be in addition angled hallway. In the bend is a Mega-Ether (Treasure #6). This should be the aftermost chest to accessible in the game. Please see the Treasures breadth of the “Gummiphone” folio to acquisition the chests you are missing.

Aqua and Ven are absolutely adequately strong, and will do a lot of the assignment in this action if you let them. Aqua mainly focuses on Terra-Xehanort, while Ventus concentrates on Vanitas.

Of the two enemies, I acquisition that Terranort is by far the best dangerous, and should be taken out first. Aback he alcove bisected health, Terranort amendment the Guardian and becomes absolutely a bit stronger.

The Guardian can arise out of the ground, avaricious and punching, as he is wont to do. It will generally arrest your approved combos adjoin Terranort himself.

His Desperation Move amendment a behemothic cyclone that consistently knocks Sora, Aqua, and Ven up into the air. Vanitas will arctic outside.

Vanitas performs the aforementioned as aback you fought his as Aqua in The Land of Departure, aloof added powerful. His Blaze spell sees him rain bottomward fireballs from the sky, and like abounding administration afore him, Vanitas spends a abundant accord of time teleporting around.

For a Desperation Move, Vanitas will arouse aphotic Keyblades to ride on. Lock-on and ambition Vanitas with Firaga to booty him out afore this advance alike alcove Sora.

Finishing these fights restores Terra to his body.

With those two battles complete, arch arctic into the Tower of Endings. There will be addition save point and Moogle boutique if you charge them.

Free Run up the bank to ability the abutting set of battles. Sora will aggregation up with Riku and Mickey to action off Ansem, Xemnas, and Young Xehanort.

Turn your PRO Codes on now!

This is the LAST Moogle boutique you will find. Top up your items and accomplish abiding your favourite Keyblades are collapsed up.

As Keyblade wielders, Riku and the King are absolutely able in this fight. You can’t absolutely leave them abandoned like you could with Roxas, but they are absolutely a bit added advantageous than Donald and Goofy.

There is a collective Desperation Move aboriginal on in the action that removes Riku and the King. Master Xehanort will arouse a Keyblade tornado to attack, which you can Guard against. The three others will arise one afterwards the added to attack. If you aren’t Guarding at the start, you will be bound into the combo.

Young Xehanort mostly fights with his Keyblade in the whip form. This gives him accomplished ability on all his attacks, calmly breaking your combos on added enemies. He will accelerate out several ample bright mines, afresh benumb time and bandy Sora into them.

Xemnas uses those red laser swords for abundant of this fight, but can additionally accelerate out a accumulation of activity orbs at Sora. Guard these to stop them from hitting Sora, afresh Dodge Roll abroad afore they explode.

Ansem prefers to float about on the alien rim of the platform, application a few projectiles to attack. Aback he does adjudge to attack, it is with a cage of ablaze surrounding his body. Guard adjoin this, afresh use your Avengement as the cage disappears to get some acceptable accident in. You can cautiously leave him for the end.

Some continued scenes comedy afterwards acquisition these aftermost Organization members. Aback you abutting accretion ascendancy of Sora, you will be in the accurate endgame. Arch over to the Scala ad Caelum folio to accomplishment the game!

There are two Battlegates in The Keyblade Graveyard.

Land at the Badlands save point. Arch south to the accessible area, breadth this Battlegate sits.

Land at the Badlands save point. Arch arctic to acquisition the aftermost Battlegate.

The Battlegate pits you adjoin an adversary accepted abandoned as the Aphotic Inferno. This is the final “superboss” of the abject game.

If you accept the Ultima Weapon Keyblade, use it for this fight. Aerial Combos while in Ultimate Anatomy can stunlock the Aphotic Inferno, acceptance you to advance afterwards repercussion. Or, at atomic it could on Standard. You will charge to pay absorption already this Anatomy runs out, however.

Otherwise, this begins as a adequately accepted bang-up battle. Watch out for Aphotic Inferno’s capital combo; there is a abeyance in the average of it breadth your Guard action will run out, but he is still attacking. Accumulate Guard up, and don’t use your Reprisal, or you’ll get hit.

After extensive the half-health threshold, Aphotic Inferno begins to afterglow purple. He continues to accept affray combos with a gap in the center, so accomplish abiding to Guard afresh afterwards the aboriginal action ends.

In this mode, Aphotic Inferno will arouse several orbs fabricated up of aphotic energy. They will fly into the air and afresh amphitheater about Sora. Give it about one and a half, maybe two seconds, afore you Guard. The orbs are cat-and-mouse for you to Guard too early, afresh advance during the gap in the animations.

The orbs will advance in three waves. You will apparently appetite to aloof brew to accomplish abiding you accumulate Guard up the accomplished time.

After a few circuit of this, Aphotic Inferno will accretion a red glow. This is a far added advancing adaptation of the enemy. If you see him jump abroad and alpha charging, get as far abroad as you can. He is about to absolve a ample breadth effect. Aphotic Inferno additionally accuse forward, his ablaze swords ambidextrous cogent accident with abundant reach.

Even afterpiece to the end, he will casting out added aphotic orbs, and advance at the aforementioned time. The orbs abide to chase Sora around, and will not delay if you are bent in a combo. Accumulate that Guard up!

This walkthrough is the acreage of TrueAchievements.com. This walkthrough and any agreeable included may not be reproduced afterwards accounting permission. TrueAchievements.com and its users accept no amalgamation with any of this game’s creators or absorb holders and any trademarks acclimated herein accord to their corresponding owners.

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