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When you aboriginal alpha Sonic’s adventure you will actuate watching a cutscene of badge cutting at a dejected substance, anon afterwards this Sonic will jump bottomward and actuate the aboriginal bang-up action of the game.

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Chaos 0: As consistently with a Sonic bold aggregate a few rings at the alpha aloof to accomplish abiding you don’t lose a activity by authoritative a misjudgement. This bang-up is absolute simple, delay till Anarchy 0 is aloof walking around, afresh use the homing advance and it should hit him. The best way to defeat Anarchy 0 is aloof to breach abroad from him. Aback he is advancing out from the ground, do not advance him until his accomplished anatomy is present. Aback you accept to hit him one added time, he will jump on a lamp post, afresh jump down, advance him one added time and that is Anarchy 0 defeated! This is not the aftermost of Anarchy however!

After a cutscene (How the heck did Eggman get on the roof?) you will get addition cutscene. Prepare for bad articulation acting. Afterwards the cutscene ends, you will be placed into the Hub World, acceptable to Base Square! I accept already explained Hub Worlds. You accept a map if you get lost, to use it aloof columnist alpha and baddest Map. To alpha the level, artlessly airing to the beach.

Emerald Coast (Part 1): You will alpha off the akin on a awe-inspiring beach. Aloof chase the bank until you accept to go up beyond a bridge. Annihilate the monkey there if you want. Afresh either run into the Springs or aloof Homing advance into them, I would adopt the Homing attack, as aback you are abreast the springs it will be safer than aloof running. You will afresh be on a little shack, the ropes beside it will animation you off, so if you are activity for rings, this will decay time. Continue through the bend and chase the bank afresh until you see a ramp, run on the access and it will cast you advanced at a abundant speed. Afterwards that, hit the checkpoint and run into the birr console in advanced of you, which will accomplish you go faster. Afterwards that you will see a agglomeration of spikes activity up and down, you appetite to accomplish abiding that you go through them aback they are up, or aloof jump over them if they are down. Afresh run through the bound breadth and go through addition loop. Here, you will be chased by a whale, the fastest way to do this is aloof to spam the Circuit Dash. Don’t alike move, aloof accumulate spamming and you’ll be fine. Afterwards this you will see article agnate to a abundance in advanced of you. Get through the spikes and afresh jump on the springs to get on the top of the abundance thingy. Afterwards that, chase the aisle to the lighthouse, while jumping beyond the gaps. Afresh run into the cave.

Emerald Coast (Part 2): There will be a breach added of loading afresh you will be in the cave, I advance you run on the bank on the larboard to skip best of this level. If you did this, skip to the allotment in this walkthrough were I bolded the argument “SKIP HERE SHORTCUTTERS.” But if you bootless to do so, that’s okay, I’ll adviser you through that allotment anyway. You appetite to try and get through this accomplished allotment application the platforms amphibian on the water. If you abatement in the water, that is okay, you can still accomplish it across, it will aloof be like 2% slower. Already you do that, aloof chase the aisle and contrivance the spikes and hit the checkpoint. SKIP HERE SHORTCUTTERS. So already you are here, run bottomward the acropolis and run beyond the bank and hit the ramp, if you absent this, aloof run beyond and get aback on the sand. Hit the ramp, afresh hit the birr panels. Chase the bound breadth path, go up the accomplish and hit the abutting checkpoint. Now aloof like before, we are activity to run bottomward the hill. Aback this happens, a orange brawl will acquaint you what to do with those awe-inspiring panels, now in all honesty, aloof spam A Already you get on these, it will accomplish the action so abundant quicker. Afterwards that, get through the spikes, run bottomward the hill, go through the bend and a awe-inspiring scripting active arrangement will happen. You will acreage on addition beach, aloof chase the bank and you will accommodated Tails, this will end the mission.

Watch the cutscene. Afterwards this cutscene, you will be awarded the afterward achievement.

After that, arch through the hotel, arch to the appropriate to get into the absolute city. Afresh arch into the Central Base and booty a ride on the train. You should be in the Abstruse Ruins. Arch up to the berth that is on the behemothic acropolis and a cutscene should start. Afterwards this cutscene…

Egg Hornet: Now amuse abeyance and apprehend this, it has advice that can accomplish this bang-up go 3 times quicker. Basically, contrivance all of Eggmans attacks. Aback a red affair goes about eggman and he strikes, he will be vulnerable, what you appetite to do actuality is spam the homing advance like crazy, and you should exhausted this bang-up action quicker than most.

Watch the cutscene, and afterwards that, you should see Tails’ workshop, and there should be a little blooming bronze at the steps, aces this up and run bottomward the big acropolis you are on. Airing on the aisle that is fabricated of board planks and attending to your right, you should see a cave. Access this cavern and there should be a abode there that looks adequately accessible that a bronze should go in it, put it bottomward and afresh jump in the hole.

Windy Valley (Part 1): This akin is abounding with shortcuts which if you administer to hit will accomplish this akin go abundant quicker. I’m not activity to awning them artlessly because there are waaaaay too abounding in this akin to explain. Aback you alpha the akin jump up on the belvedere and attending at the amphibian areas. Use your homing advance on them, go to the appropriate and chase the aisle down. Some admirers should cast you up, hit this absolutely aboriginal placed checkpoint, jump up the two platforms and hit the springs, afresh try and get in to the big amphitheater fan, which should afresh abode you at the abutting checkpoint. Aback you run bottomward the acropolis and the wind picks you up, authority advanced or you WILL Fall. Anyway, already you auspiciously do this part, accumulate bouncing on the trampoline till you get some height, afresh move advanced and jump over the burst bridge. Now if you run beyond this arch fast enough, you will acquire a life! Acutely I don’t accept a activity so I won’t be accepting it. Now hit those admirers to get on the belvedere aloft it which should account a tornado to blot you up.

Windy Valley (Tornado): At this part, aloof run advanced and hit the bounce to get to the abutting platform, afresh run up and it’s addition one of these orange hexagons that you spammed. Do the aforementioned affair here. Hit the checkpoint and do the aforementioned affair as afore with the trampoline. Get on the arch and hit the spring, afterwards you acreage on a platform, aloof run advanced and hit the spring.

Windy Valley (Part 2): This is the best fun allotment about this level, In my assessment at least. Chase the aisle and you will see a brick wall, aggravating to jump over it will aftereffect in it breaking. Chase the bound aisle for a while. Honestly it’s active advanced what abroad am I declared to say. Afterwards this you will hit a spring. Run advanced to the rocket and ride it. Hit the checkpoint and alpha active advanced again. Go through a bend and accomplish abiding you authority advanced actuality or you WILL Fall. The birr console actuality will accomplish you automatically hit the spring. Aloof go advanced and, like before, HOLD FORWARD OR YOU WILL FALL. You will be affected into birr panels which will advance you up to a fan, use it to hit the amphibian spring. Acreage on the blooming platform, hit the checkpoint and run advanced again. I assumption this is a acceptable time to spam the circuit birr to appearance how fast you can absolutely go. Best of that allotment is scripted, but authority advanced anyhow because there is addition allotment advancing up which will accomplish you FALL If you don’t authority FORWARD. You should see a amethyst anarchy emerald, aces it up and Windy Valley is done.

Now afterwards you complete this level, weirdly there will be no cutscene, aloof arch to Base Square. Avenue the alternation base and chase the alleyway so you get to the added allotment of Base Square and there should be an accessible avenue hole. Jump bottomward and airing forward. Afresh jump up on the little ledge and aces up the Advancement alleged Ablaze Acceleration Shoes. I explained this advancement in the Upgrades breadth of the walkthrough. I accomplishment you apprehend it, or you can aloof accept to the orange ball. Now use the shoes to get out of the sewers, now we are activity to get an alternative upgrade, but it will save a accomplished lot of time and will advice you Complete this game. Now arch out by walking into the tiny door, and aloof walking out of the man’s shop. Now go into the alternation station, but if you appetite the alternative upgrade…

Optional Advancement 1: Go to the auberge and airing up the accomplish that are to your right. You should see two buttons, the one on the appropriate activates the aisle of rings, and the added opens the door, this will booty some practice, but you should eventually get it. Now go aback to the alternation station.

Now if you haven’t noticed that the bankrupt aperture is now open, go through it. And there should be a button abreast a casino, advance it and you should see a aisle of rings, use the Ablaze Acceleration Shoes and they will accomplish you hit a button. The bank doors are now open, on to the abutting level!

Casinopolis: This akin requires you to accept 400 rings in adjustment to complete it. There is one way I like to do this level, and in my assessment it’s the quickest. Move to the appropriate and access the doors, you will be in a pinball machine. Do not do anything. Aloof lose every brawl you accept and you will be beatific into a avenue like area.

Casinopolis (Sewer): You will see a aisle of rings, use the Ablaze Acceleration Shoes here. It will SOMETIMES annihilate all the enemies. But it will, at best cases, get you all the rings, if you absent any of the capsules, aloof run aback and get them. DO NOT GET HURT. You will access an breadth were the platforming is all based on the fan, aggregate all 10 arena capsules actuality and access one of those entrances. Now I’m bold that you best the accomplished one. Aloof aggregate all the capsules and try not to hit a birr pad. Afterwards you leave, there will be addition fan area, aggregate all capsules and access the aperture at the top, accomplishing this will acquiesce you to acquire added rings than the lower route. Aggregate all capsules and abstain the acicular balls. Stand on the abrade accoutrement the fan and it will advance you to a aperture with added rings. Abstain the acicular assurance and exit, there should be a agglomeration of rings, aggregate them. This is were I’m activity to explain a trick, authority in X To allegation up the Ablaze Acceleration Shoes, but accumulate a authority of X. This will acquiesce you to move, jump up and absolution X aback you get abreast the row rings, this will accomplish you go through that accomplished breadth afterwards risking a hit. Arch up the ladder.

Casinopolis: Avenue the battery breadth (You can accomplish Sonic booty a battery actuality for all you bodies that accept consistently capital to see Sonic the Hedgehunk booty a shower) and you should see a allowance that has big gold bill spinning with Sonic’s arch on them, access that breadth and hit the button, now let the accoutrements grab you, they are activity to drop your (hopefully) 400 bill you collected, if you didn’t get enough, use the pinball machines. Now use the bill to get the Anarchy Emerald and you are done. If you did this beneath bristles minutes, afresh good, that will advice a lot afterwards on.

Now a little affair is activity to appearance addition bronze that is clear blue. It’s in the bank area, airing about until you acquisition an alley. Aces it up, arch to the alternation base and arch to the Abstruse Ruins. Now access the cavern breadth the cutscene shows, and access the air thing. Go through the bound breadth and put the Ice Bean Bronze in the little bronze collector. Go through the breadth and up the ladder until we arch to…

Icecap: My best hated level, it’s aloof arid in my opinion. Skipping best of this akin is easy. Aloof arch into the birr panels and you will access a albino hill, go ALL the way to the top. Now jump on that little abundance place, and circuit birr and jump appropriate at the aforementioned time into that little abode on the larboard with the two fences. That will skip best of the level, i’m not answer the blow of the level, you NEED to convenance this for afterwards on in the bold for the achievements. Access the area.

Icecap (Part 2): Run advanced and hit the checkpoint. Application the Birr breadth the rings are WILL NOT advice you. Already you are down, annihilate that dragon affair if you want, you should see a spring, hit it and you should acreage abreast spikes, aloof hit the abutting bounce in advanced of you and you will acreage on an icicle, you accept to accept your aback to the chunk you appetite to jump to in adjustment to do it but booty too continued and you will abatement off. Accomplishment that and you will be on a slope, aloof arch up and hit the spring. Get the arena abridged if you wish. You will see a agglomeration of rings akin an arrow pointing in the advanced direction. I accept no abstraction why that is there, aloof hit the bounce and birr down. You will acreage on icicles again, aloof do as you did ahead and you will be at 2 circles of rings, aggregate them if you appetite and hit the bounce up, hit the burden bowl and a agglomeration of ice will appear. Circuit adventurous up this is alarming and could accelerate you appropriate at the back. Its one of the genitalia I advance NOT circuit dashing. Afterwards that, aloof run through this attenuated aisle and you’ll hit a birr pad which will accelerate you in a bend and afresh addition orange cardinal pad, aloof spam A. Aback you finish, for no credible reason, a huge chunk will fall, and afresh a drawbridge, access the area.

Snowboarding: As apathetic as I sound, i’m not activity to put a adviser for this part. Its the alone fun allotment of the akin and it is fun. So adore it while you can.

Once accomplished with the level, you will be accepted with your 4th emblem. The bold aloof sends you out the level, aloof go aback the way you came. Abreast the avalanche allotment of the Abstruse Charcoal will be Knuckles. Its time for a bang-up battle!



Yeah um…

Just hit him. This action was abominably designed. Also, aback you hit knuckles, you will apprehend the atrocious, OH NO. Its awful, this shouldn’t booty too continued at all.

Once done, you will watch a cutscene, and afresh addition bang-up action will happen.

Chaos 4: This is your aboriginal appropriate challenge. Aloof contrivance all the attacks, don’t breach in baptize to long, and aback he brings his arch up, hit him. That’s the alone hit chance. Already done, a cutscene will trigger, and you will alleviate the afterward achievement;

After that, do what Tails capital you to do, and arch to his workshop. Addition cutscene will activate.

Sky Chase Act 1: This is easy, actively you don’t charge to do annihilation added than aloof move the crosshair to the top appropriate and go apprehend or browse the internet for a bit. You may get hit, but you will get through the akin easily.

After this you will be aback in Base Square. Arch to the bank breadth and yet addition cut-scene.

After this, you will get this achievement;

Head out of the bank and you will see the alternation base aperture is closed, but if you arch all the way aback there is addition access which will accelerate you to the hotel. Avenue the auberge and you will be aback in the city.

Head to the little architecture alleged “Twinkle Park” and a cutscene will happen. You will apparently abhorrence every distinct cutscene that includes Amy in it.

Twinkle Park (Part 1): You should see some Bumper Cars, they’re so fun! (If anyone gets that advertence afresh I adulation you), hit either one and columnist A abreast it and you will go in. Arch through the bang and it will accessible for you. Aloof chase the road. You will aback be at a halt, jump in the hole.

Twinkle Park (Part 2): You will now be on a rollercoaster, aloof delay until this finishes and you will abatement bottomward yet addition hole. Hit the checkpoint and go in to the launcher affair and afresh barrage yourself into the bowling pins. If you didn’t beating them all off aloof jump abreast them and the aperture will open, jump beyond the baptize and hit the checkpoint. Use the launcher afresh to hit all the bowling pins. Afterwards that, arch up the stairs and you will be in this awe-inspiring merry-go-round. Aloof try and survive this and afresh hit the checkpoint. Run advanced and you should see a set of springs, hit either one and you will be on a rooftop. Cross and you should acquisition a abruptness with birr pads. Use this and afresh try and do this allotment perfectly. In actuality no, if you fail, restart and it will accelerate you to the checkpoint. You charge to do this for the achievements afterwards on. Anyhow already you accept hopefully able that, you should hit the checkpoint afresh the spring. You will acreage on a set of platforms, jump on the ancillary of the alcazar and accumulate active about it and afresh you will hit a spring. Aloof annihilate the enemies and hit the burden bowl to complete the level.

You are aback in Base Square. You accept thankfully absent Amy. Leave the breadth and there will be a little key agenda in the application of land, aces that up and run up to the shutters and they will open. Drop the key agenda now and access either elevator, they both accord the exact aforementioned result.

Speed Highway (Night Time): The funnest akin in the game, but not my favourite. And yes. As apathetic as this sounds again. You can do this yourself. This is a absolutely fun akin with assorted pathways. It will be absolutely fun, assurance me.

Speed Highway (Wall Running): This is adequately simple, aloof run bottomward the wall. Try not to get hit, and afterwards you breach the glass, leave the area.

Speed Highway (Morning): This allotment isn’t all hardcore and all that. Its aloof a nice peaceful burghal with the badge block you, anyway, no detail because this is additionally fun except for the end part. There is a bubbler that makes itself acutely large, aback it does this, jump in it and afresh absolution the animals.

Back in Base Square again, arch to the bank and a cutscene will activate, and acutely you are activity to save Amy. And all of a abrupt THE TRAIN STATION STAFF ARE NO LONGER ON STRIKE.

Head to the abstruse ruins. Addition cutscene. Now go through the aisle we went to Icecap, but instead of entering that area, accumulate branch forward. Actuality will be the Ancient Ablaze upgrade, you can now do the ablaze acceleration attack. This is accomplished by charging application the circuit dash, afresh let go of X. You are activity to use this adjoin the monkey in the cage. This will accessible the gates so you can canyon through them.

Red Abundance (On the Mountain): A cutscene should accept played, annihilate the monkeys actuality and afresh use the rocket. The akin now gets a little circuitous as there are assorted paths to ability the end. Due to this I will not detail the blow of the akin but you should accept no botheration extensive the end with the countless of options accessible to you.

Red Abundance (Inside the Mountain): There is a absolute attenuated aisle to chase but you can aloof run forth the bank if you want. Already that’s done hit the bounce to accretion some air. Jump beyond the three platforms and afresh hit the abridged for a shield. Use the enemies as a aisle to get you to the added side. Jump beyond the bedrock and run forward. Hit the bounce and get on the falling allotment of stone, get addition absorber if you charge it. Use the enemies as a aisle and afresh run advanced again. Bedrock will acceleration so try not to devious to the larboard and afresh get beyond the platforms. To annihilate these enemies, delay until their fireballs go abroad from them. Also, if you abeyance here, the apparatus still move. Go beyond the platforms, adore the awe-inspiring figurines in bastille (these absolutely arise in to comedy in the 60 mission mode.) and afresh hit the spring. Go beyond the platforms and delay until the added belvedere comes down. Use the enemies as a path, and afresh you can either use the arena dash, a absolute fasteway to do this, or booty a while and go the added way. Either way this continues aback you get to the allotment breadth the rings end. Hit the bounce afresh run in to the birr pads. Hit the checkpoint and abstain the flames. Afresh aloof run advanced and hit the rocket. Afterwards this, try and acreage on top of the burden plate. Afterwards that the akin should be finished.

A cutscene plays.

Skychase Act 2: Aforementioned affair as before, crosshair on the top right. But PAY ATTENTION as a bang-up action will aback appear. To accomplishment this artlessly shoot the being he sends at you application X and accomplish abiding you hit the average allotment he opens at atomic once, afresh arch to the top larboard so that way you don’t get hit. Rinse and repeat.

After this, you will now be on the Egg Carrier. Hit the springs and a cutscene will play. Already that is done afresh run advanced and you will be see a new level, BUT DON’T ENTER IT YET PLEASE DON’T. Instead of active into the level, go aback and you will see two springs, hitting either one is okay. One that’s done, run advanced and jump into the cannon that is extreme away. You will abort a box and if you went in to the appropriate cannon, will accept an adumbration in it. Get the emblem, afresh access the level. If you entered the akin and forgot about this, aloof dashboard afresh reload the bold and you will be aback alfresco the level.

Sky Deck (Part 1): Worst akin in the game. Honestly awful. This aboriginal allotment is circuitous and there is way too abounding exploits and paths to booty that it is a affliction to address them all. Aloof try as best you can to accomplish your way through to the added allotment of the level.

Sky Deck (Part 2): Hit the checkpoint and afresh run as fast as you can. If you talked to Tiakl you apperceive that there are storms that arise beyond every now and then, to abstain these grab assimilate something, The red things afraid out will advice you here. Use the birr pads and booty the appropriate side. Aloof run all the way and the camera will zoom out, bidding you to run forward, do so. Abstain all enemies afresh run up the tiny ramp. Hit the bounce and afresh you will be on these monkey bars, aloof jump off to the larboard of the screen. Now, all the platforms actuality are activity to abatement down, the one at the top appropriate never avalanche down, but I accept the blow do, aloof try and cross this anxiously afterwards fault. Now you will see launchable rockets and a cannon, you charge to barrage the rockets into the aperture of the cannon, already done the bold will automatically accomplish you access a new area.

Sky Deck (Part 3): Again, absolute complicated, I absolutely advance that afterwards you complete this level, you go into “Trial Mode” and exhausted it afresh and again, you are activity to charge the practice.

Once that’s been accomplished off, you will be in a Hub World again, aloof go breadth the belletrist “Eggman” are and afresh access the chicken thing.


E-102 Gamma: HARDEST BOSS IN THE GAME Aloof badinage I shouldn’t alike charge to address a guide


I bet you didn’t apprehend this, but you absolutely got an accomplishment because of that.

We are about done thankfully. Don’t arch in to the door, instead go backwards and Sonic will say stuff. Go in to the door, in here, hit the button and Arena Dash. Then, jump on the armchair and I anticipate you accept to circuit birr on it or article and it will move, hit the button and afresh addition cutscene. Afterwards this, arch aback into the breadth we got that acreage emblem, and that will actuate a cutscene. Annihilation actuality that makes you go “WTF?!” will be explained later.

Chaos 6: Now a arduous bang-up battle! Abstain all his attacks by blockage abroad from him, whilst this is activity on, Eggman is activity to absolution these awe-inspiring carapace things. Hit these already and afresh try and absolute them to Anarchy so he freezes, afresh hit him. TIP: If you use the arena birr on him, you get bifold the attack! Echo this action carefully, you can calmly die here. Afterwards you defeat this boss, cutscenes cycle out!

Mystic Ruins? What? Why are we here? What’s the purpose of this! Assumption what, use your map. It will accomplish abiding you don’t get lost, you don’t appetite to get absent in here. Anyway, we’re not absolutely exploring the “Mystic Ruins” aloof yet.

After the cutscene with Tikal, you will get this achievement:

There are activity to be no added achievements added than commutual Sonic’s adventure for now. So don’t apprehend to see ‘Achievement Unlocked’ anytime soon.

Enter the temple. And you will be in a akin alleged Absent Worlds;

Lost Worlds (Part 1): This akin is affectionate of complicated so we’ll aloof get it over with by afterward the rings. That’s it. Chase them, they will calmly adviser you! Already the rings end, you will see a basin of water. Don’t jump in unless you appetite Sonic to drown. Your capital ambition actuality is to accession the baptize akin and hit all 3 switches. Already that’s done, access the gate.

Lost Worlds (Part 2): Chase the rings already again! Until you get to a realllyyyy aphotic part. You charge to use the spotlights on the mirrors, now aloof putting it on the average for some odd acumen doesn’t work, instead put it abreast the basal and it will ablaze allotment of the breadth up. Echo this for every mirror and afresh arena birr bottomward to the waterfall. Afterwards that hit the springs and afresh chase the rings already again. Hit the checkpoint and a bedrock will arise down, aloof run bottomward and you’ll be okay. Hit the checkpoint, access the breadth and there will be things on the wall, accumulate hitting the about-face and delay until they accept arrows on them and afresh you are acceptable to go! Accumulate accomplishing this until you ability a arena dash, hit the end and BAM! You will go in a loop, afresh being happens that is scripted so don’t anguish and the akin will be done!


This trys to be austere but acutely the aperture animations ruin it, run forward. Aloof chase the path. You will see Chaos.


Okay attending at your map appropriate now, do this by pausing the screen. See the abutting avenue to you, appropriate at the top? Go there. Access the awe-inspiring adit and already you do that attending for 6 switches, you appetite to accomplish them all ablaze up. Enter.

Final Egg (Part 1): Finally! A akin that is not arid and is fun! Try and run advanced and not get hit by the lasers. The lasers can be destroyed, but it wastes time. Hit the springs if you ambition for an added life. Go bottomward and adjure you don’t get hit by the lasers. Then, jump through these lasers and adjure again. Run up and hit the birr pads so you get hit by springs, run up and hit the springs and afresh hit the checkpoint. Run through every distinct birr pad and afresh run through the tube. Afterwards that you will acquisition alike added tubes! Go through them all!

Final Egg (Part 2): Platforming! Jump on the two platforms in advanced of you, use the enemies as the aisle to get over the gap and afresh run through the tube. You will afresh be in a birr pad section, authority advanced and aggregate will be speedy. Aback you hit the bounce try and acreage on the platform. Jump beyond all the levitating platforms carefully. And afresh go through the access to acquisition a alike of the birr pad section, do what I said before. Aback you acreage hit the button and the belvedere will rise. Use the enemies as a aisle already again. Abstain these hammers and try to get to every belvedere perfectly. Afresh go bottomward the elevator and go to the larboard of sonic to hit a checkpoint, go bottomward the stairs to acquisition added levitating platforms. Instead, jump down, if you accumulate Sonic at the little architecture to the right, he will absolutely abatement into the breadth the platforms should of took you, this saves a hell of a lot of time and is bare for Rank A. JUMP In the elevator, Jump is important because if you aloof airing into it you will absolutely fall. Wonderful.

Final Egg (Part 3): This allotment is so beeline forward. So yeah, no guide. Sorry. Added than the allotment appropriate at the end with the arena dash, I do advance antibacterial the robots there.


Egg Viper: Guaranteed Activity loss. This is the best difficult bang-up in the game. There are two accumbent platforms, you are on one and the added one is in advanced of you. Aback Eggman says “Get a amount of this” aloof run about and he won’t get you. Aback he comes to face you and opens the Vipers mouth, this is a adventitious to get him. Aback he backs abroad aback he opens the mouth, aloof homing advance the 3 blooming lights to get to him, which will acreage you on the added platform. Added than that, he can be a absolute pain. Aback he tells you to accord up, try and circuit birr beneath him as fast as possible. Aback he sends the spinning blades, jump on them and afresh hit Eggman.


Let the credits roll, you can’t skip them so aloof let them comedy out.

After the credits you will acquire this achievement;

Now you are not activity to acquire any achievements in Tails’, Knuckles’, Amy’s, Big’s and E-102’s stories. But you charge to do them for the blow of the achievements.

See you there!

This walkthrough is the acreage of TrueAchievements.com. This walkthrough and any agreeable included may not be reproduced afterwards accounting permission. TrueAchievements.com and its users accept no amalgamation with any of this game’s creators or absorb holders and any trademarks acclimated herein accord to their corresponding owners.

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