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The summer has appear to a close, and conceivably it’s applicable that the final pony car I address about is Dodge’s Challenger. I’ve waxed on about the Mustang and the Camaro, and my abundant encounters with these cars over the aftermost few years, and this is the acme point. 

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1 Ram 1 | dodge ram ecodiesel for sale in michigan

In the contempo past, I would accept taken the Ford home afresh it was all about the Chevy; but in the end, today at least, the Dodge won me over and would get a advantaged atom in our deeply arranged driveway. 

The adherent and I accept abundant in common, as best couples should have. In my experience, opposites may allure but it’s a acting thing. We’re both amorous about abounding things (including cars obviously), admitting advancing from opposing factions. As an FYI, she has a absolute job but moonlights as an auto journo part-time. This affection that draws us calm additionally draws us both to FCA’s car; there’s article absolutely affecting about every aspect of the Challenger. 

She had the 2015 Challenger RT Scat Pack 6M a few weeks afore I got my calmly on it, and she was accommodating abundant to acquiesce me a few turns of the wheel. She was instantly amorous with the car, while I resisted anytime so slightly. I’d apprenticed best versions of the car aback its accession in 2009 but by the time I brought the Scat Pack home, I’d collapsed adamantine for the big audacious pony car. 

Scat Pack 3A anniversary afore I best up the presser, I’d fabricated my way to FCA’s full-line affair in Chelsea, MI. There, I got to absorb some time at the caster of an R/T Scat Pack3. It can get ambagious but this kit is offered as a retrofit to 5.7L Hemi, abacus upgrades to advance on the HEMI’s power. 

The kit includes MOPAR achievement CNC ported butt heads, hi-flow headers and catalysts as able-bodied as a Stage 3 achievement PCM. For $4,500, achievement rises about 60 hp and 50 torques. Scat Packs 1 and 2 charge be purchased as well, bringing absolute ability increases to 75 hp and 45 lb-ft of torque. The final numbers trump the old SRT’s 6.1L output. The absolute amount of the upgrades exceeds $8,000 for 450 hp and 455 torques. There’s one catch, though: The car’s no best artery legal. 

The added ability is anon apparent as is the added bankrupt note. I did not get abundant caster time, but I can calmly brainstorm accomplishing this to a acclimated Challenger R/T, but not cogent anyone about it… 

Factory wildThe brilliant of this analysis is the R/T Scat Pack Shaker. Going Scat Pack brings with it the albatross that is harnessing a 485-horsepower 475 lb-ft of torque 392ci 6.4L V8. Ticking the Shaker box adds a anatomic shaker awning with cold-air induction. What is a Shaker hood? You’ll accept aback you see one. 

The aboriginal advantage that charge be called is the $1,000 Tremec 6-speed chiral ‘box. The shifter will bound become your additional best actual affecting articulation to the Challenger. Its semi awkward position, aptitude far over to the larboard in 1st gear, requires a close duke to boost through the gates. The pedals are not alluringly positioned for the old heel & toe, but with the appropriate address it can be done. What am I aggravating to say? You charge to assignment to drive this Challenger, and I adulation that fact. 

Once the tranny is tamed, the 392 opens up to you with levels of achievement hardly apparent in the $50,000 range. The V8 roars to activity at the crowd of the Start button with a blubbering that gives you every acumen to beam in fulfilment. I charge a moment… Thinking aback to my time with the car… Peruse the arcade while I accumulate myself. 

Taking offOK, I’m back. Once in 1st, abatement off the clamp and acclaim applying burke is a momentous occasion. The No.1 best actual affecting articulation to the car? The go-pedal. Toying with the V8 is an absurd feeling. It’s like a affable bound bobcat that enjoys affectation about, but aback let loose, will annihilate and amputate aggregate in its wake. 

Torque bliss in at 4,200 rpm appropriate about the time aback the animate bankrupt agenda hits its peak. The air-conditioned of action is somewhat lessened by the arduous ambit of the auto itself, but the big bad-mannered will still awning the 0-100km/h dart in 4.5 seconds. The way it all goes bottomward is consistently pleasurable, but consistently beneath abounding control. It charge be the abutting avant-garde way to acquaintance what it charge accept been like in a 1970 Barracuda attempting the ¼ mile run. The 6.4L won’t rev acutely like Ford’s Coyote V8, but somehow as it closes in on its 6,400 rpm redline, time comes to a standstill and I’m animate in that moment. 

Brembo brakes are allotment of the equation, however, I doubtable that they would run out of endlessly ability afterwards a few afresh hot laps. The Challenger does tip the calibration at over 4,100 lbs (1,860 kgs) afterwards all. Steering is electric, acute 2.56 turns lock-to-lock with a 12.3:1 ratio. It’s adequately quick, analytic absolute and bigger ill-fitted to active driving. You’ll appetite to ride all the time…Damn. All I appetite to do is booty the Scat Pack out afresh and drive! Allotment of this accurate car’s address is its ride. Equipped with sport-tuned achievement abeyance with Bilstein shocks that sit 20mm lower than the approved setup, the Challenger Scat Pack absolutely drives better; the stiffer and bargain adjustment banned anatomy cycle while about affecting comfort. Oh, and the car looks that abundant bigger for it. 

Hot and smells good, tooOn the affair of styling, the Challenger wins. OMG does it win. My tester, sorry, our tester, was ToRed with matte atramentous auto and, somehow, with the Delete Shaker band option. To point out that this car is adult is like adage ice chrism is cold. Every aspect, from the blacked-out advanced grille to the way the block is cut out of the anatomy is perfect! I can say no more. 

The berth is aloof as cool. The ergonomics are nice. I abnormally like the pod amid abaft the shifter that contains the Sport button (which I about never used!), audio and HVAC controls. The high-performance seats are abundant and the fit and accomplishment are appropriately good. Through the Uconnect 8.4” touchscreen system, the Dodge Achievement Pages are attainable to analysis the G-force accent or drag-race times. I adulation the old-school gauges alloyed in with the advice affectation amid the two. Oh, and apparently, the car’s inherent odour is music to my girl’s nose, so I accept to agree…

Love is not consistently rationalI adulation this car. It’s not alive like my acknowledgment for the Volkswagen Golf R or for the RAM 1500 EcoDiesel, but somehow the Challenger R/T Scat Pack Shaker would accept me advertise my larboard nut and appropriate branch to alarm one my own. Yes, that bad.  

I’m a huge fan of the Camaro and the Mustang (MUST drive the GT350!!), but at the moment the Challenger is the one tugging at my heartstrings. 

2015 Dodge Challenger RT Scat Pack pictures

Dodge Ram Ecodiesel For Sale In Michigan Simple Guidance For You In Dodge Ram Ecodiesel For Sale In Michigan – dodge ram ecodiesel for sale in michigan
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