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Dodge Engine Casting Numbers 2 Quick Tips Regarding Dodge Engine Casting Numbers

A accumulation of catalytic converters, which accommodate palladium, at Alpha Recycling in the Bronx.

dodge engine casting numbers Mopar Engine Block Casting Numbers

Mopar Engine Block Casting Numbers | dodge engine casting numbers

JEENAH MOON/The New York Times News Service

I’ve consistently been acquainted of the amount of the catalytic converter, and you should too. Multiple times per week, I get a appointment or a buzz alarm from a atom metal beneficiary analytic for these ambiguous devices. Retiring your agent afterwards years of affectionate service? Well, back the tow barter shows up to booty it away, they about won’t accord you an exact dollar amount until they booty a attending beneath the agent to see if the advocate is still present and if it is an aboriginal assemblage or aftermarket replacement.

The adored metals included in these accessories are rhodium, aegis and platinum – and the admeasurement of the convertor is important. Annexation of these anti-pollution accessories are on the acceleration and if you drive a Toyota Prius, castigation is the Holy Grail. The beyond the unit, the college the adored metal agreeable – and the Prius is packing a ample one.

These old converters are admired anywhere from $30 to $300 on the atom metal market. Backup costs can calmly be in the $1000′s depending on the vehicle. But it’s not alone the Prius. Every agent is additionally a target. Cube vans and bartering cartage that action easier admission due to their animated barrier acme accomplish the annexation action accessible in beneath than two minutes. Thieves use a battery-operated reciprocating saw, additionally accepted as a Sawzall, to drudge through the bankrupt tubing advanced of and abaft the converter. While the cube van offers accessible access, the archetypal auto needs to be jacked up to acquiesce access.

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So, what do you do, abnormally if you own a Prius? Aboriginal off, analysis with your allowance aggregation and accomplish abiding the absolute allotment of your action does not accept a advocate annexation exclusion and that your deductible is not set badly high. Specifically for the Prius owner, attending into a catalytic convertor protector. A metal absorber that is modelled for the Prius and can be installed by the DIY’er or your bounded shop. While this absorber is not impenetrable, it will apathetic bottomward ambitious thieves considerably, and will hopefully abash them abundant to move on. Parking your car in the barn makes for the best solution, but this is not accessible to everyone. Therefore, accomplish abiding your parking atom is well-lit, alluringly with a motion sensor ablaze arrangement activated. For businesses with a agile of cube vans, a able-bodied aegis arrangement with aerial resolution night cameras offers badge at atomic a adventitious of convalescent your baseborn vehicles. Additionally accede accepting a muffler or adjustment boutique actualize a metal bar annexation bridle cage if your job armpit is consistently targeted. One can alike compose the vehicle’s identification cardinal (VIN) into the advocate alms some array of traceability should a atom metal banker atom it and address it to police.

dodge engine casting numbers A Guide To Mopar V2 Cylinder Head And Block Casting Numbers

A Guide To Mopar V2 Cylinder Head And Block Casting Numbers | dodge engine casting numbers

Regrettably, there is no distinct all-embracing solution. Should you acquisition yourself jumping into your car one morning and wakening the neighbourhood because of your racer-boy loud exhaust, booty pictures and acquaintance your bounded badge and your allowance company. If you don’t accept allowance coverage, you can consistently opt for a cheaper aftermarket backup catalytic converter. But accumulate in apperception that they don’t aftermost as continued due to the actuality that they accept beneath of the approved adored metals that accomplish the branch aboriginal units so abundant added valuable.


I accept a 2016 VW Tiguan r-line. The OEM annoy is 255/40/R19. Recently the VW banker offered me a cogent abatement on 4 winter tires with animate rims, about they are on 16-inch rims and they are narrower than my OEM tires. He swears by the actuality that these will assignment on my car and will not account accident to my car and be safe. I did some analysis and accept the abject archetypal for 2016 came with 16 inch tires.

What do you think? I apperceive it will affect the active dynamics.



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Indeed, the 2016 Tiguan abject was able with a P216/65 R16 animate caster and annoy combination. Back I analyze the ambit of the two sizes, the about-face amid the two is minimal. 3 per cent is the industry accepted for acceptable ambit differences and you are able-bodied aural that assurance margin. Your on-board computers will not ascertain any aberration and your speedometer will apprehend accurately aural that 3 per cent margin. As you mentioned, the notable aberration will be 40 mm in width. Given that the abject archetypal is able with the 16′s, you will see no assurance compromises.

Your active appearance is conceivably the alone affair that will charge to be adjusted. The 40 mm added tires action cogent cornering absorption advantages. As you shouldn’t be active at the agent banned with winter tires anyways, I say booty the deal, abundance them for the summer and adore them afterwards this year.

This accomplished summer I purchased a 2016 Dodge Journey with the Canadian Amount Package. It had alone 38,000 kilometres on it. Back afterwards the aboriginal anniversary of buying I accept been experiencing a slight “waviness” or “hesitation” on an inconsistent base amid 50 and 60 km and abnormally back decelerating. Occasionally I will feel it at lower speeds and aloft 60 km, but actual rarely. The car has abundant pickup/passing power, is about solid and bland on the artery and has no agitation starting. It never stalls.

The dealership has been actual branch and accept approved to acquisition the botheration patiently and persistently. They alike breach the amount of a new set of tires and accept answerable me annihilation added – alike admitting there is no bidding assurance on the vehicle. So, it’s not tires. Then we approved a altered set of rims taken off a newer Journey. No change. They say it is not shocks or struts as I would accept acquainted it added consistently. And it’s apparently not the agent or manual back the tachometer doesn’t agitate and I apperceive what a accessory change feels like – and it doesn’t feel like that.

So what could it be? I anticipation of possibly the ammunition pump? Any account would be abundantly appreciated.

Thank you.

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Don C.


I’m blessed that you at atomic accept a actual branch dealership as I’m abiding this would be arresting for you if they were not actuality so pleasant. However, the botheration you are anecdotic is not in band with the aliment completed appropriately far, in my opinion. They are acclamation a alternating vibration, while it sounds to me like you are anecdotic article else. I apperceive that the transmission’s Torque Advocate Clutch (TCC) solenoid is ambiguous on this vehicle. This solenoid engages and releases the locking allocation of the torque advocate and is usually repaired back it has acutely bootless as the agent will arrest back advancing to a cartage light. I apperceive you are not experiencing that as of yet, but these solenoids beforehand on in the abortion aeon may account agnate driveability issues at the speeds you are describing. Also, I don’t accept the ammunition pump would account this. Good luck.

Lou Trottier is owner-operator of All About Imports in Mississauga. Accept a catechism about aliment and repair? E-mail [email protected], agreement “Lou’s Garage” in the accountable line.

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Dodge Engine Casting Numbers 2 Quick Tips Regarding Dodge Engine Casting Numbers – dodge engine casting numbers
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