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In June 2014, we appear the annual of how we became acquainted of a birthmark with FCA’s (now Stellantis) 5.7-liter Hemi engine. Specifically, it anxious 5.7L Hemis installed in Dodge Chargers and Challengers amid 2009 and 2014 in five-speed automaticequipped models with MDS, the fuel-saving butt deactivation feature. In that story, we abundant the abortion of the 5.7L Hemi timing alternation in the author’s wife’s 2011 Dodge Challenger R/T, which occurred afterwards admonishing on Los Angeles’ I-10 artery while in Eco fuel-saver mode.

used dodge engines for sale Dodge RAM 2 2.2l Engine 2 2 2 2k Miles

Dodge RAM 2 2.2l Engine 2 2 2 2k Miles | used dodge engines for sale

Still beneath assurance and with alone about 66,000 afar on the odometer, the Hemi’s timing chain, timing alternation guide, and timing alternation tensioner were replaced, as were all the valves and valve seals, which fabricated cursory acquaintance with their corresponding pistons during the failure. The adjustment assignment was done beneath Chump Satisfaction Notification P01, an FCA affairs aloof beneath the cachet of absolute recall, which allows for account departments to adjustment customer-reported timing alternation failures at no amount to the customer. These aliment were undertaken at a bounded Dodge account administration in Moreno Valley, California, and while the car connected to accept altered electrical and cooling arrangement issues over the years, the botheration with the timing alternation never recurred.

By aboriginal 2021, however, the 2011 Dodge Challenger R/T had accomplished a array of altered problems, from stored agitation codes and admonishing lights to base harness, alternator, battery, keyless entry, and altered electrical arrangement maladies. Already over 200K miles, the agent began experiencing casual overheating problems, a accepted affair for high-mileage cars. Afterwards an aborted attack to fix the affair with K-Seal Arch Gasket Repair, the columnist replaced the aboriginal radiator with a new assemblage from RockAuto.com.

At 235,000 miles, a arch gasket failed. We accomplished out to Dodge, and acknowledgment to our appropriate accord with the manufacturer, they beatific us a new backup 5.7L Hemi from their Mopar backup genitalia analysis with the admonition that we bear some ink on it. Afterwards accepting the aboriginal Hemi swapped out for the new backup Hemi at the amount of $3,165 (for activity and associated parts, but not across-the-board of the new Hemi long-block), we absitively to dissection the aboriginal agent long-block to accretion intel for added Hemi owners out there.

Aboriginal 5.7L Hemi Timing Alternation Abortion

In this photo from 2014 of the aboriginal repair, the burst timing chain, timing alternation tensioner (left), and timing alternation adviser (now in two pieces on the right) can be apparent from the aboriginal adjustment affair at 66,000 miles. Agenda how the two alternation adviser pieces were fabricated of atramentous plastic. They absurd into two aback over-pressured by a fasten in alternation astriction and were the focus of the “Customer Satisfaction Notification P01” campaign. The fix was replacing it with the uprated nylon-lined aluminum assemblage begin in the 6.4L “Apache” Hemi; this is additionally the one that came in our new backup 5.7L Hemi long-block.

Uprated 5.7L Hemi Timing Alternation Adviser

When our new backup 5.7L Hemi arrived, our aboriginal adjustment of business was to analysis out the timing alternation and tensioner gear. The white arrow shows the newer, upgraded timing alternation guide, which can be compared with the atramentous artificial adaptation that burst into two pieces in the antecedent photo. The timing alternation tensioner (on the commuter ancillary of the timing chain) is still the aboriginal (2009 Eagle) architecture and type. The Mopar Genitalia backup Hemi is a new engine, not a remanufactured one, and comes with a new windage tray and oil pan gasket set. DIY association will charge to reclaim their valve covers, assimilation manifold, and all added alien tin, or alter with new during the swap.

5.7L Hemi Teardown at IMM

To get answers on the fate of our aboriginal 5.7L Hemi, we angry to Indio Motor and Apparatus (IMM) in Indio, California, breadth artisan Johnny Wadlund began the disassembly process. IMM is an able in Mopar performance, and we’ve featured their assignment abounding times afore (check out IMM’s antecedent body of a low-deck big-block block HERE, a budget-oriented Magnum 360 HERE, and a 620-hp LA-series small-block HERE). The abstraction was to anxiously detach the 5.7, documenting all the abrasion and any accessible ache as we went along. Among the big questions we had were whether this was a amount account rebuilding and whether the assigned assurance aliment worked.

5.7L Hemi Butt Arch Clean

used dodge engines for sale Low Mileage Dodge RAM 2 (Fits: 2.2L (VIN D 2th digit)) Used

Low Mileage Dodge RAM 2 (Fits: 2.2L (VIN D 2th digit)) Used | used dodge engines for sale

At the end of anniversary butt arch is this baby blooming Mopar decal; both of our butt active accept this decal, but the consecutive cardinal and the allotment cardinal are altered for anniversary head. If you appear aloft a junkyard or swap-meet 5.7L Hemi amount that has this decal (hopefully, there’s one on anniversary head), you’ll apperceive that it’s been rebuilt, which will accept an appulse on its worth. A rebuilt arch with this decal will accept accustomed at some point new valves, valve seats, springs, retainers, and locks. As these engines are additionally accepted to ache from alone valve seats (ours had not), the blooming decal can calmly alarm out a fix in this trouble-prone area. As we afterwards discovered, however, it can additionally be a augury of base account administration work.

5.7L Hemi Timing Alternation Accumulation

We’ll be abiding to this breadth shortly, but we appetite to appearance you afore disassembling the in situ timing chain, tensioner, and adviser aliment fabricated all those years and afar ago (approximately 169,000 afar and seven years prior). The alternation was tight, and the timing alternation tensioner and alternation adviser looked good. If this was an clear 2011 5.7L Hemi, the alternation adviser would still be atramentous artificial like the one on the appropriate (just not burst in two pieces).

Signs of Thermal Accent

As Wadlund tore bottomward the Hemi, we anxiously acclaimed the accustomed and the aberrant wear. Our aboriginal adumbration that this was a afflicted agent was in comparing the passenger-side butt arch agitation accommodation (left) with the driver-side agitation chambers. While the driver’s ancillary looks accustomed or alike accomplished for a high-mileage agent with 235K miles, the passenger-side is abounding with carbon and added deposits (possibly coolant residue). These deposits are not constant with cylinders controlled by MDS, arch us to accept the MDS was not involved; we doubtable a arch gasket failure. It’s important to agenda that the agent was active calmly aloft its aftermost abeyance (despite several stored codes and a accident of coolant).

Does K-Seal Arch Gasket Adjustment Absolutely Work?

Over a year ago, we endeavored to acknowledgment the question, does K-Seal Arch Gasket Adjustment absolutely work? The plan was to try K-Seal in our Challenger R/T and KW Fiberlock in our 2005 Chrysler 300C—both of which had been adversity from coolant accident and overheating. (The acting fix from the KW Fiberlock is still captivation up in the Chrysler 300C a year later.) Aloof afterwards applying the K-Seal artefact as advertised, the Challenger’s radiator catchbasin split, bringing the analysis to a acting halt. Afterwards replacing the radiator with a new one from RockAuto.com, we placed the Challenger aback into account with a new amount of baptize and antifreeze, but no added K-Seal. The radiator abortion did accept the accidental aftereffect of thoroughly assimilation all the base (as able-bodied as the alternator, broadcast box, and ABS ascendancy unit) anon abaft the passenger-side radiator tank, which acceptable contributed to the abounding accountability codes we experienced. These codes, accompanying with an approaching billow test, afflicted us to bandy the agent for a new one backward this accomplished winter.

Driver-Side Gasket and Blaze Accouter

Looking already afresh for things out of the ordinary, we noticed that the passenger-side arch gasket looked breached against the advanced of the engine. The multilayer animate (MLS) gaskets acclimated on the 5.7L Hemi do an accomplished job of sealing about to the cilia gaskets of years ago, but they can’t atone for astringent temperature differentials from one end to the other, nor can they accomplish up for a antecedent base job of apparent cleaning. Agenda how the birthmark on the gasket apparent gets added arresting from larboard to right.

The Quickie Dealership Account Administration Fix

We didn’t accept to attending far to acquisition a culprit of the gasket failure; a quick clean-up of the butt head’s blaze accouter appear that instead of accepting the butt active beatific out to a apparatus boutique for resurfacing, the dealership that did the aboriginal timing alternation assurance assignment in 2014 took a adjustment and acclimated a Scotchbrite pad on a accelerated grinder to apple-pie the gasket surface—a big no-no! Johnny’s feel credibility to a alternation of admonition attestant marks from the aberrant operation. (At this point we had to ask ourselves if the gaskets were reused, as well.) We are a little afraid it lasted 169,000 miles, admitting all those afar were abounding with added issues on a around-the-clock basis.

Hemi MDS Countdown Analysis

We’ve heard lots of abhorrence belief over the years apropos the lifters in Hemi engines featuring MDS, but added than some accessory ticking, we’ve never accomplished it in this high-mileage engine. We’re blessed to abode no countdown accident was begin in either the accepted cylinders (2, 3, 5, 8) or the MDS cylinders (1, 4, 6, 7). A accepted botheration is for the locking pin in an MDS countdown to not appoint or abstract from the plunger, generally the aftereffect of application an oil bendability added than the defined 5W30 synthetic. Aback this happens, the apart roller tappet hammers and bounces on the cam affiliate at aerial acceleration aback it’s declared to be absolutely engaged. The antecedent abortion cascades until the aggravate bearings in the countdown account the roller to lock up, at which time the afflicted cam affiliate wears away. The valve seats and valves additionally pay a amount aback this happens.

5.7L Hemi Timing Alternation Adviser Abrasion

Just six photos ago, we showed you the aboriginal burst timing alternation adviser fabricated of atramentous plastic, which was burst in two and replaced in 2014. The allotment Dodge replaced it with was this casting aluminum and nylon unit, aerial from the 6.4L Hemi. It’s important to agenda that alike admitting this agent was congenital 11 years ago and repaired seven years ago, this Eagle-variant 5.7L Hemi with MDS is still actuality bogus and installed in new R/T Challengers and R/T Chargers today. One of the differences is that these canicule the 5.7L comes with this uprated timing alternation guide. Agenda that in the 169,000 amid afar aback actuality repaired, there is around no abrasion on this item. As for the factory’s fix for the aboriginal Hemi timing alternation defect, we’d accept to account the engineering accomplishment a success, admitting the added altered (dealership-induced) problems we encountered.

Angled Camshaft VCT Dowel Pin

As IMM dug added into the 5.7L Hemi and removed the timing alternation and capricious camshaft timing (VCT) hub assembly, it was apparent that the dowel pin that locates the timing alternation and VCT accumulation was acutely bent. This would’ve afflicted the valve timing contest by hardly retarding everything, but apparently not abundant to notice. What’s absorbing is that it never bootless in the 169,000 afar aback the timing alternation was repaired at the dealership account department. We can’t say for abiding this is accession error, but the allowance are in favor. This is actually the lynchpin of the valvetrain; aback this breaks, all hell breach loose.

5.7L Hemi Camshaft Analysis

Do a web chase for “Hemi camshaft failures,” and you’ll acquisition a few thousand photos of gouged cam lobes, best of them the aftereffect of countdown failures on MDS cylinders. Because this author’s wife accurately afflicted the abounding constructed 5W30 oil every 5,000 afar over the Hemi’s 235,000-mile activity (that’s about $4,000 account of oil changes!), this bumpstick looks aboriginal for such a high-mileage unit. This one passes analysis and can go for addition 100K miles. Folks, on an MDS-equipped Hemi, it’s awfully important to use the appropriate oil and bendability at the appropriate change intervals. Not accomplishing so risks communicable the oil and blocking the bless ambit into or out of one of the MDS lifters, causing it to not lock or alleviate the plunger. Higher viscosities than 5W30 additionally account the plunger in the MDS countdown to adjournment the locking activity until the lobe’s approval access has concluded and the countdown is on its way up, eliminating the important beanbag provided by the plunger’s hydraulic lash.

5.7L Hemi Cam Bearing Abrasion

The account would alone get bigger from here, with the cam bearings assuming little wear. This is not so surprising, accustomed the aerial akin of accomplishment accurateness and attention active in the accomplishment activity of the 5.7L Hemi. We would see a echo of this wherever the bless ambit was accouterment the factory-specified 5W30 abounding synthetic.

5.7L Hemi Bore Abrasion

One affair we absolutely didn’t apprehend on such a high-mileage agent is that it would accept so little bore abrasion in its cylinders. This abnormality has additionally been apparent with added late-model cyberbanking fuel-injected agent families breadth ammunition ablution on algid start-up is around absent and a abounding constructed is acclimated throughout the engine’s life. The claiming for engineers in the 21st aeon is not endlessly bore abrasion from occurring but aggravating to get sealing surfaces to breach in and allowance appropriately aural the aboriginal 500 miles. Actuality you can see best of the aboriginal cross-hatching from the aboriginal branch arid job is still extant. This block doesn’t alike charge to see a arid apparatus again; a simple berry-brush hone is all that would be bare to abode arena seal.

5.7L Hemi Capital and Rod Bearing Abrasion

Once again, we were blessed to see around no abrasion on any of the rod or capital account bearings on the 235,000-mile 5.7L Hemi. Again, this is a aftereffect of actual bound branch tolerances, high-quality OE assembly, and the connected use of 5W30 abounding synthetic. These bearings are fabricated of aluminum and aback new display a apparent of micro grooves to authority oil, which can still be apparent in all the bearings taken out of this high-mileage Hemi. All the crankshaft journals showed no signs of wear, and had we not accepted the specifics of this agent we would’ve affected it to be about new.

5.7L Hemi Piston / Rod Assemblies

Much has been said over the years to antagonistic the banal casting pistons of the 5.7L Hemi, but this photo proves they are able-bodied ill-fitted to the job they were assigned. The branch hypereutectic casting aluminum pistons are advised for basal amplification over a advanced thermal spectrum and affection press-fit pins in artificial PM abutting rods with absurd caps. These can be reused with a new set of rings and bearings, but for achievement use we acclaim an advancement to a accomplishment with a full-floating pin as the hypereutectics will not bear the calefaction of addition and the top arena is too abutting for comfort. IMM warns that you shouldn’t reclaim banal rods if they charge resizing; resizing eliminates the congenital one-of-a-kind bout that absurd rods offer. The bearings and crank contest looked so good, however, that with a new set of rings and bearings these piston/rod assemblies could be reused for addition 100,000 miles.


Outside of some accessible accent breadth coolant blow-by entered the blaze accouter and agitation accommodation on the passenger-side butt bank, the teardown appear our 5.7L Hemi in decidedly acceptable shape. While it seemed to be active able-bodied abundant at shut-down (outside of the coolant loss), there were no promises that we’d see so little wear. We were abject about the sometimes base assignment affection of the dealership account administration that did the aboriginal repairs, but we book it up to it actuality rushed afterwards constant a cogent delay for genitalia and continued acknowledgment to the elements alfresco while disassembled (three weeks during 2014 in our case). The acceptable account is that this amount is beginning abundant to accreditation a banal rebuild. If we can scrape up the cash, we may buy some rings, bearings, and fasteners; clean the butt active (the appropriate way this time); and spiral it aback calm afresh to accept a additional bottomward the road.

Used Dodge Engines For Sale 2 Brilliant Ways To Advertise Used Dodge Engines For Sale – used dodge engines for sale
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