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Dodge Poly Engine The 2 Common Stereotypes When It Comes To Dodge Poly Engine

Every already in a lifetime, a accumulating of best cars comes to bargain that will never arise again. In the case of the Abundant Texas Mopar Abundance Bargain Event, Spanky Assiter and the association at Spanky’s Freedom Car Auctions will advertise the acreage of the backward John Haynie on October 13 and 14, 2021. (Haynie, a 52-year-old Mopar enthusiast, afresh anesthetized abroad from cancer.)

dodge poly engine Semi-Hemi” Polyspherical Head V2 Engines: 2, 2, 2, 2, 2

Semi-Hemi” Polyspherical Head V2 Engines: 2, 2, 2, 2, 2 | dodge poly engine

More than 250 cartage will be auctioned alone online, including the 23 Mopars previewed here. Afresh on October 14, a additional online-only bargain will acquit Haynie’s ample accumulating of new old banal (NOS) and acclimated parts, dealership sales materials, archetypal cars, branch account manuals, specialized tools, branch account blur strips, best authorization plates, and more.

Best of all, aggregate is actuality auctioned at no reserve. The adorableness of any no-reserve bargain is that anniversary alms is affirmed to advertise to the accomplished bidder. There will be no unrealistic affluence to assure the acreage in the accident of a low top bid. Their accident is your gain. For specific capacity on how to annals to bid, go to freedomcarauctions.com.

Living on the abundant Texas prairie, Haynie had affluence of amplitude on his agronomical to abundance his accumulating of (mostly) Mopar cars, ablaze trucks, and vans from the 19381990 period. Given Texas’ barren climate, best of the 250-plus cartage actuality awash are actual solid and chargeless of the accepted structural blight that destroys abounding best cars. That said, best are activity cars in charge of basal automated face-lifting (dry brakes, cooling systems, asleep batteries, etc.) afore alive again.

As the pictures actuality show, some of the cartage ran afore actuality anchored while others were purchased in non-running action as activity cars. Either way, massive collections like this rarely arise up for sale, and the Abundant Texas Mopar Abundance Bargain Accident is abiding to be one of the car hobby’s above contest of 2021. To watch a air-conditioned walk-around video, go to Steve Magnante’s YouTube Channel for all the latest. Save the dates: October 13 for the car hoard, and October 14 for the parts, tools, and memorabilia.

1964 Plymouth Barracuda

Despite the broken-down slime-green acrylic and antagonism stripes, this first-year Barracuda is article of an oddball. Built-in with Plymouth’s countdown 273 small-block with a distinct two-barrel carburetor (the four butt hi-po 273 accustomed in ’65), a three-on-the-tree chiral chiral sticks a pin in the adventurous car theme. And although the aboriginal client splurged with the added $131 for the V-8, the $180 added amount of the A833 floor-mounted four-speed chiral chiral was a arch too far.

Probably due to its acrimonious Texas home, a dealer-add-on Chrysler AirTemp air-conditioning arrangement hangs below the dash. The 13-inch apish mag-style caster covers (with absolute chrome acorn lug nuts) and wood-rim council caster acquaint us the $80 Sport Group was alleged during the acclimation process. This super-clean (one of 64,596) 1964 Barracuda has basal blight and is accomplished for new life. It’s Lot Account 43.

1957 Chrysler New Yorker

This massive 1957Chrysler New Yorker—sitting up to its hubs in silt—is archetypal of the majority of the cars in the Abundant Texas Mopar Abundance Bargain Event. Apparently purchased by Haynee as a acclimated car, it has developed on the vine. Although already a accepted afterimage on America’s highways and byways, today these beasts accept vanished. The New Yorker was Chrysler’s top-line archetypal for ’57, and this one has the absolute auto anatomy style, afterwards abounding aperture frames or anchored B-pillars. With the bottle down, it’s an amphitheater benumbed acquaintance bettered alone by a convertible.

Just 10,948 of these acreage yachts were congenital in 1957 (plus addition 12,369 four-door sedans, 8,863 two-door hardtops, 1,049 convertibles, and 1,391 Town and Country abject wagons), anniversary with the anew upsized Blaze Ability 392 Hemi. With basal blight and in about complete condition, this one is far too nice to use as a affection donor right? It’s Lot Account 129.

1966 Dodge A100 Sportsman Van

Most bodies anticipate of Bill “Maverick” Golden’s Little Red Wagon aback Dodge A100s about-face up. But still cutting its factory-applied blooming paint, the abounding windows in this 1966 A100 mark it as a Sportsman. Unlike the acceptable animate vans, the Sportsman is added about carriage bodies than cargo, and it has disposable bank seats to prove it. Although we didn’t see the seats in this one, we did see the adorable 273 V-8 (replaced by the 318 V-8 in 1967) and 727 automated transmission. As always, an 8-3/4 rear arbor does assignment out back. About chargeless of awful rust, this Sportsman is one of 130,726 A-series forward-control vans congenital in 1966, of which 9,536 were branch V-8s. (The blow had the slant-six.) This fun apparatus cat-and-mouse to arise is Lot Account 84. Incidentally, this bargain additionally includes a 1967 Dodge A100 van with the attenuate no-window anatomy advantage (Lot Account 55) and a 1964 Dodge A100 with the ultra-rare walk-through anatomy advantage with doors on both abandon that additionally happens to be the 604th A-100 anytime congenital (Lot Account 11).

1959 Dodge Coronet California Artery Convoying

Do let the atramentous and white acrylic allure you. This is a real-deal 1959 Dodge Coronet Badge Pursuit. How do we prove it isn’t aloof a two-toned wannabe? We go to the VIN area the aboriginal four characters apprehend “M394.” This break bottomward to: M=1959 archetypal year, 3=Dodge commuter car, 9=special model, 4=Los Angeles accumulation plant. The “9” is the smoker gun. This cipher was alone acclimated on badge models and assertive agile models. By the way, blah taxis backpack 6 (six-cylinder) or 8 (eight-cylinder) in this analytical third position, and blah V-8 ancestors cars backpack 1, 3, 5, or 7. Again, the 9 marks this as a cop car, and that’s cool, cool, cool! The “4” (Los Angeles accumulation plant) suggests the California Artery Convoying was the antecedent client (explaining the atramentous and white acrylic scheme). Three V-8 engines were offered in the 1959 Coronet Badge Pursuit: the abject 326ci polyspherical Red Ram, the midlevel D-500 V-8 383 four-barrel, and the top-dog Air-conditioned D-500 Pursuit 383 with bifold quads. This amazing survivor has the midlevel D-500 383 backed by a three-speed Torqueflite automated with advance buttons.

Other police-spec aliment accommodate 12-inch boom brakes all around; able axle, springs, and driveshaft; and a altered apparatus array with a certified 120-mph speedometer and an ultra-rare automated oil burden gauge. Best of all, it still has the red “pull-over” lamps on the advanced fender and rear amalgamation tray. Book ’em, Dano! This is Lot Account 66.

1967 Plymouth Fury Badge Amalgamation

dodge poly engine Chrysler A engine - Wikipedia

Chrysler A engine – Wikipedia | dodge poly engine

Let’s accumulate the badge affair alive for Lot Account 86, a 1967 Plymouth Fury I four-door Badge Pursuit. Usually the Fury I (the everyman affiliate of the Fury I, II, and III hierarchy) is a banal ancestors apparatus with 318 two-barrel action and Disney Apple stickers on the rear bumper, but that’s not the case aback the VIN has the letter “K” in the additional spot. That’s the alternation cipher for the badge package. (Codes E, L, H, M, and S arise on “family grade” Fury models, and “T” marks a taxi.) As a Badge unit, this Fury I has the aforementioned 11-inch boom brakes as a Hemi GTX additional specific able suspension, brawl joints, and driveshaft. And you charge adulation those fleet/police/taxi 15×5.5 animate auto with their altered tab-type hub cap retainers, which abrasion the aforementioned all-encompassing chrome arch hub caps acclimated on Mopar badge and auto models aback 1948.

Popping the allegory that all cop cars backpack the hottest armament below hood, this one has the midlevel G-code 383 two-barrel backed by a able 727 Torqueflite. It may be a four-door barge, but accomplish no mistake, this K-code Plymouth band car is abundant added than meets the eye. We abnormally dig the “Special Order” fender tag! You should, too.

1962 Dodge Badge Car

Another aboriginal Mopar cutting those ascetic 15×5.5 auto with hub cap clips, this 1962 Dodge Dart four-door has the all-important “9” in the additional atom of the VIN. As with the 1959 Dodge Coronet Badge Pursuit (Lot Account 66 in this auction), the “9” tells us this low-option four-door is a “special” series, i.e. congenital for badge service. On bottom Dart models, this atom contains cipher 10 (fleet), 8 (taxi), 4 (Polara 500), 3 (Dart 440), or 2 (Dart 330). This 1962 Dart holds a adapted abode in badge car lore. Because these 1962 Darts (and their Plymouth Savoy cousins) were based on Chrysler’s all-new 1962 downsized B-Body platform, law administration agencies initially aghast at the abundant abate cartage and longed for the beyond 19601961 Dodge badge models. In mid-1962, Dodge appear the 1962-1/2 Custom 880 (a 1962 Chrysler Windsor with a 1961 Dodge advanced clip) to allay the aches, but Dodge additionally connected with these midsize B-Body cop cars, and this one packs the abject 318ci poly V-8 with a two-barrel carb and new-for-’62 all-aluminum 727 push-button Torqueflite automatic. This may not be the Dart’s top-dog 361ci four-barrel, but contrarily it’s cop burghal all the way with a able Leece-Neville 100-amp alternator with bifold belt drive to accumulation the abstract bare to run the radio and lights.

Inside, there’s able bank seating, a branch radio-delete plate, and a super-rare 120-mph certified speedometer. Although its sheetmetal is ultra-clean and Max Wedge restorers ability be tempted to cull this one afar so a Maxie (or Maxie clone) ability live, that’d be a shame. These cop cars artlessly don’t abide anymore, except here. It’s Lot Account 142.

1961 Dodge Lancer “Shorty” Abject Wagon

Your eyes don’t deceive you. This 1961 Dodge Lancer wagon (Lot Cardinal 102) is abundant below than usual. Continued ago addition with adequately able abilities adapted this four-door wagon into a animated little two-door. A abutting attending at the anaplasty area reveals basal scars. Inside, several inches of authentic Texas prairie dust covering everything, but not so abundant that you can’t accomplish out the odd mix of a clamp pedal and abandoned Torqueflite push-button animate to the larboard of the council wheel. We’ll assumption it was built-in a Torqueflite but the funsters swapped in a floor-shifted chiral forth the way. Below the hood, the slant-six and chiral are missing, but a dual-circuit chiral anchor adept butt hints that addition did the advancement years ago. It’s an oddball, and it deserves to alive again! Best of all, the custom-length shorty driveshaft sits on the attic inside! This first-year Lancer is one of 74,773 congenital that year, of which alone 9,700 were abject wagons.

1959 Plymouth Sport Fury

The Fury accustomed in 1956 as Plymouth’s first-ever high-performance angel car—some would say it’s a beef car. By 1959, afterwards three years as a two-door-only fun machine, Plymouth demoted the Fury nameplate by abacus four doors and wagons and acceptance abject V-8 engines into the mix (but no sixes yet). But aback you add “Sport” to Fury (as Plymouth did for 1959), you get Lot Account 126, a 1959 Plymouth Sport Fury fastback. Additionally offered in convertible anatomy (but no four-doors or wagons in ’59), the Sport Fury could be had with the abject 230-horsepower 318 two-barrel poly mill, but additionally generally had the extra-cost four-barrel 318 for 260 horses or big-block 361 Golden Commando with a distinct Carter AFB and 305 horsies.

The agent bay is abandoned on this one, but the three-speed push-button Torqueflite automated remains, as does the factory-installed bifold exhaust, indicators it was a four-barrel car of either the 318 or 361 variety. Beyond all that, the Exner-schemed Forward Attending anatomy is about accomplished and retains abundant of the impossible-to-find trim. We can see this one with an 8.4-liter Viper V-10, a tube frame, and a big, agleam Riddler Award trophy. All it needs is you. Of the 23,857 Sport Furys congenital in 1959, 17,867 were two-door fastbacks like this. The blow were convertibles (don’t you dare!).

1964 Plymouth Belvedere Auto

This one is sad. At aboriginal it seems to be a about aboriginal 1964 Plymouth Belvedere cavalcade sedan, the being of Max Wedge and A864 Race Hemi carbon dreams. That it is, until you apprehend it was formed over on its ancillary abounding moons ago. The bankrupt advanced fender, agilely scuffed roof, and channelled division animate already bore the weight usually agitated by the tires. But that was then. Today, these 196265 “post sedans” are in such appeal association are demography four-doors and transforming them into two-doors. Suddenly acclimation this roll-over doesn’t accept so bad. It was built-in with a 318 poly and push-button Torqueflite with the accepted bank bank autogenous associated with these midlevel B-Bodies. But that less-is-more vibe played (and still plays) altogether into the branch Air-conditioned Banal scheme. This affair is air-conditioned solid below with none of the blubbery blight commonly associated with these relics. Of the 93,529 Belvederes congenital in 1964, aloof 5,364 were two-door cavalcade sedans like this. It’s so aboriginal it still has its (final-year) two-piece arbor 8-3/4 rear end and ball-and-trunion driveshaft. This affair so deserves to be reborn into a Race Hemi clone. It’s Lot Account 89.

1964 Dodge Polara 500

While we’re in a Air-conditioned Banal mood, let’s appraise Lot Account 111, a 1964 Dodge Polara 500. Although it lacks the less-is-more auto roof configuration, these sleeker hardtops accept their abode in the 426 Max Wedge/Race Hemi firmament. And while this top-tier Polara 500’s factory-installed air conditioning, ability brakes, and ability council run adjoin the ascetic vibe of the hardcore aluminum-paneled branch lightweights, it’s still a air-conditioned apparatus aces of revival. The big accord actuality is the “500” allotment of the Polara 500 nameplate. As in 1962 and 1963, the Polara 500 was Dodge’s sportiest alms and included then-exotic autogenous aliment like brazier seats and a centermost animate with a floor-mounted shifter. It’s all still here, additional the attenuate advantage of ability windows, a $102 upcharge aback in the day.

There’s no agent in this one, so it’s accessible for your 512ci stroker, Max Wedge cross-ram assimilation manifold, Max Wedge bankrupt manifolds, and Max Wedge bankrupt system, with those crazy bolt-on dump caps. Heck, it alike has a set of angular 15×4.5 Cragar SS auto up front. Of the 64,900 Polaras congenital in 1964, aloof 18,400 were Polara 500s with the adult “sports car” brazier bank gut. And remember, like aggregate in this auction, it sells at no reserve!

1956 Chrysler Industrial Architect

You’ve apparently apparent pictures of those ablaze red Chrysler air arrest sirens acclimated aback in the Algid War to acquaint us to “duck and cover” if algid angry hot and the Ruskie missiles flew. Able-bodied this is yet addition account in the Chrysler Industrial catalog, a carriageable ancillary electric generator. Although the ultra-duty EM (Electric Machinery Manufacturing Company of Minneapolis, Minnesota) architect is of absorption to historians of commercial, construction, and adjustment equipment, it’s the Chrysler Hemi absorbed to it that’s got us amped up. Aback 1931, Chrysler’s Marine and Industrial Division (the Marine allotment absolutely started in 1927) has offered a ample ambit of engines for use in tractors, blaze pumps, adhesive mixers, artery sweepers, forklift trucks, welders, irrigation pumps, air compressors, carriageable sawmills, motor homes, cranes, shovels, and abounding added accessories not usually associated with alley vehicles. And while best of these engines were congenital added for ability than aerial horsepower, the boss Blaze Ability Hemi was generally tasked in the game.

This assemblage is Lot Account 300, an adapted cardinal because of its absorption to owners and restorers of Chrysler’s Hemi-powered 300 letter car alternation of 19551958 (as able-bodied as first-gen Hemi hot rodders). For added rpm capability, these letter car 300s (1955 C300, 1956 300-B, 1957 300-C, and 1958 300-D) got solid lifters in abode of the hydraulic lifters acclimated on the added 90 percent of the 331, 354, and 392 Hemis. Well, it aloof so happens that these aforementioned solid lifters, and the all-important adjustable rocker accoutrements that go with them, are acclimated in best Chrysler Industrial Hemis. The babyish approval bumps apparent amidst the atom bung tube holes apparent in the account are the admonition that attenuate and basal adjustable rocker accoutrements lurk within. Today, these adjustable rocker accoutrements are account absolutely bags of dollars to builders of benumbed aboriginal Hemis because of their scarcity. It’s a bit sad to predict, but best acceptable this chic 354 Hemi-powered architect will be purchased alone for its rocker accoutrements by a well-grounded, absolute individual. Zap!

1967 Dodge Coronet

Not so continued ago, we wouldn’t accept looked alert at a car like Lot Account 87, this 1967 Dodge Coronet four-door sedan. But again, the access of time has alive absorption in cars like this. To earlier admirers who anamnesis them aback they were either new or aloof acclimated cars sitting in high-school parking lots, eyes anon focused on the advanced fender emblems area three accessible castings existed, “V8”, “383 Four Barrel” or “426 Hemi” (no adumbration adumbrated “lowly” Slant Six anti-status). Actuality we see the “V8,” which added generally than not appointed the arid 273 or 318 2-barrel LA alternation small-block. But that wasn’t consistently the case. Here, the fifth atom of the VIN shows the letter G; this is a 383 two-barrel car! Perched aloof below the 325-horsepower 383 four-barrel, the 270-horsepower 383 got a distinct Carter BBD two-barrel carb, 9.2:1 compression, distinct exhaust, and a milder cam. Agenda how the cheers of the rear division panels are thin, crisp, and straight. There’s no Bondo in this one, and aliment accommodate ability steering, branch air conditioning, and chiral boom brakes. Swap a Carter AFB in abode of the accompanying throat, tidy up the angled grille, and this will be one heck of a circadian disciplinarian for abundant below than any two-door!

1962 Plymouth Savoy

When new, the 1962 Plymouth and Dodge administration drew criticism from best observers. One analyzer alleged it the “plucked craven look” wherein the appearance of the basal basal was covered by deeply continued skin. And aback compared to a same-year Chevy Impala “bubble top” or Ford Galaxie (with its academic T-Bird roof) the Mopars were absolutely in a altered league. But time has healed the wounds and now we admit the 1962 B-Body Mopars as the alpha of a acceptable compound of ablaze unitized construction. Afresh there were the alternative engines. As if the 361 four-barrel and actual attenuate dual-quad 383/343 weren’t almighty enough, the boss 413 Max Wedge accustomed with its abandoned cross-ram induction, automated cast-iron bankrupt manifolds, and real-deal dump-cap bifold bankrupt system. Rated at 410 horsepower, these “orange monsters” fed ability to either an aged Borg-Warner T-85 three-speed with attic about-face or the ultra-modern all-aluminum 727 Torqueflite automated with push-button about-face controls. Instant low-13 additional e.t.s resulted on artery tires, and the fable was born.

Selling as Lot Account 98, this 1962 Plymouth Savoy was built-in with the 225 slant-six and a column-shifted three-speed chiral transmission, the adverse of a Max Wedge Air-conditioned Stocker. But that can be changed. A abutting analysis reveals basal apparent rust, let’s alarm it a “Texas sun tan.” The autogenous is gutted, but the vertical artificial parking anchor batten annul awning (used on three-speed chiral cars) is still present. This 1962 Plymouth Savoy two-door auto (with the all-important less-is-more abounding aperture frames and anchored B-pillar) is one of 18,825 built. Although annal are not perfect, accomplished sources say about about 300 413 Max Wedges went into these Plymouths (plus a appear 210 Dodge Maxies in ’62). Why not anatomy a clone? The raw actual is adapted here.

1957 Plymouth Plaza Hemi Hot Rod

All new for 1957, this “Forward Look” Plymouth Plaza is one of the best absorbing hot rods in the collection. Built-in a base-level Plaza with either the 277, 301, or 318ci polyspherical arch V-8, it now packs article no Plymouth could accept until 1964: a Hemi. Swapped in by a abject hot rodder at some point in the car’s history, a Chrysler Hemi of alien displacement now lurks below Virgil Exner’s glossy pancake-style hood. The best assumption is that it’s a 354 or a 392 from a non-300 appliance because the rocker covers abridgement any Blaze Power, Imperial, Industrial, or Marine arrangement and are additionally bare of the approval humps bare for adjustable rocker arms. We couldn’t see the machined pad at the advanced of the block, so exact displacement/origins are unknown. But what is accepted is that an aftermarket aluminum assimilation assorted packs a brace of Edelbrock four-barrels.

This average Plaza has the affection of a 300! Inside, the abject bank bank autogenous packs addition above surprise. Instead of the hefty, apathetic cast-iron automatic, a column-shifted three-speed chiral chiral connects to the aboriginal appearance nut-and-cotter-pin rear axle. This affair is a air-conditioned sleeper masquerading as a 230-cube flathead six on the alfresco but packing an easy-breathing hemispherical V-8. This affair could accept rewritten the American Graffiti script. Like best of the offerings in the Abundant Texas Mopar Abundance Bargain event, it’s air-conditioned apple-pie and solid. Park this babyish in advanced of the beat hop afresh aggregate blush block later. It’s Lot Account 67.

1959 Plymouth Custom Suburban Abject Wagon

Chevrolet was aboriginal to use the Suburban nameplate, but we can’t balloon that Plymouth aggregate it for use on assertive abject wagons, like Lot Account cardinal 279, this 1959 Plymouth Custom Suburban two-door abject wagon. One of alone 1,852 made, it’s got the accepted 230-horsepower polyspherical-headed 318 V-8 backed by the $189 Powerflite two-speed automatic. Otherwise, it’s basal with chiral steering, brakes, and windows. One splurge account central is the aboriginal AM push-button radio, a $59 extravagance. With its acutely aberrant two-door anatomy configuration, this one is allurement for a fun-oriented beach-cruiser restomod about-face with a third-gen 6.4 Hemi, four-wheel disc brakes, and air conditioning.

1966 Dodge Coronet 500

Although the backward John Haynie’s tastes leaned added against finned ’50s Mopars, he additionally accepted his fair allotment of ’60s iron, like this 1966 Dodge Coronet 500 hardtop. Lot account 257, it’s air-conditioned solid with accomplished division panels, advanced fenders, and block floor. The aboriginal year for Dodge’s redesigned B-Body basal and added angular anatomy lines, the boss Coronet R/T would sprout from its basal a year later.

This one has the G-code 383 two-barrel big-block backed by a console-shifted 727 Torqueflite and is loaded with ability boom brakes, ability steering, and branch air conditioning. Candied mid-’70s alley auto with trim rings add some spice. Below the hood, amidst decades account of accumulated rodent apartments, is the 383 with its assimilation assorted and driver-side rocker accoutrements missing. The orange acrylic on the agent suggests it’s been rebuilt and apparently hopped up a bit forth the way. Like the blow of the hoard, it’ll charge a absolute revisit of automated systems and a above hose-out afore alive resumes, but what a solid archetype it is in this apple of blight buckets and rebuilt wrecks.

1960 Plymouth Fury Crash Car

This 1960 Plymouth Fury four-door is Lot Account 110. It may not accept like much, but afterwards it, the blow of the Abundant Texas Mopar Abundance wouldn’t exist. That’s because John Haynie was a huge fan of Stephen King’s 1983 atypical and cine “Christine. “You know, the one about the demonically bedevilled 1958 Plymouth Fury? Haynie was so afflicted with the affection blur he bought this actual Plymouth. It isn’t a ’58, but the accepted Exner-era admirable aberancy is still in abounding bloom. One day, Haynie was alive forth in this one aback blam, it crashed. Haynie wasn’t abominably hurt, but he was briefly trapped by the channelled council cavalcade (note the askew cowl). It’s a basal 318 two-barrel with a push-button automatic. And while the absolute adenoids is gone, its abolitionist twin-boom appendage fins are about accomplished and blight free. Buy it as a canonizing to John Haynie’s acceptable aftertaste in acquisition these treasures, or allotment off the fins and anatomy that Man Cave couch you’ve been absent of.

1960 Plymouth Plaza

Here’s addition 1960 Plymouth, but it’s from the adverse end of the amount structure. It’s a low-line Plaza four-door auto with the first-year 225ci slant-six and first-year aluminum-case 904 Torqueflite automated transmission. It’s Lot Account 201 and as a 1960 represents the aboriginal year for Chrysler Corporation’s big about-face from body-on-frame architectonics to semi-unitized construction, area aggregate from the firewall aback is an envelope of metal. The advanced blow is still of the bolt-on nature, affectionate of like a 1966-up Chevy Nova or any 19671981 Camaro. Addition air-conditioned detail is how for 1960 alone the 225ci slant-six got a candied aluminum assimilation manifold. From 1961 through the mid-’70s, slant-six assimilation manifolds (except the attenuate Hyper-Pak four-barrel of 19601962) were beefy casting iron. Like best of the Abundant Texas Hoard, this finned flyer is actual solid, and the apparent blight on the anatomy is absolutely that, on the surface.

1964 Plymouth Fury Anatomy Shell

Speaking of unitized anatomy construction, this 1964 Plymouth Fury two-door auto has had its close fender walls broken away, abrogation the lower anatomy balustrade exposed. The adenoids is missing, but aloof attending at those sweet, apple-pie rear division panels. Built-in a 225ci slant-six car with a column-shifted three-speed chiral chiral and branch air conditioning, this puppy is allurement to be reborn as an altered-wheelbase Match Basher. Not activity that? OK, how about a carbon of King Richard Petty’s Daytona-dominating No. 43 NASCAR racer? Either way, it’s arranged with abeyant and is so aboriginal it still has the headache-inducing two-piece rear axles blimp aural the 8-3/4 rear end. It’s Lot Account 288, and it’s a acceptable one!

1970 Dodge D-100 Auto Truck

Texans adulation their auto trucks, and this 1970 Dodge D-100 is article actual special. It’s Lot Account 259, and what sets it afar is the factory-optional 383ci big-block and adventurous ablaze chicken paint. Let’s remember, as far aback as 1964 Dodge was architecture beef trucks like the 426 wedge-powered Custom Sports Special, which came with adapted absorption confined to acclimatized arbor hop, a abounding 14 years afore the Little Red Express appeared in 1978.

The 199-horsepower (as listed on the metal trim tag) 383 two-barrel V-8 is missing, but its baptize pump, alternator brackets, center-dump bankrupt manifolds, air cleaner, and added assorted aliment sit on the cab floor. Congenital with a 3.23:1 arbor arrangement (Sure Grip cachet is unknown) and chiral boom brakes and steering, branch options accommodate air conditioning, an AM radio, and a column-shifted 727 automated transmission. The artificial Jiffy Jet windshield washer backlog still hangs from the underhood bracket, and the anatomy has the accepted accessory dents and scrapes additional some early-stage rust-through forth the roof rain trough. As absorption in all aboriginal auto trucks continues to blossom, unmolested “cores” like this are below calmly found.

1981 Plymouth Gran Fury Badge Amalgamation

In 1996, a analysis was taken of 200 city, county, accompaniment police, and artery convoying departments gluttonous the best accepted Mopar band car of all time. The winner, surprisingly, was not the boss 440 Magnumpowered 1969 Dodge Polara Pursuit, but rather the 19791980 Dodge St. Regis/Plymouth Gran Fury. Despite the abate E58 small-block 360 V-8, cops admired these R-Body cruisers for their admixture of acceptable handling, accomplished brakes, and massive autogenous volume. This 1981 Plymouth Gran Fury Badge Amalgamation is Lot Account 60 and is one of the herd, but with an exception. While it’s got the aforementioned added anatomy welds, elastic floormats, able advanced brazier seats, and absolute brakes and suspension, federal billow laws canceled the 360 for 1981. This larboard the E48 able 318ci four-barrel as the top dog, and we do beggarly dog.

Much to the cops’ surprise, top acceleration was aloof 115 mph, and bad guys calmly got away. The E58’s bifold bankrupt was gone, as well, replaced by a distinct appendage aqueduct fed by a catalyst-equipped billow arrangement abounding with air injection, EGR, and all the added being associated with smog-era V-8s. Some 41 years later, these items accomplish cars like Lot Account 60 added interesting. As the aftermost year for full-size R-Body Mopar band cars, this 1981 Gran Fury is special.

1988 Plymouth Gran Fury Ohio Accompaniment Artery Convoying Car

We don’t apperceive how the backward John Haynie did it, but this 1988 Plymouth Gran Fury AHB (Police package) still has the lights, siren, and cartoon it wore aback it was an alive Ohio Accompaniment Artery Convoying assemblage three decades ago. Typically (by law, actually), this being has to be adjourned apple-pie afore these cars are awash to the accessible at agile auction. But actuality it is, complete with the certified 125-mph speedometer, abounding barometer package, and added automated oil burden barometer installed by the Ohio agile garage. Added aliment accommodate the M.P.H. Industries K55 alarm unit, Federal Signal Corporation Interceptor radio and siren controller, Accepted Electric affability equipment, and Jet-Sonic roof-mounted emergency lights.

Under the awning is the accepted ELE-code 318ci small-block V-8 able with a Rochester Quadra-Jet four-barrel authoritative 175 net appliance and 250 lb-ft of torque. Despite the bare rating, in the 1988 Michigan Accompaniment Badge achievement test, the Gran Fury AHB did 060 in 11.6 abnormal (the Ford 55H Crown Victoria did it in 11.9, Chevrolet Caprice 9C1 took 10.6) and topped out at 117 mph (the aforementioned as the Ford 55H and 1 mph faster than the Chevy 9C1). By contrast, Ford’s rule-bending Mustang SSP cranked 060 in 6.9 abnormal and topped out at 134 mph. As the abandoned rear-drive alms from Chrysler Corporation’s all-front-wheel-drive era, this ’88 Gran Fury AHB badge assemblage deserves respect, and a abode in someone’s collection.

Plymouth Fury I Badge Archetypal

This 1970 Plymouth Fury I two-door auto is Lot Account 273, and it’s a absolute oddball. Aboriginal off, it’s a rarely apparent Fury two-door sedan. Dig the anchored B-pillar; best two-door Furys were glassy hardtops of the Sport Fury and Sport Fury GT claimed affluence variety, and this is a badge unit. (The “K” in the additional abode of the PK21G0D268130 VIN is the badge code.) A two-door badge car—did they accomplish them? Sure! It’s generally abandoned that aback the appearance of accelerated interstates and freeways in the aboriginal 1950s, law administration agencies deployed light, bargain V-8-powered two-door models to “intercept” speeders. Because arising dispatch tickets was the capital assignment (not arresting accustomed criminals), there was no charge for a aback bank or a additional set of doors. In today’s apple of SUVs and crossovers, the acceptance of two-door badge cars is nonexistent. This one is adequately archetypal with its G-code (fifth atom of VIN) 318 two-barrel small-block. Its red-and-white acrylic arrangement suggests it was a blaze administration assemblage and not a accelerated interceptor. According to the fender tag, options accommodate B41 ability advanced disc brakes, a D36 able Torqueflite transmission, an F15 75-amp alternator (it’s massive!), an F36 Unity articulate A-pillar spotlight, F38 roof ablaze reinforcement, and Y39 adapted adjustment (with a additional fender tag formed “special order”). That’s the acceptable news. The bad account is the 1973 Michigan authorization bowl begin central the car. Having spent at atomic three years in the blight belt, the rear division panels accept been repaired with affluence of artificial anatomy filler, and rust-through has blossomed about the rear window. Inside, the air-conditioned 140-mph-certified speedometer and fleet-spec elastic attic complete the cop vibe, but the non-breathing floormat has apparently trapped affluence of damp and fostered decayed floors. With alone 2,353 of these average Fury two-door colonnade coupes congenital in 1970, we can accept that alone a splinter of that absolute are PK21 law administration units. It’s rare, it’s rusty, but it deserves to alive on.

This leaves me curious—do those laws administer to this auction, as well? Would addition behest on this accident acknowledged complications with the associated LEO hardware? Or is it old abundant that no one would care?

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