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Just to your larboard as you airing out assimilate the bluff is the aboriginal alarm for the area.

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Head bottomward assimilate the accomplished and activate to airing to arise the city. Pan the camera to face abaft you as a Sulyvahn’s Barbarian materializes. Best of his attacks aren’t too bad. Aloof try to watch for its able lightning breath. Aback the barbarian dies, you will get the Pontiff’s Appropriate Eye Ring (Checklist Ring 30/107). Abide beyond the bridge, accession a Homeward Bone as you go, and accomplished through the aflame barrier to acquisition the abutting alarm to your right.

After resting, accomplished aback out to the bridge, and attending for a arouse assurance for Sirris of the Sunless Realms. She needs your advice acquisition an face in her world, Creighton the Wanderer.

Thankfully, with the Creighton fight, you and Sirris can both die, and you will respawn at the arouse assurance to try again. If Creighton is proving to be difficult, I would advance accouterment lightning aggressive gear, as able-bodied as application Yellow Pellet Bugs to help. Undead Hunter Charms are additionally actual helpful, as throwing one at him will anticipate him from actuality able to alleviate with his Estus, authoritative it abundant quicker.

Once you are successful, bastardize to Firelink to allege with Sirris, and she will accord you a Blessed Mail Breaker and the Silvercat Ring (Checklist Ring 31/107). While you are here, pay Yuria of Londor a appointment as well. Choose the ‘Talk’ option, and she will allege of Anri of Astora and acquaint you she should be your spouse. Select ‘Purchase Items’ next, and you can buy the Untrue White Ring and Untrue Aphotic Ring for 5,000 souls anniversary (Checklist Rings 32-33/107).

Before you go, you can additionally allege to Greirat and acquiesce him to appropriate Irithyll. Alone do this if you accept been afterward the Siegward storyline as I accept instructed so far.

Return to Irithyll. In the bubbler area, there will be three corpses to loot. One will be to your right, one abaft you, and the aftermost one on the added ancillary of the fountain. Aback you accept looted them, all you will get is a Ample Soul of a Nameless Soldier, Rime-Blue Moss Clump and a Soul of a Weary Warrior.

Head up the stairs, and at the top, you will action two Pontiff Knights. These guys aren’t awfully difficult but can account Frostbite if they are accustomed to advance for too long, so try annihilate them quickly. Attending abaft you at the top of the accomplish to get a Soul of a Weary Warrior.

Continue assiduously to action addition Pontiff Knight on your appropriate with a Ample Titanite Shard abaft them.

Press on to addition bubbler breadth breadth you will see two Irithyllian Slaves. As per usual, annihilate them separately, and afresh attending larboard to see a Burning Stake Witch boring authoritative their way over with three to four added Slaves in tow. Try to break aback and cull the Slaves over afore adverse the Witch. Alone, they aren’t so bad, but as is the barometer in Aphotic Souls, packs are deadly.

The Burning Stake Witch has two capital attacks they use often, a across-the-board blaze from their larboard to right, and an advance breadth they will bang their agents into the arena causing blaze to arise from the arena beneath your feet. Both are adequately accessible to avoid.

When the Witch is dead, accumulate cat-and-mouse as three added Slaves will accomplished over. Already they are all dead, you can aggregate a Budding Green Blossom and a Ample Soul of a Nameless Soldier from the added ancillary of the fountain.

If you attending ahead, you will see some stairs accomplished up with a Stake Witch on a balustrade to the right. You will charge to run up to the balustrade while alienated its attacks and annihilate it as bound as you can, because advancing up to this breadth will activate two Pontiff Knights to alpha patrolling here.

When the Witch is dead, aggregate a Ample Titanite Shard on the railing, watch for the Pontiffs, and abstain abaft the corner. Wait until they arise aback up the accomplish to try to abstract one and accompany it up to action you. Afresh array the added one out.

When aggregate is dead, you can go aback bottomward the accomplish a little to a application of snow with a timberline in the average to acquisition two Rine-Blue Moss Clumps.

Back to breadth you ran assimilate the balcony, attending larboard and go up the accomplish to annihilate a Crystal Lizard for some Twinkling Titanite. Advance the railings on the appropriate ancillary actuality to acknowledge some stairs accomplished you bottomward to addition Pontiff Knight. Annihilate it and aggregate a Ample Titanite Shard at the abject of the stairs.

Head bottomward the abutting stairs breadth you will see a hardly tougher adaptation of the Basilica Evangelist beneath you. Break abutting as she has a awful drain spell that will annihilate you bound at abutting range. Aback she dies, you will get the Dorhys’ Gnawing Miracle (Checklist Miracle 13/35) and a Witchtree Branch. Accessible the aboideau to acknowledgment to the Central Irithyll alarm area.

Return to the breadth you asleep the Crystal Lizard and abide forwards. On your larboard comatose on a bronze is a Ample Soul of a Nameless Soldier, and on the appropriate about a bend is a Ample Titanite Shard, forth with addition to the larboard abutting to a tree.

Through the capital archway, far ahead, you can see two Pontiff Knights and a Blaze Witch at an altar. Passing through the accomplished will aggro them, so use your bow to accompany out anniversary Pontiff Knight, and afresh array out the Witch.

Inside the access on the larboard is addition Stake Witch. Annihilate it and booty the Soul of a Weary Warrior abutting to it. Afresh accomplished up the stairs actuality assimilate a balustrade for addition Soul of a Weary Warrior.

Head aback to the chantry breadth you can grab a Lightning Gem, but watch out as there should be addition Pontiff Knight abaft the altar. Sometimes, they airing about to the front.

To the appropriate of the chantry will be a affected wall. Abaft it is a body captivation a Abracadabra Clutch Ring (Checklist Ring 34/107).

NG Abaft the chantry here, you will acquisition the Chloranthy Ring 1 (Checklist Ring 81/107), but be accurate as there may be addition Pontiff Knight here

Head out to breadth you entered the access and go up the stairs by the Ample Titanite Shard you best up beforehand to acquisition a church. Central will be the abutting bonfire.

Next to the bonfire, you will acquisition Anri of Astora. Allege to her, and she will acquaint you she never activate Horace and will accord you the Ring of the Evil Eye (Checklist Ring 35/107). Allege to her again, and she will accord you the Quiet Resolve Gesture (Checklist Gesture 22/26). At the end of the allowance in advanced of a coffin, you can aggregate a Proof of a Concord Kept from a admiration corpse.

NG In the bend of this allowance will be a agglomeration of statues. Advance them to annihilate a Londor Pilgrim. Doing so will save Anri and acquiesce you to arouse her adjoin Aldrich

Head bottomward the stairs to the left, and at the abject about the bend afore the aperture will be a Roster of Knights. Accomplished outside, and advanced of you by a cairn will be a atramentous smoke. This signals that an Irithyllian Slave is ambuscade actuality and will arise aback you get close.

Ahead, you will see an item. On the appropriate abaft a tree, addition Slave will appear. Annihilate it and afresh get a Fading Soul afore affective about the appropriate bend breadth you will acquisition a Corvian adversary in advanced of a tombstone. Already it’s dead, you can get two Homeward Bones.

If you helped Sirris on the accomplished earlier, Creighton will access you here. The aforementioned approach apply, but the action will be a bit slower angry solo. Already Creighton goes down, you will get his Dragonslayer’s Axe. Accomplished aback to the ample cairn the Corvian was at, and abaft it, aces up an Undead Bone Shard.

Head aback arise the abbey and attending for some stairs. Accomplished bottomward them into an alleyway. Aback you adeptness the bottom, there will be a Slave in the bend adverse you. About-face larboard to see an Irithyllian Barbarian Hound aloof ahead. Use your bow to cull it over and annihilate it. Afresh accomplished up a little to see another. Do the aforementioned and accomplished in to acquisition and annihilate a third. Already all are dead, aces up a Rusted Gold Coin and eight Kukri. Afresh acknowledgment to the accomplish and go the added way into a aphotic doorway.

This breadth is abundant with airy Slave enemies like in the graveyard, but you should be able to accomplish them out with the smoke. In advanced of you on your larboard as you access is the aboriginal one. Airing over to it and annihilate it. Afresh attending bottomward to see a agglomeration beneath you.

Using your bow or firebombs bright out the bottom, some will arise to you afterwards an arrow hits them, but best will break put and let you annihilate them from afar. Aback the basal seems clear, attending up to see added in the rafters cat-and-mouse to get the bead on you. Shoot these guys, and they will abatement to the attic for an accessible kill.

When you anticipate they are all dead, go bench and grab two Blue Bug Pellets. Go appropriate to acquisition a ladder and booty it up to grab a Shriving Stone on the rafter. Afresh accomplished to the added ancillary of the roof breadth you can bead bottomward to a chest captivation a Yorshka’s Spear.

Drop bottomward and accomplished outside. Accomplish your way bottomward the stairs with two added Slaves on the way to the bottom. At the abject of the accomplish forth the bank on the appropriate are three alcoves with Slaves inside. Annihilate them all, and afresh accomplished aback to the aboriginal one for a affected bank with a Crystal Lizard abaft it for added Twinkling Titanite.

NG As you leave the aphotic room, attending to your appropriate for a burst breadth of railing, and bead bottomward to a ledge to acquisition the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring 1 (Checklist Ring 82/107) afore bottomward bottomward afresh to continue

At the end of the aisle is a timberline with a corpse. As you get abreast it, a Slave will arise that has the adeptness to blaze a Sorcery spell at you, as able-bodied as a approved Slave to your right. Annihilate the two of them and grab the Blood Gem by the tree.

Near the timberline will be some bankrupt balustrade over the baptize below. Abutting to the body with an account on it will be a awe-inspiring attractive anemic creature, so blaze an arrow to deathwatch up the Avenue Centipede. Annihilate the animal cautiously from aerial up, and afresh bead bottomward to get a additional Ring of Sacrifice. Accomplished through the baptize to the abutting body for three Green Blossoms.

Continue beneath the accomplished into the accessible baptize area. On your larboard is an island with a Ample Soul of a Nameless Soldier on it. Attending to the appropriate of the island into addition opening. At the bend of the island, you should be able to accomplish out the shapes of two added Centipedes in the water. Use your bow to accompany them to dry acreage for an easier fight, and afresh go to breadth they were cat-and-mouse to acquisition a asleep Maggot Cleric on the appropriate captivation the Abundant Alleviate Miracle (Checklist Miracle 14/35).

Head aback out to the capital river, and accomplished against the avenue opening. On its larboard will be three Green Blossoms. Airing accomplished the avenue aperture for a moment into a architecture breadth you can acquisition a alarm to blow at.

Back at the avenue entrance, accomplish your way inside. Aback it opens up, analysis your surroundings. You should be able to see a agglomeration of the Avenue Centipedes cat-and-mouse actuality calmly spotted in the baptize with their anemic bodies and continued atramentous hair.

Using your bow, annihilate anniversary one until the breadth is clear, and afresh aggregate two lots of three Dung Pies from the corpses in here. If you are actual unlucky, you may additionally acquisition Greirat’s Ashes in this area. Accomplished over to the stairs accomplished up aback you are done, and attending to the larboard bound to get the Excrement-Covered Ashes.

Up the stairs, you will acquisition Siegward comatose by a fire. On his appropriate will be a pot of Estus should you charge a quick boost. Allege with Siegward a few times to deathwatch him, and he will accord you the Emit Force Miracle (Checklist Miracle 15/35). Allege to him already more, and he will alleviate you as able-bodied as accord you a Siegbrau.

Head up the adjacent stairs and out into a ample hall. On the adverse end will be a Silver Knight adverse abroad from you, but he is a trap. Use your bow to accompany him over and annihilate him abreast the doorway.

When ready, dart to the added end of the allowance and into a aperture on your larboard to acquisition some stairs accomplished up. At the top will be addition Silver Knight. Accompany it downstairs, annihilate it there, and afresh accomplished up and about the bend to acquisition a third Silver Knight with a bow that would accept attempt you in the back. Annihilate him, but be alert of the jars as breaking them can account Frostbite.

On the added end of the top floor, you will acquisition three chests. Accessible them all to accept a Divine Blessing, Smough’s Abundant Hammer, and the Leo Ring (Checklist Ring 36/107).

Go aback bench and out the added door. On your larboard will be a staircase. Booty it up, and as you ascend it, you will be attacked by two Dogs. Annihilate them and be wary, as it is accessible to be invaded by a Londor Anemic Shade here. If you are, try to stick abutting to them to abstain their aphotic magic. Aback it dies, you will get the Manikin Claws.

NG As you leave the allowance with the Silver Knights, about-face appropriate afore activity up the stairs, and on the ancillary of the architecture will be the Wood Grain Ring 2 (Checklist Ring 100/107)

As you move up the stairs, there will be a Ample Soul of a Nameless Soldier. Further up, an Irithyll Slave will activate battlefront Soul Arrows at you. Dodge these and annihilate it bound to be abutting by two added Hounds. Accomplished to the chantry aloof advanced for awning from two added Slaves application abracadabra on the right. Be careful, though, as aloof abaft it, addition Hound is resting.

When you anticipate the timing is right, birr out and annihilate the abutting Slave. Afresh run up to the additional one on the stairs. Aback they are both dead, you can grab a Ample Titanite Shard off a body nearby.

Head into the adjacent elevator, and ride it up to bound accessible a adjustment to the abbey alarm afore branch aback down. Accomplished up the stairs to a aperture into a building.

If you attending from the doorway, you will see signs of some airy Slaves cat-and-mouse for you. Bait as abounding as you can, and be accurate dabbling your accomplished inside, as up on a balustrade to your larboard are two abracadabra users. Aback you accept asleep as abounding as you can, run in and up the stairs. You’ll acceptable charge to annihilate a brace added Slaves on the way so you can annihilate the abracadabra users.

Back on the basal floor, you can aces up two Blue Bug Pellets, but be careful, as this will account a Slave to bead bottomward from above, smashing some of the Frostbite pots abutting to you.

Head out the aperture at the top of the stairs, and grab the Soul of a Weary Warrior on the larboard afore activity up the abutting lot of steps. At the top will be two Pontiff Knights patrolling in advanced of a fog door. Annihilate them both, and afresh accomplished over to some stairs accomplished bottomward on the added ancillary to annihilate two Slaves and aces up an Ember abutting to the tree.

Open the aboideau abutting to you creating addition adjustment to the abbey by active forth the aisle on your right. Aback at the fog door, attending for a ledge overlooking the chantry below. If there are enemies waiting, go bottomward and annihilate them first. If not, you can bead bottomward to aggregate the Ring of the Sun’s Aboriginal Born (Checklist Ring 37/107).

Head aback to the fog door. Afore branch in, you should be able to acquisition three arouse signs adjacent for Anri, Atramentous Hand Gotthard, and a Londor Anemic Shade. Personally, I acclimated Gotthard and Anri for this one. Accomplished into the fog for your abutting battle.

Pontiff Sulyvahn

With two amendment helping, I don’t anticipate this will be too boxy a action for you. Alone, however, is a altered story. Sulyvahn wields two blades, one absorbed with fire, and addition with darkness. The brand attacks for the best allotment can be blocked rather easily, and his ample swings and lunges accomplish alienated them to get abaft for a hit or two not too difficult. If you accept the added two, this will be abundant easier, as they usually authority on to the aggro for you.

When Sulyvahn hits 50% HP, he will kneel bottomward on the ground. Aback away, as the aphotic activity surrounding him will aching you as it climaxes in an access of darkness, causing wings to sprout from Sulyvahn’s back.

From this point on, Sulyvahn will accept a apparition adaptation of himself accompany the fight. This apparition will mirror aggregate the Pontiff does. If one leaps up and strikes from the air, afresh the added will do the aforementioned and so on. While the apparition can be killed, you should focus on the absolute Sulyvahn, as your assembly will acceptable animation amid the two and annihilate it themselves. This isn’t permanent, however, as Sulyvahn will anon actualize addition one.

Although Sulyvahn’s advance basin does increase, the alone absolute crisis is a bow-shaped abracadabra advance he launches at you. This is telegraphed aback he swings his brand in a accumbent arc in advanced of him, so be abiding to block both his and the phantom’s, or it will account a abundant accord of damage.

Once Sulyvahn has been defeated, a alarm will appear, and you will get the Soul of Pontiff Sulyvahn as able-bodied as unlock:

Use the alarm to acknowledgment to Firelink Shrine to akin up and accept a altercation with Yuria of Londor. She will acquaint you that Anri is accessible and cat-and-mouse in Anor Londo for your ceremony. You can additionally stop by to see Greirat’s new banal afore warping aback to the Pontiff Sulyvahn bonfire.

Head out the aback of the cathedral, and in advanced aloof beneath you will be two Crystal Lizards that both bead Twinkling Titanite. Aback at the doorway, go appropriate to get a Ample Titanite Shard, and afresh go in the added administration and ascend some stairs to adeptness the abutting area.

This walkthrough is the acreage of TrueAchievements.com. This walkthrough and any agreeable included may not be reproduced after accounting permission. TrueAchievements.com and its users accept no amalgamation with any of this game’s creators or absorb holders and any trademarks acclimated herein accord to their corresponding owners.

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