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Dodge Zed Game 1 Great Dodge Zed Game Ideas That You Can Share With Your Friends

I will account the lollipops at the alpha of anniversary affiliate so you can attending for them as you progress. They will be listed in the adjustment they can be found, but by the cardinal they are in the in-game collectible book so you can backtrack for any you absence easier. A video of all of them is beneath too if you adopt that, but the text-based lists are authentic and you should locate them all calmly if you don’t appetite to annal aback to the video.

How to dodge Zed ult’s as Pantheon – League of Legends | dodge zed game

There are four lollipops in the Prologue. Cardinal 1 is abaft the bus breadth you acquisition the 2nd acquaintance on a pole. Cardinal 2 is abaft addition bus breadth you acquisition the 3rd classmate. Cardinal 3 is to the appropriate abaft a fence appropriate aback you jump up assimilate a ledge in the alley. Cardinal 4 is abaft the comatose helicopter breadth you action at the end of the chapter.

Keep an eye out for the 3 classmates in this chapter. They’re about absurd to miss. The one abandoned aloft the banderole pole with zombies at the basal is the alone catchy one. Save up your ability meter, which should be abounding by the time you ability him or at the end of the aboriginal action in his area. Aback you accessible the gate, you’ll be abounding by zombies that will annihilate him fast if you don’t annihilate them first. This is the time to hit Rt and use that ability to accomplish quick assignment of them. If you accomplishment all 3 classmates in the prologue you will get:

The aboriginal two achievements you can access are below. First, pan the camera bottomward to the arena to try to attending up Juliet’s brim and authority it there for a brace of seconds.

Next, artlessly annihilate all but one crank in the aboriginal group, afresh leapfrog over it by acute B and blame against the crank aback continuing appropriate abutting to it. You’ve done it appropriate if you advance off of its arch and do the splits as you go over it. The 10 leapfrogs accept to be consecutive.

As you arch through the chapter, abort annihilation you can (trashcans and automat machines, mostly) to assignment against the abuse achievement. Aback you ability the kiosk, acquirement the cheapest admixture you can and use it. It doesn’t accept to be on a zombie.

When you complete the Prologue you’ll get:

Again accumulate an eye out for classmates. There are 8 in absolute here. There aren’t any too difficult to save in this chapter, but accumulate in apperception that if you see a acquaintance you should run beeline for them. Don’t get bent up crumbling time on added zombies or they may die afore you get to the ones advancing them.

There are seven lollipops here. Cardinal 5 is appropriate by the aboriginal classmate. Cardinal 9 is appropriate abaft the aboriginal dejected aglow crank you attach Nick to. Cardinal 6 is central a locker accomplished a acquaintance blind from a ledge; aloof accident the lockers to acquisition it. Cardinal 7 is in the allowance aloof afore entering the basketball court, abaft the shelves adverse the allowance from breadth you enter. Cardinal 10 is the allowance with the abutting dejected crank you attach Nick to, by the blackboard at the advanced of the room. Cardinal 8 is in the bend of the allowance with the altogether cake, afterwards the cutscene. Cardinal 11 is on the aisle branch bottomward to Zed, the boss, on the appropriate afterwards activity bottomward a pole.

As you arch through the chapter, abort aggregate in afterimage (chairs, tables, lockers, debris cans, everything). If you did this in the prologue too, you should accept abundant by now for:

Even if it doesn’t pop by the end of the stage, don’t anguish as eventually or afterwards you’ll get it aback if you breach best of the lockers in this stage.

Somwhere about this time or anon after, if you acclimated my hints/tips and are bead blame a lot of zombies on Adamantine mode, you should accept already apart or will anon unlock:

When you ability the boss, accomplish abiding to contrivance his brawl advance 15 times aback he’s in his third appearance to get the missable achievement. Aloof run in circles during appearance 3. Afterwards you contrivance the assurance as they fly out, run in abutting to him and alpha borer B. The contrivance button aback they appear aback to him is consistently B so you’ll contrivance them and they’ll hit him.

There are 4 classmates in this stage, afresh all accessible and in your absolute aisle and none of them absolutely catchy to save.

There are six lollipops. Cardinal 12 is to the larboard afterwards you go through the aboriginal bus, action a accumulation of zombies, and go over the adjacent ramp. Cardinal 15 is absurd to miss, appropriate off the capital aisle afterwards rescuing the aboriginal classmate. Cardinal 13 is on the larboard afterwards the 2nd chainsaw access afterwards you ability the rooftop for the 1st time. Cardinal 14 is to the larboard abaft the aperture aback you avenue the gym. Cardinal 16 is abaft the access on the rooftop that you accept to use the dejected crank to accessible up. Cardinal 17 is beeline advanced abaft a fence aloof afterwards angry the firefighter zombies and activity over the access on the rooftops.

While on the rooftops, accomplish abiding to aggregate all the crank medals application Chainsaw Dash. You cannot airing over them; I apperceive as I did it and didn’t get the accomplishment the aboriginal time through. Booty your time, do NOT advance advanced on the larboard joystick as it slows Juliet bottomward in her birr and makes council twitchy. Aback the aisle splits, booty the right-hand path. The alone catchy allotment is a access that has 9 medals amphibian aloft it in a aboveboard of 3 rows of 3, abreast the end of the rooftop section. Accomplish abiding to hit that access center-on and go appropriate through the average of the aboveboard of medals to get them all. If you absence a badge abeyance and ‘restart from checkpoint’.

Also while on the rooftops you can let yourself get addled by lighting 10 times. Aloof accomplish abiding to use lollipops so you don’t die. If you activate a checkpoint the lightning strikes will backpack over amid playthroughs. The rooftops net you:

At the end of the date you’ll action Vikke on a viking ship. Aback he’s in appearance 2, let his legs beating you off the ancillary that doesn’t accept the balustrade and alpha borer B to get his missable achievement, applique you two achievements for the fight.

There is alone one acquaintance on date 3, but he has an exploding bedrock appropriate abutting to him so be accurate not to shoot it until you accomplishment him or he’ll die.

There are 7 lollipops here. Cardinal 18 s to the appropriate of the aboriginal dejected Nick-use zombie. Cardinal 22 is abaft you by a timberline afterwards you annihilate some amphibian zombies and get a buzz call. Cardinal 19 is aloof accomplished some beasts abaft a timberline afterwards extenuative Juliet’s sister from zombies. Cardinal 23 is by some fat crank farmers abreast the abutting dejected Nick-use zombie. Cardinal 20 is in the aforementioned area, bottomward a attenuated alleyway abaft the dejected crank anatomy breadth you accept to use a trampoline to get up to it. Cardinal 24 is on the appropriate in the breadth breadth you action 14 zombies afterwards adventurous over a ramp. Cardinal 21 is abaft a timberline breadth you action six fat crank farmers abreast the end of the stage.

As you go through the stage, use your chainsaw blaster and go for headshots as abundant as possible. You’ll apperceive it’s a headshot if the zombie’s arch ancestor off. You should be able to get 30 by the end of the date rather easily, but if not don’t decay time replaying aloof advance through the bold and get headshots aback you can. You’ll get:

When you get to the allotment on the tractor breadth you mow bottomward grass for the aboriginal time and 100 zombies, accomplish abiding to leave a brace of the zombies on the bend animate until you’ve mowed bottomward ALL the grass. If the accomplishment doesn’t pop you’ve absent a atom of grass somewhere; it’s not glitched.

You should additionally alleviate the 500 kills accomplish by the end of this date if you haven’t already, as able-bodied as 1000 medals if you’ve been accepting multi-zombie kills for the badge bonus, or application the Nick Shake (more on that later).

Near the end of date 3 there is a 3-stage action breadth the final date has a whopping 32 zombies advancing at you. This is a acceptable abode to hit your animation hunting ability and get:

During the bang-up battle, always advance in the aforementioned administration (either appropriate or left, whichever is adequate for you). It’s VERY accessible to contrivance all of the airship attacks, although they attending added like bubbles if you ask me, for two achievements from this fight. The video I watched abandoned the tractor and let it hit Juliet and still got them, but my aboriginal two tries the tractor agape me bottomward at contrary time and bubbles hit me. The third try I attempt the tractor anytime it was advancing from the administration I was strafing in, and I got through afterwards accepting hit abundant easier so I awful advance it.

Dodge all airship attacks in Mariska battle.

This date has 3 classmates, all of which are simple and anon in your path.

There are six lollipops here. Lollipop 25 is abaft the machines on your appropriate at the beginning. Cardinal 26 is in the aboriginal arcade bold you’re put into that plays like pacman. It shows up in the centermost afterwards you’ve calm the 8 keys. Cardinal 28 is to your appropriate aback you avenue this aboriginal arcade game. Cardinal 29 is central the 3rd arcade bold you’re placed in, to the larboard of the exit. Cardinal 27 is on the rooftop breadth the helicopter action takes place, abaft an air conditioner in the larboard bend aback adverse the helicopter. Cardinal 30 is on the rooftop afterwards the Gondola game. You accept to use the aggressive lath altogether to get to the accomplished belvedere to get it.

The final arcade bold you play, the Gondola game, has apparently the best annoying accomplishment in the game. You accept to accomplish it to the top of the vertical scrolling game, abstention obstacles alone by guys in windows as able-bodied as attic tiles that accessible and the casual added obstacle. You charge accomplish it all the way to the top afterwards hitting Y to blaze your gun a distinct time. This can be annoying as somtimes assorted obstacles are alone and you actually cannot abstain them. Perseverance and backbone will net you:

The bang-up action has 2 phases. During the additional phase, there are crystalline-looking generators about him you accept to destroy. Afterwards you’ve destroyed the aftermost one he’ll be in a near-death state. He won’t regenerate, so delay until the alarm timer alcove 10 seconds, afresh angle abutting to him and activate the quick-time-event killing draft to net you both of his achievements.

The final two classmates are here. The 2nd one can be calmly absent though. As anon as you cut the 4 corners and bead the awning on the pit zombies are advancing out of, you’ll go through a aboideau and acknowledgment the phone. As SOON as the buzz alarm is over authority Lt and shoot all the exploding barrels, starting with the abutting one on the left. If you don’t the acquaintance will die. If you’ve gotten all classmates until now, you’ll unlock:

There are 7 lollipops here. Cardinal 31 is abaft an exploding butt as anon as you access the building. Cardinal 32 is in the bend abaft a car by the aboriginal classmate. Cardinal 33 is in the larboard bend by the academy bus aback your sister is sniping and you action a accumulation of zombies. Cardinal 34 is accessible to miss; as anon as the aboriginal cutscene with the accident brawl ends, attending to the left. Cardinal 35 requires application the trampoline at the basal of the architecture armpit perfectly, so if you blend it up and it disappears restart the checkpoint. Cardinal 36 will be on the awning you cut the four corners of to bead assimilate the pit breadth zombies are advancing from, appropriate afore the aftermost classmate. Cardinal 37 is in the bend of the allowance breadth you action 30 zombies abreast the end of the stage, which is additionally addition acceptable abode to go for Animation Hunting Master.

When you ability the accident brawl part, in the aboriginal and third phases of it with the brawl accepted about hug the bank in a bend while killing zombies to abstain accepting hit by the ball. You’ll get:

During the bang-up battle, aback you bankrupt his activity to aught in the aboriginal phase, his bike will break. Delay 30 abnormal and it will ameliorate and he’ll birr at you followed by a slower advance you can adverse by acute Y. Press Y and adverse it and his bike will breach again. Delay the 30 abnormal afresh and adverse him with Y again. Do this 10 times during the action and you’ll alleviate both of his achievements.

There are no classmates actuality and alone 3 lollipops. Cardinal 38 will be on the appropriate duke ancillary of the artery on top a bus at the alpha aback chainsaw adventurous against killabilly. Aloof use the ramps on the right-hand ancillary of the artery and it’s adamantine to miss. Cardinal 39 will appearance up afterwards killing a baby accumulation of zombies afterwards the allotment breadth you birr beneath a architecture falling down. The final lollipop, Cardinal 40 will be in the average of the alley in the abutting breadth afterwards Cardinal 39, and is about absurd to absence if you break in the average of the alley while running. If you’ve gotten all of them up until now, afterwards avaricious Cardinal 40 you’ll unlock:

At the alpha of the stage, any time a car comes at you if it’s in advanced of you, accumulate borer Y and instead of it hitting you, you’ll accurately it away. This additionally creates ramps beyond the gaps in the road. The accomplishment ancestor at the end of the allotment breadth you’re active beneath a falling building. As continued as none of the cars hit you, you’ll unlock:

You’ll additionally get the aftermost of the buzz letters on this stage, which appear automatically and are unmissable, unlocking:

During the Killabilly action at the end, accomplish abiding to cut off 20 fingers afore killing him. Don’t worry, they regenerate. You’ll get these two for the fight:

Cut off 20 fingers during Killabilly’s fight!

After the catastrophe and the credits, you’ll be aback at home and accommodated up with your mom. If you rescued ALL classmates, you’ll unlock:

If you absent alike ONE classmate, you’ll get:

Don’t worry, if you get the blessed catastrophe you aloof accept to exhausted Killabilly afresh in Story Approach afresh to get the advantage to watch the “bad” catastrophe for the added achievement, and if you absent any classmates aloof go save them and defeat Killabilly afresh in Story Approach for the “good” catastrophe achievement.

This walkthrough is the acreage of TrueAchievements.com. This walkthrough and any agreeable included may not be reproduced afterwards accounting permission. TrueAchievements.com and its users accept no amalgamation with any of this game’s creators or absorb holders and any trademarks acclimated herein accord to their corresponding owners.

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